Some reviews, photos and remarks made during the first part of the tour

January 2014.
Like always before starting an extensive tour The Egiziano Brothers and their live band want to rehearse everything very well and so also this time they started with rehearsing in the South of Italy, where the brothers and their family come from. This year there has been a switch in their band of which we already reported earlier. The new drummer and new key board player Antonio Chiarella and Roberto Risorto did a lot of extra work to learn all the Bee Gees music for the upcoming tour.
After rehearsing in Paola it was time to pack all bags and everyone of the band travelled to Berlin on January 15th. where another week of reheasing started with the whole team of the Massachusetts show on January 16th. at Blackbox Music in Berlin. (

Ready for the Massachusetts Tour 2014: January 21.
The 2 keyboard players Blue Weaver and Roberto Risorto, rehearsing
First run through at Black Box Music Berlin

The Massachusetts Team
To begin with, there’s an important group of people working day and night to bring this show the coming 5 months to many different venues in Europe. People of production, planning, controlling, logistics, engineers etc. etc. People building up each show, helping with anything and everything back stage and moving all equipment from place to place etc. etc. Next to that there’s the cast of the show: the people on stage. During this Massachusetts Tour these are:

Walter Egiziano (Vocal)
Davide Egiziano (Vocal and rhythm guitar)
Pasquale Egiziano (Vocal and acoustic guitar)
Danilo Chiarella (Bass)
Ivan Avicolli (Electric lead guitar)
Antonio Chiarella (drums)
Roberto Risorto (keyboards)
Laura Ugolini (Vocalist)
Letizia Mongelli (Vocalist)
Blue Weaver ( keyboards, original Bee Gees Band Member from 1975/1982)
Patrick Dudek (choreography / dance captain)
Nadine Sudler (dance)
Jesse Garon (director / moderator)
And we don’t forget: the dance schools in all the venue cities who contribute to the shows as well!!

This team together will do their best to give you at each venue a great show. A life story of The Bee Gees and a tribute to Maurice, Robin and Andy Gibb. An evening of singing and dancing and going back in time. An evening of nostalgia and everything: 100% live on stage. To honour -last man standing- Barry Gibb, this show will try to help and keep the Bee Gees music alive! It’s high time we tell you also something more about the dancers Patrick and Nadine and of course Jesse the moderator of the show and the special guest.We’d love to introduce to you

Patrick Dudek (choreography / dance captain)
He’s the best John Travolta dancer from Germany and well known in the German dance scene as dancer, beatboxer, teacher and choreographer. He became the number one in Germans Disco Fever contest as John Travolta Double in 2002 and in March 2003 Patrick then left for New York after he was invited to a musical casting on Broadway. At the same time he already worked in a dance act in Asia.

Nadine Sudler (dance)
She studied at the Dance & Arts Academy in Mainz and with great success ended her study in 2011. From that moment on she has been standing in countless theatres in Germany. For instance the State Theater of Wiesbaden and Dortmund and worked in famous musicals like Evita and Hair. To get even more experiences in dance she followed more dance studies in New York and München and started to become a dance teacher herself and today she teaches Jazz dance.

Jesse Garon (director / moderator)
Jesse was born in Berlin and graduated as actor as well as in theatre studies and scene photography in his home town. He worked in Karlsruhe and Leipzig as well as in countless theatres in Berlin. In 2013 he wrote the script for the Massachusetts show and took care of the staging of the show. In the Massachusetts show he plays the part of a BBC radio DJ Brian Goodwood and tells the Bee Gees Story.

Blue Weaver: special guest star
Also during this 2014 tour Blue will be joining his good friends The Egiziano Brothers and their band to go back to Massachusetts!! Blue was born in Wales in 1947. He plays keyboards is songwriter and music producer. He will join The Italian Bee Gees during their whole tour as special guest but also as one of their group. Blue worked with The real Bee Gees from 1975 until 1982 being part of The Bee Gees Band and did huge tours and live shows with the group in those days and next to that he is co producer and co writer of several Bee Gees songs. Blue worked with The Bee Gees in the most successful part of their career. Next to his Bee Gees life Blue did and still does lots of work with countless other artists. Amen Corner, Fair Weather, The Strabs, Mott The Hoople as well as worked with people like Pet Shop Boys, Chicago, T. Rex, KC and the Sunshine Band, Stevie Wonder and many,

Blue about working with the Italian Egiziano brothers: ‘These guys are really uncanny, brothers and they sing harmony just like The Brothers, nice feeling being back on stage again and getting my 15mins of fame.! ‘

After a week of rehearsing in Berlin the whole team was ready to go on the road. The Massachusetts Show of 2014 was about to begin and January 22nd everyone and everything moved from Berlin to Nürnberg in a huge tour bus and a huge truck.

After a week of rehearsing in Berlin the whole team was ready to go on the road. The Massachusetts Show of 2014 was about to begin and January 22nd everyone and everything moved from Berlin to Nürnberg in a huge tour bus and a huge truck.

After eight days of hard work at Blackbox Music in Berlin we are finally on the way to Nürnberg and look forward to the premiere tomorrow and the first shows with 5000 visitors on the first weekend. We’ve screwed the program to give the best for our fans. It’s great to know that we will see many familiar faces again and will spend great evenings together!:
The Massachusetts Team

Tourschedule January
January 23rd. 2014 / 19.30 / Nürnberg: Meistersingerhalle
January 24th. 2014 / 20.00 / Frankfurt am Main: Kuppelsaal der Jahrhunderthalle
January 25th. 2014 / 20.00 / Essen: Colosseum Theater
January 26th. 2014 / 20.00 / Monheim am Rhein: Aula am Berliner Ring
January 28th. 2014 / 19.30 / Köln: Theater am Tanzbrunnen
January 29th. 2014 / 19.30 / Gummersbach: Theater
January 30th. 2014 / 19.30 / Aschaffenburg: Stadthalle am Schloss

January 23. Premiere show: Nürnberg: Meistersingerhalle
* Kerstin H. Really great performance. Es war grandios.
* Susann D. Mille grazie – many thanks – vielen Dank für einen unbeschreiblich schönen Abend voller Emotionen in Nürnberg.
* Franzi W. Thank you for the wonderful show, I enjoyed every minute! See you in Munich!

On the road to the first show for tomorrow, 22-1-14.
Each night on stage with a local dance group (Nürnberg)
Meet and greet after each show

After each live show the Egiziano Brothers and Blue Weaver take all the time to meet and greet the audience!!. In the lounge of each venue there’s a chance for taking photos, having a short chat, signing items and buying merchandise. Next to that you can order so called VIP Tickets for each concert during this tour. You then will be welcomed about 2 hours before the show with champagne and some nice merchandise items. You’ll get a special meet and greet with The Egiziano Brothers and Blue Weaver after the sound check and a back stage tour and after the concert there is a special present as well.

Patrick and Nadine dancing on the SNF sounds
The medley (Nürnberg)

January 25.
Essen: Colosseum Theater
‘Tonight I enjoyed a wonderful show with family and friends in Essen. A -sold out- concert and I believe there are many more sold out shows to come!! I like the changes being made in the Massachusetts show and the nice dancing parts. It was of course great to see back all my friends again and even make new ones. A great evening of music, dance and good memories. When your friends on stage play your most favourite music: that’s very special and emotional!!’

Set list of Massachusetts 2014

You should be dancing (intro).
Islands in the stream
Spicks and specks
I’ve gotta get a message to you should
New York mining disaster 1941
To love somebody
Lonely days
If I can’t have you
Nights on Broadway
Jive talkin’
Night fever
You should be dancing
You win again

Saved by the bell
Acoustic medley
(Too much heaven, Run to me, Lamplight, My world, World, I can’t see nobody)
This is where I came in
Don’t throw it all away (Our love)
How deep is your love
More than a woman
Stayin’ alive
Massachusetts (finale)

Essen photo report:

Audience reviews
January 24th. Frankfurt am Main
Not really a ‘musical’ like we know it, but a GREAT live show with a good band and nice dance performances. Three hours of very good live music performed with love and in between a moderator telling the Bee Gees life story as well as pictures and videos on a screen. The music was most important and I loved it!!!

January 25th. Essen
Sold out months ago already. A super event, I would love to go again right away. Everybody dancing and singing along. Never seen this before in the Essen Coloseum. The voices of these three brothers are great as well.

January 28th. Köln
We went with our parents who are great BG fans. We are not really, but had a wonderful night after all. Special was also the fact that one of the original BG band members Blue Weaver was on stage too. The show was a beautiful honour to the lives and careers of The Brothers Gibb by The Brothers Egiziano. Not really a musical but we surely recommend it!!

January 29.
Gummersbach: Theater
Wenn Gummersbach “Saturday Night Fever” tanzt

Gummersbach: credits: Michael Kleinjung

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