Surviving Bee Gees collect CBEs

THURSDAY 27/05/2004 12:27:13

The two surviving Bee Gees made a “bitter sweet” journey to Buckingham Palace today without their beloved brother Maurice.

The famous trio, known for their falsetto voices, were all awarded CBEs, but Maurice died before he could collect his award.

Barry and Robin Gibb were left devastated by his sudden death last year and faced a difficult time in the following months.

In an emotional ceremony, Barry and Robin picked up their honours from the Prince of Wales, alongside nephew Adam who received his late father`s award.

Clearly moved by the experience, Barry, 58, said afterwards: “It`s bitter sweet. It would have been wonderful for all three of us to be here.

“We have mixed feelings. Knowing Mo, this would have been right up his alley.

“He would have still had his hat on.“

Maurice was known for wearing a black trilby hat at all times.

“Nothing could remove that hat,“ his twin brother Robin added.

Barry, who still sports a full mane of hair, insisted they were no longer the Bee Gees.

“We are not the Bee Gees now, in respect for Mo.

“Maybe the time`s just right for a bit of free flight.

“Maybe at some point we will do something together.“

Film student, Adam, 28, looked close to tears after collecting his father`s CBE.

He said Charles spoke to him about the passing of his father.

“He said he hoped this was a little something to remember him by.

“My mother was supposed to do it but she wouldn`t have been able to.“

Maurice`s widow Yvonne watched in the audience instead.