Robin Gibb Tribute

1949 - 2012

May 26th. I can not even imagine yet that another Gibb Brother has left us. I knew Robin was fighting his disease and I knew he was very seriously ill but still there was that little bit of hope inside of me…….. Just 2 days after I’d left for a short stay abroad, May 20th. I received the message that Robin had died. So unreal, so unfair…..

There were hundreds of mails and condolences on my computer when I arrived back home today. (thanks for all your condolences posted on GSI Guestbook and to the GSI email address)!!.

Dear Robin, it was such a privilege to have known you. I’ll keep remembering you as a friendly and loving person and thanks to your music you’ll never really be gone. My thoughts are with your wife Dwina, your children, mum Barbara, brother Barry, sister Lesley and everyone of the Gibb Family.

Love Marion. GSI

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Robin Gibb

1949 - 2012
Murci Gibbs

Maurice Gibb

1949 - 2003

Andy Gibb

1958 - 1988

Barry Gibb

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