The Bee Gees

Barry Gibb – The last man standing.

Born in 1946 in Douglas on the Isle Of Man.

He started singing with his 2 brothers Robin and Maurice in England, when they were young kids and later on in Australia too. They came back with the family to England in 1967 where the 3 Bee Gees brothers were joined by Bee Gee number 4: drummer Colin Petersen and Bee Gee number 5: lead guitarist Vince Melouney. They together then were the original 5 Bee Gees until later 1968.

Then after a period of breaking up and solo work etc. the 3 Gibb brothers re-united as the Bee Gees and in the early 70s they once again welcomed another Bee Gee in the group. For a short while Geoff Bridgford then was the 4th Bee Gee. After Geoff left The Bee Gees, Barry, Robin and Maurice continued as group of three, assisted through the years by a number of great musicians as their Bee Gees Band Members.


At a certain point in the career there were plans for younger brother Andy Gibb to join his brothers in the group as well. Unfortunately Andy died in 1988, before these plans could become reality.

Maurice died and left us in 2003 and Robin in 2012.

Barry since then continued to make music, released records, did concerts and is still working to keep The Bee Gees music and legacy alive.

Therefore we also created this website: to honor The Bee Gees group, to celebrate their music and most important…. To keep their music alive!

Marion – President/ GSI – Official Bee Gees Fan Club

The Brothers Gibb


Robin Gibb

1949 - 2012
Murci Gibbs

Maurice Gibb

1949 - 2003

Andy Gibb

1958 - 1988

Barry Gibb

Hot New Tracks
Frau Power
Black Hole Sun
Paranoia Overflow
Blue Ghost
Broken Song

Upcoming Events

10 May

Tue, 8:00 PM

Gärdet Open Air Stockholm – Sweeden

13 May

Fri, 9:00 PM

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15 May

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17 May

Tue, 9:00 PM

Kaunas, Lithuania – Žalgirio Arena

19 May

Thu, 8:00 PM

Moscow, Russia – Olimpiski

22 May

Sun, 9:00 PM

Pilton, England – Glastonbury


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