In the seventies Barry had his own fan club for a while: the Barry Gibb Fan club and this fan club published a small booklet with Barry’s poems, in November 1971, for all the fans to read.
In those days I corresponded with the secretary of that fan club and she was the one who wrote this preface in his poem-booklet.
GSI is now publishing the Barry Gibb Poems in the on-line newsletter We Are One.

Hope you’ll like reading them.


This is a small anthology of Barry Gibb poems many of which have been put to music.
Barry Gibb is an exceptional writer and these few poems show just this.
He has many very deep feelings and the way that he writes make these feelings seem personal to the person reading.
This is the first time that a collection of his work has been printed and after reading this booklet I hope that it is not too long before we see some more.


Title——————————————————– Page

“A Child, A Girl, A Woman”—————————–3
“A Hatfull Of Rain”—————————————-6
“Clyde O’Riley”———————————————7
“Don’t Make It All Go Wrong”————————–1
“Don’t Take Man Away”———————————1
“Goodnight-Night. (Morning, Morning)”————-6
“Go Tell Cheyenne”—————————————7
“High And Windy Mountain”—————————-5
“I Can Bring Love”—————————————-4
“Just Another Night”————————————–1
“King Kathy”———————————————–6
“Like A Love Gone Wrong”—————————–3
“Love On My Mind”—————————————2
“Mando Bay”————————————————7
“One Bad Thing”——————————————-2
“Peace In My Mind”————————————–6
“Summer Ends”——————————————–4
“Purple Angel”——————————————–8
“The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine”———————–1
“Too Many Too Few”————————————8
“Walk Between The Raindrops”————————2