Barry Gibb​


Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, was born on September 1, 1946, in the Jane Crookall Materinity Home, Douglas, on the Isle Of Man. With the birth of Barry and the year before in 1945 of big sister Lesley, their mother Barbara, a singer, stopped performing and stayed at home with the kids. Father Hugh was a band leader and drummer at that time and also had some other jobs. When Barry was almost 2 years old he was very badly burned by a pot of hot tea he got over him and had to stay in hospital for a few months. He cannot remember this serious accident. He grew up in Manchester where he and the twins started singing in harmony and doing their first performances before they emigrated with the family to Australia in 1958. There Barry and the twins as the BG’s / Bee Gees continued their career writing and performing and Barry married his first wife Maureen Bates (friend of sister Lesley) in 1966. In the year the family had moved back to England: 1967, Barry met his now wife Linda Ann Gray and they got married on September 1st 1970 and are still happily married having 5 children: Stephen, Ashley, Travis, Michael and Alexandra as well as 8 grandchildren. Barry is the last living of the brothers Gibb now and enjoying his family, but missing his brothers and working to keep the Bee Gees music and legacy alive.
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Robin Gibb

1949 - 2012

Robin Hugh Gibb, the eldest of the twins was born on December 22nd 1949 at 3.15 a.m. in the Jane Crookall Materinity Home, Douglas. He lived his youth in Douglas, Manchester and Australia and when returning with the family back to the UK in 1967 he met his first wife Molly Hullis (then working at manager Stigwood’s office) and they were married in 1968. They got 2 children: Spencer and Melissa. Robin and Molly would divorce later. In 1981 Robin met Dwina Murphy Gibb thanks to their mutual interest in art. Coincidence was that also Dwina was born December 22. In January 1993 their son Robin John Gibb was born. In 2008 Robin became father of Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb, on November 4th. (mother Claire Yang). Robin’s second marriage with artist and author Dwina was from 1985 until his tragic death on May 20 2012. Youngest son RJ. and partner Megan have 4 children: Max, Teddy, Oli and Ella. Robin would have loved to have known his grandchildren.

Murci Gibbs

Maurice Gibb

1949 - 2003

Maurice Ernest Gibb was born on December 22nd 1949 at 3.50 a.m. in the Jane Crookall Materinity Home, Douglas. He also lived his youth in Douglas, Manchester and Australia and returned with the family back to the UK in 1967. He met British singer Lulu and they got married on February 18th 1969, they divorced in 1973. Maurice married his second wife, Yvonne Spenceley, on October 17th 1975. They got two children: Adam (born 23 February 1976) and Samantha (born 2 July 1980). Their marriage lasted until Maurice’s sudden and tragic death on January 12th 2003. Son Adam and wife Elaine became the parents 2 children: Olivia and Aiden. Samantha and husband Paul got one son: Julian: they are the grandchildren of Yvonne and Maurice.
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Andy Gibb

1958 - 1988

Andrew Roy Gibb was born March 5th. 1958 in Manchester, England, the youngest of the Gibb Brothers. He had an older sister Lesley and three older brothers: Barry, Robin and Maurice – the world famous Bee Gees.
That same year he emigrated with his family to Australia only 6 months old. He quit school early like his singing brothers and also he started a music career. First on The Isle Of Man in the early seventies after the family had moved back there for some time and later in Australia and America. He became a huge pop star on his own. In 1976, at that time living in Seven Hills, an outer Sydney suburb he married his girlfriend Kim Reeder at the Wayside Chapel on July 11. The next year they moved to The States. However he also struggled with addiction for quite some time. So it happened that he and Kim split up and Kim, being pregnant moved back to Australia where she gave birth to their daughter, Peta, who was born on 25 January 1978, and Kim and Andy divorced later that year. In the spring of 1987 Andy went through another drug rehabilitation program and thought he had finally beaten his habits. Around February in 1988 he had seemingly beaten his drug addiction, regained his health, and was ready to begin recording a new album. On 5 March 1988, Andy celebrated his 30th birthday in London while working on the new album. Two days later, he entered John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford complaining of chest pains. On 10 March 1988 Andy unfortunately died as a result of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, most likely caused by a virus. His and Kim’s daughter Peta, grew up in Australia, got married with her love: Matt and the couple have 2 sons (Andy and Kim’s grandchildren: Darby and Flynn).