The story about The Bee Gees by Marion Adriaensen

Hi Bee Gees Lovers!


Our GSI History of The Brothers Gibb was created after consulting several biographies of the boys and through conversations we’ve had with friends of the brothers throughout the years.
And last but not least the countless visits to the boys and their families especially during several holidays I spent with some friends on the lovely Isle Of Man when the families of Barry and Maurice and their parents lived there.
This History will be published in several parts each covering a period of about 5 to 10 years of their life and career.

Marion (GSI).

Glenna Helton


History Part 1 / 1940-1950

History Part 2 / 1950-1960

History Part 3 / 1960-1965

History Part 4 / 1966-1968

History Part 5 / 1969-1970

History Part 6 / 1971-1974

History Part 7 / 1975-1979

History Part 8 / 1980-1989

History Part 9 / 1990-1999

History Part 10 / 2000-2003