June 4th. 2015

Letter from Dwina

 May 20th. 2015

We have his music forever to enjoy and we cherish all wonderful memories of him.
GSI will never forget him.

 April 27th. 2015

Solo Album

October 2014

 In the first week after release the album received good reviews and there were quite some articles published of interviews done with Dwina and RJ Gibb. Also the album entered the Dutch Top 100 charts right away at 55. The GSI News keeps you updated about publications etc. around this release. October 4th. a special video was released of the song: “I Am The World” www.youtube.com

50 St Catherine Drive

October 2014

 Two years after Robin’s death his last solo album was released at the end of September, called after the address where he and his family lived on The Isle Of Man after his birth: 50 St Catherine Drive. Around the same time his website re opened again: www.robingibb.com His wife Dwina wrote a message to welcome back everyone on the website.

Welcome back to RobinGibb.com. It has been over two years since Robin passed away, and it was appropriate for the website to go dark for a period of time. It is now time to re-launch the website to coincide with a wonderful new solo album from Robin, 50. St Catherine’s Drive. I am thankful to all of Robin’s fans who were loyal to him throughout his life, and who I hope will continue to follow and support the activities and releases by Robin going forward. The website has been redesigned as an information based site, rather than an interactive forum. I will keep it updated as frequently as possible, and I hope you are as happy as I am that the website is active again.

Robin was a poet, a songwriter, a composer, a bard and a wonderful human being who serenaded the world with his unique voice. I feel as if I have had the most fortunate romantic life possible, living in the presence of genius and listening to the creation of beautiful songs that both he and his brothers produced that are the soundtracks of millions of lives over the past decades. Robin, I can only say thank you for the love and inspiration you have bestowed on me and on the world.

Forever, Dwina ***

 March 2014

 Robin’s family, the musical legacy, future plans and ideas and her career.

 May 20th. 2013

Tribute To Robin

Today one year ago we again had to say goodbye to a dear Gibb. Although he’ll always be in our hearts and his music will live on forever we will never be able to enjoy his presence anymore or go to a concert where we can hear his magical voice and see him on stage with his brothers smiling his lovely smile.
We will never forget and will continue to cherish all wonderful memories and most of all we’ll keep the Gibb music alive, forever….
Goodbye Hero, Goodbye Song Bird………..
Marion / GSI

 May 20th. 2013

 I wanted to share with you a song I wrote many months ago about how I felt when Robin died. I recorded a couple of months ago. I found the whole process of writing and recording it very therapeutic.
Robin Setty

April 2013

 “I Finally Let Myself Cry”

 September 30th. 2012

Blue plaque unveiled at Bee Gee home, 1

Today a blue plaque has been unveiled at the Oxfordshire home of the late musician Robin Gibb. The Heritage Foundation and Thame Town Council have installed the plaque at Mr Gibb’s home The Prebendal, in Priestend, Thame Dwina and RJ unveiled the plaque on the gatehouse wall at the entrance to the property at 14:20 BST. The ceremony was followed by a charity garden party for 400 people in the grounds of The Prebendal, with all money raised going to the Bomber Command Memorial Maintenance Appeal Fund.
Read more at:

BBC news Oxford: Blue Plaque unveiled at Bee Gee Home


September 30th. 2012

Blue plaque unveiled at Bee Gee home, 2

Dwina and RJ unveil the Blue Plaque at the Prebendal wall
Watch video: YouTube.com
and story: MailOnline :by Hanna Flint

Thank you for the music Robin!

September 30th. 2012

 Mirror Online, September 30th. 2012
“Robin touched the lives and hearts of so many people”: Bees Gees star Robin Gibb’s widow on life four months after his death . She tells how the astonishing support from fans has helped her cope since Robin lost his battle with cancer. Today a blue plaque from the Heritage Foundation will be unveiled at their home, marking Robin’s music career and charity work. www.mirror.co.uk

September 30th. 2012

 :by ITV


 September 29th. 2012

 Fans are gathering in Thame this weekend to be present at the Blue Plaque unveiling in honour of Robin Gibb. Some photos sent to GSI by Anja and Detleff Wange of their visit. Anja and Detlef were with a group of about 8 German fans who’d travelled to Thame where they met other fans from around the world to pay tribute to Robin. The also visited the exhibition of Robin Gibb in the Thame Museum.

September 17th. 2012


Robin Gibb - A Star In heaven by Pearl Montana and Mike Wiggins

This is a fan made video/slideshow and not for commercial interests. Music was taken from The Titanic Requiem, all rights by Robin and R.J.Gibb. www.youtube.com

September 17th. 2012

Robin Gibb’s wife Dwina speaks exclusively about the pain of losing her husband  :by David Wigg MailOnline


August 10th. 2012

Tears And Bright Red Roses

August 8th. 2012

Video tribute to Robin

 “Rings Around The Moon” by The Bee Gees www.youtube.com

July 15th. 2012

Video recording

Robin Gibb - In Loving Memory - by Pearl Montana

This is a fan made video dedicated to Robin, his family and all the fans! Special thanks to Mike Wiggins for inspiration! All rights by Robin Gibb, his family, the Bee Gees and BBC. www.youtube.com Robin Gibb – in loving memory – by Pearl Montana


July 3rd. 2012

:by Rhianne Pope The Oxford Times

 July 1st. 2012

:by Robin-John Gibb EXPRESS.co.uk

 June 2012


 Donations can be made to either of the following children’s charities on the Isle of Man, both of which were close to the heart of Robin Gibb and his family:
Rebecca House hospice.org
Wish Upon A Dream wishuponadream.co.uk

 June 30th.

 :by John Ingham EXPRESS.co.uk

June 30th,2012

Bomber Command Memorial unveiling

 The Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London was unveiled by the Queen, 28 June 2012. www.youtube.com

Barry Gibb sent a message on twitter

June 26th,2012

 “I’d like to personally thank all those kind people who grew up with us and enjoyed our music wherever you are in the world.

Our whole family appreciates your support at such a difficult time.
I will miss all my brothers deeply.

I will live on the music and no matter what stage I’m standing on my three brothers will be standing there with me”.

 June 21st. 2012

 Bee Gees tribute song by Steve McGill The lyrics of this song consist entirely of song titles composed by the brothers. There are no additional words in it whatsoever.

 June 21st. 2012

June 8th. 2012

: Report funeral of Robin Gibb

June 2012

: Poem by Shelly Welson

Don't Cry Alone, charity single for Bomber Command

June 4th.

 Income from Don’t Cry Alone, performed by Robin Gibb with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is to benefit the Bomber Command Memorial Charity. The single is available (world-wide) to download from iTunes and all good digital retailers. www.amazon.com

May 26th.

:by Clementine Cuneo The Daily Telegraph

May 21st.

From Barry Gibb: Bodding 1949 - 2012

a dedication to Rob, Mo and Andy

May 20th.

Elton John's dedication

Elton John dedicates ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ to Robin Gibb during his show Youtube.com


May 20th. 2012

Statement Of Gibb Family

 The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away on Sunday 20 May, 2012 at 10:46pm following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. They have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time.

The Bee Gees star in Hollywood shortly after the announcement of Robin Gibb's death