Family News "Past and Present"

The dogs of Barry and Linda

A while ago one of Robin’s pets, Cormac, a beautiful dog died.
In Barry’s family dog: Zero died last year too.
The Gibbs have always loved to have pets around them and specially dogs have always been part of their lives, purebred or not.
They were often photographed with one of their pets.
Some of the biggest and also best known dogs were the 2 huge dogs Barry and Linda had in the seventies and which appeared with them on many photos, even on their wedding pictures!

It were the Pyrenean Mountain dog: Barnaby (by the way Maurice had a similar mountain dog at that time named: Ashton), and the Afghanhound: Snoopy.
And Snoopy even went to beauty contests.

Both Barnaby and Snoopy even ‘wrote down’ stories of their lives with Barry and Linda in special sheets printed for the Barry Gibb Fan club in the seventies calling Barry and Linda their mum and dad and telling all about small events taking place at Barry’s home!!

Me (Marion) together with Barnaby in
Barry's garden Man '76 / Right: Snoopy