Tribute to Andy Gibb

Dear Maurice

“I cherish the memories of meeting you and regret the fact
that I`ve never had a chance to see you perform live on stage.
Wish you were here.
You`ll be in our hearts forever and we`ll keep enjoying your music.
You`ll always be amongst us
`cause this page on the GSI site is going to be forever yours”.

Marion (GSI)


1958 – 1988


Those days…….will never come back

Those memories of the joyful and kind person have found a place in my heart forever…
The memories and the music stay and will be part of me for as long as I live!!
Thanks Mo…

Marion Adriaensen.


This is the place on my GSI web site where Mo will always be remembered as the gentle, lovely man and Bee Gee member he was.
Here his friends and fans can pay tribute to him.
This way he’ll always be in our hearts and on my Gibb Service International web site:
Maurice Gibb member of The Bee Gees

We’ve published a selection on these tribute pages of all the material which has been sent to GSI so far by Bee Gees fans world wide in memory of Maurice. It was impossible to publish all the received material, I hope you’ll understand.

Marion / GSI