June 4th. 2015 Letter from Dwina

– Everything on Robin’s head stone has a special significance.
– She and Robin saved up lots of little souvenirs in the house, all with a special meaning.
– Maxwell is well and loves to listen to music.
– Robin’s CD box is getting great reviews.

Here are some parts of her letter:

Dear Marion
The sweeping design on the back side of the stone, going down from the Y is just a Celtic swirling often placed on the letter Y in the old style of script. It is like an open ‘infinity’ symbol. Yes, I still have the stone from St. Cecilia’s tomb, in the old tape cassette box where Robin placed it and carried it around with him. We also still have Maurice’s hat in our home studio, where Robin placed it on top of the turntable of the old: His Master’s Voice gramophone that sits in the studio. And we have the old Italian accordion that I believe Robin picked up in Paris, and upon which the tune for Message was written. Robin also had a lovely ancient stain glass of Saint Cecilia placed in the window of the bedroom, so he could look at it when he first went to sleep and when he awakened.
So many little memories around the house.

Maxwell is well. He loves to dance and listen to all music which he calls: Yeah Yeah Yeah, after a Marvin Gaye song that he likes to dance to, a particular album that Robin liked…and he loves Chicago the second track on it. He knows how to turn the player on and press the right buttons to get to the music, and has everyone dancing to it. He also loves the Juliet video, the Titanic Requiem, all the Bee Gees music and his Dad’s music. He dances to Libera Me, one of the tracks that RJ particularly wrote on the Titanic Requiem. And of course, Peppa Pig! As soon as he hears the theme music to that, he races to watch the story of Peppa and George and the family. In every room he knows where to find music or instruments and drums to play.

The Robin CD box is fabulous and has had great reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.