March 9, 2024.

The Bee Gees Fan Weekend 2024, Thame.

Once again, a weekend will be organized for all Bee Gees fans to come together.

Dates: October 4 -5 -6, 2024. Place: Thame, Oxfordshire, UK.

Many of you have known each other for as long as we have known The Bee Gees, or may have met each other somewhere on the internet but never in person, others have been regularly visiting each other in person for years to have a nice time talking about The Bee Gees, etc.

There will again be a fan weekend to join together this year. It will be held in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK, a cute English town where Bee Gee Robin Gibb happily lived for many years and where his family still lives today.

The lovely small Thame Museum, run by volunteers has a special Bee Gees / Robin Gibb department and is organizing the fan weekend in collaboration with The Gibb family from Thame.


So if you want to spend a weekend together with other fans from various countries in and outside Europe, then you should definitely come. Have nice chats with fans you know, meet other fans, maybe explore the area together, have a nice dinner or a delicious and typical English high tea one of these days and of course get together in the Thame museum, visit the resting place of our Robin and Andy’s memorial stone and of course there is still the possibility to visit various programs that will also be organized for interested fans on October 4 -5 -6 by the museum ( see below) and where here and there Gibb family members may pop up as well!!

If you feel like spending a few days in cute Thame with other Bee Gees fans, keep an eye  on this website and read all the updates regularly on our Facebook group.

Below some program points that you can visit during the fan weekend,

more to come.

Have fun!!


Here are some first plans what has been agreed so far

More plans later on and also information about ticketing will be nearer the time of the fan weekend:


Wine Tasting with a Bee Gee theme!

Kick off the weekend at our drinks reception hosted by Thame Museum. Adrian (Museum Chairman) to welcome all fans, 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Possible that Dwina makes a guest appearance as well.


Put on by James Franklin (Ellis Wines). Silent Auction for Derek Witchell’s original oil on board to run over the weekend.


Robin Gibb Gallery open from 10am with new Robin and Bee Gees artefacts, photos Including Robin’s bikes, armchair etc. on display in the large Exhibition Room.

Art on display from Dwina’s collection in the Exhibition Room.

Trio of Ukes will be playing Bee Gee hits from 11am to 3pm in the Main Gallery.

In the evening: Dwina Gibb Poetry Reading & Storytelling in St Mary’s Church.

Candle Lit. Harp or similar music on arrival/interval. 7.30pm/8pm to 9.30pm

Tickets to include glass of wine/juice.

Details still to be finalised.


Museum Open from 1pm.

Other Events or Ideas can be added to the programme on Sunday during the day.

Evening: Cinema Night at Thame Players Theatre, Saturday Night Fever, 6pm to 8pm. You can come in 70ties gear if you like!!

Adrian to open up proceedings and thank everyone for coming etc.

Possibly Dwina ….. will be there as well

Silent Auction Results announced by Adrian.

On Monday, October 7. The Thame museum will also be open from 10 to 3. A last chance to visit the special display and for fans to gather and say goodbye: until another Fan Meeting.

Fans who still are in Thame could for instance do some sightseeing in the surroundings and to Oxford.

More ideas and info to come later.

-Marion / President Official Bee Gees Fan Club

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