In Loving Memory

Dear Maurice


 We have his music forever to enjoy and we cherish all wonderful memories of him.
GSI will never forget him.

Early 2003 would have supposed to become a time to celebrate for me. In February 2003 it was 30 years ago that I first met you and your family and visited my very first Bee Gees concert. That day in February my life changed completely. From that moment on The Bee Gees, their music and the people behind that music became an even more important part of my life than they already had become the moment I became Bee Gees fan which was in 1967 / 1968. 30 years later on January 12th just before I thought to be celebrating my first meeting with you and your family, again my life changed completely. Your so sudden death shocked me immensely and I still cannot believe what happened. Mo, one of the Bee Gees, one of those beloved brothers died. Maurice I’ve met you so often and each time was such a joy!! I’ll never forget all these precious meetings with you. All those moments you, with your brothers, again took some time to be with your fans I think for instance of that very first concert when I was proudly sitting in the London Festival Hall with tears in my eyes and with goose pimples of the emotions I felt. The day I first met you with your new girlfriend Yvonne, at your parents’ house. The time we spend an evening watching all those home made films with your family. The several evenings we went out to a bar and you, like a gentleman, drove us back to the hotel afterwards. The day you and Yvonne proudly showed us your baby boy at your house. Those many times we spend hours chatting and laughing with friends and family after another successful Bee Gees concert…..

Murci Gibbs



Those days…….will never come back

Those memories of the joyful and kind person have found a place in my heart forever…
The memories and the music stay and will be part of me for as long as I live!!
Thanks Mo…

Marion Adriaensen.


This is the place on my GSI web site where Mo will always be remembered as the gentle, lovely man and Bee Gee member he was.
Here his friends and fans can pay tribute to him.
This way he’ll always be in our hearts and on my Gibb Service International web site:
Maurice Gibb member of The Bee Gees

We’ve published a selection on these tribute pages of all the material which has been sent to GSI so far by Bee Gees fans world wide in memory of Maurice. It was impossible to publish all the received material, I hope you’ll understand.

Marion / GSI