Family News "Past and Present"

Ashley and his future plans

Ashley proposed to his girlfriend Therese at the New Years` Eve concert in Fort Lauderdale, just before the turn of the century and guess what! Therese accepted.

There hasn`t been a wedding date set yet.
Congratulations to Ashley Gibb and his fiancée Therese.
Ashley is the first son of Barry and Linda who has announced his engagement.

Ashley and Therese

He was born almost 23 years ago on Sept. 8 th. 1977 at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach at 9 o`clock a.m..

Unfortunately the baby was born with a heart disorder and was in a special care unit for some time.
After two weeks he recovered well and was breathing without assistance.
He stayed in hospital for some time before Barry and Linda could take him home.
They named him Ashley because that had always been one of Linda`s favorite names and Robert, after Robert Stigwood.

Birth announcement of little Ashley sent to me (Marion) by his happy parents

As you all know Crompton comes from an ancestor of the Gibbs who once invented the Spinning Jenny.
( see History part 1).

By the way, there is a statue of him ( Crompton ) in Manchester.
Ashley grew up mostly living in Florida.

Ashley ( sitting on the trunk ) together with May, Barbara, Betty and little Adam. Sept. 1978.
Linda with Ashley early 1978