- Celebrating The Music Of The Bee Gees.

Premiere show, March 16 2023.

Together with a strong team, Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, has made the ultimate tribute to his father and uncles: Bee Gees Legacy. Interesting items, special guests, unreleased material, special and new recordings, merchandise, live shows etc. etc. all this to keep the Gibb Music catalog alive. You’ll hear more about it in the coming time.

We already mentioned to you the Legacy Tour in Denmark last March. To celebrate the Bee Gees music. Robin John Gibb  then performed on stage with his friends the Egiziano brothers and their live band, as well as with Vince Melouney and with Blue Weaver.

Here is a photo report I recently received from the tour organization in Denmark of the premiere show in Hillerod. I was there too and it turned out to be a beautiful and emotional night celebrating the Bee Gees music.

Marion / GSI-Official Bee Gees Fan Club

(Copyright of photos: Christina Kert, Prisme82 and Erik Wolf-Petersen, Prisme82