New Year`s Eve Concert `By Rosalien`

June 1999 – The FEVER starts From Germany came the news that the Bee Gees would give a concert at Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Florida.
After brief deliberation with my husband Piet, we decided to try to get a hold of two tickets.

It took a lot of telephonecalls to and fro (we haven’t been BGQ-members for long) but we finally pulled it of.
We would get the final confirmation in September, which ment we could make the final arrangements for our flite to Florida.
Six nerve wrecking months went by before we finally left for Miami. Due to a couple of very helpful fans we managed to acquire the address of Diana Hess who was organising a lunch for Bee Gees fans on the 30th of December.

Another beautiful report of the NYE concert written by Rosalien. Translation by: Annelies v Velse The Crew Photo credits: Terri Bridge

This really got my nerves to take over, my palms were sweaty, tears filled my eyes. I’m really going to see them!! Eeeeeeeek!

A good thing Piet was with me, because I totally lost it when I saw the Bee Gees standing there.
They were very relaxed, joking with eachother, Barry even got a hold of a camera and started filming us and I, really blown away by all this, was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it!
They even played my favourite song ONE from start to finish.
This had to be the highlight, I hadn’t expected we would pull it of to be at the soundcheck.
And there was still the concert to see.

It’s a bit weird celebrating the beginning of a new millennium in Ft. Lauderdale, nice weather, no – oliebollen- but instead we got Bee Gees fireworks!!
The show started at about 9.15 pm with a stand-up comedian which we didn’t find too interesting, that was not what we came to see.
But at 10.14 pm the music got stronger, lights were flashing and there they were.
From this moment it was all systems go for me, clapping, singing, screaming and more.
They really were unbelievably good and Barry’s voice was perfect.
Don’t ask me which songs they played because I can’t remember, I sat through this concert as if I was mesmerized, it was totally awsome!
But as you know even good things must come to and end and of course the end came too soon.
A dream has come true and my heart’s desire was fullfilled; seeing the Bee Gees live!

At East Side Mario’s Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale we met fans from every corner of the world, of course the atmosphere was excellent because we all share the same love.

During the lunch there were whispers concerning the attemp to try to attend the soundcheck (which was said to be impossible). And, as was agreed at the lunch, at 6 pm that night a number of people gathered at NRCA.

After about one hour Diana Hess approached us and said “follow me”; we went in!

And just to top it all off I met Barry and Linda a couple of days later.
With lots of great memories we left for home.
We met nice people and we might even have made friends for life.
At home we enjoy this experience surrounded by all the acquired memorabilia like Barry’s autograph, merchandise from the concert and not to forget, the VIP chair from the Arena.

Barry, Robin and Maurice, thank you very much for this fabulous concert and I hope to see you soon in Europe!!

Rosalien Beks

Photo credits: Terri Bridge