Tribute to a songbird

Fans are gathering in Thame this weekend to be present at the Blue Plaque unveiling in honour of Robin Gibb. Some photos sent to GSI by Anja and Detleff Wange of their visit. Anja and Detlef were with a group of about 8 German fans who’d travelled to Thame where they met other fans from around the world to pay tribute to Robin. The also visited the exhibition of Robin Gibb in the Thame Museum

All photos copyright A. Wange.


Image of The Blue Plaque  –  Poster of Thame Museum

Fans at Robin’s grave


Emotions by Robin’s grave, Anja and Detleff


Inside Thame Museum

Inside Thame Museum

Guest book of the museum, with names of Anja and Detlef, Egiziano Brothers,
Gerard and Marion, Rosalien and Piet.