Meeting the Bee Gees

It was 1997 when I first met my Bee Gees!!!
And that really was the day of my life.
I wore a T-shirt, specially made for me (see photo) and when Barry arrived at the studios in The Netherlands where they would perform for Dutch TV, I was there too.
Barry stepped out of the car, walked to me and said: ‘hi lady, you have a lovely shirt, but where is my nose??’
I had sweat in my hands at that moment, can you imagine?!
I just couldn’t speak or say a word. Just stood there with my mouth wide open like a living statue. I just felt some ‘Take That Girl’ of 13 years old.
I could only think: ‘Gee, he is smaller then I thought and he can talk’.
My husband Hans indeed mentioned: ‘what were you acting stupid’.
But really, I felt like a stone and couldn’t do a thing.
Later on they took a photo of me with Barry
as you can see and I’m sooooo glad.
What an experience this has been, what kind and nice boys they are: ordinary guys.
Well I must say I only noticed Barry that day! Sorry but he still is my favourite.
The most wonderful event however turned to be my concert trip to Wembley, September 5th. 1998.
Travelling to Britain together with a nice bunch of other fans was an event on its own.

Written by Ineke van Vliet, November 1999.

Lots of fun during the boat-trip and of course in the hotel later on.
During the concert, just before ‘Immortality’, Barry suddenly stopped to talk to the audience: ‘This song is dedicated to Jan de Rouw, a fan who has died recently’.
Me and many other fans and friends were so impressed and tears came in our eyes.
Jan de Rouw had already his Wembley tickets at home to go to the concert with his brothers, but he died just before this big day.

The Bee Gees in Wembley

For me this moment, this announcement Barry made, was very emotional as it was me who’d written a note to Barry the other day telling him about the death of Jan etc. and I’d enclosed an official death notice.

I told Barry in my letter that Jan’s relatives would be amongst the audience at Wembley and asked him if it would be possible to dedicate a song to Jan de Rouw during their Wembley concert.
He did what I had asked, I couldn’t believe my ears.
I was so impressed. This is certainly one of those reasons why The Bee Gees are so special to me!

Next to that I simply love all those contacts with their fans, visiting each other during nice get-togethers (often being organized in my country, like again last November!), mailing and faxing other fans about all kinds of BG matters etc.
And Hans, my husband enjoys it as well.

BG Fans in Hydepark