Saturday Night Fever Coming To The Netherlands

Last week we were informed about the fact that the musical Saturday Night Fever is going to become a stage show in The Netherlands as well.
Joop van den Enden Productions is bringing it to the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht, in April of next year.
The musical is based on the film Saturday Night Fever which became extremely popular because of the Bee Gees’ music used in it and the part of Tony Manero played by John Travolta.
The opening night will be April 11th. And at this moment it’s not certain yet who’s going to play the part of Tony.
First there are going to be auditions.
The musical will be seen at the Beatrix Theatre for a little less than a year.
More details when they become available.

GSI 10/20/00

The News For This Week

There is a website that is launching a “Classic Rock” channel, the “Classic Rock Network” at Alternative Entertainment—the address is
The key to this place is this is streaming *video*, and some the artists they are announcing that they are going to feature ARE the Bee Gees!
They promise classic clips from old TV shows and appearances, so this could definitely be interesting!
Right now what they have up is a “sampling” of what they plan to feature….the official launch of the site is later this month.

BMI is honoring the Bee Gees by presenting them with an award marking 4,000,000 airplays of their song “To Love Somebody”.

Oscar De la Hoya’s new album has been given 3-1/2 stars by the music critics at the Los Angeles TIMES.
De La Hoya is currently visiting radio stations around the country talking up his new single, RUN TO ME, and his admiration for the Gibb Brothers who wrote it.

In the UK, Universal Records’ artists STEPS are set to release “Stomp” containing the Bee Gees song “Tragedy” (the W.I.P. Reception Mix) as its B-side.

The Bee Gees donated handwritten and autographed lyrics of How Deep Is Your Love, a single of How Deep is Your Love with autographed picture sleeve, and a new autographed photograph to 102.9 WMGK for their Rock Art Show silent auction which will be held in November/December 2000 in Philadelphia, benefitting the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

An Ovation acoustic guitar, Model 1617-W, Serial No M003, played by Maurice on the 1979 Spirits Having Flown USA tour was autographed and donated to the Acres Foundation (Scotland) Limited “Caring Event”.
This guitar, along with other valuable collectibles from caring musicians will be auctioned off on a secured internet site some time in the future.
We’ll provide the web address and other information as soon as we have it.

GSI 10/16/00

Some More News For You

“Barbra Streisand entered her live touring career this week with a series of four concerts (two each in Los Angeles and New York) entitled “Timeless”.
These shows offered fans a retrospective of her life and career.
Featured in the concert was a duet performance with Barry Gibb with video footage filmed at her home years ago.

>>> The road version of “Saturday Night Fever” will open in January at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis and is booked through February 2002 in 15 U.S. major markets for two- to six-week runs.

Outside the United States, the play will open in Edinburgh in November.
Its Australian opening was delayed by the Olympics but the show should open in Sydney some time early in 2001.

 In case you haven’t seen it, an of Vanity Fair earlier this year proclaimed The Bee Gees IN!”

 “Bee Gees Greatest” is back on the Billboard Top Pop Catalog Albums again for the week of 10/7, sitting at number 40 (out of 50)! Meanwhile, “One Night Only” the video, in its 89th week on the charts, is at #39 on the Billboard Top Music Video chart.

Oscar de la Hoya’s first single from his self-titled first album is indeed the Brothers “Run to Me”! The Spanish version, “Ven A Mi”, was released to Spanish radio the week of September 4.
The following week, the English version was released to Top 40, rhythmic, and Adult Contemporary stations.
While it hasn’t charted yet…maybe some phone calls might help it out!

 Meanwhile, the UK entertainment law firm Eatons, whose clients include the Bee Gees, as well as Eric Clapton, Bush, BMG records, Jive/Zomba records, and others, is merging with the UK law firm of Mishcon de Reya.

GSI 10/01/00

Finally more news

We’re glad being able to finally publish some latest news again.
This weekend Left Bank gave the okay to bring the news out in the open but I must say it’s always difficult for us to wait for their okay as news mostly is known to us much earlier.
Anyway, like I said it’s good to be able to bring it to you now!!

Thanks again to Dick Ashby, Terri Bridge and the webmasters of LeftBank (Karen Holmes, Mike Lane) for helping us keeping the site up to date again.

As you all know there are plans for a VH1 programme which will be aired live on November 30th. from Los Angeles’ Schrine Auditorium.
It’s going to be an award show entirely suggested and voted on by the fans.
One has sifted through many category and artists suggestions to arrive at a list of potential nominees in 28 categories.
According to VH1 the fun is about to begin this weekend ( September 23 and 24th):

“ The on-air and on-line promotion of the show gets heayv now.
We are expecting record numbers of fans to cast their votes for their favorite artists and music.
And if fans don’t see their favorite artist in a particular category, they can write ’em in on the ballot.
No vote will go un-counted…everyone has a voice!
Fans can respond through October 10th, at which time we will begin counting the ballots to ascertain the final nominees.
We will announce the five final nominees for each category on October 20th.
From there it’s a race to the finish line on November 30th.
Votes will be taken until the very moment that each presenter walks on stage to speak the words we all want to hear “and the winner is…” Oh yeah, there will also be music.
Eight of the biggest bands this year will be taking the stage to show off why 2000 was their year.
All this at the start of the Christmas CD buying season.
What could be better?”.

To vote: just click the link which brings you directly to the voting page at:
Please vote for our Bee Gees!!!
All Bee Gees fans should write in THE BEE GEES for “Legends In Action”!!

To vote: just click the link which brings you directly to the voting page at:
Please vote for our Bee Gees!!!
All Bee Gees fans should write in THE BEE GEES for “Legends In Action”!!

>>>As for the Ronan track: the official version says that the song: ‘Lovers And Friends’ was taken off the CD as Ronan’s management’s response to a last minute need to shorten the album (too many songs for the cd <G>).
As can be seen from the credits, this caught many people by surprise including the label staff and the Bee Gees, especially Barry!!

>>>The latest on the A&E Biography is that the debut for the U.S.A. is planned for December 10th.
And the re-air around the time of the album release.
It will also be licensed to broadcasters around the world and as soon as we have these broadcast dates we’ll let you know!!
Also the Biography will be released on home video and in a special enhanched version on DVD.
This is worldwide but release dates will differ in various parts of the globe.
Release dates to be determined, but definitely in 2001!

The working title (and we think it’s definite) for both album and first single is “THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN”.
The single will be serviced to radio in Europe in February, in America in March, with the album following by 3-4 weeks. Exact dates will be announced soon.

The vocal duo of Nite & Day have recorded a cover version of “How Deep Is Your Love” … and believe it or not, it’s a salsa dance version!
That would be interesting to hear.

Barbra Streisand is currently conducting her four-concert “farewell to live performing” tour, and during the concert, she performs “duets” with videos of artists with whom she’s recorded duets in the past, similar to what Celine did with “Immortality” in concert.
One of the duets she performs is with Barry, though we don’t know what song she chose to.

“One Night Only” remains a strong performer on the Billboard Top 40 Music Video chart, as it is currently at #33 in its 88th week on the chart perform.

Maurice has been working with Sam, Adam, and Sam’s boyfriend Laz (collectively known as Luna Park) again on a couple of songs, which they’ve been playing for representatives.
These kids are fantastic. Sam has a soulful edge to her voice, and Adam, while there’s a hint of Maurice every now and again, definitely has his own sound.
Their sound is more mainstream pop….and we’d buy it in a heartbeat.

GSI 09/23/00

Message from Spencer and his friends

New single, written by Barry Gibb and Vince Melouney.
“Let It Ride,” the new single by Tall Poppy Syndrome, written by Barry Gibb and Vince Melouney. will be available May 12 via Bandcamp.

Marion: GSI 05/01/23  

Latest On: The Bee Gees Album And The Book

It’s still a little early to mention definite album titles etc.
The plan is to title the new album after the first single is chosen ( as that may then also become the name of the album).
At present the world wide release date is October but that is still subject to change!

According to management the brothers plan a promotional visit to Europe and U.K. at the time of their album release in Europe.
At this moment no specific shows have been booked yet.

You all may have heard about Barry’s plans of writing a book!
Barry is in the very early stages of working on his book but we doubt it will be published until 2002 at the earliest.

GSI 06/27/00

VH1 Bee Gees Tribute In August

THE BEE GEES are to be honoured by VH1 in a star-studded tribute concert in London on Monday August 14

The brothers Gibb will be joined on stage at the Brixton Academy by a string of major singers and acts for the opening show in the channel’s VH1 Salutes series. The event will be broadcast worldwide in September.

Some of the world’s biggest artists have been approached for VH1 Salutes The Bee Gees, and further announcements will be made in forthcoming weeks. Each of the acts appearing will perform unique versions of some of the tracks that have made the band such a worldwide success. The show will also feature a series of special duets and medleys, in the tradition of VH1 Divas events.

The evening will be rounded off by a special performance by Barry, Maurice and Robin, who will perform tracks from their forthcoming studio album, plus highlights from their forty year career such as ‘Night Fever’, ‘Stayin’ Alive’ and ‘Tragedy’. They will be joined on stage at the end of the night by all the artists appearing at the event, for a stunning finale rendition of one of their biggest ever hits.

GSI 06/07/00


Once the Gibbs performed their songs on the speedway of Redcliffe in between races.
At that time they were young kids trying to become big stars.
Today the Redcliffe Speedway still exists and is called: Redcliffe Paceway.

Nowadays The Bee Gees are very big stars and the Australian suburb of Redcliffe, where the brothers lived when they moved to Australia, even has a Bee Gees display in their museum.
Planning and development of the museum is well underway.
The museum will offer a fascinating trip through time that will span Redcliffe`s European history right back to its rich indigenous culture.
The museum is located next to historic Humpybong Creek and will be a lively and stimulating place for visitors and will feature innovative interactive displays to capture their imagination.
Barry sent a letter with his memories of the times the family lived near Brisbane and performed on the Redcliffe speedway, which was back in the late fifties.
The museum is open 7 days a week and the address: 75 Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe.
People who do have memories of Redcliffe or maybe used to live there etc. can become member of the FORM Friends Of The Redcliffe Museum.
For more information about Redcliffe and the museum visit:

GSI 03/16/200

NEWS, March 22

On October 12th. 1999, The Isle Of Man Post Office has issued a commemorative set of stamps; ‘Legends Of Music’ celebrating the lyrics and music of the Brothers Gibb.

All three of them were born in Douglas on The Isle Of Man.
The collection includes numerous items which are of interest to all the fans of the boys.
For instance: mint sets of six stamps, a first day cover, a presentation pack which includes 2 very special miniature sheets with round stamps, a deluxe folder containing 6 full sheets of stamps with great imagery of the Bee Gees and a collectors pack containing a cd featuring the Manx song: ‘Ellan Vannin’ and a biography in a booklet.
Of the latter one the proceeds will go to the Manx Children In Need Charity.