Family News "Past and Present"


STEPHEN GIBB, Barry`s eldest son is living in L.A. where he is playing and singing.
In 1992 already he made a demo called: Ren And Stevie, with Scott Glasel and Amanda Green, who both co-wrote a song with Maurice in 1990 too.
The tittle is a reference to the `Ren and Stimpy` cartoon but also Barry has a dog named Ren.

At the moment he is playing guitar in a new band called “1958” together with bassist Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe, David Darling and drummer Bucket Baker, on Alan Kovac`s record label `Beyond`. The first album: `Diet For A New America` is scheduled for release in Spring of this year. The sound of the group is rock oriented.


SAMANTHA GIBBand ADAM GIBB, have also been doing something in the music business lately: It was back in 1995 when Sammy, Majandra Delfino and others made some demos produced by Maurice and John Merchant called: Angel Of Mercy (B.R.M. Gibb) Here, There And Everywhere (Lennon, McCartney).
Around the same time, Samantha sang lead on a song written and recorded by her brother Adam and his friend Fred: Without You.
Samantha`s friend actress Majandra Delfino had sung with her previously in a group called: China Doll.

In 1998 Samantha and Adam recorded some demos probably with Maurice and John Merchant: Until You (S. Gibb, A. Gibb, Rodriquez) Hummingbird Love ( S.Gibb, A. Gibb, Henderson) How Was I To Know ? (S. Gibb, A. Gibb, Rodriquez)
The two kids of Maurice by this time appear as songwriters with Lazaro Rodriquez and Sarah Henderson. In 1998 and 1999 Samantha, Adam and Lazaro recorded again demos under the name of Luna Park like: Since You`ve Been Gone, It`s OK, Back Where I Started Again.They are rehearsing and have sent tapes to several recording companies last year.

SPENCER GIBBis another Gibb who`s been very active in music the past couple of years too: In 1994 he recorded a number of demos for a possible album with his group.
Songs like: Days Like These, Amber, Competition, Falling, Crazy Old World, Talk To My Angel, What Have You Done, Sad And Blue, Miami Blues, Water Into Wine, all written by Spencer himself.
In 1995 there came demos like: Seeing Blue, Hoping It Won`t Be Long and Let Me Down Easy, again all composed by Spencer who at that time was appearing under the name Jez Spencer in Austin and surroundings and sold a self- made CD-R: Four Track Mind, at shows.
In 1998 he had his own group called: 54 Seconds.
The group members of this band are: Spencer Gibb ( vocal and guitar), J.J. Johnson (drums, vocals), Stewart Cochran ( piano, synthesiser, keyboard, vocal), Glenn McGregor (bass).

54 Seconds

They already have become a rather popular band in the Austin area and they play every week at the Speakeasy at 412 Congress Avenue, so if you`re in the neighbourhood just pay them a visit!!
The first CD of the group is called: E.P. with songs like: Strange Day, It Got You Thinking, Wanted, Jaded, Early Warning, Photograph, Sell It To A Girl, Nashville, Foolish Me, Sometimes.
Spencer`s vocals do not sound especially like his uncles and dad and the music isn`t especially Bee Gees either.
They call their style: alternative/pop/rock/psychedelic and they were influenced by people like Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd and Prince.
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And ROBIN JOHN Robin`s youngest recently joined a rap band called `Hi Rollaz`.
This is a start of a next Gibb generation in music.

54 Seconds