NEWS, November 25th

he Record entered the German Top 10 in its first week

Now available on CD and soon in the Dutch Top 100: the musical version of Saturday Night Fever (in Dutch)

“Their Greatest Hits: The Record” is the Bee Gees’ fifth consecutive Top 10 album in England. It’s the 4th highest new entry in the album charts behind Westlife (1), Madonna (2), Gabrielle (3).

Just for your information:
In Britain: “The Record” is the second Top 10 album of the year for The Bee Gees. They reached number six in April with their latest studio effort “This Is Where I Came In”. “Emotion”, at the moment successful because of the cover version of Destiny’s Child of course, originally was done by Samantha Sang in 1978 and went up to number 11 being as we all know also a hit penned by the Bee Gees. The new success for “Emotion” came just seven weeks after Steps took their recording of another Bee Gees song “Chain Reaction”, to number two in the chart. Incredibly, “Emotion” is the 15th Bee Gees composition to reach the Top 10 for other artists in the past decade, the others being hits for Michael Bolton, Kim Wilde, N-Trance, Take That, Boyzone, Wyclef Jean, Adam Garcia, Celine Dion, Pras Michael (two different songs), 911, The Blockster and Martine McCutcheon. 

Blue Rodeo

A further 10 Bee Gees covers have made the Top 75 in the same period, while the group itself has racked up another seven hits.

There’s a Gibb song in the U.S. Top 10 as well again: On the Billboard list Emotion of Destiny’s Child went up from 12 tot 10.

A new version of “To Love Somebody” is on a new cd by the Canadian based band “Blue Rodeo”

The Record is doing very well in The Netherlands too and entered at 41 in the Top 100. They’ll continue the TV spots for the CD at least until the Holidays and there are also plans for a TV special as well as a new DVD ( Live By Request).

Aviva is planning to release a DVD/Video of the Live By Request program aired in April of this year. The release is expected in the U.S. on January 2nd and internationally around January 28th 2002. See for more details and a complete song list: Aviva

It’s possible the Bee Gees are going to appear in the show called “Rich and Famous” of the British station: ITV, on Friday November 30th. Just check the TV guide to be sure and in any case get your videos set and ready!

GSI 11/25/01
(also with thanks to Peter Hofman and Riza Yehiya).

NEWS, November 19th.

here are so many appearances of the Brothers coming up on U.S. television including some that one in the US have not had a chance to see on the air! Do check it out, as upcoming in the next days and weeks are repeats of “A&E Live By Request”, the Las Vegas “ONO”, “Legends”, and more, plus the US TV premieres of the Bee Gees’ appearance on “Parkinson” (on BBC-America), and of “An Audience With The Bee Gees”, on the Trio channel. Don’t miss any of it—there are days that you can watch the Bee Gees almost all day! For a full report of all U.S. airing dates so far see:


The latest news on the “Larry King Live” show is that the Bee Gees’ show, which they taped back in June, is “first in line once things cool down” with the world situation. So, hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we see it!

Bee Gees ‘The Record’ has entered the UK charts at No 5., which is brilliant news. Also Destiny’s Child version of ‘Emotion’ has entered the charts at No.3.(2nd highest new entry). ‘The Record’ is the 4th highest new entry in the album charts behind Westlife (1), Madonna (2), Gabrielle (3) in the U.K. Emotion of Destiny’s Child is at 3 in the U.K. and 12 in the U.S.A. Chain Reaction ( Steps) is at 29 in the U.K.

People who are interested in buying the new Carola CD. Just mail Hans Sandberg at

GSI 11/19/01

NEWS, May 14

 Due to scheduling problems, Robin isn’t going to be on German TV in the next week or so. That’s what we’ve just heard from Dick Ashby. There’s still a possibility that he might do some in a couple or three weeks, but nothing definite We just have to wait.

BGFC-EUROPE has been asked by one of the Dutch radio stations to cooperate doing some specials about The Bee Gees early next year!!! More details when they become available.

Carola is doing a version of “Angel Of Mercy” on her new album: “My Show” of which the release date in Sweden and Norway is: November 19th. The song was written by The Gibb Brothers. Maurice by the way produced Carola’s album “Runaway” back in 1986.

See also:

GSI 11/15/01

NEWS, November 11 th.

NEWS, November 11 th.

The coming week the promotion activities for “The Record” start and one is expecting a lot of this new CD box. In The Netherlands the promotion will at least last until the end of the year and will probably even go on in the beginning of next year according to Polydor.

Robin will most likely be taping appearances on two German “talk/chat” type shows in Hamburg next week, for airing sometime later. By Monday or Tuesday we’ll probably know more about what shows they are. So we’ll keep you informed about this and the upcoming promotion activities.

 “Emotion” by Destiny’s Child entered the German charts at 32, which isn’t too high but there’s still hope it’ll climb some more the coming weeks.

GSI 11/11/01

NEWS, November 13 th.

Today we’ve received some details from record company Polydor in The Netherlands we’d like to share with you.
The record company will try and inform us regularly about this and future projects of the group in The Netherlands.

Don’t forget to listen to the Dutch radio program Arbeidsvitaminen on Radio 3 FM this week where you can win as Bee Gees fan very interesting prizes!!

The 2 CD Box contains in The Netherlands 40 tracks and not 42 like in for instance England.
In The Netherlands it’ll be in the shops on Monday November 19th.

 Polydor also mentioned the following: “Probably the brothers won’t come to The Netherlands for promoting the album. However we’ll try to arrange some interviews with them in England and send over some journalists from here”.

   England has two extra songs on The Record: “Jumbo” and “My World”

On Dutch Radio 2 it’s Week Of The Seventies this week and from Thursday on Friday night they are going to play the songs one has voted for . So listen to Radio 2 and to vote please visit:

GSI 11/13/01

NEWS, October 30th.

First BGFC Meeting in The Netherlands
“One Big Party”

   By now we guess all of the meeting visitors of our International BGFC Meeting of October 27th. have arrived home again. We are soooo…. happy that you’ve enjoyed this day so much, we of BGFC did as well. We appreciate all the lovely mails which keep arriving us since last Saturday, thanks so much!!! As soon as we have a report ready of this event and of course the pictures etc. we’ll surely publish this on our GSI web site and of course we’ll mention this wonderful meeting in the next issue of Dimensions. Thanks to you all it was a day never to forget. And….. Of course we’re planning to do this more often again in the future!! It was great to have BGFC President Terri Bridge from Miami Beach amongst us as well. She told me she’s had a great time and loved to have met you all and it was so good for her to get a chance to really talk to so many BG fans and BGFC members as she really loves the personal contact with the fans. Also of course we’ve sent our thanks to the other cooperating Bee Gees fanclubs ( for instance in Japan and Germany), the recordcompanies in many different countries as well as Polydor Records in our own country. Last but not least thanks to the Gibb Family and the management of the Brothers for their continued support to us!! Keep sending your mails and suggestions as this is going to become a big help to start organizing another fan meeting like this one in the future as we love to do this for the fans but specially with the fans. Thanks and hope to see you all next time again.


The tour dates probably won’t be announced before early next year, ( although some recordcompanies stated to publish dates already late this year, we’ll see ?!) and then the group hopes to start touring some months later. Robin at the moment is in England for some business matters. Barry is at his Miami Beach home mostly enjoying the family life at this moment Maurice will attend the World Championship Paintball in Orlando Florida as he’s a big, big fan of that game.

We’ll be waiting for their new album to come next month and then after the Holidays we hope to know more about the touring schedule of the group.

This week, in “Los 100 de la CADENA 100” Spain the song “Emotion” by Destiny Child, number 47
Cadena top 100
And a another song of the Bee Gees, “To Love Somebody” by Eagle Eye Cherry number 90
Cadena top 100

GSI 10/30/01

NEWS October 21st.

The Destiny’s Child hit “Emotion” has gone from number 32 to number 12 in the Dutch Top 40 in the second week! In the Billboard Top 100 it will go from 31 to 23 the coming week.

According to some latest information from Japan it’s possible that the new Bee Gees CD will include two bonus tracks over there. One is talking about the songs: “Melody Fair” and “My World” And the album is going to be released about one month after the release in the other countries as far as we know now.

The Greatest Hits of The Bee Gees is now planned to get released in The Netherlands on November 19th.

ATTENTION: help us getting the Bee Gees’ songs in our Dutch Top 2000 of this year This Top 2000 will be broadcast from December 26th until December 31st. on Dutch Radio Two. Go to: Click on: TOP 2000 

Than click on: STEMMEN ( vote) and you’ll get a list of almost 3000 titles to chose from. You can select your favorite record ten times After each choice just click on the button: STEM DEZE PLAAT and your choice will get in your top ten. Made a mistake? Than click: TOCH MAAR NIET and the title disappears from your top ten again. After your 10 choices you can, if you like, type down your motivation in a next screen. Please vote!!

Magazines start writing about the upcoming BG album and the huge promotion for it! Out of this weeks “Music Week Magazine”:

Polydor targets the Beatle’s total with new Bee Gees greatest hits

Polydor is backing its new Bee Gees best of with a multi-million-pound worldwide campaign as it aims to secure it in elite greatest hits territory occupied only by the likes of The Beatles’ 1. The Bee Gees’ best of, titled Their Greatest Hits: The Record and which is released globally around November 12, matches the simplicity of its Fab Four equivalent with a bold red cover design and features one of the most successful catalogues in music history. Besides their hits from five decades, the album also houses among its 40 tracks first-tirne Bee Gees studio versions of four songs they penned for other artists: Emotion (Samantha Sang), Islands In The Stream (Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton), Immortality (Celine Dion) and Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick). Universal chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge says, ‘This is a very important record. It’s a great record, the kind of album everyone should want.’ Given the band’s long chart history and enduring popularity, Polydor is convinced it has a best of that can sit at the top table with albums such as The Beaties’ 1. Polydor UK general manager David Joseph says, ‘We’re working on a campaign so that once we release this record it will stay around forever. This isn’t a seasonal thing. We have a plan to start it off this year and then take it through the whole of 2002. ” This side of Christmas the main focus of the promotion will be a worldwide advertising campaign put together by ad agency Bartie Bogie Hegarty (BBH), which was responsible for the One To One TV campaign. Joseph says the record company wanted to avoid the usual greatest hits commercials that comprise a string of five song clips and a famous voice-over to reflect the special nature of the project. ‘I wanted it to look like a TV commercial as a brand and the Bee Gees are one of the biggest brands there is,” he says. Polydor is issuing to radio a four- track EP of the newly-recorded songs, while a DJ-only club 12-inch has also been produced and includes Night Fever and You Should Be Dancing. Meanwhile, Polydor has at its disposal a number of TV programs to back the album’s promotion, including The Bee Gees story, which was screened at the end of the summer by Carlton in the UK and is now in the process of being placed with broadcasters around the world. Polydor director of international Greg Sambrook notes, ‘With One Night Only, there were a lot of phases internationally. Every time we got the TV piece shown sales just shot up and we block-booked advertising around it.” There is no confirmation yet of the Bee Gees’ own involvement in the promotion for the album, although there is speculation it could include an event before Christmas and possible live dates during next year. Their role will only enhance sales of a project which Polydor is convinced will be in the region of 10m plus.

GSI 10/21/01

NEWS October 17th.

The Destiny’s Child cover of ‘Emotion’ is doing great. It entered our Dutch Top 100 this week at number 29!!

Expectations concerning the new Greatest Hits CD of The Bee Gees are very high with the record company of the group and all the fans of course.

The BGFC Meeting is going to be a huge international event. In only 10 days from now we’ll have our BGFC Meeting in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands. A few hundred fans from over 10 different countries in Europe and even from America will attend. That is going to make this meeting very international and it feels so good to see that amongst all those visitors to this, by BGFC organized event, are many fans who are also member of other fan clubs. That’s a situation we appreciate very much as we’re intending to organize this BGFC meeting for all interested Bee Gees fans.

Nice as well is the fact that BGFC is cooperating with some other major Bee Gees fan clubs in the world like the German and the Japanese clubs.. These clubs also have donated large numbers of very interesting Bee Gees items to share with all visitors to the BGFC event of October 27th. Therefore many thanks to specially
Susanne Wilhelm (German Bee Gees Fan Club) and
Yuko Nishihara (Japanese Bee Gees Fan Club)
We greatly appreciate this world wide cooperation amongst Bee Gees fan clubs.

GSI 10/17/01

NEWS October 11th.

Finally more definite news about the new album of The Bee Gees.
It’s called “Bee Gees Their Greatest Hits: The Record” and is a collection like mentioned before of 40 of their biggest hits through the years. Release date November 20th. ( however according to several European record companies it’ll be released in that part of the world around November 12th!) 

This new CD box celebrates 5 decades of Bee Gees’ hits, right up to their latest: “This Is Where I Came In”. It also includes 19 number one singles, 4 newly recorded songs, originally recorded by other artists like:

:Emotion (Samantha Sang), Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick), Islands In The Stream (Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton), and Immortality (Celine Dion)
and the box also contains a 16 page booklet with five decades of photos!!
Below you’ll find the track list:

Disc 1
1 New York Mining Disaster
2 To Love Somebody
3 Holiday
4 Massachusetts
5 World
6 Words
7 I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
8 I Started A Joke
9 First Of May
10 Saved By The Bell
11 Don’t Forget To Remember
12 Lonely Days
13 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
14 Run To Me
15 Jive Talkin’
16 Nights On Broadway
17 Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)
18 Love So Right
19 If I Can’t Have You
20 Love Me
21 You Should Be Dancing

Disc 2
1 Stayin’ Alive
2 How Deep Is Your Love
3 Night Fever
4 More Than A Woman
5 Emotion (NEW VERSION)
6 Too Much Heaven
7 Tragedy
8 Love You Inside Out
9 Guilty (Barbara Streisand with Barry Gibb)
10 Heartbreaker (NEW VERSION)
11 Islands In The Stream (NEW VERSION)
12 You Win Again
13 One
14 Secret Love
15 For Whom The Bell Tolls
16 Alone
17 Immortality (Original Demo) NEW
18 This Is Where I Came In (Album Version)
19 Spicks & Specks

  Next to that Polydor Germany announced that the tourdates for the new Bee Gees Tour will be published this Autumn already. We’ll keep you posted.

More latest news also of course during the huge international BGFC Meeting day of October 27th. in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands!!!

GSI 10/11/01

NEWS October 4th.

oncert Hillerød, source Royal Stage.
RJ. with left Pasquale Egiziano and right Davide Egiziano

 reaped the benefit of covering a song written by The Bee Gees. Their version of Tragedy which topped the chart in January 1999 remains their biggest selling single to date but now they again are success full with a Gibb song: Chain Reaction, which became famous by Diana Ross but was written as we know by the Gibb Brothers. This song by Steps now has entered the British charts at number 2!!

And guess what has happened in Holland ( after the three part special has been aired of TIWICI)…. The album again entered the Dutch charts at number 80!!

The Greatest Hits of The Bee Gees will be released in Holland ( and probably worldwide) on November 13th.

Universal The Netherlands is also planning to release a club remix of old Bee Gees hits on vinyl. ( just for promotion activities).

Emotion by Destiny’s Child does get a lot of airplay, so let’s see what happens….

There seems to be a bit of confusion concerning the possible new tour of the group. In magazines as well as on the Internet have been mentions about dates and places etc. We hope soon to have confirmed information for you concerning a tour for 2002 but at this point there are only discussions about a possible tour and no dates, names, places etc. have been confirmed as yet by management. The minute we have confirmed details we’ll of course mention this on our website and give details to all BGFC members too. Please be patience.


Again some latest and very interesting details about the huge upcoming INTERNATIONAL MEETING DAY in The Netherlands on October 27th.:

What kind of special video material will be brought from Miami Beach to show you all during the BGFC MEETING is still a big surprise until October 27th!! Don’t miss it!!

The Bee Gees have chosen to donate the lottery / auction money of this BGFC event to the following charities:

Barry: Diabetes Research Institute
Robin: Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity
Maurice: National Council On Alcoholism And Drug Dependence

After the MEETING DAY we will hand over the total of the donation, while mentioning to each charity organization how the money was raised and that it is being donated to them at the request of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees.

All visitors to the BGFC MEETING DAY will receive at the entrance amongst others a beautiful souvenir photo and for each registration there’s a nice poster as well. Next to that there’s a possibility for each and every one of the visitors to buy a very exclusive promo CD from Taiwan for a very cheap price!!!! 


This promo CD is known as: Universal number 0402, hardly anywhere else to get and according to Ebay: A VERY RARE COLLECTORS ITEM!!! This material has been made available for this MEETING DAY by
Julienne Lin from Taiwan and
Ineke van Vliet from The Netherlands

As you all know in one of the halls there will be several stands during this MEETING DAY where you can buy nice Bee Gees material ( no bootlegs!!) Next to that we’ll have for you a special BGFC stand with all kinds of information and material about this huge fan club and….. a special SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER promotion stand!!! The S.N.F. stand we offer you in cooperation with Joop van den Ende’s Theater Productions, the company which brings the musical Saturday Night Fever on stage in The Netherlands . Here you’ll find posters and booklets with information about the musical to look into. 


Also we try and give you the opportunity to reserve special tickets for some of the S.N.F. shows for about one third of the normal price !!!! And at another stand we have a display of all the prizes you can win during this MEETING DAY with lottery and /or auction

There’s going to be a special part of the Meeting area for non – smokers and for smokers.

During the day there`s going to be a small competition / poll with a nice prize.

Once again: all details are subject to change

GSI 10/04/01

NEWS, September 9th.

he Wallflowers


On the soundtrack of the film: “Zoolander” the group “Wallflowers” is going to perform the Bee Gees song:
“I Started A Joke”. This soundtrack CD will be released in America on September 25th.

  We have reasons to believe that there isn’t going to come a second single of the latest Bee Gees album. Although at this point we do not know the situation in each and every country. According to Polydor ( U.K.) one is first planning to release the new Greatest Hits album on November 19th. With possibly tracks like studio versions of : Islands In The Stream, Emotion, Guilty and Heartbreaker ( ?!)
The British group Steps is planning to release their version of “Chain Reaction” on September 24th.

Destiny’s Child’s next single is Emotion out on November 5th.

 Five’s new album got a song called “Rock The Party” which samples Grease Is The Word…. Very heavily!

GSI 09/09/01

NEWS, September 20th.

Sir Barry Gibb during the ceremony for Olivia Newton John

The new Greatest Hits CD of The Bee Gees is a 2 CD set with 40 songs and will probably be called: THE RECORD however this is not confirmed as yet. Universal are treating this as their major release from their forthcoming releases until Christmas and planning to promote and advertise this CD Box like was done before with The Beatles’ album ‘1’. The Bee Gees are planning an 85 day stadium tour to promote this new album starting around Spring 2002. So it looks like there’ll be lots of Bee Gees activities in the next few months and all Bee Gees fans will know what to ask for Christmas!! We keep you posted and really hope the tour will be confirmed soon.

GSI 09/20/01 (also thanks to Riza Yehiya)

News, August 8th

 The Bee Gees will appear on US TV in the Larry King Show which is scheduled for airing August 10th. The show was taped in June when the group was in California.

 The Bee Gees have received another Achievement Award! This time one from MTV – China! Maurice went to Beijing to accept the award for the brothers last month.

A new single isn’t to be expected before autumn.

The Brothers are featured as Artist of the Month on Retro Rewind, a radio show in the U.S. They had interviews with Robin and Maurice. For information and the interviews see:

GSI 08/08/01

News, August 8th

The Bee Gees will appear on US TV in the Larry King Show which is scheduled for airing August 10th. The show was taped in June when the group was in California.

The Bee Gees have received another Achievement Award! This time one from MTV – China! Maurice went to Beijing to accept the award for the brothers last month.

A new single isn’t to be expected before autumn.

  The Brothers are featured as Artist of the Month on Retro Rewind, a radio show in the U.S. They had interviews with Robin and Maurice. For information and the interviews see:

GSI 08/08/01

News, July 9th

Legacy – Celebrating The Bee Gees Music
Dear members As you know there are plans of Celebrating The Bee Gees Music the coming time in a special way. I’ve told you about it on GSI before. GSI will help spreading the word and today Robin John asked me to forward to you his audio message to me today: here’s a part of his call to me:

Just want to let you know that all that my father wrote that I posted is just 100% true. It’s sad though to hear and read what some fans write and how unkind they can comment. This even made my mother Dwina cry. I want you to know that I am the admin of Robin Gibb Facebook page. I hope you can help spreading the word that that’s the official social media where I will continue to publish my plans etc. concerning all things Legacy and Celebrating The Bee Gees Music and I will do this in future with your International group – GSI. This is Robin Gibb’s social media return. It’ll get new postings for the new Legacy gigs, the unheard music which not has been released, the unfinished works which will be finished and released. It’s going to be amazing especially with the Bee Gees Biopic coming up and so it’s such exiting times. Let’s make this year the start of a fantastic time as far as Bee Gees Music and Gibb Music is concerned because there’s a surprise which will be coming out and we soon have to talk about that too. It concerns using for Legacy: hologram technics, deep fake technology, huge advertising and so what we’re going to reveal is going to be huge and special and the most poignant moment in Gibb history. So please let everyone know: this is the real deal and this is also the come back of Robin Gibb on Facebook, lots of love and the best to the family, RJ”

January 28, 2023.
January 25, 2023.

Marion: GSI 02/06/23  

News, June 18th

Part of review from the L.A. Times

Who would have thought that 34 years after the band’s recording debut, the Bee Gees could still get young girls (to say nothing of their moms and dads) screaming in the aisles? The music of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb is such a prototype for today’s teen-oriented sounds–the unabashed sentiment, close harmonies and melodic blend of black and white styles–that even such ancient selections as the 1967 heartache ballad “To Love Somebody” could seem familiar. And everybody in the arena seemed to sing along during the ’70s disco classic “Stayin Alive”. Indeed, the by turns emotionally nuanced and purely butt-shaking 50-minute set underscored the Bee Gees’ status as the only group at Wango Tango to have Top 10 hits in three consecutive decades. The good reception for material from the band’s new album, “This Is Where I Came In,” further emphasized that the pop cycle has gone around again. Seeing their mature, smiling faces on the big screen was also a potent reminder that despite today’s emphasis on dewy youth, staying power is ultimately about substance. In a marketplace where few acts endure beyond their second albums, this obsession with prettiness has an obvious downside. Three decades from now, the Bee Gees’ music may well fuel another spin around the pop turnstile, but most of Wango Tango’s no-longer-adorable participants will be forgotten.
Copyright 2001 Los Angeles Times

GSI is also going to publish a nice fan report about the Wango Tango performance of The Bee Gees on our special REPORTS page!

For those of you who can watch Dutch television: June 23rd. Fox TV (V 8) is airing the movie: Stayin’ Alive. ( 20.30 hours local time). June 24th. SBS TV will be airing a special called: Saturday Night Fever because that evening the musical will have its First Night Performance in The Netherlands. 22.55 hours local time.

GSI 06/21/01

News, June 21st

Polydor Germany has just confirmed that the next Bee Gees single in their country will be: “Sacred Trust”. We do not have a release date yet.
( Susanne Wilhelm)


Just to let you know about the Bee Gees performance at the festival of June 17th. This was their set list:
1. This Is Where I Came In 2. Gotta Get A Message To You 3. To Love Somebody 4. Lonely Days 5. Massachusetts 6. I Started A Joke 7. Man In The Middle 8. She Keeps On Coming 9. How Deep Is Your Love 10. Night Fever / More Than A woman medley 11. Jive Talkin’ 12. Stayin’ Alive 13. You Should Be Dancing.
The set ran about 43 minutes and was the final act. Barry was wearing gray slacks and a white shirt and still has natural gray/white hair, Robin was wearing his black leather jacket and it looked like Mo was wearing the exact thing plus his hat.

   The Bee Gees are planning an interview on June 23, 2001, with Marilyn of CHUM-FM, Toronto, Canada!! This’ll probably take place about 9 AM that day. Visit: for all details.

The Brothers received an award from the IFPI, the international music trade industry group for their One Night Only album which went double platinum ( 2 million copies sold)

   The first night performance of the Saturday Night Fever Musical in The Netherlands has been postphoned for about a week, due to technical problems at the theatre ceiling. Now the opening night is planned for June 24th.

Soon more details on this website about the huge BGFC MEETING in The Netherlands!!

GSI 06/18/01

News, June 15th

  There are plans for the Bee Gees to appear at Larry King’s program, probably in July or August. More details a.s.a.p.

The Gibbs have left for L.A. on Wednesday June 13th. They’ll appear during the Wango Tango Festival at Dodger Stadium this weekend and are planning to return home next Wednesday again. Some more about this Wango Tango Festival: FMiTV Networks will webcast the 2-Day Wango Tango Concert Extravaganza! For the second consecutive year, FMiTV Networks, Inc. brings the world’s best pop concert to broadband with a free, live and uncensored webcast of WANGO TANGO. The two-day event takes place on Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th from 2:45 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. PDT each day from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Britney Spears is a special guest host on Saturday. Artists performing this year include Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, Jessica Simpson, Shaggy, Nelly Furtado, Aerosmith, American Hi-Fi, 3LW, Vertical Horizon, Dream, Tyrese, Eden’s Crush, the Blue Man Group, the Bee Gees and more. Plus, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Missy Elliot & Mya will do a special performance of “Lady Marmalade.” Fans from all over the world can watch some of their favorite musical acts perform and see them interviewed backstage all by logging onto The performance of The Bee Gees is going to be on the 17th. They are scheduled to take the stage at around 8.50 p.m. to 9.50 p.m. For all of you who are visiting the Stadium: have fun!!

GSI 06/15/01

News, June 14th

The Bee Gees are going to perform on Jay Leno’s show on Monday June 18th.
(check your local listings for channel + airtime!)


There are plans to release Andy Gibb material again. On August 14th 2001 there are going to be released 11 digitally remastered hits from his career: 1977 – 1980 including the platinum, his 3 gold singles and a Top 15 duet with Olivia Newton-John.

Few careers in popular music have started with more promise, and ended more tragically and abruptly, than that of Andy. 

The first solo artist in the history of the Hot 100 list to have his first three chart singles reach #1, his first two albums went platinum and his third gold before his first “best of” collection was released just three years after his album debut. His older brothers were already pop superstars while Andy’s boyish good looks and sweet singing voice, coupled with an intuitive feel for the disco rhythms of the era, made him a natural teen idol. In 1977, Gibb became a labelmate of The Bee Gees by signing with Robert Stigwood’s RSO label. His debut album, featured a composition by Barry (who co-wrote and co-produced nearly all of his hits). Debuting at #88, it began a steady 14-week climb to #1, featuring a guest appearance by The Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh, followed it up the charts, where it succeeded The Bee Gees’ at #1, only to be dethroned a week later by The Bee Gees’ .

In 1978, co-written by all four Gibb brothers and the title track of Andy’s second album, became his third #1 in a row. That summer they made their first live appearance together when The Bee Gees joined him at a Miami concert (Andy was never a Bee Gee, a common misconception). His next single, peaked at #5. The album also included .

His third album, 1980’s After Dark, yielded a #4 hit and also contained a #12 duet with Olivia Newton-John. Andy’s next effort was a 1980 collection with three new tracks: a revival of the 1960 Shirelles hit (a duet with Pat Arnold) as well as his final Top 40 hit.

MORE ABOUT ANDY: in our special GSI Andy Gibb section

GSI 06/14/01

News, May 22nd

We all know The Bee Gees recently have released a great new album: “THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN”. For those of you who haven’t heard the music of their new CD yet we advise you to pay a visit to the BGFC web site of Terri Bridge for some sound clips. This will surely help you decide to buy that CD right away!! To give you an idea of one of the bonus track songs ( only released in some countries )……. CLICK HERE to hear a sound clip of: “Promise The Earth”


 Many of you have been contacting us lately asking for any news details concerning a Bee Gees concert tour next year. At this point we can only tell you that one is planning a number of concerts for 2002. However, dates, places and availability of tickets are not confirmed yet. As soon as we have more detailed information we of course will mention this on our GSI website, the BGFC website of Terri Bridge and next to that we’ll inform all members of BGFC in their fan club magazines as well as by means of the special BGFC news mailings.

The Immortality site has a web page that lists US radio stations playing the new single. We’d like to encourage you to make requests at your local stations on a daily basis. US fans need to get busy requesting if the song is going to be a hit. Here’s the URL

GSI 05/22/01

News, May 13th

For all of you who are able to listen to German radio: Tonight at 11 p.m. ( German time) there’s a program on Radio WDR 2 calling Soundfiles with the broadcast of the BBC concert of the group.

There will be a live performance on U.S. tv. – a concert recorded in Australia called “Live From Australia”! It’s airing May 28th on the Fox Family Channel, so do mark your calendars. You’ll also get to enjoy the new video, the making of the video, and other Bee Gees footage! For specific air times, check your local listings.

A second European single probably is going to become “Sacret Trust” more details are not available yet. Release is planned somewhere in June.

US fans need to get busy requesting to help making a Bee Gees song to be a hit.
So, let’s request “This Is Where I Came In” at U.S. radio stations!
As a great song deserves to be played, don’t you think?!
You can get a listing of radio stations and request info for your state on the BGS official site.
For radio request info:

Maurice came to Hong Kong last week for a three days New Album Launch for the Asia Region.
Universal Hong Kong held a cocktail party for Maurice at the start of his visit.
Maurice was looking good and funny.
He gave a short speech telling that there will be a world tour starting February next year and Hong Kong is one of places under consideration.
Maurice was also presented a Gold Disc for the new album from Thailand and Universal Hong Kong also presented a gift to the Bee Gees.
He did several interviews etc.
Some fans were lucky enough to meet Maurice during this stay and of course reported us about their visit to the Peninsula hotel where they met Maurice:
…… I saw Maurice with one man (bodyguard I think) and the Hong Kong Concert Promoter.
I asked Maurice whether they would come here.
He said he hoped so but they first had to get permission to hold a concert at I think the Hong Kong Football Stadium because the government does not allow the night show at the stadium due to sound control.
I regret that I did not bring a camera with me.
Maurice then went shopping.
I saw the passers-by in the street looked at him even one man stopped and talked to him.
Later he left the watches shop and walked back to the hotel.
I observed that many people recognised him especially because he wore almost the same clothes as he did on the “This is where I came in” CD cover……

GSI 05/13/01

News, May 4th

The Bee Gees have entered the American Billboard 100 Charts at 16.
And in Brasil they entered at 29.

 Following the latest CD release of The Bee Gees: “This Is Where I Came In”, Edel is going to release a DVD titled: “This Is Where I Came In, The Official Story Of The Bee Gees”.


The sub title already tells you: this DVD contains the complete history of The Bee Gees told by the brothers Gibb themselves.
Next to The Bee Gees, also some other people who have been important in the career of the group, tell their story like: Tim Rice, Sir George Martin and Barbara Gibb.
The documentary contains lots of exclusive video recordings and never before released material.
Also on this DVD there’s the promo video of “This Is Where I Came In” as well as songs like “Jive Talkin”, ‘Stayin’ Alive” and “How Deep Is Your Love”.

GSI 05/04/01

News, May 1st

On the CNN world wide album top 20 the new album of The Bee Gees entered at number 7

 According to Left Bank management:
It is anticipated that the Bee Gees will participate in a multiple-artist event at Dodger Stadium organized by KIIS-FM radio on June 17th. More after details are confirmed.

 Article from the Dutch weekly magazine Weekend:


It has taken some time but finally there’s again a new CD full with new songs of The Bee Gees.
“People didn’t have to miss us ’cause about in fact all our hits have been covered by a new generation of singers the past few years.
But now it’s our turn again,” according to the Gibb brothers.
On their newest album: “This Is Where I Came In” are numbers they have writing and recording the past three years.
The title song is the new single and they hope it’s going to be a hit again.
Polydor doesn’t only make available three of these new CD’s to the readers of Weekend but also three scale models of the tour -bus the Bee Gees used in the beginning of their career .
To win the CD and the model of the tour-bus you need to answer the following question:
What was the first hit of The Bee Gees in The Netherlands in 1967?

Answers you should send on a card to us within two weeks from now.
The address:
Postbus 94210

No correspondence is possible about the results of this contest.

GSI 05/01/01

News, April 28th

Since the start of BGFC-EUROPE late last year, there has been a huge increase of specially Dutch Bee Gees members to the club.

 Dimensions now also in Dutch

We then promised to try and publish the newsletter of BGFC: Dimensions, not only in English but also in Dutch as soon as possible. ( from the beginning of BGFC-EUROPE we sent to all Dutch members, together with the original newsletter of Dimensions, a complete copy written in Dutch ).
Thanks to the overwhelming success of BGFC-EUROPE specially in The Netherlands we can offer you an original Dutch printed issue of the Dimensions newsletter even much sooner than expected.
So starting this Spring the Dimensions newsletter is published in English and Dutch and with lots of beautiful photos of which many in full colour.
The first Dimensions in Dutch has been send out yet.
An extra service starting with this Spring issue is the Hotmail, which gives members the opportunity to get informed about Bee Gees activities etc. in between the publishing of the newsletters.

  This link should connect you to the GetMusic page where you can watch the chat: Surf to Getmusic

The album went up from 21 to 20 in The Netherlands this week.
In Taiwan it`s 4 now coming from 19.

GSI 04/28/01

News, April 28th

On Friday, March 30th there was a Bee Gees Day held on Dutch Radio 2.
During that day DJ’s played Bee Gees music in every program.
Also there was much attention for the new album and an interview with Robin.
Of course BGFC-Europe took part in this day too!!
In the studio from left to right: Marion, Annelies, Marcel and dj Jeroen


First I was interviewed during the day through telephone by one of the people of Radio 2 and later that day I was invited to come to the studios with some fans to take part of a live show.
So we drove to the Media Park in Hilversum ( me, together with my husband, Annelies van Velse and Marcel Troost and his wife) and were interviewed during the live show of that evening in which they broadcast two live concerts of The Bee Gees.

 DJ   Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte

We talked about the group, their successes and ups and downs through the many years of their being in show business. Mentioned their new album and talked about our meetings with the group and what we loved about their music etc. etc.
DJ Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte himself was enthusiastic about the Bee Gees music as well.
Just before the live concert broadcast of The Bee Gees started, there was a Dutch group called Kapitein Rob who did their own live version of the Bee Gees song Jive Talkin’ which sounded very surprising.

Marion BGFC-Europe.

  In the Cadena’s 100 charts in Spain the single is climbing up to 9 coming from 11 and Spain is dreaming of a number one position already (AITOR)
Austria: number 42 (Thomas Blecha)
Britain:was number 18, so they were in the regular Top Of The Pops this week.
Now it has dropped to 26 but the album entered the charts at 6 being the highest new entry.
In 1997 “Still Waters” also entered at that position.
Also “ONO” entered again at number 43 (Richard Donoghue, Peter Hofman)
Holland, it’s dropping at the moment but…
The sales for the CD which was released here April second ( although it was already in the shops some days before!) are good and one expects the album to enter high in the Dutch Top 100 this week.
We’ll keep you posted.
The single meanwhile gets a lot of airplay and there’s a TV commercial campaign starting for the album.
We still have hopes that one is succeeding in getting the group to The Netherlands after the release of the second single!!
This second single in The Netherlands could become: “She Keeps On Coming” however nothing is certain yet!

GSI 04/08/01

News, April 24th

There is a fantastic contest at called the “Mystery Location Flyaway” where you can win 2 plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and tickets to a Bee Gees concert at a “mystery” location.
Sound good? Check out the details below~
This sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Puerto Rico and the province of Quebec) (the “Eligibility Area)

“Mystery Location Flyaway”:
Surf to Getmusic

GSI 04/24/01

News, April 16th

BGFC did receive an allotment of tickets for the A&E “Live by Request” show, and because of the limited numbers of tickets, each member who received tickets was allotted only one. Also, because of the limited numbers, they are only being given to members of the BGFC (including BGFC-Europe).
The tickets are being distributed on the basis of the list compiled by Terri Bridge from the requests emailed to her, and they are being distributed first come, first served according to the list.
Some members of BGFC-Europe have received tickets too!

  “Good Morning America” is VERY anxious to fill their studio with Bee Gees fans for the Bee Gees’ appearance on “GMA”!
Their appearance will be taped on Monday, April 23, for airing on April 26 and April 27.
So “GMA” wants to see you there on April 23!
The taping will take place in New York City at the “GMA” studio at 44th and Broadway, and you will need to be there at about 9:30-10 AM.
If you are interested in attending, please send an email quickly to:
She is coordinating the making of reservations for the show, and she will send you the information, etc. if your reservation is accepted!
Good luck!

   Bee Gees successful in Taiwan – ARTIST OF THE MONTH
The TIWICI promo is in many of Taiwan TV channels every day, including the whole video, and the making of the video.
Taiwan honors them as the Artist of the Month.
And the new CD also got a very special release package in Taiwan, it has an extra 48 pages booklet in Chinese, including many pictures, biography, interviews.
The title is something like: “When you open the English pop music history”, it’s all up to the Bee Gees!
Isn’t it great? since that is only for the limited first edition, it’s nearly sold out.

News from the album charts:
New Zealand: 6
Switzerland: 5
U.K.: from 6 to 8

In addition, this week on the UK charts, Lil Bow Wow’s new single, “That’s My Name”, uses extensive samples from Andy Gibb’s ’78 hit “Shadow Dancing”.
This therefore gives the Bee Gees their second UK Top 20 writing credit in as many weeks!
The first was, of course, their own “This Is Where I Came In” single!

Fleetwood Owen, a highly respected English auction house, is auctioning off an autographed Ovation guitar donated by the Bee Gees!

This guitar was played by Maurice during the “Spirits” tour.
The auction is to benefit the Acres Foundation in Scotland, who provide advanced training in the Arts for young talented Scots from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The auction begins April 6 – more information available from their web site!

You don’t know where the items which came directly from Middle Ear Studio are now being auctioned?

Here’s the answer!
The same people but with a new name!
Visit: for unique Bee Gees collectibles

News of March 22nd

Be sure to take a regular visit at the Bee Gees new official web site:

Where for instance you’ll find sound parts of the new album and up coming Bee Gees TV events in America.

In Japan the new album has been postponed.
The release now is planned for April 18, 2001 Japan won’t release a single.
The bonus tracks which are included on the Japanese CD are: Just In Case and Promise The Earth
( Thanks Yuko )

The time BBC is going to broadcast the Bee Gees radio concert is:
March 31 – 20.00 BST – 19.00 GMT

GSI 03/22/01

News Flashes March 19th.

  The Bee Gees At Wetten Dass

Saturday Night the group was again guest at Wetten Dass, a famous German game show.
They’ve performed in this show several times before during other promotion tours.
And it’s a fact that the host of this show Thomas Gottschalk is a true Bee Gees fan himself.
This time it was the 20th anniversary of the Wetten Dass Show.
Thomas Gottschalk announced the group enthusiasticly and the boys seemed to have a good time.
The Bee Gees, accompanied by their band were looking great and all three were wearing sunglasses.
The group being on stage for over 40 years already did it again: a great new song of a brand new album!!
Thomas introduced them by telling the audience about the millions of records they’d already sold and the many number one hits they’d scored.
Telling them that April 2nd the Bee Gees’ new CD would be released after we’d to wait for 4 years.
And he shouted: here they are The Bee Gees with “This Is Where I Came In”…..
The audience welcomed them with much applause and after the intro we heard the bright sounds of Maurice on his guitar.
Robin doing the lead and both Maurice and Barry at his site each playing guitar.
During the song Barry, like always, waved and smiled to familiar faces in the crowd.
And Alan Kendall enjoyed playing the sharp tones every time during the chorus!!
The group definitely liked to be in front of the audience again.
Afterwards there was lots of applause and the public shouted their names etc.
Thomas comments: – what I specially admire about you, you always come back and never with old fashioned music but with very modern, very new and great music. It’s really unique.
It’s a great song, thank you.
The Bee Gees, Barry, Robin and Maurice, The Bee Gees. –

Some more air dates for you.
Of course there’s Top Of The Pops on BBC 1 on both April 4 and 7 and GMTV on March 26th.

In Italy the single was finally released too on March 13th.
But according to Robin there’s no promotion planned yet for Italy at the moment.

On March 30th when The Netherlands have their Bee Gees Day on Radio2 the entire CD will be played and DJ’s have already stated to be very enthusiastic about this new album of The Bee Gees.
They strongly believe it’s going to become a hit album.
By the way we’ve heard that this day will be partly presented by Mr. Robin Gibb himself, by means of a pre -recorded interview, taped last week in London.

The new single entered the Dutch Mega Top Hundred at 71.
What’s it doing in your country???
Let us know and we can make a chart list of the several countries, very interesting for all fans to read!!

The appearance of Robin Gibb in an interview on the Dutch TV program Hart Van Nederland will not take place the coming week but is programmed for the period when the new album is going to be released in Holland, so around April 2nd.

GSI 03/19/01

News Flashes

**  Sam, Adam, and Laz are working on another track for an eventual CD, and Maurice is helping them of course.
They still haven’t signed a management contract, but they are close to it…

**  The “One Night Only” video recently spent another 5 weeks on the Billboard Top Music Video charts, in response to its being shown on VH-1, apparently.
The video has now been on the chart a total of 98 weeks since its release.

**  Oscar de la Hoya continues to do well with his self-titled album that includes “Run To Me”.
It is still on the Latin 50 and Latin Pop charts, and “Ven A Mi” is still on the Latin Pop Airplay chart.

**  Arif Mardin, the much-respected producer who helped the Brothers find their R&B sound, is being much honored this year.
He has just been named Man of the Year by the Nordoff-Robbins Music Foundation, a charitable organization that provides music therapy for autistic and severely disabled children.
On February 21, Mardin will receive the Trustees Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences at this year’s Grammy awards.

**  Samantha has acquired a black PT Cruiser just like her dad’s “deep cranberry” one.

**  Things around Barry’s house are centered on wedding planning these days, as Ashley and Terese’s wedding approaches.
Linda just recently took a break in the Bahamas with some friends, but has returned now rested to tackle more plans…

**  The US tour of “Saturday Night Fever” has been retooled a bit, but is coming together well, opening in Chicago.
For complete tour dates as of today, click here

**  Robin is taking care of some business in England this week, so isn’t around the studio, obviously.

(Thanks to The Bee Gees Fan ClubTM)

GSI 02/01/01

Saturday Night Fever In The Netherlands!!!

Like mentioned before the stage show of S.N.F. is going to be seen in The Netherlands as well.

We finally know who the new Tony Manero and Stephanie Mangano are in The Netherlands for the famous disco musical Saturday Night Fever..
The leading parts will be done by Joost de Jong ( Tony) and Chantal Janzen (Stephanie).

First night opening in Utrecht on June 17th.
However there is a possibility to visit try outs of the show starting early June in the Beatrix Theater.
( prices up to Hfl. 120,- which is subject to change).
Theater reservations, phone: 0900 300 5000 in The Netherlands

According to Joop van den Enden Productions there were hundreds of candidates from several countries for the Tony part who was played by John Travolta in the film of S.N.F.
The Bee Gees and their music as well as John Travolta made this film to a huge success in 1977.

Joost who now is going to rehearse for his Tony Manero part has played parts in several other musicals the past few years like for instance: Chicago, Fame The Musical, Hair and The West Side Story.
Chantal played before in 42nd Street. For both actors this S.N.F. musical will be the first production in which they do the leading part.
GSI 02/05/01

Album Release News

We just heard from Universal Records that the new Bee Gees single has now indeed been put on their release lists.

Their latest information is that after all, one is planning to release the first single of the album on March 5th.
( Andy’s birth date) in the U.K. / Europe.
The release date of the Bee Gees’ album: “THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN”, which is the same title as their first single as you know, is planned for April 2nd!!
The album release date for the U.S. is: April 17th.
Along with the release of the album they are going to air the A&E Biography on European TV, probably in two parts.
More news in a week from now we hope.

(With thanks to Universal and Peter Hofman).

Donny Osmond has a new album which will be released early February and like many of you already know, he has also included a Bee Gees song!!
The album title is This Is The Moment and Donny is singing the Bee Gees song: IMMORTALITY.
Are you interested ?
Just pay a visit to:

GSI 01/17/01

Latest News

Oscar de la Hoya continues to make strides with his self-titled album and his first single “Run To Me (Ven A Mi)” On the Billboard charts for 11/18/00, the album sits at #2 on the Latin Pop 50 chart, and is a greatest sales gainer; is #2 on the Latin Pop chart; is #8 on the Heatseekers chart; and is #175, and a greatest sales gainer, on the Billboard Top 200 Albums.
The single “Run To Me” is #24, and shows the greatest gains in sales and airplay, on the Adult Contemporary chart; and is #7 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart.

At the BMI awards in London on October 31, the Bee Gees were honored for four million plays of the song “To Love Somebody” in the last year in the United States!
BMI is a performing rights association here in the US, and represents British and European songwriters and composers who license their works in the US through them, as well as American composers and songwriters.
Robin represented the Brothers, picking up the award at the ceremony in London!


Unfortunately, “Saturday Night Fever” the musical will end its run on Broadway on December 30, 2000, after 500 performances.
The show begins the US road tour, on a somewhat smaller scale than the Broadway version, in March 2001.

Don Brooks, a renowned studio musician who played with such diverse artists as the Bee Gees, Ringo Starr, Waylon Jennings, and Harry Belafonte, died October 25 of leukemia.
Playing harmonica, he also worked on Broadway shows such as “Big River” and on the soundtrack for the television epic documentary “The Civil War”.
Brooks was 53. His work for the Bee Gees can be found on their “Main Course” album.

Maurice attended, along with his mates, the World Cup Paintball tournament the weekend of October 28 in Kissimee, FL!
He got to have a great time, pick up the latest gear, and enjoy the games!

Steps New Single Posted Thursday, November 2, 2000 Steps new single “Stomp” contains the Gibb Brothers song “Tragedy” (the WIP Reception Mix) as a B-side. The song was also on their very successful album “Steptacular” (Jive Records).

GSI 11/10/00

Bee Gees On Stamps

Did you know that next to the Isle Of Man stamps of the group there is a collection of another 12 beautiful Bee Gees stamps now.?!
Issued by the Russian republic of Dagestan .
Look for yourself.
Maybe you know some fan in Russia to buy them for you!!
Interested in more BG stamps?
Just read the note we`ve received from Stampville:

We here at have created a site just for the Bee Gees!
We are very proud of the site and so are the Bee Gees (they did authorize the stamps of themselves)
We hope you enjoy the site as much as us:

the Staff

Robin In Europe

While being in Europe for negotiations concerning the promotion acitivities for the group next year, Robin visited Hamburg amongst some other European cities.
Here we see him in Hamburg with people of Polydor, Universal and Leftbank.
Thanks Susanne Wilhelm for the nice photo!

GSI 12/18/00

Finally more news

We’re glad being able to finally publish some latest news again.
This weekend Left Bank gave the okay to bring the news out in the open but I must say it’s always difficult for us to wait for their okay as news mostly is known to us much earlier.
Anyway, like I said it’s good to be able to bring it to you now!!

Thanks again to Dick Ashby, Terri Bridge and the webmasters of LeftBank (Karen Holmes, Mike Lane) for helping us keeping the site up to date again.

As you all know there are plans for a VH1 programme which will be aired live on November 30th. from Los Angeles’ Schrine Auditorium.
It’s going to be an award show entirely suggested and voted on by the fans.
One has sifted through many category and artists suggestions to arrive at a list of potential nominees in 28 categories.
According to VH1 the fun is about to begin this weekend ( September 23 and 24th):

“ The on-air and on-line promotion of the show gets heayv now.
We are expecting record numbers of fans to cast their votes for their favorite artists and music.
And if fans don’t see their favorite artist in a particular category, they can write ’em in on the ballot.
No vote will go un-counted…everyone has a voice!
Fans can respond through October 10th, at which time we will begin counting the ballots to ascertain the final nominees.
We will announce the five final nominees for each category on October 20th.
From there it’s a race to the finish line on November 30th.
Votes will be taken until the very moment that each presenter walks on stage to speak the words we all want to hear “and the winner is…” Oh yeah, there will also be music.
Eight of the biggest bands this year will be taking the stage to show off why 2000 was their year.
All this at the start of the Christmas CD buying season.
What could be better?”.

To vote: just click the link which brings you directly to the voting page at:
Please vote for our Bee Gees!!!
All Bee Gees fans should write in THE BEE GEES for “Legends In Action”!!

>>>As for the Ronan track: the official version says that the song: ‘Lovers And Friends’ was taken off the CD as Ronan’s management’s response to a last minute need to shorten the album (too many songs for the cd <G>).
As can be seen from the credits, this caught many people by surprise including the label staff and the Bee Gees, especially Barry!!

>>>The latest on the A&E Biography is that the debut for the U.S.A. is planned for December 10th.
And the re-air around the time of the album release.
It will also be licensed to broadcasters around the world and as soon as we have these broadcast dates we’ll let you know!!
Also the Biography will be released on home video and in a special enhanched version on DVD.
This is worldwide but release dates will differ in various parts of the globe.
Release dates to be determined, but definitely in 2001!

>>>The working title (and we think it’s definite) for both album and first single is “THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN”.
The single will be serviced to radio in Europe in February, in America in March, with the album following by 3-4 weeks. Exact dates will be announced soon.

>>>The vocal duo of Nite & Day have recorded a cover version of “How Deep Is Your Love” … and believe it or not, it’s a salsa dance version!
That would be interesting to hear.

>>>Barbra Streisand is currently conducting her four-concert “farewell to live performing” tour, and during the concert, she performs “duets” with videos of artists with whom she’s recorded duets in the past, similar to what Celine did with “Immortality” in concert.
One of the duets she performs is with Barry, though we don’t know what song she chose to.

>>>”One Night Only” remains a strong performer on the Billboard Top 40 Music Video chart, as it is currently at #33 in its 88th week on the chart perform.

>>>Maurice has been working with Sam, Adam, and Sam’s boyfriend Laz (collectively known as Luna Park) again on a couple of songs, which they’ve been playing for representatives.
These kids are fantastic. Sam has a soulful edge to her voice, and Adam, while there’s a hint of Maurice every now and again, definitely has his own sound.
Their sound is more mainstream pop….and we’d buy it in a heartbeat.

GSI 09/23/00

Some More News For You

>>> “Barbra Streisand entered her live touring career this week with a series of four concerts (two each in Los Angeles and New York) entitled “Timeless”.
These shows offered fans a retrospective of her life and career.
Featured in the concert was a duet performance with Barry Gibb with video footage filmed at her home years ago.

>>> The road version of “Saturday Night Fever” will open in January at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis and is booked through February 2002 in 15 U.S. major markets for two- to six-week runs.

>>> Outside the United States, the play will open in Edinburgh in November.
Its Australian opening was delayed by the Olympics but the show should open in Sydney some time early in 2001.

>>> In case you haven’t seen it, an of Vanity Fair earlier this year proclaimed The Bee Gees IN!”

>>> “Bee Gees Greatest” is back on the Billboard Top Pop Catalog Albums again for the week of 10/7, sitting at number 40 (out of 50)! Meanwhile, “One Night Only” the video, in its 89th week on the charts, is at #39 on the Billboard Top Music Video chart.

>>> Oscar de la Hoya’s first single from his self-titled first album is indeed the Brothers “Run to Me”! The Spanish version, “Ven A Mi”, was released to Spanish radio the week of September 4.
The following week, the English version was released to Top 40, rhythmic, and Adult Contemporary stations.
While it hasn’t charted yet…maybe some phone calls might help it out!

>>> Meanwhile, the UK entertainment law firm Eatons, whose clients include the Bee Gees, as well as Eric Clapton, Bush, BMG records, Jive/Zomba records, and others, is merging with the UK law firm of Mishcon de Reya.

GSI 10/01/00

The News For This Week

There is a website that is launching a “Classic Rock” channel, the “Classic Rock Network” at Alternative Entertainment—the address is
The key to this place is this is streaming *video*, and some the artists they are announcing that they are going to feature ARE the Bee Gees!
They promise classic clips from old TV shows and appearances, so this could definitely be interesting!
Right now what they have up is a “sampling” of what they plan to feature….the official launch of the site is later this month.

BMI is honoring the Bee Gees by presenting them with an award marking 4,000,000 airplays of their song “To Love Somebody”.

Oscar De la Hoya’s new album has been given 3-1/2 stars by the music critics at the Los Angeles TIMES.
De La Hoya is currently visiting radio stations around the country talking up his new single, RUN TO ME, and his admiration for the Gibb Brothers who wrote it.

In the UK, Universal Records’ artists STEPS are set to release “Stomp” containing the Bee Gees song “Tragedy” (the W.I.P. Reception Mix) as its B-side.

The Bee Gees donated handwritten and autographed lyrics of How Deep Is Your Love, a single of How Deep is Your Love with autographed picture sleeve, and a new autographed photograph to 102.9 WMGK for their Rock Art Show silent auction which will be held in November/December 2000 in Philadelphia, benefitting the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

An Ovation acoustic guitar, Model 1617-W, Serial No M003, played by Maurice on the 1979 Spirits Having Flown USA tour was autographed and donated to the Acres Foundation (Scotland) Limited “Caring Event”.
This guitar, along with other valuable collectibles from caring musicians will be auctioned off on a secured internet site some time in the future.
We’ll provide the web address and other information as soon as we have it.

GSI 10/16/00

Latest News

n Britain the ITV television programme: Find A Fortune was called by Charles and Scarlett Faulkner to let the producers know about a very special piece of memorabilia they own.
It’s a guitar they won in a Radio One contest which was described as having belonged to the Bee Gees.
In fact, it was the one used to compose: Jive Talkin#146;# and is signed by all members of the band.
As a special surprise to coincide with the Faulkner’s appearance on the show this week, the Bee Gees are giving them yet another authenic memento, which is still a surprise!!

The highest rated music show of Great Britain of 1998: An Audience With The Bee Gees will be re-aired again in the U.K. on August 5th!!

Finally a follow up for the David Leaf Biography from 1978.
A&E has commissioned the creation of a two hour Biography on the Bee Gees.
This definitive documentary will begin production in August.
David Leaf and John Scheinfeld will be directing.
You might recall that David Leaf wrote a first biography of the group back in 1978 which will now be followed by a 2-hour documentary!!

GSI 07/29/00
(thanks to: Karen Holmes and Mike Lane)


This is to announce the start of BGFC-EUROPE.
A cooperation between Marion Adriaensen (of this GSI website) and BGFC in America!!
The BGFC, of which Terri Bridge is President, is fully recognized by the Bee Gees and their personal and professional management!!
This cooperation means: an even better service especially for fans in Europe.
Being coordinator for BGFC-Europe I guarantee the best service to all European Bee Gees fans.
Our motto is: cooperating and sharing news with all of you.
For all details and more information visit the BGFC-EUROPE section of this website or Terri’s BGFC website:

BGFC-Europe coordinator

GSI 09/29/00

Latest News

Are you interested in the 54 Seconds music of Spencer and his band? than,
Read his note below and try to help the group.
(For more information about the group: see GSI Archives “Bee Gees kids and music”).

Thanks to everyone who voted for us on’s Best of Austin >poll.
Although we started out as simply a write-in vote, the support of our fans has helped to give us official nominee status.
Please take a minute to vote again and help us win this thing.
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In the meantime, we’re already at work on new material and are planning our move to a larger studio.

Talk to ya soon,

54 Seconds
JJ, Stewart, Glenn, Spencer