NEWS December 30th.

The future for Robin and Barry
Robin Gibb continues promoting ‘Lover’s Prayer’ with Alistair Griffin mostly during radio shows See for more details on Alistairs web site. Alistair Griffin Fan Site. Robin mentioned in one of the recent interviews:: “After this project I’ll be working with Barry on a new album for the Bee Gees and going on touring.” Management just confirmed that Barry and Robin will start discussing possible future plans in May. There have been rumors published lately but it’s confirmed that Barry and Robin have not even written together since Maurices passing. So there’s no album in the works at this point or even almost finished, there are only plans.

More about Robins appearances

concerning his new single project with Alistair you can also find at the BGFC web site so just click:

The Billboard Magazine remembers Maurice
See for full report:

Florida Music Awards
As far as we know The Florida Music Awards have been postphoned till April or May 2004. More info when we have confirmed news. There’s no confirmation however yet that Robin or Barry will be present.

Maurice Gibb Tribute
We’ve been informed by management that it’s a rumor that there’s going to be a Maurice Gibb Tribute album ready to be released soon.

Barbra Streisand
It’s also a rumor that one is working on a project with Barbra

Barry and Cliff
Barry is still busy mixing the two Cliff Richard tracks

CBE presentation
Barry, Robin and Yvonne have informed the Royal Palace in London they would be available in May to pick up their CBE’s and at this time they are waiting for confirmation and the date.

In Australia “The Record” is again back in the charts at # 45
The “One Night Only” DVD is at # 12 it has already sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide.
In the U.S.A. the DVD is nearly three times platinum.
The album “One Night Only” has sold 7 million units worldwide, and is the best-selling live album of all time in New Zealand.

Michael Buble
The CD of Michael with the Bee Gees composition: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” has now also been released in The Netherlands.

Best wishes for the New Year!
Marion: GSI 12/30/03

NEWS December 15th.

Bee Gees: Collectors Edition
New DVD “One Night Only / The Official Story”

This 2 packaged DVD set is out, released on December 9th. 2003 and has a running time of 220 minutes! This box features the amazing biographical program Official Story, as well as the sensational performance One Night Only. The collection features full live performances of “Massachusetts,” “Night Fever”, “More than a Woman”, “Heartbreaker”, “Tragedy”, “Jive Talkin'”, “Grease”, “Stayin’ Alive” and many more, as well as guest appearances by Celine Dion and Frankie Valli More details

Robin and Alistair at Christmas Show

Robin and Alistair Griffin appeared on ITV’s The Christmas Show (Britain) on Wednesday, December 10th. and performed “A Lovers Prayer”

For a photo report view the images at Alistairs web site:

More promotion on radio and TV for Robin
On December 20 there’s the “Jonathan Ross” interview on BBC Radio 2 from 12.20 to 13.00 GMT And December 27 he’ll be performing in “Top Of The Pops”

Cooperation of Barry and Sir Cliff Richard
We’ve already reported about their project before. Cliff is going to record an album in Nashville in January. He’s planning to record 3 numbers with Michael Omartian, Steve Mandile and Tommy Sims, Later on we’ll hear if the songs by Sir Cliff and Barry, recorded in Miami Beach, in November and December will be on this coming Cliff album too. We’ll keep you posted!

Marion: GSI 12/15/03

NEWS, December 8th.

 Barry, owner of the studio
We’ve received confirmation from management about the fact that Barry has bought the studio. This means he’s now owner of Middle Ear Studio and has bought Robin and Maurice’s family’s shares. It will hopefully be used a lot in future by the Brothers themselves as well as hired to other great artists to work there alone or with the Gibbs.

David English
BGFC has created a page just for David English at the Fan Club website. New there is an article in which David discusses his management of RSO this article is kindly shared with BGFC by the author! It is soon to appear in Voodoo music magazine in the UK, and will appear in the brochure for the Bunburys’ Cricket team next year. Here’s the link:

Alister Griffin

The release date for Alistair Griffin’s single in Great Britain is December 29th. There will be two versions released. One will have “Lover’s Prayer”, performed by Alister and Robin and two more songs by Alister: “Bring It On” and the Gibb composition “To Love Somebody”. In addition to that there’ll be a video included of “Lover’s Prayer” with both Robin and Alister. The other edition will have: “Bring It On”. “Lover’s Prayer” and “Back For Good” plus a video for “Bring It On” “Bring It On” was the song Alister performed during the finals of Fame Academy. Pay a visit to the Alistair Griffin site.

Love And Hope
Information about the Love And Hope tickets: Because so many people have called and emailed the DRIF, despite the request of BGFC not to contact them directly at this moment, there’s now been decided that, in order to be fair, the DRIF will first mail invitations to fans who have previously supported the Love And Hope Ball by attending the Ball. As you can image, there are only so many seats available in a ballroom, and the DRIF want to make sure that those who have supported the Ball in the past have a chance to attend. After these invitations have gone out, and they have had a reasonable time to reply, then we’ll let those of you who have had not attended before know how many seats are available and how to request the invitations. So once more please do not phone or mail the DRIF at this point, they need this time to work on the ball and getting these invitations out. Just be patience, although we know that this makes planning more difficult, but BGFC will get back with more information to you as soon as it’s available. This is the way the DRIF wants it.

Bee Gees Film Music

The American Film Institute recently unveiled 400 songs vying to be the favorite music in films as part of it “100 years” series of annual events spotlighting film history. ‘Stayin alive’ is among the songs selected. The top 100 songs will be chosen by a jury of 1,500 directors, screenwriters, actors, critics, and others among the film industry’s creative community, as well as by AFI’s national membership. See for full report:
The American Film Institute

Marion: GSI 11/28/03
(also thanks to Terri, Peter)

NEWS November 13th.

So many of you have asked us lately how Barry is doing! Terri of BGFC has met him today and she told me: ‘he’s just looking FANTASTIC and is doing real fine!! He is lean, good skin color, his hair is long, and he was bubbling like a little kid about working with Sir Cliff Richard. It was so good to see Barry like that!’ That’s just great news.
Project with Sir CliffCliff Richard

Barry is currently working at Middle Ear with Sir Cliff Richard on a couple of songs that Barry sent to him previously, which are “How Many Sleeps”, written by Barry and David English, and “I Cannot Give You My Love”, written by Barry and Ashley a couple of years ago. Barry is really enjoying working with Sir Cliff, and is having fun. It’s not certain when or which project of Sir Cliff’s these songs may end up on, so we’ll have to keep our eyes open for them.

More projects for Barry and Robin
Barry and Robin each have some projects planned that they may work on separately for a while longer, then they’ll come together to write, such as the work with Cliff Richard.

Love And Hope Ball
Barry has confirmed (even though some in the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation aren’t aware of it yet!) that he will perform at the next Love and Hope Ball, their 30th Anniversary Love and Hope Ball, which will be held on February 28, 2004 at the Westin Diplomat Resort, in Hollywood, Florida. 

We’ll have more details for you on cost, how to obtain invitations, etc. Please do NOT call the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation at this time! So more details about the Love And Hope Ball soon. Especially regarding the whens and hows of the Love and Hope Ball. BGFC will work with the organization to coordinate the fans’ attendance, and Terri already talked with them and knows that they are welcoming the fans to be there!

Marion: GSI 11/13/03

NEWS November 12th.

Robin at the Gala
Maurice and Lulu singing "First Of May" in "An Audience With Lulu"

 Betting for Christmas!
The race for the Christmas top spot is really hotting up as the big, and small, artists lay down their plans for the single releases. Click here for more details and to bet for the number 1 Christmas single / album etc.:

Lulu has released a new Greatest Hits album which contains the live version of “First Of May” with Maurice. The album was released November 10th.

Note from Lulu’s website:
The only previously unreleased track is “First Of May” with Maurice Gibb. This was recorded on Sunday May 5th 2002 and was featured in the LWT programme “An Audience With Lulu” Sadly Maurice Gibb died on January 12th 2003
Visit also:
Listen to  “First Of May”  1.3 Mb Mp3

Maurice and Lulu singing “First Of May” in “An Audience With Lulu”



November 8th. there was the 18th. Unesco Benefit Gala in Neuss / Dusseldorf, Germany. 1400 guests raised 2.035.000 Euro for children in need. See news November 5th.

Marion: GSI 11/12/03   (also thanks Dirk)

NEWS November 5th.

Robin and Dwina

Robin comes to Germany
This year Robin will be present at the yearly UNESCO benefit gala in Neuss, Germany at November 8th. Robin Gibb will be presented the Unesco’s Pyramide Children Award in Dusseldorf, Germany. Robin and Dwina Gibb have contributed to several Unesco’s projects over the years.

According to Unesco Robin will not only sing his own solo work but also some big Bee Gees hits!.
Robin will do more promotion work in Europe the coming months.

Vote for Bee Gees music on Dutch radio
Again the Dutch radio station: Radio Two asks people to vote for the best hits ever to compile a top 2000 list. Take a look at their site if you understand a little Dutch and vote for your fave Bee Gees songs !!! and go to: Top 2000 Stempagina Search for the Bee Gees titles and submit 3 to 10 of your favorites, then press the button: verder There you can 1. type why you choose these songs. Give your motivating and maybe they use your story (no more than 600 words) during the radio show of the Top 2000. and 2. type your name, email address, home address, zip code, city and phone number etc. Then press the button: verstuur (send) Airing date of the Top 2000 is December 31 on the Dutch station Radio Two.

  Island View Park
In July we mentioned the possibility that a park would be renamed after Maurice. Early November elections have been. See below the results from the Miami Herald

Renaming “Island View Park” to “Maurice Gibb Memorial Park”
Shall “Island View Park” (located generally at 18th Street and Purdy Avenue in Miami Beach) be renamed “Maurice Gibb Memorial Park” in honor of the late Maurice Gibb, long-time Miami Beach resident and member of the singing group “The Bee Gees,” which has won numerous awards, including multiple Grammys for the soundtrack of the motion picture “Saturday Night Fever,” and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Yes 61.8%
No  38.2%

With 61.8% of the vote — “Island View Park” in Miami Beach will be renamed
“Maurice Gibb Memorial Park”

Marion: GSI 11/05/03   (thanks also to Peter)

NEWS, October 25th.

David English


Former RSO president, Gibb family friend, writer of “The Legend”, “Mum” in the TIWICI video: David English received his MBE (Member of the British Empire) this week in honor of his abundant charity work.
Read more about it by following this link:

Marion: GSI 10/25/03

NEWS, October 23rd.

Robin proudly shows press the award

World Awards presentation, Germany
Yesterday Robin was in Hamburg and proudly picked up another award for The Bee Gees. A very happy Robin received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the World Awards in Germany
Some photos of the presentation,

BGFC of course is very proud of Barry, Robin, and Mo for receiving this award, and our heartiest congratulations goes to them for it! There’ll be more in the next issue of the BGFC magazine “Dimensions” about it, of course.
On tv Saturday the German channel NDR is probably going to air a 60 minutes show of the World Awards from 11 – 12 a.m. ( local German time).

Marion: GSI 10/23/03   (thanks also Terri)


NEWS, October 18th.

Michael Parkinson

  “A Lover’s Prayer”
Sunday October 19 Robin is going to be appearing on Michael Parkinson’s “Parkinson’s Sunday Supplement” BBC2 radio show from 11:00 to 1300 in the UK (which is 6:00 AM EDT, 5:00 AM CDT, 4:00 AM MDT, and 3:00 AM PDT). 

Michael will be talking to Robin about “Fame Academy” and what he plans next, and will be playing the *new* new version of “A Lover’s Prayer” (remake of “My Lover’s Prayer”, from the Still Waters album), which features Alistair Griffin from the UK’s latest “Fame Academy”. (The version which featured Lance Bass and Wanya Morris apparently ran into some difficulties with permissions and isn’t being released at this time, if at all.) They’ll also be playing the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love”, and Michael Buble’s version of “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”. The new version of “A Lover’s Prayer” is now planned for release in the UK by mid-December, and will be released on an imprint of Universal Records (Universal Music is the affiliated label of “Fame Academy”–this year’s winner gets a record deal with Polydor UK (among other prizes), while last year’s winner got a deal with Mercury UK, another Universal imprint). Pre-ordering of the single is not yet available at retail. For those wanting to listen to Robin live on the Internet, here’s your link:
Once there, click on the “Listen Live” button at the upper right.

Staying Alive
We’ve reported already several times on the GSI site about this Australian Bee Gees cover band. Just to remind you: they are now starting their German tour. For details and tour schedule visit their web site: . (news & Tourdates).

Marion: GSI 10/18/03

NEWS, October 13th.

Alister Griffin

The song “Emotion”, written by Barry and Robin Gibb and performed by Destiny’s Child, has won a second Pop Award from BMI, the American performing rights organization. The first award for that song came in 1978.

Vote for BGFC Meeting Cruise !!
One of the ideas I am kicking around for a worldwide BGFC meeting (please don’t ask when–I’m just exploring ideas) is a BGFC cruise out of Miami, which would include performances by a Bee Gees Tribute band, as well as activities, video screenings, and more. Right now, I am just trying to gauge interest in the general idea of it–no details on prices (obviously, as inexpensive as possible), length, etc. To that end, would you please answer the following: Would you be interested, in general, in a BGFC Cruise?

To vote, please visit the following web page: Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups web site listed above. Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the BGFanClub group: also know that to vote in the poll, the address that you receive these notices on must be linked to a Yahoo profile. If you don’t have one, go to , and click on “Click here to register” on the left. Then just follow their instructions!
Terri Bridge: BGFC.

Robin Gibb and Fame Academy singer Alister Griffin team up
Alistair Griffin has teamed up with his teacher Robin Gibb to make an R & B single. The Yorkshire singer, who was runner-up to Alex Parks on the Fame Academy Show, has recorded vocals with the Bee Gee for a new track, “A Lover’s Prayer.” And Robin now plans to release the song as a single probably in November. (according to Daily Star).
Alister Griffin

Marion: GSI 10/13/03

NEWS, September 26th.

BGFC-Event September 20 – 2003.
The BGFC Event turned out to be a huge success. There were fans from several different countries together in Bovenkarspel, The Netherlands. The location and surroundings were beautiful and typical Dutch and the weather that day was beautiful too. A full report with photos etc. of this day we’ll soon present you on this web site.

Tribute Book Maurice
The book Rosalien is busy compiling of all kinds of Mo memories is almost finished now. You can still send in your contributions for this book to:
Or ask Rosalien any info on the book by mail.

Florida Music Awards
ANNOUNCEMENT – UPDATE Sept. 23, 2004 – Florida Music Awards Show

The Award Show featuring the Bee Gees Tribute will now be held on January 23, 2004. We are very excited that Robin and Barry plan to get a together the week prior to write songs. Thus, they will both be around to perchance participate in the show. Additionally, K C and the Sunshine Band are special guest and will perform a full 75-minute set at the end of the show. Peter Graves who has worked with the Bee Gees since 1975 is writing special arrangements of Bee Gee songs for the show. Plus a lot more to be announced soon. See web site:

For Advance Tickets call or e-mail
Tickets $65 / $150+ Plus Trophy Section
Tel: 954-525-4242
Official Hotel
Sheraton Trader
Fort Lauderdale
Directly on the ocean within a mile of venue

CBE Presentation
Many of you have asked questions about Robin planning to perform for the Queen according to the SPV web site (see earlier mentioning about this SPV message on their web site by us) and if this would be combined with the CBE presentation. We informed for you with management: the SPV message probably is an old one, not yet removed and anyway not relevant at the moment. Secondl;y concerning the presentation of the CBE’s to the boys: this will happen the earliest in May / June 2004 according to the latest plans.

Barry hasn’t start working again but will soon continue working on new songs with Robin etc.

Marion: GSI 09/26/03

NEWS, September 15th.

Robin sings for British Queen
According to SPV Robin will sing for the Queen of England at the “Royal Command” in November. More details later.

Robin still doing promotion in Europe
The summer months Robin has been busy doing promotion for Magnet, mostly in Spain, Germany and Britain. This still continues for a while until he starts writing with Barry again.

Robert Stigwood
So many have asked us lately: what about Robert Stigwood? Is he still alive and where does he live etc. etc. Well he’s living in Whippingham on The Isle Of Wight on a huge estate. We’ve heard that his estate has beautiful gardens that he opens to the public a few days per year with the proceeds going to a local hospice. It has a water garden, rose maze and secret garden – among other things. Sounds great! For your information an article from BBC News about Stigwood from April of this year.

Bee Gees Tribute Album from Brazil
“Bee Gees Forever” is the latest tribute for the Bee Gees in Brazil. The CD was released on this week and have the words and the music of Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb in a voice of great artists. 

The songs are: Immortality-Celine Dion – Heartbreaker-Dionne Warwick – Emotion-Samantha Sang – Howcan you mend a broken heart-Al Green – How deep is your love/Love don´t love nobody-Luther Vandross – If I can’t have you-Yvonne Elliman – More than a woman-Tavares – Night Fever-Carol Douglas – Stayin’ Alive-N-trance – I started a joke-Faith No More – Love so right-Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler – Nights on Broadway-Candi Staton – Words-Boyzone – Warm ride-Rare Earth.

Robin Gibb as Fame-Academy-Juror
Robin will participate up to 10/03 every saturday in the “Fame Academy” in England (BBC) as a juror. The “Fame Academy” ran already successfully in countries like France, The Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil. Robin is the juror for the column Songwriting. In England 5 million people are watching this, tendency is rising. On August 23rd the applicants were singing Gibb songs. Besides, Robin will participate in more BBC and other European progrrammes so watch your TV guide

New Robin album
This is in fact Magnet version 2 which will include the new single as well as 2 new tracks and some video clips etc

Interview with Robin
Read it on the Fame Academy site

Miami Herald about Gibb estate
A link to The Miami Herald regarding the Maurice estate etc.
© Antenne Thüringen 2003

 Robin on German TV
After one of Robin’s appearances on “Fame Academy” , Robin flew to Germany and did another summer festival radio show in Hohenfelden/Thueringen.

For pictues see:

Dutch soccer player writes in Robin’s guestbook
This is the message Ruud van Nistelrooy, playing soccer in the United Kingdom, has recently written in the guestbook:
Hello Mr. Gibb. In case you didn’t know, I play for Manchester United. I would just like to say all the lads down at United respect your good quality music. But the gaffer likes the beach boys which isn’t as good. Good work.

Barry’s birthday and Barry and Linda’s Anniversary
Although this first birthday and anniversary without Maurice couldn’t have been easy for Barry and Linda it’s nice that so many of you sent wishes to congratulate them. Thanks on behalf of the Gibb Family.

BGFC Event on September 20
The year started for us with very bad news and therefore it wasn’t even possible for BGFC to organize the Spring planned BGFC Brunch Event. However fans begged us to in any case organzie some kind of Get Together if anyway possible later this year to come together and chat about what has happened and again to enjoy the Bee Gees music in the first place. That’s why we finally decided for the BGFC Event of September 20, a new type of Event, a lovely ambiance, cosy and lots of chance for fans to meet eachother again and try to cope with all that happened to us Bee Gees fans this year etc. So a special kind of Meeting this time with some extra attention for Mo in a modest way. The day is organized by Melody this time and you all know her of the Covers And Rarities Page of course. During the day: special items to raffle, and special video material flown in from Miami Beach from the Gibbs themselves to show on the Meeting. Very special music to be heard throughout the day!! And more.. Like mentioned before we will pay special attention to Mo of course. Nice this time as well is the fact that many visitors to this Event will stay for the whole weekend !! And we’re sure it’ll become a wonderful Bee Gees weekend in a lovely part of The Netherlands. See also the BGFC Event details on the Maurice Gibb Tribute Pages There will be a full report with photos on this web site after the Event.

From management

There have been publications concerning the fact that Robin and Barry will continue as The Bee Gees and they indeed are planning to. They haven’t signed any contract yet but, there are ongoing discussions concerning contracting the Dream Works label and so this will likely become the label to relase the next album on together. Robin and Barry will start writing together this year and if all goes well they will start recording early next year for their new album to be released hopefully lateron in 2004. At the moment it’s not certain yet if there will be Maurice material on the new album . More details when available and confirmed.

Robin in concrete

Robin this summer put his hands in the German concrete of The Ferhnweh Park

Fame Academy Show dedicated To The Bee Gees Music
On August 20 the Fame Academy show was dedicated to the Bee Gees music. A CD with songs performed by the contestants has been released late August.
1. You Should Be Dancing (Paris)
2. Guilty (Carolynne Good)
3. To Love Somebody (Alistair Griffin)
4. Words (Alex Parks)
5. Massachusetts (Peter Brame)
6. Too Much Heaven (Louise Griffiths)
7. How Deep Is Your Love (Barry McKeever)
8. More Than A Woman (James Fox)
9. Heartbreaker (Simone Stewart)
10. I’ve Gotta Get A Message to You (Gary Phelan)
11. You Win Again (Audley Anderson)
12. Islands In The Stream (Lorna Grant)
13. Tragedy (Nick Hall)
For additional information check at:

 Paintball Tournement dedicated to Maurice Gibb
This Autumn ( starting November 7) their will be a huge tournement in Miami: the Paintball NPPL Super 7 which will be dedicated to Maurice and the organization makes sure his memory will be honored with all the respect he deserves.
Visit also:

BBC Programme presented by Robin
BBC 2 is broadcasting a six part profile of multi-award winning songwriter Diane Warren this Autumn. The programme called ‘Real Songs’ will be presented by Robin for BBC Radio in the U.K.

The first 30 minutes show of this new series was aired September 5th. BBC 2. The shows can be listened world wide by live internet stream.

A look at the charts etc.
In Australia “The Record” has become already 3 times platinum.
In the Top 75 last week at 28.

The DVD “ONO” as well as “Live By Request” are a huge success in Australia too

the CD “ONO” still is in the U.S.A Billboards Catalog Album Chart last week at number 10. Michael Bublé

World wide there are about 7 million copies sold now.

Michael Buble’s CD with the Barry Gibb duet “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”, is doing well in Australia now too and 4 in the charts.It will probably be released in Europe too. Interested on how this sounds?  Listen here  to a sound fragment 1.6 Mb.

 Vote to get Gibb Brothers on Dutch TV
There’s a Dutch TV series where the viewers can vote to get the 10 best known people in a certain category on a list and in the program . One of the categories this Fall is a list with the 10 best known brothers and sisters in show business and of course you can vote for Barry and Robin Gibb too. So please help getting them in that Dutch show on TV this Fall.

Go to the web site below and click on the icon: 10 beroemde broers & zussen (10 famous brothers and sisters)

Then click on the names: Robin and Barry Gibb and then on the blue button: STEM (=vote)

With all your votes we hope to get Robin and Barry on the list of most well known brothers and sisters in show business, which will be aired in The Netherlands October 6th. Please help and go to

 In the U.K. fans can vote for The Bee Gees as well On Friday September 26th. people from the music as well as sporting world are going to meet at the London Hilton Metropole for the inaugural Capitol Gold Legends Awards, sponsered by Sony Super Audio CD. Capital Gold , VH1 and the Daily Express will ask the public to choose their favourite Legends. The Bee Gees, are nominated in the “Legendary Group” category (alongside The Beatles, The Stones, Abba, U2, Queen …) British fans can vote for their favourite music legend via the Capital Gold Website, by Phone Vote or by Post Vote. You can vote by checking out the Capital Gold’s website:
When voting this gives you a chance of winning tickets to attend the awards ceremony.
You must be a British citizen and over 18 years old to vote.

Tribute To The Bee Gees – Australia
Evan Webster is running a show called
“The Very Best of the Bee Gees” based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. They perform the Bee Gees Tribute to audiences all over Australia in Clubs, Entertainment Centres and outdoor concerts and also have been nominated and become Award finalists in Australia for their tribute to the Bee Gees. The filming of this Tribute To The Bee Gees is complete now and one is busy editing it at the moment. It will be available for release by the end of October just in time for Christmas.

More news about the release of this DVD/CD tribute later on.
Thanks to Gold Radio Productions

Click here to download the details (Word 60Kb)

Marion: GSI 09/15/03
(with thanks a.o. Peter, Marcio)

© Antenne Thüringen 2003
Michael Bublé

NEWS, September 26th.

BGFC-Event September 20 – 2003.
The BGFC Event turned out to be a huge success. There were fans from several different countries together in Bovenkarspel, The Netherlands. The location and surroundings were beautiful and typical Dutch and the weather that day was beautiful too. A full report with photos etc. of this day we’ll soon present you on this web site.

Tribute Book Maurice
The book Rosalien is busy compiling of all kinds of Mo memories is almost finished now. You can still send in your contributions for this book to:
Or ask Rosalien any info on the book by mail.

Florida Music Awards
ANNOUNCEMENT – UPDATE Sept. 23, 2004 – Florida Music Awards Show

The Award Show featuring the Bee Gees Tribute will now be held on January 23, 2004. We are very excited that Robin and Barry plan to get a together the week prior to write songs. Thus, they will both be around to perchance participate in the show. Additionally, K C and the Sunshine Band are special guest and will perform a full 75-minute set at the end of the show. Peter Graves who has worked with the Bee Gees since 1975 is writing special arrangements of Bee Gee songs for the show. Plus a lot more to be announced soon. See web site:

For Advance Tickets call or e-mail
Tickets $65 / $150+ Plus Trophy Section
Tel: 954-525-4242
Official Hotel
Sheraton Trader
Fort Lauderdale
Directly on the ocean within a mile of venue

CBE Presentation
Many of you have asked questions about Robin planning to perform for the Queen according to the SPV web site (see earlier mentioning about this SPV message on their web site by us) and if this would be combined with the CBE presentation. We informed for you with management: the SPV message probably is an old one, not yet removed and anyway not relevant at the moment. Secondl;y concerning the presentation of the CBE’s to the boys: this will happen the earliest in May / June 2004 according to the latest plans.

Barry hasn’t start working again but will soon continue working on new songs with Robin etc.

Marion: GSI 09/26/03

NEWS August 17th.

  The holidays almost are over.
So hopefully soon more time again for updates and lots of interesting items on this web site etc.

We’ve received so many enthusiastic requests to visit our BGFC Event of September 20th. We didn’t except so many people from so many different countries to come. As you know we’ve not been able to organize our BGFC Brunch this Spring and so we finally decided to plan some kind of BGFC Event for a group of interested fans in September instead. We are glad with all your kind responses and we are sure it’s going to be a nice day. This Event is mainly organized by Gerry Pelser (Melody) who’s also taking care of the Covers And Rarities Page on this web site. She’s organizing an Event for the first time and it’s looking great!! Sorry but August 15 was the closing date for this BGFC Event so you cannot send application forms anymore.

To enjoy the last part of the holiday season here a sound clip of Robin’s new single “A Lover’s Prayer”. We soon hope to have more interesting sound material for you again in new editions of Covers And Rarities.
 Click to listen  1 Mb

Marion: GSI 08/17/03  (with thanks to J. Cesar)

NEWS, July 14th

Just for your information:
– It’s holiday time at the moment which of course means for the people of GSI and BGFC: little time for updates and answering of your mail, sorry for the delay.
– There are still some places left for the BGFC Event of September 20 however August 15 is the closing date.
– For the latest info and updates about this Event: visit the special BGFC Event Pages on this web site!
– Questions concerning sending of BGFC fan club material: please send directly to BGFC headquarters in Miami Beach where the material comes from.

   Bee Gees Name
During his promotion activities in Europe Robin announced a message concerning the name of the group for the future. We’ll however see what the future will bring but this is the article concerning this matter :

   Bee Gee musical
According to press bulletins like this one below there are talks about some kind of Bee Gees musical planned for the near future however none of this has been decided nor confirmed yet. They won’t at least start such a project for the next two years according to management.

Melbourne Herald Sun, July 6 – 2003.
THE Bee Gees are in talks to stage a multi-million dollar musical that will use their chart-topping songs. Barry and Robin Gibb believe the show will do for the Bee Gees what Mamma Mia! did for Abba. Writers Ben Elton (We Will Rock You) and Catherine Johnson (Mamma Mia!) are believed to have been contacted to help develop the show, which is to be staged in the West End next year. The Bee Gees have already had a West End hit with the stage version of Saturday Night Fever.

   Cancelling for Robin
Robin has cancelled his live performance for the German ZDF called: “Fernsehgarten”, which was planned for July 20 – 2003

The Gibb Brothers have left Left Bank Management which had been their business management. What new business management they are using for the future hasn’t been dediced yet at this point. They of course still have their personal manager in Miami Beach as always.

   Gibb Park Memorial
According to the Miami Herald of July 10th – 2003 there are plans for a Gibb Memorial Park for Maurice Gibb who used to go meditating at Island View frequently.
Read the report by Richard Brand.
The news hasn’t been confirmed yet but when we have more details we’ll of course report about it.

   Robin Gibb set for Fame Academy
According to the Guardian Unlimited of July 11 Robin close to signing up as a full time presenter for the new series of Fame Academy, alongside headmaster Richard Park.

Click here for the story by Alexa Baracaia:

Marion: GSI 07/14/03

NEWS, June 21th.

The Tribute Issue of “Dimensions” is almost completed. It’s been delayed because of waiting for various contributors to this special issue. Right now the final one is hopefully coming from one of Mo’s paintball buddies at the end of this week, and then it will be done.

  The new single Robin is planning to release this summer was written while he was in Los Angeles for his appearance on “American Idol”.

  According to several news agencies Robin has said in several interviews in Europe recently that Barry and Robin himself would continue to make music under the name of the Bee Gees. There was also published they were currently working on a new album for release in 2004. Like we mentioned earlier management indeed confirmed the fact that Barry and Robin are now able to talk about their future again and have started to write together (and even probably will finish some first material later this year) in order to maybe produce new products in the future. Whether this will be by using the name Bee Gees or not: we’ll wait and see. For the moment it’s a very good sign that they are talking about the future again. The next few weeks they hope to continue trying to talk and look at their future. Robin also was in Miami for a couple of days a week ago, in town on some business matters. He, of course, visited with Barry and the family! While he has returned to Europe to continue his promotion of “Magnet”, he and Barry are continuing to talk and work together, and when Robin returns to the US, they will be working together, writing and seeing where that leads! We’ll keep you updated when we have more confirmed news on this!!

To hear the interview with Robin about “Magnet” and future plans etc. for German tv “Ring Frei” on June 14th. 2003:

click on the link below:

  The heartiest congratulations we herewith send to David English (Gibb friend, “Mom” in the TIWICI video, author of “The Legend”, former President of RSO Records, etc. etc.), who was name an MBE, Member of the British Empire, in the latest Queen’s Honours List of June 14! David was honored for his tremendous body of charity work in the UK, chief among that being the Bunburys Charity Cricket club.

  Robin has been doing promotions in Spain, and has or will appear on several shows, including “TV3 News”, “Telenoticias”, “CNN+ News”, “Con T de Tarde”, “M80 Radio”, “TV Antena 3 News”, “TV2 News”, “La Columna”, “Musica Si”, “Radio Cadena 100”, “TV 5 News”, and “40 TV”. He will also be doing a half-hour acoustic set at “Inselmusiksommer”, on Saturday, June 21, at 1900 CET, at the Spreewald-Centre in Lübben. Visit for more details. Finally, he is also doing an acoustic set at “On Airport 2003”, which will be on Saturday, June 28, at 1500 CET in Gunzenhauzen. For more information, see .

  Never seen “Cucumber Castle” or “Melody” before? Here’s your chance!! The American Cinematheque is having a “Mods and Rockers” Film Festival this July 3-15, 2003, at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California U.S.A. During the Festival, as a specific tribute to Maurice, they are showing both “Cucumber Castle” and “Melody”. They will be screened on Sunday, July 6, starting at 4 PM PDT. For more information, including tickets to the Festival, see

Marion: GSI 06/21/03
(thanks to, Terri, Guido, Sebastian as well)

NEWS, June 16th.

GSI Wins golden Web Award!

Golden Web Awards are provided through “The International Association of Webmasters and Designers” IAWMD. Only the best sites are voted to receive the Golden Web Award. The criterion for winning remains a challenge to even the best Webmaster, artists and designers. The Golden Web Award is the recognition of our commitment to the pursuit of website excellence. We are very proud to have received this award. However without the help of all those people who, one way or another, have contributed to the GSI web site we wouldn’t have achieved this. Thanks also for all the responses and good wishes we’ve already received!!

   We’re looking forward to see you on the International BGFC Get Together September 20 in The Netherlands. Of course we’ll pay attention to the death of Maurice as well. The Get Together will be held on a unique Dutch location! If you are interested please visit our special information pages on this web site about the International fan club get together of BGFC. but hurry because we’re almost fully booked already !!

There were again rumours concerning a cooperation of Cliff Richard and Barry. Management this week informed us the following: Although Cliff at the moment has several Gibb songs to use it’s not sure yet if Barry will produce him. At the moment they’re not working together in the studio.

   Robin is currently in Europe again and probably he’s going to do an unplugged concert in Luebben, Brandenburg, Germany on June 21 organized by Radio BB.

Barry will still take it easy this summer and he and Robin may start writing songs again together later this year !!

  Rosalien Beks from The Netherlands has just started a new project:
Tribute To Maurice, , it’s going to become a special book made by the fans! This is her idea and she asks all interested fans to contact her with material for the book. We’ll also pay attention to it on the International BGFC Get Together in The Netherlands on September 20 – 2003 but for people who are not visiting this international event here’s her plan:

On January 12 the lives of many fans have changed. We were shocked to hear about the death of our beloved Mo. Everyone has tried to cope with it in his or hers very own way. We’d like to show Yvonne, Adam and Samantha how much he mend to us And by means of this booklet full with memories we’d like to try and give Yvonne and the kids a little bit of extra support in this very difficult time. You can do this of course in many different ways, maybe a story, a drawing, a photo, a poem. Just something personal, and please on an A 4 sized paper, (8,2 x 11,6 inch or 21 x 29,7 centimeters. So the normal size of a sheet of printing paper from your printer), maybe with a photo so that each tribute gets its own face. After we’ve received all your tributes on paper, and we hope to get a lot, we’ll compile them to a booklet. Of course we also do not want to forget Barry and Robin. Also the brothers are going through a very difficult time and surely need some extra support. Write down your personal wish for both of them and also these we will compile to a booklet.
Fans who do not visit the BG get together on September 20 can of course send in their material to Rosalien as well!!
The end result will be handed over to Yvonne and the children and of course we’ll pay attention to this in a report with photos on the GSI web site.
For sending the material and for questions please contact:
Rosalien Beks
Breedeweer 21
3343 CD, Hendrik Ido Ambacht
The Netherlands

   Many question about: who is Robert Stigwood, Is he still alive etc. etc. Well here for all of you a BBC story about him

   Rare sheet music and memorabilia autographed by *NSYNC, U2, Eminem, The Bee Gees, Coldplay, David Gray, Enrique Iglesias, Norah Jones, and many other top recording artists were up for bid on a special EBay online auction from May 26 through June 4. The proceeds for this auction called Songs Of Hope 2 will benefit City Of Hope.


The auction was produced by the Musicians Entertainment Industry Group for City Of Hope. The group includes key industry executives and all of the major music labels. City Of Hope is a National Cancer Institute located just outside of Los Angeles. It’s dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer, HIV, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases.

   There are rumours about a new Robin song being released somewhere in August and not coming from the “Magnet” album. We’ll keep you posted.

Marion: GSI 06/16/03
(with thanks to Rosalien and Sebastian)

NEWS, May 15th.

The show has been moved to October 4th. – 2003 The Bee Gees have been nominated in the categories:
Artists Of The Year: Bee Gees
Best Songwriter – National: Barry Robin & Maurice Gibb, Bee Gees
Best Male Vocalists – National: Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb, both nominated
Album Of The Year – National: This Is Where I Came In, Bee Gees
For more info

from his solo album “Magnet” is scheduled for release in Germany on June 10, and will be “Wait Forever”! The single is not yet available for pre-order, but hopefully will be soon. Release of the album “Magnet” in the U.S. is probably this Fall.

which are currently planned in Europe include:
July 5: ARD “Deutschlands Champions” at 20:15 PM
July 20: ZDF “Fernsehgarten” at 10:45 AM
August 21: ZDF “Sommerhitfestival” at 20:15 PMROBIN DURING ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT

mentioned amongst other things concerning the loss of Maurice:
“all the memorial services in the world are all right for people to go and get it off their chest but I have to wake up to that every morning and it doesn’t work for me so I’ve got to live with it for the rest of my life. He was my twin brother and he was with me all my life doing what I was doing and that makes it even hard because some brothers don’t stay together all their lives and, and us 3, Barry, Maurice, myself, always we worked together going for the same goals and the same things so, yeah, it is like losing, you know, your leg but, you know, probably more than that.”

Concerning the future Robin says that he and his brother Barry are still writing music but they aren’t sure what name they’ll use if they perform together.


will be out on DVD August 12, 2003! It is already available for pre-order at and other outlets,
We don’t have any details yet on any extras which will be included on the DVD, but hope to have them soon!

will again be used in a new movie. It’s the Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks comedy “THE IN-LAWS”, “featuring 3 songs by Paul McCartney plus hits by Elvis Presley, Electric Light Orchestra, BEE GEES and Badfinger”. There is a soundtrack album on Bulletproof Records/WSM/WMG Soundtracks. Regular release starts May 23rd.

The included Bee Gees song is “Wedding Day”, but unfortunately, this song, last we heard, was scheduled only to be used as the *second* song over the end credits, by which time most people will have walked out of the theater. If you go and see it, and it’s different, let us know!

More info:


He even sang on the Bee Gees Meetings in The Netherlands and has his own home page now.
Just take a look at:


© Reuters

to the New York Times recently and confirms things which you’ve found here over the last few months. Having read it, we don’t believe it to be saying anything all that unexpected, unlike how some fans have interpreted it. However, read it for yourself at: message board BGFC

It’s that Australian Bee Gees cover band we’ve informed you about before and introduced to you on our Covers And Rarities page. They will be touring Germany in October / November 2003 and you’ll find the tour schedule on their web site:


The group En Vogue updated the Bee Gee’s “How Deep Is Your Love” for the collection. “We are big Bee Gees fans, and we always loved that song and always wanted to record it,” says En Vogue singer Terry Ellis. “It’s just so sweet and sultry. I think probably the only difference is the fact that we’re women singing it. We tried to make the Bee Gees proud of us.”

Nina Simone who recently passed away also covered quite some Bee Gees tunes in her life.
Here’s one for you she played live:
 “Please Read Me”  0.95 Mb,

Soon more Nina Simone cover material and lots of other interesting sound material again in a new part of Covers And Rarities.

Marion: GSI 05/15/03

NEWS, May 7th.

Back from a holiday break,
so here we go again with news and other Gibb items, and sorry for the delay in updates and mail answerings…

Name change for fan club
To better represent the aim of the Fan Club, the Club has begun a transition into the name “Brothers Gibb Fan Club”, still represented in the shorthand name “BGFCTM“. The Club will address all of the career of the Gibb Brothers, as always, including whatever Barry and Robin do together or separately, whether under the Bee Gees name (they keep changing their minds back and forth) or under another name. Whether it’s the career of the Bee Gees, recognition of Maurice, the band members, or the future, if it’s related to the Gibbs, you’ll find it with the BGFCTM!

 Robin judge for Fox’s “American Idol”
(Sorry but due to the holidays we’ve not been able to tell the info about Robin’s TV appearance soon enough)
Robin has been serving as the guest judge of Idols on American TV, and the contestants had to sing Bee Gees songs. This is a short report of the show by American BG fan: Lynne

Robin looked just great! Smiling and happy and very much at ease. They started the show, introduced the other 3 judges and then introduced Robin separately and he came out to an enthusiastic cheer from the audience. He then took his seat at the judging table. There was a nice 

tribute to the Bee Gees, some of the old movie clips of the young brothers and then clips from their tours with great close ups of all 3 of them (sigh!) singing together and closed with a nice picture tribute to Maurice And then the show started. All the contestants were to choose 2 BG’s songs to sing in their competition. 2 sang To Love Someone…., one sang How Do You Mend a Broken Heart, he was terrific!!! One also sang Grease. Robin’s comments were very positive and gracious…it was very well done! Paula Abdul who was also a judge, gave Robin a very nice tribute to the great BG’s music, part way thru the show. I think it really pleased Robin. It was a great show, wonderful music and terrific to see Robin on American TV again.

Marion: GSI 05/07/03
(also thanks to Terri and Lynne)

NEWS, April 20th.

   BGFC will have a special “Dimensions” coming out.
This next Dimensions magazine will specially include tributes to Maurice Gibb. Due to situations concerning Mo’s death this issue will be a bit later and probably ready to send out late May.

   Bee Gees Tribute, on “Sixties Festival”.
Last weekend as we’ve mentioned before there was a Music Festival in Medemblik, The Netherlands and on the Sunday a special Sixties Festival was organized. During this Sixties Festival there were 7 members of Dutch pop groups who performed an excellent Bee Gees Tribute of about 45 minutes with all the major hits of the brothers beautifully done. The audience was very enthusiastic and of course there was a representative of our web site, Melody (of the Covers And Rarities pages) present during this special tribute. Melody had contacts before with the organization and the band members and was invited to come and watch the show back stage. She had a great time talking with the band members about The Bee Gees and even advised them here and there concerning their performance. She also had talks with some other artists that day like for instance Melanie from the U.S.A. who by the way once covered Bee Gees material as well. It became a wonderful tribute and of course there were photos taken and Melody organized to have the whole Tribute Show taped for use on the GSI web site and of course for our BGFC fan club. Next to that we (Marion and Melody of GSI) have even more plans with this Dutch band and their Bee Gees Tribute and therefore we’ll discuss options concerning the GSI and the BGFC fan club for later this year. We hope being able to inform you more a.s.a.p.

   Paul McCartney
There seem to have been rumors lately about Paul McCartney having been at the Gibbs studio in Miami Beach earlier this year.
However this is not true!!

   The Florida Music Festival
honoring the Bee Gees will probably be postponed until later this year. No more details at the moment.

   Robin has recently done some performances again in Europe singing songs from his “Magnet” album like: Love Hurts and Wish You Were Here. He now says he has come to the point of going back to promoting his album. He and his brother and family have been through a very difficult time and still are trying to deal with it. This death of Maurice was so sudden and seemed to be so unnecessary. Other people with the same condition often go in and out of hospital after an operation like this and the family would like to take things further to prevent the same thing happening to others in the future. It’s still very hard for the family to believe that Maurice is gone and there are moments that one thinks – they’ve to call Mo to tell – but then realize that they cannot anymore. Plans of continuing calling themselves Bee Gees or anything else, differ every day. Barry and Robin still don’t know. According to statements of Robin during a recent TV show.

Marion: GSI 04/20/03  (also thanks Melody)

NEWS, April 3rd.

Bee Gees Tribute during Dutch Music Festival !!!
There’s going to be a music festival in the Dutch town of Medemblik this month and of course we’ll try to inform the Bee Gees fans about this event.!! Melody, cooperator of the GSI web site, is in contact with the organization of the Festival and with her help GSI / BGFC-EUROPE will keep you updated on everything. The special Sixties Festival will be held Sunday, April 13 from 15.00 until 21.00 hours pm. Dutch time. There will be acts of: Melanie (U.S.A.), The Animals (U.K.) and The Shoes, Blue Star, Nexus, Civilized Man and: a Tribute To The Bee Gees; by 7 band members, including 3 lead singers, of the bands: All Risk, Paradise and Blue Star. The tribute will last about 40 minutes. We will report about the event on this GSI web site as well and maybe tape it. The organizer of the event is very enthusiastic about doing the Tribute and Melody is in touch with him to get things organized. Tickets Euro 32,50 per person or Euro 29.50 (advance booking)

More details when available and visit: This web site includes the route map to the festival as well.
For questions please mail Melody:

   This winter one is planning to organize a special Bee Gees Theme Evening in The Netherlands as well!! More details when available.

   “The Record” is 7 times platinum in New Zealand and for instance in Holland still in the Top 10.

   Warner probably has plans to re release their 3 Bee Gees albums in a box set with the title: “Bee Gees Warner Years”. We do not know anything more about this yet.
German TV channel RTL is starting a new documentary about the 1970’s next Saturday (April 5th, 21:15 local time), with much Bee Gees content. Here’s the link to RTL, including a brief Bee Gees history and a picture gallery. of Lowlife Or No Life

Mr. Sche has used the Bee Gees tune “Stayin’ Alive” on his new CD: Lowlife Or No Life.
 This is how it sounds:  1.2 Mb.

Marion: GSI 04/03/03  
(thanks also to Melody, Juan, Dirk, Peter)

NEWS, March 15th.

Robin has cancelled most of his activities for now but he’s not in hospital. He just needs more time to cope with the whole situation.

   The business management of the Gibbs have a new name and instead of Left Bank is now called: Tenth Street Entertainment.

   There have been quite some rumors concerning a recorded song of Michael Jackson and Barry Gibb called: “Prayer For Peace”, but the song they have been working on isn’t even finished yet we’ve heard from management and this is not even the name of the working title of the song.

   The Record climbed again a bit in the USA, probably after the airing of the Grammy presentation. (from 130 to 100) It’s nearly two times platinum.

Marion: GSI 03/15/03  
(thanks Terri, Peter, Juan)

NEWS, March 2nd.


BGFC will continue
In response to the many questions we’ve received in the past few weeks, we at the BGFC would like to say that yes, this has been a terrible time for all of us at the BGFC, as it has been for all of Mo’s family, friends and fans. However we want to reassure all of you that the BGFC -is- continuing, and will continue, just as long as there are fans of Maurice, Barry and Robin! Barry and Robin have many more good things to do, and we will be supporting them no differently than before, as well as remembering everything good about the Bee Gees and Maurice! There are many more stories to tell, pictures to see, and songs to hear with them and the BGFC will be right here, sharing it all with you! Thank you for all of your support!
All your best

Terri Bridge, President, BGFC
Marion Adriaensen, BGFC Europe Coordinator
And the entire staff of the BGFC

   There are some first plans of organizing a BGFC gathering/brunch event in September 2003 in The Netherlands. It’ll become a special tribute to Maurice as well. More details when available.

   The Record went up from 14 to 2 in the official charts of The Netherlands!! Next week The Record will even be at number one in The Free Record Shops Charts (also The Netherlands).
And there’s more…
3 DVD’s are in the Dutch Top 20 right now:
One Night Only – on number 3
Live By Request – on 20
Official Story, This Is… on 19.!!

  March 4th. there’ll be a program on the Dutch TV Station: V8 about the Grammy presentation. It starts at 23.15 hours until 01.00 hours (local time).

The Australian tribute to Maurice version of “To Love Somebody” by Marcia Hines, Brian Cadd, Max Merritt and Doug Parkinson we’ve told you about earlier  sounds like this 
More interesting sound material you’ll find as always on the Covers And Rarities pages of this GSI web site.

Marion: GSI 03/02/03  
(thanks also to Juan, Melody, Peter)

NEWS, February 24th.

N Sync plays The Bee Gees

It was a very difficult thing for Barry to do. You could see his pain and his discomfort to be out on the stage facing the public. I thought Robin looked very good…that was a relief, as he had looked so bad a week ago. But Barry looked like he was struggling and maybe in physical pain too! He did a great job however, and in true BG form, they made it a family affair! It was lovely, my heart went out to Yvonne and I sent her as much love as I could…..oh goodness, it was so very hard for her….the children were just wonderful to her.

Congratulations to Adam! His father had to be SO PROUD of him! It was lovely of the brothers to give the award to Maurice and for Adam to remain composed and give a talk honoring his Dad and Mum, was just wonderful. I thought the audience was very loving and supporting to them all.

The tribute to them I thought was really well done too and the standing ovation was very heartfelt by the audience! YES! to N’Sync for a great harmonic tribute too. They did a great job with the 5 part harmony accapelo and capturing the harmony of the BeeGee’s. Wow!

Basically, it was just wonderful to see the brothers again… helped the pain in my own heart, which is still pretty bad. It was just great to see them……even though it was so obviously difficult.

Lynne Y.
See also the Grammy article in
The New York Post
(more about the Grammy presentation later on )

   Bee Gees history unraveled
partly from: The Daily Telegraph February 13, 2003

While unpacking some old boxes Aussie rock legend Marty Rhone came across a dusty old reel to reel tape.

It featured ad lib versions of the Beatles’ Rain and the Troggs’ Wild Thing performed by Marty and Maurice Gibb who were mates when the Gibb brothers lived in Sydney in the late ’60s.

The recordings were done at the famous old St Clair recording studio in Hurstville, where the international hit Spicks & Specks was recorded.

Marty has since offered the tape to the Australian Sound Archives in the hope it can be restored. “It might turn out to be one of the very few Maurice Gibb solo pieces in existence,” he said.

This seems to be from two informal jam sessions taped at the St Clair studio in mid 1966. After remastering it is hoped to include both songs on the forthcoming Raven records Cd. we mentioned about earlier.

Marty recorded at the St Clair studio himself with his band the Soul Agents, and both Robin and Maurice appeared on several of the songs issued under his name. The most well-known of the songs is Village Tapestry which Marty wrote himself.

Like we’ve mentioned on this web site before Barry has cooperated on a song with Michael Bublé some time ago. Michael released his new album including this BG track: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” on February 14th. Interested on how this sounds?  Listen here  to a sound fragment 1.6 Mb. For other interesting sound fragments be sure to visit the Covers And Rarities pages on this GSI web site regularly!!! Michael Bublé (pronounced boo-blay) is a 25-year-old singing sensation whose smooth voice and heartthrob style harks back to the swingin’ greats of earlier decades, to the likes of Frank and Dean, but also speaks to a new generation’s sensibility. On his self-titled debut album, romantic crooner Bublé makes some of the greatest love songs of all time entirely his own.
For more info on Michael visit:

 Dutch Bee Gees Mailing List
Someone in The Netherlands just opened a first Dutch speaking Bee Gees mailing list. Are you interested then below is the address with the information etc.

Voor alle Bee Gees fans in Nederland: sluit je nu aan bij de Nederlandse Bee Gees Mailing list!!
Hier vind je alle gegevens:
Group home page:
Group email address:
Met dank aan Angelique Keijzers.

Marion: GSI 02/24/03  
(also thanks to Lynne, Melody and Bill C.)

NEWS, February 22nd.

Just a reminder to everyone: The Grammy Awards will be on TV Sunday, Feb. 23, at 8:00 PM EST on CBS, (USA) and various networks around the world. The Bee Gees will be getting The legend Award. Last time this award was given was in 1999 to Elton John. Robin and Barry will be coming over from London and Miami with their family and friends to be present at the event in Madison Square Garden. BGFC of course will be there too and will report about the event later on.
On behalf of BGFC: Congratulations and much love to Robin, Barry, and Mo for this great honor!

  On Wednesday, 19th of February, Robin went to Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the taping of the popular talk show: “Patrick Kielty – Almost Live”. He had a fantastic time during the interview, which was aired on Friday, 21st February on BBC One, at 10:35pm. (local time).

It was great to see that Robin is looking much better again although he said the situation is still unbelievable to him and Barry. It turned out to be a very enjoyable interview. According to Robin the second single of his album “Magnet” is going to be “Wish You Were Here”, a song earlier released by The Bee Gees.

  Thursday February 20th. 

Robin was presenter for the Best British Single Award at the Brit Awards presentation of 2003. He received a huge applause from the audience. While standing on the stage, Robin thanked the crowd for their enthusiastic welcome and he took the opportunity to make the following tribute to his late twin brother Maurice “My twin brother Maurice Gibb was a great British musician and a great British songwriter. Today I am here in his honor”. Robin then announced the nominees for the Best British Single Award, which went to Liberty X for ‘Just A Little’
For more info:

  Go check out for their new items. 

DVD of the 2002 World Cup

They have new caps and beanies with the new “Commander Mo’s Paintball” logo on them (go to the website and search for CMP–you can see Tush modeling them). Mo designed this new logo himself for the store, in December. They also have just received the new DVD of the 2002 World Cup, which has a beautiful tribute to Mo on it.

  If you can read Dutch be sure to buy this months edition of the magazine “Aloha” with a tribute to Maurice and a very nice interview with Robin made just a few days before Maurice died.

Marion: GSI 02/22/03  (also thanks to Terri).

NEWS, February 17th.

 Some chart news first,
First from New Zealand:
The Record re-entered the New Zealand charts at #3 the week after Maurice died. It is currently at #8 and is fast approaching 6x platinum status. No other country in the world where The Record has sold so well probably!

Some other chart details:
The Record is currently at 29 in The Netherlands and at 12 in the U.K.
In Australia it’s at 25
The DVD One Night Only is now at 2 in Australia after having been at 1 for 4 weeks again!!
Magnet is at 72 in The Netherlands.

One Night Only is currently 10x platinum, This Is Where I Came In almost 2x platinum, The Very Best Of 3x platinum and Still Waters also 3x platinum. Since 1997 the Bee Gees have sold an estimated 360,000 albums in New Zealand alone. In a country of less than 4 million, that is phenomenal.


The Bee Gees will be honored with the “Grammy Legend Award”.This will take place in a special presentation that will include a performance by ‘N Sync, at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards, set for Feb. 23 – 2003 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.The Grammy Legend Award will be given to the Bee Gees during a special segment featuring a performance by ‘N Sync. This Special Merit Award is presented by the Recording Academy to individuals or groups for contributions and influence in the recording field. The Grammy Legend Award was inaugurated in 1990 and since then were awarded: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Liza Minnelli, Willie Nelson, Smokey Robinson (1990), Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Quincy Jones (1991), Barbra Streisand (1992), Michael Jackson (1993), Curtis Mayfield, Frank Sinatra (1994) , Luciano Pavarotti (1998), Elton John (1999).
The Bee Gees as well as Barry Gibb have won some Grammy Awards before.

Visit also:

  Some sources indeed did report…
– Michael Jackson has recorded a song with Barry Gibb. –
It happens to be an anti-war song to be released ”very soon” for some charity. We’ll keep you posted and give details when available.

  More news comes from Australia where Sir Cliff Richard is currently touring and announced that Barry Gibb did write some tracks for him. As soon as we have confirmed info we’ll let you know more.

Marion: GSI 02/17/03
(thanks also to Tim and Peter)

NEWS, February 20th.

Just one personal remark:
Yesterday February 19 it was 30 years ago that I first met the Gibb Family and visited my first Bee Gees concert at the London Festival Hall. So many things happened since that day but one thing remained the same: I still am a very great BG fan and have admired their music as well as the persons behind that music very very much. And I have loved doing fan work for them since the early seventies. Still it’s an honor to be able to continue doing this for the Gibbs and all their fans and next to that I really enjoy to maintain this web site for them and all their fans as well which I do now for some years already!! See for a full report of that first concert and meeting with The Bee Gees: the GSI Archives:
27 Years Back In Time.

  Like promised som latest confirmed details about involvements of both Michael Jackson as well as Cliff Richard with the Gibb Brothers’ music lately.

The anti war song for charity Michael and Barry are working on isn’t finished yet. At the moment Michael Jackson isn’t even in Miami Beach. Management doesn’t even think the song will be released soon, 

Cliff Richard

however Michael did take a copy of the tape back to his home. We’ll wait and see.

Cliff has requested a hold on a couple of Gibb songs that Barry submitted to him some time ago. But the Gibb management doesn’t think Cliff has made a final decision or recorded anything yet, nor is it definite yet if this Gibb material will be on the new album of Cliff.

   Raven Records in Australia are planning to issue Volume 2 of Assault the Vaults: rare Australian cover versions of the Brothers Gibb. The CD probably appears this year. They’re not actually cover versions they’re really songs written by the Gibbs and never recorded by them but by Australian artists. The Hurstville Council in Sydney is partly sponsoring the project as we heard. Some of the songs actually were recorded at the long departed St Clair studio in Hurstville (visit: and go to the St Clair studio information) One is still looking for a good title as Festival Records may have the rights to Assault The Vaults but this part two version will not be released by them but by Raven Records. It’s not known yet what songs will be on this second part.

   Next Sunday we all try and watch the Grammy presentation of course, when Robin and Barry will get the Legend Award. Lately Barry and Robin received many offers for performances and other things etc. The rest of this year they will spend on all sorts of things related to tributes to Maurice. Barry is still having a very hard time and is in some state of shock after the loss of Maurice while Robin after a break tries to catch up on his promotion work in Europe again. It’s a hard time for both of them and this weekend will be very difficult for them to go to the Grammy presentation. They certainly love to get this Grammy also in honor of Maurice but probably won’t be part of any celebration or after party and surely because of their private situation will be heavily protected from too much personal contact. However they both know how all the fans feel about the loss of Maurice as well but at this point it’s too hard to take the constant sympathizing.
We’re sure the fans will understand !!

   In Australia is a single CD released called: “To Love Somebody – a tribute to Maurice Gibb”. The artists who are singing it are: 

Marcia Hines, Brian Cadd, Max Merritt and Doug Parkinson. Marcia Hines came to Australia from the US when she was 16 years old to appear in our original “Hair” cast and stayed. These four people are very well known in Australia and all are from the era of the good old rock and roll days.

 From SPV we heard that Robin is going to continue his promo work again and probably from March 19 he will do some performances in for instance Holland and Belgium. More details follow.

Florida Music Awards & Festival

The Florida Music Awards will be recognizing Ray Charles and The Bee Gees with Lifetime Achievement Awards on April 12th 2003 For all details about this event: PRESS RELEASE (Word file)

Marion: GSI 02/20/03

News, April 16th

BGFC did receive an allotment of tickets for the A&E “Live by Request” show, and because of the limited numbers of tickets, each member who received tickets was allotted only one. Also, because of the limited numbers, they are only being given to members of the BGFC (including BGFC-Europe).
The tickets are being distributed on the basis of the list compiled by Terri Bridge from the requests emailed to her, and they are being distributed first come, first served according to the list.
Some members of BGFC-Europe have received tickets too!

  “Good Morning America” is VERY anxious to fill their studio with Bee Gees fans for the Bee Gees’ appearance on “GMA”!
Their appearance will be taped on Monday, April 23, for airing on April 26 and April 27.
So “GMA” wants to see you there on April 23!
The taping will take place in New York City at the “GMA” studio at 44th and Broadway, and you will need to be there at about 9:30-10 AM.
If you are interested in attending, please send an email quickly to:
She is coordinating the making of reservations for the show, and she will send you the information, etc. if your reservation is accepted!
Good luck!

   Bee Gees successful in Taiwan – ARTIST OF THE MONTH
The TIWICI promo is in many of Taiwan TV channels every day, including the whole video, and the making of the video.
Taiwan honors them as the Artist of the Month.
And the new CD also got a very special release package in Taiwan, it has an extra 48 pages booklet in Chinese, including many pictures, biography, interviews.
The title is something like: “When you open the English pop music history”, it’s all up to the Bee Gees!
Isn’t it great? since that is only for the limited first edition, it’s nearly sold out.

News from the album charts:
New Zealand: 6
Switzerland: 5
U.K.: from 6 to 8

In addition, this week on the UK charts, Lil Bow Wow’s new single, “That’s My Name”, uses extensive samples from Andy Gibb’s ’78 hit “Shadow Dancing”.
This therefore gives the Bee Gees their second UK Top 20 writing credit in as many weeks!
The first was, of course, their own “This Is Where I Came In” single!

Fleetwood Owen, a highly respected English auction house, is auctioning off an autographed Ovation guitar donated by the Bee Gees!

This guitar was played by Maurice during the “Spirits” tour.
The auction is to benefit the Acres Foundation in Scotland, who provide advanced training in the Arts for young talented Scots from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The auction begins April 6 – more information available from their web site!

You don’t know where the items which came directly from Middle Ear Studio are now being auctioned?

Here’s the answer!
The same people but with a new name!
Visit: for unique Bee Gees collectibles

NEWS, February 6th.

Small interview with Robin just days before the tragic loss of his twin brother.

   At the moment no more details are allowed to be published according to the Grammy presentation before the whole thing will officially be announced next week.

Barry is like Robin planning to attend the Grammy presentation in New York.

   In a week or so we’ll have more details again about the coming promo plans for Robin in Europe. He’ll continue after a break to have some rest and now is in England.

Marion: GSI 02/06/03

NEWS, February 4th.

Madison Square Garden


February 23rd. – 2003 the Grammy Awards will be presented for the 45th. time and again after having been in L.A. for several years they’re now back in Madison Square Garden, New York. This year The Bee Gees will again receive a Grammy. This time a Grammy Award for all of their work!!! This is not an annual award but only presented now and then to artists for what they’ve achieved over the years. This will become the sixth Bee Gees Grammy.

Earlier ones they’ve received.
in 1978
Best Arrangement For Voices – “Stayin’ Alive”
Album Of The Year – “Saturday Night Fever”
Best Pop Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group – “Saturday Night Fever”
Producer Of The Year

In 1977
Best Pop Vocal Performance By A Group – “How Deep Is Your Love”.
The show will be broadcasted by CBS Television and aired to an international audience of over 2 billion in 180 countries. When details become available we’ll surely let you know.

  In the German Album charts the new Robin CD “Magnet” went up to number 10.

Marion: GSI 02/04/03

NEWS, January 24th.

The sudden death of Bee Gee Maurice has shocked the world.
It has shocked me personally very much as well because I’ve already done fan work for the Gibbs since the early seventies and next month it’s exactly 30 years ago that I first met The Gibb Family and also visited my first Bee Gees concert!! I have many, many very fond memories of all those times I met Mo during tours and at his home and I’ll cherish them as long as I live. The GSI site the past few weeks only published the very necessary articles to keep you informed. We felt that we had to stop updating our site for a while in respect of Maurice and the Gibb Family. However meanwhile GSI decided that of course also in the future the site will keep all people updated who are interested in the Gibbs and their music, and will inform about everything the Gibbs will be doing, like GSI has always done in the past. Barry en Robin love to go on in music because Maurice would have wanted that and they’ll always keep Maurice in mind by all they are going to do in the future. Also GSI has the same feeling about the future. We’ll continue to follow the careers of Barry and Robin and next to that will always keep our beloved Maurice in our minds and he will always stay part of our Gibb Service International web site. Soon the site will create a special page for Maurice as well. And Maurice will get a permanent place on our front page as in our opinion he is, and stays part of what we’ve always loved so much and will continue to love for ever… Barry and Robin decided not to work under the name Bee Gees anymore as that was part of their life they lived with their brother Maurice, they will however go on but using their own names. This we think is a wonderful way of honoring Maurice, being a part of The Bee Gees. We won’t forget The Bee Gees, that’s the best group we’ve ever known and all music they’ve made until today will always be that special, wonderful Bee Gees music made by Barry, Robin and Maurice. For the future we are sure lots of more wonderful projects will be started by the Gibbs and we support them in every way we can and will follow their careers like we did before. The Brothers Gibb will go on and so will the Gibb Service International web site!!

The GSI site will also continue to inform the fans about details to join the international fan club of the Gibbs: BGFC. All information will be available through the site as always. The past couple of weeks the fan club as well as the web site have been swamped with mails and other work and so please be patience if we haven’t contacted you yet or if we are behind with any other club or web site activities. We try to do our best to handle things normally again a.s.a.p.

The past few weeks I’ve done many, many radio and TV interviews for Dutch and Belgium stations to express my feelings about the sudden death of Mo. I even invited some reporters at home for interviews, did a TV interview for the famous Dutch tv show Hart Van Nederland, a live interview for MTV and many more. Also the PR person with whom I work helped me by also doing lots of interviews. It was a very hectic time and I’m still receiving hundreds of mails, so please be patience I just cannot answer you within a week but it’ll take quite some extra time now.

  Robin has returned to Europe again to try and re start his promo activities. His single “Please” was released in The Netherlands in the week of January 13th. and next week on January 27th. his CD “Magnet” will be released as planned.

  The coming week Robin will be working again in different European countries for radio and TV. Some of the shows he’ll appear in the coming period are listed below but please take a look at your own tv guides as he’s doing lot’s of performances in different European countries the coming time! January 28, RTL 4 – The Netherlands, “DeStaatsloterij Show”, 20.30 hours local time
February 1, ARD – Germany “Verstehen Sie Spass” , 20.15 hours local time
February 21, SAT 1 – “Kleine Ganz Gross”, 20.15 hours local time
March 9, MDR “Musik Fur Sie”, 20.15 hours local time
The radio performance for the Dutch station Radio 192 for this weekend has been cancelled for the moment.
More details later.

  BGFC Offer For Members To Go And Visit Robin.
Again BGFC has succeeded to get about 55 tickets for their members to go and visit Robin at the Dutch TV studios next Tuesday when he’ll be appearing in “De Staatsloterij Show”, a big lottery show in The Netherlands. We are glad being able to make so many members happy specially because the performances at the Barend e/v Dorp show was cancelled, of course due to the sudden death of Maurice. Many of the members who had reserved a ticket for the “Barend e/v Dorp show” we were able to offer a ticket again for next week!! And there’s more to come… By the way a full report of Robins’ visit to the Dutch studios next Tuesday will be on the site soon of course. There will be coming BGFC members from different European countries as well as from America to the show next Tuesday!!

  Although we are still trying to imagine the fact that Maurice has died, all over the world people are getting more and more interested in all the work he’s done over the years with his brothers being The Bee Gees. In each and every country the latest CD’s and DVD’s of The Bee Gees climb again the charts.
Like for instance :
In Australia:
The Record re entered at number 8 in the top 75
The DVD of One Night Only re entered at 1 in the Top 50
And the DVD Live By Request came back on number 6

In the U.K.:
The Record re entered at 30 in the top 75

At the German Shopping Charts: The Record re entered at number 11

In the U.S.A., Billboard charts:
The One Night Only CD re entered at number 1!!

Marion: GSI 01/24/03 (also thanks Peter)

NEWS, January 8th.

Gloria, Nina and Stephen

All the more then 60 tickets have been reserved now to take BGFC fan club members to see Robin at the “Barend en van Dorp” show in Hilversum, Holland on January 15. There are even fans coming from America, Switzerland and Germany!! All these fans will hear latest details one of these days! We have the confirmation that all BGFC club members who travel with us to visit Robin in Hilversum will get a personal autograph from Robin!!

Again a large amount of tickets is available for another Dutch show later this month. Details about how to visit Robin also to this show with the BGFC fan club will be send to all members a.s.a.p.

The name OF Steve and Glorias’baby is: Nina Lyn Levas Gibb as reported to the Department of Births, however Steve and Gloria have the option to change this.
(Although we don’t think they will)

The new CD of Robin will be distributed in The Netherlands by “Zomba” and Robin signed a contract for several more CD’s in the future. When more info becomes available we`ll report you.

Robin will be interviewed on Dutch radio on January 15 (Radio 2) in the program: Tafel Voor Twee with Frits Spits a real BG fan!

I was shortly interviewed by Radio two January 7th. to introduce the new single Please in The Netherlands. I’ll try and put this small sound fragment on the web site a.s.a.p.

Management is not sure yet of all the future Bee Gee plans. The Brothers are going to sit down and discuss things when Robin returns to Miami after his solo album in a few months. Then we’ll get to know more about their plans for recording, touring etc.

Marion: GSI 01/08/03