NEWS, December 29th.

  “Love And Hope Ball”

According to Darin Butler, the administrator of Barry’s website, there’s a possibility that Barry’s performance during the Love And Hope Ball will be broadcasted live through Barry’s unplugged website. Let’s hope!! The Ball will be held February 18th. See for info on the DRI and photos at:

Darin let GSI know that more information will be there in about a week when they hope to have a press release ready.

Marion: GSI 12/29/05  thanks Paulo B.

NEWS, December 21st.

  The Bunbury Project 20th Anniversary

Next year is a significant year for David English, as it will be the 20th Anniversary of his Bunburys project, (first game was in 1986 in Ripley, Surrey). To mark the occasion, there will be a special edition of the yearbook. ‘The Secret Lives Of The Bunburys’ is a sneak preview of the forthcoming Bunbury brochure ofwhich one of the articles is written by Stephanie Thorburn This Bunburys tale is about Captain English and some of his fellow philanthropists, Ian Bunting (Ian Botham), Eric Claptonbury (Eric Clapton) and a certain B.G. Gibbs. (Barry Gibb). It’s about Captain English and his team who have established a new age society, founded on the shared principles of ‘the joys of cricket’! Read this tale at:

“Woman In Love” Cover version

Liz McClarnon

Liz McClarnon who’s singing with Robin the “Woman In Love” song written by Barry and Robin for Barbra Streisand wrote about it in her column in the Liverpool Echo dated Dec. 19 amongst others: “My single, the Barbra Streisand classic, Woman In Love, a duet with Robin Gibb, is to be released on February 6, and there’s lots of work to be done before then to make sure it gets the best chance of doing well in the charts. The video for the song has been played on cable channel The Box for a while now, and the feedback I’ve had from the fans so far has been great. The video was played for the first time on terrestrial TV on Top Of The Pops Reloaded on Saturday (Dec. 17) and I can’t wait to hear the Feedback…”
Watch the video at:

Marion: GSI 12/21/05  

NEWS, December 10th.

  Bee Gees and Entertainment Tonight

ET: “This weekend on ET, we continue to count down the top 25 entertainment stories over the past 25 years amongst others: The Bee Gees. We examine the career of the disco gurus, including their many comeback incarnations and the deaths of the brothers Maurice and teen-idol Andy. The British legends have granted ET many interviews and have allowed our cameras backstage to capture the sound that has made them famous for more than 30 years” See:

Robin on U.K. radio
The interview for BBC 2 Radio with Steve Wright is re-scheduled for December 14th.

Robin on U.K. television
Robin will be performing with Jool Holland at his program on BBC TV. (NewYears Eve). See for more details:

Marion: GSI 12/10/05  

NEWS, November 27th.

 “Love Songs”

The release date for “Love Songs” will be in The Netherlands on January 20th. 2006, as well as in Italy, Belgium and Spain. Although it has already been released in Hong Kong, November 21st. On November 28 it will be released in the U.K.
Some of the other release dates are:
Germany: 25/11
Norway: 28/11
Canada: 29/11
USA: 06/12
Japan: 7/12
Australia, Denmark, France and Sweden: 05/02/2006.
This is the last album for The Bee Gees under the contract obligation with Polydor / Universal Records. From 2006 on the Gibbs have back all control over their song catalogue. In the U.K. and Asia the album will have some interesting bonus tracks: “Heart Like Mine” and “Lovers And Friends” (written for Ronan Keating). The Ronan Keating website has a nice advertisement of the album Love Songs and his duet with the Bee Gees at:
Click here to check out the Ecard, sample the music and buy the album.

Contacting The Gibbs
I received a mail from the office in Miami Beach last week telling that it won’t be possible for fans to contact the Gibbs anymore through the Middle Ear studio address after they’ve left the studio by the end of February 2006.

Robin Touring in North and South America
At the moment Robin is giving some concerts in Brazil, Argentina November 24th. and 26th. (and later on Mexico).
Play list: Emotion, Words, First Of May, I Started A Joke, Massachusetts, Night Fever, How Deep Is Your Love, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, New York Mining Disaster, Saved By The Bell, Holiday, Juliet, Night Fever, You Should Be Dancing, I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, Tragedy, More Than A Woman, Jive Talkin’, Nigths On Broadway, You Win Again, Stayin’ Alive.

Robin on posters in Mexico

Not too much adverts in the media but the venues were full, like the Luna Park during the Argentina concert. Lots of enthusiastic fans of all ages, adrenaline and emotions the enjoyed Robins show, somehow felt the presence of the other two boys but at the same time they were very much missed. People would love to have Barry next time on stage too. 

Robin looked great in black with a white coat and he sounded great and still had a powerful voice. He was asked back on stage after his show for 4 times!! Robin will also finally give some shows in Mexico (November 29th. and December 1st). All fans are looking forward to his visit very much and like to give him a big welcome in Mexico. Fans are planning to gather at the Auditorio Nacional at 2.p.m. local time (November 29th) to have lunch together and attend the show together. They also have a message for Robin. See:

Marion: GSI 11/27/05  
thanks Peter H., David W., Daniel Z.
and Orlando S.

NEWS, November 17th.

 Robin on radio and TV in Britain
November 22: he will be seen on “GMTV” (ITV) with ‘ “Words”.
November 26: “Movie Music Mania (ITV) WITH” “How Deep Is Your Love”.
November 29: on BBC Radio 2, ‘Steve Wright’.
December 9: “Des And Mel” (ITV) with “How Deep Is Your Love”.
And there’s also an interview planned for “Financial Times” More details:

Marion: GSI 11/17/05  

NEWS, November 13th.

  “Now Voyager” 

Out Now!!!

It has already been released in The Netherlands November 11th.!! The Barry Gibb DVD: “Now Voyager” The Ultimate Road Trip Through Time. With all the famous solo material of Barry’s Now Voyager album / CD including of course a bonus: the making of the film.
See for info:

Barry in Now Voyager

Robin on Entertaintment Tonight
Visit to watch a video clip of Robin on E.T.

Marion: GSI 11/13/05 

NEWS, November 6th.

  Entertainment Tonight with Barry

Barry’s latest interview for the U.S. television program Entertainment Tonight will be aired in the U.S. on November 7 th. and 8th. The interview mainly handles about resurgence of disco.
 Click here for interview clips.

Barry, Ash and Steve

We’ve already mentioned before that Steve has his own website too and also there of course they report about the fact that Barry’s sons did work with their dad on the Barbra Streisand album. And there’s more material to come from this trio in future. If you go and visit Steve’s website you’ll find a tiny video clip of Barry, Ash and Steve being in Entertainment Tonight: (Multimedia) Also pay a visit the very nice family photos at:

Marion: GSI 11/06/05  
(thanks, and Steve Gibb website)

NEWS, October 29th.

  “First Of May”
The Bee Gees cover by G4 will be released on single in the U.K. December 19th. “When A Child Is Born” / “First Of May”. Visit: to listen to the recording.

Bee Gees Love Songs
In the last week of November this album with a great number of wonderful Bee Gees love ballads will be in the shops. According to the online shops the track list will be:

  • To Love Somebody
  • Words
  • First Of May
  • Lonely Days
  • How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
  • How Deep Is Your Love
  • More Than A Woman
  • (Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away
  • Emotion
  • Too Much Heaven
  • Heartbreaker
  • Islands In The Stream ( Live)
  • Juliet
  • Secret Love
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • Closer Than Close
  • I Could Not Love You More
  • Wedding Day

All re mastered songs and in the U.K. the album will contain two bonus tracks: “Heart Like Mine” and the song earlier written for Ronan Keating: “Lovers And Friends”. The U.S. version won’t have bonus tracks.
Visit also:

Marion: GSI 10/29/05  

NEWS, October 10th.

  The Bee Gees win Q Award

Robin attended “The Q Awards”, today on behalf of The Bee Gees. It’s one of the UK’s most prestigious Music Awards Ceremonies, and it took place at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Park Lane. The Bee Gees, had been nominated for an outstanding contribution to British music award. Other nominees in various categories included U2, Oasis, Coldplay and James Blunt. The award was presented by British singer Charlotte Church.
Please visit:
More about the Q Awards at ITV1 October 11th. For more photos see:

“Stranger in a Strange Land”
Pre order the single now. It’s a U.K. release only, however it will be shipped worldwide. Currently the single will not be released outside Europe. Release date October 17 and price: £3.99 Please visit

Marion: GSI 10/10/05  

NEWS, October 7th.

 “Love Ballads”
This new compilation album is planned to be released world wide November 21 – 2005.
A first tentative and not yet complete track list mentions the following songs:

  • How can you mend a broken heart
  • To love somebody
  • How deep is your love
  • For whom the bell tolls
  • I could not love you more
  • First of may
  • Secret love
  • Emotion
  • Our love don’t throw it all away
  • Lonely days
  • Juliet (Robin Gibb)
  • Heartbreaker
  • Closer than close
  • Wedding day
  • Too much heaven
  • More than a woman
  • Emotion

Some may be changed others probably still added. In a few days we hope to know more.

Harold Cowart and The Gibbs
Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Howart (61) worked with many artists and for instance was part of the Bee Gees Band during their Spirits Tour in 1976. Lately he has thought a lot about Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb. Cowart met Andy Gibb during a session at Atlantic Records, and later worked with his brothers: Barry, Robin and Maurice, the Bee Gees on a lot of projects.

“When Barry Gibb asked me to work with them, his brother Andy told him, ‘You bloody stole my man,'” Cowart said.

His experiences with Gibb and Streisand marked a high point in Cowart’s music career, which began when he took an interest in music legend Ray Charles.
Read the whole story at:

Marion: GSI 10/07/05  (thanks P. Hofman)

NEWS, October 6th.

 New Compilation Album
There will a new compilation album be released this November called: “Love Ballads” however Universal in The Netherlands is not sure if it will be released through them as it seems, like Barry also already mentioned recently, that there’s a new deal made for further releases etc.

 Vince Melouney

For all of you who are also following the career of Vince, member of The Bee Gees in the sixties for some years, please visit for some latest details and of course his new album is ready and out now: “Covers” See:

 Songwriters Workshop
Another home movie available through Barry’s website for the coming week! featuring Barry , Robin, Maurice and David English. This latest material has never been released to the public and as a visitor to you will be getting an exclusive insight into the brothers fooling around so hurry and visit:

 Music videos to watch

If you check at the MTV website you’ll find a number of new music videos of The Bee Gees to watch for free: When He’s Gone, One (2 versions), Bodyguard, He’s A Liar, Living Eyes, ESP, and You Win Again. Music videos in high quality in sound and video. Please visit:

Marion: GSI 10/06/05  
(thanks David W. and Regina S. en Peter H.)

NEWS, September 29th.

 Robin judge at songwriting contest

Robin will be a judge at the 2005 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The contest is accepting entries through December 15, 2005. The internationally renowned year-round Contest is open to both amateur and professional songwriters. The John Lennon Songwriting Contest is made possible by an agreement with Yoko Ono Lennon who said “I hope this Contest will encourage, inspire and help the songwriters of the world to share their dreams with us”. Read more at: and

Technicolor Dream, watch it in full length now
The home movie made by Barry and David English in 2000 you can now watch in full length on Barry’s website:
This home video is available on Barry’s website as a free view for a short time only. Barry will release more unseen video footage featuring Robin, Maurice and Barry having fun as well as other home movies that Barry and his son Ashley have produced.

Read the press release of September 30th. at : Barry says, “This is just the beginning” so why not visit today and experience it for yourself.

“Stayin’ Alive” The Australian Bee Gees Show


For those interested, here is the website for the U.K promoter listing all the theatre shows for the March\April tour of Stayin’Alive: Next to that the group will be in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Muscat from 1st March until 9th March.
(We have our own dedicated website now)

Bee Gees Star in London
September 20th. we already reported about the Avenue Of The Stars in London where Robin was awarded with a star for The Bee Gees. Here is the photo of the star on the Walk Of Fame in Covent Garden, London.


Marion: GSI 09/29/05  (thanks also Louisa)

NEWS, September 12th.

  Harry Goodwin photomaterial on Barry’s website

Barbara and Harry at the exhibition in Manchester

In April of this year Barbara and Dwina visited amongst others the photo exhibition of an old friend of the family Harry Goodwin in Manchester see our news report of
April 17th.

During her visit to the exhibition Barbara also saw photos of her famous children she had never seen before, as Harry guided her round dozens of celebrity pictures he has bequeathed to the school in Chorlton Manchester. One of Maurice, in particular, bought tears to her eyes as the memories flooded back.

Some of Harry`s beautiful photo`s     © Harry Goodwin

“It really captures him. It almost talks to you. Harry has always taken wonderful pictures. He and the boys had a lot of time for each other,” she said. Harry, who was among many friends Barbara treated to a meal at the Palace hotel, where she was staying, said: “Barbara is such a grounded, lovely person – she knows where she’s from. It was a delight to show her the studio and the photos.” (Miles Skinner)
Barry’s website will soon pay attention to Goodwins’ photo collection.

“Guilty Pleasures” premiere parties – Australia
In both Sydney and Melbourne, Australia one is organizing parties to celebrate the release of the new Barbra Streisand / Barry Gibb project: “Guilty Pleasures”. Fans will get the opportunity to hear the entire new Barbra Streisand album and they will also get to see the entire DVD content of both the “GUILTY PLEASURES” and “GUILTY” 25th Anniversary releases. See Barbra and Barry on the BIG screen! As a special treat, you will hear new dance club remixes of “Night Of My Life”, one of the amazing new songs featured on “GUILTY PLEASURES”.

This is a FREE event. Admission is only via invitation, and YOU are INVITED! Please join us to share the premiere of Barbra’s new “GUILTY PLEASURES” album, the 2005 reunion with Barry Gibb. As a bit of fun, we encourage you to choose to dress in either the “GUILTY” mode (all-white) or the “GUILTY PLEASURES” mode (all-black). There are sure to be some other wonderful surprises at the parties, so be prepared to have lots of fun and enjoy the celebration of this exciting new Barbra Streisand – Barry Gibb masterpiece.

The Sydney premiere

party is September 12, 2005 at 6pm.

The Melbourne premiere

happens September 14, 2005 at 7pm.
For information to attend and more details please visit first:
(Mark Bliss, Australian Barbra Streisand Association)

Marion: GSI 09/12/05  

NEWS, September 1st.

 A well known date for all Bee Gees fans.
Birthday of Barry as well as wedding anniversary of Barry and wife Linda.
– GSI likes to congratulate both Barry and Linda and we wish them many more happy years together.,!!

Robbie Williams in remake of Saturday Night Fever
According to The Daily Star Robbie Williams is tipped to play the part of Tony Manero (John Travolta) in the remake of the disco film. Read more at: and

Once again we’d like to remind you of the fact that whenever GSI refers to news paper, online stories and other publications etc. it won’t mean it’s always confirmed news so do never attach too much value to any of these reports.

Marion: GSI 09/01/05  

NEWS, August 30th.

  Listen and watch material of “Guilty Pleasures” / “Guilty Too”
To listen to a number of sound fragments of the new Barbra album including the Letting Go video click here:
(Hideaway, Night Of My Life, Without Your Love, Stranger In A Strange Land, Letting Go).

Also visit and listen to parts of the album (Come Tomorrow, Stranger In a Strange Land, Night Of My Life, Above The Law, Letting Go)
And there is more:

Listen to the complete Barry and Barbra’s duet “Come Tomorrow”
at: And… by using the following link: you can watch the videos of: “Hideaway” and “Above The Law”

Guilty, the 25th. Anniversary Edition

Out now!!!

The 25th Anniversary Edition of the original “Guilty” album as a DualDisc by Columbia Records.

The audio side

of the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Guilty” includes the nine classic tracks: “Guilty” (Duet with Barry Gibb), “Woman In Love”, “Run Wild”, “Promises”, “The Love Inside”, “What Kind of Fool” (Duet with Barry Gibb), “Life Story”, “Never Give Up”, and “Make It Like A Memory” that comprised the original “Guilty” album.

The DVD side

of the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Guilty” will include all nine songs in PCM Stereo, an exclusive interview with Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb (containing footage not included in the “Guilty Pleasures” interview), live performance videos of the Barbra Streisand-Barry Gibb duets “Guilty” and “What Kind of Fool”, and “Stranger In A Strange Land”, an exclusive video preview of the “Guilty Pleasures” album.

The much-anticipated release of “Guilty Pleasures” comes 25 years after the pair’s first multi-platinum album, “Guilty”, made pop music history as a worldwide chart-topping smash which helped define the emerging Adult Contemporary pop music genre following its release in 1980. One of the four top-selling albums: alongside “Greatest Hits Vol.2”, “A Christmas Album”, and “Memories” in Ms. Streisand’s extraordinary catalog, the original “Guilty” became the artist’s fifth album to reach the #1 spot on Billboard’s Pop Albums chart. The album generated three hit singles: “Woman In Love” (#1 Adult Contemporary, #1 Pop) and the duets with Barry Gibb, “Guilty” (#5 Adult Contemporary, #3 Pop) and “What Kind of Fool” (#1 Adult Contemporary, #10 Pop). The album’s title track, “Guilty”, took home the coveted Grammy Award for “Best Pop Vocal Performance, Duo or Group”. Shortly after its release, the original “Guilty” album was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America with Platinum status following within two months. “Guilty” has gone on to be certified 5x Platinum, with sales exceeding five million copies in the U.S. and 12 million worldwide. With 49 Gold, 30 Platinum and 13 Multi-Platinum albums to her credit, Barbra Streisand is the music industry’s #1 best-selling female artist and the only female on the RIAA’s Top 10 list of artists.
For more details and photos of the collaboration between Barry and Barbra and their albums please visit:

Marion: GSI 08/30/05  (thanks

NEWS, August 21st.

Number one: “Guilty Pleasures”
The dual disc “Guilty Pleasures” is the number 1 album this week for sales on Amazon, the online shop on the Internet.

U.K. Release of new album Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb
In Europe the album will have another title “Guilty Too” The release date is September 19 for Europe. A dual disc is available too.

Free CD single
“Stranger In A Strange Land” you’ll get this single for free (one per order, while supplies last) when you pre-order the “Guilty Pleasures” Dual disc at:

Robin started second part of Asia Tour

The first of the two shows in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) has taken place yesterday and Robin reported all went very well. It was nostalgia for over 2000 fans at Genting’s Arena See for first details:

Marion: GSI 08/21/05  

NEWS, August 16th.

 Barry and Barbra reunited on new “Guilty Pleasures” album
Legendary Artists Collaborate on Set of New Recordings on 25th Anniversary of Classic “Guilty” Album ‘Guilty Pleasures’ in Stores Tuesday, September 20 Columbia Records press release: NEW YORK, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ The legendary singer Barbra Streisand has reunited with producer/songwriter/vocalist Barry Gibb for “Guilty Pleasures”, a new collaborative album slated for release on Tuesday, September 20 from Columbia Records. The eagerly-awaited release of “Guilty Pleasures” comes 25 years after the pair’s first multi-platinum album, “Guilty”, made pop music history as a worldwide chart-topping smash which helped define the emerging Adult Contemporary pop music genre following its release in 1980.

Pre order and hear the first songs of “Guilty Pleasures” already!!
Pre-order the album on Amazon now – and then get an audio stream of three tracks from the album “Guilty Pleasures”, including “Hideaway,” “Night of My Life,” and “Without Your Love”.
Tracklist of CD and Dual Disc:
CD audio:

  • Come Tomorrow
  • Stranger In A Strange Land
  • Hideaway
  • It’s Up To You
  • Night Of My Life
  • Above The Law
  • Without Your Love
  • All The Children
  • Golden Dawn
  • (Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away
  • Letting Go

DVD video:

  • Above The Law
  • Hideaway
  • Stranger In A Strange Land
  • Letting Go

CLICK HERE to watch the video clip of: “Stranger In A Strange Land”!! If video does not show on’s main page – click your refresh button.

For more info about the new Dual Disc, visit:
For the CD audio version:

Make sure to check Barbra’s official website early next week for an exciting new addition that publicizes the new album

Click here for some additional info:

Robin (and Dwina) ready and looking forward to second part of Asia Tour
Next Saturday he starts performing again during the second part of his Asia tour. This will be in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). For more info and interview read: Other places he’ll visit, you can find in our News Item Of June 20th.

This week before leaving for Asia Dwina contacted me telling amongst others that she also looks forward very much to see Robin perform again in Asia. And next to that she hopes the Brothers will work together again in the near future:
Dwina ‘I am so looking forward to travelling with him, the band and the orchestra. Many of the places I have not visited before, and it is always a joy to listen to Robin’s voice, no matter where he is performing. One day I hope that both brothers will perform again. Barry, Robin and Maurice had the genes of genius between them and together they made magic. I am sure that individually and together, Barry and Robin will make magic again. Their love for their craft and the results of that love will always shine through regardless.’

Marion: GSI 08/16/05  
(thanks: and

NEWS, August 3rd.

 Robin receives Rock And Roll diploma
Robin received an honorary companionship from LIPA Friday 29th July, like mentioned earlier. Read Robin’s reaction to last Friday’s events at the website

Robin In Asia
Soon Robin’s tour through Asia continues and here are some details on how to obtain tickets.
For the concert in Malaysia, August 20th. please visit:
For the concert in Singapore, August 23rd. please visit:
Taipei tickets for the concert of August 27th can be ordered however we do not have English information about this.

Marion: GSI 08/03/05  
(Also thanks to the several Barbra Streisand websites)

NEWS, August 1st.

  Barry and Barbra: new album
Although not complete nor definitely confirmed yet by Columbia, this is the tentative track list for the new album:

  • Above The Law (Duet With Barry Gibb)
  • Stranger In A Strange Land
  • Hideaway
  • Golden Dawn
  • If Only (You Were Mine)
  • Night Of My Life
  • Come Tomorrow (Duet With Barry Gibb)
  • It’s Up To You
  • Without Your Love (Along The Way)
  • All The Children
  • (Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away
  • Letting Go

One of the titles has been mentioned in publications in two different ways the past few weeks: “Stranger In A Strange Land” “Stranger In A Strange World”. Also we find back some familiar titles like: “Our Love, Don’t Throw It All Away” and “Letting Go”. We soon hope to know all definite titles including the album name!!
A title being mentioned already is: “Guilty Pleasure”. See also: And:

Marion: GSI 08/01/05  (Thanks to Matt Howe)

NEWS, July 30th.


Just for your information Like every year also this July and August it’s holiday time for GSI which means that there could be a delay in answering your mail and in updating the web site. Sorry. GSI wishes you all a wonderful summer.

Robin receives Rock And Roll diploma
The diploma was presented by Sir Paul McCartney at the former Beatle’s fame school: the Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts (Lipa) See the report at:

With honours, from me to you: Sir Paul gave Robin Gibb his diploma

Marion: GSI 07/30/05  

NEWS, July 15th.

 Now Voyager DVD
Universal in The Netherlands informed us that “Now Voyager” will be released on DVD in September.

Facts about new and old Barry/Barbra project
do receive so many mails about both projects lately therefore some facts again clearly mentioned in two lists as far as we have it now.
About the earlier success: “Guilty”:
 There will be a 25th anniversary Edition Dual Disc Version of “Guilty”.
 US release date August 23rd.
 Entire album will be in LPCM Stereo.
 Interview with Barbra and Barry on recording “Guilty” – filmed June 2005.
 Video performance of one of the songs from the new album included exclusively on this disc as preview for the new album.
 “Guilty” live from the TV special ‘One Voice’ in 1986.
 Photo gallery with outtakes from the original Mario Casilli photo session.
 CD Audio Side of “Guilty” (1980): all tracks will be newly re-mastered from the original master tapes.

And about the new just recorded album:
 There are two new duets with Barry in it
 Barry is doing background vocals on most other track.
 The cover photo was shot by the same person who also did the cover for ‘” Love Like Ours”.
 The album will be released in two versions (CD and Dual Disc).
 Dual Disc will have area code 1 (not playable in Europe) In the U.K. etc. one will release a CD with a separate DVD as dual disc is currently not available in Europe.
 Other versions (or a code free version) are not planned so far.
 Three videos were produced for the Dual Disc.
 One of the tracks seems to be called: “Letting Go” although we cannot say if this is the earlier written song with that title or a totally new one.

Barry Gibb Live Chat
Saturday 16th July Barry Gibb will be live in the chat room at 4 p.m. Miami time. (in The Netherlands it then is 6 hours later!). To make the chat room run smoothly they will give restricting access to a limited amount of users at any one time. The reason for this is to make the chat room run smoothly and allow your questions to be answered by Barry. If you are unable to enter the chat room due to demand please try back on a regular basis as the chat room will refresh allowing new users to enter as others leave. The chat transcript will be available after the chat has taken place on Barry’s website. Please for all details visit:

Marion: GSI 07/15/05  
(thanks Peter H., Barry website and the several Barbra websites)

NEWS, July 9th.

   Robin at Summer Festival in Germany
We received the official press release with program of the Event on September 10th and publish here both the original German one as well as an English translated version (Word file).

Marion: GSI 07/09/05  
(with thanks: Joachim Thürsam)

NEWS, July 5th.

 Barry and Barbra
This time interesting news about their earlier CD: Guilty as well as a news flash about the new CD!!: (source; official barbrastreisandnewscom). On the 23 of August Colombia/Sony records will release a re-mastered version of Guilty. (world wide) The new release will feature a re-mastered stereo mix and a DVD. Programming stereo/surround mixes + videos and also live clips of Barbra and Barry (One Voice Concert 1986) And the DVD will include footage of the forthcoming new album, set for a late September release!!

Robin on German TV
Robin was one of the guests at the German ZDF program: Gottschalk & Friends, date: June 28th. In the show he talked about a possible cooperation with Barry again maybe next year when he has finished his solo Asian tour and Barry his album for Barbra. We’ll wait and see. He also sang “How Deep Is Your Love”.

Robin together with Alistair Griffin
Early this year the song “Forever Today” was recorded for a yet to be released film: These Foolish Things. Alistair still keeps in touch with Robin but missed out when a leg of Gibb’s German tour last year was recorded for a DVD. He was a support act on the tour and dueted with Gibb on “My Lover’s Prayer”, but missed the night of filming because he had a long-standing gig arranged in Scotland. However, he hopes to support Gibb again soon. He is also due to play a beach event in Scarborough on July 30.
See also:

Robin sings with one Atomic Kitten
He has recorded and produced a cover of the Gibb composition “Woman In Love” with member of Atomic Kitten: Liz. Mc. Clarnon last week and there are plans according to Liz. to release it as a new single. According to Robin this week one will work on dance remixes for radio, clubs etc. Expected release this summer around July or August.

Bee Gees music during LIVE 8

It was the group Travis who performed a version of The Bee Gees disco classic: “Stayin Alive”, complete with mirrorball and falsetto from Fran Healy. It got people up to dance all around the world. A mix of anthem, humour, pathos and love which is just what the day is about.
See also

Marion: GSI 07/05/05  
(thanks also

NEWS, June 26th.

  Robin Live In Tokyo

It has been confirmed now by management: Robin will give a live show in Tokyo on September 3rd. like we already mentioned. This concert will take place at the Tokyo International Forum Hall where Robin will perform again with band and orchestra. (door open 18.00 / show starts 19.00 hours). See also:

Ticket sale has started. Please note that a seat allocation has been set aside for registered (international) fans and the promotor is currently working on an arrangement to accept international payments. Details on how to order from this special ticket allocation will follow. Attention: “The Japanese Bee Gees Fan club” has been given the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance, so if you are a member of this club please contact the staff directly. Further details will soon follow also on GSI about this concert and others to come in Asia.

Marion: GSI 06/26/05  
(thanks also

NEWS, June 21st.

  Barry / Barbra CD
The album has been recorded in California and last week Barry went back home. The coming two months he will be busy working on the album both at Criteria and Middle Ear studios doing overdubs and orchestra work and of course the mixing etc.

Barry’s web site
It’s now up and running for a while and for all interested fans: don’t forget the first chat on June 25th. There have been some speculations as to who is running the site. Management assured GSI: there’s no one of any fan club involved. The site is run by Barry’s son Ashley together with Darin Butler and Barry has been involved in all aspects. Suggestion for fans: any comments concerning the website can be directed to Darin at:

Robin guest at German Thomas Gottschalk show

Like mentioned earlier on GSI Robin will be present at a late night talk show of German TV host Thomas Gottschalk on June 28th. at the occasion of the 55th. birthday of the TV. host. Tickets for this show on German TV. are still available and can be obtained by email ( or through:

Marion: GSI 06/21/05  
(thanks also

NEWS, June 12th.

  Robin performing in Germany at charity event
Like mentioned earlier, this summer Robin is performing in Uelzen (Lüneburg Heide), on September 10. GSI has been approached by the person who’s responsible for this event and now we therefore have more details for you. The event was first planned as an event of the 75th anniversary of the DLRG: the German Lifeguard Society Of Water Rescue, Than the organization got in contact with the responsible people of the German campaign of ‘Make Poverty History’ (GSI mentioned the organization before too) and so ideas were put together and according to Joachim Thürsam: ‘we will have a great event’. The website for the event will soon be up and running and more details GSI will be able to mention you soon in cooperation with the organization of the event. For tickets: Call: +49 1805 57 00 00
(with special thanks: Joachim Thürsam)


Robin will be the last act of the open this air concert. His appearance will last for about 90 minutes. The venue is located in the direct proximity of the Uelzen station. Many parking lots are available at the venue. The German TV Channel RTL is planning on reporting about the event ( however, this is not confirmed yet but they are negotiating).

Lots of plans for the new Barry Gibb website
Although the website has just been started and is still in the early stages of development it already publishes a great amount of information and lovely photos. Barry and Ashley have daily input into Being still in this early stages one has a development schedule in place, which will add more interactive features, product, music videos, home movies, streaming content, competitions and much much more in the near future. Next to that: the Q&A section will be updated regularly and Barry and Ashley are answering the thousands of questions asked over the last few weeks from fans which will be posted in due course.

G4 plans to work with Robin
Pop group G4 who is already planning their second album to be recorded later this year, plans to work with Robin Gibb They are hopeful of collaborations with Robin Gibb, Lesley Garrett and others. See article:

Marion: GSI 06/12/05  
(thanks also: Joachim Thürsam and Bee Gees fanclub Germany)

NEWS, June 10th.

 Robin In Hong Kong
This week Robin is in Hong Kong as part of his Asian tour. GSI will soon report about the concerts but here are some first photos to show you. One of June 8th. Robin together with wife Dwina and one during his first concert on June 9th. (see front page)

Robin and Dwina

Barry’s Website
The site is up and running for a short while now and still uploading more stuff. Also soon the first chat will take place but attention: the times for the chat have been changed.

Marion: GSI 06/10/05  (thanks Marjorie L.)

NEWS, May 30th.

 Robin presenter at Ivor Novello awards

May 26 Robin was invited at the 50th edition of the Ivor Novello Awards at Grosvenor House, Park Lane in London.
He there presented the International Single Of The Year Award to “U2” for their song “Vertigo”.

Barry and Barbra
People working with Barbra Streisand (Sony) on the new album they mentioned about last week: ‘all is going well with the recordings’. We received this message from her fan club who has spoken to Sony. The Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage seems to be a very quite and private place so it’s very hard to talk to her or photograph her there. Also it’s known that Barbra likes to record at night however we do not know if this new Barry/Barbra album will also be recorded during the nights.

Robin at Royal Albert Hall


Robin Gibb will join classically-trained male vocal quartet “G4” live on stage at their June 6 show at the Royal Albert Hall (London). They will perform a Bee Gees song together. There are still tickets available for this “G4” concert.

Royal Albert Hall

Robin at benefit gala in Germany

Musician and former member of the Bee Gees pop group, Robin Gibb, poses at a benefit gala of the anti-mines organization “Adopt-a-Minefield” in Neuss, Western Germany, Saturday, May 28, 2005. Former Beatles musician Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Lady Heather Mills McCartney are goodwill ambassadors.

Paul McCartney and his wife Lady Heather Mills McCartney    photo credits: AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz

Not only the Barbra album is coming soon with the Barry compositions but there are also plans for: a Bee Gees tribute album, a Robin album with duets and covers and don’t forget the Robin DVD June 13th. And then plans from the Dutch record company for a BeeGees love-album with not only hits but also album tracks, b/sides, live recordings and unreleased songs. We’ll wait and see and keep you posted!!

Robin guest at Thomas’ Gottschalk show
German TV host Thomas Gottschalk is presenting 8 late night talk shows over Summer at the occasion of his 55th birthday. Robin has accepted Thomas’ invitation to join him and sing a song at the June 28 edition of these shows.


 Cymarron, an early seventies group, has recently re-released its collection of songs, which includes the Gibb tune: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”. You can buy it from Amazon

 Sheryl Crow she already announced late last year to plan and release cover an original recordings. Sheryl now has recorded new material as well as cover versions for three upcoming tribute albums amongst them is “To Love Somebody” for an album of Bee Gees covers.

Sheryl Crow


Wyclef Jean

 Wyclef Jean he is also working on tribute songs amongst others of the Bee Gees to be included on their new best-of compilations.

Marion: GSI 05/30/05  
(also thanks:, P. Hofman, M. Leib and N. Frazier: for the photos and article from Germany)

NEWS, May 06th.

 Robin in Germany on DVD and CD

On the next few websites you’ll be able to find more information about pre ordering and release of the DVD and CD of: Robin Gibb And The Frankfurt Neue Philharmonic Orchestra.
Release date will be June 13 – 14.
Amazon U.K.
Amazon U.S.A.:

Australian Group ready to release another wonderful Bee Gees cover

The Australian group etypejazz, voted Australia’s best live jazz act of both 2002 and 2003, are going to release their new album on May 9th. Drummer of the band Damien has contacted GSI this week to get in touch with The Brothers etc.

My band is about to release a CD named ‘Under The Influence’ which contains jazz arrangements of songs by songwriters who have influenced us as individual musicians. One of the tunes we recorded was ‘ How Deep Is Your Love’. We are contacting all of the songwriters featured on the album and sending them a copy of the CD in appreciation of their talents.
Check out the website for more details –,

 Listen here  to a sound fragment of the new cover: ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ which will come on their new album: ‘Under The Influence’

Marion: GSI 05/06/05   thanks to Damien Eldridge and manager Becc Bates of etypejazz

NEWS, April 26th.

 Vote for the best albums ever
You’ll probably have a list with your favourite Bee Gees albums. Radio 2 in The Netherlands is organising a voting again to make a list of The Best Albums Ever. The results you’ll hear on Dutch Radio 2 on May 16th. Please vote and get our Bee Gees’ albums in the list. Vote for the mentioned titles or add your own titles of your favourite BG albums if they aren’t mentioned yet.

You can mention 10 titles in total.
Go to and then click on: stem nu! Than press on: verder Double click on the titles of the list to get them on your own list at the right site If you however would like to remove a title from your list than also double click on the title at the right site. Press again on: verder to type names of artist and titles of the ones you’d like to add to the list yourself.
To add press: voeg toe Then press the word: verder again to type your motivation of why you prefer your number one choice at the left and fill in the form at the right. Again press: verder
Then you’ve completed the voting: THANKS.

Marion: GSI 04/26/05  (thanks Peter H.)

NEWS, April 19th.

 Vince Melouney

Vince Melouney

We’ve earlier published some reports about Vince Melouney (Bee Gees’ guitarist in the early years) on GSI, told about his album and performance plans and promised to inform you when Vince is coming to Europe. Well he’s very busy planning on coming to both the European main land and the U.K. At this time negotiations have started with a music publisher in Germany. The publisher has started posting a biography and information about Vince Melouney on the Internet which you can find at: and he is going to sell Vince’s CD’s in Germany too. There’s also of course information about his earlier mentioned album: ‘Hear At Last’ on the Starcluster website. Hopefully many European fans are going to buy his album this will increase the changes for Vince to do more performances in Europe. The concerts will take place somewhere in August, September or October, more details follow when available. For some of the earlier information published on GSI about Vince please visit:
How My Dream Came True and:
My Very Special Tour Through Australia

Marion: GSI 04/19/05  (Thanks to Regina S.)

NEWS, April 9th.

 Robin In Hong Kong
More info on ticket selling for his Hong Kong shows and the possible set list during his performances you can find here:

Marion: GSI 04/09/05  

NEWS, April 5th.

 GSI Announcement

Due to the sudden death of Anneke Goosens we decided not to update the Gibb Service International website the past week. Anneke was a Bee Gees fan from the early beginning and also former board member of the BGI fanclub. I knew her personally and she assisted me occasionally with my Bee Gees fanwork together with her husband Some of the latest Gibb details and developments of the past week and possible latest news you’ll find here today again. We hope you’ll understand this situation. Here you’ll find a small In Memory to Anneke and a Thank You message on behalf of Henk.

Bee Gees Career On Radio
We hope that many of you were able to listen to the first show although it must have been very busy on the Internet and probably not possible for all of you to receive the station during the first Bee Gees Special last Sunday?! The show (and probably each new show) will be repeated on Wednesday 10.00 p.m. local Bolivia time and Thursday at 04.00 a.m. Dutch time. The second show of next Sunday will tell about the years 1967 and 1968 of the Bee Gees career.

Robin visits Moscow
March 28th. Robin did his performance at the State Kremlin Palace Theatre in Moscow and Uniastrum Bank was the official sponsor of the event. It was a show of about one and a half hour. Please visit: to see some wonderful photos taken during the concert. According to fan reports: the track list of the concert was:

I’ve Gotta Get a
Message to You
How Deep Is Your Love
Nights on Broadway
Love Hurts
Night Fever
You Win Again
Saved by the Bell
To Love Somebody
New York Mining Disaster 1941
My Lover’s Prayer
I Started a Joke ( just two lines: a capello)
Jive Talkin’
Stayin’ Alive


During the Kremlin performance, the ecstatic audience enjoyed many classic Bee Gees tunes In the words of Uniastrum Bank President, Gagik Zakaryan: “Bee Gees music is immediately recognizable. Their vibrant solo vocal has never failed to please audiences” Commenting on the concert, Robin acknowledged the warm reception received from the Russian audience, who were taken back in time by the nostalgic melodies. The concert was a success according to the sponsor. Read also:

  Barry and Barbra busy at work on new project
Like mentioned on GSI before a while back Barry has started writing songs for a new Barry / Barbra project and quite some songs were already sent to Barbra for her opinion and she loved what she heard! Her new album seems to be planned for release in September 2005 and written and produced by Barry. 

Barbra with husband James Brolin

At this moment there hasn’t been decided on a definite title yet. Expectations are high as the earlier collaboration between the two artists was a smashing success: ‘Guilty’ which was released 25 years ago. For the new project there seem to be written about 12 songs. Barry and Barbra are both back again after a period of some silence. Barbra recently did the comedy ‘Meet The Fockers’ and her last album release dates back to 2003: ‘The Movie Album’. Barry recently has worked on some songs with Cliff Richard. Both Brothers Gibb and Barbra Streisand fans are waiting and hoping for a wonderful product of these two very talented stars who have proved to be able to work together very succesfully. According to press reports Barry is planning to leave for Los Angeles with recording engineer John Merchant for three weeks in May to record material although management confirms their plans of going to L.A. for recording they mention that no definite dates have been set at this point yet. The new album is planned to be recorded the coming period both in Miami and at Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, California, which was renamed The Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage Last year. Also visit and read:

Make Poverty History
Robin is lending his support to the Make Poverty History campaign in Britain. Make Poverty History brings together a wide cross section of 50 aid organisations; campaigns; trade unions, faith groups and celebrities who are united by a common belief that 2005 offers an unprecedented opportunity for global change. Robin assisted at the Media Launch of the organisation’s new promotional video which he will be screening at his live concerts (it premiered at his Kremlin concert). The aim is that as many people as possible get involved to make the campaign as effective as possible. You can sign up at the organisation’s website: and purchase the symbol of the campaign which is a simple White Band worn around the wrist. By wearing one you are part of a unique worldwide effort in 2005 to end extreme poverty. Or visit the international website for outside the U.K. at:

Robin’s German Tour DVD
The latest info on the Kayos website tells us that the expected release date for this dvd is now June 14th. Please visit:

Robin sings duet with Suzie Quatro
According to Suzie Quatro’s website: one of the tracks on her new album with the working title: ‘Detroit City U.S.A’. will be a duet with Robin Gibb.

Barry Gibb honored
Posted on Saturday April 2nd. In the Miami Herald ( Christina Hoag). Nothing like a few old Bee Gees tunes to get a bunch of lawyers singing along. Toes were tapping and mouths were humming at the Florida Bar’s Entertainment and Sports Law symposium Friday as former Bee Gee Barry Gibb received the division’s Tom Dowd Excellence in the Arts Award. Gibb’s face flushed a deep red when the Bee Gees’ first No. 1 hit, Spicks and Specks, dating back to 1966 in Australia, played at the luncheon held at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach. Gibb, 58, was honored for his 40-year career as a Bee Gee and his later work as a composer and producer of numerous hits for other stars. The brothers Gibb — Barry, Robin and Maurice, who died in 2003 of a heart attack — rank among the world’s most successful recording artists. A Miami Beach resident since 1977, Gibb was accompanied at the event by his wife Linda, songwriter/musician son Ashley, one of his five children, and Ashley’s wife Therese. Barry Gibb is currently producing Barbra Streisand’s new album. Also in the audience: rocker Rick Derringer and wife Jenda, who were honored for their fundraising efforts to aid Florida hurricane victims last fall.

Stayin Alive
The Bee Gees cover band won’t be able to perform in Rotterdam after all as they at that time are touring in the U.S. and then it’s of course impossible to fly over for a short performance during the Rotterdam Tribute Band Night.

Former Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan leader Billy Corgan has completed the work on his solo debut album: “The Future Embrace,” to be released June 21 via Warner Bros The 11-track set includes a cover of the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody” that features the Cure’s Robert Smith on backing vocals.

Billy Corgan

Corgan invited Smith to join him in the studio while he was recording The Future Embrace, and he was amazed when his hero agreed. Corgan says, “The Cure is one of my favourite bands of all time and Robert is a good friend of mine, so it’s a dream come true.” The Bee Gees originally wrote the song for soul star Otis Redding a week before he died. More info: www.volume10

Marion: GSI 04/05/05  (also thanks to Marjorie L.)

NEWS, March 13th.

  Barry going to Australia
In the Australian newspaper article of March 6th. which you can find on this website at: Barry talks to journalist Gail Williams about his plans of going to Australia probably next year. According to management Barry gave this interview to the Perth Sunday Times for RSO to help promote the Saturday Night Fever musical there. However at this point they have no idea yet if these plans become reality nor anything about dates. More details on GSI of course when available.

 Robin performing in Moscow
Like mentioned before Robin will give one show in Moscow on March 28th. of which tickets can be ordered already, however at this point only through a Russian website which gives problems for most fans.

If we find some more clear info in English we’ll surely let you know. In the meantime all fans who are planning to travel to this concert should be aware of the fact that one needs a visa to enter Russia!!

Marion: GSI 03/13/05

NEWS, February 25th.

  Barry On Line

First of all to answer many of your questions: yes Barry’s new website will be an official one. We’ve received the news about Barry’s own website, from management a short while ago. The website is a joint collaboration between Barry and his son Ashley and it will be going to offer lots of information on all things Bee Gees as well as personal family matters Barry Gibb. Com is still under construction as GSI earlier mentioned but will hopefully be up and running within about 6 to 8 weeks from now and give you all sorts of information about Barry, The Bee Gees and the Gibb Family including of course all the new projects of the Gibb Brothers. There will also be web chats with Barry, movies and much more. If you haven’t done yet then: register your email at the website address: and you’ll receive more information as soon as available.

Marion: GSI 02/25/05  (also thanks Marjorie L.)

NEWS, February 3th.

  Vote For Bee Gees in Germany
The German TV magazin “TV movie” and the TV channel “Kabel 1” are searching for the best filmsongs ever. There are 100 songs you can choose from and vote – and of course there had to be stuff from our guys: “Saturday Night Fever” (Nr.82) and “Grease” (Nr. 51). Everybody can vote at or until February 11. There will be a TV show on March, 30. (20.15 at Kabel1), where the songs will be presented. So, vote for our Bee Gees !!

 Vote For Bee Gees in The Netherlands
If you can read Dutch then hurry to the following website to vote for your favorite songs from the Sixties in the Week Of The Sixties on Dutch Radio 2.

Marion: GSI 02/03/05
(Thanks also Bee Gees One Fanclub en Peter H.)

NEWS, January 24th.

 Robin on BBC tv
The video of Robin’s appearance this morning, January 24th. on the BBC show you can watch at: Robin is talking about the disaster in Asia and the quick recording and release of the Tsunami single by a great number of well known artists. The single: Grief Never Grows Old is tipped to be number one in the U.K. next week.

Bee Gees Cover band: The Tree Gees
For the first time in the European cinema history, a Bee Gees tribute band: the Tree Gees, figures in a official soundtrack with an original song. We`re talking about the’Christmas In Love’ movie, ( an Aurelio de Laurentis production with Danny de Vito , Ron Moss etc.). ‘Love Me At Christmas’ is a perfect Bee Gees-style track ! It really seems to listen to a Gibb production of the late seventies. The song is available on the ‘Christmas In Love’ compilation, which include several international hits. At this moment the band is working on a new original project. More info:

Marion: GSI 01/24/05

NEWS, January 20th.

 Robin on British TV
Robin is going to appear at the British life style show of ITV: ‘Des And Mel’ at 5 p.m. local time next Thursday, January 27th. See:

Bee Gees Cover Band: Stayin’ Alive
This Australian group is again planning to tour in Europe. Please visit the tourschedule for the first dates at:
For more details go to:

Marion: GSI 01/20/05

NEWS, January 17th.

  Grief Never Grows Old
The single can be pre-ordered now. Please visit:
Click here for the lyrics (Word file).

 Barry at film festival
Bradenton Herald has reported that Barry will be attending the Sarasota Film Festival on January 28th. Please visit:

 Robin on TV and radio in the U.K.

Next to the fact that Robin and Dwina appeared on RTE’s The Late Late Show last Friday, January 14th Robin will on Capitol Radio January 17th. – 3 p.m. local time and on January 18 on British ITV: This Morning – 10.30 a.m. local time

 Vote for Bee Gees: The Greatest Number One Single
BBC Radio 1 in Britain is carrying out a poll to find the greatest Number One single. You can vote for one of the five Bee Gees songs that went No 1 in the UK at The following link: You have to pick one song, then enter your email address at the bottom of the page, and click on VOTE. Then you’ll receive an email with your choice in. You have to reply to that email so that your vote is counted. You can vote only once. Voting closes on Jan 23 and the results will be announced on January 30.

 Award for Robin in Germany
January 23 Robin will receive a music award at the Steiger Award Ceremony in the casino of Dortmund, Germany. See: And the newspaper clipping from the Dortmund newspaper: click here Info to attend the Gala:

Marion: GSI 01/17/05
(with thanks to Peter H., Marjorie L. and Bee Gees One Fanclub)

NEWS, January 13th.

  “Grief Never Grows Old”, first airplay
The first play of the charity single: “Grief Never Grows Old” has been aired on BBC Radio 2 (U.K.) This afternoon during the show of Steve Wright (2-5 pm local time)

Listen here  to a few small soundclips of the song to get you an idea. Of course the single will be released January 24th. and we hope that you will all buy it then to raise money for the Tsunami victims and then enjoy the complete song. In the soundclips you hear Barry, Cliff Richard and Robin with some of the other artists.

Love And Hope Ball 2005
The Love And Hope Ball is on the 26th. of February this year and although Barry and Linda may attend Barry is not scheduled to perform at this moment.

Marion: GSI 01/13/05

NEWS, January 6th.

  Brothers Gibb For Asia
Great news to hear that also Barry has done everything to be able to participate in the charity single for Asia after all… Like Robin he will sing his part in the song: “Grief Never Grows Old” for the Asian tsunami relief fund Management just reported us that within the next few days already Barry is going to record his part in the U.S.A.. More details when available.

Marion: GSI 01/06/05

NEWS, January 5th.

 Grief Never Grows Old
Robin Gibb has accepted the invitation to take part in the “One World” project in support of Asian Disaster Relief. Several musical stars this way will raise money for the disasters in the Indian ocean with the release of the song “Grief Never Grows Old” which was penned by the project’s initiator, British broadcaster Mike Reid. The single is produced by Steve Levine and will be issued by Universal Records later this month. Robin will record his contribution later this week. All funds raised will go to The Disasters Emergency Committee. It is hoped the single will raise over £2 million for the relief effort. Barry and Robin were both approached to join however Robin will be doing this project now by himself as he’s at the moment in the U.K. where the single is going to be produced. There’s no way because of prior commitments and schedules of the brothers that they will be able to come together one of these days to be in the same place at the same time to sing together for the song recording. So they’ve decided that Robin will represent The Bee Gees on this record.

Marion: GSI 01/05/05

NEWS, December 26th.

 Christmas Greetings
Best wishes to all of you. Have a great time!!

Kings Of Rock ‘N Roll
The British TV Channel: B.B.C. 1 is airing the program: Kings Of Rock ‘N Roll on December 28th.
Time: 10.20 pm – 11.20 pm. (local time)

Dutch TV, December 31
For everyone who can watch Dutch TV: Don’t forget to watch the Bee Gees Story we’ve mentioned about earlier. It’s on the RTL 5 channel and it’s also possible that on the Dutch channel SBS 6 you will be able to hear Dutch singer Gerard Joling sing a Bee Gees song during his concert together with Oletta Adams.

Dutch Top 2000 Results
Great news for all Bee Gees fans!! Over 1 million votes were sent to the radio station, which is a very huge amount for a small country. The Top 2000 has become the biggest radio event of the year in Holland. These are the results of all the Bee Gees titles in the Top 2000 and the positions:
253- Massachusetts
260- How Deep Is Your Love
277- Staying Alive
300- Words
401- Spicks And Specks
618- Night Fever
680- I Started A Joke
688- Dont Forget To Remember
803- Nights On Broadway
815- Tragedy
887- You Win Again
956- Lonely Days
1126- How Can You Mend A Broken Hear
1172- To Love Somebody
1302- New York Mining Disaster
1445- I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
1595- World
1645- Jive Talking
1647- You Should Be Dancing
1766- My World
1901- Too Much Heaven
1905- Holiday
A total of 22 Bee Gees songs!!

The next list tells you about all the Gibb compositions but not performed by The Bee Gees:
219- Woman In Love /B.Streisand
529- Guilty / Streisand,Gibb
1441- If I Cant Have You / Yvonne Ellyman
1735- Heartbreaker /D.Warwick
1881- Saved By The Bell / R.Gibb
1949- Only One Woman / Marbles
2000- Grease / Frankie Valli
So the total of all Gibb compositions in the list is 29

Following list: the results of the best groups / artists in the list:
1 Beatles with 55 songs
2 Rolling Stones 37 songs
3 Abba 24 songs
4 BeeGees 22 songs
5 Elvis Presley 18
6 David Bowie 16
Queen 16
7 Cliff Richard 15
Elton John 15
8 Fleetwood mac 14
9 The Cats 13
10 Beach Boys 12
U2 12 songs

And than some more important information:
The most succesful producer in this list is George Martin (Beatles productions) followed by Barry Gibb!!
If we look at the combination of best producer / performing artist:
Barry is the most succesful in this list of 2000 songs!!
On behalf of all the fans and visitors of GSI:
Congratulations BEE GEES and BARRY !!!

Marion: GSI 12/26/04
(special thanks to P. Hofman)

NEWS, December 16th.

  Hello Magazine
Robin and mother Barbara tell their story in Hello Magazine (U.K. December 21st).
Almost 2 years after the unexpected death of Maurice Gibb at the age of 53, his family are still reeling from the shock. “For me, everthing dates from when Maurice died” declares his twin brother and fellow Bee Gee, Robin.”It’s my personal 9/11″. His mother Barbara is also struggling with the loss of her son. “I do my crying at night” she admits. “During the day you have to carry on. You have to be strong for your family.” As much as the Gibb family has enjoyed musical success, wealth and fame in the past four decades, it has also endured its share of sadness and loss.
Click here for the complete story.
(credits: Hello Magazine)

 “I Cannot Give You My Love”
Cliff had success with his Gibb song during The Royal Variety Performance 2004, BBC 1 ( December 15th.). Lots of people in the U.K. saw this show and hopefully it’ll bring this song in the U.K. chart with success.

 The Bee Gees Story
The earlier announced Bee Gees programme at New Years Eve on Dutch TV is called The Bee Gees Story and will be on Dutch telly from 22.25 until 23.30 hours (Dutch Time) on the RTL 5 channel.

Marion: GSI 12/16/04   (thanks also Peter H.)

NEWS, December 4th.

  Barry and Barbra (again)!

Many rumors are going around these days about new projects Barry is busy with. He’s indeed back in the studio now and again for several projects. Management at this point doesn’t want to make any official announcements but unofficially I can already announce that Barry is indeed planning to work on a new album for Barbra Streisand which also is going to be produced by him. This we think is going to become a major project having these two celebrities working together once again and we’ll surely keep you updated on any new developments concerning this project.!!

 Robin starts Christmas in Thame
Like mentioned earlier Robin would start the Christmas period in his home town Thame yesterday December 3rd. by lightning the Christmas Lights. Here’s a story by a fan who visited Thame:

Robin looking at the firework on the facade of the Town Hall

 David English And The Bunbury’s

David English

Soon on this website a report about David English And The Bunbury’s in cooperation with and with approval of: Stephanie Thorburn (music journalist) and David English (friend of Barry). It’s a report about David and his love for cricket, charity and of course his good friendship with the Gibbs and some of the projects they have done together in the past and probably will continue to do in future.

Marion: GSI 12/04/04   (thanks also Louisa Y.)

NEWS, December 1st.

 European Robin Gibb Concerts
The concert plans in Europe for Robin of Spring 2005 have been changed and probably now Robin will give these shows around autumn 2005. Lucky for all those fans who had already bought tickets like for instance for the concert in Münster, Germany as people will be able to use the already bought tickets for the concert lateron next year.

Marion: GSI 12/01/04

NEWS, December 22nd.

 The twins Robin and Maurice
Today we congratulate Robin on his birthday and our special thoughts go to Maurice, who died almost three years ago so very sudden but will never be forgotten.

Robin On Christmas Day

Robin has taped an interview for BBC Radio 5 (U.K.) earlier this week called: “A Year In The Life” which will be aired Christmas Day at 17.30 (local British time on December 25 th.). Robin picked the year 1967, the year of the Hither Green train crash (a train disaster in Britain where Robin and his first wife Molly Hullis were amongst the victims, but were so lucky to survive) and also the year of the international break through of The Bee Gees with amongst others their first number one hit: Massachusetts.

Marion: GSI 12/22/05  (thanks

NEWS, December 15th.

 Barry Gibb Unplugged
One of these days a new Barry Gibb website will be available: Barry Gibb Unplugged!! At the moment one is working very hard to get things ready before Christmas. So check soon at: An official announcement of the opening of this new website will of course be made as well on

 Robin talked to Steve Wright
December 14th Robin was guest at the Steve Wright show (radio 2, BBC) and amongst others talked about both his and Barry’s recent interviews for the American TV show Entertainment Tonight being edited to make it sound different then it was intended to be. Robin of course also mentioned Mo’s tribute album. Please visit: to be able to listen to the interview soon.

 “Now Voyager”

Although it already has been released in The Netherlands a while back (November 11th 2005) Universal gives more information about the DVD and their release of January 30th. 2006
See for all details:

Marion: GSI 12/15/05  

NEWS, December 7th.

 Robin in Mexico

Robin has finished his shows in Mexico (November 29 and December 1), the last shows during his short Latin American Tour. In Monterrey he performed in front of an audience of about 9000 enthusiastic people. Robin promised to come back and would love to do that with his brother Barry to sing in Mexico again.

Marion: GSI 12/07/05  , thanks Daniel Zárate

NEWS, December 4th.

 Robins tour plans for 2006
Again new messages have reached us about new booked performances for Robin in Asia and the U.K.. This seems to have been published on several websites already as well. Unfortunately after having asked, it seems nothing is confirmed yet and Robin doesn’t know about these concerts yet either.!! We however can tell you that one is preparing for a European Tour for Robin in 2006 and of course when all is definite and arranged the promotor will give out an official press release next year. We hope there will be again a possibility for fans during these coming European concerts to pre order tickets and maybe even to get a chance to attend a meet and greet with Robin somewhere. If so, we will inform you in time. Keep an eye on Robin’s website and of course: GSI.

Robin in South/North America
Some photo material and first fan impressions here for you of Robin in Brasil: and thanks to all the people who sent their enthusiastic messages to GSI about the shows they visited of Robin in South and North America!!

Hi, Marion.I’m Alzira.I’m 40 years old and I’m from Rio de Janeiro. I am a teacher of English and I always use the Bee Gees songs in my classes. My teenage students love them . I traveled for six hours to São Paulo just to see the show. It was amazing. He was wearig jeans and a white jacket. Brazilian people were eager to see him.It was a big pleasure for our eyes and ears…. On last 24th, I had a wonderfull night: I saw Robin at Credicard Hall in S. Paulo.. I went to the moon. David . l….Thanks, The live show in Brasil was beautiful and amazing. Robin please, go back to Brasil. The voice was perfect, thank for … I started a joke… Live and complete.. Nilton from São Paulo – Brasil

Nilton with Robin
…. Hello Marion, I am Flavia, 33 years old and I love Bee Gees’songs and last Thursday I was favored to watch a wonderful, amazing, terrific Robin Gibb’ show in São Paulo, Brazil. Thanks God I am in a very nice situation and I could enjoy the show. And the day arrived: last November 24th, 2005 I received my Christmas present in advanced. I could listened the beautiful voice of Robin Gibb singing all the wonderful songs from Gibbs Brothers. Well, this message is to let Bee Gees know that Brazil loves them and Brazilian people want to see Robin and Barry together again in Brazilian stages as soon as possible!!!!! Flavia…. Hi Marion,My name is Valkiria Last week, November 24th, I realize one of my dreams. I saw Robin Gibb in the Credicard Hall. It was a very special and magical night with Robin singing many Bee Gees songs. Thank you Robin for that night! And, please, come back! See my photo showing Robin singing “Stayin’ Alive”.

©  Vakiria

“Night Of My Life”
To listen to a clip from the new UK Club Remix “Night Of My Life”, “Love To Infinity Remix” which will be released in the UK (ONLY) on December 19th. click here

BMI Award

After “How Deep Is Your Lov”e it was now time for “To Love Somebody” to receive the 5 million airs certification from BMI Visit:

Marion: GSI 12/04/05  Thanks: Leo Langowski, Valkiria, Nilton, and

NEWS, November 20th.

  Vince Melouney at “Walk Of Stars”
In our News item of September 17th we’ve mentioned that Vince would attend this years “Walk Of Stars” in Caloundra. It was held in this Australian city October 26th and organised by Tony Worsley, a star of the 60s himself.

Tony Worsley and Vince

In the main street of Caloundra there are the 54 bronze stars which are firmly placed in the footpath for all to see and remember. Each star represents a member of the Australian and New Zealand music industry that have been honored at a special gala function for their achievements in the music industry and for the enjoyment they gave so many This year they were celebrating the contributions of Vince Melouney (Aztecs, Bee Gees) Brian Davis (Bandstand) & Phil Manning (Chain).
Click here to see some photos Vince sent over, showing him during the event in Caloundra.

 Robin and G4


You can watch a video clip (RealMedia) of the live version of “First of May” by G4 and Robin Gibb performed in the London Royal Albert Hall by visiting: To order the single please visit: And the DVD: “Live At The Royal Albert Hall” you can order at:

Marion: GSI 11/20/05   Thanks Vince Melouney, and Regina S.

NEWS, November 10th.

 Come Tomorrow
Sony BMG UK will release COME TOMORROW as a new single in the U.K. on December 19th. The b-side will be a new remix of NIGHT OF MY LIFE… “Night of My Life Love To Infinity Remix”.

 Maurice tribute
Robin made a statement this week about remembering Maurice.
“I have spoken to Barry about it on numerous occasions but because he was busy with the Streisand project, he wasn’t available and I respect that. However, now that we are both free, how could any tribute to Maurice be complete without Barry, or vice versa? We both know that”.
Read the complete statement at: Tonight Robin will be one of the guests at the American TV. program Entertainment Tonight.

Marion: GSI 11/10/05  

NEWS, November 2nd.

  “Love Songs”
The compilation album of The Bee Gees with many of their love songs is ready to be released November 28th. but can already be pre ordered!!

Cover “Love Songs”

According to Barry: He had no input on this album and would have chosen other songs and no solo material. Barry regrets the fact that “Lovers And Friends” is only on the U.K. and Japanese version.
See for details of the album: and

 Barry’s plans for 2006

  • He will be doing a live performance during the “Love And Hope Ball” of February 2006 again.
  • There is a world tour planned, also Europe! Somewhere next year with lots of gigs all over the world!!
  • Plans for a solo album and a tribute album for Mo.

Marion: GSI 11/02/05  (thanks P. Hofman)

NEWS, October 22nd.

 Robin concerts in Latin America and more…
Some latest info about performances of Robin in South and North America. We finally received confirmed details today however there have been publications about upcoming concerts of Robin for some days already which at that time unfortunately were not confirmed nor signed yet. This is what we know so far and which we can publish with the okay of Robin:

This November Robin will perform in 3 cities in Latin America
24.11.05: Sao Paulo – Credicard Hall
26.11.05: Buenos Aires – Venue to be confirmed
29.11.05: Mexico City – Auditorio Nacional
30.11.05: Mexico City – Auditorio National

Next to that there are plans for a series of live shows in Britain Summer 2006. Other possible territories are being considered as well.

Guilty Pleasures
It’s gold now in the U.S. with sales of 500.000 units!!

Islands in the stream reports that the Country Music Television has recently voted “Islands” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton as the number 1 Country duet of all times!!
More news items see:

Barry and Kenny Rogers

The love ballads album
We still have no definite track list or details about the art work. Release will be in the third week of November and Robin is planning to make some appearances in support of this new compilation album, more about that later. The Netherlands plan a special TV commercial campaign for the album early 2006. This is going to be the last Bee Gees album under the Universal contract Barry and Robin are currently looking at offers by some major companies for the Bee Gees’ back catalogue and possible future solo or other recordings.

Top 2000, The Netherlands

It’s time to vote again for your fave Bee Gees songs. If you understand Dutch please visit the website and vote!!!

“First Of May”


Like mentioned in the GSI News of September 20th. Robin is cooperating with the group G4. He has produced and sings with G4 the Bee Gees song: “First Of May”. The album of the group will be released November 28th along with a DVD of their Royal Albert Hall concert at which Robin performed. “First of May” is also set for release in Britain as a double A-side single on 19 December 2005.

Maurice Gibb Tribute Plans

According to Clear Channel

They are working on a huge media project to celebrate the life of Maurice Gibb. Robin has been working on a tribute CD celebrating the Bee Gees’ music with producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds for some time. This album features contributions by Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Beyoncé, Sheryl Crow and Whyclef Jean a.o. like we mentioned before and with more artists being added over the next months. A multi-artist Maurice Gibb tribute concert is planned for July 2006 in Central Park (NYC) which will also include a performance by Maurice’s daughter Samantha Gibb of a song in remembrance of her father. Multiple charities, chosen by Maurice’s widow Yvonne Gibb, will benefit from the projects.
See also:

Marion: GSI 10/22/05  
(thanks, Peter H.)

NEWS, September 20th.

 “Guilty Pleasures” / “Guilty Too”

Out Now!!!

, great album and good reviews like we already mentioned before. Barry Gibb guides Streisand through her finest album in years Read more at:

The Bee Gees on the Walk Of Fame, London

Last Sunday night
The Avenue of the Stars was launched with a spectacular live show, hosted by Kate Thornton and Chris Tarrant, as part of ITV1’s bicentennial celebrations. Robin represented The Bee Gees and he was awarded with a star on the Walk of Fame in London’s Covent Garden. He also mentioned Barry and Maurice. Robin performed with G4 and sang the Bee Gees hits “Tragedy”, “First Of May” and “Staying Alive”. Read more at:

Barry on “The Insider” (U.S. television)

He tells about the new album for Barbra: ‘It’s a very sensual album.’ Yet, Barry has no intentions of letting go of the music business, and he actually credits his old friend with inspiring him to move forward. “This is what Barbra did for me. She fired me up again and made me realize that I need to get on with what I was doing when I was a kid.” 

And what would Maurice think about this new record? “Mo would love it,” Barry says with a smile. “Mo would love it because he’s a romantic. Yeah, he would love it.”

More about the interview with Barry on The Insider   And… Watch the videos.

Robin with G4 on album
Lesley Garrett (British soprano), Cliff Richard and Robin are some of the names that feature on the new G4 album: “G4 & Friends”. G4 release their highly anticipated new Album-“G4 & Friends” on November 28th 2005.


Marion: GSI 09/20/05  
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NEWS, September 17th.

 Mini Barbra Reunion Night, U.K.
Attention to all fans who are interested in a mini reunion night in Newcastle upon Tyne on Monday September 19th. Hear the new album with other fans Email for details: Craig – –

“Above The Law”
The music video will debut on the British TOP OF THE POPS on Sunday evening September 18th. BBC2.

“Guilty Pleasure” / “Guilty Too”
Hurry to the shops and watch the TV Commercials of the new album. There will be lots of TV and Radio attention for the album the coming weeks. For instance Barbra will be Artist of the week on the British Radio Two next week. And… “Guilty Pleasures” / “Guilty Too” is album of the month Please visit: Review: Everyone loves a reunion, the happier the better. A quarter century after collaborating on the best- selling ‘Guilty’ Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb are back together and the results are something to sing about. In fact, the only question is: What took them so long? Read the complete review at:

“Walk Of Stars”
Last year we reported about Barbara Gibb who visited this event in Caloundra, Queensland. This year ex Bee Gee Vince Melouney will be contributing to the event at the Australian Sunshine Coast. See:
(Walk Of Stars).

Marion: GSI 09/17/05  
(thanks also and Regina S.)

NEWS, September 10th.

 ITV’s 50 Greatest Show With Robin

Robin Gibb was interviewed for a three-hour show paying tribute to the fifty programmes from ITV’s first fifty years which have been voted by viewers as the channel’s best loved and most memorable. This programme is transmitted this Saturday September 10 on ITV 1 at 7pm BST.

Marion: GSI 09/10/05  (thanks

NEWS, September 8th.

 Barry’s performance
Miami Dade’s Local10. reported today that Barry will be one of the performing artists at a relief concert to help victims of Hurricane Katrina which will be held on Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. (local Miami time), at the “American Airlines Arena”,
601 Biscayne Blvd. Miami.
See full article at:

This performance of Barry is not confirmed yet. Management contacted GSI with the following message: – Barry has recently been asked to do several fundraising events and we are trying to sort it all out presently. So this announcement on is premature- .

Asia Tour Of Robin
September 3rd. Robin gave his concert in Tokyo at the “International Forum Hall” where many Japanese fans enjoyed another of his shows and where they were able to shake hands with Robin. After Japan Robin was planning to travel for a last show to Colombo Sri Lanka (September 7th) However that last show has been cancelled and Robin is now back in England again and his Asian Tour has finished. He enjoyed the tour but is rather tired and also it was a pity that finally Dwina wasn’t able to join him during this second part of the Asia Tour. Read more about the cancelling of the last show at:
We’ll surely report some more about this second part of the tour again in a report (like we did with the first part of Robins’ Asia Tour) when we have received enough material to do so.

“Guilty Pleasures” / “Guilty Too”
Listen now to short clips of all the new songs on the album and click here

“Stranger In A Strange Land”
The singles review according to Billboard – Barbra’s reunion with Barry Gibb pairs her with some of the best arrangements she has ever sung throughout the full-length… Read here:

Promotion for “Guilty Pleasures” / “Guilty Too”
We do not have any confirmed info yet about Barry and Barbra visiting TV shows together but Barry will probably be doing some satellite media interviews out of Miami however we haven’t received any specific details yet.

Marion: GSI 09/08/05  (thanks

NEWS, August 31st.

   Entertainment Tonight about the collaboration of Barbra with Barry
August 29th.
“It was a wonderful thing for me”, Barry says. “Working with an artist like Barbra happens once in a lifetime, and I thought it was once in a lifetime”. Read more at:
Click here to watch a short clip of Entertainment Tonight

Robin in Asia: Korea
Today Robin will perform at the Convention Hall inside the COEX Mall, in Seoul at 8:00 p.m. local time. More at:

Night Of My Life
Columbia Records is going to release a 12-inch vinyl record of Junior Vasquez dance club remixes of this Barry Gibb song on Sept. 27th.
The track info is:
1 Night Of My Life Junior’s Roxy Anthem – 7:56 mins.
2 Night Of My Life L.E.X. Club Mix – 8:50 mins.
3 Night Of My Life John Luongo 7″ Mix – 3:51 mins.
Junior Vasquez is the king of dance club remixes and has done the same job for tracks from Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Bette Midler, and Cher.

Stranger In A Strange Land
Also, Columbia will be sending the “Stranger In A Strange Land” single to the big ‘brick-and-mortar Super Stores’ (we do not know at this point yet which stores but probably “Walmart” or “Best Buy” or “Target” ) as a free, promotional single. The single will be available at the brick & mortar stores (not online) in advance of the album’s release date as a consumer incentive to pre-order. The free CD single contains the album version of “Stranger” and no other songs, has the same picture card seen recently with the radio promo CD, and will not be sold separately in stores before or after the album’s release.

Marion: GSI 08/31/05  
(thanks also Matt Howe:

NEWS, August 24th.

 Middle Ear Studio
The studio where The Brothers Gibb worked so much has been sold. Here they started recording with the Guilty album and the latest huge project was the Guilty Pleasures album. The studio has too many memories and according to management in future The Brothers will use other studios to work in.

Robin In Asia
Here some more publications about his recent appearances in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. August 20th. Dressed in a yellow jacket, Robin seemed a little out-of-place without his famous brothers. However, he is a legend in his own right and has had his own solo career since the 60s. He started the Kuala Lumpur concert by singing oldies like Emotions and I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, followed by more popular tunes. Read more at:

August 23rd.
Before the show Robin was interviewed about the long career of The Bee Gees and the future. Robin: ‘I loved all our Fever songs, but yes, How Deep is Your Love? is one of my favourites. In the future we may work together again as the Bee Gees.’ he said. Read more about his interview at: During the concert in Singapore Robin wore a white summer jacket over a black collarless shirt and black pants. He had glasses on too. While singing there were some smoke and light effects behind him. Of cause a live orchestra accompanied him sitting in the back ground and three back vocal singers assisted him on stage as well. Three huge screens gave some extra effects during the show. Most of the songs he did of course were from his Magnetic World Tour CD. In between the songs there were the famous Robin Gibb thumbs-up-signs to the audience, waved to the audience now and then and mentioned he’d come back to Singapore once with his brother again. The audience responded enthusiastic, yelling and cheering. According to fans visiting the show and having reported about it, Robin performed the following songs in Singapore:
“Emotion”, “I’ve Gotta Get A Message to You”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Nights on Broadway”, “I Started A Joke”, “Massachusetts”, “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”, “Night Fever”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Please”, “Saved By The Bell”, “To Love Somebody”, “First of May”, “Words”, “Juliet”, “You Should Be Dancing”,
1st encore: “Jive Talkin”, “Stayin Alive”, “Tragedy”
2nd encore: “Stayin Alive”

Marion: GSI 08/24/05  

NEWS, August 23rd.

  Robins’ concert at Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur
The performance of Robin brought back some fond memories for Rubin Khoo and so many others who enjoyed the show. It was a night for reminiscing about the good old days while swaying to songs that formed an integral part of our childhood.
Read the story by Rubin at:

“Stranger In A Strange Land”
The song goes to the radio stations today and will hopefully get lots of air play the coming weeks.

“Come Tomorrow”
Is one of the duets with Barry on Barbra Streisands’ new album and will be featured as an AOL First Listen on August 30th.

Expert advice from musical legend Robin
A talented British teenager has been given expert advice about breaking into show business by musical legend: Robin Gibb. Chloe Du Pre recently met up with Robin to receive personal advice about her future career. The pair met for lunch at Robin’s house in Oxfordshire, Britain and then were able to spend time in his studio. Read more at:

“Letting Go”
Another Barry Gibb song and clip by Barbra Streisand you can watch and listen to from today on for about a week at “Letting Go” was first written by Barry and George Bitzer in 1986 and recorded at Middle Ear studio with lead vocal of Barry. It then appeared on Barry’s “Hawks” album and on the Tales Box and now we are looking forward very much to hear the new version by Barbra Streisand. The song “Letting Go” on the video clip is the ‘alternate piano version’ but the actual track on the CD is different.

Vince Melouney
August 18th. former Bee Gee member Vince had his 60th. birthday. In the early days of The Bee Gees we remember him as the guitarist of the group. He was born in Sydney Australia and joined The Bee Gees when they’d arrived back in Britain. Also drummer Colin Peterson from Australia then joined the group. Before his Bee Gees period Vince had already worked in the music business with the Vibratones and Vince & Tony and Billy Thorpe & “The Aztecs”. When both Vince and Colin had left the Bee Gees it was 1969. Vince went on producing and composing for Ashton, Gardner & Dyke and later on returned to Australia. Today he’s still busy there in show business with some kind of One Man Show he travels through the country. The past years he even met up with the Bee Gees again and stood with them on stage in Australia during a guest appearance. This Summer he’d planned to visit Europe but as far as we know now this has been postponed until next year. During a phone call at his birthday he mentioned being busy with his new album and having his own website. It even seems that in Sydney he’s busy working again with Colin and he’s planning to release a CD with Bee Gees songs. When we have more details we’ll surely mention it on GSI.

Vince’s website you can find at:
Vince: I hope that you enjoy the website and will contact me with any comments or thoughts. I would particularly love to hear from old friends and acquaintances.

Vince Melouney

You can write Vince at:

Marion: GSI 08/23/05  (also thanks Regina S.)

NEWS, August 10th.

 Robin at Summer Festival in Germany
There’s an announcement sent out concerning the cancelling of this Event of September 10th however we are still waiting for more details and an official statement from Robins’ management about this situation. We’ll soon give you all information.

 Barry / Barbra album

According to management in Miami the new album won’t get as definite title: “Guilty Pleasure(s)” a name which has been mentioned for a while being the tentative title of the new album of Barbra Streisand. Who knows it will be: “Letting Go” or…?! We hope to receive a press release with definite details soon!

Marion: GSI 08/10/05  

NEWS, August 7th.

 Barry / Barbra
A little more waiting for both; the re-release of “Guilty” as well as the brand new album of this Golden Duo. Cover art and song list details of the new album (tentative title: “Guilty Pleasure”) are not final yet. A few days ago the tentative art cover of the new Barry / Barbra album was posted on this website as well as on Amazon and several other websites. However Sony, the record company of Barbra as well as her management were not very happy with these publications as it wasn’t the final cover photo yet (although this was clearly mentioned below the publication of the cover art photos which were published!) and the photo by that time still had to be approved by Barry who received it for approval on August 4th. Barry’s management informed GSI about the situation and according to them: Sony started asking websites to remove the photo for the moment.

For pre ordering the albums please visit the following pages.
The re-release dual disc of “Guilty”
The dual disc of “Guilty Pleasure”
The regular disc of “Guilty Pleasure”

New concert details for Robin
Robin is planning to perform in Bangkok as well. According to Bangkok newspaper publications this will happen on August 25 at the BEC Tero Hall. For more info and tickets visit:

Marion: GSI 08/07/05  

NEWS, August 2nd.

  “The Dance Music Hall of Fame”

New York, NY (August 2, 2005) – “The Dance Music Hall of Fame”, an organization that recognizes the contributions of those who have had a significant impact on the evolution and development of dance music, will hold its Second Annual Induction Ceremony, Monday, September 19th at 7pm at the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center (West 34th Street between 7th & 8th Avenues) in New York City. The evening will include performances and appearences by Chic, Gloria Gaynor and the induction of 15 notable artists, producers, remixers, DJs and individual records. One of the 5 records to be inducted is: “Stayin ‘ Alive” – The Bee Gees. Last year the group was amongst the artists inductees. See for ticket information etc at:
Click for more info Word file.

Marion: GSI 08/02/05  
(Thanks John Parker of the “Dance Music Hall Of Fame”)

NEWS, July 31st.

 Barry and Barbra: Guilty
This is the cover photo of the re-release of Guilty which can be pre ordered now at:

 Barbra and Barry: the new album
The forthcoming album of Barbra Streisand: the second one she has made with Barry, is just about complete and one tells nothing but exciting news about it: ‘It should be a big hit. Her vocals are more energized that of late and the material is strong!’ There will be a press release issued very soon which will amongst others include the new title. However there are circulating several titles on the Internet none has been confirmed yet. Definite release dates for both USA and U.K. etc. will be confirmed soon and will be around September 20th in the U.S. and probably in Europe between September 19th. and October 3rd. Two song titles as we already posted before have been mentioned yet for the new album: “Stranger In A Strange World” and “Letting Go”

Marion: GSI 07/31/05  (thanks

NEWS, July 21th.

 Barry’s Chat
Read Barry’s chat room transcript of July 16th. at

 Barry / Barbra
The definite details for the Guilty release are: This 25th. anniversary Dual Disc has currently the release date of August 30th. Including: interview with Barbra and Barry, clips from the ‘One Voice’ performance, ‘Stranger In A Strange World’ (excerpt, and preview of the New album), as well as a Photo Gallery.

Marion: GSI 07/21/05  
(thanks also; and, )

NEWS, July 19th.

 Barry’s Chat
This time the chat (July 16th.) worked much better however access was restricted to a very limited amount of fans and many couldn’t get in. From fans being in the chat room with Barry we received very exciting mails. It lasted for about 2 hours and it was a great experience to get this opportunity. According to those fans Barry talked about a lot of subjects like his favourite albums being the first 3 BG ones, how he would like to meet former President Bill Clinton, about the Manchester United Team as well as his favourite actors being Johnny Depp (like his daughter!) and Jack Nicholson. He mentioned being interested in ufo’s what most fans indeed already knew. He also told that John Merchant is co producer of the new Barbra / Barry album. Etc. etc.

To conclude – one last remark of Barry or better a request to all fans concerning a tribute to Maurice:

Barry: ‘I would love to do a tribute to Mo. I think that would be a wonderful thing. Right now me and Robin don’t seem to be able to agree on how that is done yet. Maybe all you guys could suggest the ideal way to pay tribute to Mo and email to: Have it done the way the fans would like it would be my wish’

His website will try and publish the chat transcript soon.

Latest news is that everyone is working hard to get things ready. Everything is on track for the late September release of the new album. However earlier reports of mentioned extras on the August 23rd. Release of the 25th anniversary edition of Guilty are not confirmed yet. Also we were told that the release date will change! We’ll keep you posted. You can pre order the anniversary edition of Guilty already at:

  Marion: GSI 07/19/05  

NEWS, July 13th.

  Gibb Brothers Keep The Bee Gees Alive With Big Plans
There have been lots of publications the past week about all sorts of plans Robin and Barry have to pay tribute to the legacy of The Bee Gees and the Bee Gees music and most of all to pay tribute to their brother Maurice.. They seem to be planning a series of celebratory projects for 2006 and 2007 to honor their late brother Maurice. The Gibb brothers disbanded the Bee Gees after Maurice’s death in 2003, but they haven’t stopped making music. Robin has big plans to keep his brother’s memory and the Bee Gees’ music alive and Barry is more than happy to assist.
GSI likes to inform you that at this point we do not have confirmation about anything recently published nor have comments of management or Gibb Family.
You can read some of the publication at: And:

To keep the memory to Maurice alive GSI also advises you to regularly visit the special Maurice In Loving Memory Pages on this GSI web site. And of course the same goes for younger brother Andy who also died much too young. With The Tribute Pages To Andy Gibb GSI hopes to keep his memory alive as well.

Re-release of Now Voyager

Universal have confirmed they will release Barry’s solo album “Now Voyager” in late 2005. The album is expected to be re-mastered and released with a new cover in December. For details also on how to obtain the album please visit:

Bee Gees songwriters of the week

The Brothers were songwriters of the week in Lulu’s Radio Show on BBC 2, in the U.K. Listen to the show

Marion: GSI 07/13/05  
(also thanks website).

NEWS, June 28th.

   Confirmation of Robins’ Asia tour details
The earlier mentioned tour information for Robins’ Asia tour published in the GSI News item of June 20th. has now been confirmed. More info about ticket sales will follow.

 Barry’s Chat
You’ll probably have heard about some technical problems during the first Barry Live Chat last Saturday, due to the overwhelming responds of fans all over the world. The website feels very sorry for the fact this happened and we’ll all wait for a next opportunity to chat with Barry. However there has been some contact with Barry last Saturday and Barry’s Official Website has published a transcript of this first chat for you. Please visit Barry’s site and read at:

 Robins’ open air performance in Germany
GSI mentioned you before (News June 12th.) about the performance of Robin this September in Germany. We have had The organisation has contacted GSI again and there’s now a special website open which they hope being able to bring in English soon too. The organisation of the festival mentions furthermore: “Our cooperation with RTL is now confirmed and they will start regional to report about the event from the first week of July.”

 Bunburry’s Collectors Item
Musical journalist Stephanie Thorburn informed us about a column by Mat Croft and Jake Kennedy in the Record Collector of July 2005. It’s about the Bunburry’s Project. ‘The Bunbury Tails’ project began as a soundtrack to a cartoon series written by David English. Originally released in September 1992, The Bunbury Tails includes the tracks ‘We’re The Bunburys’ and ‘Bunbury Afternoon’ in collaboration with Bee Gees. The soundtrack to the Bunbury Tails has been explored by Marion Adriaensen in a recent GSI report, for more information on David English and The Bunburys please click: – reports-david-english.html Now considered to be a well sort after collector’s item, the album was recorded for the Polydor label and also features contributions from a host of other artists including George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Elton John. The recent article in Record Collector estimated that copies of the CD are now worth up to £200. See also the Record Collector of July 2005.

Marion: GSI 06/28/05  
(Thanks also Stephanie Thorburn,

NEWS, June 20th.

 Robin in Asia
This is a list with possible other places Robin might perform, however no other shows have been confirmed and signed yet by management at this moment.!!

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), August 20-21 Genting resort – “Arena of the Stars”
Taipei, Taiwan, August 27. “University Sports Centre”
China: Beijing and Shanghai
Singapore August 23 “Indoor Stadium”
South Korea August 31 Seoul – “Coex Convention Centre”
Japan: Tokyo, September 3rd. “International Forum Hall”

Ticket selling has started in some places already

Top 80 on Dutch radio
Since the start of The Week Of The 80ties and the list provided by the Dutch Radio 2 channel there have never been Bee Gees compositions in this list before. However this year, probably due to the help of all the fans who have read the item on GSI and decided to vote for their Bee Gees and those wonderful Gibb compositions we now have 3 Gibb songs in the list this year! Thanks!

26 “Woman In Love”
61 “You Win Again”
62 “Guilty”

Brothers On TV
GSI in fact never publishes detailed info about any of the countless TV appearances of one of the Brothers throughout the world as this is just impossible to do. There are TV appearances almost every day on TV somewhere around the world. However we will mention two this time.

A. The film “Now Voyager” will be screened on Pay TV channel Ovation on Thursday June 30th. At 9.00 pm. Australia (source: Claude).
B. June 20th. You can see Robin on TV in Brasil, Muntishow channel at 22.45 local time and this show will be re-aired on the three following days too (source: Fan club Brasil)

Robin Honoured

According to the Liverpool newspaper Robin will be honoured at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts during their ceremony of July 29th. The institute likes to pay tribute to artists who have helped students through master classes. We already reported that in February Robin was invited by Paul McCartney to the school and there he answered students’ questions about songwriting and the music industry in general.

Marion: GSI 06/20/05  
(thanks also Peter H. and Marjorie L.)

NEWS, June 11th.

 Barry’s Project with Barbra Streisand
We’ve found more details about this very interesting and huge new project for you. The whole project is getting more and more exciting.
June 10th. They’ve shot the cover for the album. There were also filmed 3 videos already. One with Barry & Barbra and two with Barbra solo. We’ve already heard that the album sounds FANTASTC.

It’s expected that the album will be released around September 20th. All hasn’t been confirmed but send to us by people working close to where it all happens so to speak. Barry will soon go back to Miami and there probably start mixing the album.
Please also visit:

 Robin Tour Asia
As you have noticed the tour has started and the first impressions have reached us about the shows in Hong Kong. GSI opens a special Report Page where you can find more details about Robin during his Asia tour.

 Robin this summer in Germany
This summer Robin is playing his only German concert in Uelzen (Lüneburg Heide), on September 10. Robin & band & the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt are topping the bill of an open air charity show at the Albrecht-Thaer-Platz. Other acts include Sarah Connor and Patrick Nuo. Tickets cost ca. €28,20 and are on sale now. Call: +49 1805 57 00 00 or order on-line.

Marion: GSI 06/11/05  (thanks also Matt H.)

NEWS, June 5th.

 Robin Live In Germany ready for release 

Robin’s concert series with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt gave everyone an opportunity to enjoy new versions of some familiar Bee Gees classics. “Robin Gibb Live” was recorded on Saturday, September 18 – 2004 at the Museumplatz in Bonn (Germany). Both the DVD and CD will be in the stores here June 6th!! Attention: release dates vary from country to country. There are no confirmed dates for Asia yet or Australia at this point. Following is a list of dates that have been confirmed by Eagle Rock & licensees so far:
Benelux – 6th June 2005
UK/Scandinavia/Spain – 13th June 2005
USA – 14th June 2005
Italy – 17th June 2005
Germany – 27th June 2005

In Hong Kong Evolution Records has a special version of Robin’s latest work already released in a 3 discs package: Magnet, Live in Frankfurt, and a DVD bonus. It’s a tour edition. (see also the Chart Info).

CD tracks:
Night Fever / I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You / How Deep Is Your Love / Nights On Broadway / Love Hurts / Massachusetts / My Lover’s Prayer / New York Mining Disaster 1941 / Please / Saved By The Bell / To Love Somebody / Words / You Win Again / Juliet / Tragedy / Jive Talkin’ / Stayin’ Alive
DVD Bonus Features: “Emotion” – additional track from the live concert / Photo Gallery (screen shots from the live concert) / 2 home videos: “The Songs” & “The House” Here are some first clips to listen and watch from the Eagle Rock website; The CD and DVD are released world-wide through Eagle Rock Entertainment and should be available in every local record store. Also as always it can be bought on-line through the different internet stores.

The week of the 80ties
It’s time to vote again and compile the Top 80 of the 80ties on the Dutch radio 2 website. Go to and select your favourite ten records. Airing date of the Top 80 will be June 17.

Fans Meeting Up in Hong Kong
GSI has already reported before about the plans we made for a group of fans to meet before and / or after the Robin concerts in Hong Kong. The plan so far is to meet up after Robin’s concert on 10th June at the lobby of the Harbour View Hotel. Then definitely meeting up again at the lobby of the Harbour View Hotel and walk over to the Convention Center together on 11th June. You can get more info by mailing Louisa Yu at:

You Win Again
There are plans for a Bee Gees musical on Broadway with the working title: “You Win Again”. Tentative start will be early next year. Read the story:

For sale: Linda Gibb’s old Toyota Land Cruiser
Just for your information. Take a look at:

Marion: GSI 06/05/05  
(thanks also Peter H, Ineke v. V. and

NEWS, May 24th.

 Get Together Robin Concert Hong Kong
GSI has made the plan to try and get fans together who are travelling to the Robin Concerts in Hong Kong. Are you interested too in attending such a get together before the concerts then click here for the info. A mailing with info will of course also be send to all the fans mentioned in the GSI database system. They will also be kept up to date on any new developments.

Barry recording in California
Barry has left for California some days ago to work on the Barbra Streisand album. In about three weeks everyone is expected to be back home in Miami Beach again.

The first part of Barry’s own website has been uploaded now and is to be found at: More items will be ready soon.

Marion: GSI 05/24/05  

NEWS, May 17th.

  Barry back at Criteria

Barry was officially welcomed back to the city of North Miami by councilman Scott Galvin on April 22 because he’d come back to The Hit Factory Criteria, formerly known as The Criteria Studios, where the Bee Gees worked in the past. Now Barry is coming back there to produce the new album for Barbra Streisand. In the 1970s the Criteria Recording Studios was the place where Barry with his brothers Robin and Maurice, recorded half-a-dozen platinum albums. Among these was the Bee Gees’ milestone, Saturday Night Fever, the biggest-selling soundtrack album of all time.

from left to right: Trevor Fletcher, General Manager of The Hit Factory Criteria; North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin; Barry and Officer Tim Littlefield of the North Miami Police Department

Galvin presented Barry with a commemorative sign for Brothers Gibb Boulevard, a section of NE 18th Avenue in North Miami that had been renamed last year for Barry, Robin and Maurice. Brothers Gibb Boulevard runs directly in front of The Hit Factory Criteria. The idea to rename the street originally belonged to Officer Tim Littlefield of the North Miami Police Department.
More info on the studio complex:

 More about ex Bee Gee Vince Melouney: still performing

THE sixties and seventies generations will be very familiar with this international singer and performer who has written such gems as “Poison Ivy”, “Sick and Tired”, “Over the Rainbow” and “Mashed Potato”, all of which were number one hits. His international hits while being member of a world famous group included “Gotta Get A Message To You”, “New York Mining Disaster”, “Massachusettes”, “Words”, “I Started A Joke”, and “To Love Somebody”. This artist was also a founding member of Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. This ex Bee Gee member was standing in front of his audience at the music and variety evening on Friday, May 13, at the Uniting Church in Tathra, Australia. Fans will know who we mean Vince Melouney 

Vince Melouney

He has been touring extensively throughout Australia with his one man show so the Bega Valley was lucky indeed to rate a visit from this talented performer. Not too long ago he again played with the Bee Gees in Australia and toured with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs on the ‘Long Way To The Top Tour’. There were also local talented musicians performing at the variety evening in Tathra.
From: Bega District News.
Vince as you know, will also visit Europe this year of which GSI will report.

   Latest tidbits from Miami Beach
And answers to some of your questions to GSI:
  The new and special website for Barry Gibb will start up soon, we think in June. It will also contain a photo gallery where we can see recent photos of Barry and his family.
  Linda had her birthday again May 11th. And although we haven’t heard yet what Barry’s present was, GSI did hear that Linda’s girlfriends had put on an all-girl lunch for her.
  Next week Barry will be leaving for L.A. to work on the recording of the new Barbra Streisand album. The recordings in California will take several weeks.

Marion: GSI 05/17/05  
(thanks also Regina S. and Marjorie L.)

NEWS, May 04th.

 MEG’s album produced by Maurice
The group Meg, which stands for: Maurice Ernest Gibb consists of three young people Samantha Gibb, daughter of Maurice and Yvonne Gibb, and her friends Laz and Nick. They have almost completed their very first album. And,… most of the producing work was still done by Maurice. Read more in Family News

‘Thank You Barry’ project
We’ve earlier mentioned the special ‘Thank You Barry’ project where fans can participate in specially through the GSI website. For all information please visit: Thank You Barry We like to inform you that the deadline for sending in material has been moved to June 10th. 2005.

The winner of the British TV show ‘The X Factor’ called: Steve Brookstein has a new album which will be ready this month. ‘Heart And Soul’ includes a version of the Gibb song: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” To pre order please visit:
For more details about Steve go to:

Marion: GSI 05/04/05  

NEWS, April 20th.

  Barry Gibb demo: “Love Is Blind”
April 19 Steve Wright of BBC 2 played the complete version of the Gibb composition
“Love Is Blind” on BBC Radio 2.

It’s a demo recorded by Barry in 1998 and the whole program is at the moment still to be heard on the BBC Radio 2 website. Click here to listen to a sound fragment of the song which was recorded completely by GSI from the radio program but we hope you’ll understand that in cooperation with management we mostly decide only to use fragments of unreleased and special sound material on GSI. “Love is Blind” has never been released by The Bee Gees but it was written by Barry, Robin and Maurice and recorded in the Middle Ear studio in March 1998.

Human Nature

In fact the song was for Deana Carter who might have recorded it but this we do not know for sure. Someone who did record it in 2002 and released the song in 2004 was Col Joye of which GSI reported earlier in the News of October 7th. 2004 (News part 2). Also “Human Nature” released “Love Is Blind” of which we already reported before. Listen here to a part of their version.

Marion: GSI 04/20/05  

NEWS, April 17th.

   The Maurice Gibb Recording Studio

Barbara and Harry Goodwin

Last week Barbara Gibb, mother of The Brothers, visited Chorlton High in Manchester together with Dwina Robin’s wife.

They toured there the Maurice Gibb Recording Studio and visited a photo exhibition by old friend Harry Goodwin.
More details:

 Duets on Barry / Barbra album
Quite some songs have been written for this new project and according to an announcement of management to GSI we may expect at least a few wonderful Barry/Barbra duets on Barbra Streisands’ new album!! All Gibb and Streisand fans are looking forward to the release of this album in September of course and hope even for some performances of both stars together!

 Announcement of GSI
Hello everyone, It is possible you haven’t received back an answer from me on your mail written to me last week. Please if so don’t hesitate to mail me again.

Marion: GSI 04/17/05  

NEWS, April 3rd.

 Bee Gees Career On Radio
A radio man and Bee Gees fan from Bolivia is going to start a great number of Bee Gees Specials on radio. 

GSI will give fans the information and possibility to follow all these shows, about 15 programs in total which are going to cover the whole career of The Brothers from 1944 until today. The first program (from 1944 to 1966) will be aired today Sunday April 3rd. and followed by another edition each week. During the radio shows you’ll of course hear lots of famous Bee Gees songs, but also their biography, demos, rarities etc. etc.

1 Go to

2. At the top left corner there’s a blue picture showing a world globe and the words: “Escùchanos en vivo”, click there and it is done. You only need Windows Media Player to be able to listen to the programs.

Then, if you wish to write a message in the guestbook, you go to the link at the left side: “Libro De Visitas” and there you type your name, e mail, city and country, you can write the message in English or any other language, that’s no problem.

The airing time differs in each country of course ( you can find information through the several time zone websites on the Internet; what time it is in your country when it will be aired in Bolivia at 2 p.m.) In The Netherlands it will I guess be 8 p.m. then and in Miami 2 p.m. as well.

Marion: GSI 04/03/05  
Thanks to Juan F.M. La Paz radio

NEWS, March 28th.

 Cover Band ‘Stayin’ Alive’
The Australian Bee Gees Cover Band: ‘Stayin’ Alive’ is again planning to tour Europe from April until June. Please visit the tourschedule for the dates at: For more details go to:

Cover Band ‘Stayin’ Alive’

There’s also a possibility that Stayin Alive will be one of the Tribute Bands performing during “The Tribute Band Night” in the Rotterdam Ahoy (the Netherlands) at June 18th. If this performance should be confirmed you’ll here all about it on GSI of course.

 Robin in Asia

Although not yet confirmed you can already order tickets for Robins’ shows in Hong Kong. Wolfman Jack and EEG are presenting

The Magnetic Tour 2005 of Robin (Plus band & orchestra).

Marion: GSI 03/28/05

NEWS, March 20th.

   Robin visiting Germany for charity gala

Robin is said to be in Neuss (that’s near Duesseldorf – Germany), attending a charity gala given by Paul Mc Cartney and his wife Heather at the Swissotel (May 28, 2005). All donations are for the benefit of victims of landmines as well as for defusing landmines worldwide . Info: Ordering tickets by phone: (Germany) 02 11 36 78 621 See also ( in German):

Marion: GSI 03/20/05
thanks Bee Gees One fanclub

NEWS, March 19th.

  Liverpool school of performing arts

© Lipa

Friday 18th February, Robin was at the school for performing arts in Liverpool to talk about songwriting and the music industry. He answered questions for about 90 minutes to an enthralled audience of around 400 students. Robin had been invited to hold a discourse at the school by Sir Paul McCartney, who is one of the founders of the institute.

 More Robin concerts to be expected later this year
It’s great to hear that Robin is busy plannning more concerts for Summer / Autumn 2005. Although GSI does not have much confirmed news about the coming performances we did receive news from Hong Kong already about Robins’ planned shows there for: June 9th – 11th. He’s planning to give there 3 concerts at the Convention Centre. And there will be shows in Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 20 21 of August 2005. He might also have plans for instance of performing in India and other places in the Far East but nothing more on that at the moment. As soon as more info is available GSI will let you know of course.

 Barry Gibb website
Concerning the new website of Barry: GSI has been in touch with that website already and is trying and planning to keep in touch with them to exchange news and information from time to time, more later.

 Robin about Al Greens’ version of “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”
March 16th. there was a radio programme about Al Green on BBC Radio 2 and there Robin talked about his admiration for Al.
Click here to listen what robin said about Al Green and a part of “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”

Al Green

 Don’t forget…
To pay a visit to some of the exclusive GSI stories we’ve published lately (if you haven’t done already!!) like for instance:
All about our special Thank You Barry Project:
The most recent Covers And Rarities Page:
( a new one is already on its way!!)
The RSO Treatement by Stephanie Thorburn about Robert Stigwood:
The Report about Albhy Galuten:
The Report about Barry’s plans to visit Australia again:

Marion: GSI 03/19/05

NEWS, March 2nd.

 Robin in Buckingham Palace

Yesterday Robin went to Buckingham Palace for a reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh hosted the Music Theme Day at their Palace to recognise the exellence of British Music and the contribution if makes to the culture and economy Great Britain. Robin was one of the guests invited to the all-star gathering.

Robin in Moscow
On March 28th. Robin will give a stand-alone live performance at the Kremlin Concert Hall in Moscow, Russia. The State Kremlin Palace is one of the best and most prestigious theater/concert venues of Moscow and of Russia. Robin will perform with his band as well as an orchesta.

Marion: GSI 03/02/05

NEWS, February 22nd.

 Barry and Barbra
The first demos for the new Barry / Barbra project are ready however they are not busy recording in the studio at the moment like mentioned in some publications. We expect it to become another very succesful team work like ‘Guilty’ was, and Barbra likes the first compositions of Barry very much we believe.

Barry Enters The World Wide Web
Finally there’s coming a special website for Barry with all the latest news, press releases, nice photos and much more, like of course all the latest details about the upcoming new Barry / Barbra album. At this moment the site is still under construction. Soon you’ll be able to find it at: Of course GSI will let you know when the website opens.

Marion: GSI 02/22/05

NEWS, January 31st.

  Sarasota Film Festival
January 28th. Barry was planning to go to the Sarasota Film Festival to receive the Sarasota Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Music and Film. However due to medical problems of his mother in law he decided not to go to Sarasota. At this moment Linda’s mum is doing better already. The award would be presented to Barry because he has composed music used in the soundtracks of such films as “Saturday Night Fever,” “Grease,” “Good Will Hunting” according to the Sarasota Festival.

 Grief Never Grows Old
The single started at # 4 in the U.K. charts Fans asked if this single will be available outside the U.K. too. At this point releases in the other parts of the world are uncertain, probably unlikely. Please try to order through HMV or Amazon but do buy this single.

Marion: GSI 01/31/05

NEWS, January 23rd.

 Robin not to Germany due to back problems
Due to a pinched nerve in his back, Robin has not travelled to Germany this weekend to accept the Steiger Award in Dortmund. He feels sorry for all the fans who were planning to attend. His personal manager let us know that his back is still very painfull and it is difficult to move but he is hoping to be at BBC Breakfast 8.30am on Monday 24 and Radio 5 Live and then rest and go to HMV.
(see news about HMV below)

 Grief Never Grows Old

Robin during the recording of the Tsunami song

Steve Levine producer of the single: ‘It was a great honour and privilege to be asked to produce the official record for the Tsunami Disaster Emergency Committee. As a record producer it was also a moving experience to be able to record with some of the greatest vocalists of all time’ Mike Read composer of the song: ‘Every singer, musician, producer and everyone else involved with this CD were so keen to help that it was quite unexpected and overwhelming. Without them these recordings just wouldn’t have happened.’ More information, song lyrics, who sings what, photo and video material etc. etc. about the single and recording session of the Tsunami song at:

 The London Launch of ‘Grief Never Grows Old’

Cover of the single

The single is shaping up really nicely and there’s going to be a launch on Monday (24th) at the big HMV Oxford Street in London at midday – certainly with Mike Read and we hope Robin will be there too if he’s feeling better again. Any fans in or around London that might be interested in coming along?

 More about the Sarasota Film Festival
Cineastes, rockers, revelers and silver screen stars will rub shoulders beginning Friday at the seventh annual Sarasota Film Festival. The 10-day event runs through Feb. 6 and is one of the Gulf Coast’s marque attractions. Organizers are touting a lineup that includes four world premieres, six U.S. premieres, and 15 East Coast premieres. Both Leslie Caron and Rutger Hauer will be honored at the Sarasota Film Festival’s Filmmaker Tribute Dinner on Feb. 5 at the Ritz-Carlton. Barry Gibb will join Falk and Reiser at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art for Friday’s opening night post-film gala, but he is not scheduled to perform. Read more at:

 Love You Inside Out

Cover of the new single

Another Bee Gees cover will be released January 24th. It’s Canadian singer Leslie Feist who has recorded the BG composition (Love You) Inside Out and one believes this single is going to become a hit! For more info visit:

Marion: GSI 01/23/05
(Thanks M. Leib and International Cliff Richard Movement)

NEWS, January 11th.

 Song for Asia
January 8th. Barry was at Middle Ear studio recording his part for the single ‘Grief Never Grows Old’. He was assisted by John Merchant. Release date of the single is January 24th. and the public should put orders in as soon as possible to all main record retail outlets. Universal are creating a unique label for the song called ‘One World Records’. The song has been recorded in Sri Lanka , Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Miami , Chicago , New York (U.S.A.), County Clare , London and Lancashire (Britain) All proceeds will go directly to the DISASTER EMERGENCY COMMITTEE.

Robin Gibb Live In Germany
We’ve heard that: Robin Live in Germany will be released in Europe around May 16th. as at this moment the DVD of his live performance in Germany is already placed in the computers of for instance The Music Stores. All the world then finally can see him performing during his “Magnetic Tour” of last year.

Re-releases in The Netherlands
Like mentioned before this week the record company is going to re-release the albums: “Living Eyes” the Japanese version and “Bee Gees First” the U.S. version both on the Polydor label.

Night Fever
Such a pity but “Night Fever” didn’t make it to win the Best Song Award. The 5 nominees were: Joy Division (LoveWill Tear Us Apart), Kate Bush (Wuthering Heights), Queen (We Are The Champions), Robbie Williams (Angels) and Will Young (Leave Right Now). Please visit:

Marion: GSI 01/11/05
(also thanks to Peter H.)

NEWS, January 3rd.

 Gibb wishes to GSI for the New Year
I’ve received New Year wishes from the Gibbs and their family and together with them I’d love to wish all their fans and GSI visitors a wonderful 2005 too!!

Stars sing for Tsunami Relief Fund
Some of the music world’s biggest stars are joining forces to release a charity single they hope will raise more than £2 million for the Asian tsunami relief fund, it was revealed today. Sir Cliff Richard, Boy George and opera singer Russell Watson will all sing on the track, entitled Grief Never Grows Old. Ronan Keating will also take part, providing a recording studio can be found near where he is skiing in Switzerland. Other stars being approached include Jamie Cullum, Bee Gees Robin and Barry Gibb, Chris Rea and Olivia Newton John. Broadcaster Mike Read, who is leading the ‘One World’ project, had written the song before the natural disaster struck on Boxing Day but until then had thought it was too melancholy to release. The song is called: “Grief Never Grows Old” and will be performed by the stars under the name: “One World Project”.
Read more at:
Some other important websites where you can get info about the disaster itself and about donating money: The Disasters Emergency Committee –
Unicef: Red Cross:

Latest news

About the involvement of Barry and Robin in the One World Project: They have both been approached and we think and hope that concerning Robin; his confirmation will be there soon. Concerning Barry we’ve been informed by management that they indeed received a request for Barry to participate in the project just before the weekend and management at this point is still waiting for more details before to decide. We’ll keep you posted.

Quake Concert planned too
In addition to the above mentioned special recording for the Asia victims one now also plans a huge benefit concert at the 65,000 capacity Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Britain. Read more about the plans:

Night Fever
Interested in playing the part of BARRY GIBB? Being part of a real Bee Gees musical event. The Ancaster Theatre in Canada will have auditions on January 11th for the musical: Night Fever – The Music Of The Bee Gees And Friends. And they’re of course also looking for a male singer to play and sing the Barry Gibb part. Are you capable of doing that? Visit for more info:

Barry and Barbra
We’ve already mentioned about the plans that Barry and Barbra are working on another album again. Also Barbra Streisand now has confirmed this in a recent interview: “Barry Gibb is writing songs for a new album that we are doing together,” she said. Streisand also hinted she might make another album with songs from all over the world. More on:

Robert Stigwood

‘Father’ of The Bee Gees: Robert Stigwood last week returned to his birthplace in Australia Adelaide. He flew to Melbourne on Friday to attend the opening of the stage musical Saturday Night Fever, based on his hit 1977 disco film. Robert has been the driving force behind the succesful record company RSO and forged the careers of the Bee Gees, Cream, Eric Clapton and Yvonne Elliman, before moving into musicals with Hair in 1968, then Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita. Films followed with Tommy and the hugely successful Saturday Night Fever and Grease, which also spawned hit soundtrack albums. Read more:

Battle for best song
The Bee Gees are among a list of 25 musicians doing battle for a new best song award at the Brits, Radio 2 has announced. Their smash hit Night Fever is between the nominated songs for a special Best Song Award at the occasion of the Brit Awards’ 25th. anniversary. Between now and February 9 you can vote. The Top 5 nominees will be announced on January 10th.
Read more: Click here to vote

Marion: GSI 01/03/05

NEWS, December 11th.

   Paintball Commander’s Cup 2005
The National Professional Paintball League and Pure Promotions are pleased to announce the 2005 NPPL Super 7 Paintball Commander’s Cup will be held November 4 – 6, 2005 on the grounds of the breathtaking Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida. Bicentennial Park is located in the heart of downtown Miami, on beautiful Biscayne Bay. 

The Commander’s Cup is an annual tournament dedicated to the late Maurice Gibb of legendary music group The Bee Gees. Gibb, known to many as the greatest ambassador of our sport, called Miami his home. It was his vision to hold the greatest event of all time, The Commander’s Cup, in this fine city. Read here the whole article:

More about Maurice and his love for paintball you can find in the Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine:

Get Down Disco
December 4th. there was the PBS Special on TV (U.S.A.) of about 2 ½ hours about Disco with new performances and archival footage of course from artists like The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Leo Sayer and hosted by KC and the Sunshine Band. Many fans saw the show and sent their reports like Phillis:

The tribute they made toward the BEEGEES was fabulous. They mentioned that the brothers were “the architects of the contemporary R&B music”. They played the video of their “Stayin’ Alive” song and different outtakes of the “Saturday Night Fever” movie regarding their songs. I was sooo glad of this. They said wonderful things regarding the brothers and then AFTER the whole thing was over, they dedicated the show to Maurice!

It was a lovely tribute to The Bee Gees with amongst others: film shots of Karen Lynn Gorney as she stood along the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn, where she and John Travolta had filmed scenes from Saturday Night Fever.There were film shots of Robin from a 1978 interview talking about how they had written the S.N.F. songs while they were in France, trying to write for their own album.

Robin Gibb on Christmas Glory from Wales
This one hour Christmas concert features performances of classics by Montserrat, Robin Gibb and others. The show was filmed at Llandaff Cathedral and Cardiff Castle in Wales, Great Britain. And will be shown is several different countries around the world like:
Australia, December 13
And Canada December 14

Marion: GSI 12/11/04   (also thanks to Phillis)

NEWS, December 2nd.

  Barry will be joining “Hands in Health”
Barry has offered his support to the Joining “Hands In Health” campaign, along with a number of other celebrities including Sir Trevor McDonald, Jamie Oliver and Chris Tarrant. Campaign founder, Dounne Alexander traced around Barry’s hand so that his print might be added to the growing number of contributing celebrities. It is hoped that there will be a national “health exhibition” held in London by 2007, to celebrate the end of the campaign. People are therefore invited to join in by submitting their own ‘hand- tracing templates’.


“Joining Hands In Health” co-ordinate a number of charitable projects and aim to reach a target of £ 1 million for “The Little Haven Children’s Hospice” and “The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust”, by 2007. The patron of the trust is Eastenders star Rudolph Walker.

For further details or to contribute ideas on raising awareness for these charities, please e-mail “Joining Hands In Health”: –
(Submitted by Stephanie Thorburn)

Marion: GSI 12/02/04
(special thanks Stephanie Thorburn)