NEWS, December 27th.

Tony Blair visits Robin’s Miami Home
According to some newspapers: British Prime Minister Tony Blair travelled with a commercial flight to Miami to spend some days in Robin’s mansion in Miami Beach. After a minor incident with the plane on the Miami airport Mr Blair and his family were directed to Robin’s house. Outside Robin’s home was heavy police presence.
More info:

Robin with Mr. Blair

Memorial CD for Arif Mardin

There has been released a memorial CD for Arif Mardin. It was published by WEA and Balet Records and it contains amongst others the song of The Bee Gees: “Jive Talkin'” and their version of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” (Carole King).
Click here for the CD cover (pdf )

Marion: GSI 12/27/06  (thanks Aynur K.)

NEWS, December 23rd.

‘Weihnachten’ for Robin

Robin interviewed by Frank Laufenberg

Robin spent quite some time in Germany recently and performed in several shows to sing some of his Christmas album material etc. He also found some time to enjoy the special atmosphere of a German Christmas market. Click here for an picture impression from tv of Robin on the ‘Weihnachts Markt’ in Rostock. We already mentioned his performance at the Carreras Gala, December 14th. The next day he Sang at the Fürst-von-Bismarck-Saals, a hall in Mainz, Germany for about 200 invited guests and talked to Frank Laufenberg of SWR1. Click here to listen to the interview

Robin performing Mainz, SWR1

Marion: GSI 12/23/06

NEWS, December 16th.

 Barry at BMI Reception

Barry and wife Linda, ©

Barry, Linda, and their song writing sons, Steve and Ashley, attended a BMI reception held in their honor last Wednesday. For more visit:
For a photo report please also visit

Robin in Germany
Robin performed ‘Mother Of Love’ Thursday night at the José Carreras Gala in Leipzig, Germany. The show is an annual charity event to support the struggle against leukemia and was broadcasted live on tv. Robin performed at the end of the show his new song. On Friday he was in the German city of Mainz and there he also gave an interview in which he talked about plans for an album together with brother Barry for 2008. As far as we know now the interview and parts of a performance of Robin you can hear on line on Sunday Evening at 10 p.m. local time at the SWR1 website:


 Ahmet Ertegun dies

Ahmet Ertegun left with Bee Gees and Robert Stigwood

Ahmet Ertegun, who helped define American music as the founder of Atlantic Records has died at the age of 83 last Thursday in New York He was a son of a Turkish diplomat whose passion for America’s black music inspired him to launch Atlantic Records and the careers of acts ranging from Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin. He also worked with The Bee Gees in the past. ‘Ertegun had a gift for being able to pick out what would be a commercial smash’, said the late producer Arif Mardin, who remembered one session where he was working with the Bee Gees on an album – but was unsure of what he had produced. ‘Then Ahmet came and listened to it, and said, -You’ve got hits here, you’ve got dance hits-!’

Marion: GSI 12/16/06  

NEWS, November 24th.

Barry and TG Sheppard

Kelly, TG, Linda & Barry Gibb     © foto: TG

It seems that country pop singer TG Sheppard (married to Kelly Lang) is working on an album of duets with artists like Willie Nelson, Ricky Skaggs and also Barry Gibb. We do not have confirmed details yet.

“Mother Of Love”
Robin’s song is now available from download stores Listen to the song at Robin’s new site: The song was inspired by Maurice Gibb, and is the first new Robin Gibb composition to be published since his twin brother passed away in January 2003. This song was written in early September and was premiered at the Brahma Kumaris’ “Just a Minute” launch at Wembley Arena. Robin dedicated the song to Dadi Janki, the organisation’s spiritual leader, who, having just celebrated her 90th birthday is still travelling around the world to promote peace. It is also dedicated to Robin’s own mother, Barbara Gibb. Royalties of “Mother of Love” will be donated to the “Janki Foundation for Global Healthcare”, active in research as well as providing medical care to those most in need. “Mother Of Love” in fact was written by Robin for all the mothers in the world. It’s the single of Robin’s Christmas album: “My Favourite Christmas Carols”.
European edition: (Extra tracks):
Asian edition: (Deluxe 2CD edition):
American edition:
Robin in Media: (appearances and press):
December 2: “Benissimo” (CH)
December 14: “Jose Carreras Gala” (D)
December 21: “Carmen Nebel Show” (D)
Tba – “RTL Exclusive” (D)
Tba – “Sat1 Blitz” (D)
“Bild der Frau” (D)

 Mark Newman

Mark Newman plays guitar, sings his heart out and writes the kind of songs that resonate with universal longing. His “Must Be A Pony” debut (Danal Music) was released last week and it features 13 originals by Mark Newman himself and some of his friends (including Sam The Sham) plus a cover version of Barry and Robin Gibb’s 1967 hit “New York Mining Disaster 1941.”. Visit to hear the soundclip.

Marion: GSI 11/24/06  (thanks also

NEWS, November 11th.

 Vote for Bee Gees

Once again it’s time to vote for The Bee Gees through the Dutch Radio Station: “Radio Two”. Please all help to get Bee Gees music as high in the list as possible. You can now (until November 24th) vote and send in your favourite songs for the Top 2000 of 2007. A good idea to bring one of The Bee Gees songs as high in the list as possible is to at least all vote for the same number one Bee Gees song: “Stayin’ Alive”. So please send in your list and a suggestion is to place “Stayin’ Alive” at number one! Visit this Dutch website to vote:
To select your songs click on: -verder-

Marion: GSI 11/11/06  (thanks Peter H.)

NEWS, November 2nd.

Robin to Ellan Vannin

According to Isle Of Man Today: Robin is coming home. Robin is busy buying a house in the Isle Of Man to return to where he once was born. Robin and wife Dwina are looking forward to spending more time in the Island and Robin’s mother Barbara is delighted to have a home there once more. Robin’s plans started speculations of a possible performance on Man with brother Barry in future. Also visit:

Robin’s speech
Robin spoke at the Houses Of Parliament in London about how new laws are detrimental to young songwriters. Click here for the text of the speech, with thanks to

Marion: GSI 11/02/06

NEWS, October 30th.

Bee Gees Box set
Help to promote the Bee Gees box set and send out Rhino’s e- card.

Robin at British Houses Of Parliament
Robin will be making a speech at a reception at the Houses of Parliament in London. He will talk about how new laws are detrimental to young songwriters. Invitees include Ministers, MP’s and music industry representatives. After Robin’s introduction, David Ferguson, Chair of the British Academy Composers & Songwriters, will present the Academy’s Report on “Status Quo”. Earlier Robin will be seen on the British news: British Twenty Four and will do a radio interview for BBC 5 Live Radio, 10.30 local time.

Robin’s Christmas Album
Robin is planning to do some media appearances in support of his Christmas album: ‘My Favourite Carols’. However this is not confirmed yet.
The album will be released on 3 continents, by Koch Entertainment in USA, Edel Records in Germany (GAS/Scandinavia/Italy) and Evolution Records in Hong Kong (Asia). Possible release dates are:
3 November 2006, Asia (Evolution Records-EVSA015)
21 November 2006, North-America (Koch Entertainment)
24 November 2006, Europe (Edel Records)
Robin recorded the material this Summer in Dublin. “Mother of Love” is projected to feature on the Edel Records and Evolution Records editions of “My Favourite Carols” and is expected to be highlighted as the album’s lead single in the territories concerned. More details when confirmed.
The Edel Records edition of “My Favourite Carols” is set to feature 3 additional tracks: “Ellan Vannin”, “Come Some Christmas Eve Or Hallowe’en” and an instrumental medley. Full track listings per region as well as the approved artwork are not confirmed yet at this moment. You can pre-order the “My Favourite Carols” CD on-line for instance at: (North America) (Germany etc) (Scandinavia and other European countries) and
Media appearances in Germany where Robin will sing “Mother Of Love”: Carmen Nebel Show on ZDF. 20.15 CET, December 9th confirmed to be broadcasted: December 21st. and José Carreras Gala, live on ARD. 20.15 CET, December 14th. Tickets to attend the Gala concert at the Leipzig Messehalle range from €24,50 to €90,50 and are available from most ticket outlets, as well as on-line (, or call: 0345 2029771. A few more media appearances are in the works but not confirmed yet.

Marion: GSI 10/30/06  also thanks,

NEWS, October 17th.

Robin on Richard Allison’s show

Richard Allinson and Robin Gibb

Listen to a recent Robin Gibb interview with Richard Allison for BBC Radio Oxford. He talks about his coming shows in Asia, about his plans for Christmas with Mother Of Love to be a single and more Christmas carols on an album to come this year. About the tribute album for Maurice and the plans for next year etc.
Please visit:

Marion: GSI 10/17/06

NEWS, October 13th.

Hong Kong music special
For those lucky enough to live in Hong Kong, this Saturday (October 14) TVB Jade will be broadcasting a music special featuring local celebrities discussing their favourite Bee Gees and Robin Gibb songs. Music videos from Robin Gibb will also be shown. Times: TVB Jade, Saturday 14 October 11:00pm to 11:30pm.

Barry and his son Ashley have recently been interviewed by the U.S. television program Entertainment Tonight. Not definite yet when the interview will be aired.

For more information on some Bee Gees band members through the years please visit: and click on the direct Bee Gees link.

Marion: GSI 10/13/06  (also thanks Marian)

NEWS, October 5th.

Robin’s CD for LIPA

Since October 3rd. this cd (see also the GSI news of September 11th) is available through iTunes. Go to: You there can download the EP for £3,95.

Robin in Asia
None of the announced performances of Robin in Asia for November 2006 have been confirmed by his management nor mentioned on Robins’ official website at this point.

Marion: GSI 10/05/06

NEWS, September 29th.

 Bee Gees Box Set

“The Studio Albums 1967 – 1968”
For info and to listen to

The set can be pre ordered already and will be available in the shops from November the 7th. GSI has for you more info about the album facts, marketing news and of course the complete track lists from the record company,
please: click here to download PDF file 

The Bee Gees Top 30
Have you already send in your Top Ten list of favorite Bee Gees songs to radio station Radio Popular? Do it before October 3rd !!
For more info:

Robin and Miss World
Robin is one of the acts who will perform at the Grand Final of Miss World. This event will take place in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday
September 30.

Barry Gibb Demos
On iTunes you will soon find next to the unreleased Barry songs: Underworld and Mr. Man, also the demos of the following albums: “The Guilty Demos”, “The Heartbreaker Demos” “The Eatin Alive Demos” and “The Eyes that See… Demos”. Visit the iTunes store where you will be able to preview the tracks as soon as they are ready.

Lots of reviews these days about the live performance of “How Deep Is Your Love” by John Frusciante of the “Red Hot Chilly Peppers” during the concerts of the band. Curious to see and hear more of this cover version?:

Marion: GSI 09/29/06
thanks to Warner Music UK.

NEWS, September 18th.

 Robin sings at Wembley Arena
Yesterday Robin was one of the performers at Just A Minute. A spectacular event at the 12000 capacity Wembley Arena, London, UK; with many simultaneous events happening around the world. Just A Minute is a new campaign to create personal peace in a global climate of ever-increasing chaos and change. It introduces regular one-minute periods of silence into people’s lives. Robin did some well known Bee Gees hits like “Words”, “How Deep Is Your Love” and later on in the program the disco hits “Tragedy” and “Stayin’ Alive” but most surprisingly was his performance of the special and moving song for this event: “Mother Of love”.

“The Studio Albums 1967 – 1968”
You can already pre-order the box set at Amazon:

Marion: GSI 09/18/06  

NEWS, September 11th.

 Robin concerts
According to information again published on the Internet there’s a Robin concert booked for November in Manila. GSI has informed with Robin’s management about this matter however they still haven’t confirmed the concert at this point!! Robin does however perform in London, September 17 like mentioned on GSI before. See: for info and to watch the Event live and:
Also on September 17 Robin will be guest on the Sunday morning show on BBC Radio Two of Aled Jones. You can hear the show through:

Robin compiled CD of LIPA students
Robin has compiled all his fave songs created by the Lipa students (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) after he cooperated with Lipa last year of which we informed earlier. The digital release is called: Lipa’s 1st selected by Robin Gibb and will be available on I Tunes from October 3rd. Robin chose the songs from 140 submitted by students at the Mount Street institute for performing arts and mentioned he was impressed by the quality of the tracks and found it hard to narrow down the selection. Robin added: “This is such a great way to bring fresh new talent and ideas to the public sector so they can hear for themselves the stars of the future.” For more please visit:

 Vote for Bee Gees
Who do you think is the greatest trio of all times? Be sure to vote at Billboard where you will find a poll.

 Excitement during fan gathering in Miami
We’ve reported before on GSI about the Barry Gibb Fan Gathering organised by Heidi in Miami Beach. The fans at the moment gathered in Miami Beach for this gathering had the time of their lives when they actually got a chance to meet with Barry at his home. They talked with Barry, Ashley and Dick Ashby first and afterwards Barry invited them in to show his new studio and the room where he and Ashley do the chats for They also got a chance there to speak with Linda and see Steve and his baby boy.

 Robin at Augsburger Presse Ball in Germany
According to German newspapers: Robin is going to be special guest at the press ball in Augsburg, Germany, one of the most spectacular media galas. It will take place November 11th in the conference hall. You can pre-order tickets by phone 0821/777-2360 (plus adding the international code and the German country number when calling from outside Germany, minus the first mentioned ‘0’) The Ball starts at 8 pm. The venue is: the Augsburger Kongresshalle (GÖgginger Str.10 86159 Augsburg, Germany). For more details (in german)

 Robin’s website online again is active again with news and forum.

   Marcia Hines has covered the Bee Gees song: “You Should Be Dancin” for her newest album “Discotheque”. Marcia has even greater respect for the Bee Gees after covering this hit. Marcia: “The Bee Gees were magicians. Anybody who says they aren’t, don’t know. For a singer to dissect a Bee Gees song, and try to do it justice, is the toughest test of all”

 Julio Iglesias will release his new album: “Romantic Classics” on September 19. It contains a cover of The Bee Gees: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”

 Paris Hilton Her debut album, “Paris” is out and she may quiet many critics with her genre-sampling work. The album has 11 tracks of pop, rock, reggae, hip-hop and dance songs. The track: “I Want You” features a sample of “Grease” by Barry Gibb and the track is pure pop.

Marion: GSI 09/11/06  
(thanks Teresa E., Heidi B. and Bee Gees One)

NEWS, August 10th.

 Barry and Cliff Richard
While being in England this Spring, Barry went in the studio with Cliff again. We already mentioned on GSI their new plans of recording something together (GSI News July 6th). April 10th they both worked in the Metropolis Studios in London and recorded a track for Cliff’s album “Two’s Company” – The Duets. Planned release date November 6th on EMI.

 Barry buys new mixing console
The new type of console was first hired and used by Barry and John Merchant to mix the music of the Barbra Streisand album:: “Guilty Pleasures” and now Barry has bought himself this new equipment (an AWS 900 from GC Pro) for his personal studio in Miami.

 Biggest Bee Gees Event of Brasil
September 3rd. there will be an event organized in honor of the 60th birthday of Barry. Place to be: São Paulo, Brasil. It’s open to all fans from 11 in the morning until 7 at night. For more details visit:
Or mail to: Claudio

Marion: GSI 08/10/06  
(Thanks fan club Brasil / Osmarina)

NEWS, August 1 st.

Robin at European Commission
Robin wrote about his speech to the European Commission concerning royalties. He attended the commission in June at a three day hearing which ended June 16th and he appealed the European regulators not to break up the network of collecting societies that gather royalties for recording artists. Click here for Robin’s editorial of July 15th


“One Voice “

September 12th. Rhino/Warner is planning to release “One Voice” on DVD. It’s the 1986 Fundraiser Concert of Barbra Streisand, recorded in her garden. Guest appearance: Barry Gibb. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this concert which Barbra gave on September 6th 1986 and which was broadcasted as a TV special in many countries that year. Order using THIS LINK, and you’ll get 30% off. Excellent price of $13.99 More info on the show at
Click here (Word file) for track list of DVD.

Marion: GSI 08/01/06  (thanks Roberta G.)

NEWS, July 6th.

Barry and Cliff Richard
Barry and Cliff have recorded the pop song of Sting: “Fields Of Gold”. The number is recorded for the duets album of Cliff “Two’s Company” on EMI. Release date is end October – begin of November. More details soon.

Marion: GSI 07/06/06  (thanks: Harry I C R M)

NEWS, July 5th.

Robin to funeral Arif Mardin

The funeral of Arif Mardin in Istanbul

Grammy-winning Turkish / American record producer Arif Mardin, has been laid to rest in his home city after a religious service attended by politicians and artists Robin Gibb told reporters: “The music industry has lost a great person. He was a gentleman.” Robin was interviewed after the ceremony at the Tesvikiye Mosque in Instanbul. He attended the funeral in Turkey with his wife Dwina to represent The Bee Gees.

A Turkish fan wrote to GSI:
– Robin joined the pray in the mosque and it was an unusual thing for a Christian. Everybody was surprised and liked it very much. Dwina had covered her hair. It’s a respectful behaviour to Moslem believes. All the newspapers mentioned these things. The photo with the picture of Arif and the flowers with music notes was taken in the garden of the mosque. This way the coffin is placed during the funeral service, on a special stone. It is a Moslem tradition. We don’t put the coffin inside the mosque, it’s always in the garden of the mosques even in bad weather!-
Click for some newspaper clippings.

Dwina and Robin after the ceremony

Marion: GSI 07/05/06  (thanks: Aynur Kuru)

NEWS, June 29th.

No concert in Portugal
The upcoming show of Robin in Lisbon on the 12th July has been cancelled.

Robin in London in September
Robin is planning to perform at the Wembley Arena on September 17th during the Join The Jam concert.
For more info please visit: Ticket info at:

Marion: GSI 06/30/06 

NEWS, June 25th.

Bumsrush Screening
The scheduled screening of Bumsrush could not take place because there are in fact some scenes that may be a bit too over the top for younger people. Instead, Barry’s website planned to show some footage throughout the course of the evening. The announced live chat on June 25th will run as scheduled. More on

Barry’s guitar raffled at charity auction

Dave Englsh with Barry’s guitar

Sunday June 18 a charity cricket match at Edge Grove Preparatory School, in Aldenham was the launch of the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Scholarship. Winners will receive free education at Edge Grove until the age of 13 before getting their fees paid to attend Mill Hill School, in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, until the age of 18. A three-course lunch, followed by an auction and raffle, helped to raise more than £23,000 for the NSPCC. A guitar signed by the Bee Gees member Barry Gibb fetched an impressive £13,000 after competitive bidding. The schemes were set up with the help of Bunbury’s celebrity cricket team founder, David English, who said: “It was a fantastic day and this is just the beginning”. We had a great turnout and raised lots of money for charity.
Read the whole story at:

Arif Mardin honered in Turkey

Arif Mardin

Turkish-born music producer Arif Mardin was named the recipient of this year’s Culture and Art Achievement Award by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, reported by the Anatolia news agency. Mardin’s son Joe Mardin accepted the award at a ceremony on Monday June 19 on behalf of his father, who could not attend for reasons of health, from the Turkish Culture and Tourism Attaché Meltem Öhon in New York. The award is conferred on people who contribute in promoting Turkish culture and arts throughout the world. Word is spreading through the musical community that the great and truly legendary producer Arif Mardin is now seriously ill. Arif worked a lot with The Bee Gees. Born in 1932 in Istanbul, Mardin graduated from Istanbul University and studied at the London School of Economics. In 1958 he became the first recipient of the Quincy Jones Scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he also taught for one year following his graduation. He started working with Atlantic Records in 1963 as an assistant to Nasuhi Ertegün. Six years later, he was named vice president of the company. Mardin left Atlantic Records in 2001. More at:

New cover by Julio Iglesias
Julio newest album called: “Romantic Classics” includes the Gibb song: “How Can you Mend A Broken Heart”. 

For this album Julio has drawn from the worlds of pop, rock and country music to record his sublime interpretations of songs originally performed by a diverse range of artists including Willie Nelson, George Michael, The Bee Gees and The Cars. Recorded in Los Angeles and Punta Cana with producers Albert Hammond and Robert Buchanan, “Romantic Classics” showcases Iglesias and a small sympathetic ensemble performing 11 best-loved songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
(thanks: Juan G.)

Marion: GSI 06/25/06  

NEWS, May 30th.

Barry’s own website is running now already for a year. Barry Gibb Radio is constantly sending us a variety of Gibb compositions, even unreleased and very exclusive material like for instance demo versions of songs which will soon be available for the fans too, like “Dr. Mann” and “Underworld”, due for release in June!! Another new feature on Barry’s website will be: Barry Gibb TV a streaming media function exclusive to where footage which is currently seen in the chat room will be delivered in a far more enhanced format. At the moment be sure to watch the The Prince’s Trust video recordings of Derek Kozlowski and see how Barry ended up in The Tower Of London!!


The first instalment of Bumsrush is a collection of home movies filmed over the last 25 years, featuring Barry Gibb, David English and Ashley Gibb. This collection of home videos is now available through Orders will be despatched within 28 days.
The Madness begins: a must see!!

Barry and Robin
According to management it’s NOT true that Barry and Robin are together in Barry’s new house now, working on new material. This in contrast to several publications.

Robin in Denmark
We’ve reported about Robin’s concert in Denmark on July 29th before, but GSI has received more details directly from the Festival Organisation now. Click for info

Visit to watch quite a number of Bee Gees video clips at:

Marion: GSI 05/30/06  thanks Preben Q

NEWS, May 26th.

Ivor Novello Awards (2)

Yesterday the Brothers spoke for the first time in public about the new situation after their reunion, what had happened the past years and specially about their plans for the future. They paid particular tribute to their former manager Robert Stigwood during their acceptance speeches. Stigwood, who made a rare public appearance at the event. “We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Robert Stigwood,” said Robin Gibb. Brother Barry described the veteran manager and label boss as “the man who turned our whole industry upside down.” They also mentioned it would be difficult putting the past behind. Robin: “We’ve always worked very hard to try not to repeat what we’ve done before.” Barry said, “We’re sort of rediscovering each other, working together and as individuals. Just the mention of Maurice proved difficult for Barry during a recent interview with U.S. television. Barry says his music gives him the strength to carry on. “Maybe it’s like any other job. If you love it, it can keep you distracted enough not to be unhappy about things. We’ve lost two brothers and we’re not going to lose each other.” Barry told ET backstage after accepting the award. But the reunion doesn’t end there, and Barry says the brothers look forward to getting back together on stage to perform. “We’re sort of rediscovering each other,” he added. “Working together and as individuals”. “We’re enjoying ourselves,” said Robin. “Moving forward we’ll continue to experiment.” He says fans can look forward to new music from the Bee Gees coming soon. “It will be different,”
More at: , also watch the video.
The Bee Gees: Tonight on American ET!!

Barry and Robin continue and Mo is with them in spirit
The Brothers insist their late brother Maurice joined them on stage, in spirit, at their first UK performance since he died at the Prince’s Trust charity concert in London last week. But they maintain they felt Maurice was with them throughout their performance. Barry says, “Mo is still with us. When I am on stage, I look to the left and he is there. He is everywhere when we are playing.” Robin adds, “It’s a spiritual presence. It has taken us two years to be able to perform again without him but getting on stage felt totally right.” And Barry insists the gig was the first of many, now the brothers are back: “We’re going to keep on playing. We’ve lost two brothers. Now we are going to make sure we don’t lose each other.” See:

Future plans
Next year, the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever, Barry and Robin, intend to hit the road together again. “It’s taken two years to get over Maurice’s death, and reach the stage where we can work together again,” said Robin, at yesterday’s Ivor Novello awards. “I now realise that it’s even more important that we do stuff together. So we might well be going back on the road next year, but dates won’t be announced until everything’s concrete.”

Marion: GSI 05/26/06  

NEWS, May 17th.

Concert of Robin in Shanghai

May 15 Robin did his concert in Shanghai singing Bee Gees songs for lots and lots of fans who again came to see him from different parts of the globe. For some photos of his arrival see:
An interview published by That’s Shanghai earlier this month you can read at:

The Prince’s Trust concert live

Next Saturday it will be the day of the Prince’s Trust Concert where Barry and Robin are going to perform together. The program will be live screened by the British ITV1 and broadcasted live by Capital Radio. All details:

Marion: GSI 05/17/06 

NEWS, May 11th.

David English published new book

Former Bee Gees manager and celebrity cricket godfather David English is an irrepressible optimist who has released his second autobiography last Friday: “Confessions of a Dedicated Englishman”. See:

Robin to Denmark
According to publications in Denmark, Robin will be one of the guests performing during the Langeland Festival on July 29th. in Denmark. At the moment we have no confirmation yet but please visit:

Videos of “Love And Hope” rehearsals
Enjoy the several videos filmed by Ashley Gibb of Barry and Robin singing during the rehearsals for the Love And Hope performance. Go to the
Barry website and click the: – enter chat room – button.

Marion: GSI 05/11/06  

NEWS, May 8th.

More about Barry in Tennessee
– To view a lot of lovely photos of Barry at the tornado relief concert together with Kelly Lang be sure to visit: more photos and video material at: and for more info about the Sumner County Tornado Relief or for donations please see:
– For more info on Roy Orbison be sure to visit: and click here to watch Barry’s speech during the Roy Orbison Tribute etc.

Vote for The Bee Gees
This time we ask you to vote for The Top 100 Of All Times on Dutch Radio 2. It will be aired May 25th. See The Bee Gees albums you can choose from are:
“Main Course” “Spirits” “First” “Odessa”

Marion: GSI 05/08/06  (Thanks Peter H.)

NEWS, April 24th.

Brothers Gibb At The “Prince’s Trust”

Barry and Robin are among the stars scheduled to perform at the “Prince’s Trust” 30th birthday concert at the Tower of London May 20TH. The plan to sing 3 songs with the house band for the “Prince’s Trust”. To win tickets and to read more about the VIP tickets etc. please visit:

“Bumrush”, The Madness Begins
A Collection of Home Movies Featuring Barry Gibb, David English and Ashley Gibb. Featuring:

  • Technicolor Dreams
  • Blue Ass Mountain 1
  • It’s My Party
  • Bad Monica
  • Cohen and Cohen
  • Something Stupid
  • Hot Seat – Italian Opera Singer
  • Book O the Month
  • Hot Seat – Prime MinisterBook O the Month
  • Blue Ass Mountain 2
  • Madass
  • Richard III
  • The Flasher
  • Monks
  • Cars Salesman
  • Captain Asshole
  • Hot Seat – Jimmy Dupre
  • Eric & Gerry
  • Blue Ass Mountain 3
  • Hot Seat – Blind Boy Slim Fat
  • Hot Seat – Horatio Perturbed
  • Interglobal Evening Spotlight
  • Black & White Christmas

Soon available through Barry’s website.

Save The Earth Foundation’s 2006 Earth Day auction

This auction will take place online and on the radio and is supported by classic rock radio stations across the U.S. The auction features posters, guitars and memorabilia from The Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, Rolling Stones and many other artists!! This live auction on radio stations across the U.S. started April 21st. and ends April 30th. Please visit: and

Former Bee Gees drummer died
Mike Murphy (60), died last week in a Cleveland hospital. Murphy was a drummer for the Bee Gees on their 1989 “One for All” tour, and his wife Tampa sang background vocals. They also played on the trio’s box set, “Tales from the Brothers Gibb.” His wife recalls that rock stars often would call her husband “Father Murphy,” because he was a devout Christian.

Everybody I Shot Is Dead
This is the title of a new book by Deborah Chesher, who was a rock’n’roll photographer in the mid-seventies, – back when the music business was still about the music- according to Deborah.
“I am writing GSI because you are affiliated with one of the brilliant musicians that will be featured in my upcoming book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. My high-quality photography book will feature pictures I took of the many musicians who have since passed, as well as my personal stories”.
Please visit:
Thanks, Deborah.

Mathilde Santing
Dutch singer Mathilde Santing has recorded a Bee Gees song on her new album: Under Your Charms. She’s doing a real nice cover version of: “In The Morning Of My Life”.
Click here and listen to a sound clip of the song.

Mathilde Santing

Gina Villalobos

A new cover version of “I Can’t Have You” has been recorded by Gina Villalobos for her new album: Miles Away.
Listen here to a sound clip of the cover.
More info at:

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NEWS, February 9th.

Robin live at Edinburgh Castle

Tickets for Robin Gibb’s live concert at Edinburgh Castle July 16 go on sale for the general public this Friday Feb 10. You can order on-line through Fans that haven’t purchased pre-sales tickets for the Edinburgh show or any of the other shows, they can always try and get tickets now public sales for these concerts are starting. Fans that have requested information about the planned Liverpool concert through will be notified by email with details once they are available.

Go and visit: to find some nice video and audio clips of Robin Gibb. Enjoy.

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NEWS, February 7th.

Warner’s Rhino Entertainment
Warner’s Rhino Entertainment plans to announce that it has a new worldwide deal in place to revisit the original master recordings and unreleased material from the music library of The Bee Gees’ original studio recordings spanned from 1965 through 2001. According to: Read also:

“Love And Hope”
According to management in Miami, Barry started rehearsing for his “Love And Hope” performance February 6th. He’s working and will be performing there with Ben Stivers and Tim Cansfield as part of the band again. No more talk however about the possibilities earlier mentioned for a live web cast performance of Barry at “Love And Hope”. We’ll keep you posted.

Charlie D. Medow and his tribute to The Bee Gees

Cover “Erinnerungen Und Mehr”

Late last year Charlie released an album of which 6 songs are compositions of The Bee Gees performed by Charlie in German. He made this album: ‘Erinnerungen Und Mehr’ (Memories And More) as a tribute to one of his favourite groups: The Bee Gees. In July he will be touring in the U.S.A. Go and visit his website to find out more about Charlie and listen to his Bee Gees versions in German as well as some of his live cover versions of Bee Gees songs

GSI Cover Tip

Ardijah from New Zealand
In 1998 Ardijah made their first single release by a major record label in several years. “Love So Right”, a Bee Gees cover was released bearing all the hallmarks of Ardijah’s unique Poly-Fonk R&B sound. This release caught the attention of the original artists/songwriters, resulting in a meeting with Ardijah when the Gibb brothers toured New Zealand in 1999. “Love So Right” was one of New Zealand’s most played radio hits of the year, remaining in the Top 20 for seventeen weeks – seven of those weeks in the Top 10 – sending the song to Gold sales. Visit their website at:
 Listen here  (also thanks: Melody)

Ardijah with The Bee Gees

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NEWS, January 26th.

Robin and Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow

Robin co-wrote a song with Gary Barlow last Autumn, “I Want You Back” which Liz McClarnon (Atomic Kitten ) may record for her first solo album.

Vote for The Bee Gees
The Dutch Radio station Radio 2 is again compiling a chart list with fave songs from the sixties with your help of course. During The Week Of The Sixties, which starts February 6th, Radio 2 will air this list of best songs of the Sixties on February 10th. Vote for your 10 fave records and if all Bee Gees fans would place Massachusetts at number 1 we might try and get a BG song as high in that list as possible. Visit the Dutch Radio 2 website and make a list of your 10 fave songs of the Sixties.

   Former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon’s debut single “Woman in Love”, will be released in Britain on 13 February 2006. Robin co-produced the single. To watch the video see the GSI News of December 21st. There will be two different versions available of the single: CD1: “Woman in Love” and “I Get The Sweetest Feeling”. CD2: also includes the single’s video clip and a dance remix of “Woman in Love”. To pre-order: For more info visit:

left CD 1   right CD 2

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NEWS, January 16th.

Bonnie Tyler sings Bee Gees

Bonnie Tylers incomparably rough voice is legendary. Numerous of her songs have written history. “So Emotional” draws a picture of her sensitive side. One of the songs on the track list is the Bee Gees composition: “To Love Somebody”.     Listen here 

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NEWS, January 12th.

Maurice In Loving Memory

Today we all remember the fact that it ‘s 3 years ago today that Mo died, much too early. Fans will dedicate him by burning a candle, websites are honouring him with their special Maurice Gibb Tribute Pages like for instance Barry’s website with a beautiful tribute to Mo by Barry and Robin and the special Mo Page and of course our own Maurice Gibb In Loving Memory pages, the special part of this GSI website. Please visit: and
Maurice: We love you, you’ll never be forgotten!!

Vote for your fave Manchester musicians

The Pride Of Manchester website, with the help from you, are compiling the definitive survey to find the 100 most popular musicians ever to have emerged from the Rock’n’Goal Capital of the World: Manchester, England. Take a look at: to vote for…

Barry working on new album
According to a recent chat with Barry he tells about working on his new album together with his sons Stephen and Ashley. The album will contain only new songs. We are looking forward to this new cooperation of the team: Barry, Stephen and Ashley Gibb.

Song For Davey
After the song ‘How Many Sleeps’ which tells about Amie Rosie, daughter of David English, Barry and David worked together in Miami again and now composed a song about Davids’ son: Song For Davey. The song however hasn’t been quite finished yet. Read more at:

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Back to the most recent News

NEWS, December 25th.

Barry’s Chat News
December 22nd Barry did a Christmas Chat and told the fans who were in the chat room: The country album will be completely ready in about a year but there won’t be any tracks available before it’s finished. The album will contain only new songs… Barry’s comments on the recently aired episode of Saturday Night Life with the comic skit about himself: ‘I have no idea why they call it S.N.L. but the Barry Gibb Talk Show is very funny, specially the last one’! (see: GSI News December 20th.)… About preferring to record in his new house above working in Middle Ear: ‘We just love the Cash-Carter house and even if I would never record a country album we would still have bought the Cash House’… What about Barry’s involvement in all the Rhino releases: I’m not as involved as I would like to be. I think everyone moves a little too fast for me’… Asking about his mum Barbara: ‘Mums great, thank you’… Did Barry make any resolutions for 2007? ‘Yes, not to make any resolutions’… Any plans for a concert any time soon? ‘I don’t plan any concerts in the near future. The country album is the focus for me at the moment. And we are going to do a web cast early in the New Year! … About a tribute for Maurice: ‘Yes I really believe there should be a concert for Mo. Also a tribute song for Mo would be great. I always felt that: “Send In The Clowns” was very descriptive of Mo’s personality’… Barry also told like mentioned on GSI before that he will spend some time in Colorado early in 2007 and that there are no plans for a performance at Love and Hope next year as yet. And about a concert with Robin: ‘you’ll never know’…

Barry: “Talk to you soon, from Linda and I and the rest of the family: Merry Christmas to all of you and a healthy and happy New Year”.

Merry Christmas
Enjoy Christmas in the way you prefer and with this little old video clip of The Bee Gees!

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NEWS, December 20th.

Barry Gibb Chat
For those of you who use to visit Barry’s chat room. You can join Barry for a Christmas chat at Friday December 22nd at 4 pm. (Miami time). Follow the -chat room- link at Barry’s website.

Barry Gibb Talk Show

Justin Timberlake was Robin Gibb again last weekend on American telly in a sketch of The Barry Gibb Talk Show. He played alongside former Saturday Night Live star Jimmy Fallon. Justin and Jimmy first performed the popular sketch when Justin hosted in 2003

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NEWS, December 12th.

Robin performs on Isle Of Man

Robin will give a concert on the Isle Of Man, June 2nd as part of the 100th. TT races celebration Street Heritage Events are organising The Peel Bay Festival June 1-6, and some of the biggest names in Rock are being lined up to perform in the amazing marquee located on the cliff top in Peel. Robin and his band are booked to perform on Saturday June 2nd, 2007. Check out the event’s website the coming weeks for all details. If you plan attending, please check transport and accommodation options first as a lot of hotels are fully booked already. For more info:

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NEWS, December 9th.

Holiday Season

GSI wishes all Bee Gees fans, readers and visitors to our website a wonderful Christmas Time and a Good 2007 !!!

Artists ask for copyright extension to 95 years
Around 4,500 artists (including Barry Gibb) have put their names to a newspaper advertisement, calling on the government to extend the copyright in sound recordings to 95 years.

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NEWS, December 8th.

Eduardo Lage

Eduardo Lage

The Brazilian musician Eduardo Lage, keyboard player and arragemment of the Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos since 1997, has released an album called “Cenário” which includes a new cover of How Deep Is you Love. This version is instrumental and shows all the sensibility of the Brazilian musician.
Click here to listen to the song.

Annie Haslam sings Bee Gees

Annie Haslam

Annie Haslan released a new CD called ‘Woman Transcending’ with a cover of the Bee Gees song: ‘My Eternal Love’. A version of the song, ‘My Eternal Love’, was recorded and produced by Tony Visconti for the ‘Blessing in Disguise’ album, but ultimately was not included on the final album. “I’m pleased it was included now, as the song is so timely,” states Haslam.

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NEWS, November 20th.

Auction of Bee Gees jumpsuit

A jumpsuit, (probably the original one of Barry, however GSI cannot confirm this) signed by Barry, Robin and Maurice and used for rehearsals by the Bee Gees circa Saturday Night Fever period, is going to be sold at The Fame Bureau’s auction at Sound in Leicester Sq. On wed. 29th of November. Details are on

The Bee Gees music lives on
A recent report and interview by Ricardo Lo from the Philippines about The Bee Gees included answered questions by Robin. Please read:

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NEWS, November 18th.

Night Fever in Augsburg, Germany

For the 34th. time the Augsburg Press Ball was organized November 11th. Special star like earlier mentioned on GSI was Robin. In the Congress Hall he performed for about 2500 people many classic Bee Gees songs and also of course his “Juliet”, a big hit in Germany in 1983. At the end of the night the audience danced and enjoyed themselves on the Bee gees music in their evening dresses. “I love these special occasions and I’m very much looking forward to this performance” Robin had mentioned before in an interview for the German newspaper The Augsburger Allgemeiner. Robin arrived in Germany from Britain and afterwards went on his way to Shanghai for his next concert. For a photo impression please click here

“Love And Hope 2007”
GSI has recently informed about the possibility of Barry performing again at next years “Love And Hope Ball”. At this point he has no plans to do so, however if plans are going to change we’ll surely inform about this in time.

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NEWS, November 4th.

The Studio Albums 1967 – 1968
When I received the box set earlier last week I was very surprised and proud. It looks and sounds wonderful. It’s very complete with nice photo material and with each CD set there’s a special booklet included. It’s a must for each Bee Gees fan but surely also for all music lovers in general. This is how the Bee Gees started their European career and this is the proof that they already made very special music also in these first years and that there’s more than their disco successes, but that’s something the real fan already knew for a long time of course. Please enjoy this wonderful set and look forward to all that is still to come!!

Thanks: Bee Gees and thanks Warner/Rhino!!

The set will be in the shops November 7th. For a review please visit:

“The Studio Albums 1967 – 1968”

Robin in ice show

Robin will sing nine songs at the art on ice shows in Zurich and Lausanne, Switzerland. “Art on Ice” is delighted to be able to present one of the all-time greats from the international music scene at its ice galas in Zürich and Lausanne in February 2007. from 1 – 3 February 2007 the show will be at the Zürich Hallenstadion and on 6 & 7 February 2007 at the Patinoire de Malley in Lausanne. Tickets for “Art on Ice” are available from all Ticketcorner outlets, via phone no. 0900 800 800 (CHF 1.19/min.) or over
Click here for the press release.

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thanks: Oliver B. and special thanks Warner Music U.K.

NEWS, October 24th.

Barry and Cliff
As you know Barry worked with Cliff and cooperated with him for Cliffs’ new album: “Two’s Company – The Duets” Together they recorded the Sting song: “Fields Of Gold”.
A wonderful duet as you can hear here (Full version).

“Two’s Company – The Duets”

Cliff about his duets:
“Duets are special. I’ve never got used to hearing my own recorded voice, so it’s hard to describe what I feel when I hear myself duetting with a voice I’ve always loved listening to. You’ll know all the artists who agreed to sing with me and I hope that together we’ll give you many happy musical hours! My thanks go to each of them for generously giving their time and talents, and special thanks too to our producers, without whose help we singers sometimes flounder a little. Our album is now in your tender care.
Enjoy it – we did!”
For more details about this new Cliff album and Tour click here (Word file) for the official press release.

special thanks: Julian Barnes / EMI

Robin’s Christmas Album

My Favourite Carols

The album: “My Favourite Carols” features ten of Robin’s favourite Christmas Carols recorded in August & September this year as well as a bonus track “Mother of Love” that was recently performed live by Robin at the “Just A Minute” benefit concert in the UK . The album was produced and arranged by Kwesi Graves who previously worked with Robin on his Magnet album. The recordings also feature the choir “The Serlo Consort” as well as the “The Children’s Choir of St. Giles & St. George”, Ashtead. A bonus DVD will be included with the new album, titled “A personal Christmas moment with Robin Gibb”. To be released in two weeks. For more details and samples visit:  
or click the individual urls: Mother of Love  In The Bleak Midwinter  O Come All Ye Faithful  Silent Night   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen  Good King Wenceslas  Away In A Manger  Once In Royal David’s City   Three Ships  Hark The Herald Angels Sing  Noel  

A new website for The Bee Gees by Warner / Rhino where you can find liner notes, a timeline and discography, audio streams, photo galleries, and other exclusive content from the band’s archives, you can find at:

Tenlay – Tenors With A Lady

For those of you who are interested in hearing BG songs in a classical way, visit The group Tenlay, Two Tenors and a Lady from Germany cover a lot of famous Bee Gees tunes on a special album.

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(with thanks: Julian Barnes / EMI)

NEWS, October 10th.

Robin to Asia
It finally seems definite now.
GSI just received the dates for Robins’ shows from the office in Britain.
The performances in Asia will proceed as follows:
18th November Shanghai  “Grand Stage”
20th November Jakarta  “Convention Centre”
24th November Hong Kong  “Convention and Exhibition Centre”
25th November Manila  “Araneta Centre”

Marion: GSI 10/10/06  (thanks Michael Eaton)

NEWS, October 8th.

Robin in Asia
At this point one is discussing some first draft contracts for a number of Robin shows now in Asia: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jakarta and Manila. Notting is approved or confirmed yet but more will be decided probably the coming week. Keep your fingers crossed. GSI of course will keep you informed too.

Bee Gees Top 30
The results of the Top 10 lists fans sent in from all over the world to Dave of “Radio Popular” were aired in two radio shows (a Dutch and English version) October 6th. Click here for this Bee Gees Top 30 list of Best Bee Gees songs chosen by the fans.

Marion: GSI 10/08/06

NEWS, October 2nd.

Robin and Miss World
Robin, photographed after the election of Miss World 2006 with the winner: Miss Czech Republic: Tatana Kucharova.

The Bee Gees Top 30
Dave of the Dutch radio station “Radio Popular” mailed GSI and wrote to be very surprised and happy with the piles of Top Ten lists he received from all of you to help him compiling a Bee Gees Top 30. The airing times of the Bee Gees Top 30 both in English and Dutch, the stream information to listen to the programs online as well as some more additional info like the airing of a two hour special of The Bee Gees you can all read on our special GSI information page of the Bee Gees Top 30 of radio station “Radio Popular”: click here

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NEWS, September 25th.

Barry and Cliff

“Two’s Company – The Duets” click to enlarge

GSI has received new details about the cooperation of Barry with Cliff of which we’ve reported before. Cliff’s new album “Two’s Company – The Duets” is scheduled for release by EMI on 6 November.
Tracklisting: Move it (Brian May & Brian Bennett); Anyone who had a heart (Dionne Warwick); Miss you nights (G4); Yesterday once more (Daniel O’Donnell); She means nothing to me (Phil Everly); All I ask of you (Sarah Brightman); Let there be love (Matt Monro); Throw down a line (Hank Marvin); Fields of gold (Barry Gibb); Up where we belong (Anne Murray); Slow rivers (Elton John); Suddenly (Olivia Newton-John); Danny Boy (Helmut Lotti) and Reunited (Lulu).
Catalogue number EMI 0094637707227

Visit this website:

Marion: GSI 09/25/06  thanks Harry de L.

NEWS, September 16th.

Robin: why silence is great

Robin will be on the Heaven And Earth show (B.B.C. one, 10.00 o’clock ) with Gloria Hunniford, Sunday 17th September. He’ll be talking about the Just A Minute charity event where he will perform on Sunday as well and Sir Cliff Richard will be on too.

Marion: GSI 09/16/06  

NEWS, September 15th.

Barry’s Birthday Party
September 2nd a group of die hard fans joined together in the little town of Hattem in The Netherlands and they had a great day celebrating Barry’s 60th birthday. There was special Barry birthday cake, a wonderful diner buffet, DVD recordings to enjoy, posters and stickers for the fans as well as a lottery to win special autographed photo material send by Barry, even a wonderful live performance by one of his greatest fans and a beautiful and musical sparkling ending. More about this event in a special report with photos: Click here

Speciaal voor Nederlandse fans. Bezoek eens de website hieronder van Yvonne en Janny en neem o.a. deel aan hun forum etc. De site heet “Bee Gees Fan Fever” en via het onderstaand adres kun je je daar aanmelden bij de site en het forum.
Specially for Dutch fans. Take a look at the following website in Dutch with forum etc. (typ Bee Gees, and find the website: “Bee Gees Fan Fever” to register, all in Dutch).

This year for Christmas the best gift you can think of is the new box set of The Bee Gees:
“The Studio Albums 1967 – 1968”

“The Studio Albums 1967 – 1968”

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NEWS, August 30th.

Rhino release of first Bee Gees cd’s with extras!!!
The first three Bee Gees albums to enjoy international release have been expanded and grouped for the six-disc boxed set “The Studio Albums 1967-1968,” due Nov. 7 via Reprise. The release is the first in an ongoing catalog upgrade as part of a recent deal with Rhino; each album has been remastered and paired with a second disc of rare and unreleased tracks.

Marion: GSI 08/30/06  
( thanks also Juan C. Guzman)

NEWS, August 25th.

Robin in Denmark, Photo update

The organisation of the “Langelandfestival” have contacted GSI and offered us to use their Robin photo report to post on our web site.
Thanks on behalf of all fans!
CLICK HERE for the photos, posted with permission.

Barry’s website
The chat room will be down until September and they are working on a request line where you can phone and ask for your favourite tracks on Barry Gibb Radio. Also the special Barry tracks: Dr. Man and Underworld have been put on iTunes for download. Please visit:

Marion: GSI 08/25/06  (thanks Preben Q.)

NEWS, August 13th.

Another Barry Gibb guitar auctioned

Celebrities have been raising money for Aspire, one of the country’s leading spinal cord injury charities, by taking part in an annual cricket match at Mill Hill School Cricket ground in North London. The match took place on Sunday August 6th. and Bee Gees singer, Barry Gibb, raised a staggering £100,000 after auctioning a signed guitar. He said: “I had a spinal injury a few years ago and I realized how life-changing it would have been if I had been paralysed so I am very sympathetic with Aspire’s work.”

Robin’s concert in Manila
There’s much confusion about a possible performance of Robin in Manila in November. GSI informed however, this concert hasn’t been confirmed. As soon as we have more info about the situation we’ll surely let you know.

Marion: GSI 08/13/06  

NEWS, August 2 nd.

Emergency landing for Robin in Sweden
The plane with Robin was forced to land outside Norrköping last Friday while Robin was on his way to a private party in Mariehamn, visited also by Björn Borg. The plane landed in Norrköping due to an overheated battery. “Since we were close to Norrköping we decided to land there”, said Tobias Holmgren, managing director for the taxiplane service Walt Air. Holmgren is pleased with how it was handled. The situation was under control and taken care of and it was a security measure to land the plane. Robin did reach the party for his surprise performance late last Friday, despite the incident. 700 people were invited to the 60th birthday party of multi millionaire Anders Wiklöf, of Wiklöf Holding, the biggest privately owned corporation dealing with hotels etc. Robin performed several Bee Gees songs and some other stars performed as well. The day afterwards Robin would appear at the Langelandfestival in Denmark (see GSI News of July 30th).
According to the Swedish news papers.

Marion: GSI 08/02/06  

NEWS, July 30th.

Robin in Denmark
July 29th. Robin did perform at the Langelandsfestival in Denmark like mentioned earlier on the GSI news of May 30th. He sang with complete orchestra all the fave songs like Massachusetts, Juliet, Jive Talkin’ etc.
Click for a selection of photos.

Marion: GSI 07/30/06   (thanks Steen Hansen)

NEWS, July 29th.

Robin at final Top Of The Pops Show
The legendary British Top Of The Pops TV show will stop. The show where once Barry met Linda who was hostess at Top Of The Pops then. It’s the final countdown now this Sunday (July 30) when British TV will air the 2.204 and latest edition of the show with documentary about the highs and lows of this show including the memories of Robin (BBC2, Sunday 10 pm local time).

Various Artists – “To Love Somebody”

A nice tribute to The Bee Gees by various artists you can hear on this album. The Gibb brothers, Barry, Robin and Maurice, are proof that oldies need not be mouldy. Their distinctive English-accented harmonies and clean-cut image, has influenced many artistes, which is why this project came to life.

Shawn Colvin – “These Four Walls”
On her new album “These Four Walls” she also sings a cover of The Bee Gees: “Words”.
Release Date: September 12, 2006

Marion: GSI 07/29/06

NEWS, June 26th.

Arif Mardin R.I.P.
Unfortunately today GSI heard the news of Arif Mardin’s death. Yesterday we still reported about him being honored in Turkey, where his son received an award on behalf of Arif. Arif died in New York of cancer, June 25th. at the age of 74. He was the producer of Bee Gees albums like “Mr. Natural”, “Main Course”, “ESP” and songs of “Still Waters”. Arif encouraged Barry to try the falsetto for the “Main Course” album etc. etc. A memorial service for Arif Mardin is expected to be planned for New York and he will be buried in his birth country Turkey.
Since their collaborations Arif and The Gibbs remained close. “He was a lovely man,” Bee Gees’ manager Dick Ashby said from his Miami Beach office. “Arif attended a diabetes fundraiser (Love And Hope)] concert Barry and Robin did in February and he wasn’t too well. He had to continue his treatment here, but he came to the rehearsal and to hang out with the lads,” Ashby said.

Marion: GSI 06/26/06

NEWS, June 17th.

Barry and family visited Heat game

June 15 Barry, Linda, Ashley, Therese and Michael attended the NBA finals at the American Airlines Arena. Barry said “We love the Heat and their time has come”. See the article at:
GSI has received a mail again from Robin’s family after we’d asked for information amongst others concerning Robin’s website being off the Internet. This is a part of the mail to GSI:
…Robin’s website will be revamped and operating again soon. Robin and Barry have been busy doing events and getting together both in Miami and London to play at The Diabetes Research Charity and The Prince’s Trust Charity, and also to receive awards. Soon all news will be available again…

By the way concerning the confusing amongst fans about Robin being at the Silverstone race track the other day: not of much importance, but Robin hasn’t been there.

Middle Ear
Through the years you’ve been able to see many great photos of the Middle Ear studio in Reports at our GSI website. As you know the studio has been sold now, though you can also see a video of the inside of the studio at Barry’s website.

Bumsrush preview
The entire Bumsrush video will be shown on Barry’s website on Saturday 24 June at 3 pm. (Miami Time). However this preview does not include any special features.

Big Barry chat to come
Sunday June 25th there will be a big chat organized with Barry being there as well (3 pm. Miami Time). Barry will have then some questions to ask you and you will be able to ask him your questions too.

Marion: GSI 06/17/06  (thanks also Dwina Gibb)

NEWS, June 11th.

It’s holiday time again and like all the other years also GSI is enjoying the summer holidays. This means: we might have a delay with answering mail and doing website updates in June, July and August, however we try to keep this delay to the minimum. GSI wishes you all Wonderful Summer Holidays too!!

Barry’s Chat
Barry visited the chat room again June 9th. and mentioned he’ll soon be heading for Tennessee with his family for the summer months. He is also busy the coming period with the country album he is planning to record. It’s going to become a more classic kind of country album with only new songs. His sons will co write on this new project and there will be guest appearances on the album too!! He might also be doing some radio and TV work in Tennessee the coming time while being there.

“Midnight Specials” 

The best of the “Midnight Special” TV show is out on DVD. It ran on NBC ( U.S. television) between 1973 and 1981. Andy & the Bee Gees hosted and appeared several times. Every performance is live – no lip syncs! You can see The Brothers together with for instance: Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis & Wilson Pickett! You buy the DVD’s like in a record club. They send you one every 2 months. Only available on the website

Marion: GSI 06/11/06  thanks Roberta G.

NEWS, May 28th.

 Rhino’s re-releases

According to Rhino the first re-releases of Bee Gees material will be June 6th. First they are planning to reissue some of the most recent CD’s in the original form to keep this BG material available in the shops. Next to that Rhino is planning to reissue BG albums with extra material starting with ‘Bee Gees First’ and then moving on from there. But it will first take some time to review what should be an each album.

  • Bee Gees – Children Of The World
  • Bee Gees – The Greatest Hits The Record
  • Bee Gees – One Night Only
  • Bee Gees – Size Isn’t Everything
  • Bee Gees – Spirits Having Flown
  • Bee Gees – Still Waters
  • Bee Gees – This Is Where I Came In

Please also visit:

Birthday party
Early September there will be a small get together of fans in The Netherlands to celebrate Barry’s 60th birthday. Interested people can write until June 17. For all details: see our special Birthday Party report.

Marion: GSI 05/28/06  

NEWS, May 25th.

 “Ivor Novello Awards”

At London’s Grosvenor House Hotel the Ivor Novello Awards have been presented and the coveted “Academy Fellowship Award” went to: The Bee Gees.!! This award is a very important one. The Bee Gees have amassed 28 Ivor Novello awards for their incredible song writing. This award is very important for them since it’s a recognition coming from British songwriters This is the icing on the cake for them. They are very proud of being songwriters first.
“It`s overwhelming. And what`s really overwhelming is to be in the company of so many songwriters I really admire,” said Barry. Referring to their late brother Maurice by his nickname “Mo”, he added: “Mo, we know you`re here, we know you would love this and we salute you”.

Marion: GSI 05/25/06  Thanks Juan Cristobal

NEWS, May 21st.

The Prince’s Trust Concert
First there had been the reception in the Clarence House on May 18th. where the Brothers had a chance to speak with Prince Charles.

Prince Charles talking with Barry and Robin

And the 30th birthday of the Prince’s Trust concert was tonight and Prince Charles as well as his wife the Duchess of Cornwall and his sons the Princes William and Harry were present. Some fans saw Barry & Robin arriving for sound check, Linda and Ali were with Barry all the time, it was pouring down of rain when Barry arrived but the rain stayed away for the evening! At the opening of the show the audience stood for the National Anthem which was sung by a gospel choir. First on stage were Barry and Robin to open the show with Jive Talkin’. During their second appearance they performed “To Love Somebody” with Robin first singing solo followed by Barry singing the next verse. Great to see and hear them on stage again and performing these world famous Bee Gees songs together. The last song they did tonight was: “You Should Be Dancing”. There were fireworks at the end of the concert.
See also:

Barry and Robin in London for The Prince`s Trust concert

Barry during the opening of the show with Jive Talking

As well as: and
Watch some videos taken during the concert at: 1 and 2

Barry and Cliff Richard

Cliff recently mentioned in Dublin that on his upcoming Duets album (EMI) there will be Barry Gibb material as well. At this point we don’t know yet if there will be new Gibb material used but Cliff’s manager did mention that in any case there will be 6 to 7 new recorded songs on the Duets album. When more details become available we’ll let you know.

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NEWS, May 9th.

New Barry Album
This summer during his stay in Hendersonville Barry will start working on a country album, something he’s been planning to do for a long time. This project will be done together with sons Ashley and Steve. The country album will be recorded in Nashville and hopefully ready around next summer.

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NEWS, May 2nd.

Barry visits new house, a Roy Orbison tribute and fundraiser show in Tennessee 

Barry Gibb got his first look this week at his latest big purchase, the Hendersonville home of the late Johnny and June Carter Cash. His first reaction? “This is wonderful. But boy, does this need a lot of work.” Barry, 59 also was quick to point out the good vibes he felt in Johnny’s song writing room and in the couple’s bedroom. Barry says he’s going to live there this summer and take up to a year to renovate it. But it’s not just the house he’s tending to. Barry says he wants to be a good neighbor. To that end, Barry showed at the Orbison tribute and was expected to be at a fundraiser show Monday night for Sumner County tornado victims. “What a wonderful way to meet people in the community,” Barry said. Another one: Make a country album here, which Barry said he’ll do, using Nashville studios, Nashville musicians, Nashville producers and Nashville engineers. And he’ll do that after being here and doing some song writing here. “The only way to make a country album,” he says, “is to be in the middle of it. Barry said at the Roy Orbison tribute he and his brothers were huge Orbison fans when they lived in Australia, adding that Orbison was so influential that his music motivated them to make their own music. So Barry was particularly pleased to be there at historic RCA Studio B, where Roy cut so many of his songs. “To me,” Barry said, “this is one of the greatest moments of my life.”
– Read the whole story at:
and: Also a photo report of the Roy Orbison tribute ceremony at:

Please watch two videos at and where Barry is interviewed.

World Cup thanks to The Bee Gees
According to Luis Scolari, Brasil won the Soccer World Cup in 2002 because of The Bee Gees.

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NEWS, April 2nd.

Together again
Barry and Robin today mentioned they will be doing things together again in future. They appeared on the Barry Gibb web site chat together!! Hopefully we’ll soon see them on the road again. More about that soon.

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NEWS, March 30th.

New concerts booked for Robin
After the U.K concerts were cancelled in order to keep possibilities open for Robin and Barry to do projects in the U.K. as well as U.S.A. together again in the near future, there finally has been a confirmation for a Robin concert in Shanghai, China on May 15th. 2006. Visit: A second concert is optional for May 14th. Concerning the earlier mentioned performance of Robin in Portugal: Tickets for this show of July 12th. 2006 are on sale now. Please visit:

Barry and Robin
At the moment both brothers are in Britain and this week hopefully will have constructive talks about their future together and their plans of doing a worthy tribute to brother Maurice.

Robin on U.K. television
On March 25th. Robin appeared in the BBC TV Show: All Time Greatest Songs and was interviewed. Also he performed “More Than A Woman”.

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NEWS, March 23rd.

Robin’s earlier booked shows for 2006 cancelled.
The earlier confirmed ‘Summer Nights’ concerts of Robin in the U.K. have been cancelled all. Tickets are refundable and Robin apologizes for any inconvenience caused. The New York Central Park tribute show, originally planned for July 2006 is off. There have been mentions in the media about a Robin concert in Shanghai however this is

not confirmed.

Possible future projects of Barry and Robin Together! Robin is preserving key markets (such as the UK and USA) for future possible projects with his brother Barry, but he may still play occasional solo gigs too. Recently booked is:
The Robin concert in Lisboa (Portugal) on July 12 which has been confirmed too. Tickets for this concert cost between 30 and 70 EUR and go on sale somewhere next week. Tickets can be purchased through:

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NEWS, March 21st.

“Love And Hope” 2006 to listen to.
It sure was wonderful news for all fans to hear that Barry and Robin performed on this years Love And Hope Ball together again. Also they did a wonderful tribute to brother Mo. Please listen here to a first sound fragment of their unique Love and Hope performance of February 18th. There’s more to come soon!! Also visit the several Love And Hope reports on our GSI Report Page with all the news and lots and lots of great photos of this event.

Guilty / Guilty Too collectors item

Guilty + Guilty Too have been re-released in a special black box set: £12.99. This is a UK release only, however you can use the link, and get worldwide shipping

A nice website page to pay a visit to is: Or watch some nice video clips at:

Matthew Sweet & Susanne Hoffs

  A new Bee Gees cover has been recorded by ex Bangles: Matthew Sweet and Susanne Hoffs. Listen to their version of Run To Me at: and Plans are to release this cover on their new CD: Under The Covers, release date April 18th.

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NEWS, February 3rd.

Robin Gibb live at “Summer Nights” 2006
Many of you have already received a GSI mailing earlier to be able to pre order any tickets for Robins shows for this summer, as Robin has asked that as many of the fans as possible would get a chance to pre-order tickets, for each concert on his British summer tour before they go on sale to the general public which is today February 3rd. This summer, Robin is bringing his live show to a number of unique settings throughout Britain. Robin is set to perform with his band and orchestra at 8 stunning locations as part of the “Summer Nights” Open Air Concert Series – – that brings some of the world’s greatest artists to the grounds of some of Britain’s most beautiful stately homes and castles. Tickets for Robin’s “Summer Nights” shows, which take place between the 1st and 16th of July 2006, cost 40 Pounds each and for more details and to order tickets on line please visit the ‘Summer Nights’ website:

Tour list:
with Band & Orchestra

01.07 – Cardiff, Coopersfield
02.07 – Woodstock, Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire)
07.07 – Chatsworth, Chatsworth House (Derbyshire)
08.07 – Knebworth, Knebworth House (Hertfordshire)
09.07 – Maidstone, Leeds Castle (Kent)
14.07 – Blickling, Blickling Hall (Norfolk)
15.07 – Bath, The Rec
16.07 – Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle

Additionally, an open air show in Liverpool and a one-off show on the continent are in the works but not yet confirmed. If you wish to receive information about the planned Liverpool show, please send an email to: with subject line “Liverpool Pops”.

Win a Barry Gibb DVD
Barry Gibb Now Voyager is the epic visual journey to accompany Gibb’s landmark album of the same name. The concept film, comprised of a multitude of music videos, was originally released in 1984 and now for the very first time, has been painstakingly re-mastered and presented in stunning surround sound. See for details to win:

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NEWS, January 31th.

Barry and Robin
During his latest chat Barry mentioned that he and Robin are now talking together: amongst others about the tribute album for Mo !

Bee Gees videos
GSI tip to watch some nice Bee Gees videos at:

  Raul Malo with his Roy Orbison-style voice might make the Cuban American singer a bit of a curiosity in a place like Nashville. With the Mavericks, he sold 

Raul Malo

millions of records, won awards and scored jangling hits like “What a Crying Shame”. The newest solo effort of Raul, his second one: “You’re Only Lonely”, is a collection of cover songs, some of them eclectic remakes like Wayne Newton’s “Games That Lovers Play” and the Bee Gees “Run to Me”.

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NEWS, January 24th.

“Love Songs”


Finally in the shops in The Netherlands last Friday (January 20th.) This CD contains many famous love songs composed from the 60ties until the 90ties. See Dutch review at:
See also:

The making of Guilty Pleasures
John Merchant; chief engineer of the Bee Gees’ Middle Ear studio for 10 years tells a bit more about the recording of the album

John Merchant, middle, at the SSL booth New York Audio Engineering Society 2003

Stayin’ Alive: The Australian Bee Gees Show
Watch the videos and sound clips of a number of their cover versions of the world famous Bee Gees songs at:

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NEWS, December 22nd

NEWS, December 22nd

NEWS, December 22nd