NEWS, December 29th.

Robin In Your Dreams
On Monday January 7th 2008 (from 13:35 to 13:45 local time), Channel 4 in the U. K. is planning to air the documentary “In Your Dreams”, where dream analyst and psychotherapist Brenda Mallon talks to celebrities about their dream life. In this episode Brenda helps Robin Gibb to analyse several dreams relating to the deaths of his brothers.

Marion: GSI 12/29/07  

NEWS, December 23rd.

Maurice Gibb interview
This Christmas we thought it would be a great idea to post an interview of Maurice on GSI as he still is so much in our hearts. GSI received the interview from Dave Harris who welcomed Maurice as guest in his radio show in June 2001.

Robin and Dwina
Robin and Dwina yesterday celebrated their birthdays at home with some relatives and friends. Robin by the way is thinking of selling his Miami Beach home. He also owns homes in Britain and The Isle Of Man.

Barry’s chat
Yesterday Barry had his Christmas chat with a number of fans. A live web cast. Ashley, one of his sons, read him some fan questions and Barry answered them. He said the whole family except for Steve and his family will be home for Xmas. Steve will be in Los Angeles. He told he’s still working on his new country album and said something about travelling to New York City in January and about a commercial about children protection that will be aired soon. All his other answers you can soon hear yourself as for those who missed the chat or who those who can’t for technical reasons be part of his chats; it will be put on his website (BGTV) soon. Barry sang four songs on guitar during this chat: “Silent Night”, “To Love Somebody”, “Words” and yet another one. “Bye Bye Baby Goodbye”, an old song by Frank McNulty and recorded by Col Joye in 1959, Daughter Ali joined the chat too . A first small part of the chat you can watch here, where Barry sings “Words”:

Marion: GSI 12/23/07  (thanks Dave Harris)

NEWS, December 5th.

New Bee Gees Book
Bill Casey, the person and Bee gees fan who created the “St. Clair Recording Studio” website some time ago mailed GSI this week again about his new project: a book “Spin Dried” about the Spin Records label in Australia.
The book is written by Bill and contains a lot of new information about the Bee Gees.
Click here (Word file) for more.

Marion: GSI 12/05/07  
(with special thanks: Bill Casey)

NEWS, December 4th.

Thanks for all the enthusiastic mails we’ve received. We’ve raffled amongst all the mails and the following 5 persons will receive a “Bee Gees Greatest” CD set from GSI for Christmas. The winners will first receive a mail from GSI and afterwards the CD’s will be sent to the home addresses of:

  • Julie B. from Australia
  • Jesus C.M. from Spain
  • Marijke A. from The Netherlands
  • Vickie B. from the USA
  • Chris S. from England


The GSI Top 5 of the favourite Bee Gees songs you’ve mentioned in your mails will be posted on our website soon.

Marion: GSI 12/04/07  

NEWS, November 25th.

 “Love And Hope Ball 2008”
The Love and Hope Ball isn’t until February, but its kickoff party at the Diplomat Country Club on Nov. 15 raised nearly $700,000 for the “Diabetes Research Institute”. Barry Gibb (and his wife Linda), is the charity’s International Chairman, kicked off the donations with prize money he won from a recent celebrity call-in contest on Virgin Radio’s The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show. ”Virgin Radio was looking for crazy people to call up and leave crazy messages, ” Barry said. ”I did, and I was one of the five finalists selected. Then people were urged to vote for their favorite contestant. I guess we know a lot of people, because my phone call won.” The prize, 30,000, was earmarked for the winner’s favorite charity, so the money was donated to DRI. Barry beat out fellow callers Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Steve-O of Jackass etc.
See for info DRI and photo of The Gibbs: and , .

Marion: GSI 11/25/07  

NEWS, November 9th.

The Bee Gees in France?
Some recent publications mention the fact that “The Bee Gees” will be present at the French TF1 show Star Academy on November 23rd. However “The Bee Gees” won’t be there to perform. Maybe Robin will be there (we have however no conformation of that either) but no performance of “The Bee Gees” in France.

Bee Gees re -issues
Warner told us that the next re-issue: “Odessa”, will be out early next year. More details from Warner when available.

Robin sings with US5

Like mentioned by GSI October 27th. Robin was planning to cooperate with the group “US5” releasing a new version of “Too Much Heaven” which you could already pre order. Click here to see Robin and the boys of “US5” in the video clip.

New photos of Barry
Click here for some photo material.

Marion: GSI 11/09/07  

NEWS, October 27th.

Robin sings in Sofia
Robin brought to tears more than 4,000 music-lovers, who had gathered last night in the “National Palace of Culture” (NPC) in Sofia, Bulgaria. There were more than two hours of great hits and moments of nostalgia, too. The concert turned out to be a classical show and a great pleasure from the years gone by. While in Sofia Robin and his wife Dwina liked to see something of the city and also visited the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral and lit a candle.

Robin and “US5”


Latest details when confirmed you’ll also find on Robins’ website. We heard that after the show in Sofia Robin flew to Berlin, Germany for another musical project. He is planning to release a single (Bee Gees cover “Too Much Heaven”) with “US5” a young American pop band now living in Berlin. The single is planned to release around November 30th (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Robin will also be in the video clip of the group taped in Berlin. Later on Robin will appear in the TV show “Wetten Dass” from Graz, Austria. And we think some more German promotional work for him will follow as well. Since the Gibb Brothers donated the royalties of “Too Much Heaven” to UNICEF in 1979, the song has already raised more than $15,000,000 for the United Nations Children’s Fund, and is still active.
To pre order click here.
And for enchanted version: click here

Marion: GSI 10/27/07  

NEWS, October 25th.

Barry’s thank you

‘We would like to thank everybody who voted for me on the Who’s Calling Christian radio show. I feel blown away that I actually won but also because I had a no. 1 somewhere with something, I guess it’s never too late. I feel really proud that we were able to raise money for DRI in such an entertaining way. On behalf of DRI Linda & I thank you very much’.

Robin about Saturday Night Fever, 30 years ago
It’s been 30 years since the Bee Gees released Saturday Night Fever, one of the best selling pop albums of all time and the best-selling soundtrack ever. BBC Hardtalk Extra broadcasted on Friday 12th October 2007 Gavin Esler talking to Bee Gee Robin Gibb. Click to the website to hear the interview:

Marion: GSI 10/25/07 

NEWS, October 23rd.

 Robin’s recent concerts in Europe
His concerts in both St Petersburg and Moscow were cancelled but as far as we know now his performance in Sofia, Bulgaria is still scheduled for the 25th. of this month. Robin will arrive in Bulgaria on the day of his concert and will leave a day later. The show will be held in the Sofia’s National Palace of Culture.

Marion: GSI 10/23/07  

NEWS, October 14th.

Robin in Mannheim
Robin performed in Mannheim, Germany yesterday at the ‘Ball der Sterne’, a charity gala organized by a regional tv channel in Germany. The German tv channel ZDF will air a report about Robin’s performance on their TV show: ‘Leute Heute’ on Monday.

Marion: GSI 10/14/07

NEWS, October 11th.

Robin Gibb in Aruba
October 6th Robin performed at the Aruba Music Festival. Photos of Robin’s press conference you can see here: And some photos at:

Marion: GSI 10/11/07  

Marion: GSI 10/14/07

NEWS, September 29th.

Barry Manilow

“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” is one of 12 tunes Barry Manilow covers on “The Greatest Songs of the Seventies”.

An Australian band that made the album: “Spring a Leak” which contains the Bee Gees cover: “I Started A Joke”.

The Teddy Bears
It’s an Scandinavian electro-rock band and they covered ‘Stayin’ Alive’. Teddybears frontman Joakim Åhlund: ‘”We see it as a great honor to get the chance to re-work with such a classic track.”

Marion: GSI 09/29/07  

NEWS, September 25th.

Robin on stage
Robin will again do some live performances the next couple of months as well as TV appearances. See for all dates: “Don’t Forget To Remember” on the GSI front page.

Robin interviewed
Recently Robin was interviewed about Bee Gees Greatest and Saturday Night Fever. and Next to that Robin has also taped an appearance for a US TV show: Rachel Ray, See a clip of the show at: See YouTube video: More info about Robin’s performances the coming weeks also at:

Robin in Germany
Like mentioned on GSI Robin will be guest in the German RTL TV show: “Die Ultimative Chart Show”, and will probably sing “How Deep Is Your Love”, Oct 5th – 21.15 . His performance in the German town of Mannheim Oct. 13th. you can hear via Radio Regenbogen’s webradio at:

Bee Gees Greatest
There is a good review for Greatest at

Marion: GSI 09/25/07  (thanks also: Juan G.)

NEWS, September 9th.

“Everybody I Shot Is Dead”
This is a title of a book and we first mentioned about it in our GSI News item of April 24th. 2006. GSI was approached by Deborah Chester who told us about her plans of publishing a book with photos made by her of many musicians who have passed, together with many personal stories. She mentioned that also Maurice Gibb is one of the musicians in her book Last month she wrote us again: Deborah:

‘I finally finished my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, and sent it off to China to be printed. By the time I was done I (sadly) had 48 amazing musicians to honor and 5 dedicatees. The book came in at 208 pages, with over 400 photographs, and will be a high quality hardcover coffee table book’ My publicity campaign is launching somewhat early (the book is only available to pre-order now) because of the scientific research paper that came out of the UK last week concluding that rock stars have shorter life spans. I’m being interviewed this Tuesday night/Wednesday morning on a national Canadian talk radio program. I’m on at 1:30 AM EST and you can hear it at .’


More information about the book and how to order: at her website.

Bee Gees Video Clips
Rhino has posted official Bee Gees video clips at the You Tube website. Going back in time with some video oldies from 1964: (“The Country and Western Hour” presented by Roger Caldwell) and from 1973: and here are some more tips:
Maurice and Ringo Maurice and Lulu
Bee Gees on the Merv Griffin Show
One of the many nice old interviews with The Brothers. For more nice Bee Gees clips; be sure to visit YouTube regularly!

The Bird And The Bee

are planning to release a new EP on September 25th. Title: “Please Clap Your Hands”. It contains the Bee Gees cover: “How Deep Is Your Love”

David Gray

David Gray has released a 12 track collection of live covers “A Thousand Miles Behind”, includes a cover of the Gibb song: “In The Morning” and is for the time being available via download. The CD release is planned for this autumn. . sound clip at:

Marion: GSI 09/09/07  

NEWS, July 23rd.

New single Barry
To already hear a sound clip of the new song just listen to Barry Gibb Radio but in august, so next week, his new single will be available through the iTunes store. The song is called: “Drown On The River”. The song is from the soundtrack of the poker-themed movie “Deal” starring Burt Reynolds, Shanon Elizabeth, Charles Durning, Jennifer Tilly and directed by Gil Cates Jr.

Andy Gibb
There is a possibility one will also re-issue a lot of Andy Gibb material in future. Everything is still in an early stage and The Brothers will first have to look over a package of Andy’s material to see if and what will be available for re-issue.

Nina Simone

“Just Like a Woman”: Nina Simone Sings Classic Songs of the ’60s, Julliard-educated and nightclub-trained Simone gives life to several 60s classics Simone’s music is hard to categorize, with hints of jazz, blues, gospel, pop and soul, her voice expresses passion, love, and sadness simultaneously. Her takes on Bob Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman,” “I Shall Be Released,” and “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” as well as Barry Gibb’s “In the Morning,” and “To Love Somebody” show her respect for those singer-songwriters and their craft, as well as her own style. More info at:

“Ellan Vannin”
Many fans often ask for sound or video material of Ellan Vannin Please visit: From the British TV show: “An Audience With”.
And: the end of the Peel Festival performance of Robin.

Marion: GSI 07/23/07  

NEWS, July 16th.

Barry’s music in film: “Artic Tale”

On July 31st, 2007 Bulletproof Records will release Arctic Tale: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture, the soundtrack to the new National Geographic film opening in theaters on July 25th. The soundtrack will feature brand new, exclusive tracks from Brian Wilson, Barry Gibb, Aimee Mann, Grant-Lee Phillips and Matt Costa, as well as previously released and recognizable hits from Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow, The Shins, and others. From National Geographic Films, the people who brought you March Of The Penguins and Paramount Classics, the studio that brought An Inconvenient Truth, Artic Tale is an epic adventure that explores the vast world of the Great North. The film, narrated by Queen Latifah, follows the walrus, Seela and the polar bear, Nanu, on their journey from birth to adolescence to maturity and parenthood in the frozen Arctic wilderness. Once a perpetual winter wonderland of snow and ice, the walrus and the polar bear are losing their beautiful icebound world as it melts from underneath them. Barry’s composition “Underworld” will be used in the film. More info at:
To order please visit:

Bee Gees Greatest
News from Warner/Rhino again.
Reprise will reissue another Bee Gees album like GSI mentioned before. On Sept. 18 they will re-release the 1979 double album “Bee Gees Greatest” with two previously unreleased tracks and four new remixes. This new edition of “Bee Gees Greatest” will feature the previously unreleased track “Warm Ride” plus an extended version of “Stayin’ Alive” originally issued as a 12-inch promo vinyl single. There are also new remixes of “You Should Be Dancing,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “Night Fever” and “If I Can’t Have You.” The same day, Paramount Home Entertainment will release a “special collector’s edition” of “Saturday Night Fever,” featuring new interviews with Bee Gees principals Barry and Robin Gibb. For those fans who are wondering what will happen to all the other studio albums and plans for re-releases… All other studio albums are being reissued in chronological order and that continues like planned before!! The reason SNF is being put out first is simply because of the movie 30th anniversary this year. For many reasons extra material could not be added on SNF so various things were included on Greatest. Details and track list of this new Bee Gees Greatest at:

Marion: GSI 07/16/07  also thanks: Warner/Rhino

NEWS, June 19th.

Some latest details about Robin
Peel Festival
June 2nd. Robin appeared at the Peel Bay Festival on The Isle Of Man like we earlier mentioned. He came in late on a private jet from Brussels just in time for the concert, and flew away to Germany early the following day. He must have been rather tired with all the shows he’s doing lately. The song list of his performance was similar to the one he did during the Bunbury’s party. The concert was very nice. It was under a huge marquee and it was almost 11 o’clock when he finally came on stage after the first two acts (Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman). Robin was dressed in a dark striped jacket. The set lasted a little over an hour. Robin sang ‘Live on Broadway’ and ‘Staying Alive’ for encore and then there was Ellan Vannin.

Robin’s house in Peel
An intruder broke into the house in Peel shortly after Robin’s performance at the Peel Bay Festival. Robin had already left for Germany. Robin’s family, who were still in the house at the time, are said to be shocked by the incident and police are now investigating. Several people have been arrested although no charges have been announced by officers yet

The Prebendal, Robin’s house in Thame
A proposal for a single extension to the rear of Robin’s Prebendal in Thame has been rejected by the Thame Town Council.

Robin in Russia
June 8th. Robin performed in Russia at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. Listen and watch Robin in Russia: “Massachusetts”   “Words”   “You Win Again”   “Tragedy”   “You Should Be Dancing”   “Night Fever”

Some latest news about Barry
June 15 there has been another Barry Gibb chat where Barry mentioned the following about his album and about American Idol etc. He has been working a lot on his new album lately. It will take about 8 more months before release as he first has to find a home for the album so he doesn’t want to mention a date and make the mistake of being with the wrong people. At this point Barry doesn’t know yet who’s putting it out. He would love to do some sort of world tour. He personally loves that and he is planning to bring back together and reunite the original band: Dennis Bryon, Blue Weaver and Alan Kendall (GSI recently already mentioned Alan’s involvement in the Barry album!!) for live shows next spring or summer. ‘We love each other and we’ve all talked. It would just be great fun’ Barry said. American Idol has been a big step for him because he needed to prove to himself mentally and emotionally that this is still something he wants to do. Especially the pressure made this performance so intense he mentioned. The pressure caused by certain people not wanting him to do the show and really no performer should have to deal with that situation, according to Barry. Barry: ‘I told everybody before that this was nerve racking and a very big show, the pressure was intense’. Barry told that he was glad that Jordin finally won America Idol. Jordin did a great job and Barry told that she deserved to win. He would also love to produce her should he get the opportunity. Finally Barry told that Linda and family had been enjoying a cruise to Mexico recently.

Saturday Night Fever
This year we’ll celebrate the 30th anniversary of SNF. The remastered CD. will be out July 10th. or and blu-ray and DVD following in September And of course there’s the documentary we earlier mentioned: Unbroken Fever, one is working on. (see GSI News April 23rd.) for later this year. Robin about the re-release of SNF:

Marion: GSI 06/19/07  

NEWS, May 31st.

Robin new president of CISAC
Today Robin was in Brussels, Belgium at the Copyright Summit. He plans to campaign for a change to copyright laws on behalf of musicians in the UK. Currently, performers in the UK receive royalty payments for 50 years, at which point their work goes out of copyright. Robin: “Artists should be getting royalties for the records that they make for life.” He addressed the summit with his viewpoint: “Are Creators’ Works Like Any Other Goods?” The Copyright Summit is an organisation by CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers.

Marion: GSI 05/31/07  

NEWS, May 28th.

Ivor Novello Awards

The Ivor Novello Awards have been presented again last Thursday May 24th. and Robin was one of the attending guests at Grosvenor House in London. You can see some photos at

Marion: GSI 05/28/07  

NEWS, May 17th.

Barry and Robin interviewed at BMI Awards
Listen and watch Barry and Robin talk to Entertainment Tonight at the BNI Awards Search for Bee Gees to get an overview of all the film clips and click on: ET’s Bee Gees exclusive to see the latest Barry, Robin interview at BMI.

Barbra Streisand
Barry was stunned during the BMI Gala by the video message from Barbra Streisand to congratulate him. Barbra: ‘Barry, can you believe it’s been 27 years since we made Guilty?’ read story at:

Marion: GSI 05/17/07  

NEWS, May 11th.

Bunbury’s Birthday

The Bunburys 21st birthday party was really marvellous last night and went very smoothly. Here is a short news item but GSI will post a full report later on with photo material as well.

Bunburys 21st Birthday Party- Grosvenor House Hotel. ( Stephanie Thorburn)
On 10th May Robin Gibb performed a concert at Grosvenor House Hotel for the Bunburys 21st Birthday Party in The Great Room. Robin performed for around an hour and his concert comprised a diverse selection of Bee Gees hits representing his career span, from “To Love Somebody,”” and “Massachusetts” to “You Win Again”. The evening raised a considerable sum for charity and featured an auction that saw a guitar used by Robin Gibb and signed by both Robin and Barry sell for £10,000; there was also an original Stratocaster ‘Blackie’ used by Eric Clapton auctioned for £35,000. Especially noteworthy was the opportunity of a ‘Studio day with Robin Gibb, to experience first hand the art of music writing and producing’, which was a lot that raised £30,000. This star- studded evening saw Robin in the company of musical peers Eric Clapton and Bill Wyman, with both Rory Bremner and Stephen Fry hosting the night. A range of world class cricketers were also present to honour Dr David English’s Bunburys project including Ian Botham, David Gower, Mike Gatting and Devon Malcolm.
The set list of Robin’s performance:
To Love Somebody / Massachusetts / Words / How Deep Is Your Love / Jive Talkin / More Than A Woman / Night Fever / You Should Be Dancing / You Win Again / Tragedy /
Encore: Stayin Alive /

“American Idols”
For photo material of Barry’s performance etc. please visit:

Robin to Turkey
Robin will be performing in Turkey this summer at the Istanbul Jazz Festival, July 10th 2007. For more info please visit:

Marion: GSI 05/11/07  
(with special thanks: Stephanie Thorburn)

NEWS, May 8th.


Barry is still in L.A. for amongst others American Idol which will be on TV today and tomorrow. More about the show at:

Robin who will be in London for the Bunbury’s Birthday party has recently been on holiday and is working on some solo material. It’s said that he hopes to move to his new home in Peel this summer.

Barry Gibb Blog
Barry’s Blog, a new item on his website, has now been activated and ready for everyone to post comments. One is working on more features.

Marion: GSI 05/08/07  

NEWS, May 1st.

Barry On American Idol
This month Barry will make a coach appearance on the American Idol show on May 8th. and 9th. He left for L.A. today with his family. On his website he will keep a diary updated about his American Idol adventures. Barry today: ‘Who knows what adventures lie in store in the city of illusions for all. Tomorrow is a day off jetlag etc but the throat feels good, and the voice still there. Stay tuned to my daily diary, I ‘ll talk to you tomorrow.’ See: His website will start new features as well this month like the blog which is planned to be launched May 7th. There will be a forum and a fan gallery too. Next to that Barry Gibb TV and Radio will be improved as well.

Robin on UK Radio
Robin will be on the BBC4 radio show: Great Lost Albums on May 15 (13.30 pm. local time) to talk about the ‘Sing Slowly Sisters recordings. http://entertainment.timesonline

Marion: GSI 05/01/07  

NEWS, April 23rd.

Barry visits Nashville and plans on building a new home

Thursday April 12th. Barry and Linda travelled to Nashville to take a look at the devastation which was caused by the fire. Barry gathered with several country singers and held an impromptu wake at The Palm restaurant in downtown Nashville. During this gathering the restaurant surprised Barry with a signature caricature, right next to that of Johnny Cash. Barry declined to talk with the press about the fire, saying the focus now should be the Cash Family and its loss. The fire department has completed the investigation of the fire but it may be some time before The public is told what caused it. Hendersonville Fire Chief Jamie Steele has turned his findings over to insurance company investigators working for the home’s new owner Barry Gibb. Both the fire department and the contractor agreed that the fire appeared to have been sparked by fumes from a wood preservative that workers were using that day.
Mariners and Musicians is the title of a short film directed by Steven Lippman and filmed partly at the Cash home in Hendersonville, Tenn. It was shot on the very last day before renovations began according to Lippman. “The images in the film are literally the very last time you see that house in that state.” The film was shown April 22 at the Nashville Film Festival.
The future
Barry has mentioned in a press statement that he has plans of building a new home at the same property but not on the same sight. Also GSI was told that Barry is continuing to write songs with Stephen and Ashley for his country album like planned.
(GSI soon tries to publish some photos of the Cash/Gibb house before the fire).

“Saturday Night Fever”
The re mastered SNF CD can be pre ordered already.

“Energy Globe Awards”
We’ve told you before about Robin visiting the Awards. We have some sound material of him performing with Nigel Kennedy and an interview. Click here to hear Robin sing “Words” accompanied by Nigel Kennedy

“Saturday Night Fever” Documentary
Victory Tischler-Blue we know from the girl band The Runaways. She preferred to start a career in film and is now making a documentary about the Bee Gees’ songs for “Saturday Night Fever”, to be called “Bee Gees: Unbroken Fever”. (We recently also published info about an interview with Dwina Gibb in the GSI Family News where Dwina mentioned to have made a documentary about this group The Runaways called: Edgeplay ). The production company of Vicky is Sacred Dogs Entertainment and will make the S.N.F. production for television in association with Warner Brothers Music Group produced & directed by Victory Tischler-Blue. For the first time since the release of Saturday Night Fever almost 30 years ago, Barry and Robin Gibb collaborate on an extremely personal, visceral journey back to the legendary Château D’Herouville Studios (aka Honky Château) outside Paris, where they, along with Maurice, recorded the songs which ended up becoming the highest grossing motion picture soundtrack in music history, created a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and twisted their lives inside out. Inter-cut with interviews and personal anecdotes from some of the world’s most notable performers each revealing the profound influence and affect the Bee Gees’ music has had on their lives and careers. Also featured is bonus footage of the Barry and Robin Gibb performing raw unplugged versions of “Stayin’ Alive”, “Night Fever”, “Jive Talkin”, “How Deep Is Your Love” and “More Than A Woman”.

Marion: GSI 04/23/07  

NEWS, March 26th.

Bee Gees named BMI icons
BMI will recognize the Bee Gees as BMI Icons at its 55th annual Pop Awards, to be held Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles. Collectively, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb boast 109 BMI Pop, Country and Latin Awards. Barry received four BMI Songwriter of the Year awards; Robin shared two of these with him. The trio claims four BMI Song of the Year wins for “Night Fever”, “Too Much Heaven” and the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton duet “Islands in the Stream”, which won in both the pop and country categories. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members have earned international industry accolades, including the prestigious Grammy “Legend” Award. Maurice Gibb’s passing in 2003 led to the Gibbs’ decision to cease performing as the Bee Gees, but their music lives on, enriching generation after generation.

Marion: GSI 03/26/07  

NEWS, March 15th.

Robin sings for Dame Edna
In addition to the item mentioned in the GSI News of February 23rd. we can tell you that Robin has written and recorded the tune for the new Dame Edna British TV series for ITV. Premiere will be at the ‘Dame Etna Treatment’. Watch ITV on March 17th. More info at

The Energy Globe Award

April 11th. Robin will attend the Energy Globe Award Gala at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. This event will be aired throughout Europe. Robin will present an award and will of course sing. (“How Deep Is Your Love”)

You Win Again
There will be a new Bee Gees documentary aired on BBC Radio 2 (U.K.) on April 3 and 10 (8.30 p.m. local time) telling about the history of the Bee Gees music. The 2 episode special is called: You Win Again and you can listen to it through BBC Radio 2 online.

Marion: GSI 03/15/07  (thanks:

NEWS, March 8th.

Barry and Robin talk on E.T. about the future together

Yesterday, the American TV program E.T. (Entertainment Tonight) aired an interview again with Barry and Robin in which the brothers mentioned a possible TV special around Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. this year and about the fact that they have been talking about working together again but this should be a thing which has to be decided between the two of them without anyone else being involved. Watch this:

Marion: GSI 03/08/07  

NEWS, March 5th.

Maurice Gibb memorial unveiling

Adam and Yvonne Gibb

The dedication of Maurice Gibb Memorial Park took place yesterday in Miami Beach. Maurice’s family, including mother Barbara and brothers Barry and Robin attended the ceremony. Also Mayor David Dermer and many friends and fans were present. Some first photos at : More info and material a.s.a.p. on GSI and probably on U.S. tv. So keep an eye on the programs. The Gibb family prefers that flowers and other gifts not be taken to the park, but rather that fans and friends who wish to make a gesture of remembrance donate to the Gibb Family Foundation, c/o Dade Community Foundation, 200 S. Biscayne Blvd., Suite 505, Miami, FL 33131.
A ‘ thank you’ by Adam Gibb:

Andy Gibb 1958 – 1988
Today we celebrate with all other fans the day of birth of Andy. His music his voice and his person we will never forget. He died much too young a few days after his birthday on March 10tth 1988.

Marion: GSI 03/05/07  

NEWS, February 21st.

   “Love And Hope Ball”

February 17 there was the yearly Love And Hope Ball however this year Barry didn’t perform like mentioned by GSI before. Of course Barry and Linda with some of their relatives were present. The fans who visited the party told me they’d enjoyed it very much. Click here for some photos taken during the event of Barry with Linda and Ashley with Theresa.

Barry’s chat
Last night Barry chatted again with over 200 fans through his website for about 70 minutes. He said amongst other things that the Colorado vacation with the family was fantastic. He is not sure when or how to do a fan meet but would like to. He will definitely be at the Maurice dedication but is not planning to sing there. The new country album is coming along fine and he loves every song! He likes the suggestion of an Andy Gibb DVD but we have to ask Warner/Rhino about that. Robin is doing well but according to Barry hard to keep up with Robin’s whereabouts at the moment.

Marion: GSI 02/21/07  
(thanks Louisa Y. and Phillis T.)

NEWS, February 11th.

Robin on Ice

Last week Robin was in Switzerland and performed at the Art On Ice Event. (Mentioned before on the GSI News of November 4th 2006) The shows were from 1 – 3 February 2007 at the Zürich Hallenstadion and on 6 and 7 February 2007 at the Patinoire de Malley in Lausanne. We have some photo material of Robin from Lausanne where he performed the Bee Gees songs: “How deep is your love”, “More than a woman”, “To love somebody”, “I started a joke”, “Tragedy”, “Night Fever”, “Staying Alive”, “You should be dancing”.

(Robin at the Art On Ice Event, photo credits: Giorgio)

While being in Switzerland, Robin mentioned to have put most of his solo work on hold for a while to be able to do some projects now with Barry. We have to wait and see if this is just his dream or that both brothers indeed will do some projects together later this year and / or next year when Barry’s album will be ready too!!
More photos to download at:

Songwriters Hall Of Fame
There is one time a year in which the love song is both revered and reviled in almost equal parts. Valentine’s Day, with its hearts and flowers, represents as many conflicted emotions as there are different types of relationships. That said, regardless of what category or state our personal lives are in, the love song seems to be the universal component that everyone relates to. Ask any songwriter if they’ve ever written a love song and the answer will invariably be yes. Love rules the airwaves and always has. The SHOF has compiled a list of love songs written by the inductees. Of course The Bee Gees are in the list as well: “How Deep Is Your Love”. Please visit this Valentines Week the list at:

Goon Moon
Jeordie White (better known to Marilyn Manson fans as Twiggy Ramirez) has united once more with Masters Of Reality singer/guitarist Chris Goss and Hella drummer Zach Hill for the second release by Goon Moon, “Licker’s Last Leg”. Due April 28 via Ipecac One of the tracks on this album will be: “Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You”,

Goon Moon

Katie Price and Peter André

The duo model Katie Price (formely Jordan) and singer Peter André have recorded an album with famous duets. One of the most important duets in pop history is amongst the tracks: “Islands In The Stream” of The Bee Gees. Details:

Marion: GSI 02/11/07  (Thanks Giorgio)

NEWS, January 4th.

Maurice’s biography
Maurice has been included in the Oxford Dictionary Of National Biography. He is amongst lots of notable people who all died in 2003. See the full list at:

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NEWS, December 25th.

 Barry’s chat
To see and hear his chat please click here

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NEWS, December 21st.

Congratulations Robin
Robin will celebrate his birthday tomorrow and GSI wishes him a great day. New Robin Gibb Website Robin Gibb’s spanking-new official website is here at last! There are lots of features, so go have a look and please let us know what you think! Whilst you’re there, do make sure to sign up for the site’s members’ area and newsletter. Logging in will give you access to Robin’s mobile phone blog and exclusive members-only media content. And, in the new year, you will receive the site’s news updates by email. Some features won’t launch until early in 2008, so do keep an eye out for those over the next couple of weeks. A new official Robin Gibb Forum will launch soon too. To celebrate the website’s launch, Robin has lots of goodies up for grabs! If you register with the site before 1 January 2008, you are eligible for a chance to win one of the many autographed Robin Gibb and Bee Gees CD’s, T-shirts, tourbooks, photos, posters and Bee Gees Greatest goodies Robin is giving away . Merry Christmas!

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NEWS, December 16th.

  The young Bee Gees
You can hear them at Billy Thorpe’s website where they sing the backing vocals on ‘Monday’ with Billy Thorpe and Johnny O’Keefe on lead vocals. It’s a rare recording from a live performance of a TV show from 1964 called: “Sing, sing, sing”. Go to
(press: enter, find and press: audio, press number 10: ‘Money’.)

Robin on radio and TV
Robin did some radio and TV appearances for BBC 1 TV and BBC 4 Radio this week in Britain and the charity show Ein Herz Fur Kinder in Germany see clip Also he taped some shows for Smooth Radio and Take 5 and 12 Days of Christmas. which will be aired at a later date. He was in a music quiz however his answers were mostly wrong but he had fun. And he was asked about his future plans and Robin said that this winter he will be working on a new solo album to be released next spring. When asked about his plans with Barry, he said a musical based on the Bee Gees biography is on the works. To watch his BBC 1 appearance: of December 15th. More information about his recent appearances and upcoming plans at

Barry chat at Christmas
Barry is organizing a chat with fans again for Christmas December 21, 4 pm (Miami time). Details at Barry’s site.

Everybody I Shot is Dead
Comments by Scott Eyman about the book by Deborah Chesher of which we’ve mentioned on GSI several times already: “Everybody I Shot is Dead” ‘It’s a delicious collection of photographs of rock stars who have gone on to that big concert venue in the sky.Jerry Garcia, Mike Bloomfield, John Bonham, Paul Butterfield, Tim Buckley, Rory Gallagher, Lowell George, Maurice Gibb, George Harrison, Harry Nilsson, Gene Pitney … you name them, and Chesher photographed them. She’s a good shooter, but the accompanying text is often at least as interesting as the photographs – intimate, with a good eye for detail. As a rather cute girl, Chesher had access, and it shows in these photos.’


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(also thanks Mark Crohan)

NEWS, November 13th.

 Robin goes to Dubai ?!
According to publications on the internet Robin is planning to give a performance in Dubai Media City on March 1 2008 from 10.00 pm. to 11.45 pm. Robin Gibb will be performing live all the Bee Gees classic hits at the 6th Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival. This info is not confirmed yet so stay tuned for more details.

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NEWS, November 8th.

Robin in UK radio show of Steve Wright

Robin was guest in the Steve Wright’s radio show (BBC, Radio 2. UK), aired Wednesday, October 31st 2007 to promote the Bee Gees Greatest re-issue. On our GSI website you can listen this show again ! Robin said that “Warm Ride” had been left out of the film soundtrack of “Saturday Night Fever” because it was one song too many. He also talked about the possibility of new material with Barry being released in 2008, about his loves of doing another Christmas carols album with Barry and more. Click here for the interview.

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NEWS, November 6th.

 David Jensen meets Robin Gibb

GSI received a mail from “Gold Radio” with the information about the interview. “Gold Radio” is delighted to announce that David Jensen’s Celebrity Interview podcast with Robin Gibb is now available as a free downloadable podcast. Simply download it to your PC and enjoy it on your MP3 player time and time again or listen to the audio stream on the website. Go to for more info’ Gold is available on the following digital platforms: DAB Digital Radio and local MW / AM Digital TV: Sky 0121, Virgin Media 959 & Tiscali 611 Robin talks in the interview about the re-issued “Greatest” album, “Saturday Night Fever” and more.

“If I Can’t Have You”
Finally the CD single with the remixes of “If I can’t have you” is available in Germany, click here

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NEWS, October 25th.

  Robert Stigwood escaped from fire
By Richard Kay

Robert Stigwood with the Bee Gees

No one has been watching the Californian firestorms, in which hundreds of homes have been destroyed, with more sympathy than music mogul Robert Stigwood. For the former manager of the Bee Gees and mentor to Lord Lloyd-Webber and Sir Tim Rice has, I can disclose, just had an astonishing escape from a raging inferno that tore through his seven-bedroom Ascot mansion. During the terrifying ordeal, the 73-year-old Australian-born tycoon narrowly missed being hit by a bolt of electricity which shot out of a fuse box. Fortunately, Stigwood and his beloved dogs, golden retriever Marmaduke and mongrel Milly, were saved by the timely intervention of his butler Khalid. The eagle-eyed servant had raised the alarm after spotting smoke billowing from the fuse box shortly before it caught fire. Now recovering at the nearby mansion of his Bee Gee friend Barry Gibb, Stigwood tells me: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were electrical bolts leaping from the fuse box to a metal sink many feet away. “The stairs were about to go up. There was smoke everywhere. It was terrifying. Two more feet or a couple of seconds later and my butler and I would not be here.” Stigwood, who is worth £200 million, had moved into the Edwardian mansion only last year, after spending a fortune on refurbishments. The house, called Clavering, boasted an indoor pool, gym and even a party annexe – an essential for an impresario famed for his star-studded parties. “I’m afraid we did lose quite a few things,” says Stigwood. “But the fire brigade was brilliant and saved the house. I don’t have a clue about the cost at this stage, but we are insured.” Stigwood, a close friend of the Duke and Duchess of York, is now ensconced happily in Gibb’s 20-room home in Beaconsfield – which he rented from the singer before moving to Clavering. One of Gibb’s other homes, a lakeside villa in Tennessee once owned by the late country singer Johnny Cash, was destroyed by fire in April. “Fortunately the property was available and Barry has been very good to me. Obviously he has had his own problems with fire recently, so it is all very poignant,” Stigwood tells me. “He has 40 acres here, so my dogs have plenty of room to run around in. I couldn’t be in a better place.”

More about Robert Stigwood
In a recent exclusive article from Stephanie Thorburn she tells more about this famous impresario, friend of The Gibbs and former manager of the group. UK music journalist, Stephanie Thorburn, has published many more stories about The Bee Gees, Robert Stigwood and David English on our GSI website the past few years. Click here:

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NEWS, October 22nd.

 We Have A Winner!!
The winner of: ‘Who’s Calling Christian?’ Is Barry!! The votes are in and have been counted, and we are pleased to announce that the winner of “Who’s Calling Christian” 2007 is Barry Gibb. His chosen charity is the “Diabetes Research Institute”. Barry amassed a staggering 3913 votes, that’s 34%. Congratulations!

Marion: GSI 10/22/07

NEWS, October 19th.

  Vote For Barry Gibb On “Who’s Calling Christian”
Vote for Barry Gibb this weekend on Virgin Radio’s “Who’s Calling Christian”, Britains biggest celebrity phone-in competition featured on Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show. Barry phoned in and left a message for Christian which you can listen to on the Virgin Radio website. If Barry wins the competition £10,000 will be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute.

Ask your friends and families to join in the voting, it’s easy, but there is only one vote per person so make sure you vote for Barry. Listen out for Barry on Christian O’Connell’s Breakfast show this coming Monday morning (6.00am to 10.00am London time).


1. Logon to
2. Click the “Who’s Calling Christian” link
3. Tick the box next to Barry Gibb
4. Submit your vote by clicking the “VOTE” button at the bottom of the page.

Robin in Germany
Here a for photo/report by Andreas Anderegg, (in German)
Click on: o Robin Gibb Live 10.07
(copyright: Andreas Anderegg).
Click here for short English translation (Word)

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NEWS, September 27th.

  Robin on UK TV
Robin will be appearing on UK BBC1’s “The One Show” today, at 7pm local time.

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NEWS, September 17th.

  More Robin concert news
The Sofia show will be aired on Nova TV And Robin will give additional shows: in Russia October 21 in St. Petersburg (Ledoviy Dvorets) and October 22 in Moskow (Kremlin)

Bee Gees tribute shows
There will be a tribute show in The Netherlands next year. For all Dutch and Dutch speaking people please visit the website for details and all the dates and places of the shows: Meer informatie over de komende Bee Gees tribute shows in Nederland in 2008 is te lezen op de volgende website: en

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NEWS, September 14th.

   “Bee Gees Greatest”
All latest on the Bee Gees Greatest CD box set; just visit:

tracklist of Bee Gees Greatest:

1. “Jive Talkin'”
2. “Night Fever”
3. “Tragedy”
4. “You Should Be Dancing”
5. “Stayin’ Alive”
6. “How Deep Is Your Love”
7. “Love So Right”
8. “Too Much Heaven”
9. “(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away”
10. “Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)””
11. “If I Can’t Have You”
12. “You Stepped into My Life”
13. “Love Me”
14. “More Than a Woman”
15. “Rest Your Love on Me”
16. “Nights on Broadway”
17. “Spirits (Having Flown)”
18. “Love You Inside Out”
19. “Wind of Change”
20. “Children of the World”
21. “Warm Ride”
22. “Stayin’ Alive – 12” Promo
23. “You Should Be Dancing”, Jason Bentley/Phillip Stier Remix
24. “How Deep Is Your Love”, Supreme Beings of Leisure Remix
25. “Night Fever”, Funk Squad Remix
26. “If I Can’t Have You”, Count da Money Remix
Hidden tracks:
“Stayin’ Alive” Teddybears Remix (US/Can/Aust)
“If I Can’t Have you” Disco Boys Remix (UK/World)

There will also be some Bee Gees Greatest material available through iTunes.

Robin in concert
Next to the earlier mentioned concert Robin will give at the Music Festival in Aruba on October 6th. he will also perform on October 13th. at the Rosengarten in Mannheim, Germany and October 25th. at The National Palace Of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.
More details when available also on

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NEWS, September 4th.

  Release of Bee Gees Greatest and more
The album will be released on October 1st in the UK and on September 18 in the US. You can watch a promo here: Also there will be released a special 30th anniversary release of Saturday Night Fever DVD box including bonus material. and a re-mastered Saturday Night Fever CD is on the market now.

Marion: GSI 09/04/07  

NEWS, August 7th.

 “Drown On The River”
Barry’s new country song is now available on iTunes. Listen here to a small clip.

Saturday Night Fever anniversary celebration, New York
In a special 30th anniversary celebration, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ “Monday Nights with Oscar®” (MNWO) will present a screening of “Saturday Night Fever” on Monday, August 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the Academy Theater in New York City. The program will feature a post-screening onstage discussion with actresses Karen Lynn Gorney and Donna Pescow, costume designer Patrizia Von Brandenstein and casting director Shirley Rich. The Academy Theater is located at 111 East 59th Street in New York City. Tickets for “Saturday Night Fever” are $5 for the general public and $3 for Academy members and students with a valid ID. Tickets may be reserved by calling 1-888-778-7575. Depending on availability, tickets may be purchased on the night of the screening. Doors open at 7 p.m. All seating is unreserved.
And to remind you: some more “Saturday Night Fever” news:
Out-of-print for five years, and in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever, Reprise will reissue the monumental collection as a two-CD deluxe edition that contains two previously unreleased tracks; “Warm Ride” and an extended version of “Stayin’ Alive,” originally a 12” promo vinyl, along with four contemporary dance remixes of classic Bee Gees songs by some of today’s hot club DJs. BEE GEES GREATEST will be available September 18 at all physical retail outlets and for a suggested price of $19.98. The album will also be available at all digital retail outlets for a suggested retail price of $14.99, and will include two extra tracks and videos.

Bunbury’s news
The Bunburys event in Mill Hill went last weekend in aid of Aspire (the spinal cord injury charity.) Luckily the weather was hot this time as many matches have been played around rain and mud this summer! The game saw quite a few familiar faces attending, with David English looking in very good spirits indeed.

Marion: GSI 08/07/07  also thanks Juan Guzman, Stephanie Thorburn

NEWS, July 21st.

 Robin concert: on TV

Tonight you can watch the concert Robin recently gave in Istanbul. It will be aired by NTV television Turkey at 23.00 p.m. local time. Or you watch the show on Internet

Marion: GSI 07/21/07  (thanks also Juan G.)

NEWS, July 13th.

 Robin guest of Dame Edna
June 30th. Robin was one of the guests on the Dame Edna Show to celebrate the 50th year of the show.

Robin present at ceremony for Alan Freeman
Robin was present at the unveiling of a special blue plaque for radio presenter Alan Fluff Freeman last week on July first, (earlier mentioned in the GSI News of June 23rd). See:

Robin in Turkey
July 9th and 10th Robin did performances in Turkey. First in Izmir at an open air theatre. ( and the next day Robin was at the International Jazz Festival in Istanbul ( Robin paid tribute to the two legendary Turkish producers who passed away last year: Arif Mardin and Ahmet Ertegün. Click here for some video clips of Robin in Turkey on Youtube. Some Turkish Bee Gees fans were very lucky to meet Robin:
Aynur Kuru:
“I was in heaven last night. You can see the photos with me and Robin. I am the brunette with Bee Gees t-shirt. The blond girl is Ipek. She is another Big Bee Gees fan. Robin signed our scrapbooks! And he hugged me!!!!!”
Click here for the report.

Marion: GSI 07/13/07  (also thanks: Aynur Kuru)

NEWS, June 23rd.

 Film with Gibb music
GSI already mentioned it earlier. The fact that Robins’ son RJ is composing too. Robin John’s music now has been used for a short film called ‘Blind Eye’. This film will be shown at the upcoming Film festival of Galway, Ireland (July 13 and 14) More at:

Two Year On
There will be coming a second release by LIPA of songs Robin has selected. (July 2nd on iTunes).

(More news at Robin

Robin visiting Aruba
Robin and band will play in Oranjestad, Aruba. An autonomous little island in the Caribbean Sea belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. His performance will take place at the Aruba Music Festival. October 6th. Costs of tickets: $40, $60, $100

Alan Freeman Tribute
Robin and Dwina plan to attend a special tribute to the late radio personality Alan Freeman. On July 1st. at Brinsworth House, 72 Staines Road, in Twickenham (UK). The tribute will include a charity auction. Profits from the event will be donated to charity in Freeman’s name. Tickets cost £50 including lunch and are available by calling the credit-card ticket hotline on 01992 451332. More detail at:

Rhino’s Bee Gees reissue programme
There will be several releases this year like a vinyl edition of the first box set, (U.S. $119.98 release date: June 26), a re-release of the “Saturday Night Fever” hit and also soon more hits with extras.

Marion: GSI 06/23/07  

NEWS, June 5th.

  Robin at VW Party
June 3rd. Robin performed at a VW Golf party. He sang Massachusetts and Stayin’ Alive. An audience of about 26.000 people celebrated the production of 25 million VW Golf cars. Many artists came on stage for this huge celebration. Besides Robin there were Peter Maffay, Bonnie Tyler, Juliette, Alannah Myles, Paul Young, Chris de Burgh and many more. At the end of the evening there were spectacular fire works.

Barry and Robin on BMI Video
Some more interview parts on video taken at the BMI awards in LA. at:

Marion: GSI 06/05/07 

NEWS, June 3rd.

  Robin back home on Isle Of Man
Robin came back to the island where he was born to perform yesterday June 2nd during the Peel Festival. Robin: “My parents adopted the Isle of Man as their home, that’s how I was born here and I’m proud to be Manx”. For photo and review:
Robin decided to donate his share of the net profits of this “homecoming” concert to the Children’s Ward at Nobles Hospital. Robin was born in Douglas and recently again purchased a property in Peel.

Marion: GSI 06/03/07  

NEWS, June 1st.

 Photo call for Robin as President of CISAC

There was a press moment organised in a Brussels hotel for Robin and vice president Alfonso Cuaron. Robin: ‘I’ll work to champion all rights of authors’ and writers’ right across the board, copyright and the freedom for all writers who don’t usually get a fair share of the pie. It is a very broad spectrum that I’m presenting.’
You can read Robin’s speech of May 31st at:

Robin and Mexican screenwriter and director Alfonso Cuaron pose during a photo call in Brussels (June 1st) after having been elected President and Vice-President of CISAC on Friday.
© REUTERS/Sebastien Pirlet (BELGIUM)

More photos:

Marion: GSI 06/01/07  

NEWS, May 30th.

 Monument Johnny Cash
Barry and Linda are to build a life-size bronze monument to the late legendary country singer on the site of the house, burned to the ground in March. Read more:

Barry, Robin and Yvonne Gibb at BMI
At the video search website of Broadcaster you can see this and many more Gibb videos clip/18240   clip/18226   clip/18227  

Marion: GSI 05/30/07  

NEWS, May 22nd.

 Robin to Russia and more…
Robin will perform during a free event in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 8th. It won’t be a concert by The Bee Gees like announced in Russia but a solo concert by Robin. Fans from all Russia like to travel to St. Petersburg to see the show at the Palace Square. Robin will be one of the guests of famous conductor Valeri Georgiev and will sing about 7 to 8 songs with the Marijnsky Orchestra.
Other performances for Robin the coming months:
 In Germany he will perform together with many other artists at VW party (celebrating 25 million VW Golf cars) in Wolfsburg, June 3rd. Show presentation: Thomas Gotschalk.
 Guest appearance during the G4 Farewell Tour in the London Royal Albert Hall, June 5.
 In Izmir,Turkey on July 9 th. (open air theatre)
 And like earlier mentioned: at the Istanbul Jazz Festival, July 10th.
details for tickets etc.:

Marion: GSI 05/22/07  
(thanks also:

NEWS, May 16th.

 BMI honors Bee Gees as Pop Icons

Robin Gibb, Yvonne Gibb (wife of Maurice) and Barry Gibb

Yesterday BMI staged its 55th Annual Pop Awards at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. A highlight of the ceremony was the musical tribute to legendary singing trio the Bee Gees. The brothers Gibb were honored as BMI Icons for their “unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers.” Accepting the awards were Barry and Robin Gibb and Yvonne Gibb, wife of the late Maurice Gibb. The tribute saw American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee perform “Immortality”, Bebe Winans singing a medley of “Nights on Broadway” and “How Deep Is Your Love” and Kelly Rowland performing “Emotion”. Visit: (including slide show) more photos at: and and

Robin visited Dame Edna
Robin participated in the 50th. anniversary program of the Dame Edna Treatment and sang the theme song adding a special verse for the occasion. The program will be aired on British ITV, June 30, 2007.

Sing Slowly Sisters
Pete Paphides,Times music journalist and Laura Parfitt, award-winning radio producer revealed the stories and music behind Robin’s unreleased album: “Sing Slowly Sisters” in the BBC Radio 4 program: The Lost Albums, May 15th. It included an interview with Robin. The show will be repeated: Saturday 19 May 2007, 15:30-16:00 local time. (Radio 4 FM)

Marion: GSI 05/16/07  

NEWS, May 10th.

  “American Idols”
Barry was on American Idols the past two days and did a nice job coaching the contestants. He and the whole family had travelled to L.A. last week and tomorrow every one will celebrate Linda’s birthday in Las Vegas. (Happy Birthday Linda !!) The final four contestants of American Idols performed two Bee Gees songs each: Melinda Doolittle (“Love You Inside” out and “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”), LaKisha Jones (“Run To Me” and “Stayin Alive”), Blake Lewis (“You should be dancing” and “This Is Where I Came In”) and Jordin Sparks (“Woman In Love” and “To Love Somebody”). Some choices of songs we think could have been better, also some renditions maybe were a bit weak. Barry especially liked Jordin’s performances and GSI 100% agrees with him. To see Barry with the contestants: To see the performances and to see Barry sing his “To Love Somebody”!! please look at:   
“To Love Somebody” was the song Barry performed himself yesterday during the show. It was good to see Barry back on stage. He looked and sounded the way we like it. He also received great reviews like from David Marchese:
He (Barry) came on, he sang us a killer version of “To Love Somebody” and, in return, he got to bask in the attention of millions of people, ending the song with his head tilted back in ecstasy, his hand raised triumphantly in the air. Something for him, something for us. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. I don’t know, I’m not really mad, “Idol,” I just wish you’d think about me a little bit more sometimes.

From left to right are; Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, Barry Gibb, LaKisha Jones and Blake Lewis.
credits: AP Photo/Fox,Ray Mickshaw

Alan Kendall and Barry’s album
We all know Barry and his sons are busy with the country album. The album will be released in 2008 but at this point no title or recording place has been decided we were told by management. A few weeks ago Barry also asked former Bee Gees lead guitarist Alan Kendall to work with him on a song and Alan told GSI how great it was to work with Barry again. Alan told us the country song Barry had written just sounded beautiful and he’s happy he could be part of it.

Also Robin is working on solo material specially, according to Dwina in a recent interview, he likes to work and to record a song with his son Robin John who’s in a band too and like Dwina mentioned their son has the talents of his dad. Dwina at the moment also helps Robin with writing a book about the life in the music business.

Marion: GSI 05/10/07  

NEWS, April 13th.

 Barry’s house in Nashville
The Gibb family thanks you all for your support regarding the fire. No further comments will be made at this time. Also there’s no decision known yet concerning the fact what Barry and Linda will be doing with the Hendersonville property in future. The cause of the fire that destroyed former home of Johnny Cash in Hendersonville is still under investigation, but officials say the flames spread quickly. Jamie Steele, fire chief in Hendersonville, believed that the fire may have been caused by a recently applied wood preservative which is flammable, combined with a spark from welding torches being used. Nothing has remained of the house except for the chimneys. We keep you posted. Some more articles / videos / photos:

Barry Gibb’s likeness was carved into a tree in front of the home hoped to move into in July. (copyright: Jeremy Johnson/Hendersonville Star News)

Robin at the Energy Globe Awards
April 11th Robin was present at the European Parliament in Brussels to present a Youth Award at the Energy Glob gala. He also performed: “How deep is your love”   See also :

Robin during performance

BBC Radio 2
Listen here to the second part of the Bee Gees story they aired on radio April 10th: “You Win Again”

Marion: GSI 04/13/07  

NEWS, April 10th.

 Barry’s new house destroyed by fire!
Unfortunately Barry’s house caught fire during part of the construction process, probably caused by a flammable spray sealer. The fire started shortly before 2 p.m. (local time). Barry and family are both saddened and devastated by the news. A video to watch: Some of the reports at:
And a number of slides of the fire:

Photo by Walter Timmons

Marion: GSI 04/10/07  

NEWS, April 4th.

 Bee Gees on BBC Radio 2
Like mentioned on GSI in the News of March 15, BBC Radio 2 aired the first of a two part series: You Win Again on radio yesterday. Next Tuesday it’s time for part 2. Listen here to the interview.

Marion: GSI 04/04/07  

NEWS, March 18th.

 Dame Edna Theme
The tune Robin composed for Dame Edna’s British TV series is about 30 seconds long, that’s the time restriction he was given to work with. Robin wrote the tune in his hotel room in Switzerland in February 2007 and recorded it in his home studio once back home. For the song words to sing along visit

Barry on American Idol
Like mentioned before Barry will be joining others for a guest coach appearance on American Idol. The episodes where he will be seen on this U.S. TV show will be aired on May 8th and May 9th.

Marion: GSI 03/18/07  

NEWS, March 10th.

  Maurice Gibb Park Dedication
Soon we have more photos and reports available of the dedication. Please view the speech of Barry and the Thank You words of Adam at You Tube. Speech of Barry    Speech of Adam

Robin in Germany

Robin attended the Radio Regenbogen Awards in Karlsruhe, Germany, yesterday March 9th. He there accepted a lifetime achievement award. It was for the 10th time this Radio Regenbogen Awards was presented. It’s a media prize from the German state: Baden- Württemberg to about a dozen celebrities in the music, entertainment and media world. Robin received the life time achievement award 2006 from Armin Rohde.
Click to view photos and the press kit.

Donny Osmond

There has been a new CD released by Donny Osmond on the Decca label, March 7th. ‘Love Songs of the 70ties’ One of the tracks is the Bee Gees song: “How Deep Is Your Love”. All details:

Marion: GSI 03/10/07  

NEWS, February 23rd.

 Barry on American Idol Show
Management reported that Barry will be guest host on the “American Idol” show. The artists scheduled to serve as coaches for the singers once the Idol finals start again are: Barry Gibb, Tony Bennett, Jon Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez, Martina McBride, Diana Ross, Gwen Stefani and, for a British Invasion Night: Peter Noone (of Herman’s Hermits) and Lulu. Barry says: “sounds like a great adventure and I am really looking forward to it”

The Brothers plan to write British TV Tune
Barry and Robin have been asked to write a catchy TV chat show theme tune for the Australian entertainer Barry Humphries, better known as: Dame Edna Everage.

Bunbury’s 21st Birthday party
GSI has posted before in reports about David English and the Celebrity Bunbury Cricket Team The Bunburys are the world’s most famous Celebrity Cricket Club and Schools Cricket Festival, with the team fielding legendary cricketers such as Eric Clapton, Ian Botham and Phil Collins. This year they celebrate the 21st birthday with a party on May 10 th. and Robin Gibb will sing live at this party (7.30 pm.). Reports Stephanie Thorburn.html The “Bunbury’s 21st Birthday Party”, is a sporting dinner held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. The evening is hosted by comedian Stephen Fry and live entertainment is provided by Robin Gibb and band. The event will be supporting the English Schools Cricket Association. This Party will be a unique opportunity to see Robin in concert in Britain. Tickets are sold per tables of 12 guests or individually (ca £220). You can make reservation inquiries via the Fireball Management website.

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NEWS, February 16th.

  “Love And Hope Ball”
Latest from management is that there is no performance planned for Barry on the Ball for this year. However, we keep you informed about “Love And Hope” of February 17 in case there will be surprises!

Bee Gees on German TV
February 26 (Monday), at 20.15, there will be a 1 hour lasting show about the greatest hits of the Bee Gees: “BEE GEES – ALLE HITS” (Super RTL) Dirk Penwitz reminds of one of the most successful bands of the world and presents some of their hits.
March 9th Robin wil be on the “Der Radio Regenbogen Awards 2007” in the Schwartzwaldhalle , Karlsruhe Germany. He then will accept the “Radio Regenbogen Award” and is planning to do 3 or 4 songs (tickets available €290.=)

Art On Ice, Switzerland
You will be able to watch highlights of the ice show that took place in Switzerland earlier this month and where Robin performed live. It will be aired on the Swiss television station SF1 February 24th.

Bee Gees on Mexican radio
Tomorrow Saturday February 17th a new radio program will be launched in Mexico via Internet by Daniel Zarate. The name of the program is “Fiebre de Sabado; la Historia de los Bee Gees” (Saturday Fever; the History of the Bee Gees). It will be on every Saturday at 9 am (Central Mexico time) at If you want to take part in it or help in any way, please contact Daniel at or Bee Gees Latino.

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(thanks, Daniel Zarate, Britta Schoer)

NEWS, January 14th.

 Robins visit to Israel

Robin enjoys himself in Israel

Saturday January 13th. Robin was invited to perform on TV in Israel. A fan tells his story:

I was at the Uri Geller TV show and saw Robin for the first time in my life. Very close and it was special to me (to say the least). He sang “How Deep Is Your Love”. I think that most people in Israel don’t know The Bee Gees after 1979 Thanks to Uri Geller, an acquaintance of the Gibbs, Robin visited Israel. It was Uri who called him and asked him to come to the show. Robin I believe was also a guest of the Minister of Tourism for one day. Sorry to say that it was impossible to meet him (believe me I tried) All happened so fast and he left right after the song.

Click here for some photos. And also watch Robin’s performance:

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NEWS, January 10th.

 Robin to Israel
Robin will be in Israel this weekend to participate in the Uri Geller TV Show next Saturday on Channel 2. Geller’s new show called “The Successor” has received smash ratings in Israel so far.

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NEWS, January 5th.

 Bee Gees re-releases
After the release of their first Box Set last year the next thing is the packages are being split as individual records according to Warner/Rhino and then they will continue through the album catalogue from them on… in chronological order. The release of the first three albums separately will be January 23rd. More projects are on the table for the coming period for instance plans around the 30th anniversary of “Saturday Night Fever” with nice surprises. We keep you posted.

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