NEWS, December 24h.

Robin in British TV Quiz
November 11th. we already reported about Robin’s visit to the TV studio for the British quiz Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. December 26th. this popular quiz will be aired by the British TV station ITV at 2.40 p.m. Robin will team up with Mike Read for a Celebrity edition of this quiz. The show will be repeated on:
Wednesday 30th December at 2:30p.m. on ITV2
Thursday 31st December at 12:05p.m. on ITV1

Message from Robin
Please visit the website and watch Robin’s message to you at:

Marion: GSI 12/24/09  

NEWS, December 19th.

Auction of Signed Barry Gibb Guitar !!
Jennifer Shannon is Fundraising Officer of the Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation; a Foundation which has supported Veterans since 1917. The Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation is a small charity based in West London, providing invaluable homes and support to disabled and vulnerable ex-Servicemen and women, including those who have been homeless. Jennifer recently mailed GSI mentioning the fact that she’d love to auction a beautiful Barry Gibb guitar for her Foundation. To raise funds for this Foundation Jennifer would like to invite bids for the guitar. It perhaps will make a wonderful Christmas present for a lucky Bee Gees fan!!

Some photos of the guitar,(a Phil Pro) and the authenticity certificate given by Barry’s friend Dave English: click here

The new boxset Mythology will be released March 9th. 2010 A box set with a disc dedicated to each brother featuring two previously unreleased Maurice Gibb tracks, and one previously unreleased track by Andy Gibb.

Marion: GSI 12/19/09  (Thanks Jennifer S).

NEWS, December 14th.

Nat Kipner has passed away
Producer, songwriter and entrepreneur Nat Kipner died recently in the United States. Nat was one of the most important figures in the Australian pop music industry of the 1960s. As well as his role as house producer for the Sunshine, Spin and Down under labels, he was an accomplished songwriter who wrote or co-wrote many of the releases he produced, including several songs he co-wrote with Maurice Gibb. Among his later credits was “Too Much Too Little Too Late”, which was a major international hit for Deniece Williams and Johnny Mathis in the late 1970s. Nat is also notable as the father of renowned musician and songwriter Steve Kipner. After signing The Bee Gees to Spin, Nat introduced the trio to independent producer-engineer Ozzie Byrne, who took them under his wing and gave them unlimited access to his home-built St Clair studio in Hurstville, Sydney. It was during this very fertile period that the Bee Gees recorded their breakthrough hit “Spicks and Specks”, which Nat produced. In collaboration with Byrne, Kipner also produced a string of singles and EPs for the short lived Down under label, and many of the songs recorded by these artists were co-written by Nat with either Maurice Gibb or Ossie Byrne. At the same time, Nat’s teenage son Steve was also enjoying his first success as the leader of pop band Steve & The Board, who scored several Australian hits in the mid-1960s. After that group split up Steve joined forces with Steve Groves, formerly of The Kinetics, relocated to the London. There, thanks to a chance meeting with Barry Gibb, they were signed by Robert Stigwood and as Tin Tin they scored an international hit in 1971 with “Toast and Marmalade For Tea”. Please visit this website to read the complete article:


Jacqui Naylor
‘You Don’t Know Jacq’ is a fulfilling experience, showcasing Jacqui Naylor’s vocal ability and her talent for telling a story. Opening with the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love,” Naylor makes it work with her unique and unusual phrasing. Never falling into the apparent traps of interpreting one of pop’s most well-known and often-covered songs, she alters the feel, turning it into a true jazz song. album info and sound clip:

Jan Bayens
A very nice cover of “I Started A Joke”

Marion: GSI 12/14/09  (thanks Mark C.)

NEWS, December 4th.

Robin visiting Malta
Like mentioned in the GSI news of November 3, Robin will be visiting Malta this weekend for the Music Awards to receive an International Lifetime Achievement Award for The Bee Gees. At the MFCC in Ta’Qali on Saturday December 5 from 8.30 pm. He will also lay a wreath at the War Memorial in Floriana on Sunday. Robin decided on the initiative to honour the war heroes. Malta played an important part in the War and Robin and Heritage Fund vice-president Mike Read will be talking to XFM Radio and TV chat show host Lou Bondi about Bomber Command., Robin flew in December 4th and will also be visiting Valletta and Mdina. Robin will also be given the Peace Award by the country’s President Mr Abela and visit with the British High Commisioner. He leaves again on Sunday.
also see the video:

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NEWS, November 27th.

 Diana Awards

The Diana Award: 10th Anniversary Ceremony
Photographer: Chris Jackson/Staff

On Tuesday, (November 24th.) together with other celebrities, Robin Gibb has been in 11 Downing Street, London in his role as Ambassador for the Diana Award to present Gold Awards to ten young people. Robin arrived with his son Robin John. The Diana Awards, founded in 1999, in memory of Princess Diana are presented to young people from all circumstances and sections of society who invest a huge amount of energy to improve the lives of others.
more photos at:

Marion: GSI 11/27/09  

NEWS, November 24th.

Bee Gees in “Music Week”
Last week GSI asked you to send material for putting together a Bee Gees 50th anniversary tribute feature for “Music Week”. From journalist Johnny Black of “Music Week” we’d received a request to send Bee Gees material, artists quotes about The Bee Gees and he asked us to contact the fans through the website to cooperate. This week the UK magazine Music Week included a feature written by music journalist Johnny Black, dedicated to the Bee Gees at the occasion of their 50th anniversary. The article summarises the history and the achievements of The Brothers as songwriters, and indeed includes some great quotes from a.o. Tim Rice, Paul Mc Cartney, Celine Dion, George Michael and Noel Gallagher. The magazine will be in the shops later this week and is available from selected newsstands and music stores in Britain and the Europe mainland. The Bee Gees feature is announced on the cover of the magazine and has four pages inside. Early next year, Music Week will print another piece written by Johnny Black to coincide with the release of the “Mythology” box set.
Read the article by Johnny Black at:

Marion: GSI 11/24/09  (thanks: Johnny Black)

NEWS, November 21st.

Bee Gees Radio Special
Join CBS-FM on Sunday, November 22nd at 11PM (local time) for the Bee Gees: 50th Anniversary Radio Special. This one hour program highlights the career of “The Brothers Gibb” in their own words as Barry and Robin Gibb talk about their music, their beginnings on stage as kids, through today.

Malta Music Awards
GSI already mentioned the fact that Robin will be special guest at the Music Awards on December 5th. (See GSI News of November 3rd.) Ticket info: Tickets cost €10 and VIP tickets cost €30. Tickets can also be purchased from TicketLine at, the MFCC and from Springfield, South Street, Valletta. More information is available on

GSI Tips
“Love Is Blind” was intended for country singer Deana Carter, was recorded by the Bee Gees’ old Australian friend Col Joye in 2002 and released in 2004 on his Along The Way album and recorded by the Australian boy band called Human Nature. This is Barry’s version. ( Barry and Maurice on guitars, Maurice on keyboards and programming, and Barry on vocal).


The 2 Tin Tin-albums, “Astral Taxi” and “Toast and Marmalade for Tea” have been released on CD’s with bonus tracks including “Have you heard the word”. Maurice was producer and also played on these records.

Marion: GSI 11/21/09  (thanks Arne M.)

NEWS, November 18th.

Barry and Robin on “Dancing With The Stars” show, USA
November 17 they finally were on US TV again together, singing: You Should Be Dancing. Some comments: -Barry looked great and seemed to enjoy himself; Robin looked very skinny but they sounded real fine.—–They still made me proud to be a BG’s fan and I am so glad they are back —– I got goose bumps.—– I know Mo was there in spirit. His vibe was there in the music.—– Just watched it. It was pretty awesome and the crowd seemed to love it! Good job!—–Sigh, always good to see them. Hope it is true that they have reconciled.—– Thought, all in all, Barry’s voice was remarkable, considering. Here you can see their performance: And here you can see the ET interview with Barry and Robin

Bee Gees Interview for Sunrise, Australia TV, Part 2
Robin and Barry Gibb talk about the 50th anniversary of the Bee Gees, Maurice’s death, new CD release, and the possibility of an Australian tour.

Michael Jackson’s final message to Barry
Janet Jackson tells about Michael’s final message to his close friend Barry Gibb.
Watch video at:
Following his death a note was found on Michael’s mirror to his close friend Barry Gibb. Sister Latoya delivered that message last night when the Bee Gees performed on Dancing with the Stars. “I just want to tell Barry how Michael was so worried about making sure he got a chance to really speak to him. He kept making notes and writing notes:-I must speak to Barry,I must speak to Barry-, and Barry told me: yes he did. He was speaking to Barry periodically all the time actually. So that was wonderful.I just want to pass the message on to him.”

Marion: GSI 11/18/09  

NEWS, November 9th.

New Bee Gees website to launch soon
In the near future Reprise Records will launch a new Bee Gees website in support of the Bee Gees’ 50th anniversary celebrations. You can already watch the new site at: and there’s more to come soon.

Robin and other artists at Abbey Road Studio
Paul Rodgers, Robin Gibb and Michael Bolton were at the Abbey Road Studio recording The song, “We Will Remember Them”, In aid of Royal British Legion and Help For Heroes.
Watch here:

Marion: GSI 11/09/09  

NEWS, November 5th.

Daily Telegraph talks to the Bee Gees
interview By Neil McCormick.

Marion: GSI 11/05/09  

NEWS, November 2nd.

Bee Gees talk about their loss and their new beginning
They are interviewed at Criteria Studios, which is perhaps the place where Barry and Robin Gibb feel the loss of their brother Maurice most keenly. Sitting in the Miami building where the Bee Gees recorded some of their biggest hits, they reveal the pain they feel to be back here without him. “You look around and just think you’re going to see him,” says Barry, 63. “But now we know we must move on. We all have to.” For the first time in the seven years since Maurice’s death, the surviving brothers have been reunited as a duo in the studio. Barry says: “We’ve had as much tragedy as we’ve had success. But of course we’d give up all that success to have Andy and Maurice back”. Barry says: “People will always see the Bee Gees as three brothers. But we’re going to struggle on in spite of whatever opinions may be out there. “This is in our blood and we just have to keep on making music.” Robin nods. “We treasure Mo’s memory and he will always be part of the Bee Gees. But from this point, Barry and I go on”.
Also read:

Marion: GSI 11/02/09  

NEWS, November 1st.

Bee Gees at Abbey Road?
We’ve received a not yet confirmed message that The Bee Gees, Paul Rodgers and Michael Bolton are in attendance at Abbey Road Studios today recording a song with Paul McCartney for a good cause, possibly “Live Aid”. Rumour is they are recording a Beatles song. No further details yet.

The UK Sun reported that Paul Rodgers, Robin Gibb and Michael Bolton were there, but there’s no mention of Paul McCartney participating in the session, which was done to raise funds for Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion. The song, “We Will Remember Them”, will be released for download on Remembrance Sunday, the paper said. “We Will Remember Them” will be available to download on iTunes on November 8. The CD is due in shops next Monday.
Read more: including video

Bee Gees talk to CBS
Maurice Gibb’s death divided the surviving Bee Gees, but now Barry and Robin are creating music together again. After talking it over, Barry and Robin are in harmony again. Time to move on without ever letting go of Mo. Barry and Robin have started writing songs together again. “We still have a lot of music in us,” Barry said.

Bee Gees magic still there

Anyone who saw Strictly Come Dancing yesterday will know that the magic of the Bee Gees burns as brightly as ever. They were announced as The Bee Gees. Their TV appearance was a huge success. They looked very relaxed and Barry did the hand wavy thing encouraging people to clap in the instrumental bit. Fans admit they’re very happy about the fact that they’re able to see the guys on TV again singing together, although for many of the fans seeing them performing without Maurice is bitter sweet also. The Brothers seemend to enjoy their performance and so did the audience. After seeing them on BBC tonight the excitement for many fans was right back again. It gave a good feeling and it asks for more. More performances and also more new material!! To celebrate their return, the Bee Gees have created a unique album of some of their greatest hits and it’s absolutely free inside next week’s Mail on Sunday.(U.K.) Read more:
See their performance

More Bee Gees
Bee Gees on ITV (U.K.)
This will feature an interview with The Brothers onNovember 3rd. After the interview goes out on TV you will be able to watch it on:
Bee Gees on Sky TV (U.K.)
Also November 3rd Sky TV will broadcast an interview with Robin and Barry in the course of the afternoon.
Bee Gees Number One (Germany)
A pre taped show on the German Kabel Eins on November 18th. which includes an interview.
The Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph newspapers in Britain will print interviews with Robin and Barry next week.

  There’s a new Danish Bee Gees cover – sung in English, released last week by Ann-Mette Elten, the singer from the band called PS 12 ( Paa Slaget 12 ). 

Ann-Mette Elten

This band released some Bee Gees covers earlier but now Ann-Mette released a solo album together with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, titled “Close To You” includingWords ( RecArt R 60149-2 ). Here’s a small clip of the song:

Marion: GSI 11/01/09  (thanks Erling P.)

NEWS, October 15th

Barry and Robin performing together for BBC
The Brothers will sing together again for British TV in the show: “Strictly Come Dancing”. They will make an appearance on the BBC1 show on October 31. Besides singing their classic track You Should Be Dancing, there is talk of Strictly’s celeb dancers performing as a group to Bee Gee hits such as Night Fever, Staying Alive and Jive Talkin’.

Marion: GSI 10/15/09  

NEWS, October 12th

The Sound Relief DVD

The 4 CD package of the Sound Relief concert featuring Barry and Olivia – Newton John has just been released. Barry and Olivia perform seven songs: Jive Talkin’, Words (without Olivia), Islands in The Stream, I love you I honestly love you (without Barry), How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Guilty & You Should Be Dancing

Marion: GSI 10/12/09  (thanks Mark C.)

NEWS, October 8th

“Melody Fair”
Warner Music Japan has officially announced that “Melody Fair” will be the bonus track for the Japanese versions of Ultimate due out November 4. You can see at the following link that the song is listed as the 22nd track of Disc 2. (It is in Japanese, but the track list is in English.)

Fabrian Goroncy

His album “The Voice” will be released around this time. Fabrian has a pleasant voice which reminds of Robin Gibb. Listen to his music and his Bee Gees cover version of ‘And The Sun Will Shine’ at:

The Somebodys

The debut single of The Somebodys is the Bee Gees cover: ‘Inside Out’ (featuring Rachael Bell). Release date November 2nd. 2009 It’s a track off The Somebodys album: “50 Years Trib To Brothers Gibb”. Pete & Steve Lewinson (of Simply Red) produced the tracks Inside Out, Heartbreaker, Words, and How Deep Is Your Love TMS ( The Musical Shed) produced NY Mining Disaster, Lonely Days, Run To Me, Tragedy, Stayin’ Alive Michael Graves produced I Started A Joke and Emotions More info: listen at:

Marion: GSI 10/08/09  

NEWS, September 16th

 “Love And Hope Ball”

The Love and Hope preview party will take place November 19th, 2009. Often referred to as “the heart of Love and Hope,” this elegant evening features a fabulous cocktail reception, followed by a dinner program, dancing and live entertainment. It takes place at the Diplomat Country Club and starts at 6.30 pm.

The 36th edition of the Love And Hope Ball of which Barry and Linda Gibb are International chairmen will be celebrated February 13, 2010.Attracting South Florida’s most philanthropic families, celebrities and more, this extraordinary, black-tie gala will feature a grand cocktail reception, spectacular décor, a sumptuous dinner, dancing, and live entertainment. It will be held again at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa
3555 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood
Starting 6.30 p.m. Tickets: $500 per person.
For more information, please contact:
Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
200 South Park Road, Suite 100
Hollywood, FL 33021, USA


British singer Beverley Knight has recorded the Bee Gees song “Too Much Heaven” for her next album 100%. Some of the biggest names in the business have lined up to cooperate including R&B producers Jam & Lewis, Chaka Khan, Bee Gee brother Robin Gibb, and her old songwriting buddies Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) and Jimmy Hogarth (Duffy, Adele) as well as chart-topping songsmith Amanda Ghost.
Click to listen to the track

Marion: GSI 09/16/09  

NEWS, September 15th

Garden Party with Robin and Dwina
September 5 another Heritage Foundation afternoon tea party was organized by Robin Gibb and his wife Dwina in the garden of their home in Thame. There was a big tent where you could sit and have something to eat and to drink and at the terrace was a small stage for the performances. DJ Mike Reid was there as well as Rick Wakeman There was amongst others an auction and of course Robin performed. He sang a part of Emotion with singer Lorna Marshall, did Happy Birthday for one of the guests and with Mike and a guitarist Robin performed Massachusetts and Words. There were about 200 guests and son Robin John was present too. See also:

The Ultimate Bee Gees
Early November this box set will be released, more details soon. This is the art work of the set.

Bee Gees music by Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart will follow-up his last album of rock covers with a new album of soul covers. The ‘Soul’ album will feature songs from the Four Tops, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and the Bee Gees. Rod has been working on the album this year with Ray Parker Jr, Waddy Watchel and David Paich. His Bee Gees cover on this new album is: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. Rod’s as yet untitled Great American Soul Book album will probably be released on October 26th. Rod say’s the disc is going back to his roots.

Bunbury Cricket Club
For those of you who’d like to be kept updated about David English and the Bunburys; here’s a recent article by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

David English with Stephanie Thorburn at the Bunbury Bashes May 9th at the Grosvenor House reception.
Photo credit: Linda Thorburn.

Most performed songs in the U. K.
Music Week runs down the most performed songs annually from 1959 to 2008 in the UK. The magazine is celebrating 50 years with a special issue coming this very week. Night Fever was the most performed song of 1978 and Chain Reaction in 1986 according to the magazine. In the States the Gibb Brothers have won 3 times the song of the year awarded by BMI.
1979. Too Much Heaven
1978. Night Fever
1983. Islands in the Stream.


Barry and Robin Gibb talk about the ups and downs of their incredible career.

Marion: GSI 09/15/09  
(also thanks: Andreas A., Stephanie T., Juan G., Robin Gibb website)

NEWS, September 1st

We’d like to congratulate Barry on his birthday and of course we’d like to congratulate Barry and Linda on their wedding anniversary today!

Barry Gibb speaks to Tim Roxborogh
Here you’ll find clips of the interview which was recorded in London last July and aired on New Zealand radio on this morning, September 1st: Barry’s birthday.
Clip 1 Robin again
Clip 2 Losing Mo and friendship with Michael Jackson
Clip 3 Listening to own music
Clip 4 Mythology
Clip 5 Barry Gibb Talk Show
Clip 6 Coldplay
Clip 7 Farewell

Marion: GSI 09/

NEWS, August 31th.

Interview Barry
Barry Gibb Celebrates 63rd Birthday By Talking To Easy Mix
August 31st US time line, 3:30 pm Miami time there will be a radio interview with Barry. It was recorded last month in London by a New Zealand radio station. The station is: In trying to discover if it would be repeated it was discovered that the radio station would love getting emails from the fans that have stories about meeting any of the Gibbs. They would like these in time for the airing of the interview. So please send them your story and pass the request to anyone you can think of that have met them. Please send your emails to Ali at: You will have to figure out the time for where you are. New Zealand where it is airing from it will be 8:30 am Tuesday, in the USA it will still be August 31st. Tim Roxborough explains: ‘Our most recent interview was in London in July as Barry reunited with brother Robin to celebrate 50 years of the Bee Gees and to film a new documentary. Easy Mix will play the interview I recorded and you will hear Barry discuss the new music him and Robin are recording, their plans to tour next year, why Maurice’s death tore the family apart for so long and his favourite memories of friend Michael Jackson’.

Bee Gees Interview for Smooth Radio
Barry and Robin Gibb talk as they have never before about the ups and downs of their incredible career. A special documentary from 7pm – 8pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

Marion: GSI 08/31/09  (thanks also Heidi Bookout)

NEWS, August 17th.

Robin in concert
Recently Robin did a show at the Faroe Islands Summerfestival and this weekend he performed with the symphony orchestra and chorus of the Danish State Radio at the scenic park of Ledreborg Castle in Denmark for about 40 thousand people.

Robin at Ledreborg Castle

The setlist: Emotion / Gotta Get A Message To You / Saved By The Bell / More Than A Woman / I Started A Joke / How Deep Is Your Love / Alan Freeman Days / Massachusetts / To Love Somebody / You Win Again / Woman In Love / Islands In The Stream / New York Mining Disaster 1941 / Nights On Broadway / Night Fever / Juliet / You Should Be Dancing / Jive Talking / Tragedy / Staying Alive

Marion: GSI 08/17/09

NEWS, August 13th.

Another award for The Bee Gees
August 11th. The Brothers won another prize at the Q Song Awards for Queensland, Australia. The Bee Gees accepted the Grant McLennan Lifetime Achievement award, presented by Grant’s sister Sally, by video. The fourth annual Q Song Awards, at The Tivoli in Brisbane, featured 22 awards in categories from hip hop to rock, jazz, world music and country. The Hungry Kids of Hungary and The Boat People finished the night with a medley of tunes from the Bee Gees, honoring their lifetime contribution to songwriting.

Bee Gees fifty years ago

Bee Gees Douglas ceremony to be available on DVD
This DVD is due to go on sale by the end of the month. It shows the Bee Gees being made Freemen of the Borough of Douglas. The DVD features the private ceremony. It will also contain footage of brothers Barry and Robin Gibb arriving with their family and friends and Ballacottier School’s junior choir, who sang Roll Away by Davy Knowles for the stars. Manx singer songwriter Christine Collister will sing some of the Bee Gees’ hits and explain the Bee Gees history and why they were chosen to receive the honour. There are also interviews shown with some of the hundreds of fans who lined the street outside the town hall on their reaction to the event. Douglas Corporation has not decided the price or where the DVD will be sold, but a donation from each sale will go to the Mayor’s charity.

Marion: GSI 08/13/09  

NEWS, July 25th.

Bee Gees Honoured in Manchester

Barry, Robin and Yvonne Gibb

Robin and Barry were joined by family and about 600 friends to see them receive The Variety Club’s highest honour, the Silver Heart, for their outstanding contribution to music and charity work at Manchester’s Palace Hotel yesterday evening. A host of music and showbiz stars headed to the do to pay their tribute to the band. Boyzone star Ronan Keating got huge cheers as he sang his solo hit Words penned by the Bee Gees. It was something of a family reunion for the band, with a host of their cousins who still live in Manchester at the bash. They included Hazel Gibb-Shacklock and her family who all live in Stretford. Robin and Barry’s mum Barbara, 88, was causing almost as much a stir as her sons. Barbara, born and raised in Worsley, said: “People from all over the world have come here and they all want to come and chat. I know how it must feel for celebrities now.”
Read complete article and see some first photos at:

Marion: GSI 07/25/09  

NEWS, July 22nd.

 Bee Gees Coin

We’ve already paid attention to the special BG coin earlier in an Isle Of Man report. Here some detailed information sent to us by Pobjoy Mint. Pobjoy Mint is delighted to announce the release of a new coin from the Isle of Man which commemorates the 50th Anniversary of one of the world’s most successful musical acts, The Bee Gees. On 10 July, Barry and Robin Gibb were presented with a commemorative coin on the Isle of Man. Click here (Word file) for press release; the first depicting the coin itself and the second showing Barry and Robin Gibb with their commemorative coin. Collectors can order direct from and are available in Proof Sterling Silver (£44.95 / $65.00) and Uncirculated Cupro Nickel (£9.95 / $15.00).

For further information contact the Mint.

Marion: GSI 07/22/09  
(thanks Joanne Birch, Pobjoy Mint).

NEWS, July 14th.

More about the ceremony on The Isle Of Man

The Mayor presents Robin and Barry Gibb with the vellum commemorating the conferment of the honorary Freedom of the Borough to the Bee Gees

Douglas Borough Council has conferred the honorary Freedom of the Borough on Barry, Robin and the late Maurice Gibb collectively one of the world’s most famous vocal groups, the Bee Gees. The conferment ceremony was held in the Council Chamber of Douglas Town Hall on Friday July 10, attended by Barry and Robin Gibb, their mother Barbara and members of the Gibb family during a special meeting of the full Council. Full report with photos at:

Barry Gibb honours Michael Jackson
Barry honours Michael Jackson on his website in a special way. Also it appears he was wearing a mourning armband during the ceremony on Man July 10th. with, possibly a butterfly image in honour of Michael Jackson. Next to the fact that Michael was a good friend of the Gibb Family he’d also worked with the Brothers on several projects. Let’s hope that also the unreleased material of their collaborations will ever be recorded on CD like the composition: All In Your Name from December 2002 which Barry wrote with Michael in protest of the US plans to invade Iraq.

Marion: GSI 07/14/09  

NEWS, July 10th.

Bee Gees honoured on Isle Of Man

Barry and Robin at town hall in Douglas.

Today Barry, Robin and their late brother Maurice were made Freemen of the Borough. As the brothers arrived for the private ceremony in the council chamber they were greeted by the 38-strong Ballacottier School junior choir singing Roll Away by Davy Knowles. The Brothers received the honour in recognition of their achievements as recording artists, and everything they have done for the town and the Isle of Man. The Brothers arrived with family members including mother Barbara.
Watch video and article and listen to audio clip

Bee Gees presented with framed stamps

Bee Gees First Day Cover

While The Brothers were on Man today, chairman of the Isle Of Man post office Alan Crowe MLC and Alex Downie MLC, a Member of Treasury with responsibility for coins, presented Barry and Robin with a framed set of stamps and crown coin celebrating the band’s 50 years of show business. Isle of Man Post Office’s stunning set of stamps features album covers of the Bee Gees plus a very special folder containing the stamp sheets and Bee Gees crown coin. Other products include a first day cover and presentation pack. These can be viewed and purchased online at

Marion: GSI 07/10/09  

NEWS, June 28th.

Brothers Gibb have lost a friend
It was sad news earlier this week when the world heard about the death of pop star Michael Jackson. The Gibb Brothers knew Michael as a colleague and a personal friend. They have worked together, Michael was one of the musical colleagues present at the funeral ceremony of Maurice Gibb in 2003 and Barry and Linda’s son Michael was named after Michael Jackson and the King Of Pop was godfather of Michael Gibb. Barry posted, as tribute to Michael Jackson, a photo on his website to remember the good times and good relationship they had.

“Michael was my friend, the only recording artist I truly knew and who truly knew me. He was the Godfather to my son Michael. We have lost a dear member of our family, we are devastated. Michael you will live forever in our hearts. Fly away butterfly take it to your journeys end. We will always love you.”

Also Robin paid attention to the sudden death of Michael on his website:

“We’ve not only lost a great friend in Michael but also lost a wonderful sensitive human being. The Bee Gees heard music with the same ears. Michael had a great voice and millions of people yet to be born will sing his songs. This tragedy should teach us a lesson to value and praise those gifts while we still have them in the world. If even a small portion of the praise that is bestowed on Michael Jackson now in death was given to him last year in life, he might well still be with us. That is the sad truth. One consolation is that he will triumph by his legacy.”
Robin Gibb (source:

Barry and his family planned to leave for Britain June 27th. to join the rest of the family for amonst others the honouring at the Isle Of Man and later next month the event in Manchester. We have no confirmation yet if Barry or any of the Gibb family will attend the funeral ceremony of Michael Jackson. (page 2)
Interview with Robin about Michael Jackson:
More news when available.

Bee Gees 50th anniversary stamps

The Isle of Man Post Office commemorates the career of the Bee Gees with a set of eight stamps. Barry, Robin and Maurice were all born on the Isle of Man and have always felt a strong attachment to the Island. The stamp sheets, first day cover envelope, presentation pack and special folder will be available online from July 1st. at the IOM Post Office website. The stamps, and a special Bee Gees coin issue, will be unveiled by Robin and Barry Gibb at Douglas Town Hall this July 10th. Prior to the unveiling Douglas Borough Council is to confer the honorary Freedom of the Borough on Robin and Barry Gibb and their late brother Maurice. More in at and:

Marion: GSI 06/28/09  

NEWS, June 13th.

Bee Gees costumes up for sale

Some classic Hollywood memorabilia is up for sale. The auction takes place June 14 at Bonhams & Butterfields in Hollywood. Bee Gees fans can take a look at the costumes worn by the group when they filmed the remake of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Plus, there are scripts, photographs, and more.

Marion: GSI 06/13/09  

NEWS, June 12th.

Bee Gees Fan Get together 2009!!
Later this year another fan get together will be organized again in The Netherlands. In the picturesque little town of Hattem fans can join for a chat and a nice diner again in combination with lots of music, video and of course a lottery. There’s quite something to celebrate this year:
50 plus 10 makes 60 is our magic line for 2009
With 50 years of Brothers Gibb music and 10 years of Gibb Service International makes 60: the age Robin will reach later this year. Robin and his twin brother Maurice, (who died much too young in 2003 but still is there in our hearts every day) together with brother Barry, are very special to so many fans world wide.
So time again for a party!!
For all details click here (Word file).

Robin Gibb fights for artists’ rights
Three decades after ‘Saturday Night Fever’ shot to the top of the charts, Robin is lending his voice to the fight for artists’ rights in the age of digital piracy. Robin heads the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). Robin: ‘My role as president of CISAC is to bring more awareness to authors’ rights so that they keep more of what they make out of their own ideas in the face of advancing technology.’

Marion: GSI 06/12/09  
(special thanks Rosalien B.)

NEWS, June 6th.

Bee Gees to be honoured on Isle Of Man
Barry, Robin and the late Maurice Gibb are to be made freemen of Douglas (Isle Of Man) This will take place during a ceremony in the town hall July 10th. Read article and listen to the audio clip at:

Marion: GSI 06/06/09 

NEWS, May 24th.

End of German Tour for Robin

Robin’s German tour ended May 19th. in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt. Many fans have enjoyed his recent shows. To complete all, we have for you a photo report of this last show with thanks to Anja and Detlef Wange. Click here for some of their photos.

Robin attends blue plaque unveiling Wendy Richard
July 5th, Heritage Foundation president Robin Gibb will attend the unveiling The ceremony will take at the Shepherds Tavern, 50 Hertford Street, London W.1. at 12 noon. Lunch at the Millennium Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London W.1. Tickets are £70 and can be booked on the HF credit card hotline: 01494 714388 (Wendy Richard has passed away in London February 26 – 2009. She was amongst others famous for her role as Shirley Brahms in ‘Are You Being Served?’).

Merchandising material
For Robin Gibb/Bee Gees merchandising material please visit:

Robin at Summer Festival Faroe Islands
Robin and his band will give a live concert August 7th. at the Faroe Islands Summer festival.
For tickets and info:

Marion: GSI 05/24/09  
(thanks Anja and Detlef W.,

NEWS, May 19th.

Robin live

Some more shows are planned right after the German tour when Robin will perform in Vienna May 22nd., and in Minsk May 25th., The show in Graz of May 23rd. has been cancelled.

Heritage Fund Garden party
September 6th, the Heritage Foundation will give a Garden Party again at The Prebendal in Thame, in aid of the Bomber Command Memorial campaign. The event is hosted by Robin Gibb and his wife Dwina with entertainment a.o. by Rick Wakeman. Tickets cost £65 per person and can be reserved by calling the Heritage Foundation hot-line: 44 (0)1494 714388 (Mon-Fri 9:00-21:00 BST). Tickets are limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Marion: GSI 05/19/09  

NEWS, May 6th.

Robin on tour, in photos

Click here for some photos taken during his first show in Zwickau and some from Munich.
Take a look at some more photos taken in Munich at:

From the news papers
“Saturday Night Fever” blu- ray review you can read at: Barry refuses cover for TV add: read story at:
Image entertainment signs deal with Universal Music

GSI Tips
Enjoy the Bee Gees music on your computer with Barry Gibb Radio at:
And enjoy the young Gibb Brothers while performing the Rolling Stones song “Out Of Time” on Billy Thorpe’s TV show It’s All Happening in 1966, at:

Marion: GSI 05/06/09  (thanks Anja Wange)

NEWS, May 3rd.

Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton-John

You can hear their live performance at the Sound Relief concert, March, 14 2009 Sydney, Australia with a bonus performance from John Farnham.

1. To Love Somebody (Barry Gibb) (Molly Meldrum Introduction)
2. Jive Talkin’ (Barry Gibb)
3 Words (Barry Gibb)
4. Islands in the Stream (Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton-John)
5. I Honestly Love You (Olivia Newton-John)
6. How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton-John)
7. Guilty (Barry Gibb & Olivia Newton-John)
8. You Should Be Dancing (Olivia Newton-John on backing vocals)
9. Spicks and Specks (Olivia Newton-John on backing vocals)
Bonus Track
10. You’re The Voice (John Farnham

More details:

Robin has successfully started his German Tour.
May 1st. he did his first show of this tour in Zwickau. It has been a while but finally Robin is on tour again. He performed for a very enthusiastic audience of 3500 people in the sold out City Hall. Robin sang all the classic Bee Gees hits like Massachusetts as the theme of the shows is: An Evening Of Bee Gees Greatest Hits, but of course he also did solo work like Juliet. At ten to nine, about ten minutes earlier then expected, Robin came on stage in a bright suit and blue T-shirt. His 8 piece band, which includes drummer Trev Murrell, was all dressed in black. Opening act is newcomer Jade Gallagher. MDR has filmed at the Zwickau venue for a tour report. This weekend, RTL television will broadcast a “home story” taped at The Prebendal last week, it includes some exciting footage filmed at Robin’s home studio. A new line of Robin Gibb tour merchandise will be available at the venues this include several t-shirts, posters, a mouse pad, and a (German language) tour book, which features new live photos and an interview with Robin. The announcements mentioned the show would become a celebration of Bee Gees hits and indeed that it was. After each song the audience thanked Robin with ovations and Robin answered by bending to his public and holding thumbs up. Meanwhile people brought him flowers on stage and even his back ground singers and band members clapped hands and were enthusiastic. Robin didn’t leave his microphone stand during his performance but the audience were clapping hands and gave standing ovations especially when Robin started Massachusetts. He also did some new solo work and several compositions The Brothers had written for other artists like Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick). It really didn’t matter much the bass box caused a bit of a problem at some point but Robin, always being the gentleman, did excuse the audience for this. Most of the audience was over 45 and they enjoyed an evening of 60ties and 70ties music of The Brothers Gibb. Although it was Robin alone performing The Bee Gees songs, it somehow felt as if Barry and Maurice were there too with him on stage. Later this year in Manchester The Brothers celebrate 50 years of singing and writing.
Their music will last for a long time: Bee Gees Forever!
More details also at:
Tour schedule and tickets:

Win free tickets for Robins concert in Hamburg
At the Norderstedter Zeitung, a Hamburg newspaper, you can win 2 tickets for Robins concert. The Hamburg concert is May 7th. at the Color Line Arena. Are you interested in those free tickets then send an email before May 4th. to: mentioning: ‘Gibb’, good luck!!

Marion: GSI 05/03/09  (thanks to Ineke v.V.)

NEWS, April 11th.

Sir Tim Rice about The Bee Gees
Article from Times Online Sir Tim Rice: “The Brothers Gibb have been at the forefront of contemporary songwriting for more than 40 years. The list of important, respected and gifted artists, from all generations and from all over the world, who have sung their songs is staggering. Their first No 1 was in 1967; their most recent last month.” Read article:

Bee Gees Special
A special on Dutch radio (in both Dutch and English) to celebrate the 50th. anniversary of the famousGibb compositions.

The special can be heard on the internet radio station: Radio Brabant on July 18th., starting at 7 pm. The show contains of a Bee Gees biography and of course lot’s of Gibb music and like mentioned it will be hosted in both Dutch and English. The show will last about 5 to 6 hours in total! Go to , button: specials To listen live to the special click: listen live.

Robin presents prize
Robin Gibb will tell youngsters “You Win Again” when he presents a prize at Ranelagh School on April 23rd. He will present the prize to youngsters from the school’s digital animation club, who won the Bracknell Forest Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership’s Community TV film competition. The film is a 30-second silent movie that warns youngsters about the dangers of carrying knives. The prize includes a £500 digital camcorder for the school Read article:

Marion: GSI 04/11/09  
(with special thanks Annie Aarts)

NEWS, April 1st.


According to: a number of rock stars have mentioned they’re turning their works loose online so people everywhere can enjoy their music without fear. However: the article is a complete pile of nonsense.
See also

Note: BG management and GSI herewith would like you to know that Barry never ever has said the things mentioned in this article!!

Robin performs in London June 20th.
Robin will perform live with Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings in June at the Annual Awards and Summer Ball of the Heritage Foundation. The event takes place on Saturday 20th June 2009, from 6pm onwards, at the Millennium Hotel near Grosvenor Square in London. Tickets for the evening cost £110 and can be reserved now at 01494 714 388. Seats are limited to 400 maximum.

“Love And Hope”
Some more recent article and photos of The Gibbs at several Love and Hope events.

Diana Krall’s
new album “Quiet Nights” has a cover version of the Bee Gees song “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”.

The Bad Plus
an American jazz trio has a Bee Gees cover: “How Deep Is Your Love”, on their album “For All I Care”. Info and soundclip:

Marion: GSI 04/01/09  

NEWS, March 15th.

Barry at The Sydney Sound Relief Concert
It was a 40 minute performance of Barry at the Cricket Ground in Sydney yesterday.

The set list:
To Love Somebody
Jive Talkin’
Islands In The Stream (with Olivia Newton-John)
I Honestly Love You (Olivia Newton-John)
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (with Olivia Newton-John)
Guilty (with Olivia Newton-John)
You Should Be Dancing
Spicks and Specks

Olivia Newton-John performed “I Honestly Love You” solo. Barry ended the show with “You Should Be Dancing” and “Spicks and Specks” while Olivia did backing vocals. Barry stated afterwards he’d loved to perform life again and wants to contact Robin to start performing again together, and also record new material again.
More photos/videos:
Also visit Olivia’s website:

Number One, again
Congratulations to Robin and the Comic Relief team on reaching the top of the British charts today with “(Barry) Islands In The Stream”. The Gibb Brothers have now achieved the rare feat of having UK number one songs in five consecutive decades (sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and noneties). In 2006, PRS named The Bee Gees’ catalogue the “Most Successful Music Catalogue In The World”. (

Marion: GSI 03/15/09  

NEWS, March 5th

Barry Gibb website
Barry would like to welcome you on his new website. The website has gone through a transformation. If you’re looking for all things Barry Gibb this is the place. The official site will provide you with news, reviews, exclusive footage, galleries and much more. Barry “‘Thanks to all the fans for being so patient throughout the transformation, we want you to have the best Barry Gibb experience online with regular updates and feature additions. In the mean time, you may notice that links are not working yet. We’re working on them.'”

Barry performs at the Sound Relief Concert
On March 14th. Barry Gibb will be performing at the Sound Relief Concert ( in Sydney to raise money for the victims of the Victorian bushfires and Queensland floods, according to Undercover. Ticket info:

Marion: GSI 03/05/09  

NEWS, March 1st.

Robin in concert, Germany
Yesterday Robin performed in Frankfurt (Germany) at the Deutschen Opernball Gala for about 2300 guests. This performance was in support of Unicef.

Barry Gibb and Hope And Homes For Children
Hope and Homes for Children is a charity which helps abandoned children. On March 14 there will be a Charity Ball at the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, to raise funds. One of the prizes up for auction on the night will be a signed Epiphone Hummingbird guitar handed over by Barry Gibb. More at:

Marion: GSI 03/01/09  

NEWS, February 22nd.

Saturday Night Fever and Grease
Saturday Night Fever and Grease will be issued on Blu-ray in May. You can pre-order them from Amazon: “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever” .

Marion: GSI 02/22/09 

NEWS, February 21st.

Love And Hope
Enjoy another video of Barry with Olivia during the Love and Hope Ball:

More Comic Relief
The full video of this year’s Comic Relief single, a cover of the Bee Gees’ Islands In The Stream, will premiere this evening on BBC One, at the end of the Let’s Dance For Comic Relief series. The video was filmed in Wales last year and Robin makes a cameo appearance. Robin also gave an interview for the Comic Relief edition of The Radio Times magazine which comes out March 3rd, and don’t forget to tune in for the big Comic Relief night on BBC One March 13th!

Marion: GSI 02/21/09  

NEWS, February 17th.

Love & Hope ball

Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton

Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John set the mood for love Valentine’s night at the Westin Diplomat during the 35th annual “Love and Hope Ball”. Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John, a longtime family friend of the Gibbs wowed gala attendees with their renditions of songs like: “Guilty” and “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”. Read more at:

Marion: GSI 02/17/09  

NEWS, February 11th.

Bee Gees music for film
Barry and Robin are in talks to write the music for “Cavegirls”, a film adaptation of the 90s BBC series about teenage problems in a stone age world.

Diana Award

Robin and his wife Dwina attended the Diana Award, February 9th to mark the 10th anniversary of this Diana Award. Robin has become the first ambassador of the Diana Award. The event was hosted by Alistair Darling MP. The Diana Award is one of the official memorials set up by the Government’s Memorial Committee, chaired by PM Gordon Brown, to commemorate Diana’s memory. Diana Award gives recognition to young people who both make outstanding and selfless contributions to their communities and also demonstrate the qualities associated with Diana Princess of Wales.

Marion: GSI 02/11/09  

NEWS, February 5th.

“Manchester Variety Club Award”
for Bee Gees

When The Brothers return to Manchester for receiving this award, on July 24, a film crew will accompany them, as Barry and Robin are to be part of a documentary about their many successful decades in showbiz. It’s probably going to be an emotional family gathering for Barry and Robin, with their 88-year-old mum Barbara, Maurice’s wife Yvonne and a host of family members and friends likely to attend too. Also 500 fans will get the chance to join in the celebrations, as tickets are on sale for guests to attend the gala dinner at Manchester’s Palace Hotel. The event has been organised by Lyn Staunton, Development Director for the Variety Club North West.
She says: “This event will be the highest profile Variety Club event of 2009. The Bee Gees are loved and respected worldwide and the Variety Club are honoured and delighted that they are accepting this prestigious award in their home city of Manchester. Because we knew they were celebrating 50 years in show business this year, we were especially keen to get everybody together for this event and it’s set to be a fantastic night.” Money raised at the event will go to The Variety Club’s charity work helping disabled and disadvantaged children in the north – west. The Bee Gees Variety Club tribute dinner is on July 24 at The Palace Hotel. To book tickets call Judi Davies at the Variety Club on 0161 236 0500 or email
also visit: Press release:

Marion: GSI 02/05/09  

NEWS, January 30th.

Barry Gibb interviewed by the British Guardian.
He speaks aboutThe Bee Gees music and of course “Odessa”: In the late 90s the Bee Gees mooted a plan to play “Odessa” in its entirety at the Royal Albert Hall. Most people assumed that idea was quietly shelved after Maurice Gibb’s death in 2003, but apparently not. “I’d love to see it presented as an actual musical, played through as an album. I would love to do it with Robin, with a full orchestra, maybe with other artists. I would rather do that than try to do the Bee Gees greatest hits again.” According to Barry during the interview by phone.
Read more at:

Marion: GSI 01/30/09  

NEWS, January 27th.

Covers And Rarities
It’s great when you get to hear a band step outside of its normal sound for a bit of fun. This past holiday Austin’s “The Octopus Project” offered up a little treat for all their fans, a cover of the Bee Gees “I.O.I.O” compete with vocals and all.
Visit these websites for more.
Very soon GSI will also pay attention to more special material again on our GSI Covers And Rarities page.

The re-issue of “Odessa”

3 and a half stars for “Odessa” 2009 Pretty good review from Rolling Stone bearing in mind the bad reviews of Bee Gees albums from the 60s concerning this magazine. (“Odessa” was rated 3 stars when released in 69).

Marion: GSI 01/27/09  
(thanks also: Juan Guzman).

NEWS, January 20th.

Barry at Love And Hope Ball
It’s confirmed now that Barry will give a performance during the 35th. Love And Hope Gala. He will take the stage together with eldest son Stephen who will be part of a 10 piece band. This black tie gala is scheduled for February 14th, the best Valentine surprise you can imagine!! It’s as always to support the work of the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI). Visit for information.

Marion: GSI 01/20/09  (thanks Dick Ashby)

NEWS, April 11th.

Robin’s Whereabouts
 January 9th. Robin was present at the 55th. London International Boat show. video of opening:

Robin and Robert Braithwaite, Sunseeker managing director,
at official launch of the New Sunseeker 30 Metre Yacht

 Also January 9th ,( like earlier mentioned on GSI News of January 10th), Robin and other celebrities as well as the winners of the 2008 Festival4Stars talent competition entertained guests at the Sunseeker Charitable Trust Ball in London. The event was held in support of the Outward Bound Trust and raised over £250,000.
 January 15th. Robin was on the BBC One Show and said there will be a lot of Bee Gee stuff happening right across this year to celebrate 50 years of the band, however he would not give any details at the moment.
 On January 17th. Robin will be on BBC radio 2 in Wake Up Little Suzi, a radio show presented by Suzi Quatro at 8 pm. Robin will talk about his earliest musical memories and the many adventures and successes the Brothers Gibb enjoyed in Australia, The UK, USA etc. including their work with people like Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton and others. Programmes can be heard live and again (for seven days) on the BBC website:
 On January 18th. There’s the Heritage Foundation fundraiser at Grosvenor House Hotel at 1pm. It’s hosted by Mike Read. Lunch followed by Q and A session with Robin. Tickets available at £70 per head from David Graham or the credit card hotline on 01494 714388 (see also

Barry and Robin’s visit to Australia
Latest according to the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald: http://redcliffe-and-bayside-herald

Robin on BBC One Show
See video of Robin on the One Show at:

Robin in Van Gogh style
Following on from John Myatt’s first major art series for Sky Arts, the hugely popular ‘Mastering the Art’ series, Sky Arts has enlisted Myatt to bring John Cleese, David Bailey, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Robin Gibb, Jane Horrocks and Ian Brown to life on canvas in the style of one of the great masters. Watch the British Sky Arts, March 4th at 7.30 pm.: “Brush With Fame”, when John will bring Robin Gibb to life on canvas in the style of the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Marion: GSI 01/17/09  

NEWS, January 10th.

Celebration of The Bee Gees Music.

Robin. Dwina and son arrive at the celebration of the BG’s evening at Battersea Evolution, Jan 9th, London

Friday January 9th. Robin was present with many guests at the Battersea Evolution Park to celebrate The Bee Gees music. The idea was to bring together some of the world’s greatest musicians to celebrate the musical song book of The Bee Gees. With over 200 million records sold, the Bee Gees are one of the most covered bands of all times. The Outward Bound Trust ambassador, Robin Gibb CBE, had assembled a line up of extraordinary performances, including Bill Wyman, Spice Girl Mel C, Beverley Knight, The Rhythm Kings, Level 42’s Mark King, Paolo Nutini, Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton, Lulu, Georgie Fame, The Who’s Kenney Jones and Russian pop star Valeriya etc.

Robin and Dwina at Battersea Evolution

Marion: GSI 01/10/09  

NEWS, January 2nd.

All Music guide has given 4 stars to the new edition of Odessa. This is the review:

Marion: GSI 01/02/09

NEWS, December 22nd.

  Enjoy The Holidays
Especially in this week full of celebrating, remembering and preparing for a wonderful Christmas we have for you some short sound clips of special Gibb material.
Alabama (Maurice Gibb)
She’s The One You Love (Maurice Gibb)
Silent Night (The Bee Gees)
The Bee Gees and family with Cilla Black, celebrating Christmas

Enjoy the Holidays

Robin on Malta TV
During Robin’s stay on Malta he taped an interview with Lou Bondi which was broadcasted yesterday on Malta TVM. Watch Lou Bondi Plus at:

December 22nd.
Today we of course would like to congratulate Robin and his wife Dwina who both celebrate their birthdays. We wish and hope they’ll have a wonderful day together. Also we remember today Robin’s twin and also Barry’s brother: Maurice Gibb. Today it was his birthday too.He left us much too soon in 2003. One of the fans remembered him recently in a mail like this:
I don’t know if anyone else has noticed or not, but Maurice had a beautifully masculine speaking voice. It is a pleasure to just hear him speak. His voice was so refined and nicely pitched; he did not even need to sing. He should have done some voice-overs. Maurice also seemed to have an excellent knack for fashion. Has anyone noticed some of the trendy very fashion sensible jackets he wore Maurice was certainly an extraordinary musician. I always envision him as the one who constructed the BGs beautiful intros into their songs. He will certainly be missed, but I certainly hope the music goes on.
Ms. C. Freeman.
Maurice Gibb

Marion: GSI 12/22/09  

NEWS, December 16th.

Ellan Vannin

Robin during the video message

The Brothers have been invited to join a ceremony to mark the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Isle Of Man Ship: The Ellan Vannin. This event took place December 3rd 2009. GSI has been contacted by the Waterloo Residents Association Ltd from Liverpool and was asked by the company to inform if The Brothers would be interested and also if they would grant consent for their recording of Ellan Vannin to be played during this ceremony. Waterloo Residents Association Ltd in Liverpool helped to organise the wreath laying event on the River Mersey to mark this 100th Anniversary. The Chief Minister of the I O M organised a Ferry to take everyone out to the location of the sinking place. The Brothers definitely have given consent for Ellan Vannin to be played and are honoured that one wished to play their version of Ellan Vannin. Unfortunately The Brothers weren’t able to attend but during the ceremony a DVD was screened of a special message from Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees (born in the Isle of Man) telling he was unable to attend but was eager to record his personal message which he sent by special courier from his home in Oxford. (click on dedicated page link, to watch Robins’ video message and some other Isle Of Man videos etc.)

Harry Edmondson tells about the ceremony:
‘There have been lots of comments about the service we held and a number of people came forward who are directly related to those who died. This includes the family of passenger Amy Crix aged 18 who died with her 10 month old infant. For 100 years nobody even knew if the Baby was a boy or a girl and there has never been a name for the child. UNTIL NOW THAT IS, after extensive research I have traced the Birth Certificate of baby girl born on the 30th January 1909 and named MARY JANE CRIX. Re-write the history books after 100 years’.

Marion: GSI 12/16/09  
( thanks also Harry Edmondson).

NEWS, December 8th.

 Robin visiting Malta, (2)

Robin Gibb laid a wreath on the Air Forces Memorial in Floriana

Watch the video of Robin at the Air Forces Memorial in Floriana
Photos and article:
Robin will be on Maltese TV in a chat show, December 21, 2009. Host Lou Bondi talked to Robin Gibb and Mike Read. Click here for a report of Robin’s Malta visit by Josette Catania.
Watch here the video of the Music Awards show. (Robin comes in at about 2.07) (click: view)

Marion: GSI 12/08/09  
(Thanks: Justin Camilleri, Josette Catania)

NEWS, December 2nd.

Robin speaks about Bomber Command

Robin spoke to Colin Brazier of Sky News in Britain on November 29th. about the Memorial monument that is planned in London for the 55,000 aircrew who lost their lives during World War II. The Heritage Foundation of which Robin is president, and the Bomber Command association have been campaigning for a national monument for some time and hope to unveil it next year. If you’d like to help having the memorial built you can make a donation to the Bomber Command Memorial Fund at:

Barry features on new Gorillaz album ?
Damon Albarn has revealed that the new Gorillaz album will feature many stars. The title of the third disc from the cartoon band is “Plastic Beach”. It will be released in 2010 and according to Damon it is “the most pop record I’ve ever made.” The album will feature contributions from Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Barry Gibb and Bobby Womack. Gorillaz are the creation of Damon and artist Jamie Hewlett.
Not confirmed by Barry Gibb and management!

Atlantic Records Honours rich history with box set
After six decades as a record label for many iconic artists a.o. The Bee Gees, Atlantic Records has culled tracks from its entire history for a 10-disc CD/DVD box set dubbed Atlantic Records: Time Capsule. The numbered, limited edition set spans the label’s entire history, from its inception in 1947 by founder Ahmet Ertegun to the present day. For more information or to order the box set:

  “The Somebody’s”
We mentioned about the CD “The Somebodys” earlier on October 8th. (Cover News). “The Somebodys — 50 Trib to the Brothers Gibb” The album release was delayed until November 23rd due to a UK postal strike and it is now available as a digital download worldwide (except the U.S., which has been delayed until later this month) from various digital retailers. In the UK it can be purchased here on Amazon:

Marion: GSI 12/02/09  (Thanks Robb W. Patryk)

NEWS, November 20th.

Robin’s trip to South America
Robin has cancelled his visit to Chile due to unforeseen circumstances. He would receive the Doctor Honoris Causa title at the University of Santiago, Chile.

Bee Gees’ ‘Freedom’ DVD on sale

A DVD of the day the Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Douglas was conferred on the Bee Gees is to go on sale on Friday November 20. ‘Freedom’ captures the excitement and atmosphere of July 10, 2009, the day when two of the world’s best known figures in popular music, Barry and Robin Gibb, together with their mother and family members, came to Douglas Town Hall to attend the conferment ceremony. The “Freedom” DVD not only reflects the high esteem in which the Council holds the Bee Gees but also will promote Douglas and the Isle of Man to a truly global audience.’ Short trailer: For further details including a preview of the DVD and links to sales outlets please click here
Available through Duke Marketing Limited,

Marion: GSI 11/20/09  

NEWS, November 13th.

Robin to South America
Robin will be in Santiago the Chile from Thursday 19 of November to Sunday the 22 nd. Robin is coming as the president of Cisac. He is going to give a speech to the Head of the Chilean University Usach November 20th. Gullermo Tejeda president of UNA is hosting Robin.UNA is a United Artists Coalition including Chilean artists regarding Intelectual Property.

Barry and Robin on Australian Channel 7 Part 1
To see their interview for the Australian show Sunrise click here.

Marion: GSI 11/13/09  (thanks Juan Guzman)

NEWS, November 11th.

“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”

This afternoon Robin is recording “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” which will be aired sometime near Christmas (ITV)

Robin Interview
Also on Sunday 29th. of November Robin will be doing a live interview on the Adam Bolton show Sky News. Probably only 5 or 6 mins. This is regarding his work for Bomber Command.

Bee Gees Magic Radio
Magic Radio Network, November 13th, U.K. radio Bee Gees special on the whole of the Magic Network from 13th November onwards; includes a competition to win copies of Bee Gees albums.

Christmas celebrations of The Heritage Foundation
Saturday November 21st the Heritage Foundation and their annual President Robin Gibb CBE organize the Christmas celebrations at The Marriott Hotel, Regents Park, 128 King Henry’s Road, London NW3. The evening will include a three course dinner and festal of 50’s and 60’s music with performances by Mike Berry and The Outlaws, PJ Proby, Lou Jordon and Elliott Frisby. Host will be Vice President Mike Read, aided and abetted by comedian Joe Goodman and impressionist Johnny More. reception 6.30 pm, Dinner 7.30 pm Dress to impress, Black tie or lounge suit, cocktail or full evening dress.
Tickets are available now priced £82 per person from out ticket hotline tel: .- 01494 714 388

Marion: GSI 11/1/09  
(special thanks: The Heritage Foundation).

NEWS, November 8th.

Q Song Award
Like earlier reported in the GSI News of August 13th. The Bee Gees received yet another award: the Q Song Award (Queensland, Australia). The award was presented to the Bee Gees in recognition of their considerable contribution through their music and the inspiration that resonates Queensland songwriters. The Brothers accepted the award by video which you can watch here:

Bee Gees on American TV
Watch here the performance of The Bee Gees at the Sunday Morning CBS program The interview was taped last August and broadcasted Sunday November 1st.

Marion: GSI 11/08/09  

NEWS, November 3rd.

The Bee Gees tell their story to UK newspaper “Mirror”

It’s Daily Mirror Bee Gees week To celebrate the release of The Ultimate Bee Gees, The Daily Mirror started an exclusive series in which Robin and Barry Gibb tell their story. There’s a competition ( to win copies of the album, a limited edition hard drive preloaded with the Ultimate Bee Gees, and a Gibson Songmaker guitar personally signed by Barry and Robin. On the website you can listen to clips of 14 tracks of The Ultimate Bee Gees.
Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4

Robin Gibb visits The Coca-Cola Malta Music Awards 2009

Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, has accepted to be present at the Coca-Cola Malta Music Awards 2009 to receive an International Lifetime Achievement Award. The Coca-Cola Malta Music Awards 2009 will be held at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali on Saturday, 5 December from 8.30pm. Half the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Malta Community Chest Fund. The President of Malta and Mrs Abela have confirmed their attendance on the night.

The Bee Gees interviewed for “Sky News” and “GMTV”
Barry and Robin Gibb told “Sky News” Lorna Dunkley about their plans for the future. and they chatted to “GMTV” about celebrating 50 years of success

Marion: GSI 11/03/09  
(also thanks: Rogerio Borges)

NEWS, October 26th.

Bee Gees Poll
Early next month the first of their new box sets will be released to celebrate being in show business for 50 years. Time for Robin and Barry to talk about that period of 50 years being in a band, from tragedy to how they changed the world. Also a possibility for fans to vote for your favorite Bee Gees song. To place your vote: scroll down to the end of the article on page 2. There you can also watch a number of Bee Gees videos and after voting you see automatically the results so far. The next days and weeks you can expect to find several print and TV interviews given by The Brothers the past months in support of the release of The Ultimate Bee Gees on November 2nd. So check your radio and TV guides as well as the magazines regularly. For instance: Daily Mirror (UK), Welt Am Sontag, Bunte, ZDF radio, Cable One (Germany), Sunrise (Australia), Nihon TV, Fugi TV, Music air network, and Nikkei newspaper (Japan).

Barry and Robin on US TV together
The interview CBS taped with the Brothers for their “Sunday Morning” news show last August will be broadcast next Sunday November 1st. (USA) Also, Robin and Barry are set to appear on the US smash hit reality show “Dancing With The Stars” (ABC). The Brothers will perform the Bee Gees’ 1976 number one hit “You Should Be Dancing” on November 17th. More dates will follow!

Marion: GSI 10/26/09  

NEWS, October 22nd.

Helping The Heart Of Music

To celebrate its 75th Anniversary and its unique history, the PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund is proud to present a very special fund-raising concert: Helping The Heart Of Music, October 25th at the London Royal Albert Hall. The show will be backed by Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings and artists will include: 

Robin Gibb (???), Jan Akkerman, Melanie C, Paul Carrack, Kiki Dee, Chris Difford, Georgie Fame, Mark King and Mike Lindup (Level 42), Martin Taylor, Bill Wyman, Mick Hucknall and some very special guests.!!

GSI Tip!!
Watch the following golden oldie video of The Bee Gees’ numbers from the 1968 tv special Idea: and enjoy this interview and performance: Bee Gees – “Into The Night” In 1991, The Bee Gees released the album “High Civilization” The Bee Gees appeared on the Rick Dees’ show “Into The Night” to promote the album and first single, “When He’s Gone” and “One”.

Marion: GSI 10/22/09  

NEWS, October 21st

Bee Gees plaque replica
The Heritage Foundation have had a limited addition replica produced of the Bee Gees Plaque which was unveiled last May at 67 Brook Street, London W1 They are 5 inches in diameter on a 1 ¼ cm wooden base. They are in silver on blue and can be hung on a wall. The cost is £99 including postage. There will only be 250 of these, so they are and will be a collector’s item. They will come with a label on the back of the base saying “This commemorates the unveiling of a Heritage Foundation Plaque to the Bee Gees at 67, Brook Street London W1” These labels will be signed by Robin and numbered 1 – 250. For those wishing to purchase the credit card payment number is (0044) 1494 714388. Cheques should be made payable to The Heritage Foundation and sent to Green Acres, 3 Birchwood Chase Great Kingshill, Buckinghamshire, HP15 6EH, United Kingdom.

Marion: GSI 10/21/09  
(with thanks Heritage Foundation)

NEWS, October 13th.

 Bee Gees Special Japan
A Japanese cable TV station “Music Air” is broadcasting an hour-long “Bee Gees Special” during October and November. It features promo videos for “Jive Talkin’,” “Fanny (Be Tender With My Love),” “Stayin’ Alive,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “Night Fever,” “Too Much Heaven,” “E.S.P.,” “You Win Again,” “Ordinary Lives,” “One,” and “Secret Love,” plus a 15-minute interview of Barry and Robin together taped at Criteria Studio in Miami in late August this year.

The interview was presumably taped for the promotion of “Ultimate,” which is now slated for release on November 11th (and not on 4th as previously reported). So they mostly talked about well-known episodes about their well-known songs, including how they wrote “To Love Somebody” for Otis Redding before his passing and how they came up with the title for “Massachusetts” at St. Regis Hotel in New York. They mentioned how they had met Arif Mardin for the first time in that same building where they were being interviewed. When asked “Are you close to any other musicians?” they named Eric Claption and Michael Jackson. Barry said they felt they were linked spiritually to the Jacksons because “both families are living the same experiences.” They didn’t mention anything about their future plans, except at the end when they were asked to say hello to their Japanese fans. Barry said, “We are looking forward to coming to Japan and playing again for you. And we hope that you’ll come and see us.”

Marion: GSI 10/13/09  

NEWS, September 30th

Bee Gees on YouTube again
Music videos from Warner Music Group removed from YouTube for nearly a year will be back on the Google-owned site as early as the end of the year, under a new agreement. The multiyear revenue-sharing agreement covers Warner catalog and user-generated content with Warner Music Group artists, which include Madonna, Linkin Park, Seal, the Bee Gees and Neil Young In late December 2008, YouTube removed videos from Warner Music after Google and Warner Music were unable to reach new licensing terms for the content. YouTube now has agreements with all four major music labels: Warner Music, Sony BMG, Universal Music and EMI Music.

Smooth Radio interview with Robin, Hero’s Heroes

This week Alex James interviewed Robin Gibb. We hear about their shared admiration for Roy Orbison and much more. (Duration: 21:12) Click to listen

Fans visiting Barry
Visit the Ellan Vannin website to see some recent pictures of Barry and a small video film taken by fans in front of his house while they were visiting Barry for his birthday.

Bernie Quayle of Manx Radio and his connection to The Bee Gees and The Gibb Family.

Marion: GSI 09/30/09 

NEWS, September 26th

Instant Love
On you tube you can see in two parts the trailer of Blood Type of which GSI already reported before in: Family News of April 19th. Here you can see Robin John (son of Robin and Dwina) as actor and you hear him in the song “Instant Love” with father Robin in the second part of the trailer on you tube:

Marion: GSI 09/26/09  

NEWS, September 19th

The Ultimate Bee Gees, DVD tracklist
Click here to see what exactly will be the video tracks on the Untimate Bee Gees DVD.

Auction with Andy Gibb items
Backstage Auctions is presenting The 16 Magazine Pop Culture Auction from September 27th – October 4th online at: with a special preview available now to view the entire auction catalog. This amazing auction will feature the personal archives of 16 Magazine’s former photographer and editors, Danny Fields and Randi Reisfeld, as they are bringing their historical photos, negatives, interview notes and raw rock journalism work files to the auction block. The auction features a nice selection of extremely rare and vintage photographs, negatives, contact sheets, color slides and chromes from photo shoots exclusive to 16 Magazine (along with the full rights), artists files including; interview notes, personal handwritten letters, signed notes and cards, press kits, press photos, original publicity photos, original interview recording tapes, 100s of 16 Magazine issues spanning several decades and loads of interesting ephemera that will keep you reading for days. The auction features an impressive selection of rare music memorabilia featuring early day Andy Gibb, containing many vintage and one of kind pieces

Plans for 2010
Several, still unofficial, announcements were done this week that Barry and Robin are going to release new written material next year and that they are planning to do live performances in several parts of the world. Warner seems to be involved in both projects: the compilations and the new material of The Brothers. A special website will probably be launched for the Brothers later next month with all their news and details and we can expect a press release from Rhino/Warner in October too.

Michael Jackson about The Bee Gees
An unseen Michael Jackson interview, in which the King of Pop talks about his love for James Brown and The Bee Gees, has been aired in America. It’s a black and white footage of Jackson being interviewed by moviemaker pal Brett Ratner on Friday (04 Sep 09), a day after the late pop star was laid to rest in Glendale, California. The interview appears to be from around 2001/2002.This is unlike other interviews because for once it’s not tabloid questions it’s what all fans have wanted an interview on camera where Michael talks about his music and others. During the 13-minute chat, Jackson revealed Brown and sibling trio The Bee Gees were great inspirations. He revealed The Bee Gees really moved him: “I cried listening to their music; I knew every note, every instrument.” The pop superstar and Ratner also performed an impromptu karaoke session, singing segments of their favourite Bee Gees songs.
Brett Ratner:
Several years ago Michael and I were in Florida vacationing and, early one morning Michael came into my room with HIS video camera and started to film and ask questions about my life and why i dreamed of becoming a director. He was always interested in people and curious about their hopes and dreams. After about an hour, I asked if I could interview him about his life and dreams. He said yes and handed me his camera. I then got a pen and piece of paper and wrote down some questions that I thought would be interesting. As I was reading the questions to him in the midst of the interview I realized that the camera wasn’t on. So, I turned it on. I have hundreds of hours of footage of us hanging out, vacationing, dancing, and sharing our thoughts on life. This video was a very personal conversation between two friends that I wanted to share so that people would see his humanity and beautiful heart. The interview was transcribed and published with Michael’s permission in Interview magazine several years ago. Please feel free to look it up. He was happy to share it and loved how it was a conversation between two friends and not a journalist prying into his private life. It is not for sale and never will be.

Marion: GSI 09/19/09  
(thanks: Alexandra of Backstage Auctions Inc.)

NEWS, September 8th

 Robin and Barry busy planning for the future!!
Robin has visited Miami Beach for about 10 days in August and left again early September. He and Barry were busy filming scenes for a documentary by CBS and visited all kinds of places associated with The Bee Gees in Miami Beach and surroundings. He also used some time to work with Barry on new song material. There even are rumours that Barry and Robin will do some kind of a world tour or at least plan doing a number of shows together probably next year however nothing has been confirmed yet. Fans who visited Robin at his Florida home last week mentioned the following:

We visited Robin on Friday the 28th, in the morning. We were reaching his gate when we saw him coming out with his bodyguard. He came to us and explained that he had to film some scenes for CBS. It was funny ’cause I asked him about his next visit to Miami and he said “Yes, but I’m coming back this afternoon…”so we looked at him like: “And so?” then he added “If you can come back…” He said he would be back by 5pm. so we killed time and came back. He arrived a bit later. He was absolutely “weary”, exhausted. He’d been taken all around Miami and the Bee Gees related places. We talked for a while and left with the promise of a longer visit next time. But he also told us he was going to meet Barry on Saturday to “do some writing”!!!!! so I think, great news. Now it’s real: they ARE working together.

Next to this visit with Robin there have been countless messages published in the news papers the past week about the possibility and plans of Barry and Robin working together again which according to the above seems to be true this time.

“The two of us are getting back together again as we speak,” Robin Gibb revealed on BBC Radio’s Test Match Special cricket programme and also Barry had recently mentioned about new plans for the future between him and Robin, in his interview with Tim Roxborogh (see GSI news of September 1st). See also:

Barry donates guitar with case
A signed guitar from Barry Gibb including case, was amongst the items going under the hammer at the handbag auction for charity in Prestonfield House, Edinburgh, September 4th. The auction was held in aid of the Princes Trust. Items have been donated from celebrities around the globe. The charity helps change lives by offering practical and financial support to disadvantaged young people

Robin and Bombers at Lord’s

Robin Gibb, Jonathan Agnew, Group Captain Bill Farquharson DFC and David Shepherd

One of England’s most famous artists, a 90-year-old former Lancaster bomber pilot and Robin Gibb together to discuss a special commemoration of Bomber Command. Robin who is president of The Heritage Foundation told that he had flown in especially from America to be at the event at Lord’s.

Marion: GSI 09/08/09  
(also thanks Ana of Ellan Vannin)

NEWS, August 27th.

Robin Gibb backs Thame campaign

Robin, John Howell MP and ex Thame mayor Don Butler, sign the petition

Robin has lent his support to a campaign against changes being made to the way Thame Community Hospital is run. Robin who lives in the Thame, attended an event at Thame Market last Tuesday. Dr Duncan Keeley, of the Rycote Practice in Thame said of Mr Gibb’s presence: “He is a member of the local community and he has jointly expressed concerns about the plans. He made time in a hectic schedule to come”.

The Heritage Foundation
Robin Gibb CBE and The Heritage Foundation are delighted to invite you to the unveiling of a Heritage Foundation Blue Plaque in memory of legendary comedy actor, broadcaster, raconteur and wit, the late Kenneth Williams on Sunday 11th October 2009. The unveiling will take place at 57 Marchmont St, London WC1

Marion: GSI 08/27/09  

NEWS, August 22nd.

Bee Gees golden anniversary grows
Reprise is pleased to announce that it will expand its celebration of the Bee Gees’ 50th anniversary into 2010. The quality of the two spectacular compilations, originally announced in July to be released on the same day, demands that each be given time alone in the spotlight. Reprise will now kick off its celebration honouring Barry, Robin, and the late Maurice Gibb on November 3, with THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES. This double-disc career retrospective will be available worldwide at all retail outlets, for a suggested list price of 24.98 USD (deluxe limited-edition w/DVD), 19.98 USD (2-CD), and 19.99 USD (digital). The tribute will continue four months later, in March 2010, with the release of MYTHOLOGY: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION. Curated and produced by Barry and Robin Gibb, MYTHOLOGY contains four discs, each spotlighting a different Gibb brother, including one dedicated to Andy, who was not part of the group.

We’ve already mentioned about this film Robin John, son of Robin and Dwina Gibb is going to play in: (GSI Family News of April 19th.). Robin’s website: now has added an alternate version of “Instant Love”, (with added vocals by RJ Gibb). It’s a song which can be heard in the movie “Bloodtype” in which RJ appears. The cut on Robin’s website is the original recording from Robin Gibb’s unreleased solo CD “50 St Catherine’s Drive”, and was produced by Peter-John Vettese. The release of Robin’s solo CD has been delayed to allow him to concentrate on the promotion of the forthcoming Bee Gees reissues. © “Instant Love”, Words & Music written by Robin Gibb & Robin-John Gibb, 2008 Published by Universal Music Publishing Group To hear the clip: log in to , members only area.

Marion: GSI 08/22/09

NEWS, August 4th.

Bomber Command
Robin finally did not launch the Bomber Command campaign greeting cards at Wyevale’s Bicester last Saturday August 1st because of a bad back. Hopefully he is soon feeling better. Seventies pop star Jim Dooley stepped in to replace Robin Gibb and joined six Second World War veterans at Wyevale Garden Centre. The funds will go towards creating a memorial in central London to remember the 55.573 aircrew lost in Germany.

Marion: GSI 08/04/09  

NEWS, July 28th.

DVD Sound Relief charity concerts

The DVD will finally be released on October 2nd. The four-disc DVD will contain more than nine hours of music from the Melbourne and Sydney concerts. Proceeds will go to the Red Cross and all artists involved have waived royalty payments. Amongst the acts were Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton John. The concerts were held March 14th. Sound Relief, which raised more than $8 million for fire and flood relief, was named Best Special Event at last night’s Helpmann Awards in Sydney.

Marion: GSI 07/28/09  

NEWS, July 26th.

Bee Gees party and brotherly love in Manchester
Nothing but brotherly love between Bee Gees Robin and Barry Gibb back home in Manchester when on July 24th they received a prestigious Variety Club award at the Palace Hotel where emotions were clearly running high. Barry said: “We’ve always been mistaken for two brothers who weren’t really into each other as people – but the real truth is we love each other dearly.” Robin added: “I think Barry has said it all and I do love Barry very much – and that’s not just because he’s my brother, it’s because I love him.” To the delight of the many fans, Barry and Robin made a surprise live performance of a host of their biggest hits. First up were 1967 hits New York Mining Disaster and To Love Somebody, as well as their worldwide smash Massachusetts. There was a touching How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? Before Barry picked up the tempo and got the whole room boogying with 70s smash You Should Be Dancing. The brothers were filmed for an upcoming documentary celebrating their 50 years in showbiz this year and Robin has even hinted that there may be more new material yet to come from he and Barry.
More about the event later on.

Marion: GSI 07/26/09  

NEWS, July 24th.

 Robin Gibb to launch Bomber Command campaign
Robin will be visiting Wyevale’s Bicester centre on 1 August to launch a range of greeting cards and fine art prints that are going on sale to help raise money for a World War Two memorial. Robin Gibb is president of the Heritage Foundation, which has launched a national campaign to raise £2.5m for a memorial in London in memory of Bomber Command crews, will be at Wyevale’s Bicester store at 1pm on 1 August with veterans…

Marion: GSI 07/24/09  

NEWS, July 17th.

 Bee Gees’ 50th Anniversary Celebrated With Two New Collections
This anniversary will be celebrated with some wonderful packages from Reprise on November 3 2009. 


The first: “Mythology” is a four-disc box set curated and produced by surviving Bee Gees Barry and Robin Gibb that will dedicate one disc each to the three brothers in the group, including the late Maurice Gibb, and one to their late younger brother Andy Gibb. Maurice’s wife and children chose the tracks for his disc, while Andy’s daughter Peta chose the 19 songs for his section of the package. Barry explains the addition of Andy Gibb: “This is now The Bee Gees’ 50th Anniversary and by The Bee Gees I mean: all four brothers.” The releases marks 50 years since brothers Barry, Robin, and the late Maurice Gibb began calling themselves The Bee Gees. The second release: “Ultimate Bee Gees: The 50th. Anniversary Collection” 

The 50th. Anniversary Collection

, a best of, comes with a DVD of unreleased videos, previously unreleased television appearances, live performances, and promo videos. More info and to pre order the box sets and a special t-shirt:
Click for the tracklisting to both releases.

Barry and Robin did some interviews last week mainly about their anniversary and these will be published around the release date of the box sets.

Marion: GSI 07/17/09  

NEWS, July 11th.

More about The Bee Gees being honoured on The Isle Of Man
Large crowds waited in Ridgeway Street while the ceremony was taking place, and they were rewarded when the brothers stepped out of the town hall afterwards, to chat and sign autographs. The event also attracted international media interest, and will feature in a TV documentary later this year, marking the brothers’ 50 years in the music industry. Councillor Christian says honouring the Bee Gees in the town of their birth will prove a landmark the whole Island can be proud of:
The presentation ceremony was a formal occasion, with the full council assembled, and although the members were all behind the move, a vote had to be taken. Council leader David Christian addressed the chamber. Listen to the audio file of the ceremony at:

Barry Gibb at Douglas Town Hall

Barry and Robin Gibb said they were honoured and humbled with the recognition from the town of their birth. The event has been many months in the planning and has attracted widespread international media interest. Council Leader David Christian was delighted with how the day had gone: listen to audio clip at:
Their presence together was a big story in itself, as Barry and Robin have spent little time in each other’s company since the death of Robin’s twin, Maurice, in 2003. Marian Kenny spoke to them as they emerged from a reception with council members, family and friends, and began by asking Barry what he made of the occasion?
Listen to Manx radio interview at:

Robin attended blue plaque unveiling Wendy Richard

July 5th, Heritage Foundation president Robin Gibb being Heritage Foundation president attended the unveiling at the Shepherds Tavern, 50 Hertford Street, London Some photos taken there:

Marion: GSI 07/11/09  

NEWS, July 7th.

Bee Gees Isle Of Man ceremony
The ceremony will take place Friday and will be private. The Brothers will arrive at the Town Hall at 12.50pm. The conferment of the Freedom of Douglas on the Bee Gees will take place during a special sitting of the Borough Council on the island.

Marion: GSI 07/07/09 

NEWS, July 6th.

Heritage Foundation Garden Party
Robin Gibb will host another afternoon tea party in his garden. Attention: Due to unforeseen circumstances and at the request of Robin, the date of the Afternoon Tea event at Robin and Dwina’s home, has now been changed to Saturday 5th Sept 09. Robin apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but is completely beyond his control. There will be a live performance by Rick Wakeman, former Heritage President and musician. Many colleagues from the world of entertainment are expected to attend as well. Tickets for the garden party in Thame, Britain are £65 and can be ordered at the Heritage Foundation hotline: 01494 714 388.

Marion: GSI 07/06/09 

NEWS, June 22nd.

 The Heritage Foundation Annual Awards and Summer Ball
The summer ball took place in the Millennium Hotel in London on June 20th. and Robin and wife Dwina were present too. For some photos visit: and

Robin and Dwina

Robin sang Massachusetts, To Love Somebody, Words, Islands in the stream, Night fever, and Staying Alive.

Marion: GSI 06/22/09  

NEWS, June 21st.

 Statement from Robin Gibb
‘I recently, amicably, ended the relationship with Jim Morey Management in LA. UK radio plugger Mick Garbutt, is not my manager. At this point I do not want, or need a new manager. Anyone in the music industry or media wishing to contact me can do so through my business manager Michael Eaton (MusicLore Ltd)’.
Robin Gibb

Robin being interviewed as President of Cisac

During the World Copyright Summit last week in Washington John Harrington of Photo Business News interviewed Robin Gibb.
Closing speech of Robin at the Cisac summit:

Robin and son Spencer at the Ivor Novello Awards

May 21st Robin and his son arrive at the Grosvenor House Hotel

Robin in Germany
During his German tour of this Spring Robin was interviewed by Michaela Boland. Michaela is one of Germans biggest Bee Gees fans. In 1983 she decided to try and interview Robin. Finally 25 years later when she had become a journalist in Germany she got her chance in Oberhausen. See article in german:
(click here for translation in English)

Some CD and DVD news
Tom Jones
The DVD What’s New Pussycat features some of the greatest moments from his iconic show including performances by the Bee Gees: I Started A Joke and First Of May and with introduction of Tom and Lulu.

Tin Tin
Their first album produced by Maurice Gibb and released on Polydor in 1970 has now been released on CD.: Toast And Marmelade For Tea.
Included 1 bonus track: The Fut, “Have you heard the word”. More info on The Fut: Listen:

And also interesting: the boxes of The Story Of Beat Club 1965-1968 and 1968 – 1970

Marion: GSI 06/21/09  

NEWS, June 9th.

Remake of “Saturday Night Fever”

Zac Efron

According to several sources Simon Cowell is planning to make a big-screen remake of the 70s cult movie “Saturday Night Fever” and has even got Zac Efron lined up for the lead role. He is negotiating with Robert Stigwood, who owns the rights to the screenplay. Timbaland will probably help to rework the movie’s top-selling Bee Gees tunes.

Marion: GSI 06/09/09  

NEWS, June 8th.

Bee Gees back to Man
Barry and Robin will both be present July 10th to be honoured. They are proud to be Manx and proud to be coming back to the island. Maurice, who died in 2003, will be represented by his widow Yvonne and son Adam.

Bee Gees Australian Tour of 1989
June 29th. is the release date of the double CD (Immortal Audio) of this Bee Gees concert and you can already pre order.

GSI Tips
Just some more nice clips for you to listen to and watch

Marion: GSI 06/08/09  
(thanks also Peter H.)

NEWS, May 31st.

Bee Gees on German TV.
You can watch Keppel Road, The Bee Gees Life and music, on the Arte TV channel July 13th.

Robin on tour with BMW

Interview with Robin on the German BMW website.

Marion: GSI 05/31/09 

NEWS, May 21st.

Enjoy Robin in the snow!!
No better way to start the Christmas feeling than with Robin Gibb we think! Therefore Robin is coming to Seefeld, Austria late this year to the Love And Lights Concert at the Kurpark. The event takes place at December 19th starting 7 p.m. There only are about 1100 seats and tickets are from 44 to 66 Euros. More ticket info at: Olympia region Seefeld, phone: +43 50 8800,
Email: (German) (Dutch) (English)
an arrangement with hotel you can book too:

Vote for The Bee Gees on German radio
Vote your 5 fave songs from the list and then press the button: “Stimmen abgeben”. On the next page you then can also fill out a form to win prizes. You can hear the list with songs June 1. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Radio Bremen. (in German).

Marion: GSI 05/21/09  (thanks Anja W.)

NEWS, May 10th.

Robin’s Solo Album
The “Gibb Songs” website of Joe Brennan (always to be reached directly from the link on our GSI Discography page!) has some news about the possible new solo project of Robin. The material was filed at the US copyright office in November 2008. Is this going to become the earlier mentioned album: 50 St Catherine’s Drive?! Songs mentioned for this project are: Avalanche, Sanctuary, Days of wine and roses, Anniversary, Don’t cry alone, Mother of love, I am the world, Wanted, Cherish, Broken Wings, Sorry. The composition ‘I Am the World’ we already know of the Gibb release of 1966 and ; ‘Avalanche’ was made for an unreleased Robin album from 1970. We miss in this list some songs which are mentioned in Robin’s German Tourbook 2009: ‘Instant Love’and ‘All we have is now’ as well as the songs ‘Alan Freeman Days’ and ‘Wing and a prayer’. We hope to have more info on this project soon.

Marion: GSI 05/10/09  
(source: “Gibb Songs” Joe Brennan)

NEWS, May 8th.

More about Robin’s German Tour
The set list of songs during Robin’s German tour according to fans who attended the show in Hamburg May 7th.

01. Emotion
02. I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
03. Saved By The Bell
04. More Than A Woman
05. I Started A Joke
06. How Deep Is Your Love
07. Alan Freeman Days
08. Massachusetts
09. To Love Somebody
10. You Win Again
11. Words
12. Islands In The Stream
13. If I Can’t Have You
14. New York Mining Disaster 1941
15. Woman In Love
16. Heartbreaker
17. Nights On Broadway
18. Night Fever
19. Juliet
20. You Should Be Dancing
21. Jive Talkin’
22. Tragedy
23. Stayin’ Aliv

Some more photos of Robin in Rostock and Mannheim at:

Marion: GSI 05/08/09  

NEWS, April 28th.

 Diana Awards
The Diana awards, dedicated to the memory of the Princess of Wales, were presented at the Scottish parliament April 27th. in the first ceremony north of the border. Among those attended: the awards’ ambassador, Robin Gibb. Robin described the Scottish winners as “inspirational”.

Robin Gibb Germany Tour
This week Robin will start his tour through Germany: An Evening of Bee Gees Greatest Hits He starts in Zwickau May 1st.

Shakespeare at Barry’s neighbour
An open air performance of Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing is to take place in the garden of a large house in Beaconsfield in June. The show was the idea of Steve McAdam, a chartered accountant of Ledborough Wood, who is giving over his large garden to the production. Barry Gibb, whose estate adjoins Mr McAdam’s garden, has been invited, as has Prince William, who is patron of the The Child Bereavement Charity which will receive profits from the production. Performances are on June 18, 19 and 20 at 7.30pm. For tickets, £15, telephone 01628 522854. See also:

Marion: GSI 04/28/09  

NEWS, April 24th.

 Robin Gibb hands over prize

Robin Gibb met budding young film-makers

Robin turned up to Ranelagh School to hand over the prize to children from the digital animation club, who created a powerful 30-second silent film that warns youngsters about the dangers of carrying knives. See also GSI News: April 11th. Robin, who happily posed with the triumphant children throughout the afternoon, says: “The future is not to carry a weapon but to praise and encourage and support those people that you think are special and to go forward with a good heart.”

Marion: GSI 04/24/09  

NEWS, April 16th.

 Bee Gees In The 1960’s
Message from Bruce Campbell and Vicky Hunter to GSI and all Bee Gees fans world wide:

We are trying to convince Rhino, a member of the Warner Music Group and distributors of Bee Gees compilations, that a DVD or multiple DVD’s if required, of all the Bee Gees film and video footage from the 1960’s would be a profitable idea. Rhino has both the legal and financial persuasive power to make this happen. It all depends on us, the fans, to show how many of us would commit to buy such a product.

For details go to GSI Mailbox.
Watch old Bee Gees medley at:

Recently in the papers:
The story of the Bee Gees and Wagga
a Wagga family has recently revealed how they played host to the famous Gibb Bothers in 1966. Before hitting the big time, The Bee Gees were travelling through Wagga (New South Wales, Australia) when mechanical problems struck, forcing them to stop at the Bartholomew family business: Wagga Car Repairs. While only children at the time, Robert, Deborah and Julie said their father had told them to get autographs because the three men would one day become famous musicians.
Read article:

The Bartholomew family, (from left) Julie, Deborah, Jean and Robert show off their treasured autograph book containing the signatures of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, the Bee Gees, who stopped in Wagga at their father’s car repair business in 1966.

Britt Daniel of the band Spoon talks about the Bee Gees’ influence on his music
Yes, ‘Spirits Having Flown’. That’s the first one I bought with my own money. I’d always listened to my parents Bee Gees albums. But I paid for that one. My dad paid me back because he felt guilty for playing it so much. We shared.
Read more at:

Marion: GSI 04/16/09  

NEWS, April 6th.

  Robin at Copyright summit

The CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) announced the second World Copyright Summit. Robin Gibb, (president of CISAC), will host and speak at the event held this June 9-10 in Washington, D.C. Robin: “it will ensure that creativity is recognised as a vital part of the economic, cultural and social landscape. The voices of creators are seldom heard on copyright issues in the digital age and that’s what makes the World Copyright Summit a unique event.”
For more information about CISAC’s World Copyright Summit, please visit
World Copyright Summit Pdf file

Marion: GSI 04/06/09  

NEWS, March 24th.

 Robin at Diana Award charity

Yesterday, Robin Gibb was among the guests at a ceremony in London hosted by the Diana Award charity.

Robin concert cancelled
The Robin concert of May 5th. in Bremen (Germany) has been cancelled. Recently a concert in Rostock, May 6th. was added. See schedule at:

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NEWS, March 18th.

  Diana Award
March 23rd. 2009 Robin Gibb will attend the presentation, at Canary Wharf in London, of the Diana Certificate of Excellence Award, that recognises groups of young people aged 12-18 who have worked together to make their communities a better place to be. Robin, who is an ambassador for the Diana Award, says “It is humbling to hear the incredible stories of the new Group Award holders. They represent a growing community of young people who will act as a force for good to build a society in which we would all like to live. These new group holders genuinely want to make a difference and the huge impact of their work challenges existing stereotypes of young people by showing that they have the power to be positive role models.” For more info and press release visit:

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NEWS, March 12th.

 Sydney Sound Relief
The concert will also be broadcasted via radio ( Both concerts probably will be released on DVD later on.

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NEWS, March 10th.

 Barry Gibb live performance in Australia
Barry will soon leave for Australia to appear at the Sound Relief Concert in Sydney. Molly Meldrum and the Bee Gees’ long-time promoter Kevin Jacobsen sealed the deal yesterday. This will be Barry’s first major concert performance in Australia since his last appearance with The Bee Gees at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium in 1999. Barry will do the final act during this benefit concert. The concert will be broadcasted live from midday on XYZ’s MAX channel. Barry: ‘I am truly proud and honoured to be a small part of such an incredible event. I shall be there with wings on my heels to help in any way I can the victims of this terrible disaster, let’s make it count for all of them. I’m coming home.’ The Melbourne’s Sound Relief concert is sold out and for the Sydney concert there still are tickets. 100% of the profits from the Melbourne concert will be donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. For the Sydney concert, 50% of the profits will be donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal and 50% will be donated to The Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund Appeal in QLD to aid the victims of the Queensland floods. The concerts are March 14th.

Silver Heart Tribute to the Bee Gees (July 24)

Press release Variety Club for July 24th.

The Variety Club are proud to announce that our highest accolade the Variety Club Silver Heart Tribute award will be bestowed upon world wide recording artistes, “The Bee Gees” for their outstanding services to the music industry on their 50th Anniversary. This event will be the highest profile Variety Club event of 2009 and takes place in Manchester, UK, the home city of “The Bee Gees”. The event will be attended by many celebrities from the world of entertainment, and will comprise of a V.I.P. reception with Barry Gibb CBE, Robin Gibb CBE, Maurice Gibb’s wife, Yvonne and mother Mrs Barbara Gibb and their VIP families and friends. The prestigious Variety Club Silver Heart Tribute dinner will commence at 7.00 p.m. and finish at approximately 12.00 midnight and will include a sumptuous three-course dinner and wonderful entertainment. Quote from Lyn Staunton, Development Director, Variety Club North West: “The Bee Gees are loved and respected world wide and the Variety Club are honoured and delighted that they are accepting this prestigious award in their home city of Manchester.” The Variety Club have been helping disabled and disadvantaged children less fortunate than others for 60 years and we are delighted that all monies raised through this spectacular event will benefit the children of the North West. For further information on this prestigious event and sponsorship opportunities please contact Lyn Staunton, Development Director, Variety Club. To book tickets please call Judi Davies, Office Manager Telephone: 0161 236 0500 E.mail:

Robin Gibb performance in Denmark
Robin will play at Ledreborg Slotspark (Denmark) on August 15 and 16 according to: Ticket info:

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NEWS, February 28th.

  Robin on TV and on Mail Online
Robin will be on satillite tv on Wednesday 4th March on Brush With Fame (Sky Arts 1 channel 256 and Sky Arts hd channel 258) at 19.30pm and there’s also an article on Mail Online where Robin recalls his school days both in Britain and Australia:

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NEWS, February 26th.

 Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton John
For the first time ever, Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John performed together in an intimate concert at the “Love and Hope Ball”. More at:

Barry and Olivia Newton

Also Barry and Olivia joined on stage in Nashville
Olivia-Newton John performed today in Nashville, Tennessee (Ryman Auditorium) together with Barry Gibb. Barry sang three songs with Olivia (“Come On Over”, “Islands In The Stream” and “The Heart Knows”) plus “Words” on his own.
Also visit Olivia’s website:

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NEWS, February 19th.

 More about the Love and Hope Ball
At the Diabetes Research Institute’s Website you can read more about the Ball.

Robin Gibb and the Vulcan bomber
British celebrities including Robin Gibb, Sir Richard Branson, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and Frederick Forsyth have joined forces to campaign for government help to keep the Vulcan bomber flying. This is a bomber built in the 50s. The costs of simply keeping the aircraft in flying condition, about £80,000 a month, have not been met because corporate sponsorship has been falling, and the campaign calls for the government to intervene. Read more at: and

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NEWS, February 15th.

 Love & Hope ball

Yesterday Barry Gibb performed for 800 guests at the Westin Diplomat, Hollywood, Florida, during the 35th annual Love and Hope Ball, a benefit for the Diabetes Research Institute.
Look at some photos and video material: and
Also visit Olivia’s website:

Runaway, re-release
The runaway album written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb and released by Swedisch singer Carola is being re-released in Sweden on the 17th February. CD Universe The album, was originally released in 1986 and produced by Maurice Gibb.

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NEWS, February 7th.

  (Barry) Islands In The Stream
We’ve already mentioned that Robin is participating on this year’s Comic Relief single: (Barry) “Islands In The Stream”, performed by Nessa and Bryn from the Gavin and Stacey comedy series. Robin is singing backing vocals. He is also making a cameo appearance in the single’s video clip and is featured on the “making of” video. An exclusive sneak preview of the Islands In The Stream was showed on the BBC One program “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”, yesterday evening. The download of (Barry) Islands In The Stream will be made available on March 8th, with a CD and DVD in shops the following day.

Gavin and Stacey

More details on soon.

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NEWS, February 4th.

 Olivia Newton John and Barry Gibb on stage
There’s a possibility that Olivia Newton-John will be making a guest appearance with Barry Gibb during his concert at the 35th Annual Love and Hope Ball. The event, GSI earlier mentioned about, is for benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute and takes place at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida – USA. (February 14th.) The appearance of Olivia depends on the fact if she will be able to be in Miami in time for rehearsals. Barry has just started rehearsals and at this point we do not have a set list. For information or tickets, call the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation at 800-321-3437. Also read:

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NEWS, January 29th.

  Robin Gibb on charity single

This year’s Comic Relief single is a cover version of “Islands In The Stream”, the Bee Gees composition. Rob Brydon (Bryn) and Ruth Jones (Nessa) from TV’s Gavin & Stacey are doing a duet on the charity single. Robin Gibb appears in the video of the Comic Relief remake and also sings backing vocals, alongside Tom Jones. The single is released in Britain by Mercury Records on March 9th. “Islands in the Stream” was a number one hit for Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton in 1983 and in 1998 for Pras Michel (Ghetto Supastar).
More on soon.

Video’s Robin
Watch the exclusive interview with Robin Gibb on The One Show. Robin shows you around in the house where he once lived with Maurice, Barry and the rest of the family: Keppel Road.
Click here (unfortunately only available for U.K. Viewers)
Click here for a video where Robin is interviewed during the gala in benefit of the “Outward Bound Trust”.

More Tour dates Robins’ European Tour
Robin added more dates in Austria to his European Spring concert tour. He will play at the Wiener Stadthalle on May 22nd and at the Stadthalle in Graz on May 23rd. Tickets info:

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NEWS, January 22nd.

 Jive Talkin’ The Bee Gees Story
Jive Talkin’ The Bee Gees Story is the name of what British media call: ‘the world’s best Bee Gees tribute band’ and GSI has reported about this succesful cover band before. The band has started their 2009 tour last Saturday and are planning lots of more shows through out this year. If you are interested in the band and their tourschedule, just visit:
(also mentioned on the GSI Link Page).
Also the Gibbs seem to be interested in this group as last September Steve Wynn flew over from Vegas to Britain to visit the bands’ show in Leeds. (September 8th). Steve as you know, is a friend of Barry. He visited the Jive Talkin’ members and told them Barry had asked him to come and see the show. Steve is busy working on a Bee Gees stage show in Vegas in one of his hotels. Steve told the guys he thought the show was fantastic and stayed till the very end. He afterwards flew back on his private jet. At that time his visit to Leeds and the planned stage show still was a top secret thing. Steve has asked the cover band members Barry (Darren) and Robin (Darren’s brother Gary) as well as Jarrod (who plays Mo), lots of questions. If the Jive Talkin’ cover band will have some involvement in the upcoming Bee Gees stage show in America we cannot say yet but we’ll keep you posted.

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(with thanks Darren Simmons).

NEWS, January 15th.

  The Bee Gees and Redcliffe
The requests (also done through the GSI website) of mailing to the Redcliffe media in order to give The Brothers Gibb a warm welcome and huge tribute when ever they’ll visit the area will hopefully help. Many fans contacted the newspapers already to explain their thoughts and wishes concerning a nice Bee Gees tribute. If you didn’t write yet to express your thoughts of getting the boys to the Redcliffe area for a tribute, just mail: or

Karen Sharp

Also, Karen Sharp has been appointed as co-ordination officer for the Redcliffe Brothers Gibb Performing Arts Academy.
“I’ll be helping to put together a proposed annual Bee Gees super weekend, which includes tribute concerts planned for Redcliffe and Brisbane,” she said. “But my role will increase as the project develops.”
http://redcliffe-and-bayside-herald and

GSI Tips
Some nice videos to watch:
Bee Gees – Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Robin and Maurice dating game
Opening Maurice studio
Gibb family
“Love And Hope”
Robin Gibb Sky News Interview, November 2, 2008

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NEWS, January 13th.

How Deep Is Your Love For The Bee Gees?!

If you’re a Bee Gees fan then “The One Show” needs you. Later this week (January 15th) Robin Gibb will be appearing on the “BBC One Show”. To celebrate we want to watch you sing a classic Bee Gees song. All you have to do is pick a Bee Gees song and video record yourself singing it – without the music. The best videos will be shown to Mr Gibb and could be played to the nation on The One Show.
Click here to find out more.

Odessa, it’s there!!

Finally the release of the 3 box Odessa Deluxe Edition.

Here are some reviews:

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special thanks: Fiona Pryor of BBC

NEWS, January 8th.

 Nostalgic return to Australia for Barry and Robin
According to an article at: Barry and Robin will make a sentimental journey to Redcliffe, the seeding ground of their worldwide success. They are planning their nostalgic return to Redcliffe and Brisbane to shoot footage for a US video documentary on how they conquered the world. They will then travel to Sydney where they will be handed the keys to the city and honoured at a star-studded tribute.

The Gibb Family mentioned about this matter:
“There have been discussions about this visit but nothing is confirmed yet and it probably won’t take place until late 2009 / early 2010”. Concerning the rumors in Australian media about The Gibb Brothers being rejected by Redcliffe counsil to visit and being honoured etc. they stated: “There was a simple misunderstanding because someone had submitted a business plan to the city for a youth performing arts centre to be named after the Gibb Brothers at the same time rumors were leaking about a possible visit and it was that initial plan that was rejected not a visit by the Brothers who would be more than welcomed by the City who have apologized so all is well.”

Robin Gibb / The Bee Gees Fan Meeting
Through the GSI Mailbox we did already mention about the plans for the upcoming Meeting in Germany this Summer. We now have some additional information from Anja and Detlef Wange to share with all of you.
Click here for the information sheet
Click here for the application form
Any questions? just email:

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also thanks: Anja and Detlef Wange

NEWS, January 7th.

  “The House Where I Grew Up”
Like mentioned in our news of December 22nd. Robin will appear in the British TV program BBC 1’s The One Show. We’re glad Robin said ‘yes’ to the show as GSI was approached by the producer of that show some months ago and they asked us to inform with Robin because they’d love to invite him to appear as a guest in their show. So we forwarded their request to Robins team. ‘The House Where I Grew Up’ is a format (5 minute films) in which well-known public personalities take a sentimental journey back to the homes they lived in as children or teenagers, to re-discover the influences which helped them grow into the adults we know them to be today. Robin was filmed in the house where he grew up in Keppel Road, Manchester. The film is due to be broadcast on The One Show next Thursday, 15th January and Robin will be in the studio for the transmission. GSI of course is glad to have been able to help here with forwarding the request of Mentorn TV.

Marion: GSI 01/07/09