NEWS, December 22th.

Robin tells about his surgery

Robin Gibb tells Adrian Lee how he almost died from a blocked intestine, the same condition that killed his beloved twin brother Maurice in 2003. His stomach pains started during a performance in Belgium last August. Robin: “I was checked over in Belgium and again when I got home. Everything seemed fine but the next day the pain intensified”. Prompted by his wife Dwina he returned to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where a series of tests and scans was arranged. Expecting a delay before the results were available Robin was relaxing at home that evening when he was surprised to be called back to the hospital.

Marion: GSI 12/22/10  

NEWS, December 3rd.

New Film
According to an interview done with David English, friend of Barry Gibb and formerly working for RSO, he and Barry are planning to work on another film next year. Earlier Barry and David made the film: “Hawks”.

Marion: GSI 12/03/10  

NEWS, November 28th.

David English receives CBE
The Bee Gees’ ex-manager has raised £14million for charity through his Bunbury Cricket Club

David English picks up his CBE from Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace

Robin Gibb receives German Award
November 26th. Robin was in Duesseldorf, Germany to receive the Sustainability Award. The award is given to personalities who have made an extraordinary contribution to the cause of sustainability at a national or international level. Other award winners this year were for instance Larry Hagman and Jamie Oliver. See photo taken at Maritim Hotel, Duesseldorf, Germany. Some more photos at:

Photo credit by Ralf Juergens

Robin´s concert in Beirut

Marion: GSI 11/28/10  

NEWS, November 14th.

Win a copy of In Our Own Time DVD !!
(to residents of the United States and Canada only!!)
On November 16, the Bee Gees will make their Blu-ray debut with In Our Own Time. To coincide with this story you can win a copy: The Bee Gees: In Our Own Time on Blu-ray. Go the following link scroll down and submit the entry form before December 11, 2010 at 9:59 pm EST.

Duesseldorf, Sustainability Awards
The German Sustainability Award will be presented for the third time in 2010. The award is a comprehensive initiative of the German Sustainability Award Foundation in collaboration with the Federal Government, the German Council for Sustainable Development, trade associations, NGOs, and research facilities. Special awards are given to personalities who have made an extraordinary contribution to the cause of sustainability at a national or international level. Previous laureates include HRH The Prince of Wales. This year on November 26th. Robin Gibb will receive the Honorary Award of the German Sustainability Award 2010 for his social commitment and he will perform live with his band. Reason why Robin will receive the price (in German):

X Factor
Robin will be mentoring the finalists in the Australian version of X factor November 14 and 21 Channel 7 will be airing a pre recording at 7.30 PM (source Robin

Bee Gees music on your X Box
Next week Rock Band DLC Additions for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii containing: six songs from The Bee Gees. Throughout their 40-year musical career, they have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide, making them one of the best-selling musical groups of all time. The songs are: “Jive Talkin’,” “Night Fever,” “Nights on Broadway,” “Tragedy,” “You Should Be Dancing” and “Stayin’ Alive,” which will feature a Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrade. All tracks are original master recordings. For further details please visit:


Ronan Keating has a new album out called: “Duet” which contains 2 Bee Gees covers: To Love Somebody – Feat. Brain Mc Fadden and Islands In The Stream – Feat. The McClymonts.

Marion: GSI 11/14/10  
(also thanks and Rogerio Borges)

NEWS, November 4th.

More about Robin’s Australia / New Zealand Tour

Swan Valley
The Sandalford Estate sent us some addition info about the Robin concert: click here (Pdf file) for set list, click here (Pdf file) for newspaper review, and listen to some more clips:
Review and photos from the Swan Valley concert at:

Robin in Sydney   © Kathy Rockwell

Robin to the Sydney audience: ‘If we hadn’t lived in Sydney we would never have done what we have’.
Some clips: Robin talking about Sydney   Saved by the Bell: Report by Kathy Rockwell, including photos click here
 Robin talks to reporter Kim Knight during the 30-minute car trip back to his hotel after the Brisbane show
 Robin in a Graham Reid interview; To Bee Gee, or not to Bee Gee, regarding The Redwood Festival:

Marks & Spencer annual Christmas advertisement
The British retail giant Marks and Spencer started a Bee Gees related Christmas commercial on UK television, watch:

David English and the RSO Legacy
Next year will be the 25th Anniversary of the Bunbury Cricket Club and David will also shortly be collecting his CBE. Stephanie Thorburn has written a testimonial feature published to Los Angeles Chronicle on David’s career and her article will be included in the forthcoming 25th Bunbury brochure for 2011. Stephanie herewith would like to share this article ‘Dr. David English and the RSO Legacy’, with the GSI visitors.

“In Our Own Time”
The documentary will be aired on US television (A&E) on November 11th. The Bio Channel special “The Bee Gees: In Our Own Time” is the story of one of the most influential bands in rock history. Featuring new interviews with surviving band members as well as an extensive archive of home movies, family photos and recordings; this is the definitive look at the Brothers Gibb. The two-hour special premieres Wednesday, November 10 at 9PM ET/8PM CT/10PM PT on BIO.

GSI Tips
Robin Gibb tells about the house he grew up with Barry, Maurice and the rest of the family in Keppel Road, Manchester.

Samantha Gibb singing: “Playing Cupid”
Written by Samantha, Adam Gibb and Laz Rodriguez (1997). During 1997 Maurice’s children Samantha and Adam began writing songs for a bid at a recording contract. The three adopted the name Luna Park. “Playing Cupid” appeared on a promo CD single in 1998

Marion: GSI 11/04/10  
(thanks: Stephanie T., Kathy R. and Grant B.)

NEWS, October 31st.

Sister of Bee Gees: ‘Robin is determined to go on’
Bee Gees sister Lesley Evans is planning to see Robin in concert while he’s in Australia where she lives with her family. Although Robin had surgery not very long ago and many fans in Australia had some doubt whether or not the concerts would take place, Lesley said: ‘You don’t know Robin. He’s very determined.’
More Robin in Australia:

Prince William supports Bomber Command Memorial
With just days left until Bomber Command’s deadline to raise £1m passes, the RAF’s only serving Royal reveals why he passionately supports the Daily Express’s patriotic crusade to build a memorial. Robin touring Australia at the moment is very proud. Visit: to read what Robin feels about this royal support. Donation for the memorial:

What about The Andy Gibb and Bee Gees album releases?!
Although nothing is official, one believes that after “Mythology” has run it’s course Rhino intent to start releasing Andy’s albums one by one, at least digitally on I-tunes etc. Not quite sure yet if Rhino is planning in terms of them resuming to reissue the Bee Gees Albums, however it’s expected they will discuss this with the Gibb family in due course and then make a decision concerning the other to be released Bee Gees albums for the near future.

Marion: GSI 10/31/10  (Thanks also: Dick Ashby)

NEWS, October 19th.

 Win a trip to see Robin Gibb in concert
According to the New Zealand media (TVNZ) Breakfast, in association with The Stetson Group & Grabaseat, is offering one lucky viewer the chance to win tickets for two to Sydney to Robin Gibb’s An Evening of Bee Gees Greatest hits in Sydney.
For all details please visit:

Marion: GSI 10/19/10 

NEWS, October 17th.

Spielberg film about life of The Gibb Brothers
Like mentioned before there are plans to make a life story of the career of The Bee Gees and according to Robin: ‘The movie is going to be done by some very important people. It will be our life story. Barry and I will be involved in the technical side.’ It’s Steven Spielberg who’s going to make their life story into a movie! One of the challenges for Spielberg, 63, will be replicating the brothers’ distinctive three-part harmonies and Barry’s falsetto voice. Robin: ‘I’d like our original recordings to be used because it’s very hard to emulate them.’The film will chart the brothers’ rise from child performers. They had their breakthrough hit in Australia in 1966 with Spicks And Specks before hits including Jive Talkin‘, How Deep Is Your Love and Stayin’ Alive. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, their citation says – Only Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks and Paul McCartney have outsold the Bee Gees-. Read more:

Marion: GSI 10/17/10  

NEWS, October 13th.

Robin to USA?
According to Robin Gibb is making his way to Uncasville for a very special performance in Mohegan Sun Arena, (Connecticut, USA) on Thursday, December 16th. However after checking this out and phoning to Britain GSI found out that Dwina nor Robin know about this show nor does Dick Ashby. So sorry but at the moment there are no shows for Robin planned in The States and the info has been taken from the Internet page of Ticketmaster and Mohegan Sun.

Marion: GSI 10/13/10  

NEWS, October 11th.

Last weekend Robin was in the news a few times being guest at Sky News(U.K.)where presenter Steve Dixon made quite a mistake while he was talking to Robin about brother Maurice
And in Surrey (U.K) Robin was present at the unveiling of a plaque for composer Jerome Kern on October 10th. Photos:  video:

Robin Gibb and Mike Reid  ©

Marion: GSI 10/11/10  

NEWS, October 7th.

Gibb composition Emotion wins BMI award

Emotion has received an BMI award for 4 million plays in the USA. Only How Deep Is Your Love and To Love Somebody have more in the States.
This section contains the most performed songs in the BMI repertoire of more than 6.5 million works. Only about 1,500 titles have achieved “Million-Air” status, or more than 1 million United States radio and television performances. One million performances is the equivalent of approximately 50,000 broadcast hours, or more than 5.7 years of continuous airplay, a graphic reminder of the colossal and ongoing royalty income of the Gibb Brothers.
Over 5 million airplays:
-How deep is your love -To love somebody
Over 4 million airplays:
-How can you mend a broken heart -Islands in the stream -Emotion
Over 3 million airplays:
-Too much heaven -If I cant Have You
Over 2 million airplays:
-I just want to be your everything -Woman in love -Stayin alive
Over 1 million airplays:
-Massachusetts -Words -I’ve gotta get a message to you -I started a joke -Lonely days -Jive talkin -Nights on Broadway -Fanny be tender -Love so right -Night fever -More than a woman -Love is thicker than water -Shadow dancing -(Our love) Don’t throw it all away -Come on over -Grease -Guilty -What kind of fool -Heartbreaker

Marion: GSI 10/07/10  (thanks Juan G.)

NEWS, September 29th.

Robin about his recent operation
Robin: “I remember lying on the operating table being determined not to die. I said to the guy when I went in there: ‘You’d better do a good job or I’m coming after you.’ The worst part was wondering: ‘Will I wake up and not be me again? Will there be other complications? Will I be in a coma?”

Robin’s visit to Hamburg

Robin Gibb, Udo Lindenberg und Leslie Mandoki in Hamburg Foto: Red-Rock Production

September 21st. Robin was in Hamburg (Germany) in the Fischauktionshalle together with musicians Udo Lindenberg and Leslie Mandoki. He did a short acoustic performance: How Deep Is Your Love, To Love Somebody, Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, Massachusetts and with Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten: Islands In The Stream.

Robin on the road again
It seems that Robin is recovering very well and is working already. Later this year he will do some shows in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A new concert is booked for November 23rd. (Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slowenien) . Next to that Robin keeps busy working to get that special memorial for Bomber Command in London.
Read a recent news article:

The Splash Of Pink Event at Prebendal
September 25th. the event took place at Dwina and Robin’s home in Thame and it was great. Robin was looking good again. He chatted with the audience and cracked jokes. Of course he also did a performance: How Deep is your Love, To Love Somebody, Night Fever, Islands In The Stream (with Natasha Hamilton), Massachusetts and he finished up with Stayin’ Alive. Noone was allowed to take photographs but there were official photographers and the event was filmed: ABC is planning to make a DVD available. Sky TV and the BBC were taking footage and there were photographers from OK and Hello Magazines. One of the auction prizes was a chance to be photographed with a celebrity of your choice which would be featured in OK. There were about 400 guests and amongst them were several stars from the worlds of business, TV, and sport.

The Heritage Foundation
The Heritage Foundation are pleased to announce the unveiling of a Blue Plaque commemorating the life and work of the legendary composer Jerome Kern. The unveiling will be performed at 12 Noon by Heritage Foundation President Robin Gibb CBE and singing icons The Platters on Sunday 10th October at Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Those wishing to attend must contact the Heritage Foundation on 01494 714388 in advance. More info at:

Marion: GSI 09/29/10  

NEWS, September 7th.

Comments about Bomber Command Memorial
Politicians in Dresden, (Germany) are calling the planned memorial to RAF aircrews who helped bomb Germany in the second world war: tasteless. The press started to talk about it after Robin Gibb’s plans of giving a concert in Dresden. (the concert had to be cancelled due to health problems). Last week more articles appeared about the subject in British and German news papers as well as on several Bee Gees fan sites. Robin being president of the British Heritage Foundation is planning the Memorial in London’s Green Park. Robin loves Germany and its people, and regrets the loss of life and destruction of cities. The memorial does not glorify war but is in honour of the sacrifice the young Bomber Command crew made. Robin: “These were brave men, and they were young men, much like those men that are in Afghanistan and Iraq now. Civilisation was on the line, they were between the ages of 18 and 22 and they sacrificed their lives. The memorial is an honour for sacrifice not for war and is not a spur against the German people. Bomber Command created a free world for people like us, who were not alive at the time, to thrive in. They saved millions of people’s lives who weren’t even born and were able to live in freedom for 65 years. It created a democracy, including the German people, who wouldn’t be parted from the democracy and freedom they are enjoying today and they are a great people the German people, I love them, I spent a lot of my adult life in Germany and they, even the older Germans, did not want a war. It was a regime. It was a dictatorship and we were there to end it.”
Also visit:

Marion: GSI 09/07/10  

NEWS, August 24th.

Concerts cancelled
At this point all the Robin Gibb concerts in Germany and the one in The Netherlands have been cancelled. One is looking for a possibility to book the shows later this year. As soon as there’s more news all ticket holders will be informed by Livenation.

Marion: GSI 08/24/10  

NEWS, August 23rd.

 Robin back home after surgery
In the early hours of Wednesday, 18th August 2010 Robin Gibb underwent emergency gastro intestinal surgery. The operation was a success and Robin is making a good recovery and returned home today. Unfortunately his operation and the necessary recovery period means that Robin’s forthcoming live concerts in Europe will need to be rescheduled and / or cancelled. Further information will follow shortly. For the time being Robin’s consultant has recommended complete rest in order to speed his recovery and we ask that Robin and his family’s privacy be respected during this period.

Marion: GSI 08/23/10  

NEWS, August 16th.

 The Bee Gees on BBC 2
Listen to Radio BBC 2 from August 26 until 30th. for lots of Bee Gees stuff.
– On August 26th. The Bee Gees: A Record Producers Special part 1, 8.00-9.00pm. BBC Radio 2. (Part 2 follows on August 30th.)

– On Bank Holiday August 30th The British Radio BBC 2 is celebrating 50 years Bee Gees (5.00 – 7.00 pm) As part of BBC Radio 2’s special Bee Gees Bank Holiday celebrating the music of this iconic band, Johnnie Walker speaks to Bee Gees Robin and Barry Gibb about their glittering career. Together with their brother Maurice, Barry and Robin enjoyed a career spanning a remarkable five decades, including five Grammy awards, eight platinum albums and inductions into both the Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Songwriters Halls of Fame.
– Also on August 30th. (radio BBC2) a special two-part Record Producers special for the bank holiday, Richard Allinson and Steve Levine look at the work of the Gibb Brothers. This second programme begins with the aftermath of the multi-platinum album Saturday Night Fever as the band embarked on the recording of Spirits Having Flown. It highlights their success during the Eighties with some of the most successful female vocalists in the world and brings their story into the 21st century with their album This Is Where I Came In. (10.00-11.00 pm.)
– And August 30th. BBC 2 Radio will be airing the UK’s Top 100 Million Selling Singles, based on sales data from November 1952 to 7 August 2010. The sales include downloads and this has enabled several old hits to pass the million mark. Listen to find out if there’s any Bee Gees material on the list.. More information: and

Marion: GSI 08/16/10  

NEWS, July 27th.

 Robin goes to South America

Gabe Reed (U.S Promotor) contacted GSI today to confirm an extensive Robin Gibb tour through South America in December 2010 which he will be organizing. The first confirmed performance will take place on December 12, 2010 in Santiago, Chile at the Movistar Arena (tickets will go on sale on Wednesday July 28, 2010). Additional performances in South America will be announced in the coming weeks. Gabe Reed commented “we are excited to bring Robin to South America to perform the many great Bee Gees hits that are beloved around the world.” He will perform a night of hits such as Stayin Alive, Night Fever, Jive Talkin’, How Deep is Your Love and other Bee Gees classics.
Tickets can be purchased through:

Interview with Barry Gibb and Joe Mardin, honoring Arif Mardin
Joe Mardin and Barry Gibb honor famous producer, composure and arranger Arif Mardin for his profound talent and inspirational encouragement of the Artists that he shaped into music history.

Marion: GSI 07/27/10  
(thanks Gabe Reed prod. and : Alice W.)

NEWS, June 29th.

 In memoriam Harold Cowart
Today GSI received the sad news from the Cowart family that Mr. Harold Cowart has passed away. Harold was a member of The Bee Gees touring band during the Spirits Tour of 1979. He came from Baton Rouge in Louisiana, USA and was one of the countries top session bass players. He worked for many artists. He worked with Andy Gibb and recorded with The Bee Gees as well.

Harold passed away Saturday, June 26th at his home in Baton Rouge. He was 66 years old. The coroner said he thought his heart just slowly stopped beating. There were no signs of a struggle. He is survived by his wife, Gayle and a daughter, Dr. Ashley Cowart.

I herewith like to send my condolences to Harold’s family.

Marion: GSI 06/29/10  

NEWS, June 15th.

Tribute to Producer Arif Mardin
In addition to the information we gave you in the GSI News of February 12th we now can announce that the tribute album: All My Friends Are Here has been released.

Bee Gees music used in film again
In the new animated Universal film Despicable Me one used the Bee Gees classic: You Should Be Dancing

David English awarded a CBE
David English, ex-President of RSO Records, has been awarded a CBE for his services to cricket and charity in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list this June. Dr. David English founded the Bunbury pro-celebrity cricket club in 1987 and since this time, has raised over 10 million for charity. The Bunbury cricket club features a host of sport and show business personalities including Sir Ian Botham, Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Viv Richards, Barry and Robin Gibb. Many music artists including Robin Gibb and Eric Clapton have also performed at the annual Bunbury ball at The Grosvenor. Next season, 2011, will represent the 25th anniversary of the Bunbury cricket initiative. Dr. David English is Patron of the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ and Vice President of the English Schools’ Cricket Association. He has previously been awarded an MBE.
(source S. L. Thorburn).

Marion: GSI 06/15/10  
(thanks: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn)

NEWS, June 11th.

Robin re-elected
Today Cisac has announced that Robin Gibb has been re-elected as president of the global authors’ and creators’ body. He will represent Cisac for a further three years. Robin: “The presidency of CISAC is a role that means a great deal to me because, as a songwriter, I am a passionate believer in the collective management of rights by authors’ societies”.  
(click to read press release)

Marion: GSI 06/11/10 

NEWS, May 27th.

The Bee Gees guest on American Idol finals
The Brothers performed a wonderful version of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ together with two American Idol contestants: Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly.

The Bee Gees on American Idol

Some reviews of The Bee Gees’ performance:

Marion: GSI 05/27/10  

NEWS, May 20th.

 Robin at Ivor Awards
Robin finally didn’t attend the Ivor Novello Awards in London. Next stop will be L.A., but about these plans we cannot tell you anything yet!! So keep an eye on the website.

Robin Gibb and Peter Andre plan to work together
At the World Music Awards Peter Andre mentioned about his possible upcoming collaboration with Robin: “Robin Gibb is the biggest honour ever, because we spoke about it today and you know we are going to do something for the next album and I think if you get something written by one of the Bee Gees, you know it’s going to be quality.”

Book about Robin and The Bee Gees

There will be a new book released in October about Robin and The Bee Gees. It’s in German and written by André Boße. André had a chance to interview Robin last year.

Probably not published in cooperation with The Brothers.

Marion: GSI 05/20/10  
(Thanks also Anja Wange)

NEWS, May 14th.

 Bomber Command memorial approved!!
Yesterday planners at Westminster City Council approved the proposed £3.5 million Bomber Command memorial, which will now be built in Green Park, central London. Robin Gibb, who has been leading a campaign to get this memorial in London, and who is president of the Heritage Foundation, joined the veterans yesterday at the meeting. Robin: “It is fantastic news. I’ve put my heart and soul into being a champion of this cause,” To donate for the memorial visit:
Read more: and watch Robin at British Breakfast TV:

Bomber Command Veterans celebrate with Robin Gibb after Westminster Council passed the planning aplication for memorial Photo: DAVID ROSE

Marion: GSI 05/14/10  

NEWS, May 3rd.

Barry Gibb web site
There’s a new Barry Gibb website on the net with a complete new look And there’s more to come. Take a look at:

Marion: GSI 05/03/10  

NEWS, May 2nd

Robin Gibb supports Bomber Command (2)

Robin interviewd by Jelle Visser

Bomber Command finally deserves to get the recognition in Britain they already receive in The Netherlands for so long and Robin is the driving force behind the project of getting a special memorial for these airmen in London to honour these Bomber Command veterans. There were also Dutch airmen amongst the Bomber Command and the most famous one was Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, better known in Holland as: “De Soldaat Van Oranje” (soldier of Orange). Robin Gibb now also asks the Dutch people to support his plans for the memorial in London. More about Robin’s visit for Bomber Command to the Rotterdam city hall, April 30th thanks to Dutch TV (interview etc.)

Robin with (left) Tijmen cameraman and (right) Jelle interviewer

“Pink and Blue for Two”
Singer Jon Secada, Linda Gibb, Barry Gibb, Olivia Newton John and husband John Easterling at the “Pink and Blue for Two” charity event, April 22nd. Miami Beach.

see photos at:
and video:

Marion: GSI 05/02/10  
(thanks: ‘Een Vandaag’ – Jelle Visser)

NEWS, April 30th.

Robin visits The Netherlands for his Bomber Command campaign.
It was a bright sunny day when veterans of the Operation Manna association and veterans of Bomber Command attended the commemoration of the food drop missions which they flew 65 years ago. With these missions they brought relief to the starving people in western Holland. One visited the Manna monument near the highway A20 at Terbregge. The veterans will be guest of the cities, Rotterdam, The Hague, Katwijk/Valkenburg and Wassenaar where they will attend several festivities the coming days. Robin as we know is campaigning to get a permanent memorial built in London for Bomber Command. He attended the private reception at the Rotterdam Town Hall and there will be interviews for the Dutch TV (“Een Vandaag”), watch: (at 03.30 min.) also watch the article in the Dutch Telegraaf newspaper of May 1st.

Also visit: download the Defensiekrant nr. 11, 25 Maart 2010 with Dutch article about the Bomber Command Memorial and the veterans visit at the food dropping area Terbregge – Roterdam, April 29th. – and a small video clip of the memorial of Operation Manna at:

Marion: GSI 04/30/10  
(source a.o.

NEWS, April 21st.

Robin’s Speech in Dublin
Like mentioned in the GSI news of April 17 Robin was planning to travel to Ireland for the annual conference of the Independent Broadcasters. However indeed due to the air traffic problems he couldn’t travel and instead he addressed the conference by audio link from the UK.
Read here his speech:

Marion: GSI 04/21/10  

NEWS, April 13th.

Robin in Amsterdam
Finally a Gibb performs again in The Netherlands. Robin will give a show in our Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam) on August 31st. Ticket information: Visit the members section of the website for more (ticket) information! Bee Gees fans get first grabs at tickets as a special presales link will be activated for 24hours starting tomorrow, Wednesday April 14 at 5pm local time. More details when available.

Robin Gibb at IBI conference
Robin is lined up as the guest speaker at the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) annual conference, which takes place on Tuesday 20 April 2010. Robin who as you know is president of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies, will talk about the rights of music creators in a digital age.

Bee Gees live medley
Turn of the century, Children of the world, Guilty, Ellan Vannin from their millennium concert Fort Lauderdale :

Maurice Gibb – On Time
Unreleased version from 1983. Guitars by Alan Kendall and Maurice himself.

Marion: GSI 04/13/10  

NEWS, March 18th.

 Robin in concert, Germany
A 4th German concert for Robin will be at the Schlossplatz in Coburg, Bavaria, on August 29th.

Marion: GSI 03/18/10  

NEWS, March 17th.

More about: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Watch the speech of Barry and Robin on Or
And visit: scroll down to the interview with Barry and Robin.
Barry and Robin during press conference in New York:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Watch the interview:

Marion: GSI 03/17/10  

NEWS, March 15th.

 “Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame”
Robin and Barry will induct Abba in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, USA on March 15, 2010 at 8:30 p.m. EST Watch at:

Marion: GSI 03/15/10  

NEWS, March 12th.


Like earlier mentioned on GSI, the box set has been delayed until Fall. Release dates now are November 15 (Europe) and 16 (USA). The cornerstone of the Mythology box set campaign will be the airing on TV around the world of the new documentary prior the release. There now is a delay of the box set as the documentary is not quite finished yet and this will also give the record company more time to market it. It seems that the re-issues of the old albums have been delayed to the first half of next year.

Robin Gibb in concert

Robin will perform with his band at a few festivals in Germany this Summer.
A free concert in Mainz on August 7 and performances in Leipzig August 27 (Park bühne ) and Dresden 28 are confirmed.
More ticket sale info at:

Auction of signed Barry Gibb Guitar !!
We like to tell you that the bidding for the guitar to raise money for the “Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation” has stopped. More details when available.

Marion: GSI 03/12/10  

NEWS, March 6th.

The Heritage Foundation
Visit the Heritage Foundation website with more info about some upcoming lunches, the Blue Plaque unveiling in memory of the late actor Sir John Mills CBE at Pinewood Film Studios on Sunday 9th May 2010 with Robin Gibb, The Heritage Foundation Summer Ball at the Marriott Hotel, Regents Park. London, on Saturday June 5th 2010 and more.

Marion: GSI 03/06/10  

NEWS, March 3rd.

Kelly Rowland and Michael Buble
sing Bee Gees

Kelly has recorded a Bee Gees cover song. She sings a track together with Michael Buble: “How Deep Is Your Love”. It could become one of the tracks on her 3rd. album. Listen here:

Marion: GSI 03/03/10  

NEWS, February 12th.

All My Friends Are Here
Barry and Robin Gibb on new Arif Mardin album / DVD One of the most atmospheric, challenging and powerful projects of legendary producer and artist Arif Mardin’s storied career will be released on June 15, 2010. “All My Friends Are Here,” the final recording produced by the multi-Grammy winner who was responsible for well over 50 million-selling recordings throughout the world, and who is credited with creating sonic imprints for countless superstars including The Bee Gees. Arif Mardin celebrated his final months by assembling many artists to record songs he’d written over the course of his 40-year career, as well as songs written specifically for this album which will finally be released on NuNoise Records. A documentary titled “The Greatest Ears in Town,” directed by Joe Mardin (Arif Mardin’s son) and Doug Biro will be released for theatres, broadcast and as a DVD later this year. It includes an interview with Barry and Robin Gibb. With the exception of the hilarious opening track, “The Greatest Ears in Town,” co-written and performed by Bette Midler and also featuring Barry Gibb, Arif Mardin composed all of the music and wrote a large portion of the lyrics on the album.
See for album tracks:

Rick Guard
Rick has released a new album: ‘Anyone But Me’ which includes a version of ‘How Deep Is Your Love’.

Marion: GSI 02/12/10  

NEWS, January 21st.

 Brit Awards

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Brit Awards, ITV are broadcasting a special anniversary programme Saturday 23rd. Viewers can vote for their favourite performance. The Bee Gees’ 1997 live performance is part of the competition. (See our earlier News items about the Brits of January 7th). The ITV show also features an interview with Robin and Barry Gibb. February 8th, the Brits 2010 album will be released. It includes an edited version of the medley the Bee Gees performed the night they received their Lifetime Achievement award. The songs are How Deep Is Your Love, Stayin’ Alive and Jive Talkin’. To pre order the Brits 3 CD: Also visit:

Garden Party with Robin and Dwina
September 5th a Heritage Foundation afternoon tea party was organized again by Robin Gibb and his wife Dwina in the garden of their home in Thame. (see GSI News September 15th.) For some photos visit:

Marion: GSI 01/21/10  

NEWS, January 14th.

Bee Gees album, biography and musical
Barry and Robin will be together in Miami to talk about some future plans etc. until later this month. The Bee Gees documentary, filmed last year on many different locations should be finished in the next few weeks and will air on TV in conjunction with the Mythology box set release. Another project: the musical Stayin’ Alive, about the group’s life should open this time next year in Las Vegas. Hopefully they’ll also soon write more material for an album release. We’ll keep you posted on more plans and hopefully appearances of The Brothers in the near future.

Night Fever on stage
Two hit bands will come to life in a double tribute show in Canada. Abbamania and Night Fever, with all-Canadian casts, will hit the stage of Rene M. Caisse Theatre, Brace bridge, Canada, January 21st. Show producer Garry Lichach calls the show “phenomenal” with the look and feel of the real ABBA and Bee Gees. Abbamania has already performed together around the world for 10 years. Night Fever is the opening act for Abbamania. The performance spans five decades of the music of the Bee Gees. The group will be singing To Love Somebody, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Too Much Heaven, Jive Talking, Tragedy, Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, More Than A Woman and a lot more. “They have the look and the vocals of the real Bee Gees,” said Lichach. The band features Joe Varga as Robin Gibb, Paul Reda plays Maurice Gibb and John Acosta plays Barry Gibb.

There will be two one-hour shows starting at 8 p.m. on Jan. 21.Tickets for Abbamania and Night Fever are $32 for adults andf $30 for seniors and students. Also visit:

Marion: GSI 01/14/10

Back to the most recent News

NEWS, December 12th.

The German Opera Ball

It has been announced that Robin will be present at the coming Deutchen Opernball (the opera ball) in Frankfurt, Germany on February 26, 2011. It’s a charity event for: Eine Chance für Kinder (a chance for children). The event takes place in Der Alten Oper (the Old Opera House). Next to Robin there will be a guest appearance by Johnny Logan.

Marion: GSI 12/12/10  

NEWS, December 4th.

Robin Gibb concerts South America
The earlier mentioned concerts have been cancelled. At the moment Robin needs to have some more rest but there’s nothing to worry about and recent announcements telling Robin had a second surgery were probably done by the media because they were mixed up with the news around Robin’s surgery last August. They are not true. When we hear more we’ll let you know. According to the promotor of the South American shows, who mailed me last night, there are some new dates for concerts in April 2011 and all tickets purchased for the shows in December will be honored for the April shows. Brasil – April 5: Curitiba, April 7: Porto Alegre, April 9: Soa Paulo and April 11: Movistar (Chile)
Soon more details on

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NEWS, December 1st.

Concerts South America cancelled
Reports mentioned the cancellation of the South American concerts of Robin Gibb telling Robin needed some extra rest because of his surgery last August and it is possible the shows will be postponed until around April next year.
We hope to get confirmed information soon .

Marion: GSI 12/01/10 

NEWS, November 20th.

Concert Schedule Robin
Tonight Robin will perform in Beirut The announced shows for late November have been cancelled. Also there is some uncertainty about a number of shows in South America due to business problems with the promotors although it seems that the shows: December 10th, at Pepsi On Stage in Porto Alegre (South Brazil) and December 6th, at Via Funchal in São Paulo are confirmed. Visit: and We soon hope to have more news about the tour dates.Robin arrived back from Down Under and amongst others will continue to work with his son Robin John on the requiem for the Titanic anniversary. Also visit for any latest chances in concert plans and to read more about a recent exclusive interview with Robin.

Marion: GSI 11/20/10  (also thanks Cristhian S.)

NEWS, November 18th.

Take off for Bomber Command Memorial

RAF bomber crews of the Second World War are finally to get the memorial they deserve. It will be built in London’s Green Park and officially opened by The British Queen. Yesterday Bee Gee Robin Gibb who was present at the RAF Museum in Hendon and who has led this whole campaign, announced that funds are in place and thanked readers of the Daily Express and proprietor Richard Desmond for raising £1million which helped meet the target sum however donations are still needed and can be made at:
More details:

Robin Gibb at the RAF Museum in Hendon

Out now!
In Our Own Time and Mythology

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NEWS, November 11th.

Robin in New Zealand
– For the next part of his tour Robin arrived in Wellington, New Zealand.
Watch video:
– Arrival in Christchurch:

“In Our Own Time”
trailer of the new DVD:

Marion: GSI 11/11/10  (Thanks: Ineke v. V.)

NEWS, November 9th.

 Robin Gibb concert review Auckland
Robin is making sure the music is staying alive. Auckland loved every minute of it as Robin, an oversized yellow jacket blanketing his wafer-thin body in skin tight black pants and turtle neck, commanded centre stage. He chatted, he waved and regularly gave a thumbs-up. But most of all he reminisced through a song list that went all the way back to the late 60s. He played to a capacity crowd of 12.000 people and it seemed every one that had packed Vector Arena left satisfied. The show goes on to Wellington on Wednesday and Christchurch on Friday and The Pointer Sisters are touring with Robin on this leg of the tour.

Robin Gibb performs at Vector Arena in Auckland

The Bee Gees Song catalogue
There’s much discussion about their song catalogue on the Internet lately and specially which position they have. It’s true they are belonging to the top of the lists and mostly the information is based on the PRS lists. However it of course depends on if you look at: earned royalties, written songs, written hits, which year etc. etc. but the PRS in general gives a good idea.
Another good list of the world top 100 writers, though it only counts the UK and the US:

The Bee Gees on BIO in the USA

David English
Bunbury Cricket Club founder and former Bee Gees manager Dr David English was named the winner of the Contribution to School Sport Award.

Dr David English

The Bee Gees in magazines
Next to the recent British Mojo magazine and Hello, the group can also be found in the December issue of Word magazine

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(thanks Juan Guzman and

NEWS, November 1st.

 “Love And Hope Ball”

The 37th. annual Love And Hope Ball of which Barry and Linda Gibb are the international chairmen will again be held at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa (Hollywood, Florida. USA) February 19th. 2011. Fees are $600. Additional details to come. For more information or to be placed on the invitation list, please call the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation at (954) 964-4040 or (800) 321-3437, or e-mail

Robin’s performance at Swan Valley

Robin Gibb, the voice that set alight a million romances and as many dance floors, tonight delivered what can only be described as an unforgettable evening of the Bee Gees’ Greatest Hits at the amazing Sandalford Estate, Swan Valley  

Marion: GSI 11/01/10  
(thanks: Grant Brinklow of Sandelford Wine club)

NEWS, October 28th.

Some articles / photos you might be interested in:
 Latest photos of Barry in Miami Beach you can see at:
 An article in the latest UK magazine Hello (buy the November issue for more)
 Robin and Dwina worried about new housing plans in their home town Thame
 Robin present at funeral of Dave Most

Robin Gibb with The Rev Catherine Blundell at Dave Hayes’ funeral

Marion: GSI 10/28/10  

NEWS, October 25th.

 Robin on tour
His visit to Amsterdam
October 22nd., just 2 months after his sudden operation last August, Robin started performing again and gave his first public show in the HMH (The Heineken Music Hall) in Amsterdam in front of an enthusiastic audience. Together with Robin and his band and singers the audience walked this Friday night down memory lane and enjoyed hearing all these famous Gibb compositions. The old million sellers of The Gibbs as well as the very recent great composition in honour of British DJ Alan Freeman. GSI was present as well and enjoyed the show and seeing Robin again very much. Robin seemed relaxed and enjoyed himself while he was on stage. He talked and joked and there was time for hand shaking with lots of fans in front of the stage too. It seems to me that he’s more relaxed on stage than after the shows off stage. I hope the coming tour will go alright and that Robin as well as all the fans will enjoy the shows which will give them lovely memories of the Bee Gees and their wonderful career with countless great hit compositions.
-You can find the concert dates of Robin’s shows on the GSI front page.
-To give you an idea of his concert in Amsterdam you can watch these (and more videos on you tube) although you won’t get of course the good quality of sound through these recordings but at least it gives an impression of the Amsterdam show:
Some first photos at:
– Concert review of one of the fans present at the Heineken Music Hall: click here
– More reviews: (scroll down, in Dutch)
– At the Amsterdam venue of course there was a stand of Bomber Command and we hope lots of fans donated something to help raising money for the monument in London. Visit and visit (in Dutch):
-More details of the tour will follow. Also be sure to visit:

David Most, friend of the Bee Gees and brilliant producer has died
Robin Gibb was one of the famous faces at David’s funeral, representing The Bee Gees. Robin: ‘ Barry and I mourn the loss of Dave Most, who was a great friend to the Bee Gees and many others’.

 “In Our Own Time”

This brand new DVD will be released the second week of November and tells all about The Bee Gees career. The story is told “in their own words” through in depth new interviews with Barry and Robin Gibb and through extensive interviews with Maurice filmed shortly before his death in January 2003. These are lavishly illustrated by live performances, TV and film clips and home movies of their early days. The DVD ends on a note of hope: Barry and Robin singing anew those classic songs again for the camera, leaving the door open to more Bee Gees chapters…..
to order Mythology:
to order In Our Own Time – DVD
to order In Our Own Time – Blue Ray

GSI Tips
– Excellent performance of Barry from 2009. There’s not much better than this, great bass line and natural deep voiced Stayin’ Alive alongside Fever.(Love And Hope Ball, February 2009):
– Watch this video mash-up of Pink Floyd versus The Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive/ The Wall by Wax Audio
-Watch this funny interview Robin gave about the upcoming tour through Australia. The interviewer travelled to England to interview Robin ahead of his tour. Unfortunately for him all Robin wanted to talk about was the Prebendal and Oly the Irish wolfhound:

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NEWS, October 3th.

More about the Splash Of Pink Event

© Against Breast Cancer  
video: Robin Gibb and Natasha Hamilton – Islands in the Stream:

No concert performances by Barry Gibb right now
Barry has been suffering from hearing problems for quite some time already. This is also the reason why he cannot at the moment do huge concerts but only now and then a short performance as otherwise it’s getting too painful. After singing a couple of songs his ears start hurting. He’s been undergoing treatment and Barry continues doing some song writing etc. There are more people in the music business who suffer from this. Apparently his problems are similar to Pete Townsend and likely caused by being subjected to too many years of loud music. We hope the situation will soon improve.

“Cucumber Castle”
Now available through Rhino: “Cucumber Castle” digital.

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NEWS, September 18th.

Changes Robin concert venue and dates in Melbourne
Due to scheduling issues the Robin Gibb concert scheduled for Wednesday 3 November at Rod Laver Arena is now rescheduled to be staged at The Palais Theatre over two nights: Thursday 4 November, 2010 and Friday 5 November, 2010.Ticket holders for the original concert can choose which night they wish to attend when exchanging tickets.

Barbra Streisand / Barry Gibb

October 25th. is the release date of the Streisand album: “The Ultimate Collection”, including; “Woman in love”, “Guilty” and “Stranger in a strange land” !!

Marion: GSI 09/18/10  
(also thanks Mark C., Peter H.)

NEWS, September 11th.

 “In Our Own Time”

This is the title of the compelling story of the Bee Gees career. From their roots in the North West of England, through their early career in Australia, their return to England and international breakthrough in the late sixties and then on to global superstardom with “Saturday Night Fever” and beyond. Alongside the success there is the heartache of the tragically early deaths of first their younger brother Andy and then later Maurice. The story is told “in their own words” through in depth new interviews with Barry and Robin Gibb and through extensive interviews with Maurice filmed shortly before his death in January 2003. These are lavishly illustrated by live performances, TV and film clips and home movies of their early days. Release date November 15, 2010 DVD running time about 2 hours. A one hour version of “In Our Own Time” will be broadcast by BBC TV in November. Filmed in high definition and released one week later on Blu-ray.
Pre order now:

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NEWS, August 31st.

Bee Gees on BBC Radio 2
Listen back to: The Record Producers – Richard Allinson and Steve Levine look at the work of the Gibb Brothers at:
Listen back to: Johnny Walker speaks to The Bee Gees Robin and Barry Gibb:

Marion: GSI 08/31/10  

NEWS, August 28th.

 More about Robin’s Bomber Command Memorial in London
The general public will get a chance to be part of th e planned Bomber Command memorial by leaving messages in a time capsule that will be preserved in the foundations of the memorial. With this initiative one hopes to help raise the remaining funds needed to build the planned memorial in Green Park, London. Being President of the Heritage Foundation Robin Gibb is strongly involved in the plans for building the Bomber Command Memorial.

Marion: GSI 08/28/10  

NEWS, August 25th.

Robin is feeling better
We’ve heard good news from the Prebendal Home telling that Robin is already feeling better and is making a good recovery. He was rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital last week in almost the same scenario as that of his twin brother Maurice. Robin underwent an operation on his intestine but, thankfully, unlike in his brother’s case, the operation was a success. Maurice died in a Miami hospital, after suffering complications and a heart attack following an operation to correct an intestinal blockage. Robin has been recommended complete rest for the coming weeks.

Re scheduled shows for Robin Gibb
Robin’s planned concerts will be re scheduled. The Amsterdam concert of August 31st. is already re scheduled for October 22nd. !!

Marion: GSI 08/25/10  

NEWS, August 19th.


“Mythology”, the 4 CD box set, will be released in the U.K. on October 4th. It will be released to continue the celebration of the golden anniversary of The Bee Gees. The songs were hand picked by Barry, Robin and Maurice’s widow Yvonne (with a helping hand from their children Adam and Samantha), along with Andy’s daughter Peta. There’s also a booklet of personal photographs and liner notes penned by the band themselves.
More info at:
(according to

Marion: GSI 08/19/10  (thanks Juan Guzman)

NEWS, August 11th..

 Interview with Robin
Paul Hobbs caught up with Robin Gibb in London, ahead of his November concerts in New Zealand, in which he will perform with The Pointer Sisters. Watch the video:

Marion: GSI 08/11/10  

NEWS, August 8th..

Robin concert news: Australia, New Zealand, Germany

RPR1.Rheinland-Pfalz Open Air 2010: Robin being interviewed

During the Australian concerts of Robin Gibb Bonnie Tyler will be special guest and in New Zealand Robin will be accompanied by The Pointer Sisters: Tickets and info for the New Zealand shows:

Yesterday Robin performed at the free concert in Mainz, Germany. For details, photos etc. please visit: Interview with Robin at: where he mentions his working for the Titanic Requiem with the World Philharmonic Orchestra in October and his meeting with Barry and Steven Spielberg for the filmproject: The Bee Gees Life Story. video:

It’s time we gave The Bee Gees some real respect.
They have operated outside the cool zone for 50 years, according to Mark Sawyer. An article about a band unjustly ignored for so long. Whenever anybody mentions the BeeGees, they can’t get past the disco years. But there is so much more. Some of the greatest melodies in pop/rock music. Read this article and comments at:

Marion: GSI 08/08/10  

NEWS, July 26th.

Robin going Down Under with special guest star
Robin will bring Bonnie Tyler with his as his special guest. This was announced by tour promoter Dainty last week.

I Started A Joke By WER
WER is formed from the initials Wilson, Edmilson and Roger. The project WER BEE GEES was created due to Wilson’s vocal similarity with The Bee Gees and the harmonies on the vocals performed by Roger and Edmilson. It must be said that all of them are deep admirers of the Brothers Gibb. The group began to researching and rehearsing all the songs, dreaming since 1999 with the completion of the project, but lacked the financial structure.

Marion: GSI 07/26/10  

NEWS, June 27th.

 Robin and Dwina help raise money for the charity: “Against Breast Cancer”

Robin Gibb and his wife Dwina Murphy-Gibb are opening up their home for an event which will help raise awareness and vital funds for the Against Breast Cancer charity. The ‘event,’ named the Splash of Pink Fashion Show and Couture will take place on September 25th at their home in Thame, Oxfordshire (UK). The main feature of the day will be a stunning live catwalk fashion show, with models being styled by award-winning celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford and his team. The event has the support from various high-profile celebrities, including: Simon Cowell (a Patron of the charity); his mother, Julie Cowell (Against Breast Cancer’s Honorary President); Ben Shephard (Patron); Duncan Bannatyne, Lucy and Greg Rusedski, Paul Costelloe and Jimmy Choo. The event will begin with some elegant champagne on the picturesque lawn of the Gibb’s home, followed by an indulgent and scrumptious English Couture Tea. During the afternoon, there will be a charity Auction and Raffle offering glittering prizes, including some unique pieces as well as special donations by some of the hottest designers around. The event will close with an exclusive, live music performance by Robin Gibb providing the perfect finale.

Source: also visit:

For more details and to buy tickets visit:

Bomber Command
This month Robin is again busy for the Bomber Command campaign as well and therefore he visits several European countries.

Robin to New Zealand
In November Robin is planning some shows in New Zealand. He will perform all the famous Bee Gees songs. November 8, Auckland’s Vector Arena November 10: TSB Bank Arena, Wellington November 12: CBS Canterbury Arena, Christchurch
Tickets in pre sale:
More details and news about other shows in: Perth (30-10), Melbourne ( 2-11), Sydney (4-11) and Brisbane (6-11) when available.

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NEWS, May 25th.

Bee Gees on Americal Idols
There are so many rumours on the internet and GSI has been overloaded with questions last weekend however we aren’t allowed to confirm anything but please watch American Idol on May 26th !!

update: yes it’s confirmed now!!

Marion: GSI 05/25/10  

NEWS, May 19th.

Rimpelrock dives into music history
This Belgium open air event will take place August 14 in Hasselt and is more international then ever before with artists like Robin Gibb, Engelbert Humperdinck, Arrival (an Abba tribute band from Sweden) and Dutch singer: Frans Bauer next to of course several artists from Belgium. Tickets for Rimpelrock (Pukkelpop weide, Kempische Steenweg, Kiewit/Hasselt, Belgium) are 20 Euro (pre-sale) and available online from May 20th. at: And from June 14, tickets are available at the usual addresses too.

Robin at World Music Awards
Some photos and articles of the event:  

Marion: GSI 05/19/10  

NEWS, May 18th.

Robin presents award
At the moment Robin is in Monaco for the World Music Awards. See for some photos taken at May 17 of the pre party The annual event will take place at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club, May 18. The proceeds will be used for constructing an orphanage on Haiti. More news and details at

Robin presented the Music Award to Andrea Bocelli

Marion: GSI 05/18/10  

NEWS, May 9th.

 Robin Gibb attends plaque unveiling
Robin Gibb was present at the plaque unveiling for Sir John Mills, together with Juliet Mills, Mike Read, Susan George and others. It all took place at Pinewood Studios in London today.
View some photos:

Juliet Mills and Robin Gibb attend a plaque unveiling

Marion: GSI 05/09/10

NEWS, May 1st.

 Robin Gibb supports Bomber Command

Robin talking to Mr. Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam

Robin in an interview to the Dutch Telegraaf newspaper: ‘Over 55.000 RAF airmen died in the war and there still is no memorial for all these heroes. Next year we hope to give the crews of Bomber Command their own memorial in London’s Hyde Park’. Robin is very interested in history and closely involved because his dad Hugh Gibb in the Second World War period worked in the Manchester factories where the famous Lancasters were build. The factory complex was frequently ‘visited’ by the German Luftwaffe. Robin continues: ‘My dad was an ‘air warrant’, an air defence volunteer and I want to campaign and do my utmost for those people of Bomber Command because they more then anyone took care of the fact that the regime of Hitler finally ended. More then half of all those young boys who took off in their planes from England never came back. We should never forget those airmen from the British RAF, America, New Zealand, Canada, France and also Holland who brought their deadly bombs to places like Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg. They are an example for today’s youth’, according to Robin. The monument in London isn’t becoming a war monument but a monument for the freedom. The airmen who were lucky and survived the bombing flights to Germany and returned to England, finally did food droppings above the starving Western part of Holland early in 1945: Operation Manna now 65 years ago.
(from: De Telegraaf, May 1st.)

Auction of signed guitar
You may be interested in a beautiful signed guitar by Robin and Barry Gibb? It’s a non acoustic electric guitar to be auctioned at Pinewood Studios, Sunday May 9th. 2010. For information (photo) and to make an advance bid please contact David Graham of The Heritage Foundation

Vote for The Bee Gees
On May 24th (from 10 tot 18 hours local time) the German radio station Bremen Eins organizes again their 101 Hits and you can vote for your favourites. Chose your songs from the list or add your own favourites on the second page.

Watch Wilson Picket singing with The Bee Gees and The Bee Gees singing Please, Please Me, performing on Sydney’s Channel 9. Host Brian Henderson

Marion: GSI 05/01/10  
(thanks also: The Heritage Foundation, Anja and Detlef Wange)

NEWS, April 25th.

Robin: Mayor of London?
For many years Robin already had a dream of running for the position of London Mayor, according to Robin perhaps one of the greatest posts in the world. Although he realises it is only a dream, it is a dream he’s sure that many who live in London share with him.
Robin: ‘Although to many this dream will come as a surprise, as many people may not know my passion for London and everything related to that great city, those close to me know my passion and love for what I consider to be the greatest city in the world, its history and most of all, its people’.
Robin would like to find out from fans who live in London what they really want to see change in London, and what the city means to them. (any comments for Robin you’ll send to GSI will be forwarded to him like always.) Also visit his official news and blog website and find out more about his plans:

Marion: GSI 04/25/10  
(source: Robin’s Official News And Blog Website)

NEWS, April 17th.

 Robin and Barry’s whereabouts
Robin visited the Sky News Press Preview last night (April 16th). He was on with Michael Brown, columnist with the Independent newspaper. They gave comments on the newspaper headlines like the British party leaders political debate which was televised this week for the first time and they discussed the volcanic dust and the effect it is having on everyone. Other subjects were the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle and the pressure she’s under to do all her contractual shows, David Attenborough’s plan of going to the North Pole at the age of 83 and about British TV etc. Robin seemed to be in his element and Michael Brown told him he was a big Robin fan since his childhood.

Next week Robin is planning to travel to Dublin to speak at the independent broadcasters of Ireland conference on the 20th although this depends on the air traffic situation of course. In May and June he might be going to several European countries for the Bomber Command mission again as well as a possible other trip to Miami. Robin had also brought the Bomber Command campaign to North America during his latest visits there. A commemorative and fundraising website has just been launched and thanks to Robin’s tireless efforts the memorial’s completion is getting nearer. Having raised £1.7 million already, the campaign is on its way to raising the £3 million pounds needed to turn the plans for a sculpture near Buckingham Palace into a reality. For more information visit:, and

Next Friday on April 23rd you can see Robin Gibb on Danish TV showing Robin live from Ledreborg Castel. It will be aired from 20.00 hours until to 21.00 hours (local time) from DR1 (recorded last Summer).

Next month Barry’s youngest child Ali will graduate from High School in the same period Maurice and Yvonne’s son Adam will get married in Britain. Later this year we hope The Brothers will tell more about their future, about a possible album together and when they maybe can do concerts together again.

Marion: GSI 04/17/10  (also thanks: Ib Gimlinge)

NEWS, April 2nd.

“My Swinging Sixties”
Yesterday Robin was guest in the German TV Show “My Swinging Sixties”. Host of the show: Thomas Gottschalk. The program was a journey through the wild 60ties. Recordings were yesterday and airing of the show tomorrow April 3rd. (German ZDF TV. 20.15 local time). Visit: for info and photos. Video clips of Robin during the show: and
More pictures at:

credits: ZDF/Max Kohr

Marion: GSI 04/02/10  

NEWS, March 16th.

 “Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame”
The Brothers are in New York and have inducted the Swedish pop group Abba into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place at the Waldorf Astoria. (photo, videos: The Brothers mentioned they had appeared together with Abba in the past on behalf of UNICEF.
Click here for their speech.

Barry and Robin during the inducting of the Abba members into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Copyright: Reuters / Lucas Jackson

  Jimmy Fallon welcomes Barry And Robin
Barry and Robin will be guests at the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” show (USA) today, March 16th. This Tuesday will mark The Brothers’ first appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The Brothers will be there for an interview. The show starts on NBC at 12:30 am


Marion: GSI 03/16/10 

NEWS, March 11th.

Robin Gibb in German TV Show
Robin is going to be one of the guests during the German TV show: “My Swinging Sixties”, (ZDF TV). The program is a journey through the wild 60ties and host is Thomas Gottschalk. Only a few weeks before his own 60th birthday Thomas is looking back at his own youth and together with his guests remembers the sound and the awareness of life of that unforgettable era. Guests amongst others are: Chubby Checker, Spencer Davis Group, Petula Clark, Dionne Warwick, Peter Noone, Robin Gibb etc. (Subject to change). The show will be recorded April 1 at the Bavaria Studios Hall 9 in München at 20.15 hours. (local time) and aired April 3rd, 20.15 hours (local time). If you are interested in visiting the show: Tickets cost 20 Euros to order from: Anja Bernhard: or by Fax 06131 – 70 94 94 in Germany or by sending a letter to: ZDF-Zuschauerredaktion, 55100 Mainz, Germany.

Love And Hope Ball 2010
Some photos of the ball can be seen at Barry didn’t perform himself this year.

Marion: GSI 03/11/10  (thanks also Anja W.)

NEWS, March 8th.

Barry and Robin to New York
By the end of this week The Brothers will travel to New York from Miami and Britain to be present at the induction ceremony for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame like mentioned earlier. Next to that The Brothers will be having more meetings then concerning the Las Vegas Show which is now planned to start early next year. We soon hope to hear more news about the plans of The Brothers for this and next year.
There might be some press release while the Brothers are in New York too, so keep your eyes and ears open!

“Now Voyager”
A look at the making of the Barry Gibb film “Now Voyager”:

Marion: GSI 03/08/10  

NEWS, February 23rd.

 Barry and Robin induct Abba
Barry and Robin Gibb will induct the Swedish group Abba in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame at the 25th annual induction ceremony on Monday, March 15, at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It is said that the Abba members were very much influenced by the Gibb Brothers. The Abba song: Voulez Vous for instance seems to have been influenced by You Should be Dancing.

Watch live on Fuse:

Marion: GSI 02/23/10  

NEWS, February 6th.

Auction of signed Barry Gibb Guitar !!
Jennifer Shannon has a beautiful signed Barry Gibb guitar and would love to sell it to a fan to raise money for her foundation. We mentioned about the guitar selling before and want you to know that the auction is still going on. So are you interested please mail Jennifer with a nice offer! Jennifer is Fundraising Officer of the Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation. Some photos of the guitar,(a Phil Pro) and the authenticity certificate given by Barry’s friend Dave English: click here


However we’re not sure yet about the definite release date of the box set you can already pre – order Mythology. Please visit:   According to sources at Amazon there’s a release delay until Fall 2010 but we cannot confirm this yet.

Most Influential Film Soundtracks
Turner Classic Movies has compiled a list of the 15 Most Influential Film Soundtracks and the Bee Gees also have made the list with Saturday Night Fever “Our list celebrates the most memorable and groundbreaking soundtracks, the ones which took the art of film music to new levels and made the most lasting impact on the world of movies,” said TCM host and film historian Robert Osborne

Marion: GSI 02/06/10  

NEWS, January 15th.

German Bee Gees Special

January 31st. the German Radio is planning to air a 4 hour radio show about The Bee Gees. We’ve mentioned about it earlier on the GSI News of Januay 5th. Next to the German singer Fabrian Goroncy we just heard that also The Italian Bee Gees will participate! They met the real Bee Gees last year during the tribute in Manchester and kept in touch with John Cousins of the Bee Gees management since then. The Italian Bee Gees are also planning a tour for 2010 as well as a live CD and are intending to perform again in The Netherlands in the middle of August of this year. You can listen to the Bee Gees Special show at: from 8 p.m. until midnight (German Time).

Stayin Alive
The cover band Stayin Alive U.K. have recorded a ‘Bollywood’ version of The Bee Gees hit Stayin’ Alive. They were asked by producer Bally Sago to record the vocals at the studio and from there Bally would use the vocals in a new mix. The song is to feature in a film to be released in April 2010 and is being directed by Gurinder Chadha. The film is a horror comedy and will be titled: ‘It’s a wonderful afterlife’. Visit the bands website to see a clip and hear a sample of the song from the international trailer:

Marion: GSI 01/15/10  
(thanks: Italian Bee Gees, Bill Howard)

NEWS, January 7th.

  The Brit Awards

The Brit Awards has introduced a special one-off category to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The ceremony will include a ‘Most Memorable Brits Performance’ award to mark the landmark birthday, replacing the ‘Best Live Act’ category for one year only. The public will be able to vote for their favourite performance from acts including Kylie, The Bee Gees, Eurythmics, The Spice Girls, The Who, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Take That, The Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud and Michael Jackson. Mel B will present all the performances on special ITV1 show The BRITs Hits 30, broadcast on January 23. The Brits nominations will be unveiled on January 18 and the awards take place at London’s Earls Court on February 16.

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NEWS, January 5th

Happy New Year
GSI wishes you all a wonderful Bee Gees year!

Bee Gees Special
January 31st. the German Radio is planning to air a 4 hour radio show about The Bee Gees. You’ll hear lots of Bee Gees music as well as the voice of the German singer Fabrian Goroncy who perfectly covers The Bee Gees. We’ve already mentioned him before on GSI after the release of his album: The Voice. (GSI News October 8th.) You can listen to the show at: from 8 p.m. until midnight (German Time).

Bee Gees in Dutch Top 4000
The Dutch Radio Station ‘Radio 10 Gold’ published its Top 4000. The 5th edition of this Top 4000 was aired from December 7th until December 31st and it contained the biggest hits from more than 40 years Top 40 programs. To see the complete list visit:
The Gibb compositions:
3950 emotion
3881 you should be dancing
3725 an everlasting love
3703 spirits having flown
3698 he’s a liar
3538 holiday
3349 jive talking
3331 saved by the bell
3252 only one woman
3178 I’ve gotta get a message
3023 too much heaven
2713 love you inside out
2555 more than a woman
2196 the wall fell down
2175 night fever
1925 nights on broadway
1919 juliet
1838 heartbreaker
1667 lonely days
1499 all the love in the world
1468 world
1470 grease
1468 world
1236 islands in the stream
1111 tragedy
975 my world
884 to love somebody
803 I started a joke
599 guilty
566 spicks and specks
547 massachusetts
501 if I cant have you
390 you win again
384 chain reaction
296 staying alive
218 don’t forget to remember
191 how can you mend a broken heart
146 words
62 woman in love

Bee Gees Meeting, Germany 2010
“Auf den Spuren der Bee Gees”
(In the footsteps of The Bee Gees) is the title of the next Bee Gees Meeting which will be held in Germany June 12th. 2010, (youth hostel Kassel). The day starts at 14.00 hours. For more information: Anja and Detlef Wange in cooperation with: Jochen Ringl) Plöhn)
Listen to the trailer for this meeting day

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(thanks Anja W., Peter H.)