NEWS, December 21st.

Barry Gibb on Saturday Night Live

And there was the man himself!!
Barry Gibb doesn’t take any crap from anyone Barry Gibb made a surprise appearance on SNL tonight! Jimmy Fallon was the host and his co-host is Justin Timberlake. They did a new skit of their Barry Gibb Talk show, which included the real Madonna I might add, and guess who showed up at the end to sing the theme song? The real Barry Gibb. And also: Paul McCartney and Barry, it doesn’t get any better.  

photos (copyright Sam Gibb)

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NEWS, November 17th.

Barbara Gibb
Mother of the Gibb Brothers is celebrating her birthday today (see also Family News) She lives in Miami Beach and if her health allows her she travels and visits her family abroad and even goes to concerts etc. Below a nice article of one of her visits to Manchester in 2005 with pop photographer and family friend Harry Goodwin, who sadly passed away last September (2013).

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NEWS, November 10th.

Pandora’s Dilemma

Dwina Gibb’s new Book is out now.
Pandora’s Dilemma, a novel by Dwina Elizabeth Gibb.
Dwina Elizabeth Gibb, author, artist and playwright, was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She was married to the late Robin Gibb, and has published three volumes of poetry: Ergot On The Rye (1988); Butterflies and Drums (1989); and Love Unbound (2003), and is the author of the cult fantasy novels Cormac, The Seers; Cormac, The King Making;, and Cormac: The Sage (forthcoming), a trilogy about Cormac mac Airt, a second century High King in Ireland.
Two further titles in the Regency Dilemmas will follow soon.
Click here for official press release (pdf).

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NEWS, October 31st

Barry back in the Grand Ole Opry
Listen to Barry: he comes at about 2/3rd of the show. Follow the link below, then “10/29/13 – Tuesday Night Opry” After him, Ricky Skaggs sings some songs and then, the grand finale : two duets with Barry!
Barry about Kelly Lang
“Knowing Kelly for the past few years she has become a beloved friend and a part of our family. She bears the glow of creativity, and whenever she walks into the room it is obvious to everyone. From writing beautiful songs to painting pictures from her heart, she is a true artist in so many ways. There is only one Kelly”

Saturday Night Fever
The Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack just got added to the Library of Congress! Only 25 audio tracks from 1918 til now got added….Congrats Brothers Gibb!

GSI Tips
Next Generation single
Adam Walden – Circus Ride Single 2013 produced by Travis Gibb and Lazaro Rodriguez (Samantha Gibb and the Cartel)
you can buy it at:
video from Mythology Tour UK/Ireland
video from German TV Beat Club, 1969
article: Barry Gibb visits MTSU

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NEWS, October 23rd.

Barry Gibb performs at “Love and Hope Ball” on Valentine’s Weekend 2014

While Barry Gibb and his band have been entertaining fans in Ireland and England with The Mythology Tour recently, the ladies of Love and Hope have been preparing for an exclusive concert to be held at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, FL, USA on February 15, 2014. Returning once more to the “Love and Hope Ball”, the music legend will help commemorate the 40th anniversary of this black-tie affair, which supports the cure-focused mission of the “Diabetes Research Institute” (DRI), located at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.
Tickets to the Ball are $600 per person.
There is a minimum donation of $250 per person for Preview Party guests.
To be placed on the invitation list, please call the DRI Foundation at 800-321-3437 or email
For updates, visit

Read more at:

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NEWS, October 21st.

Some interesting articles
* Barry Gibb To Make Mid-State Appearance, Tenn, USA
* The Greatest Ears In Town: The Arif Mardin Story
* The Way We Were: Opening up the Bee Gees’ family album

Barry’s recording studio
Barry is planning to start recording some new material soon. At the moment one is busy rebuilding the studio at Barry’s house in Miami Beach. They are installing analogue reconditioned equipment (such as the console and tape machine/s) and will again be recording to tape as opposed to recording digitally.

Barry and Kelly

Watch the show at:

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NEWS, October 16th.

BMI Award
How Deep is Your Love received an BMI award for 6 million plays in the USA along with To Love Somebody.

* Over 6 million airplays:
How Deep Is Your Love, To Love Somebody,
* Over 5 million plays
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
* Over 4 million airplays:
Islands In The Stream, Emotion
* Over 3 million airplays:
Too Much Heaven, If I Can’t Have You, Stayin’ Alive, I Just Want To Be Your Everything
* Over 1 million airplays:
Massachusetts, Words, I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, I Started A Joke, Lonely Days, Jive Talkin, Nights On Broadway, Fanny Be Tender, Love So Right, Night Fever, More Than A Woman, Love Is Thicker Than Water, Shadow Dancing,(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away, Come On Over, Grease, Guilty, What Kind Of Fool, Heartbreaker.

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(thanks: Juan Cristóbal Guzmán Lagos)

NEWS, October 7th.

Last concert of Mythology part 2: London O2 Arena
Review from The Independent:
After a strong start, the middle section of the gig is more variable. Highlights include early (and reasonably rare) tracks such as “Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You”, “New York Mining Disaster 1941” and “Morning of My Life”. However, their standout ballad is still “How Deep Is Your Love”, with one of the finest lyrics about being young lovers ever to feature in a pop song: “‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools/ Bringing us down/ When they should all just let us be.” It provokes a standing ovation as does his perky foot-stomper “Spicks and Specks”.
Read more at:

Review from The Telegraph
Barry Gibb gets a standing ovation simply for walking on stage. Sixty seven and silver maned, back on stage after fourteen years, and following the deaths of Maurice and Robin, he is the last Gibb brother standing. Gibb, his trademark high falsetto in fine shape, rolled back the years, paying tribute to mentor Robert Stigwood on a delicate First of May, revisiting early hits Spicks and Specks and New York Mining Disaster 1941. As Gibb recalled his friendship with the late Sir David Frost before Too Much Heaven, the thought struck that tonight was as much about death as it was about dancing. During an impassioned, gospel-flecked and grief-tinged To Love Somebody Gibb repeatedly threw his head heavenwards, as if addressing his brothers directly, and likewise on I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You, on which he duetted with his heavily bearded and tattooed son Stephen.

Read more at:
Another review:
videos sound check London
* First Of May
* Lonely Days

Steve Gibb after the concert in London:
Thank you London ! You guys were incredible ! I wanna thank every single person that came to see the Barry Gibb Mythology tour ! Love to all

Emotional return for Barry

Barry Gibb, has made an emotional return to the childhood haunts where he first learned to sing with his late brothers. Barry sat on the steps of the semi-detached house in Keppel Road, again where he spent hours perfecting harmonies with Maurice and Robin in the 1950s. He also visited Oswald Road Primary School, where all three brothers were pupils. Read more at:

Mythology Tour, Manchester

© Eddie Garvey

Review Barry Gibb- Mythology Tour at the O2
Review Barry Gibb @ Phones 4U Arena
Night Fever’s as hot as ever Barry Gibb
* First Of May
* With The Sun In My Eyes
* Barry and Steve: Fight
On the “Stephen Gibb Fan Space” Facebook page, someone asked why he decided to perform “Fight” for the UK concerts. Stephen replied: Actually, it was my dads suggestion. He felt I would do it justice and Eric is one of my heros so I jumped at the opportunity. Hopefully people enjoy it. I know it’s a tad of an obscure track but we dig it ! Also, I was there during the writing and recording of it and watching/hearing EC cut the guitar and vocal was truly an awesome moment in my little life at that time. Eric rules !

This month Barry visits MTSU’s Department of Recording Industry
MTSU will welcome Barry Gibb to Tucker Theatre at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28. Gibb, one of the founding members of the Bee Gees, is the world’s most successful songwriter after Paul McCartney, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and has a career spanning more than 50 years.

(A photo/report of the UK/Ireland Mythology tour on this website soon)

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NEWS, September 21st.

Barry Gibb feels loneliness and remorse at being the last man standing but he says: The sun is finallyout again

Barry Gibb rehearsing at the LG Arena

Barry will present fan with special award

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NEWS, September 19th.

Barry back to Nashville

Barry and Kelly Lang

October 29th. Barry will visit the Grand Ole Opera again for a performance! Kelly Lang (singer and friend of the Gibb Family):
I’m so excited to announce that I will be singing “Islands In The Stream” with my dear friend Barry Gibb when he returns to play at the Grand Ole Opry, Oct. 29th. Can you believe it has been 30 years since that song hit the top of the charts?

Vote for Bee Gees Way – 8th. Wonder
Redcliffe’s newest attraction has gained notoriety on the world stage with naming Bee Gees Way in the list of nominated locations to receive the title of “8th Wonder of the World”.
How to vote
Voting is simple, you can vote once every day, and no registration is required. Voting closes on September 30. Follow this link to go directly to ‘The Bee Gee’s Way’ on the voting page and click on the blue vote button:

Mythology tour continues in Birmingham
Rehearsals in Birmingham and a brief interview with Barry, Samantha, and Stephen

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also read: Support grows for Robin Gibb to receive posthumous award Bee Gees Way nominated to be the eighth wonder of the world Life at 33 1/3: A horn of plenty Music great to play a string of classic tunes in Armidale

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NEWS, August 30th.

Isle of Man Post Office teams up with Rebecca House to promote Robin Gibb CBE collectable folder

Read the story at:

Record producer Simon Henderson about Robin Gibb and Peter Andre:

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NEWS, August 11th.

Record company executive Al Coury death
Al Coury, 78, a longtime record company executive who helped propel the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Greas’e soundtracks to the top of the pop charts in the 1970s as chief of the RSO record label, died Thursday in Thousand Oaks of complications from a stroke, his family announced.

Two Fan Get -Togethers
Two special days to honour The Gibb Music on Friday, October 18th. a special Night Fever event and another concert of Bee Gees music on Saturday, October 19th. presented by the Egiziano Brothers: The Italian Bee Gees and their live band and singer(s)
Join and have fun!!
more details see Mailbox.

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NEWS, August 8th.

Robin’s Run: 200 miles for 200 million records
On August 10th. (Starting time 10 am from the Prebendal) a memorial run in memory of the late musical genius Robin Gibb will set off from his family home in Thame, Oxfordshire. William Graydon, son of Gibb’s manager Ken Graydon, will run 200 miles in seven days in pink Y-fronts to raise money for three charities; two of which the Bee Gees singer supported throughout his life. The run will conclude on The Isle of Man; where the Gibbs once lived and still own a family home. William Graydon will also be running through Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, to pay respects to soldiers who have fallen during recent conflicts and have been repatriated through the town.
More at:

click to enlarge

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NEWS, July 28th.

Robin’s Titanic Requiem now to be seen on video

– “Don’t cry alone” from the Titanic Requiem by Robin and RJ Gibb – Sung by Robin Gibb:
– Robin Gibb’s Titianic Requiem, part 1
– Robin Gibb’s Titianic Requiem, part 2

The Old Days At Festival Records
Claire and Bob Georgeson tell their story of working at Festival Records and knowing the Gibb Brothers.

GSI Tips
– Funny Bee Gees
– Old recordings from Stockholm, Sweden
On July 21, 1967, the Bee Gees recorded this short set, which features a rare early live version of their huge U.S. hit, New York Mining Disaster 1941, for Sveriges Radio in Stockholm, Sweden. Listen here to the sound recording:

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NEWS, July 14th.

 Barry Gibb on ITV
Barry interviewed at ITV This Morning, July 11th.

GSI Tips
* Interview with sister Lesley Gibb
* From The Rolling Stone Archives

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NEWS, July 5th.

Barry’s interview for Daily Mail
In a soul-baring confession, Barry Gibb tells of the guilt, remorse and loneliness of being the last of the Bee Gees. The story according to Daily Mail:

Marion: GSI 07/05/13 

NEWS, July 2nd.

Barry on BBC Radio
Barry is to do an interview on BBC Radio 2 on the Steve Wright Show on Thursday 4th July. Steve is on from 14.00 to 17.00 British Summer Time (BST).

Barry Gibb: One Direction are risking burning out
Barry is giving good advice to new artists. Barry: “You’ve got to know yourself as an artist but a lot of the record labels aren’t giving acts the time to do that.”

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NEWS, June 28th.

Barry Gibb: I Love Coldplay!
In an interview with Music Week Barry told about his wish to work with Chris Martin

“The One Show”
Yesterday Barry was special guest at the BBC’s “The One Show”. BBC had asked me to help them and to get them in touch with the old friends of the Gibb Brothers from Manchester. Unfortunately I had to tell them that one of the guys The Gibb Brothers performed with in the old days as “The Rattlesnakes” (Paul Frost) had passed away last year and the other friend Kenny Horrocks inded could be located and would visit the studio to meet with Barry again, but yesterday we heard that he had to cancel the visit.

The Rattlesnakes

Barry’s visit to the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre
Nina Nannar’s interview with Barry Gibb on the ITV News on 27/06/2013

Marion: GSI 06/28/13  

NEWS, June 26th.

 Barry Gibb visits Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre
Today Barry visited the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre, prior to being awarded the “Lifetime Achievement” award at the charity’s annual luncheon (on June 28) to sit in on a therapy class, London, England.

Photo by Matt Kent/WireImage

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NEWS, June 24th.

Barry Gets Award In London Hilton
This Friday, (June 28th.) Barry will be at the London Hilton, to pick up one of the most prestigious awards in music, The Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Lifetime Achievement Award, in front of fellow nominees Coldplay, Alison Moyet, Labrinth and Jessie Ware. Read the story at:

GSI Tips
 50 years Bee Gees, trailer of a 4 hours documentary on German TV.
 If a picture is worth a thousand word then ICON is your thousand words! ICON takes the most iconic albums of our lifetime, and explores the behind the scenes stories with those who were there. In this episode, we look at the Iconic Bee Gees Spirits Having Flown album & tour.
Comments from Blue Weaver, Bee Gees band member They are talking about how great our sound was every night and how everything was played live but the live tracks they are playing are not from that tour and in fact don’t have the groove of the original players, mind you I am a little biased. The riff on Stayin’ Alive has the wrong feel, can’t be Alan K. surely? The mention of Maurice not participating on vocals is not totally correct and he was most certainly not rubbish. Listen to the acoustic medley…

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NEWS, June 11th.

Bee Gees Special on German TV !!!
The German TV special about The Bee Gees: Stayin` Alive – 50 Years Bee Gees which will be aired Saturday June 15th. at 20.15 hours (local time) on TV (and: June 16th. at 08.55 hours) can be watched for 7 days on the video on demand mediathek of It’s for free. Visit to watch online:

The Gibb Brothers songbook
Australia celebrates The Gibb Brothers songbook with an all-star line-up Queensland Music Festival is presenting the cream of Australian talent in How Deep Is Your Love, a spectacular and soulful homage to the Gibb Brothers on July 19 and 20 at Brisbane Riverstage.

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NEWS, June 3rd.

Barry to Britain
By the end of June Barry will travel to Britain for the O2 Silver Clef Awards at the Hilton Hotel in London. The award will be presented June 28th. Barry will only be in the UK for a day or 3 and then fly back to Miami for the scheduled tour rehearsals of the second part of his Mythology World Tour.

As part of their promotion for their latest album in 2001, the Bee Gees were interviewed by Much More Music in Canada (the equivalent of VHS1 in the States).

Marion: GSI 06/03/13  

NEWS, May 26th.

Interview with the last surviving Bee Gee
By Louise Gannon for Mail online
Barry: “I occasionally dream about spending a day with Paul McCartney. We just sit around talking, having lunch, spending a few hours together playing music in the studio. I don’t actually know him, but he’s someone I’d really like to talk to” Read the whole interview at:

GSI Tips

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NEWS, May 20th.

 Tribute to Robin
Today one year ago we again had to say goodbye to a dear Gibb. Although he’ll always be in our hearts and his music will live on forever we will never be able to enjoy his presence anymore or go to a concert where we can hear his magical voice and see him on stage with his brothers smiling his lovely smile.
We will never forget and will continue to cherish all wonderful memories and most of all we’ll keep the Gibb music alive, forever….
Goodbye Hero, Goodbye Song Bird………..
Tribute To A Songbird / GSI

Marion: GSI 05/20/13  

NEWS, May 14th.

Barry Gibb concert tickets – UPDATE!
GSI has been receiving questions concerning ticket sales. Fans are afraid they cannot buy good seats anymore or are wondering if the tickets they already bought are valid ones or not, due to the fact they were obtained from 3rd party addresses on the Internet. Please always buy tickets: only from the official ticket sale addresses!! If you are still searching for tickets then mail GSI
before Friday, May 17

This is what you should do:
* Go on Face book to the GSI Face book group to click the button and become member (if you aren’t already member) address:
* Send an email to: before Friday, May 17
* Subject: ticket problems and in the body just the following information:
1 – First name
2 – Sur name
3 – Your home country
4 – Email address
5 – Name of venue(s) you need tickets for and the amount of tickets needed for each venue.

The info will be forwarded to management and promoters. Without making Any Promises GSI and Barry’s management will try and get someone from the promoters office to contact you to see if they can help to purchase tickets after all, on a case by case basis.

Barry’s return to Manchester, alone
Some time in late September, a man in his mid 60s with long greying hair will stand in a suburban street in Chorlton and gaze wistfully at a three-storey semi. It was here in this house in Keppel Road that an 11-year-old Barry Gibb and his eight-year-old twin brothers Robin and Maurice would sit in the basement listening to the hits of the day, and trying to write songs.

The History of The Bee Gees:

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NEWS, May 2th.

Bee Gees Special on German TV

Finally we have more details about the extensive Bee Gees Special German TV is planning to air: Stayin` Alive – 50 Years Bee Gees This will take place on Saturday June 15th. at 20.15 hours (local time) on VOX TV. Read more at:

Isle Of Man issues Robin Gibb Stamps
All info at:

Robin Gibb Stamps and Sheets

Robin Gibb First Day Cover

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NEWS, April 23rd.

 Mythology Tour Europe
Barry Gibb Mythology Tour 2013 – Official Promo

Barry about his European Mythology Tour
Steve Wright chats to Barry Gibb ahead of his three date mini-tour of the UK and about life after the death of his brothers Maurice and Robin.

Dwina and RJ to Man
Robin’s wife Dwina and son RJ will travel to the Isle of Man tomorrow (24.04.13) to officially launch a set of stamps commemorating the ‘Staying Alive’ singer’s solo career. They will also unveil a blue plaque outside the childhood home of Robin and his brothers.

Marion: GSI 04/23/13  

NEWS, April 11th.

  Message from Robin John Gibb
Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 will play Don’t cry Alone tomorrow on Steve Wright in the Afternoon at 2pm (9am Eastern time stateside if you can receive it on-line.) The holograms for the hologram Requiem concerts are almost finished including ones of my father singing, very cool.
Love and best wishes to you all xxx

Twitter message from Steve Gibb
Stephen Gibb@StephenGibb: I can’t wait to tell you guys where this tour is going next #barrygibb #mythologytour so stoked !

Current Box score with Barry on second place

Marion: GSI 04/11/13 

NEWS, April 10th.

 Titanic Requiem
Already one year has passed since the premiere of the Titanic Requiem at the Westminster Central Hall in London. Co-composer R. J. Gibb introduced the performance, but his father Robin was too sick to attend. To honor Robin in his absence, a recording of the song Don’t Cry Alone was played with lights dimmed and a silent orchestra as the audience listened to the heart-felt lyrics: “I’ll be there for you forever. Don’t you ever cry.” As the song finished the audience rose to give a standing ovation.
See also:
Listen to:

Barry’s plans
GSI has just heard that Barry will announce further plans for the near future later this month. We’ll keep you updated.

The ultimate Robin Gibb collectable

The Isle Of Man post office is honoured to present this postal tribute which reflects on the legandary solocareer of Robin Gibb CBE. A must-have tribute to one of the world’s finest songwriters and performers. 50 St Catherine’s Drive: Date of Issue: TBA May 2013

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NEWS, March 22nd.

Going back in time
March 22nd. 1963
It’s 50 years ago now since The Gibb Brothers (Bee Gees) released their very first record and had their very first record contract at Leedon Records. The first Bee Gees 7″ was: The Battle Of The Blue And The Grey / Three Kisses Of Love

Marion: GSI 03/22/13  (thanks Arne Moen)

NEWS, March 21st.

Bee Gees Classics Named To National Recording Registry
Each year, the Library of Congress selects for the Registry a handful of songs and albums that have been judged to be “cultural, aesthetic and/or historic American treasures.” This year, the Bee Gees’ 1977 soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever is one of those recordings.

Marion: GSI 03/21/13  

NEWS, March 15th.

 Some interesting articles

Who is Dwina Murphy
When Dwina Murphy from Co Tyrone was a schoolgirl she decided she’d like to marry one of the legendary Bee Gees. Eighteen years later, she did. Here, Mrs Robin Gibb tells Peter Robertson about her love match, being a Druid – and how her husband was once asked for his autograph at gunpoint

Bee Gees Fever from Bermuda
They had been managed by Mr. Stigwood since the 1960s when they first found fame as a pop act. The trio later released their singles and albums on Mr. Stigwood’s independent RSO Records label which he launched in 1973.

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Nice photos at: –

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NEWS, February 28th.

 Love And Hope Ball 2013
While Barry and Linda were down under for Barry’s Mythology Tour some of their children represented them on the yearly Love And Hope Ball, (the 39th. on February 2nd. 2013). See on the photo: their son Michael with wife Jenna, son Travis with his wife Stacy, and Therese with her husband Ashley Gibb. (from left to right) All members of the Young Society of Love and Hope, and representing their parents this year who are International Chairmen.

Marion: GSI 02/28/13  

NEWS, February 24th.

Barry’s Mission Concert rocks Hawke’s Bay
Review: New Zealand, February 23rd. 2012

Video: “To Love Somebody”
Photos: Napier Mission Concert photos.

Tim Roxboroth reports about Barry’s Mission Estate Concert

Andy Gibb and Pat Arnold – “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”..? “Andy Gibb’s Greatest Hits” 1980

Marion: GSI 02/24/13  

NEWS, February 21st.

Barry returns to radio 4KQ, part 2
Watch the second part of Barry’s chat where he talks family and his brothers.

Barry has arrived in New Zealand
Barry and his team and some of his family have arrived in New Zealand for another Mythology concert at the Mission Estate Winery, Napier, on February 23rd. After that, one more concert will follow in Sydney again on February 27th. March 1st. he’ll leave for Miami Beach again and surely will have lots of good memories to take with him. After a rest he intends to go on doing some more shows and the plan is first to visit some cities in the USA. When we know more about places, venues and dates for the USA and later on in other parts of the world we’ll post this on GSI.

Barry’s interview after arrival in New Zealand

Laura Frykberg’s full interview with Bee Gee legend Barry Gibb ahead of his Mission Estate Concert. Barry again clearly mentions the fact that this Mythology tour is more a tour for celebrating the Bee Gees music he composed with his brothers and in the next one or two years he loves to organize a special tribute concert for his brothers by doing a show together with all kinds of other musicians.

Special Video of: “In The Morning”
(showing Lulu as well for a brief moment!)

Marion: GSI 02/21/13  

NEWS, February 16th.

The unveiling of the young brothers statue in Redcliffe
Thousands of Bee Gee’s fans, from right across the globe, have gathered in Redcliffe to meet Barry Gibb, and celebrate as he unveiled a statue of the band

Robins memorial service
It will take place this year but no date has been fixed yet. A lot we guess depends on Barry’s availability. Probably a stone on his grave will be placed around June 2013. No more details yet.

Interview with Barry Gibb
Barry Gibb talks about being Australian, watching ‘Grease’ and turning rain farts into songs.

Brisbane concert
Tonight the first of 2 Brisbane concerts were given. Another success, another family affair with moving tributes to Andy, Maurice and Robin. Barry – back home and amongst family and lots of friends and fans!!

Barry Gibb on 7 News, Brisbane

Marion: GSI 02/16/13  

NEWS, February 13th.

More reviews Sydney show
-Barry Gibb Mythology Tour Thread (Bee Gees) on Steve Hoffman Music Forums
– Rockclub 40

Barry Gibb Plays Melbourne For First Time In 24 Years
reviews Melbourne
–   –

Melbourne concert February 12th. © Paul Cashmere

GSI representative on Australian radio
Henk Goosens talks with radio 4BC

Lesley and Barry to Redcliffe
Sister Lesley Evans will return to “beautiful” Redcliffe with brother Barry Gibb to open Bee Gees Way, February 14th.

Lesley Evans visits the old Gibb house in Scarborough

Lesley visits old home with grand daughter Layla Evans.

Redcliffe is ready to see Barry
watch video:

People talk about The Bee Gees
Bill Gates:
Ronnie Burns:
Johnny Young:
Steve Kipner:

Bee Gees Day on 4BC
More about the events in Redcliffe, like the unveiling of the statue, February 14th. at 14.00 hours local time through live stream at:

Marion: GSI 02/13/13  

NEWS, February 10th.

  Livestream of events in Redcliffe

Bee Gees Fever Hits Redcliffe
Barry Gibb visits the seaside region on Thursday, February 14 ahead of his two Brisbane Entertainment Centre shows on February 16 and 19.

Marion: GSI 02/10/13  

NEWS, February 6th.

Barry in Australia
Right now Barry Gibb is in Australia surrounded by family and good friends and preparing for his first Mythology concerts. Two of the many people Barry worked with and became friends with many years ago were interviewed by Australia’s radio station 4BC : Samantha Sang and Noelene Batley.  Samantha Sang on the Bee Gees  Noelene Batley about the Bee Gees

Gibb Family back in Australia for tour

Barry Gibb about Time4Kids
Music icon Barry Gibb today generously set aside time at his national press conference to talk about PCYC & our upcoming fundraiser Time4Kids. Having spent time at our Wagga Wagga club in his youth he spoke about the importance of PCYC’s work in giving kids every opportunity to succeed in life & steer away from crime…
Find out more about Time4Kids

Steve, Barry and Sam Gibb

Barry at press conference before Mythology tour

Barry Gibb is back in a family trio
The surviving Bee Gee will perform alongside his son Stephen and niece Samantha when his Mythology world tour kicks off in Sydney on Friday. Launching his debut solo tour at a Sydney press conference, Gibb said he was nervous at the prospect of performing without either brother, but was determined to celebrate their legacy. “I don’t like being on my own but I love to play and I love to sing so I’m just trying to continue on somehow because somehow life has to go on,” Gibb said. “When I’m up there I love it and it’s something I have to get past so I just have to get on with it. Both Stephen and Sammi bring something different to what we ever did and they’re very unique on their own and you’re going to see a bit of that too.”
read more at:

Barry at press conference before Mythology tour, part 2

Steve, Barry and Sam Gibb also watch:

The World’s Greatest Love Songs
Vote for The Bee Gees: How Deep Is Your Love The results will be revealed on Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Weekend. You can also catch those results on Magic 105.4 on Valentine’s Day between 10pm and midnight and on Magic TV Saturday 16th February at 10am (Sky 363 Virgin 340). Vote ends Friday!

One Week, One Band
Every week, one trusted music aficionado showcases a band or artist he/she feels particularly passionate about. Some of those bands you might know very well; some of them you might have never heard of. This week: The Bee Gees

Marion: GSI 02/06/13  

NEWS, January 23rd.

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The Bee Gees return home.
Yes! The Bee Gees statue at Redcliffe is set to be uncovered by Barry Gibb to honour his brothers and band, The Bee Gees, on February 14th at 2:00pm. It was in Redcliffe in the late 1950s that the three young brothers gathered around a microphone and for the first time performed using a name now famous around the globe. The fact that Barry has personally curated the walkway – selecting the photos and penning the stories and captions – makes Bee Gees Way a must-see for any fan of music. On Tuesday morning, January 22nd, Barry, Robin and Maurice’s sister Lesley Gibb – Evans spoke with 4BC’s Peter Dick and Mary Collier and said she would “move mountains” to be there and we’d love you to be a part of it too! Start the day with the free 4BC / 7 News Breakfast on the Redcliffe foreshore then stay on for the reveal of the statue from 2:00pm. If you can’t be there in person, 4BC will broadcast live with 0nline streaming , breakfast with Peter & Mary from 5:00am > 8:30am and Afternoons with Moyd & Loretta from 12:00pm > 3:00pm. Please email our team with your memories of seeing the Bee Gees, or perhaps you have a more personal connection? We would love to hear from you! The opening of Bee Gees Way coincides with Barry’s Mythology concert tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Bill Gates about Barry’s visit to Australia

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, long term friend of the Bee Gees joins Moyd and Loretta (Radio 4BC) to discuss Barry Gibb’s visit and the plans to unveil the monument. Listen now and join the conversation.

Interview about The Bee Gees statue
Radio 4BC talks to Phillip Piperides, the sculptor.

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NEWS, January 21th.

Bee Gees Walkway, Brisbane
There will be an announcement next week about the Bee Gees Walkway opening in Brisbane which will be open to the public to attend.

From the website of Andre Rieu:
Another famous person is Barry Gibb, the only remaining singer of the Australian band “The Bee Gees” (?), has now also made contact with us. I have no idea what he has in mind, but it is interesting that these developments are now taking place-.

At the moment there’s no confirmation from Barry’s side about any contact/cooperation. We’ll keep you informed.

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NEWS, January 16th.

 Barry Gibb appoints “Audio Vixen” as tour support
Live Nation is pleased to announce Barry Gibb has appointed Sydney vocal group Audio Vixen as support for his Mythology Tour, taking in five Australian tour dates during February. “Audio Vixen”, comprised of siblings Ria, Chris and Ross, first came to national prominence via the 2011 season of X-Factor, where they made the top 10 and earned themselves a strong and growing fan base. Massive Bee Gees fans, they perform a beautiful rendition of the group’s hit, ‘Morning Of My Life’ and posted a video for their version of the song on YouTube.
read more at:


A memorial statue to honour Robin?

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“Audio Vixen”  “Morning Of My Life”

NEWS, January 10th.

 Bee Gees first three Aussie albums to be reissued

The first three Bee Gees Australian albums, before they moved for the UK, will be reissued for the very first time by Warner Music’s Festival label on February 1. ‘The Bee Gees Sing & Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs’ and ‘Spicks and Specks’ were the official first two Bee Gees album released only in Australia. A third album ‘Turn Around, Look At Us’ through Festival Records after they left for England and around time of their international debut album ‘Bee Gees 1st’ (even though it was really their third). The three albums will be released as: The Bee Gees The Festival Albums Collection 1965-1967. Warner will also release the single disc best-of: ‘Morning Of My Life The Best of 1965-66. Read more, including videos, at: Red Eye Records, Sydney online shop address:
Click here for official press release. (Pdf)

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 Bee Gees first three Aussie albums to be reissued

The first three Bee Gees Australian albums, before they moved for the UK, will be reissued for the very first time by Warner Music’s Festival label on February 1. ‘The Bee Gees Sing & Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs’ and ‘Spicks and Specks’ were the official first two Bee Gees album released only in Australia. A third album ‘Turn Around, Look At Us’ through Festival Records after they left for England and around time of their international debut album ‘Bee Gees 1st’ (even though it was really their third). The three albums will be released as: The Bee Gees The Festival Albums Collection 1965-1967. Warner will also release the single disc best-of: ‘Morning Of My Life The Best of 1965-66. Read more, including videos, at: Red Eye Records, Sydney online shop address:
Click here for official press release. (Pdf)

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NEWS, January 8th.

2013    A year for remembrance:
25 years ago we had to say goodbye to Andy.
10 years ago we had to say goodbye to Maurice.
1 year ago we had to say goodbye to Robin.
Barry, the last man standing, will do a special tour this year in honour of his family and to keep The Gibb legacy alive. Let’s all pay tribute to The Gibb brothers in this special year

Barry’s “Mythology Tour”
The Holidays are over and the New Year has started. This means for Barry and everyone who’s working with him, that rehearsing for the upcoming tour will start this week in Miami. By the end of this month everyone then flies to Australia to start the “Mythology Tour”.

German TV Special
A short while ago Barry did a new interview which will be used in an extensive new TV Special for German TV about The Bee Gees, to be aired later this year. More details soon.

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Back to the most recent News

NEWS, December 14th.

 Latest from Miami Beach
Just before the Holidays some latest update received by GSI from The Gibb Family.
* Barry and Linda will spend the Holidays at their home in Florida.
* The studio renovations in their Florida house are not finished yet but it all should be up and running early in the new year.
* We’d hoped being able to give you the tour dates by now but at the moment the agency is still working on the routing and venue availability for the USA part of the “Mythology Tour”.
If all goes to plan and the tour will be confirmed the dates will be announced by GSI on the website in February! Part 3 of Mythology is going to start on the East Coast of the US around mid to late May and will finish on the West Coast.
* First there will be another “Love And Hope” event ( the 40th. !!) on Saturday, February 15. And Barry will be there on stage with Sam and Steve. GSI is planning to post a full report about this event.

* Samantha Gibb “Saturday Night” Official Video
* Robin And Barry Gibb In Douglas Outtake

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With thanks to, and Happy Holidays from: Dick Ashby

NEWS, December 11th.

50 Years Bee Gees
“Stayin’ Alive – 50 Jahre Bee Gees” Tuesday, 31.12.2013, at 20:15 hours local time on VOX. de German TV. A documentary made by German TV and very successfully aired already in June. Therefore it will now be aired once more on TV on New Years Eve!! It tells in about 4 hours the story of 50 Years Bee Gees music and shows videos and interviews. Also a recent interview with Barry specially for this program as well as interviews with Bee Gees band member Blue Weaver and the successful Italian Bee Gees / The Egiziano Brothers, who perform the BG music live on stage in many countries with lots of passion as these 3 Brothers are very huge Bee Gees fans themselves.

America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame
PRESS RELEASE: December 9, 2013
Chicago, the Monkees and the Bee Gees are among the 14 pop acts selected by public vote for induction into the sophomore class of America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame.

GSI Tips
some videos:
The making of the music film Voyager, and interview

Bee Gees TV Special 1968

Barry Gibb – Mythology Tour 2013

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NEWS, November 8th.

Fan questions
GSI is overloaded the past few months with all sort of questions. Many of them I cannot answer (yet) but I’ve heard:
* That Robin’s family is working on Robin’s latest solo album and that a possible release can be expected for the first half year of 2014.
* There are preparations going on for the third part of the Mythology Tour of Barry and one is currently into venue availabilities for a USA tour which if confirmed would start on the East Coast of the USA around mid May 2014 !!
More details on GSI website when available.

Some articles
* On This Day: Bee Gee Robin Gibb survives train crash which killed 49
* Bomber Command Memorial sculptor wins top award
* Barry Gibb: Not Just Stayin’ Alive
* All Gibb, No Glib: A Bee Gee Brings Glee to Middle Tennessee

New material by Spencer Gibb
* Early Morning – Vocal: Spencer Gibb (Drizhal, Gibb, Frescas – The Sixty Niners)
* Just Today – The Sixty Niners – Vocal: Spencer Gibb
* Will You Be Mine (The Sixty Niners) – Vocal: Spencer Gibb
* Spencer Gibb, Seasons Change, One Way Ticket to the Moon, Soundtrack from Polish film.

New song by Samantha Gibb
* Samantha Gibb – “Saturday Night” – 2013

GSI Tips
Some videos
* Spencer Gibb Official EPK 2012
* 28 November 1989 – Bee Gees In Yokohama (Full Concert)
* Bee Gees and Robert Stigwood Sgt. Pepper Intrview 1978.

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NEWS, October 29th.

 Barry Gibb in Nashville
* Barry attended the Country Music Hall Of Fame induction Ceremonies (Oct. 27) for Kenny Rogers, Bobby Bare and Cowboy Jack Clement. friends Kelly Lang and husband TG Sheppard were there too.

Barry singing at the country hall of fame with Kelly Lang

Kelly Lang: ‘ Did last night really happen? Wow, I thought it was a dream. I was not able to announce mine and Barry’s performance for Kenny Rogers induction into the hall of Fame for over 2 months!! What a thrill to sing for him with the man who wrote and produced Islands in The Stream…Mr. Barry Gibb!!! I’m still shaking from being so nervous singing in front of my musical heroes! Come to the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night as Barry will sing more songs, and I will join him on stage again.’ TG Sheppard: ‘ I got a chance to see my wife Kelly Lang sing “Islands In The Stream” with our friend Barry Gibb, in honor of Kenny Rogers. Congratulations Kenny, Bobby Bare and Cowboy Jack Clement on your induction. Barry has written an incredible song for me to record on my new album which I will begin recording in the next couple of months. It’s great having him and Linda back in Nashville. Catch Barry, Kelly and myself on The Grand Ole Opry this coming
Tues. Oct. 29th.’

Barry interviewed on the Eddy Stubbs Show (Oct. 28, 8.30 pm est. USA) listen here: Barry amongt others talks about the next plans for him to go on stage which probably starts around Spring 2014 when he plans to do about 9 or 10 shows in US/Canada.
* Barry was guest speaker at Tucker Theater, Middle Tennessee, State University, Oct. 28. Barry at MTSU did perform “To Love Somebody”. He sang and spoke for nearly two hours and answered questions from the audience. He sounded amazing. Barry Gibb was honored Monday night as the inaugural fellow of The Center for Popular Music at MTSU’s College of Mass Communication. articles:
* And then there’s the concert on October 29th. with Barry, Kelly Lang and TG Sheppard.

Some photos taken: at the Country Music Hall Of fame, Nashville and Tucker Theater

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NEWS, October 13th.

Barry on Twitter
Barry Gibb @GibbBarry 13h
I want to thank all the wonderful people who traveled from Japan, Russia, Germany, Brazil, as well as many other country’s. I know that my brothers were smiling on us and I’d like to think that they were watching. I promise you all that were going to keep rolling on. This has been so much fun and cheers to you all!
Thank you Barry…We hope to see you again soon.

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NEWS, October 11th.

Plans for the coming time
I’m only talking here about plans and possibilities but so many fans keep asking me what’s going to happen next with Mythology and what are Barry’s plans etc. As far as it looks right now Barry has some appearances later this month like mentioned earlier on this website and will probably start recording some new material after the finishing of a rebuild of his studio. Early next summer he plans a number of Mythology concerts in the USA/Canada. Cities which have been mentioned so far are: Toronto (Canada), L.A., Las Vegas, Houston and Miami (USA). Then there are plans of doing some shows in South America probably later next year and some concerts in Europe for 2015. (maybe Germany and one or two more countries). As soon as anything is confirmed and dates become known we’ll surely post this on our website and face book page.

Mythology merchandise
The Barry Gibb Mythology Tour:
Hello everyone. Just wanted to pass this message on from our Merchandise Link: Our term on the Barry Gibb web store runs out on next Friday, so we want to have a final push with the remaining merch. We’re going to drop the prices online today and we’re going to throw in a free programme with every order. The web site is

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NEWS, September 27th.

 Mythology Tour, Dublin
fan review
The concert was brilliant and you’re in for a treat if you’re going to one of them. As the Gibb’s confirmed, audience reaction was fantastic and the place was buzzing from the first to last minute. Some might find the extent of audience participation a bit too much, but that’s fairly normal for Dublin. I thought the concert was very well paced and well planned. The mix of songs from different eras, the hits mixed with lesser known songs, the mix of voices, stopping to talk about Stigwood, the brothers, Linda etc., there wasn’t a weak moment.

Barry: at the O2 in Dublin
Barry Gibb: Night Fever/More Than a Woman
Barry Gibb: Words
Barry Gibb: Islands In The Stream
Barry Gibb: Staying Alive
Barry and Sam: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Barry Gibb: First Of May

Barry on Twitter
Barry Gibb 7h
Still catching my breath. Dublin you were incredible! I hope to see you all again soon!

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NEWS, September 24th.

Bee Gees Nominees
The American Pop Music Hall of Fame has announced its first round of nominees to be inducted into the new, western Pennsylvania-based hall. Music fans and people in the industry can vote for their favorite nominees online starting later this week. The final list of 20 candidates will be inducted next May. Eligible artists must have lodged a national hit between 1946 and 1975. The American Pop Music Hall of Fame is scheduled to open next July in a temporary home in what’s now a cafe in Canonsburg, just outside Pittsburgh. Fundraising is under way for a permanent building.
Complete list:

Barry Gibb guest speaker for recording industry
The department of recording industry launched its chair’s speakers series Tuesday night with Sony Nashville’s chief executive officer Gary Overton. Future speakers in the speakers series include former head of Sony Nashville Joe Galante, Barry Gibb of the Bees Gees, head of GAC Sarah Trahern and Taylor Swift producer Nathan Chapman.

Mythology Tour, Birmingham
Reviews of a wonderful show
* Barry Gibb at the LG Arena, Birmingham  Ian St Peters
* Barry Gibb – 21 Sep 2013 – Birmingham
Some more clips
Beth Cohen, Woman In Love
Barry Gibb – Ordinary Lives
Steve Gibb – On Time
Barry Gibb: family memories intro to Immortality
Barry Gibb – Morning Of My Life

Barry Gibb dedicates song to life-saver
When a good samaritan used the rhythm of a Bees Gees song to perform CPR on a Bristol pensioner, she thought saving his life was reward enough. Now, six months later, she has been reunited with the victim of the massive heart attack at a Bee Gees concert, where Barry Gibb himself, the last remaining member of the band, presented her with an award.

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NEWS, September 22nd.

Barry Gibb Mythology Tour: Birmingham
The first glimpse we see of Barry Gibb, making his first British appearance for 14 years, is his hair glistening under a spotlight. A lovely 1st of May (backed by grainy images of them as children in Chorlton-cum-Hardy) is for Robert Stigwood, who masterminded their career from its pop-rock beginnings in the 1960s and Too Much Heaven is dedicated to the late Sir David Frost. At times, it’s almost uncomfortably raw, and on occasions Barry seems to wipe away a tear. However, there’s humour too.

Some of the songs :
1st of May
Too Much Heaven
Run to Me
Message to You
Jive Talkin’
You Should Be Dancin’
Spicks and Specks
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
Beth Cohen – Guilty
Samantha Gibb – Chain Reaction
Stephen Gibb – Fight (No Matter How Long)
Night Fever
Stayin’ Alive
I started a joke
Barry Gibb review by The Guardian
Videos:    I Started A Joke and Spicks And Specks (Birmingham)

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NEWS, September 15th.

Nerina Pallot will open Mythology concerts
Barry has announced critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nerina Pallot will open for him when he brings his ‘Mythology’ Tour to The O2 Dublin in just two weeks time (September 25). Tickets from €69.50 including booking fee are on sale now and are available to purchase from and usual outlets nationwide. As a lifelong Bee Gees fan , Nerina is absolutely thrilled to be opening for Barry Gibb on his forthcoming UK & Irish tour. Anyone who has seen Nerina Pallot will tell you that she is one of the most engaging live female artists in the UK today and that the Brit & Ivor Novello nominated Nerina is one of the UK’s finest song writing talents, writing songs for artists including Kylie. Her most recent top 40 album ‘Year of The Wolf’ received glowing reviews from Mojo, The Sunday Times, The Guardian & The Sun, Album of the Week at Radio 2 & had three massive airplay hits including ‘Put Your Hands Up’. Her fifth studio album will be released in 2014.

Bee Gees on Australia’s Bandstand

The first legitimate release of some of the Bee Gees’ earliest television appearances on Brian Henderson’s Bandstand are now available in Australia here: This DVD includes the Bee Gees on episodes from 13 February 1963, 24 April 1963 and 7 September 1963. The quality is decent and it is nice to see the performances uncut in the context of the original programs. The shows are from kinescopes (films of the original video broadcasts) and look to be the best we’ll ever see of them. Later volumes of this DVD series will likely include more clips.

From the Thame Gazette
Call for more acknowledgement of Robin Gibb’s legacy

Bee Gees: The Day-By-Day Story, 1945-1972

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NEWS, September 1st.

 Barry on twitter: August 31st.
All of me is looking forward to seeing all of you. We land in England a week from today. Lots of love

Congrats to Barry, happy wedding anniversary to Barry and Linda!!
Shortly after the celebrations Barry and his family will get ready to cross the pond again to start the second part of the Mythology Tour. Recently Barry spoke to Anton Savage about him and his brothers, about Michael Jackson, the Mythology Tour, his marriage to Linda etc.

David Frost has died
One of the finest British broadcasters Sir David Frost had died of a heart attack, aged 74.

Marion: GSI 09/01/13

NEWS, August 26th.

The last surviving Bee Gee
Barry Gibb talks to Barry Egan some week before the second part of his Mythology Tour will start.

GSI Tips
* video: Spencer Gibb – “Somebody’s daughter” (B/W) from the album “Let’s start over” (promotional)
* The Deadly Brothers beat The Bee Gees

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NEWS, August 18th.

Rehearsals for UK/Ireland part of Mythology Tour

See you soon U.K
Left to right- Stephen, Barry ,Dan,John, Doug and Tim

Rehearsals for band and artists have started for the upcoming second part of the Mythology Tour. Watch some photos
        and visit for more photos etc. The Barry Gibb Mythology Tour on facebook.

Robin’s Run, end of 200 miles charity run

Watch video:
Also visit: and

Samantha Gibb
Her song “Did I Go Too Far” is one of the tracks in the movie: Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn 2013. Performed by Samantha Gibb and The Cartel.Written by Samantha Gibb and Lazaro Rodriguez. Published by Harlot Music.

GSI Tips
* I Started A joke, by Vince Melouney
More about Vince:
* Bee Gees and Andy info from Japan
* “One Night Only” on Blue Ray
* The Legend Goes On

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NEWS, July 19th.

Barry Gibb: “I Want To Keep The Music Alive”
Barry talks to The Guardian about how and why he’s given up retirement to go back on tour. He talks about the backlash to Saturday Night Fever, his troubled relationships with his brothers and how drugs helped shape their distinctive sound

40th. Anniversary of “Love And Hope Ball”
Saturday February 15. 2014
Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa
3555 S. Ocean Dr., Hollywood (Florida) 33019, USA
Celebrating its 40th anniversary and attracting South Florida’s most philanthropic families, celebrities and more, this extraordinary black-tie gala will feature a grand cocktail reception, spectacular décor, a sumptuous dinner, dancing and live entertainment, all to support the cure-focused work of the Diabetes Research Institute.
More information will be coming soon!
Source Facebook:

GSI Tips
* Bee Gees Rank Third Among Groups for Most Hot 100 No. 1s in History
* The Palace Hotel at Woody Point has closed Another and second last iconic Gibb building gone! Only Fifth Avenue house at Scarborough left.

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NEWS, July 15th.

  Barry visited Radio 2
About 2 weeks ago Barry visited Steve Wright at BBC Radio 2 and did this interview, aired today July 15th.


* A Glee cover of a Bee Gees hit – The death of Glee’s Cory Monteith roxboroghreport.blogspot
* Bee Gees, Australia 1974

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NEWS, July 6th.

GSI On Facebook
To stay even more up to date with all the Gibb news, photos, articles, videos and get in touch with many other Gibb fans: be sure to become member of the special GSI Facebook group which is an addition to this website. Enter Facebook and search for: GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info Simply click the button to become free member

Marian Finucane interviews Barry Gibb
July 6th. interview for Radio 1, Ireland:

Barry Gibb on British Radio 2
There was an interview with Barry Gibb taped July 4th. for the Steve Wright show. The airing will be Monday July 15th. 14.00 hours British Time.

Bee Gees on Youtube

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NEWS, June 29th.

Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef Award for Barry Gibb
Yesterday Barry came with wife Linda and some friends and family to the London Hilton where he was presented his Nordoff Robbins award. Barry gave a fantastic acceptance speech when he collected the Award 20 years after he won the Special Achievement Award with his brothers for the Bee Gees in 1993. He dedicated his award today to them. The Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy treats children with autism and other severe physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities using techniques based on the beliefs that music is a universal language, and every human being has the capacity to respond to music. Extensively trained and certified therapists employ improvisational music to stimulate communication with the child. Once this relationship is developed, the therapist works with the child to foster or improve the ability to develop communication, confidence, concentration, motor skills, and the ability to relate to others. The coming week Barry will do some more work in Britain before returning to Miami to start rehearsing for the next part of the Tour.

Barry with family

See some photos and videos:

New Albums On Their Way
Barry is very busy working for some time already to gather material for a new solo album, different from the usual Bee Gees sound. Barry: ‘ “I might play some new songs when I tour in September”
Also this fall one is planning to release Robin’s last solo album: “50 St. Catherine’s Drive”
So a lot to look forward to!

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NEWS, June 25th.

Barry Gibb special guest on BBC
GSI has received a mail from BBC, “The One Show”, that Barry will be their special guest on Thursday June 27th.!! Barry is in the UK since last week amongst others for the Silver Clef Lifetime Achievement Award he’ll receive this Friday in London. Also read:

The Australian Helpmann Awards
The Helpmann Awards recognise excellence in performance in Australia. The 2013 Helpmann Award nominees have been announced with Bruce Springsteen, Barry Gibb, Tedeschi Trucks Band and Coldplay receiving nominations for Best International Contemporary Concert

Marion: GSI 06/25/13 

NEWS, June 18th.

50 years Bee Gees documentary on German TV
The 4 hours documentary on German TV was a huge success. The whole life story of The Bee Gees with new interview material. Clips etc. of the program (mostly in German) can already be seen on the GSI Face book page:
also watch:

GSI Tips (Barry filming on a trip on a flight to Germany in 1989) (The Bee Gees in Pisa, Italy. Barry Gibb on the video camera. There’s a small tribute to Maurice and Robin at the end)

Marion: GSI 06/18/13  

NEWS, June 10th.

Barry’s plans
Barry: I’ve got a new album out soon and I’ll be showcasing songs at the Meltdown Festival. 2013 is about reminding people what I do.
Barry intends to record some new material after the UK tour of this year.!!

Steve Gibb recently on twitter
There are so many great songs in the back catalogue that never got their due. It’s crazy to me ! Btw: Dad and I have been writing some new stuff that is really gonna change the game. Future classic’s I think…

Marion: GSI 06/10/13  

NEWS, June 8th.

Robin In Loving Memory
Today one year ago Robin was taken to his final resting place near his home in his beloved Thame. We will remember him and his music forever.

To answer some of your latest questions There is no news of a memorial service for Robin yet. We’ve heard that Dwina is hoping to get Elton John to sing during the memorial service if and when it happens. Robins headstone has not yet been installed yet.

Marion: GSI 06/08/13  

NEWS, May 30th.

Sony Mobile Lifetime Achievement Award winner: Barry Gibb
Ahead of his UK tour this autumn, Barry Gibb is set to win the Sony Mobile Lifetime Achievement Award in June. He’ll be collecting this prestigious prize at the O2 Silver Clef Awards, which is in aid of the music charity Nordoff Robbins. Winners will be presented with their awards at a ceremony at London’s Hilton on 28 June. Tickets to attend Barry’s Mythology world tour concerts for UK/Ireland are on sale now.

Barry’s message to Audio Vixen
Australian sibling trio Audio Vixen were fortunate, having been chosen by Legendary Music Icon Barry Gibb to be his support act for his Australian Mythology Tour in February 2013. Here, they share a very special message from Barry himself.

“Saturday Night fever”
Future Cinema, the creators of Secret Cinema, bring 70s Brooklyn to life staging Saturday Night Fever in the streets of Limehouse, East London from 15th June to 7th July 2013. Although the mention of ‘sold out’: good news, they are adding more tickets next week, so there is still room for all Bee Gees enthusiasts.
(Thanks: Alice Thill of Future Cinema uk)

Marion: GSI 05/30/13  

NEWS, May 15th.

In Our Own Time
This Bee Gees documentary you can watch on Belgium TV Sunday May 19th. at 21.50 hours (local time) on Canvas TV.

Many visitors to Bee Gees Way

Barry Gibb in the walkway    source: Quest Newspapers

Three months on from Barry Gibb’s return home to Redcliffe, the walkway honouring him and his brothers is giving a much-needed boost for businesses and the community.

Marion: GSI 05/15/13  

NEWS, May 9th.

Barry’s Tour comes to the UK
Barry Gibb talks about life back on the road for the first time since the death of his brothers. Martin Hutchinson reports. When Barry walks on stage he will have the thought that brothers Maurice and Robin are at his side. The 66-year-old, possessor of one of the finest (and most ear-splitting) falsetto voices in the business, is embarking on his first ever solo tour to celebrate the music of The Bee Gees. It will be a poignant moment for Barry who was used to performing alongside his two brothers. After losing his younger brothers and having a heart scare himself a few years ago, Barry is philosophical about life in general.
“It was devastating to lose Maurice and Robin, and it was worse for mum,” he says. “I live in the moment now and I’m learning not to worry about the future.”
read more at:

The Barry Gibb Chat room
For All The Regulars To The Chat room You Will Have Limited Access During The Transition Of The New Site. Please Be Patient It Wont Be Long

Special 4 hours German TV program about The Bee Gees !!
Article in German:

Marion: GSI 05/09/13  

NEWS, April 28th.

Dwina Gibb talks to Isle Of Man News
The widow and son of Bee Gee legend Robin Gibb talked to IOM News following an emotional blue plaque unveiling ceremony at the star’s childhood home

Robin’s latest solo-album
50 St Catherine’s Drive is due for release in September.

Gordon Smart Meets Barry Gibb
In an exclusive interview with The Sun at his stunning Miami mansion, Barry said: “This is all down to my wife. She told me to get off my backside and stop going along with the whole idea that everything was finished for me”. Thanks to the love of his wife Linda, a former Miss Edinburgh, Barry is hitting the road again after she told him to stop moping around the house

Barry Gibb describes life without his brothers

Marion: GSI 04/28/13  

NEWS, April 25th.

Postal Tribute To Robin Gibb
The Isle of Man has paid a poignant tribute to one of its most famous Manxmen Robin Gibb CBE today (Wednesday). A special launch was held at the childhood home of Robin Gibb and his Bee Gees brothers at 50 St Catherine’s Drive, Douglas in the Isle of Man.

Robin’s wife Dwina and son Robin-John

Tim Roxborogh Blog
Tim: Here is my latest piece about the Bee Gees and it ties in with Anzac Day which is a very important day in New Zealand and Australia as we remember our soldiers

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NEWS, April 22nd.

The Mythology Tour continues
Barry will be coming to the UK

This autumn Barry will continue his Mythology Tour in the UK., performing songs from his illustrious career. Starting in Birmingham on Saturday 21st September at the LG Arena, then Wednesday 25th. of September, Dublin the O2. Manchester on 29th September at the Arena and treading the boards at London’s O2 on October 3rd. Tickets go on sale this Friday 26th. of April Barry has designed the tour as a salute to his brothers creating what is sure to be an emotional journey as he draws from every era of their timeless catalogue and huge international success achieved by The Bee Gees. Barry has just completed the Mythology Tour in Australia where he performed at sold out venues including the Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. With a career that has spanned more than five decades, Barry Gibb stands as one of the most prolific singer, song-writer and producer’s of the modern era. The tour will feature his incredible band that includes Barry Gibb’s son, guitarist/vocalist, Stephen, Maurice’s daughter, Samantha and Beth Cohen.

The UK tour will be Barry’s only Mythology tour dates this year.

Barry Gibb For The O2
To tie in with the release of Mythology, the Bee Gees 50th Anniversary box set, Barry Gibb has hit the road for an extensive world tour. Having just wrapped up the Australian leg, Gibb has now announced his plans for later in the year.

The Spirits Having Flown TV Special

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NEWS, March 24th.

 Isle Of Man stamps of Robin
The Bee Gees are legends of popular music and this IOM stamp issue pays tribute to the life and career of proud Manxman, and Island resident, Robin and coincides with the posthumous release of his album 50 St Catherine’s Drive. The title is the Douglas address where his family was living when he and his twin brother Maurice were born in 1949. The eight stamp issue charts the landmarks in his own illustrious musical career and showcases a man with academic and charitable interests beyond the music industry.
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NEWS, March 19th.

 St Catherine’s Drive
A plaque is due to be mounted on the former Douglas home of the Bee Gees. Douglas Council has agreed for ‘Childhood Home of the Bee Gees’ to be added to the street sign for the road: St Catherine’s Drive in Douglas, when it is replaced, as the current one is missing. In addition, a plaque will be mounted on the wall of the Gibb family’s former home, 50 St Catherine’s Drive.

50 St Catherine’s Drive

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NEWS, March 5th.

25 years since Andy’s death
Tim Roxborogh reports:
A little over a week since Barry Gibb’s triumphant Mission Estate Concert in Napier the Gibb family are in the news again today, specifically Andy. If he was still alive, today would be his 55th birthday and in just five days time, it will be 25 years since his death.

Barry on twitter
Being back home in Miami Beach Barry sent out this twitter message:
I want to thank all our fans and friends for coming to the shows in Australia and New Zealand The fact that some of you came a great distance is an inspiration to me and it will drive me on! This is the end of the beginning and the shows will go on! You have given me so much love and I feel the same way about all of you.
Thank you again. Love, Barry

Robin Gibb CBE Miniature Blue Plaque
The Heritage Foundation is delighted to announce that we have a number of limited edition 5 inch (12.7cm) replica Robin Gibb Blue Plaques. These are exact miniature copies of the Blue Plaque unveiled in Robin’s honour at the Prebendal, Thame. in September 2012 The cost of each plaque is £130 including p&p. To order please phone David Graham on 0208 3429953 or 07703397270

Andy Gibb, The Biography 2008, full program

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NEWS, February 22nd.

 Barry’s welcomed by Maori’s in special ceremony
Barry and his family were invited to be at a Maori welcome ceremony after they’d arrived in New Zealand. Barry was delighted and at the end of the ceremony three members of a powhiri group which put on a welcome and a cultural greeting for the Bee Gee in Hawke’s Bay yesterday stepped forward and sang to him, delivering a beautiful rendition of How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?, one of the many songs he and his brothers Robin and Maurice gave to the world. Barry said that he would remember and cherish the memories of the occasion forever.
Tomorrow Barry, performs a solo show at Mission Estate in Hawke’s Bay, sharing a bill with another of music’s song writing greats, American Carole King.

Barry during Maori ceremony, New Zealand

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NEWS, February 20th.

Barry goes back down memory lane
He talks about the old times in Redcliffe, the ordinary lives and ordinary people of Brisbane area.

Video clip of Brisbane show: February 16th.
Sammy Gibb End Of The World Barry Gibb / Sammy Gibb How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Brisbane

Barry back to his old school at Scarborough
Barry Gibb visits scarborough state school. Sitting in his old classroom

Barry talks about his brothers: Brisbane concert of February 16th.

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NEWS, February 18th.

Barry returns to radio 4KQ
Over fifty years after competing in that 4KQ talent competition, Barry Gibb returns to the station where it all started to catch up with Laurel, Gary & Mark. Watch and listen:

Olivia Newton John – “Come on Over” – tribute to Maurice Gibb – Live

What it was like to teach the Bee Gees
Teacher of Robin and Maurice tells her story

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NEWS, February 14th.

Melbourne Concert
Melbourne Concert review by Tim Roxborogh

Fans pay tribute to The Bee Gees in Redcliffe
Today it was Bee Gees Day in Redcliffe, Australia. Thousands of fans lined Redcliffe Parade trying to catch a glimpse of home grown legend Barry Gibb, who was present for the unveiling of a statue of the young Gibb brothers and the opening of a themed walkway stretching 70 metres dedicated to the band.
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Barry just unveiled statue with sister Lesley and wife Linda while mum Barbara is watching

The inscription underneath the statue:

Bodding, Basser and Woggie

Swimming with tigers and breaking the rules
Living in friendship and acting like fools
But the dream was always there
Within us, around us, whispering in our ears

Pushing us forward to places unknown
Always together and always alone
The dream was relentless and the fame was the spur
Asleep here in Redcliffe and waiting to stir

Unforgettable Redcliffe
You stand where we were


Inscription underneath bronze statue

Barry just opened the Bee Gees Walk Way

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NEWS, February 11th.

 Mythology Tour, Australia – New Zealand
Barry’s world tour to pay tribute to the music of The Bee Gees starts with a number of shows in Australia and New Zealand. In a few reports we’ll tell you more about the Mythology tour. Barry will have his son Steve and niece Sam on stage with him. He has given his first show February 8th. in Sydney. An emotional but very successful start!! For all details of that show and the rest of the tour: See Report.

Bee Gees Way transport information
The official public opening of Bee Gees Way by Barry Gibb CBE will take place on Redcliffe Parade (south of the Hog’s Breath Café) at 2pm, Thursday February 14. read more:

Photos, video, audio: Barry Gibb
  video: Barry Gibb Returns Home.
  audio: interview with the Bee Gees producer John Merchant

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NEWS, December 20th.

 Mythology Tour rehearsals
Some first photos:

Video screen frame when it was first put together in Miami and all set up on stage.

This shot is from the first day the screen was assembled the lights focused

The Barry Gibb Band Ben Stivers, Richard Bravo, Stephen Gibb, Beth Cohen, Dan Warner, Barry Gibb, Doug Emery, Sam Gibb, Leesa Richards, Julio Hernandez, Charlotte Mckinnon, Lee Levin, Tim Cansfield, John Merchant.

Rehearsals, Sydney
(photos ©: The Barry Gibb band )


Mythology concert announcement in Sydney
(©: Henk Goosens).

Also take a look at:
 Dutch media talk about Barry visiting Maastricht, Holland to work with Andre Rieu…. We’ll have to wait and see but keep our fingers crossed, no official announcements (yet).
 Bish’s Biz | Tropfest 2012 | Barry Gibb: Australian TV reports:

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NEWS, January 29th.

Warner/Chappell Music Extends Partnership With Barry Gibb Of The Bee Gees
Warner/Chappell Music, the global music publishing arm of Warner Music Group, today announced that it has extended its partnership with superstar Barry Gibb. Under the agreement, Warner/Chappell will continue to administer the rights to Gibbs’ incredible catalog of songs, dating from 1967 to the present.
Barry said: “I am very proud to be extending my relationship with Warner/Chappell. The people there are great and I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with a view to maximizing the potential of The Bee Gees and my personal catalog.”
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Bomber Command Memorial Book
Robin Gibb took part in realizing the memorial in London as well as the memorial book, which is now available. See for details:


One Week In Counting
The Mythology Tour is getting closer and it will really become a very special family thing next to a very emotional concert tour. Even mum Barbara will be present, how wonderful that she’ll be able to experience this visit too with her family. Not only Barry but also son Steve and niece Sam are very much looking forward to the upcoming events.
Sam Gibb: The element that binds us together and keeps us strong is music

The first romance of Barry Gibb?
Carol Coombes hopes to meet Barry Gibb next month for the first time in 50 years after breaking the Bee Gee’s heart when they were young teenagers.

GSI Tips
 The Spirits Having Flown Tour
 Robin’s home
 The Bee Gees homes on The Isle Of Man

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NEWS, January 22nd.

Bee Gees memory stays alive in Redcliffe
Barry Gibb will officially open “Bee Gees Way”, a walkway dedicated to the achievements of the Gibb brothers and he will unveil a life-size statue of the young Brothers Gibb, on February 14 at 2pm. ‘Bee Gees Way’ is situated between Redcliffe Parade and Sutton Street. Redcliffe north of Brisbane. The special walkway will be dotted with photos, anecdotes and other items donated by the musician. It was in Redcliffe, in the late 1950s, that the three brothers gathered around a microphone and for the first time performed using a name now famous around the globe: Bee Gees The unveiling of the tributes has been timed to coincide with Barry’s Mythology concert tour of Australia and New Zealand. This tour is a tribute to the “unparalleled lifetimes in music” of Barry and his departed brothers. GSI heard that there might follow more shows in other parts of the world later this year, although not confirmed yet.
Click for media release (Pdf)

Sister Lesley interview
Lesley Gibb Evans joins 4BC Breakfast with Peter and Mary , to talk about the Redcliffe tribute to her brothers this February 14th.

“Audio Vixen”

Like mentioned before on GSI, The Australian group (known from X-Factor): Audio Fixen (made up of siblings Maria, 28, Christina, 25, and Ross, 19) have been invited to support Barry Gibb on his Australian mythology tour. The group is based in Sydney but are a family with an Italian background.

Listen to interview: 

More info:

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NEWS, January 12th.

Maurice Gibb still in our minds
Ten years ago he passed away. Here are a few articles and video clip about The Man In The Middle –

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NEWS, January 9th.

 Trevor Gordon has died

Sundays at Luna Park. fltr Peter Foldy, Robin , Maurice Gibb, Trevor Gordon.

Trevor Gordon was one half of the pop duo The Marbles, who had a huge hit called “Only One Woman” in the UK and mainland Europe. The song was written by The Bee Gees. Old friend Peter Foldy: ‘Trevor was a sweet funny guy with tons of talent’. Trevor recently published a book on how to play jazz guitar. He’s the blond guy on the left in the video below.

Barry right, Trevor Gordon in the middle

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