NEWS, December 24

December 24th.

Dear GSI members
With the Christmas wishes today from Miami Beach a short update to GSI about some plans and answers to some fan questions:

* There is another ‘Love and Hope’ casino night on March 9th planned however no plans for Barry to perform at this event.
* Barry’s favorite food = Indian and his favorite Drink = Saki.
* No plans to announce at this time for any live shows in 2019.
* There will be an official announcement in the New Year about one of the projects which have been in progress for some time already but untill then I am asked not to mention anything yet.
* Some other big plans are still in research but we will keep you update don GSI when there’s news.
* At this time no new album scheduled for release next year.
* Barry and Family will spend Christmas and New Year in Miami.

“Merry Christmas and all best wishes for 2019. Thanks for everything. Dick”

Marion: GSI 12/24/1

NEWS, December 1

December 1. 1999 – 2018

I started doing fanwork for The Bee Gees around 1970 and I continued to be involved in fanwork for the Gibbs and still do today. After almost 50 years it still is a joy to inform people about the Gibbs and their music. First I worked some time doing things on my own and then I became part of the Dutch based club BGI and lateron also worked for the US based BGFC, being the European leg and then in 1999 next to that started the GSI website together with my husband (who’s taking care of the technical part of the website). Last but not least I became member of Facebook (2012) and some time later started the GSI Facebook group in addition to the GSI website. I reported through these years about many happy and sad events and still love to continue to share my love for the Gibb music with everyone who is interested. I however couldn’t have done this all these years without the contact with The Gibb Family and people around them, as well as the continued support of so many loyal Gibb fans, therefore THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
WE ARE ONE!! Love Marion
For information visit: and

Happy Birthday, Gibb men!

Photos and article by Anne Jakowenko.
It’s that time of year again, when the celebration begins for two of the Gibb boys. Linda Gibb gave birth to two of her sons on the same day of the calendar, December 1. Steve was born 11 years before Mike; but how ironic is it that of the 365 days of the year, they were given life on this one day?

Cliff Richard Documentary film with amongst others Barry Gibb
UK indie prodco Spun Gold Television is producing an hour-long documentary on British pop musician and actor Cliff Richard to mark his 60-year anniversary in show business: Sir Cliff Richard: 60 Years In Private And In Public The film also follows Richard as he starts his new tour in Newcastle and features interviews with Barry Gibb, Olivia Newton-John, Hank Marvin, Lord Lloyd-Webber and Joan Collins. The film is directed by Jamie Batten and executive produced by Juliet Rice. It was commissioned for ITV by James Cohen. It will air on ITV 10th. Dec 9 pm. (local British time)

Bee Gees Album ranking by Tim Roxborogh
Here it is! Every international Bee Gees studio album from 1967-2001 mathematically rated and ranked. This has taken me several months and I hope it will inspire much listening and much debate! I also hope it will act as a bit of a resource. I love all these albums so this isn’t a typical ‘worst to best’ list, but more an effort to draw attention to the incredible back catalogue of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Thanks for reading and do share if you enjoy it! All the best, Tim R.

Marion: GSI 12/01/18  

NEWS, November 21

 Barry Gibb sings with Take That
We’ve mentioned this before there’s a new version of How Deep is Your Love Barry recorded his vocal parts while he was in the UK. last summer and it’s one of the tracks on the Take That new album: Odyssey Take That – How Deep Is Your Love
(feat. Barry Gibb) (Odyssey Version)
Release: November 23. 2018.

Stayin Alive ….. Saving A Live
Special version of Stayin Alive for a good cause Stayin’ Alive on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night (November 20). Bono and Pharrell sing “Stayin’ Alive” on a special (RED) benefit show to raise money and awareness for the fight against AIDS.

Going back in time with GSI
Bee Gees – Medley 1963

Marion: GSI 11/21/18  

NEWS, October 15

 ATTENTION….BEE GEES COLLECTORS ITEM…FOR SALE An acetate demo disc of -World- one sided, from 1967. Given to a facebook friend of mine by Barry Gibb a long time ago. Fans who are interested in buying can contact me at: I will make a list with your names and email addresses to forward to the seller of the demo in a few days. (Marion / GSI)

Coldplay Announces documentary / film: ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’
Including BARRY GIBB
Coldplay trace their charmingly nerdy beginnings, creative struggles and rise to pop superstardom in the first trailer for their upcoming band documentary A Head Full of Dreams. The film, which follows the British quartet over two decades, is out November 16th via Amazon Prime Video. Prior to the Amazon release, Coldplay will launch the movie on Wednesday, November 14th with a special one-night screening in over 2,000 theaters around the world. Tickets go on sale on Friday, October 19th. In conjunction with the film, the band will premiere three live tracks – “Us Against the World,” “Don’t Panic” and a cover of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” with Barry Gibb – exclusively on Amazon Music starting Friday, October 26th.

Marion: GSI 10/15/18  

NEWS, September 29

Barry Gibb and Take That
Barry Gibb will join Take That for TV special marking the band’s 30th anniversary!! Take That will record a version of the Bee Gees’ original hit How Deep Is Your Love with Barry Gibb.
From Miami Beach (Dick Ashby) GSI received the following info:
“Barry recorded his vocal parts while we were in the UK. This new version of ‘How Deep is Your Love’ will probably be on a new ‘Take That’ Greatest hits Album to be released later this year. There was a camera team present in the studio, so some of the footage of Barry recording his parts will likely be included in a BBC ‘Take That’ documentary to be aired in conjunction with the album release.”. Gary Barlow /Take That “To celebrate 30 years together as a band we got back in the studio and re-imagined some of our favourite songs. Our new album: Odyssey will be released on November 23rd. We’re all looking forward to getting back on the road next year for our Greatest Hits tour! The album will feature special guests and will be available as a limited edition signed boxset including a booklet and art prints!”
Source: Gary Barlow, instagram:  

Bee Gees Interview with Jo Maeder
Bee Gees fans won’t want to miss this one. When I was “The Madame” on South Florida radio from 1977-1985, I interviewed a candid Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb at the height of Saturday Night Fever’s popularity. It was for a Y-100 special that aired October 6th, 1979. Recorded in Cincinnati September 15, 1979, produced by Y-100’s Alan Leininger, with a new introduction recorded February 12, 2016. Listen:

Marion: GSI 09/29/18  

NEWS, September 18

New Barry Gibb Song
Like earlier mentioned one of Barry’s new songs will be released and performed by Bonnie Tyler!! listen at: 19.40 min.!! Bonnie Tyler tells about her new song written by Barry Gibb It is called: Seven Waves and seems to tell about the loss of Barry’s family….. Release next March.

Andy memorial update letter by Joe Shane. In case you have problems downloading the form just send an email to writing your name and surname, your address, your e-mail address and the amount you wish to donate in the future. Andy Memorial letter Pdf

Marion: GSI 09/18/18 

NEWS, August 27

 2 of the Maurice Gibb guitars on auction!!
The Gibson J45 acoustic which was used by Maurice Gibb to compose the band’s 1975 breakthrough disco hit Jive Talkin’ Also being sold is a second Maurice Gibb-owned guitar, an exceptionally rare custom-made.
1968 Gibson EBS-1250 double-neck, which combines a bass and guitar into a single instrument. The auction is being held by Gardiner Houlgate (in Bath, UK) September 12th.
See photos of both guitars in the articles:

David English & Sir Barry Gibb’s enduring friendship FYI.
Stephanie Thorburn posted a new report: ‘Seminal Bunbury Tales’ to recently. The feature offers a preview of forthcoming 33rd Anniversary Bunbury book, together with news on David English & Sir Barry Gibb’s enduring friendship! Images & prose by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. See:

Stephanie and Linda Thorburn, with David English.
Copyright Thorburn family

DRIF – Haute Tea 2018.
7th Annual Haute Tea luncheon and hat party at The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort. October 19. 2018, Miami Beach, USA. GSI will report about the event of course on website and facebookgroup as our Anne Jakowenko will be visiting to tell about it and take some photos like always.

Marion: GSI 08/27/18

NEWS, August 8

 SPIRITS Having Flown
According to Capitol Records…… A new Spirits DVD is being prepared to see the light of the day soon!! and a remastered CD as well!!!
We keep our fingers crossed, more info when available.

Marion: GSI 08/08/18  
(thanks also Juan Cristóbal Guzmán Lagos)

NEWS, August 6

Barry at Elvis Week
GSI has received confirmation from management that Barry unfortunately isn’t able to attend the Elvis Week with his friends TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang like earlier published in the media and on our GSI facebook group.

In answer to many of your questions!
No news at the moment re anything else concerning Barry Gibb performances for the rest of this year.

Visit to the The Royal Air Force Museum, London

Just before leaving the UK again for Miami, Barry and family visited the RAF museum, like you could see in pictures on our GSI facebook group. Here is an interview with Barry at the museum

Marion: GSI 08/06/18

NEWS, July 14

Bonnie Tyler
Recently Bonnie Tyler did announce during a concert that Barry Gibb has written a song for her. However at this point we have no confirmation about this yet. We keep you posted.

Sir Barry and his wife Linda, Lady Gibb visit Wimbledon 2018
Barry and Linda had plans to also this year pay a visit to Wimbledon and they took place in the Royal Box on Friday, July 13th.

A complete photo report you will fin don our facebook group.

Feels Like a Dream
Story van Anne Jakowenko na Knighthood

Haute Tea announcement 2018.
The 7th Annual Haute Tea luncheon for DRIF
October 19. 2018, Time: 11:00am
Venue: St. Regis Bal Harbour For GSI our Anne Jakowenko will report about the event.

The Future Of The Bee Gees Catalog!!
How the Bee Gees plan to stay alive in the era of digital music
The Future Of The Bee Gees Catalog!!

Bruce Resnikoff, president and CEO of Universal Music Enterprises, a division of Universal Music Group that handles Capitol’s catalog, said that his organization is aware of what they’ve got on their hands – and plans to handle it with care. Both companies are a division of UMG. “The Bee Gees are a major part of pop music history, known from the early days for their iconic songwriting and harmonies to their evolution to a chart-topping powerhouse group,” said Resnikoff, who’s an avowed believer in the power of classic catalogs. “We’re always seeking ways to introduce new audiences to the Bee Gees’ incredible music, most recently with a CBS Television special last year, and we’re constantly thinking of exciting new experiences for the band’s passionate fan base,” the executive added.
Read more at:

Sooty turns 70 as celeb-packed film confirmed with also Sir Barry Gibb
Richard Cadell, 49, confirmed plans for a blockbuster movie. One of the famous faces set to appear is Bee Gees legend and Sooty super-fan Sir Barry Gibb, 71. Richard added: “Barry’s just a slightly crazed fan, which we didn’t realise until he performed at Glastonbury with Sooty on stage. “He grew up in the north of England loving Sooty and he’s now become his mascot.”

Meet Sooty, the cute mascot of Barry and his Band Famous from the UK television: the Sooty Show. 🙂 This Sooty Show is a British children’s television series that was first aired on BBC Television lateron the show moved to ITV. It features the glove puppet characters Sooty, Sweep (who first appeared in 1957) and Soo (first appeared in 1964), and follows them in their many mischievous adventures. Linda Gibb a while ago told on GSI facebook group that Steve still has Sweep.
More on our facebook group!

Sooty with Richard Cadell

Marion: GSI 07/14/18  

NEWS, June 22

 Barry’s present

Leo, the gorgeous pup shortly before he would go to meet Barry and Linda. photo Sarah Singh

In the past weeks I’d already mentioned on GSI facebook about a present Barry would get when coming to Britain this summer. Unfortunatelyy I couldn’t tell more yet. Well here it is: may I present to you…. LEO What a gift!!! Finally I can show this new hunk to you! New family member of the Gibbs: Leo. A beautiful white Golden Retriever. Isn’t he adorable?! Leo is from a Scottish breeder and his parents are champions and he is already so well behaved. A lovely gift for a very soon to be: Sir Barry Gibb and his family.

Leo, happy together with his mum and dad, photo Linda Gibb.

Marion: GSI 06/22/18  

NEWS, March 9

 Release New Andy Gibb Album
Thanks Peta for sending this news to GSI.


Los Angeles – March 9, 2018 – Andy Gibb’s top hits have been collected for a new CD and digital collection, “The Very Best Of Andy Gibb”, to be released by Capitol/UMe on April 13.

Preorder The Very Best Of Andy Gibb: Starting today, the digital album preorder includes instant download and streaming access for “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” featuring P.P. Arnold.

The Very Best Of Andy Gibb honors the monumental worldwide success, achieved within just a few years, of one of the most celebrated recording artists and stage performers of his time. The collection’s 15 tracks include Gibb’s three Number One chart toppers, “I Just Want To Be Your Everything,” “Shadow Dancing,” and “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water.” Four more Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits are showcased: “An Everlasting Love,” “(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away,” “I Can’t Help It” featuring Olivia Newton-John, and “Desire,” Gibb’s collaboration with his brothers Barry, Maurice, and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.

All of the collection’s tracks are drawn from Andy Gibb’s three hit studio albums, 1977’s platinum-certified Flowing Rivers, 1978’s platinum-certified Shadow Dancing, and 1980’s gold-certified After Dark.

ANDY GIBB: The Very Best Of Andy Gibb
1. Shadow Dancing
2. I Just Want To Be Your Everything
3. An Everlasting Love
4. Flowing Rivers
5. (Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away
6. (Love Is) Thicker Than Water
7. After Dark
8. Man On Fire
9. I Can’t Help It (featuring Olivia Newton-John)
10. Desire (featuring the Bee Gees)
11. Time Is Time
12. Me (Without You)
13. Wherever You Are
14. One More Look At The Night
15. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Album Version) (featuring P.P. Arnold)

Media Contact
Jennifer Ballantyne, UMe: (310) 865-2350 /

Marion: GSI 03/09/18  
(thanks Peta Gibb Weber)

NEWS, February 27

Message from GSI
Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, I have less time to be online, to update the website or to answer mails at the moment. Keep in touch with GSI through the facebookgroup which I will try to update as good as possible the coming weeks.
Love Marion / GSI xxx

Marion: GSI 02/27/18  

NEWS, February 15

  Spencer Gibb answers your questions
Here’s the answers to questions submitted by everyone . Thanks for your great questions and I got so many that there’s gonna be a Part 2 !! If you haven’t already, please support the “Let’s Start Over” vinyl campaign too at Thanks!
Part 1:

Andy’s Everlasting Extravaganz
Greetings Everyone, To all who love Andy and cherish his life, music, and many accomplishments, I extend a warm welcome and invite each of you to join us, as we gather in Miami, to celebrate the man who moved mountains with his talents and love… Please visit: for event details and tickets. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Yours in Music,
Tesy Ward

Andy’s Everlasting Extravaganz
Tesy Ward Music a division of the Tesy Ward organization presents
Andy’s Everlasting Extravaganz …….Celebrating the Life and Music of Andy Gibb

2018 is an important and emotional year for Andy Gibb fans around the world, as it marks what would have been Andy’s 60th birthday, and it also marks the 30th anniversary of his passing. In honor of these occasions, we are gathering in Miami Beach, Florida, March 5 – 11, 2018, a City Andy called home, for a series of activities designed to provide his fans a behind-the-scenes peek into his life, his music, and his love of Miami Beach.

Marion: GSI 02/15/18  
(thanks Tesy Ward and Andy Gibb Team)

NEWS, January 4

“Love And Hope Ball”, 2018
Like earlier mentioned there has been made a change in the date and venue for the next Love and Hope event: “Love And Hope” High Rollers Casino Night. The new date is now set for Saturday April 14 at the ‘Faena Forum’ in Miami Beach. The ‘Faena Forum’:developed by Alan Faena and designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, is an arts center that is part of Mid-Beach Faena District and opened in December 2016.
More details about the event when available and keep following us of course on GSI Facebook!!

Marion: GSI 01/04/18


NEWS, December 18

Robin Gibb Road

In 2016 there was talk about naming a road in Thame: Robin Gibb Road. I received correspondence then about the plans with a request to forward it to Dwina Gibb, which I did. So nice to have found out that indeed there’s a road with his name now in Thame, not really in the center but in a new part of Thame. Dwina this week wrote me telling she is very happy the sign is finally there, more soon and also: see GSI facebook.

A special Christmas for all Andy Gibb Fans
I am happy that finally some more details can be published about the Andy Gibb memorial plans. Read the latest information letter about it: here! Looking forward to announce the beautiful place where Andy’s permanent memorial will be situated!!
Thank you Deborah and team: friends of Andy Gibb international, (Marion/GSI).

Two former Bee Gees did meet again!
In the first years of The Bee Gees being back in England there were 2 musicians added to the group: Vince Melouney on lead guitar and Colin Petersen on drums. They left the group after some years and Vince continued working in music and still today is performing and playing even Bee Gees music on stage. Vince and I became facebook friends and regularly meet here in Europe. Vince these days lives in London and amongst others goes on tour each year with my Italian friends: The Italian Bee Gees. When Colin Petersen left, I lost sight of him and I believe he stopped working in showbusiness. Some years ago I posted a few articles on the GSI website, of Colin living in Australia but no more news of him in showbusiness. The new drummer of The Bee Gees was Geoff Bridgford and he also became a good facebookfriend of mine although we never met we regularly write eachother and Geoff tells me about his things in music etc. After him it was Dennis Bryon who took over the Bee Gees’ drums and also he became a friend of mine when he started touring with my Italian friends here in Europe some years ago. How coincidentally…… drummer Geoff recently came in touch again with drummer Colin!! And so I’m finally hearing again a bit more about how things are going with Colin Petersen. Geoff Bridgford wrote me last week about his meeting with Colin:

(part of personal letter by Geoff to Marion/GSI, please do not copy)
” Dear Marion, I recently attended the funeral of an old musician mate: Carl Groszmann. Back in 1966. ‘The Bee Gees’ recorded one of Carl’s songs ‘Lonely Winter’, with lead vocals by Maurice, which was released on ‘The Bee Gees ‘Inception/Nostalgia’ compilation album. We played together in two bands ‘Steve and the board’ (Australia 1966) and (Tin Tin – UK 1970, Produced by Maurice’s production company Moby Productions) Interestingly, Colin Petersen was the original drummer in ‘Steve and the Board’ before joining the Bee Gees and when he left the Bee Gees I replaced him again as drummer in the Bee Gees – I hadn’t seen Colin since 1966 and he was at Carl’s funeral in Brisbane!. It was a wonderful meeting up for us both chatting and reflecting on our unique shared musical destiny’s. Colin appears to be doing OK, unfortunately there were no pictures taken ( it was a funeral). We have spoken about getting together again and I will take some pix then. He lives in a town called ‘Maleny’ in Queensland (an hour North of Brisbane) and he’s not married and I don’t think he has any kids. He hasn’t been involved in musical activities for a long time, but there was a second ‘musicians wake’ for Carl’s passing (which I couldn’t make it to) where a group of Carl’s muso mates played some old ‘covers’ and Colin played some drums apparently. He mentioned it was the first time he had played drums in thirty years. Will be in touch again soon, Cheers Geoff”
More soon!!

Take that and Barry Gibb
REMINDER! TAKE That are celebrating their 30th anniversary next year. A special BBC programme will look back at the band’s highlights and their favourite memories We’ll get a glimpse of the band in the studio with Barry Gibb. Take That: We’ve Come A Long Way will air on December 28, 2018 at 7pm on BBC One. The programme will be available to watch online with BBCiPlayer shortly after broadcast.

Marion: GSI 12/18/18  

NEWS, November 24

Exhibition: Smiley comes home – The lives of Colin Petersen

Colin Petersen The sixties

For all Bee gees fans….At the Redcliffe Museum

Colin returns to the Redcliffe peninsula where it all began, to share the story of his extraordinary life in his own words. The exhibition will feature his private collection of memorabilia, seen publicly for the first time. This exhibition will be launched by the Mayor Allan Sutherland. We will be joined by special guest Colin Petersen, with music by Tom Oliver and the Humpybong State School. The exhibition has been developed in partnership with curator Ron Kelly.

Colin more recent

Marion: GSI 11/24/18  

NEWS, November 2

  Barry Gibb supports the Small Steps Project
Live Auction now!!

We’re delighted to have Barry Gibb support the Small Steps Project for the first time with this donation of Johnston and Murphy black leather lace-ups.!!! Celebrity Shoes Auction: November 1 to November 11th. 2018 Small Steps Project is a a humanitarian organisation in the UK 100% of public donations is spent on shoes and emergency aid!
You can also bid here on ebay AUCTION

Marion: GSI 11/02/18  

NEWS, October 7

Daily Mirror article about ‘Bee Gees film’?! Marion: ‘Like GSI mentioned already last year……. There are some projects in the works and Barry,Yvonne as well as Dwina work together on some matters. However things still are confidential, which I made clear to you as well. This week media suddenly mentioned one of the projects again however I had no confirmed details and didn’t know if they were talking here about a film or a new documentary or whatever, or did they have mixed up all kinds of info stuff!! I first checked things with the Gibb family. It turns out that Dwina Gibb was interviewed last week at the BMI awards but the Mirror published a rather confusing article. Dwina was so kind to write me (Marion/GSI) to tell what really was discussed last week.
See her personal note to me below (source GSI !!)

Dear Marion,
Re: The Daily Mirror.
Many people and some of Robin’s music industry friends came to say hello to me at the BMI Awards, (London) and I was pleased to see a lady and a gentleman who had apparently talked to me before about my first play: Last Confessions of a Scallywag. She told me that they rarely see me out anywhere, and she asked me what I was doing now, and I said that I had written another play which is due out next year and she wanted to see it. She asked me if there was going to be a film or production about the Bee Gees lives, and I said that it is in the bag and has been talked about for years even before Robin passed away, but that Barry was making sure they had the right writers for it. I forgot that the term: “it’s in the bag” means something is already finished and in production.

Then she asked if there was music of Robin’s which had never come out. He composed and recorded many parts of songs at home that he had worked on with RJ when they were writing the Titanic Requiem, but also ideas for other songs they had written together those last few years.

I said that many composers writing songs often have a surplus of songs when they write their albums and the rest of the music is usually archived. So, of course, she asked me if the Bee Gees had songs, and I remember Robin telling me that they had an archive of works, published and unpublished, which Barry has now. The rest of the time we talked about “Woman In Love” which was written for Barbra Streisand, during the time when I first lived with Robin. Consequently, it has cherished memories for me and I was proud when RJ went up to receive the BMI Award for it on behalf of his father who co-wrote it with Barry. It has had over three million broadcast performances. It is an incredibly beautiful song that received a Grammy and many accolades and I have always loved Barbra Streisand’s voice. I wanted to set the record straight that the newspaper implied that it was unpublished Bee Gees songs that our son RJ was putting together. This is untrue. In fact it is the music RJ was working on with his father that he is preserving.

Love and best wishes,
(source GSI facebookgroup and GSI website!!)

Marion: GSI 10/07/18  

NEWS, September 13

Including statement by Peta Gibb.

Like mentioned on GSI before we would soon come with more info about the Andy memorial plans in Miami. Now very important and long awaited new announcement is there!! Please if you like, read and fill in the letter with your data and send it by email to the address in red. Deborah Cristina and Team.

Click here for letter (Pdf) by Deborah and Team and statement of Peta!

Additional message from Peta:
Peta Weber: Please don’t interpret my statement as a message of support or otherwise. I am asking people to be aware that this project has no official connection with my father and that any requests for donations do not come from me or have anything to do with his estate. I would never ask anyone for money. Whilst I don’t have any objection to a statue, people should always be cautious and need to do their own homework before they donate money anywhere. This will be my only clarification, I felt it was important to do so. NOTE FROM GSI: I’d like to thank Peta Gibb for her statement concerning the development of a memorial by fans and friends for our beloved Andy Gibb (her father). Although it is a fan project The family and the estate of Andy Gibb have no objection to this plan but….. please DO NOT contact the family with comments, questions, suggestions etc. about the plans and donatings to this project as it is a fan project and the family have no involvement in it whatsoever!! Please make your own enquiries concerning sending donations. Andy’s family is not involved in any way but the Friends Of Andy Gibb Team can be trusted a 100% They have known Andy very well. Thank you Peta for this statement and herewith having answered so many questions. There have also been fans asking if this project has anything to do with The Gibb Family Foundation formerly known as The Andy Gibb Memorial Foundation. NO!! It has no affiliation with The Gibb Family Foundation established in 1988. (Beverly Burke, Co-Founder Gibb Family Foundation).

Marion / GSI For all questions about this project please contact Deborah Cristina at: To all fans, let’s hope many of you can help and only with your help the team can realize this project!

Marion: GSI 09/13/18  

NEWS, August 15

GSI info about SPIRITS Having Flown (2)
GSI is overloaded with questions and comments. I know how much all fans love to see more Spirits material released. For many years you are asking for it already and to me personally it would be wonderful too as I spend around 6 weeks in that tour: The time of my life!!! I have been asking arround and I already mentioned: although people are working on the old Bee Gees material like the Spirits tour videos, sound clips etc. it still is not ready for release or ready for official announcements yet.

But like always GSI keeps you informed and updated and I am sure (after having been in touch again with my sources) I can say it will be released at some point in the near future. Capitol people and even another team (working on another Bee Gees project for near future!) are at the moment busy going through all the tapes and videos on file (including all the tapes and videos of Middle Ear) that initially went to Warners when the Miami studio was sold but have now been moved all to the Capitol storage facility in LA along with everything else that Warners had.

Concerning all your questions regarding the taped Spirits concert which once was sent to me to use for a Bee Gees meeting!!!: Unfortunately, like I already mentioned before, one doesn’t think the sound quality of this Cleveland show would be good enough for using as bonus material with a Spirits official release. It is a private filming with using only one mike. However the tape will contain material which is perhaps to be used for another project which is in progress at the moment about The Bee Gees.!! I will keep you updated and we all keep our fingers crossed.

Marion: GSI 08/15/18  

NEWS, July 19

UPDATE!!! Unfortunately Barry after all won’t be present saturday at the Sooty party. Just confirmed.

Barry at Sooty’s birthday Party in Blackpool
Barry is supposed to appear in Blackpool on Saturday, July 21….. He will be putting in a appearance at Blackpools north pier with Sooty Sweep and Sue. Thanks for this info Linda Keane, we hope to hear more soon!! read also:

Marion: GSI 07/19/18  
(thanks also Linda Keane)

NEWS, July 6

 Some latest about Sir Barry Gibb and Lady Gibb
They were at the Nordoff Robbins Silver Cleff awards today and are planning to go to Wimbledon one day next week. No interviews planned at the moment.
In answer to some fan questions:
1. After seeing all the photos fans asked me wasn’t Linda there?? Yes Linda; Lady Gibb was present at the Nordoff Robbins too!! but her and other members of the Gibb family did not walk the carpet outside on arrival where all the press were . There was one family shot taken inside by the event photographer.
2. Concerning: Adoration Trilogy. At this point no knowledge yet of part 2 and 3 of the Adoration Trilogy. (management).
More photos etc. about the visit to Nordoff Robbins Silver Cleff awards: on our facebook page!!

Barry, Silver Clef Award 2018

Marion: GSI 07/06/18 

NEWS, June 27

Sir Barry Gibb, the day after
GSI first loves to thank for all the enthusiastic fan comments after the news was spread about Barry becoming Sir Barry, yesterday June 26th. 2018. It is quite an honour and I feel very proud to know this man and his wonderful family already since the early seventies and what a great day yesterday to be able to share and enjoy with all of you this wonderful news for Barry as well as for his beloved brothers and family. This is for the whole family for sure!! I received the news that the Gibb family and friends had enjoyed a very special day: Barry had to get up really early yesterday morning and has had a nice lunch with family and a few friends at the Langham after the investiture ceremony, then back to his UK home to reflect on this perfect day. There will be coming some more photos hopefully later today!!
“We had a fantastic day celebrating” ! So deserved
PS: Little Leo is wonderful settled and is doing really well!!
For lots of more postings, videos, photos always keep following us on Facebook!

Some videos:

Marion: GSI 06/27/18  

NEWS, June 26


Like earlier mentioned Barry would be knighted in June and today was the day! GSI congratulates SIR BARRY AND LADY GIBB. This is so well deserved and in our hearts this is a knighthood for all brothers.
Here are some first photos / video
More on facebook and when available.

Marion: GSI 06/26/18  

NEWS, June 18

Bee Gees documentary plans !!
The German station ZDF is planning a Bee Gees documentary and GSI has been in touch with the program makers. This documentary about the Bee Gees will be only a short one: 7 minutes and will be in the context of other “famous brothers and sisters”- stories (for example the Klitschkos, the Middletons, the Kennedys, the Messners, etc.). It’s named: ZDF-History: “Promi-Geschwister – Verdammt verwandt” and will be broadcasted on July, 8th (23:30 Uhr) on ZDF – Germany.

( I hope GSI will soon be able to mention you other news also about documentary plans for the Bee Gees. I cannot tell about this yet, sorry!!!)

Marion: GSI 06/18/18  

NEWS, June 1

 Some updates
This month Barry will be knighted in Great Britain! Barry has not been knighted yet. He is not ‘Sir’ yet. His knighthood was announced late last December 2017 which I reported on GSI facebook group and here on the website. The official ceremony for Barry has not taken place yet, but will be later this month. It will be private and no official announcement will be made beforehand. GSI will keep you posted. It will be a private ceremony by the Queen, or someone of her direct family members, and probably held in Buckingham Palace. Do not expect a full live TV coverage. You will probably see clips in the news bulletins. No large photo reports either. Hopefully some nice pix will be made by the few special photographers present at the palace. It is against royal protocol to take photos. The press will be doing that after the ceremony. This is a very special occasion with strict rules as Barry and family will know and obviously follow out of respect for the Queen and all the royals present. To answer your questions: there is no possibility for fans to be present!! Each person who will be knighted may bring one or two persons with him/her to the palace.

When Barry is in Britain for his Knighthood ceremony he will be getting a special present !! More about that on GSI later on!!

Andy’s Celebration week / memorial in Miami
From March 5th. untill March 11th. there was ANDY’S EVERLASTING EXTRAVAGANZA / Andy’s celebration week to celebrate what would have been his 60th. birthday. Fans from all over gathered in Miami for a special program of celebrations together. A photo report by fans has been posted on our group already and there will also be a link to the photo report on this website ( see: REPORTS). Next to that you remember that GSI together with lots of other fan groups helped with signing a letter for the City Of Miami to try and get a permanent memorial for Andy. Deborah Cristina started this and we mentioned about it last year already. After lots of talks and meetings there might indeed be coming a nice permanent memorial for Andy Gibb as well as maybe a yearly event. Lots of talks and time to go however!! I cannot tell much about it yet but the plans are making me very enthusiastic, it sounds beautiful!! Please keep following GSI. When there’s news we will post it.

Marion: GSI 06/01/18  

NEWS, March 5

Peta Gibb Weber:
I choose to remember my father today, March 5, on what should have been his 60th birthday. I wish he was here to celebrate with us and to be the dad to me, the husband to my mother, the pop to his grandchildren and the mate to my husband that we have all needed but he was never given the chance to be.

I won’t be commenting further on the 10th. I prefer not to commemorate the events of 30 years ago, events that never should have happened in the first place, took away a young life with so much unfulfilled potential far too soon and caused so much unnecessary pain. What happened in March 1988 remains etched clearly in my mind forever but I have no further wish to talk about it publicly. Just please know that I am now absolutely at peace with how things turned out but I will never forget.

So, happy birthday to my father in heaven. For me personally, this time is not a time for celebration. It is about making sure what happened to Andy Gibb (and too, too many others like him) stops happening. History continues to repeat itself and, with this in mind, if you possibly can, please consider a practical tribute to my father’s memory via a contribution to @musicsupportcharity or @musicares. These organisations provide invaluable and tireless support to musicians and others in the music industry struggling with mental illness and addiction.

And finally – let the music live on. For that is all we really have left. I have more news about that coming very, very soon.

Barry Gibb update
* In answer to many questions: just in short , Barry is still involved in several projects of which I cannot tell much yet…. and next to that is writing new music.
* Also he, together with Dwina and Yvonne are consulting as well with UTG (the Universal Theatre Group) re the development of the stage musical. However this will take quite some time before ready to relase.
* I am not allowed to announce the exact date of the Knighthood investure ceremnony but it will be in the summer of this year , maybe June.
* More on GSI when available.

Marion: GSI 03/05/18  

NEWS, February 9

One For All Tour Live In Australia 1989

Finally, Out on DVD / Blu-Ray: on February 2nd.
Enjoy this wonderful concert which will bring back memories to many of you!!
The DVD came right back into the charts the first week!!
The Netherlands: 1
Australia: 2
U.K.: 4
Sweden : 5

Marion: GSI 02/09/18  
(Thanks: Juan Cristóbal Guzmán Lagos).

NEWS, January 21

GSI answers to many of your questions
The new date / location for the Love and Hope event is set for Saturday April 14, 2018 at the ‘Faena Forum’ in Miami Beach. Also for this April date there are no plans for Barry to perform.
There are no concerts planned (yet) for this year. Probably because Barry is very busy with all kinds of other projects. For instance: plans for a book, The Adoration Trilogy part 2-3, writing and recording new material, working on the Bee Gees musical etc. etc. If concert(s )will come this year we will give you all details.
You wanted to know a bit more about what Adam Gibb is doing in day to day life: He is busy with raising his kids together with his wife Is taking care of his fathers estate Busy with music and songwriting Screen writing, he majored in that at college: in motion picture and history.
Is there any Gibb merchandise to buy and where Yes, I guess when googling on the internet you will find several sites with items concerning The Bee Gees, however they have nothing to do with the official Gibb Family merchandise. GSI only posts about the official merchandise.
Many questions about how many children The Brothers Gibb have and grand children, their names etc. etc. Just visit my GSI – Gibb Family Tree.
Lots of questions about the many fake Barry Gibb accounts on the internet We mentioned this a few times before, specially on the facebook group Regularly some unknown people on the internet approach Bee Gees fans, starting conversations and telling them they are Barry Gibb and always try to get money for charity. Don’t ever believe Barry approaches you through internet Don’t ever give your name, address and account number to any stranger on internet (not even someone telling you he is Barry: that is always fake) Don’t ever send any money ! Don’t ever publicly names of fans on social media and acuse them of doing this when there is no prove! Barry will never ask fans in messages to help him with a charity If there is any news about Barry which he likes to share with the fans, this will always be posted on his official sites and pages (as well as some websites/groups like GSI etc. who always will post it too) . It is a pity there are fake people and accounts going around on internet, not much to do about it but: JUST IGNORE IT ALL!! Marion / GSI:

Marion: GSI 01/21/18