NEWS, December 20th.

Stayin ‘Alive
A quick message today to keep you all up to date on the progress of the community-led Stayin’ Alive campaign.

Private Lives – Dwina Gibb talks about Robin and The Bee Gees
Interview from September 19, 2019.
Paul Robinson met Dwina Gibb, wife of the late Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, who he met at her home, as well as chatting with their son RJ. Talking memories of Robin Gibb and The Bee Gees working together, and many of their hits and compositions.

Marion: GSI 12/20/19  

NEWS, December 4

Love And Hope Ball 2020
The next Love & Hope High Rollers Night, will be held again at the Nobu Hotel Eden Roc on Miami Beach on February 15th 2020. Cocktails, Dinner, Dancing, Casino Prizes etc. however Like every year. GSI has received the information that Barry will not be performing.

More plans from Capitol /Universal
GSI believes the record company are considering re – releasing about 5 more of the of 70’s vinyl albums in conjunction with the airing of the new Documentary next year. I cannot mention you any album titles yet nor possible bonus items but will keep you up to date as always. So stay tuned on GSI there’s lots of new things coming up !!

Marion: GSI 12/04/19  

NEWS, November 28

Marion / GSI:
“Here again a little update about things you have asked me about recently”.
Merchandise, No official Barry / Group merchandise available presently but hopefully deals will be in place in the not too distant future.
“Spirits Having Flown” At this time I have not heard more info from Universal about plans in place to re – release ‘Spirits Having Flown’ or related material . There will be extra attention for Spirits in the new to be released documentary though. What the future will bring we have to wait and see.
Universal fire in LA. Lots of questions about this after some new media attention about this a while ago. I have searched and know that all the Bee Gees Masters are safe as they were still with Warners in 2008 but there is a possibility that some solo tapes may have been lost although there may well be duplicate tapes in the UK.
Media reports about Nick Endacott: I have been in touch with him a number of years ago and GSI will wait with posting anything more until a possible Gibb family statement, due to privacy reasons.
More updates when available here on GSI.

Marion: GSI 11/28/19  

NEWS, November 12

Some latest info about: Two former Bee Gees drummers
Geoff Bridgford and Colin Petersen.
Geoff wrote GSI yesterday again that all is going will with him. Some time ago he mentioned to GSI he’d met Colin and talked with him and would love to meet him soon again. We reported about that. Unfortunately this ne meeting didn’t happen yet and since Colin is also behind the drums now Geoff had hoped to be able to visit Colin’s performance next May but then he will be working somewhere else and cannot visit. The two still have hope to get together again in near future. Part of Geoff’s message to GSI: “I’m doing well . I still keep chipping away at my love for the music and planning some new recordings and low key solo gigs for 2020. I’ll send you links to anything relevant. Good to see Colin petersen is back playing drums. His drumming was very inventive in The Bee Gees songs he played on. Although ‘Twin Towns’ is located pretty close to me, I’ll be away down South in Melbourne around that date – otherwise it could have been a good opportunity to catch up with him again. All the best to you, will be in touch, warm regards
Geoff B”

Colin: , former Bee Gees drummer plays at Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts, Tweed Heads,
New South Wales, Australia on May 2, 2020

Some reposts from last year:

Bee Gees statue in Douglas
The statue on the Isle Of Man will have ‘worldwide appeal’, says council leader!! According to David Christian the authority wants to create a landmark feature that both visitors and locals will appreciate. Mr Christian discussed the proposal with Local Democracy Reporter Ewan Gawne. Discussions over a statue started about 10 years ago when Robin and Barry attended a ceremony at Douglas Town Hall where they became Freeman Of Douglas. The authority is trying to see if Barry can attend the unveiling of the statue next year. Hopefully, pending planning approval, it will be complete in April next year. The proposal would see a £150,000 sculpture of Manx-born Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, caught mid-Stayin’ Alive stride, put on Douglas’ Loch Promenade. The 7ft (2m) design is by Andrew Edwards, who crafted statues of The Beatles and Cilla Black in Liverpool. In the base of the statue, which would be in the shape of a record: inscribed the lyrics from Ellan Vannin, the song the group recorded to raise funds for a Manx charity in 1997. Four lighting bollards have been included to illuminate the statue. A council spokesman said if approved, the statue would be in place by April 2020. There are even plans yet for the unveiling and the date of this ceremony, however I cannot tell more about that now as it is still confidential. More on GSI when I can publish these plans.
Read more and listen to the audio: Videos: Plans for Bee Gees statue at Douglas Promenade
BeeGees made freemen of Douglas, Isle of Man

Pledge for The Gaumont Theater A campaign to save a former cinema which hosted the first-ever performance by the Gibb brothers, long before their worldwide fame as the Bee Gees, has raised already more than £300,000.

More about the Bee Gees movie plans.
The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ scribe is teaming up with Graham King, Stacey Snider and Steven Spielberg to bring the Bee Gees story to the big screen.

Marion: GSI 11/12/19  
(More news, photos and updates on our Facebookgroup).

NEWS, November 1


Finally some info concerning the movie plans we earlier mentioned about and where recently also Robin John Gibb talked about in an interview just before the premiere of his first show in August. Some very big projects in the making now…. ofwhich the Biography is almost ready but the Musical and Movie will still take quite some time!! We will wait and see. It worked for Queen. It worked for Elton John. Why not tackle the Bee Gees next? Paramount Pictures and producer Graham King are producing a biopic movie about the Bee Gees…

Paramount, Sister, Graham King Team For Bee Gees Biopic
Paramount Pictures is teaming with upstart producer-financier Sister and Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King to mount a movie about the Bee Gees, the trio whose worldwide sales of more than 220 million records established them as one of the biggest-selling groups of all time. The studio has purchased the life rights to the Gibbs family estate, which will allow them to use the trio’s iconic songs in the final film. Recently formed production/financial venture Sister is partnering with Paramount and Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King for the new film. While details are currently scarce, Deadline reports that the studio is currently looking to lock down a writer for the project. We also keep you updated the coming time about this project.

Marion: GSI 11/01/19  

NEWS, October 22


Another amazing event, hosted by RJ Gibb and Andrew Eborn. October 20. 2019, at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London: Robin John’s second show.
See full report

Barry at the Chris Evert Gala
In answer to many questions I recently received about possibilities for: a back stage pass, visit to soundcheck and/or meet and greet with Barry at the day of his performance on the Chris Evert Gala: info from Barry’s team…… ‘Unfortunately there will not be an opportunity for fans to attend a soundcheck or for us to arrange a meet and greet in this instance as there are so many attending, lots of people used the discount promo code when purchasing tickets.’

Marion: GSI 10/22/19  

NEWS, October 2

Barry Gibb performance ???
There have been announcements made that Barry Gibb would be present at the Dolly Parton Week performing at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, USA on October 11 and 12 But…due to private oppointments next week he won’t be able to attend.

Marion: GSI 10/02/19  

NEWS, September 24

September 17, 2019:
Marion / GSI : ‘Yesterday I received a mail back from Adam Gibb, whom I had written to get some of your questions answered concerning the new park plans. (Below a part of the private correspondence between Adam and me)

click to enlarge

– Some background info on this project…….
Adam: The city approached us with an idea to redesign Maurice Gibb Park with very cool and innovative ideas on playground equipment based around music.
– Has the design made in cooperation with your family?
Adam: The city of Miami Beach has been in communication throughout the process and has brought all the ideas to us to approve. We LOVE what they have planned!
– I see parts of text on some photos: what is the complete text and where does it come from.
Adam: A lot of what you see on the photos has been thrown on there as ideas. Some of what we have discussed and others meaningless.
– I am very interested in getting some update info about the new design if possible
Adam: . What is online and public is the current information on the park redesign. They wanted to make it a place to see on the list of things to do when you come to Miami Beach. A lot of love is being put into it.
– Will there come an official opening?
Adam: There will be an official opening which is still at least a year away.
Hope this helps answer some of the questions you have! Its still early days and we haven’t heard anything new for a few months now. All the best, Adam.

I will keep you updated the coming year about these new plans but it looks to become wonderful and with full support and approval of The Gibb family.’

September 24: Update with more info
The Design Review Board (DRB) officially approved the plans for the park revitalization project, which will install a brand new state-of-the-art playground, new walkway paths, tall shade structures, a dog park, new fishing piers, and a new bay view overlook! The new playground structure will be an especially unique addition, as it is themed after the 1976 Bee Gees song You Should Be Dancing, an additional tribute to Maurice Gibb and his band.
Construction for this G.O. Bond project will begin in May 2020 and the expected completion date is November 2021.
GSI will keep you updated, also follow us on Facebook.

Marion: GSI 09/24/19  
(with thanks: Adam Gibb)

NEWS, August 31

Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida, Gibb Family update
The past few days I’ve received countless questions about the situation around hurricane Dorian and The Gibb Family. I have been in touch with the family in Tennessee the past few days and received some updates about their plans. As you know Barry, Linda and some family members are already in Tennessee for a while for and they first decided to maybe stay there untill the coming week because of Dorian. Today their plans changed due to the fact that the path of Dorian seems to change as well and they love to go back to the rest of their family.


Hi Marion, We are returning to Miami today to join the family. As of now I believe that all the Gibb family have taken the necessary precautions and will likely remain in place as hurricane ‘Dorian’ appears to be currently taking a slightly more northerly track and that being the case the ‘very worst’ weather should miss ‘South Florida’ although will still experience tropical storm force winds and very heavy long sustained rain which along with the ‘king tides’ will likely cause street flooding and power outages.

Follow us on GSI Facebook for latest updates always.

Robin left audio tapes, Dwina plans to write a book
Marion: ‘Yes, Robin Gibb left quite a number of tapes onwhich he tells his biography. Dwina is busy listening to them all. I guess it must be wonderful for her that Robin left her -his life on tapes- but on the other hand very difficult to hear this told by Robin himself and hear his voice. It is much too early in the progress but, in the end there might come a book about Robin’s life.
GSI will keep you updated.’

Marion: GSI 08/31/19  

NEWS, August 19

Neil Sean talks with RJ. Gibb
This is the video of the taped interview at the Bloomsbury Ballroom on August 6th. Just 2 days before the premiere show of Robin John in this beautiful London venue. The new project of shows in the heart of London will be started to bring new talent on stage and give those people a chance and also to keep the Bee Gees music alive as well as attention for Robin John’s own music and all of this in combination with the beautiful London Carbaret Dance group. It will be become regular shows with all kinds of artists. Robin John and Neil of course also talk about RJ’s father Robin and his uncles and The Bee Gees music and even about a possibility to maybe make a Hollywood movie about their lives and career.

Meanwhile in Tennessee.

Barry at Kelly and TG’s home, holding Kelly’s personalized guitar
Copyright Kelly Lang.

August 17, 2019 Kelly Lang, good friend of Barry and Linda took a number of photos of some visitors that day. Barry and Linda Gibb, Olivia Newton John and husband John Easterling along with Ali Gibb, Dick Ashby and Kelly’s mom Nancy Lang and Paul Jackson came to her and TG Sheppards home for dinner. Barry at the moment is staying in Tennessee recording in the studio for a new project. Kelly and husband TG, Olivia and husband and Barry and Linda are very good friends already for a long time. Kelly: ‘We ended up hanging round the kitchen table celebrating all of our recent accomplishments, sharing old memories, laughing a lot, and then completed the night with a sweet sing along around my piano. We are so blessed with such precious friends. We cherish these special times.’ Will this mean maybe Olivia and Kelly or RJ will also sing on Barry’s new album?! We’ll soon know. Oh… and it would be so nice to hear that sing along tape!!

Kelly Lang with her visitors, copyright Kelly Lang

More photos on our facebookgroup!

Marion: GSI 08/19/19  

NEWS, August 10

  Message from Robin John

RJ performing. copyright unknown

Posted on Facebook dated August 9. 2019, after his first show at the Bloomsbury Ballroom
on August 8th.

“It was great to see so many of you there,

Hope you come to the next one.

We always have more surprises in store, I’ll be singing more songs and the show only grows so there’s always something more to see.

Also I’ll be introducing more hot artists to the music scene. Andrew and I at KTT Records are dedicated to changing the industry for the better and we invite others to join the struggle. In the same vein as the great Dave and Mickey Most there need to be more risk takers in the talent scouting world ready to break the paradigm of only getting behind a tried and tested “safe bet” that sadly so many in the current music industry adhere to. That’s how things remain monotonous and stagnant and culture doesn’t grow nor alter.

The only factor which should determine whether a recording artist is great is whether or not their songs sound great and have fantastic hooks and melodies. Sometimes an entirely new genre is created, other times an older genre is revived, and sometimes an older genre is fused with a newer genre.
The ethos should be:
“If it sounds great then it is great”

Hope to see you at the next show !

Love to you all, RJ ‘

Dwina Gibb & Blue Weaver
inside The Bloomsbury Ballroom Hall. photo copyright. Gary Thomas

The Bloomsbury Ballroom, London, August 8th. 2019.
GSI has received many wonderful comments from the fans about this event. Thanks for that. Robin John performed and hosted and had a number of artists/friends joining him on stage to sing their songs and most of all to sing The Bee Gees songs. Wonderful too was the dancing of the London Cabaret group. Special and emotional it was when RJ performed Bee Gees songs of his father and uncles!! Later in the evening RJ called another person on stage, it was a surprise! Blue Weaver…. keyboard player of the Bee Gees Band played quite a number of Gibb songs, it was beautiful and great to see him on stage together with Robin John!! We expect some more of these shows in the near future, of course GSI will keep you updated about everything!!

The Show with the London Cabaret group
and Blue Weaver on keyboards. copyright Jill Francis

Lots of more photos and videos of this premiere show you can find of course on our Facebook group.

Marion: GSI 08/10/19  

NEWS, July 29

ROBIN JOHN GIBB Hosting and performing August 8th.
The Bee Gees family celebrate soul, funk and disco! Hosted by RJ Gibb

click to enlarge

RJ (July 28)
“I’m hosting and performing at the grand opening of my new show on the 8th of August at The Bloomsbury Ballroom, London. I welcome everyone to attend. I’ll be introducing hot new up-and-coming and most importantly talented and deserving artists along with high profile friends. My good friend Tony Moore will also be performing as well as some surprise guests in attendance.”
Robin John, (from his facebook account, July 28): “Thank you for the wonderful comments and well wishes. Also to those who have contacted me regarding ticket availability and where to purchase them it’s limited availability tickets, first come first serve after going live tomorrow. Watch this space and I will let you know the separate options regarding ticket purchases as soon as they’re available. As a lot of you know myself and my good friend Andrew Eborn created our company KTT just over a year ago and this is one of our productions. You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.
Watch his space as well for additional info!”

Thanks again for all your fantastic support, thanks as well to those who have liked and shared the posts and flyers for the show, by all means continue to do so, it’s a massive help to spread the word! Kind Regards RJ

Megan: (July 28) “In association with the London Cabaret Club KTT, Bloomsbury B.R, Octopus TV Robin-John Gibb, Tony Moore (Iron Maiden, Cutting Crew), Lisa Canny, Hope and friends will be delivering a truly unforgettable performance on the 8th of August.”

TICKETS AT LINK BELOW: for the Bloomsbury Ballroom are limited and…. first come first serve!!
More info and additional, photos and links: see GSI facebook!

Marion: GSI 07/29/19  

NEWS, July 15

In answer to fan – questions GSI received the past few days.
‘I have the following info for you.
Concerning the ordering of tickets by outside the USA living fans which gave some problems: I guess problems with tickets ordering through the Chris Evert website have been solved now. The website now accepts outside US addresses when you type these in and the special discount code. Attention for outside US fans: , tickets won’t be send to you but on the Gala day, November 23rd. 2019 you will be able to pick up the tickets at the “Will Call” desk of the Event.
Barry’s performance at the Chris Evert gala on Nov 23rd will not be on TV. This is a black tie charity event in a hotel ballroom – capacity about 600. Similar to a Diabetes Research “Love and Hope Ball”.
I imagine Barry will perform for about 45-50 minutes during this Gala Event. More info on GSI when available, later this year.
They probably had set aside about 50 -60 discount tickets for fans to purchase using the special code and as they have only been available since Saturday morning I would imagine there should still be a good many available.

New facebook group: important for all Bee Gees fans, become member today!! And help saving the Gaumont!! This group has been created with the purpose of returning the Co-op Funeralcare property in Chorlton back to community to be used as a museum of memorabilia of The Bee Gees, theatre, cinema, dance hall, exhibition hall and community meeting place. It is intended to raise money for the purchase the property by public donations. This iconic building was the first place that The Bee Gees performed live. In an extract from history says… “The neighbourhood cinema round the corner, owned by the Gaumont concern, was the place where the young kids watched a movie on Saturdays. During the break kids could lip-sync to their favourite records. That was something the Gibb boys wanted to try and they asked if they could have a go. They practised all week together with some friends and called themselves The Rattlesnakes and the next Saturday, with a breakable 78 r.p.m. record under their arm, they left for the theatre. But the record broke and so the brothers decided to go on stage and sing with their own voices. That was really the beginning!!”

Bee Gees fans could buy Co-op Funeralcare for Chorlton Arts!
Millions of Bee Gee fans could chip in just £1 each and provide the funds to buy the former Bee Gees haunt, in Chorlton. It could be returned to community use as a performance and exhibition venue and also a homage to the Bee Gees, with a museum of memorabilia. It was the Gaumont until it closed in 1962. Here is a picture taken in 1958 courtesy of Manchester Archives. Is that Barry, Robin and Maurice crossing the road?

Old Gaumont Theatre  (click picture to enlarge)

The Next step to bringing it back to the Community.
The City Council have accepted the nomination by Chorlton Community land Trust to make The Co-op Funeralcare an Asset of Community Value. “I can confirm that the City Council has accepted your community nomination as valid and will now proceed to decide whether or not the land named above should be included in the list of assets of community value. The decision will be made by 03 September 2019.”

Click to read the PDF of the slide presentation: Public Meeting: Co-op Funeralcare site for sale / At the Heart of Chorlton

Gaumont Theatre 2019  (click picture to enlarge)

Hazel Gibb (cousin of the famous brothers and one of the many to help saving the Gaumont ).
‘Morning to all my friends who are Bee Gee fans as well The Co-op Funeral home is going up for sale Chorlton dosn’t want to lose this iconic building and are very proud of the Bee Gees this is a chance now to make a real investment of the Brothers Gibb Chorlton Voice and Chorlton Arts Festival and a few others are determinded to buy this building and maintain it They need your help in doing so there would be a museum to the Bee Gee They say Our Community needs help to buy The Gaumont Chorlton, which was the first place that The Bee Gees played to a live audience. Join this Group and watch out for updates’.

See also our Mailbox posting
Keep following all devolpments at:
And of course our own GSI facebookgroup !!

Marion: GSI 07/15/19  

NEWS, June 21

 Barry Gibb item for auction
This year there will be a Barry Gibb item again in the RocknRoll for Deaf Awareness Auction. Auction date: November 26. This years item is a signed waistcoat. GSI heard that Barry wore this waistcoat on some special occasions, like the One Night Only, Las Vegas concert or probably more likely the Royal Variety Performance 2016.
The Legend that is BARRY GIBB!! has donated a signed waistcoat to this years #RocknRollAuctionDeafAwareness2019 AND signed CD and photo THANKYOU Barry! Such a fantastic supporter of #Deaf Awareness @GibbBarry @BeeGees #BarryGibb
More info when available.

Barry’s signed waistcoat.

Maurice Gibb Park

Maurice Gibb Park Design approved!! including Maurice Gibb Memorial!! Construction scheduled to begin in January 2020.
June 21, 2019.

click to enlarge

Marion: GSI 06/21/19 

NEWS, June 8

GSI Update about Barry
On request a little update about some plans and projects GSI understands that The feature documentary will not be completed in time for release this year but for sure I imagine it should be released next year and would be available worldwide, not sure yet if Universal may plan some initial cinema showings followed by Cable / TV. Barry, Yvonne and Dwina have completed their interviews for the documentary and continue to assist the producers with their research.

Universal are still exploring the idea of a Theatrical Stage Musical but a non – biopic concept using Bee Gees’ songs.

Also Barry is currently considering projects for the future, but there is nothing firm to announce at this time.
GSI will keep you informed so stay tuned!!

Andy Gibb memorial
GSI told you earlier about great plans for an eternal memory to our dear Andy Gibb. Deborah kept me updated all the time of all the plans and the progress etc. Finally today we can tell you and show you a little bit more about it. Good friends and fans of Andy like for instance Deborah Cristina and Tony Messina are very busy realizing plans for some years already and this week they visited again the place where Gianni Sessa is creating this special memory.
More info soon. Marion / GSI

Catania, June 2019
After more than 30 years…
From United States to Sicily to follow with eyes (and not only with heart!) the work in progress for Andy’s eternal memory!
Thanks, Maestro Gianni Sessa!
Love Deborah Cristina.

Andy Memorial. Here it will be created. Copyright Deborah Cristina

Andy Memorial. The creator from Sicily: Gianni Sessa
and Andy’s friend and assistent Tony Messina

More photos on GSI facebookgroup.

Criteria Studios
This studio is the birthplace of the Miami sound. Here’s how the music started
By Howard Cohen, May 26, 2019 We explore Criteria Recording Studios in North Miami where iconic musical acts have frequented since 1958.

GSI Tips
Bee Gees music analysed British guitarist analyses the Bee Gees live in 1974!

Kelly Records: The Bee Gees and Andy Gibb.

Marion: GSI 06/08/19  

NEWS, April 24

Marion / GSI: ‘Like mentioned some years ago already on GSI, I promissed there were plans for a number of nice projects for the coming years ofwhich I couldn’t tell much yet. Finally a short while ago I could mention the plans for the new Bee Gees documentary which were published then too by the producer. Yesterday I received a new update from the company who’s working on this. I heard already during my visit to the Massachusetts Tour in Germany some weeks ago that people like: Blue Weaver, Vince Melouney and Dennis Bryon had been interviewd for this docu during their tour in Germany. In the docu you will see lots of interview parts old and certainly also new ones as well as all kinds of other archival material specially from the early days and the 60’s and 70’s like photos, mementoes, etc. More people will be interviewed too the coming period. This weekend the company will fly over to Miami to do a new interview with Sir Barry Gibb amongst others, also for this new documentary. Soon I think they will have a special website where fans can contact when they have any photo or other material to offer for using in the docu. While the company is in Miami they will work on some recording to call out to the fans to send out. The producers are very much looking forward to release this new documentary and it should be a worldwide theatrical release, they told me yesterday!! If you think you have interesting material to offer for this docu you can also mail me and I will put your name and email address on a list already to send to the producers.
Stay tuned for more info soon!!’

Marion: GSI 04/24/19  

NEWS, March 16

Tim Roxborogh Interview With Samantha Gibb
Here’s a brand new interview I’ve done with Bee Gee offspring – Samantha Gibb (Maurice’s daughter) about a new band of brothers she’s producing. On top of that, whether she’ll make another album with any of her cousins and her thoughts on the 40th anniversary of the Bee Gees blockbuster “Spirits Having Flown” album. But wait, there’s more! The article includes lots of amazing music, including a super rare solo Maurice song. Thanks for reading!

Love and Hope Gala 2019
From Denise Wiggins
Love and Hope Gala, March 9, 2019 helt at the Nobu Hotel Eden Roc Denise: “A special evening spent with so many friends … so much fun dancing, singing, dining, socializing, enjoying the casino and overall event fun while raising funds for Diabetes research. Absolutely a night filled with joy, love and hope!”

Denise with Sir Barry, Copyright Denise Wiggins

Linda Gibb and Beverly Burke, Copyright: Beverly Burke

See full photo report on GSI facebook group!!

Blue Weaver
Bremen, Germany, February 2019.
What is Blue doing these days?! He’s still involved in lots of musical gigs and projects next to that of course he travels with the Massachusetts concert show for many years already through Europe playing the Bee Gees music with his friends The Italian Bee Gees and is now also planning to perform in some special shows with one of his old bands The Strawbs, in America this Spring.

Marion: GSI 03/16/19  

NEWS, February 12

MEG Production: Chase The Jaguar
Official release of first single: “Never Let You Down”!

“Seven Waves Away”.
Barry’s song for Bonnie Tyler.
You can also listen to a little sample.

Marion: GSI 02/12/19  
(More updates on GSI Facebook)

NEWS, February 9

GSI has been mentioned in pinned messages, updates and comments on both the group and the website about plans in the works quite some time already. In 2017 I heard the first plans ‘confidential’ from my sources in Miami Beach like it happens more often with new plans.. Some plans do not see the light of day as in the music industry so many people have to decide and work on things and so many reasons can be there, to stop working on plans. Don’t forget that so do not always blame The Gibb Family for not doing what they were -planning- to do. (also one of the reasons why it’s better to wait with announcing to the moment when things become more real). I regret the fact that some fans often get angry at ME for not mentioning more and sooner but please understand that when I am told confidential… I won’t spread the word yet. This happens often with these huge projects in music industry and there’s more in the works still…… so be patient and trust me, thank you Marion / GSI

A Bee Gees documentary.
Authorized by Barry Gibb and the families of his late brothers Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb. The film will be presented and fully financed by Polygram, Capitol Records and UMPG, and produced by the Kennedy/Marshall Company, White Horse Pictures and Diamond Docs. Marshall is directing and will produce with Nigel Sinclair (“Eight Days a Week”), Mark Monroe and White Horse Pictures’ Jeanne Elfant Festa.
Plans to release the film: later this year.
More info below:
Polygram, a Dutch entertainment company, stated they are going to make several music documentaries, per an exclusive report by Variety: They will be about the Bee Gees, the Go-Go’s, the jewelry associated with hip-hop, and the history of the mixtape.

Click for official press release

Marion: GSI 02/09/19  

NEWS, January 23

Next Generation Info etc.
Sam and Laz with new band.
News about Sam, Laz and their new signed MEG group The new band that Samantha Gibb and Lazaro Rodriquez recently signed to M.E.G. Records is called: ‘Chase The Jaguar’. You can hear already some songs of the group on ITunes. Like mentioned before new tunes are coming where also Sam is singing on. Their EP that will be released with the single “I Gotta Have It” is coming early this summer.
When I recently asked Sam how this group got their name she answered me:
“Hey Marion,
They actually got the name when someone asked them randomly if they had heard of the band Cage The Elephant and in response, David, the lead singer said “No, do you know who Chase The Jaguar are?” and something clicked and he thought, “That could be a cool name?”, since they hadn’t figured a name out yet : Sam to GSI: ” I am gonna be sending you more stuff of the group soon. We will be releasing their first video from their new EP on Feb 8th and I will send you links to the teaser which will be released a week before as well as the live link to the video on the day of release. “.
So everyone stay tuned on GSI!!

Sam and Spencer

Sam: ” I Got the amazing opportunity to write recently with this incredibly talented songwriter Spencer Gibb who also happens to be my cousin!! He was nominated in this year’s Austin Music Awards for best songwriter.” Sam: “Working with Spenc has been super fun! It will take us a little time to put an EP together. We are really focused right now on getting the boys out there (Chase The Jaguar), so we’re thinking fall/winter time would be when we, Spencer and myself get something out. Think its gonna be really cool. I will keep you informed as things come along with that”.

Keep following all the news on our GSI facebookgroup too!!

Marion: GSI 01/23/19

Back to the most recent News

NEWS, December 12

Some answers to questions you sent recently
 As far as GSI knows none of the Mythology concerts were officially taped, so no DVD plans.
 GSI believes that Barry may have from time to time been very slowly working on a book about his life, but I guess it would likely not come out until quite some time after the recently announced Bee Gees Biopic comes to the screens. So we have to wait some more for the book.

The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios
Be sure to check out the The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios Channel, early next year. Named on youtube: The Sessions Panel. Interviews with Beth Cohen and Steve Gibb will then be shown there etc.
Subscribe to the channel and you will be advised of when it is posted

Marion: GSI 12/12/19 

NEWS, December 1

December 1 – 1999 / December 1 – 2019.
Twenty years ago today that I started the GSI website.
Thanks so much for all kind wishes you sent me on the GSI facebookgroup: Marion / GSI

Chris Evert’s Annual Pro-Celebrity Classic very successfull Chris Evert’s Annual Pro-Celebrity Classic successfully took place this weekend in Boca Raton, Florida and raised over $800,000 towards drug abuse and child neglect.
Chris Evert: ‘”This was one of the most exciting events in our 30-year history. Having Barry Gibb play at the Gala was a dream come true and really helped us reach our fundraising goal for this year!” ” With this weekend’s event, the total funds raised over 30 years by the event is now close to the $26 million mark.”

Exclusively The Bee Gees Radio
Enjoy Bee Gees music on radio, from Germany!

Marion: GSI 12/01/19  

NEWS, November 24

Barry Gibb at Chris Evert 30th Pro-Celebrity Gala.
November 23. 2019, at the Waldorf Astoria Boca Raton Resort and Beach Club.

Barry on stage, Copyright: Florida

Absolutely nothing beats a night of sincere charity support topped off with a private concert by legend Sir Barry Gibb and his talented as well as award-winning Band! Truly a special evening on so many levels. The goal was to join forces and raise money to fight drug and alcohol addiction. It’s exactly what 800+ guests did tonight at the Gala. Both silent and live auctions were held and Barry Gibb & Band outdid themselves with a very energetic and memorable private concert.
(Thanks also: Denis Wiggins)
You Should Be Dancin’ – longer intro – 3.45
Lonely Days – 3.50
To love Somebody – 4.20
How Can You Mend A broken Heart – 3.35
Guilty – 4.33
Islands In The Stream – 4.30
Intro / Jive Talkin’ – 6.04
I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You – 2.55
Run To Me – 2.20
How Deep Is Your Love – 3.55
Words – 3.55
Stayin Alive – 4.00
For much more photos and lots of videos visit us at: GSI Facebookgroup.

Barry and Chris. Copyright: Chris Evert Charities

Marion: GSI 11/24/19  

NEWS, November 7

Update about some Gibb projects!!
The Bee Gees documentary is almost finished and I heard it will be shown on Cable /TV worldwide next year.
The Movie in co – operation with Barry, Yvonne & Dwina will likely take 3 years to make and will come to cinemas worldwide.
I am not aware of any further plans concerning a Musical Stage Show presently.
I believe Barry’s new album is almost finished and will be released next year, as of now a release date or promotional plans are unknown. We will keep you informed of course.
Like earlier mentioned on GSI, Dwina is busy listening to tapes onwhich Robin, before he died, has told about lots of situations, anecdotes, and stories which happened in his life. Dwina is planning to release this in a book sooner or later.
There are plans for a huge international show to celebrate the Gibb music. This is a project of Robin John Gibb and family and we already mentioned about some first small shows in August and October, London. It will be a project supported by the Gibb Family and a true and authorised tribute to the Gibb music. You will soon hear more about it here on GSI.
Barry will likely perform for approximately one hour at the Chris Evert Gala at Boca Raton Florida on Nov 23rd. No chance for Meet and Greet / visit soundcheck.
The plans for getting a memorial for Andy Gibb in Miami are there: work is in progress like earlier mentioned by GSI. More details when available.
There are plans to erect a statue of the Bee Gees in Douglas on The Isle Of Man, where Barry, Robin and Maurice were born. The authority wants to demolish a public shelter between the Marine Gardens and replace it with a sculpture of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.
The first goal to save the Gaumont Theater in Manchester succeeded, like you can read in the several updates/ articles on the GSI facebookgroup, November 11th. 2019. Everyone now is trying to pledge and get more money to be able to do more. We have good hope. Keep following this project and let’s hope the Gaumont Theater building, where the 3 brothers did their first live performance on stage, will be kept for the future.

For all of the above projects and more… we will keep you updated on GSI and will post when more news is available,so stay tuned!!
Marion / GSI

In answer to some questions from fans:
I believe Barry and family will be spending the Christmas and New Year holidays in Miami.

Some articles/video material of interest:
also watch this video:
For much more videos/articles/updates: pay a regular visit to our GSI facebookgroup

Marion: GSI 11/07/19  
(thanks to my sources in USA and UK).

NEWS, October 24

Stayin Alive Crowdfunding Campaign
Preparations are well under way for the launch of the Stayin Alive Crowdfunding Campaign to save the Gaumont Theatre. It was planned to take place October 25th. but we’ve decided to delay the launch of the Stayin’ Alive crowdfunding campaign for about a week. This is to make sure that everything is perfectly in place before we make it live. Thank you to everyone for your continuous support, we’ll keep you posted on any developments. For those of you who don’t know, The Gaumont is a beautiful slice of history right in the heart of Manchester. It’s the venue that the Bee Gees did their first ever live performance! This is currently being used as a Co-op Funeralcare centre, however we have been made aware of plans to sell the building on for re-development. Our project aims to fundraise enough money to be able to offer a counter bid in order to return the building to its former glory. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting developments!

“Meet ‘N’ Grease” movie sing-a-long! Quite some fans asked me the past week if Barry is going to be at these events of Olivia Newton John , in December in Florida but I just received confirmation….
he won’t be there: “There are no plans for Barry to participate in the 3 x Florida ‘Grease’ events in December : (13th – West Palm Beach. 14th – Tampa. 15th – Jacksonville)”.

Marion: GSI 10/24/19  

NEWS, October 24

Stayin Alive Crowdfunding Campaign
Preparations are well under way for the launch of the Stayin Alive Crowdfunding Campaign to save the Gaumont Theatre. It was planned to take place October 25th. but we’ve decided to delay the launch of the Stayin’ Alive crowdfunding campaign for about a week. This is to make sure that everything is perfectly in place before we make it live. Thank you to everyone for your continuous support, we’ll keep you posted on any developments. For those of you who don’t know, The Gaumont is a beautiful slice of history right in the heart of Manchester. It’s the venue that the Bee Gees did their first ever live performance! This is currently being used as a Co-op Funeralcare centre, however we have been made aware of plans to sell the building on for re-development. Our project aims to fundraise enough money to be able to offer a counter bid in order to return the building to its former glory. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting developments!

“Meet ‘N’ Grease” movie sing-a-long! Quite some fans asked me the past week if Barry is going to be at these events of Olivia Newton John , in December in Florida but I just received confirmation….
he won’t be there: “There are no plans for Barry to participate in the 3 x Florida ‘Grease’ events in December : (13th – West Palm Beach. 14th – Tampa. 15th – Jacksonville)”.

Marion: GSI 10/24/19  

NEWS, October 12

  RJ Gibb And Friends:
Celebrating Soul, Funk, New Wave, Disco and The Music Of The Bee Gees

click to enlarge

Reactions on the first RJ Gibb show and plans for the future, see the several nice interviews of Andrew Eborn after Robin John’s first Bloombury show on August 8th. 2019

Plans for the future…… to keep the Gibb music alive and go all over the world with wonderful shows, fantastic artists and new talent. Keep following this special journey on GSI. Location of the RJ shows at the moment: the Bloomsbury Ballroom, part of the Victoria House an old and beautiful renovated building in Bloomsbury, London. The building was extensively remodelled in 2003 to create 300,000 square feet of office, retail and leisure space including an original art deco ballroom: the Bloomsbury Ballroom.
Second show will be October 20. 2019 with amongst others The Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver performing with Robin John Gibb, don’t miss it!! TICKETS:

Marion: GSI 10/12/19  

NEWS, September 5

  Dan Warner

Marion / GSI : ‘It is with great sadness I share this news and inform you all about the passing of Dan Warner, Barry’s guitarist.
Condolences to his family and friends
Rest peacefully and thanks for the music, Dan.’
Dan Warner, Guitarist & Fixture in Latin Music, Dies www.billboard.coM


click to enlarge

RJ Gibb And Friends: Celebrating Soul, Funk, New Wave, Disco and The Music Of The Bee Gees
Live @The Bloomsbury Ballroom
VIP Launch Show 20th October

Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4DA

On 20th October 2019 London’s Bloomsbury Ballroom in association with Knot the Truth Ltd (KTT) will present an evening celebrating soul, funk, new wave, disco and the music of the Bee Gees hosted by RJ Gibb, son of the legendary musical icon Robin Gibb.

Backed by a high-octane band, visitors to the capital’s famed art deco space will witness RJ Gibb performing songs from his own catalogue as well as classic material from his father and uncles. Themed to the golden era of disco that the Bee Gees dominated, the show will feature archetypal songs such as How Deep is Your Love, To Love Somebody and hits from Saturday Night Fever.

August’s VIP preview event at The Ballroom was a resounding success and was attended by a plethora of industry figures including Tomi Ray Brown and James Brown Jr – wife and son of The Godfather of Funk, Heather Small of ‘M People’, greats from the sporting world were in attendance including legendary spin-bowler for England’s Cricket Team Monty Panesar as well as esteemed Hollywood actors like Steven Bauer, Ken Davitian, Armand Assante and many more. Performers on the night included Blue Weaver, original keyboard player for The Bee Gees, alongside West End stars from The London Cabaret Club, who’s breathtaking dance routines enhanced the disco atmosphere.

RJ Gibb worked extensively alongside his father Robin, co-composing The Titanic Requiem with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and producing much of Robin’s later work, including the song Instant Love – as well as co-composing various tracks on 50 St Catherine’s Drive, his father’s last pop album. In what will be a heartfelt celebration, RJ Gibb will call on family and friends to honour his father’s legacy, while adding his own inimitable flair as a performer to proceedings, alongside a varied selection of industry figures that will keep the show full of surprises.

Truly a night to remember and certainly one not to be missed. For more information and to book tickets – please visit:

Marion: GSI 09/05/19  

NEWS, August 24


“Bee Gees – Before The Fame”…. is the name of a NEW TV SHOW with Mike Sherman and Michael Gibb!!
NEWS: Barry indeed is working on a country album and the 4th. name he’s recording with is Dolly Parton. (others mentioned already are: Jason Isbell, Tommy Emmanuel and Keith Urban). It will be variations on BG songs and even Barry is thinking of doing a little bit of touring afterwards!!! We’ll keep you updated on GSI.
Watch here:

Marion: GSI 08/24/19  

NEWS, August 17

Marion: ‘The Bee Gees family celebrate soul, funk and disco! Hosted by RJ Gibb.
NEXT WEEK GSI will bring the official announcement of the second Bee Gees Night Hosted By RJ Gibb!! Enjoy great music, wonderful artists, beautiful dancing in a romantic ambiance. These new shows in the beautiful Bloomsbury Ballroom in London are also an excelent chance to meet again with other Bee Gees fans and have a great and special night together celebrating the Bee Gees Music. So let’s meet up again and enjoy a wonderful evening!

click to enlarge

The stunning 1920s Art Deco Bloomsbury Ballroom is centrally located in London’s West End, just minutes from Holborn and Covent Garden. This magnificent venue boasts a raised stage, projectors and hi-tech PA and lighting system. The space is suited to a wide-range of events, from corporate parties and award ceremonies to fashion shows, conferences and product launches. Also hosting The London Cabaret Club.

So stay tuned on GSI for details next week.’ More on GSI facebook.

Marion: GSI 08/17/19  

NEWS, August 15

  Barry back in studio
The first information about yet another project for Barry we can give you today. Barry is working in the studio with Country-rock star and four-time Grammy winner: Jason Isbell. And with other artists too like Tommy Emmanuel, an Australian-American guitarist, songwriter, and singer…. as well as Keith Urban!!! A new album, a duets album?!….. soon more.
Follow us on GSI facebook!!
Also watch: Jason Lines as Barry Gibb Jive Talkin’
And read:

Barry and Jason in the studio

Barry and Tommy

Barry and Keith

Robin John Gibb
Earlier this month we reported about the new project of Robin John Gibb, who together with Andrew Eborn planned to organize regular big shows in the London Bloomsbury Ballroom, with the special focus on…. keeping the Bee Gees catalog alive. August 8th. was the first show of which we posted lots of photos and videos on our facebookgroup. Soon GSI will be able to announce more news about this project of RJ. So stay tuned on this website and on the GSI facebookgroup.

Marion: GSI 08/15/19  

NEWS, August 7

ATTENTION Update info from Robin John Gibb to GSI INCLUDING DISCOUNT TICKETS for GSI members!!

click to enlarge

“Hello Marion,
Hope you are well
Thank You for all your wonderful comments and support!

Here’s some more info for all the fans including another link for people to buy tickets from Octopus Live to the show on the 8th, where I’ll be performing Bee Gees songs, as well as my own along with established acts as well as introducing up and coming, deserving talent to the industry.

Plus I’m giving you 2 promo discount codes of 25% and 50% off any ticket respectively:

Here are showreels from 2 previous shows that the London Cabaret Club have put on. They will be performing breathtaking performances to Bee Gee hits as well as scenes from Saturday Night Fever such as the iconic More Than A Woman dance scene : This was their Pop Dance Show :
& this was their Royal Ascot themed Hats Heels & Horse Dance Show :

Lots of Love & Warm Regards,

INTERESTED IN DISCOUNT TICKETS? Send me ASAP an email at with in the body: ROBIN JOHN, then you will get the codes for discounts of 25% and 50% as long as available to use on

More about the new Bee Gees Documentary!
White Horse Pictures & Reelin’ in the Years Productions in Co-Pro Pact
Most recently, Reelin’ in the Years Productions has been working with White Horse Pictures and The Kennedy/Marshall Company on Frank Marshall’s Bee Gees documentary. Reelin’ in the Years has unearthed many never-before-seen moments in the band’s career. Some of this new material includes a 60-minute concert filmed in 1971 with a 20-piece orchestra, home movies of the Bee Gees on tour in America and the only known footage of the band performing songs from the film Saturday Night Fever during the disco era.

Marion: GSI 08/07/19  

NEWS, July 30

Latest message from Robin John Gibb.

The Bee Gees family celebrate soul, funk and disco! Hosted by RJ Gibb

“The support and response is fantastic, keep it up everyone, I hope to see you there. I’ll be meeting and greeting after. Speaking of after, we are holding an additional Club Night in the Rose Room till 3am with an amazing DJ pumping out hits from then as well as now in the same theme of the evening. Get your tickets now
Love and regards, RJ xxx”

Marion: GSI 07/30/19  

NEWS, July 19

Tickets for Sir Barry Gibb
Sir Barry Gibb performs at the Chris Evert Charity Gala, November 23. 2019, at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, Florida, USA.

ATTENTION: still discount tickets available on the Chris Evert website, with using the special code: BGFAN !! Tickets of 750 Dollar for 600 Dollar.

Marion: GSI 07/19/19  

NEWS, December 20th.

 Christ Evert Gala latest update

For several days already I am in touch with management concerning many fan questions I have received of people wanting to order tickets for the Gala of November 23 where Sir Barry Gibb will perform too but this ticket ordering caused some problems. As you all know thanks to that, some adjustments have already been made on the Chris Evert website lately specially for outside USA fans. This is a new update for you which I received from Dick Ashby as there still were questions about the confirmation mail fans received after the ticket ordering. The situation for US fans and outside US fans is the same now!! The organization explains in this latest message what you will receive after ordering tickets and how you can enter the Event on the 23rd.
For all the people who have ordered tickets:

Hi Marion, Please see the response from Chris Evert Charities…..

We can mail them the invite overseas just for them to have it as it will contain all the gala information, but we are going to have an ipad check in so once I have someone’s name and know they have paid – they will be set. -Will call- for the gala will not be necessary now. They will check in like everyone else at the check in table starting at 6pm on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the Great Hall located at the Boca Raton Resort & Club at 501 East Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432. Cocktails are from 6-7pm and the dinner is from 7-11pm. Black tie optional is the attire. If anyone ends up buying tennis tickets, then those can be put at will call at the Delray Beach Tennis Center located at 201 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL. Chris Evert Charities.

Marion: GSI 07/17/19  
Thanks Chris Evert organization and Dick Ashby

NEWS, July 12

‘Dear GSI members I am so happy to announce that Sir Barry Gibb will perform at the Black Tie Gala held on Saturday, November 23 at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. For all GSI members who are interested in visiting please email me asap and I will give you special ticket information with code. Interested fans could use a code to purchase tickets on the Chris Evert website ( $600 each!!) There are only so many of these discounted tickets available so early purchase is recommended.
Only by sending email to subject: Chris Evert

30th Annual Pro Celebrity Gala
Chrissie invites you to attend the 30th Annual Pro-Celebrity Gala. As well as showcasing great daytime entertainment, the Pro-Celebrity offers the elegant Annual Pro-Celebrity Gala with dinner, dancing, and exhilarating live and silent auctions. This year’s Gala will be on Saturday, November 23rd at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Last year’s Gala entertainment was BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS, stay tuned to find out this year’s big act!!!!

More Info Annual Pro-Celebrity Gala (Pdf file).

Marion: GSI 07/12/19  

NEWS, July 10

Announcement about the new Bee Gees documentary

copyright Bob Sherman

GSI is very honoured to be one of the social media places to get a chance to bring this special announcement to you all!! Here’s the message from the production company of the new Bee Gees Documentary we earlier mentioned about on GSI. Please help making this documentary of our Bee Gees to a success and send in your memories. Send your photos, videos / films, and recorded memories of your wonderful moments and stories about The Gibbs to the production team.

Calling all Bee Gees fans: this is your chance to be a part of the first ever authorized Bee Gees documentary! Join us in submitting your photos and videos of the #BeeGees over the years to help us tell their timeless story.

Information through the following link:

Marion: GSI 07/10/19  
(thanks for your kind cooperation: Aly Parker!)

NEWS, July 2

ATTENTION ….. GSI UPDATE ……. Documentary
‘Next week we will bring you more info about the upcoming new Bee Gees Documentary!!! I am in touch with the production team already for quite some time and helped them with contact information of people who might be able to contribute to this new documentary. The team is currently about half way through the edit towards a rough cut. It’s quite a job and I hope the project will be finished early 2020. There’s a new exciting thing coming up next week about the docu which is put together by Frank. That is: legendary film producer and director Frank Marshall, the producer of this documentary!!! He’s known for projects like: Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Seabiscuit, The Color Purple, and the Jason Bourne series, among several others!!! Frank is now busy with directing Too Much Heaven, the documentary about the Bee Gees and he is also producing Diana, a musical based on the life of The Princess of Wales!!!
I guess this all sounds very promissing….
So stay tuned and don’t miss it. I will keep you posted ‘ Marion / GSI Frank Marshall (producer) gees documentary production/

Fanny Be Tender…..R.I.P.
The lady of the famous Bee Gees song has died. Fanny,….. to many fans she was the housekeeper of the Gibbs but she was so much more than that…..
My condolences to her family and all her friends,
(Marion / GSI)

Thank you Nancy for giving me permission to use this photo.
Copyright Nancy Natoli

Bee Gees – Fanny Be Tender With My Love (Full Version)
Fanny was a black lady and the sweetest woman. She would help the brothers with taking care of the house and individual needs. She could cook, clean, and was a pleasure to be around with. While they were writing the song, she came into the room and that’s when they said FANNY, that should be the name in the song! Beautiful song by The Brothers Gibb from their superb ‘Main Course’ album produced by Arif Mardin. Recording for “Fanny” took place on 30 January, the same day as “Jive Talkin”, “Songbird” and “All This Making Love”. Additional recording took place in February when Barry began to use his falsetto as a lead vocal, in addition to Robin using his falsetto as well, sharing the lead and backing vocals.

Barry in the TG Sheppard Show!
Friend of Barry TG Sheppard: ‘Don’t miss the first episode of my brand new show on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio, this Friday, July 5 with my special guests, Priscilla Presley & Sir Barry Gibb! Tune in at 3pm ET / 2pm CT

TG and Barry

Marion: GSI 07/02/19  

NEWS, May 23

GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info
In the past few years it became more and more difficult to post all the updates ( which often come in daily) on this website. I cannot update the website myself and the person who takes care of it has very little time these days unfortunately. Next to that… updating the website is very much more time – consuming then posting updates, photos and videos on facebook! That’s just done with one click on a button. Therefore I am so happy that most of you already decided to also become free member of the GSI facebookgroup where it’s so much easier to keep you updates with latest news flashes and lots of photos and videos. Of course the International GSI website will stay and be updated with all the important news facts, reports etc. but for all the details, daily stuff and, lots of photos and videos, background info etc. be sure to also become member of the GSI facebook group.

Bee Gees Documentary
The past months I have been in touch with the production of this documentary regularly and have send them some contact info of people who might be able to help in some way telling their story or sharing their material etc. Two weeks ago the production team went to Miami Beach for interviews and were also very enthusiastic about their interview with Barry. They try to come back once more in the hope being able to also interview Alan Kendall. Most of you have read other short updates on our facebook group already where we keep you posted about this wonderful project. There will also be attention for Andy Gibb in the documentary and there will be lots of attention I guess on the very successful Spirits period.

Vince Melouney on tour

Vince at The Bee Gees’ star on Hollywood Blvd.
Photo by Theresa O’Donoghue..

Vince’s album has been delayed again as he is too busy with touring and preparing for more touring. We keep you updated and maybe his album will come with the start of his Vince Melouney Sect Tour in December. Vince travelled to LA during the April tourbreak of the Massachusetts Tour for another one week rehearsing with the Vince Melouney Sect, follow all updates on facebook and see all the videos. First concert will be at the US West Coast on December 14, at 8.00 pm. at the Hi Hat club in Los Angeles. Followed by US East Coast next year and Europe!! Keep fully updated about all his activities on GSI facebook and the Vince Melouney Sect group on facebook with both regular updates about Vince’s plans, special offers, ticket information etc.

Alan Kendall
Most of you have already seen all the recent updates about Alan Kendall on my facebook group. Alan had a heart attack on March 21 and underwent triple by pass on March 25. Was in hospital for a while and then went to a rehabilitation facility. On May 4th. I unfortunately received the news that Alan had a small set back in recovering and was in hospital again for observation. Last weekend I got the message that Alan has been released from hospital May 9th. and is now continuing his care at home. He is doing very good!!’. During his stay in hospital GSI facebook received countless good well wishes for Alan which I forwarded to him. Alan Kendall…. we wish you a speedy recovery!

Marion: GSI 05/23/19  

NEWS, March 25

 Vince Melouney
What is Vince doing these days!!
Germany: March 2019.

photo: Copyright Michael Kohlhaas, Vince during the Massachusetts Tour in Wiesbaden, Germany, March 12, 2019.

Marion / GSI: ‘At the moment Vince is touring again through Germany where he is with Dennis Bryon and Blue Weaver like each year the special artists in the Massachusetts Concert Show of The Italian Bee Gees. ( the photo of Vince was taken during this German tour). Earlier this month I visited some shows and talked of course also with Vince about this tour which he enjoys very much and where he sings several Bee Gees songs in his own way. A long planned album is about to be released and Vince hopes to have it ready later during this tour. Like I earlier mentioned he has formed a band again with some artists and has been rehearsing late last year in LA. Vince told me he’ll go back to America during the second break of the Massachusetts tour in April to do more rehearsing and planning for his own tour with his new group which will start later this year. Several concerts have been planned already in LA and area as well as in Las Vegas (USA).

If you’re interested in having Vince and the band play at your venue or event, send a message to the The Vince Malouney Sect facebook group!!, Vince’s new group: ‘The Vince Melouney Sect’ will be available to perform early Bee Gees, Aztecs and Vince Malouney Sect material at clubs, festivals, private events and house concerts. There have been delays in getting everything organized to come to The USA so latest news is that Vince’s tour won’t start before around December this year: US West Coast and followed by US East Coast tour in Spring 2020 and then Europe in Summer next year. Quite something to look forward to and GSI is in contact with Vince and with his team so we keep you updates about dates and places etc. Vince will also appear in the forthcoming official documentary on The Bee Gees being produced by Frank Marshall (“Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” “Back To The Future”) and Nigel Sinclair (“The Beatles: Eight Days A Week,” “George Harrison: Living In The Material World.”) This film will be released by Universal Music Group in 2020.

Follow all the news on the GSI facebook group:
And The Vince Melouney Sect facebook group:

New Gibb song by Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie has released her latest album: “Between The Earth And The Stars” One of her songs is “Seven Waves Away” Written by : Barry Gibb – Steve Gibb – Ashley Gibb and Doug Emery.
Lyrics of the song: PDF “Seven Waves Away”

Marion: GSI 03/25/19  

NEWS, February 21

Latest Info from Vince Melouney

© Michael Kohlhaas

I just received an email from Vince Melouney about his latest activities. He is about to start touring again in 2 weeks time with my Italian friends (The Italian Bee Gees) as well as Blue Weaver and Dennis Bryon. Their Massachusetts Tour will start March 11th. in Frankfurt, Germany. I am very much looking forward to that and love to see everyone back again!! GSI has been updating you for quite some time already about more activities Vince is working on. When I met him in 2016 on the tour he already mentioned to me his plans of releasing an album of old Bee Gees compositions in his own style, in the near future. Today he wrote me: ‘ It is finished except for mastering and then to CD. In fact I may be able to have it ready during the upcoming Massachusetts Tour.’ He asked me to spread the word, which I love to do of course. He hopes to go on the road later this year with his own interpretations of the old BG songs as well as with songs he did with bands in Australia in the early days. I already told you in an article that Vince rehearsed late last year already in LA and will be going back there for more rehearsings for his own tour during the break of The Massachusetts Tour in April. Like always GSI will keep you posted and will speak Vince again in a few weeks.

Here you can find more about Vince:

© Michael Kohlhaas

Recent interview with Blue Weaver
Famous Bee Gees Band keyboard player and more….
BLUE WEAVER: Jive Talkin’ with a Legendary Strawbs Keyboardist

Marion: GSI 02/21/19  

NEWS, February 3

Next Generation: interview with Spencer Gibb by Grant Walters.
Grant: ‘Wanted to share a great interview I had recently with Spencer Gibb (Official Artist Page), talking about the mechanics behind his album “Let’s Start Over.” We both had fun with this – hope you enjoy!’
Spencer Gibb’s Symphonic Songcraft Sounds Just Like Starting Over.

“Spirits Having Flown”

Grant Walters: “Spirits Having Flown turns 40 !! Much gratitude, while writing this article to: Albhy Galuten, Karl Richardson, Spencer Gibb and Blue Weaver for their phenomenal insight and expertise. I know many of you love this record as much as I do. Enjoy!”

Marion: GSI 02/03/19  
(Thanks grant Walters for these wonderful articles)

NEWS, January 7

The Vince Melouney Sect

Vince Melouney, Jonathan Lea and Ben Lecourt at a band
meeting in Los Angeles nov. 11 2018

Marion / GSI “A few years ago I finally met Vince Melouney for the first time when he started touring with my Italian friends. Since then we regularly see eachother in Germany during the yearly Massachusetts tours and amongst others he spoke with me about his plans for the coming years. These plans now become reality and I am very happy for that. Next to the fact that Vince continues to play with my Italian friends: The Italian Bee Gees, he last year formed a new team around him with musicians to play with him the old Bee Gees music. Vince made new arrangements for the famous BG tunes. The past few years he already performed some of these arrangements on stage during the Massachusetts Shows in Europe. I am very much looking forward to his music and his coming concerts with his new band The Vince Melouney Sect. Of course GSI will keep you updated on facebook and website.”

Vince Melouney and his band will soon be performing The Bee Gees’ sixties material along with a few of his pre-Bee Gees singles and other favorites. As you all know, Vince Melouney was a member of The Bee Gees during the band’s initial wave of worldwide popularity from 1967 to 1969. Now Vince recently decided with ‘The Vince Melouney Sect’ to start performing material from this period of The Bee Gees’ career, including all the band’s hit singles in addition to fan favorites and deep cuts. Vince’s setlist also includes a couple of songs originally recorded by his previous band The Aztecs, who were massively popular in Australia during the mid-sixties.
More info on GSI soon.

I started a joke- playing by VINCE MELOUNEY
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart , with the Itaalian Bee Gees during the massachusetts Tour.
The Vince Melouney Sect “In The Morning” rehearsal 2018

Visit our facebookgroup for lots of more photos.

Marion: GSI 01/07/19