NEWS, December 27

 Robin John’s podcast chat of December 26.
Robin John Gibb chats with Ricardo Calderon and friends of the Bee Gees group Mexico for their “Saturday Night Stories” podcast, like we earlier mentioned.

The podcast incudes a new online version of ‘Holiday’, first performed by RJ Gibb, The Egiziano brothers (Walter, Davide, Pasquale) and music by Blue Weaver. You can see the podcast, follow the chat and watch and listen to the new version of Holiday on our facebookgroup: link below.
Marion: “Unfortunately Blue fell ill recently but happy to say, working on the video collaboration of Holiday could be finished in time after all. Blue played the music but couldn’t be there on camera for the video and couldn’t do the editing work. Thanks to the artists for this lovely new Holiday version. Special thanks for all the hard work done also by the technical engineer in Italy: Francesco Spadaccino and the work of RJ with his technical man: Savvas Iosifidis, due to Covid still staying in Athens…. to get the editing ready in time and working on it even on Christmas Eve!! And so being able to offer the video in time, although Blue had fallen ill. Very special thanks by GSI to all the artists and engineers who made this possible, all for free.! Hopefully next time we’ll see Blue again on camera with all the others, get well soon!
Marion / GSI.”

This “Holiday” version is part of the -celebration to the Gibb music-. More…. next year in the Legacy Project. KTT/LEGACY – GSI
To the podcast:
Link of only the new version of “Holiday”

Gary Barlow and Barry Gibb
Gary Barlow enjoys a songwriting masterclass with the legendary Barry Gibb Link podcast
On Twitter:

The SiriusXM Outlaw Country interview with Sir Barry Gibb
The virtual album release special for barry’s new album: Greenfields was held December 18. After an announcement on facebook at very short notice 40 lucky fans were invited to be part of the online event. The were the audience via Zoom. They had the privilege and exclusive opportunity to hear the full album (45 minutes) as presented by Capitol Records and the radio station.
See for report about this by Denise Wiggins on the GSI facebookgroup. The album release is January 8th as well as the airing of this Sirius Virtual Album Release! So, save the date!!
The premiere will broadcast on SiriusXM Outlaw Country (ch.60). After the premier you’ll find the video/audio on the SiriusXM app. Type: “Barry Gibb” in the search bar to find the interview. For more information and if you’re not a subscriber yet visit:

Visit Sirius XM at: and

Marion: GSI 12/27/20  
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NEWS, December 14

Again a good article about the docu: Variety
For lots of more reviews and articles: visit GSI facebook.

“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” – The documentary is finally there

Marion: “Wow, how I enjoyed the new docu!!! It’s a real treasure for me. It brings me back to times and places a short while ago…. and a long ago. However it always had to do with The Bee Gees as that has been part of my life and still is. That family, their music…… brought me laughs and tears. I’m just so proud to have known them and still be able to do the fanwork for them and stay in touch although mostly from a long distance.
My love for them is strong.

The documentary took me back down memory lane but like in all documentaries and live stories some parts are missing or maybe mentioned too short. “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” sure is an amazing piece of work and a must for each Gibb Music lover to watch and to have. Barry goes on, the Bee Gees music stays alive and everyone will help to celebrate The Gibb Music for future years to come., I certainly will.
Love you Bee Gees, Love you Gibb Family,”

Marion: GSI 12/14/20  

NEWS, December 8

 The Irishwoman who wed a Bee Gee: ‘It was like being married to the family’

Hollywood’s Fort Knox is Iron Mountain. Its latest restored treasure: Bee Gees footage for “How Can You Mend A broken Heart”.
Marion: – I remember well the start of the planning for the new Bee Gees Documentary.
I had heard about the plans and I was told that the production team would contact me as soon as they started working on the new project. And they did, I had quite some correspondence with Aly of the producing team of White Horse about this docu. Read more about all the old stuff used for this documentary and how Iron Mountain Entertainment Services became more than helpful here.
Like Aly Parker mentioned: “A lot of the stuff had been sitting in pallets for decades and no one had really touched it. I’ve worked with other archive houses, and they’re all great. But Iron Mountain probably has the most capabilities. If you’ve got something weird, you take it to them.”-
Some interesting info her so read the whole story.

New 4 disc set in The Netherlands The Netherlands
Available January 8, 2021. 4 discs.
Bee Gees -The BBC Radio Sessions, part 1
Bee Gees -The BBC Radio Sessions, part 2 and The Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia concert, October 3, 1974
Bee Gees -The PBS Soundstage, Chicago, IL, USA, July 11, 1975
Bee Gees -VH1 Storytellers , November 15, 1996

Marion: GSI 12/08/20  

NEWS, December 4

Barry Gibb: ‘I pray for music to come back in a more romantic way’
Interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

Interview with Frank Marshall

  Link to Interview

Italian Bee Gees with Robin J. Gibb and Blue Weaver — Hosted by Rich Jorn
December 4, 2020

Marion: GSI 12/04/20  

NEWS, November 30

  Special announcement to all fans concerning:

Request for sending parcels to the Gibbs / Requests for signed photos.

There is, until further notice
No possibility to send requests for a signed Barry Gibb photo to any address.
Nor any possibility to send items to any address in order to ask for a signature by Barry and return by mail.
(This is a repost from earlier this year!).

John Merchant mail to GSI !! (2)

John Merchant with Barry

Here again some parts of John’s new mail to me:
John Merchant:….
“Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the first single. It’s a good representation of the entire album…. There was some discussion about a: second volume, though there are no real plans at the moment for a follow up like a Volume 2. We considered making another album probably more of a pop album, but it’s just talk right now, ideas and plans….

Currently there are no plans for any live shows after the release of Greenfields. We wanted to schedule a concert in Nashville that would feature some of the guest artists, but at the moment there’s no way to do that safely right now, and I don’t think there will be any live events until there is an effective vaccine available and most people have taken it….
Kind regards, John””
(Source Marion / GSI !).

Barry in conversation about the new documentary
Richard Wilkins, spoke via zoom from Australia with Barry in Miami Beach, USA.   and more:

in PDF file, Documentary – “How Can You mend A Broken Heart”, all updates.
in PDF file, “Greenfields”: all updates.

Italian Bee Gees News: Legacy Interview

Link to Legacy Interview.

Marion: GSI 11/30/20  
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NEWS, November 23

 Re-Opening Bee Gees Way, Redcliffe, Australia

Like mentioned in several postings before on our GSI group: Bee Gees Way was closed for maintenance from October until later this year. After five years of partying and entertaining thousands of people, Redcliffe’s Bee Gees Way has been given an upgrade The audio, visual and lighting infrastructure has been upgraded now and ready for re-opening November 23. Barry, like we mentioned on the group, would be there – online- . So like promised here is the conversation online with Barry:
COIVID may have stopped Sir Barry Gibb from being at the reopening of the Bee Gees Way in person, but he spoke to Craig and Loretta from his home in Miami to mark the official reopening.

Marion: GSI 11/23/20  

NEWS, November 19

New trailer for the documentary
Brothers first. The band forever.
The Bee Gees: “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” premieres December 12th on HBOMax and available internationally in select cinemas and on digital download.
also read:
“The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” Trailer: HBO Max Documentary Follows The Brothers Gibb

Charity Auction
Sir Barry Gibb signed and worn tie. Barry has donated one of his own signed and worn ties to support a celebrity Testicular Cancer Auction that launched yesterday as part of International Mens Day. You can bid on it here…

Marion: GSI 11/19/20  

NEWS, November 10

Documentary-Amazon.UK: Dec. 14, 2020.

Geoff Bridgford, Bee Gees drummer in the early 70ties.

Geoff Bridgford and Maurice, 1971.

He mailed me again in answer to a facebook posting I did yesterday about his work with amongst others Maurice in the eary seventies. Read about his memories of those days and his new music and plans: a part of his mail to me:

“I can’t really remember too many specifics about recording sessions during 1970/1971 – there were just so many – I see from the pic you sent, it mentions Nova Sound Studios – I do recall I did a lot of recording there with Maurice – not only for him, but also for ‘Tin Tin’ who he was producing – and ‘Lulu’ who he was also producing some tracks for. I think most artists accumulate recordings that for one reason or another don’t see the light of day – a lot of the recordings for Maurice’s solo album ‘The Loner’ which I played on, fall into that category. Maurice was one of the most unique innovative musicians I have ever worked with – his magic multi-instrumentalist talent is such a huge part of the Bee Gees sound that spans the historical vastness of their massive recording catalogue. I’m doing alright, thanks – yes it certainly has been a very strange year – with coronavirus continuing to play havoc internationally.

Fortunately Australians have done a pretty good job tackling the spread here and as a collective society remain pretty vigilant in dealing and coping with it. Yes, live music feels like a luxury these days – I had played a couple of local gigs in Feb and March just before the pandemic hit and had to cancel a few I had booked. Like a lot of musicians and punters alike, I’m looking forward to getting back out in front of a live audience again. 2020 has been a productive time for me musically – I had the opportunity to finish up some new recordings and compile some past recordings. Since May I’ve released an 8 song ‘INSTRUMENTAL’ Album, a 4 song EP ‘Never Give Up’ and 2 singles, ‘Power of love’ and ‘Innocent Bystander’.

All these releases are available on various online platforms with videos for all the releases streaming on my YouTube channel. I’m currently using my ‘Bandcamp’ page as a Geoff Bridgford WWW ‘Homepage’ that page has links to the main online platforms where my music can be found. Here in November I’m finishing up recording 4 original songs that will be released on a Blues/Roots, inspired/influenced EP – something a little different – hopefully out before the end of 2020 – will send you links.
Best wishes to you – stay safe and take care
Warm regards – Geoff B”

Geoff Bridgford in recent days.

Source Marion / GSI, for more updates and articles etc.: follow GSI on facebook

Marion: GSI 11/10/20  

NEWS, November 4

DRIF Auction with amongst others some great Barry Gibb items.
Sir Barry Gibb is a musician, singer-songwriter, producer and co-founder of one of the most successful groups in pop music history, the Bee Gees. Own a piece of history with a signed Gretsch Synchromatic Electric 6 String Guitar. Also included in this package is a black & white signed photo. Guitar case is included.
Donated By Sir Barry Gibb.
Also some more nice signed photos!

Marion: GSI 11/04/20  

NEWS, November 2

  Barry’s upcoming album
Plans are there to start rolling out the information concerning Barry’s upcoming album THIS WEEK so… stay tuned and look at this:
“I’m a bluegrass artist, I’m a country artist, I’m a songwriter, I’m a collaborator…Greenfield’s coming soon”, Barry Gibb.

Marion: GSI 11/02/20 

NEWS, October 29

 Director Frank Marshall and Producer Nigel Sinclair talk about “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”

left: Frank Marshall and Nigel Sinclair

Watch the Q&A Session with the filmmakers of The Bee Gees: “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” from the 2020 Newport Beach Film Festival!

“How Can You Mend A broken Heart”, trailer
North America
3 brothers, 1 stage, and a legacy that will last forever. The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart comes to HBO Max on December 12. In cinemas one night only: December 3, 2020.

The Bee Gees: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” sets UK release date
Catch The Bee Gees: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” in cinemas on December

  KTT Legacy and GSI proudly present
Andrew Eborn and RJ Gibb:
– A GIBB HALLOWEEN – Trick or Treat
– The history of The Prebendal, Thame

Marion: GSI 10/29/20  
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NEWS, October 24

  “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” Review from: Mike McGranaghan. Reputed Film Critic from Central Pennsylvania:
“Just screened HBO’s upcoming documentary BEE GEES: HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART. As a hardcore Bee Gees fan, this movie meant a lot to me. I’ve been waiting so long for something like this. Now it finally exists and it’s magnificent.”

Marion: GSI 10/24/20  

NEWS, October 22

 Documentary update!!
Sound Unseen, online music fest adds The Bee Gees!! It runs from Nov. 11-15 with screenings available online in:Texas and Minnesota: USA.
Details about tickets / passes etc: Watch How Can You Mend A Broken Heart in the: Centerpiece Selection.

KTT Legacy & GSI present
The Best of Hungary – Tokaji tasting in Thame with Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:

Marion: GSI 10/22/20  

NEWS, October 16

  KTT Legacy & GSI Present
Robin John, from Thame again, about family memories of 1st on stage appearance with Bee Gees, about never released material, about new material etc.

video: Ella & Maxwell chat to Andrew Eborn about RJ Gibb’s concert 08 08 19

Repost of 2 KTT / GSI video talks with
Blue Weaver

About his career and his work in The Bee Gees etc. (originally posted May 2020.)
“We Are One”

KTT Legacy & GSI present The Best of Hungary Tokaji tasting in Thame with Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Marion: GSI 10/16/20  

NEWS, October 9

The Bee Gees documentary
It can also be seen at the Newport Beach Film Festival. The festival will close with the docu and California residents can stream the film on October 10 and 11 on the website. Access to the screening is $10.

Marion / GSI (for lots of more info, updates, photos, videos etc. visit our facebook group)

Marion: GSI 10/09/20  

NEWS, October 8

 Miami Film Festival GEMS Goes Virtual This Year
Today the start with the long awaited Bee Gees Documentary!!
GEMS Executive Director Jai LaPlante: “It’s fascinating, there’s so many things I’ve learned about the Bee Gees that I didn’t know, and of course, there’s all that great music to listen to. Best of all the screening is taking place at the Dezerland Park Drive-In which is only four blocks away from Criteria Recording Studios which is where the Bee Gees recorded all their albums. So there’s a real electricity being so close to it,”
– Conversation about the docu on Instagram and Facebook: Festival director Jaie Laplante and co-director Lauren Cohen sit down for a conversation with writer Mark Monroe and producer Jeanne Elfant Festa of The Bee Gees – “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”.
Eldest son of Bee Gee Barry Gibb visited this drive in screening of the Bee Gees Documentary too.

Stephen Gibb

Great Bee Gees Documentary Review
From Nashville Scene

The Ghost Twins
Samantha and Spencer Gibb – Here is their first new music!! “A Little Bit”

Marion: GSI 10/08/20 

NEWS, October 3

 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
 Review By Ricky Valero -October 2, 2020

For those in North America, you can sign up here to be notified about the release of the documentary. In answer to all your questions: No more information at the moment about releasing in other countries etc. yet. I will post when I hear more.

KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present
Robin Gibb Boddings Soltice Shoes
Bodding is a new line of shoes and accessories from KTT and derives its name from Robin Gibb’s childhood nickname, affectionately given to him by his brothers when Maurice could not pronounce his twins name properly when they were just toddlers.
Solstice because Robin was born on the winter solstice & the unicorn to represent the Gibb’s Scottish heritage.

Marion: GSI 10/03/20  

NEWS, October 1

 KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present
Robin Gibb Stainless Steel Mug
and: a Robin Gibb Commemorative T shirt
For lots of more items and info: KTT LEGACY website:

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NEWS, December 22

December 22
GSI: “A day on which we celebrate the lives of our beloved twins Robin and Maurice Gibb. As well as the birthday of Robin’s wife Dwina who we congratulate today.
Happy Birthday dear Dwina!!
See of course for some celebration postings our facebook group”

RJ today’s posting on Facebook (PDF File)

“How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”
The Documentary enters at number 3 at The Music Video Chart in the UK.

Gary Barlow interviewing Barry Gibb
There is a radio program on in England on Sunday 27th December at 9 p.m. British time. It is on BBC RADIO 2 and it is Gary Barlow interviewing Barry

Marion: GSI 12/22/20  

NEWS, December 19

 Barry and Jimmy Fallon talking via Zoom.

He wasn’t there ‘live’ but Barry Gibb was guest at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon again to talk about his new projects, Documentary, The Greenfields album and the upcoming movie about The Gibb lives and career. All thanks to Zoom chat.
Denise Wiggins:
The meetup was broadcast from the show’s NYC studio and live connected with Barry who was chatting via his home in Miami. The conversation totaled 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Jimmy highlighted both the successful and brilliant HBO documentary as well as the soon-to-be released new album, Greenfields.

Barry looked great and it was wonderful to see these two friends enjoying the opportunity to catch up with so much awesomeness to promote. A few brief video clips from the documentary were shown, including Maurice. The album cover was directly shown on camera and Barry also gave a shout out to Jimmy’s band … The Roots, who he enjoys very much. Three cheers to Barry!! Well done!! Watch the video of the Jimmy Fallon show as well as additional photos: on our facebook group.

Complete video of Barry on Jimmy Fallon Show:

Chat Robin John Gibb next week.

Robin John Gibb chats with Ricardo Calderon and friends of the Bee Gees group Mexico for their “Saturday Night Stories” podcast and RJ will sing as well, with his Italian friends The Egiziano Brothers and Bee Gees keyboard player Blue Weaver with whom he’s also planning The Gibb Legacy concerts in 2021 and 2022. The podcast is scheduled for next Saturday December 26, 2020.

Be sure to watch: We’ll be looking forward to seeing you on Facebook, YouTube, and Bee Gees Mexico, Spotify as well as on Bee Gees Marketplace. at 12 noon (Mexico) 13:00 (Peru), 14:00 (Miami) 15:00 (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay) and 19.00 (Spain).

Marion: GSI 12/19/20  (Ricardo Calderon)

NEWS, December 12

Barry speaks with BBC1 – Breakfast Show, UK.
Watch article and video:

Gibb Hit Compositions
Just a nice youtube video featuring 100 international top 10 hits that were written by the Bee Gees (their own songs, solo singles, songs they wrote for other artists and cover versions).

Marion: GSI 12/12/20  

NEWS, December 11

Your Christmas Wishes for the Gibb Family
Dear GSI members,
To post / send your Christmas wishes to The Gibb Family
Go to our GSI facebookgroup and write your wishes and message in the comments section below the special posting on the group so The Gibb Family can read it.

New Greenfields release, after Words Of A Fool now: BUTTERFLY Butterfly · Barry Gibb · David Rawlings · Gillian Welch.

Video: More about the documentary

Marion: GSI 12/11/20  
More info on our facebookgroup!

NEWS, December 7

Barry Gibb: ‘There’s fame and there’s ultra-fame – it can destroy you’

Barry Gibb. Photograph: Rose Marie Cromwell/New York Times/Redux/eyevine

A walk down memory lane with the man behind the Bee Gees: Bill Oakes

Bill Oakes on the set of The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

Musicians on musicians – Barry Gibb & Jason Isbell
Rolling Stone interview and great live chat with Barry on video!

Interview with filmmaker Frank Marshall by The Arts Desk

Marion: GSI 12/07/20  
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NEWS, December 2

 Barry Gibb Has a Mission: ‘Keep the Music Alive’ The last Bee Gee looks back at his wide-ranging catalog of hits, and ahead to an album of duets that spotlights his first love, country music.

Interview with Director of Bee Gees Documentary: Frank Marshall

On the emotional journey of telling the story of The Bee Gees in “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”.

Another two Documentary reviews

Greenfields De Luxe Album (also with 2 bonus tracks) in The Netherlands

Andrew’s Stella TV: December 1, 2020.
With amongst others Robin John about the Legacy Project and more, Blue Weaver with a contest of Bee Gees sound clips and Daisy Chute singing and talking about her meeting with Barry, Linda and the family in Scotland.

Keep following us on facebook for much more!

Marion: GSI 12/02/20  

NEWS, November 27

Message from Robin John Gibb
Robin John Gibb: “I will be a regular live guest on my business partner’s new The Andrew Eborn Show on StellaTV Performing songs of my own as well as my father’s, talking about KTT’s new online eBoutique & all its new products, as well as our new fine wines division ‘Gibb’sOwn’ and its latest collaboration with some of the finest vineyards in Hungary’s Tokaj region. We’ll also be discussing KTT’s other exciting endeavours, such as its foray into the realms of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence as well as Augmented Reality & the technology which WILL change our world entirely & no-doubt for the better (mark my words): Blockchain Technology.

We will also discuss the latest news and hot topics including what is currently happening to our society and our world during this terrible pandemic. Plus we’ll touch on fascinating reports & stories from around the world as well as natural & supernatural phenomena, all of which is just not being reported in the mainstream media.
Look out for fun anecdotes too, which will ‘lift the skirt’ of the music industry and the entertainment sphere in general, giving you an insider’s peek at all the triumphs, tribulations & shananigans which do dwell therein & that which has gone before. Fake news is another talking point which is now such an extremely hot topic, however my family and I being veteran targets of this practice, I can attest first-hand to the fact that it has been utilised by the mainstream media and rags for a very long time indeed, since the dawn of hearsay, & has only now been quite rightly exposed to the degree it has via the internet and all the freedoms it affords whistleblowers, watchdogs and fact-checkers.

A glorious time indeed is this in our history, and an awakening of sorts is afoot, worldwide. Gone is the reliance on ‘spoon-fed’ facts from The Networks & in its place a willingness to explore many other vantage points from alternative news sources, so-called ‘adversarial’ outlets, disclosure and exposure projects etc.
We will be devoting an entire segment to this topic, with a rather hilarious venture into the realm of ‘Deepfakes’ which simply cannot be missed.
Also, Self-Help Tips such as NLP Techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Hacks will be another topic to teach & explore, all used to instil confidence in oneself and/or others as well as to earn the trust & support of your peers.
These chats & many more, including welcome requests & discussion ideas from you, the ‘4th wall’ our valued public.
I for one, am really looking forward to it.
Kind regards everyone & keep safe all of you, Sincerely
RJ Gibb”

SHOW INFO: The first show will be live at 9am on 30th November 2020
Stella TV:

Marion: GSI 11/27/20  

NEWS, November 21

KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present
Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb talks about the launch of The Andrew Eborn Show on Monday 30th November 2020 (St Andrew’s Day)
NEW Stella TV, with Andrew, Robin John and many and much more every weekday starting November 30 at 09:00 to 10:00 GMT.
RJ Gibb – The Andrew Eborn show promo
Andrew Eborn, Sir Sean Connery Special with RJ Gibb

KTT Legacy / GSI – RJ Gibb JOHN HURT in the bushes, Exclusive!!
A funny and never before told story by RJ from his youth, about John Hurt!!
Robin John update about

Marion: GSI 11/21/20  

NEWS, November 15

Barry talks about the stories behind the Bee Gees songs on Greenfields
His new album will be released worldwide the 8th of January 2021 by Capitol Records.

Marion: GSI 11/15/20

NEWS, November 9

John Merchant
“Today I received again an email from John Merchant with some updated info about the new album of Barry Gibb: “Greenfields”. Here some parts of his mail to me

Hi Marion, and good to hear from you………
Yes, after having to keep this project a secret for more than a year, I’m thrilled that Barry is able to finally share this album with the world. He’s very happy with the way it turned out, and I hope that you as fans enjoy it too.

The bonus songs for the Target version of the album are new recordings that were completed during these same sessions. Since they do not feature guest artists, they were not included on the main album. The album will also be available on vinyl, and in my opinion, that version sounds beautiful. The standard vinyl version will be a 3-sided set, and the Target version will be 4-sided. Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound in Nashville, the double-album format provides more space for improved dynamics and a wider spectral balance. Hopefully the bonus tracks will be available worldwide, since you will love hearing fresh takes on those songs. In particular, I think this version of “With the Sun In My Eyes” is beautiful and dramatic, inspired by the response it got every time he performed it live on the Mythology shows.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on the album when it’s released in January.
Kind regards,
John “.

Marion: GSI 11/09/20  

NEWS, November 8

 The Bee Gees Documentary and the new album Greenfields…….
Coming To The Netherlands!! This documentary about the Bee Gees will be released on the various video streaming services in The Netherlands on December 21 in the run-up to the album release in the new year. Watch out for more details.

The Documentary in the cinemas.
Like mentioned many countries will show the new documentary to start with…….. one night in their cinemas: December 3, 2020.Like in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and maybe more places, just keep an eye on the info for your own country.!!

Marion: GSI 11/08/20  

NEWS, December 20th.

  Greenfields, The Gibb Brothers Songbook Volume 1

Expected: 08 Jan 2021.

GSI Details about Greenfields
Barry Gibb & Friends Greenfields The Gibb Brothers Songbook Vol 1 CD
The album will include new renditions of some of Bee Gees’ biggest hits, that Barry Gibb has re-recorded with of the world’s biggest country artists – including Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, Olivia Newton-John and Sheryl Crow.

1. I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You with Keith Urban
2. Words Of A Fool with Jason Isbell
3. Run To Me with Brandi Carlile
4. Too Much Heaven with Alison Krauss
5. Lonely Days with Little Big Town
6. Words with Dolly Parton
7. Jive Talkin with Miranda Lambert and Jay Buchanan
8. How Deep Is Your Love with Little Big Town & Tommy Emmanuel
9. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart with Sheryl Crow
10. To Love Somebody with Jay Buchanan
11. Rest Your Love On Me with Olivia Newton-John
12. Butterfly with Gillian Welch & David Rawlings.

Additional info:
 In a statement Barry Gibb said, “From the first day we stepped into RCA Studios in Nashville (the very place where Elvis, Willie, Waylon, Roy, the Everly Brothers and so many other legends made their magic) the album took on a life of its own. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work with Dave and all the artists who stopped by. They were all incredibly generous with their time and talent. They inspired me more than words can express. I feel deep down that Maurice and Robin would have loved this album for different reasons. I wish we could have all been together to do it….but I think we were.”
 Jason Isbell adds, “Barry Gibb is one of the greatest songwriters and singers in popular music history, and I’m happy to say he still has that beautiful voice and that magical sense of melody. Working with him on this project has been one of the great honors of my career. He’s a prince.”
 The first single of Barry’s new album Greenfields is the Jason Isbell collaboration “Words of a Fool”.
 Album trailer: Barry Gibb – Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook (Vol. 1 / Album Trailer)

Info / pre-order: Barry’s Album, Bee Gees Documentary, Blu-ray
The coming days you’ll find more and more possibilities in all different countries to pre order the album on CD and vinyl as well as pre order info about the docu.!! So pay attention as to where you can order. Here are some first suggestions.

Target / USA
With new versions bonus tracks:
12. With The Sun In My Eyes
13. Morning Of My Life.

Producer of the new album
GSI already mentioned earlier that the producer is Dave
 And some more articles etc.:
Rolling Stone
Barry Gibb Announces New Album

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Another rave review for the upcoming documentary.

FYI – KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present
Andrew Eborn and Mike read about: Cliff Richard, The Great 80 with MIKE READ life & loves, and the story of Robin Gibb Don’t Cry Alone.

Marion: GSI 11/06/20  
(also thanks Juan Cristóbal Guzmán Lagos).
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NEWS, October 27

Bee Gees Way closed for maintenance

“How Can You mend A broken heart” – review
Another rave review coming from Le Anne Lindsay, from Philadelphia 29th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival Coverage

KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present
Review videos of RJ’s first show: August 8, 2019: The very start of the celebration to the Gibb Music, The Legacy Ken Davitian (Borat’s producer Azamat Bagatov in the 2006 comedy film Borat)
Monty Panesar (English international cricketer)
Armand Assante (American Actor)
And more feedback to Andrew Eborn after RJ Gibb’s first live concert.

Marion: GSI 10/27/20 

NEWS, October 19

 Release Documentary

The Documentary is due for release on December 3, by Universal Pictures. Next to that, like earlier mentioned on GSI: the film about their lives is currently in the works but is delayed due to the Covid 19 situation. GSI will keep you posted on that too.

Marion: GSI 10/19/20  

NEWS, October 14

Some reviews and news about the new documentary

The Bee Gees: “How Do You Mend A Broken Heart” is informative, entertaining, and heart wrenching. Frank Marshall reveals not only the heart and soul of the band and its music but also the power dynamic that shaped and molded the group’s enormous and impactful musical legacy. Highly recommended.

HollywoodGlee – Review by Larry Gleeson
Documentary “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” – Nashville Film Festival

Nashville Scene –
Music Docs Rock the Nashville Film Festival

Audience Award for documentary

The California Film Institute offers Bee Gees Documentary virtual streaming!
Watch the docu via virtual streaming this weekend, Oct.17-18 in their CAFilm Streaming Room either via Roku, Apple TV or via your web browser. The ticket is $10 and is USA only. Purchase ticket at link below.
Under Description: Hit the “click here” in the sentence in the link that reads: “For virtual streaming tickets, please click here.”
This digital screening is available to view between 6pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Saturday, October 17, and 11:59pm PST on Sunday, October 18. Further information and directions can be found at the same website, including FAQ’s.
Tickets on sale now until October 18.

KTT Legacy & GSI Present
Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb (back home from being on the Isle Of Wight)
Now in virtual Cannes
Robin John home again from being on The Isle Of Wight KTT update:

Matthew Bonelli, Former Bee Gee bassist:

Teaching a new generation of musicians
Music Students Learning from Legends – September 2011

Marion: GSI 10/14/20  
For more reviews and updates etc.: visit our facebookgroup

NEWS, October 7

 ‘The Bee Gees’ Documentary to Stream on HBO
HBO Documentary Films acquired all North American rights to the feature-length documentary “The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,” about the band who wrote more than 1,000 songs, including twenty number-one hits throughout their career. According to the network, the film chronicles the rise of the iconic group, consisting of brothers Barry, Maurice, and Robin Gibb, their music, and its evolution over the years. “The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” will debut on HBO later this year and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present
Robin Gibb Signature Stainless Steel Travel Mug
More on:
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And follow Octopus TV on :

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NEWS, October 5

  How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – documentary – more info
The documentary will be shown at the 43rd Mill Valley Film Festival The festival runs through Oct. 18, with the last drive-in screening: “The Bee Gees: How You Can Mend a Broken Heart” scheduled for Oct. 17. 7:30 PM Lagoon Park – Marin Center, San Rafael, CA, USA.

A digital screening is available to view between 6:00pm PT on Saturday, October 17, and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 18. Tickets virtual streaming:

“I hope being able to see the docu as well some time in near future in my country. I had quite some contact with the production people while they were working on the docu and I was even mentioned in the credits of the new documentary.
(thanks Kathy Jackson).”

Marion: GSI 10/05/20  

Gibb Service International

NEWS, September 28

 More Info Documentary
Cast and Credits — Film Info — Spons
ors Next to Barry, Robin and Maurice….. Chris Martin, Nick Jonas and Justin Timberlake will appear in the documentary, among others!!
Details and link to buy tickets
October 8, 2020 to October 8, 2020
7:30 – 9:30pm ET
Dezerland Park Drive In
14401 NE 19th Avenue
North Miami, FL 33181

UPDATE about The Bee Gees Documentary.
It will be on the Nashville Film Festival too !: Livestream on October 1.
PRE ORDER NOW. More info:

Marion: GSI 09/28/20  

NEWS, September 24

LATEST from Barry and Bee Gees projects: album and documentary. HBO Documentary Films has secured the North American rights to a new feature-length documentary about pop legends The Bee Gees that will get its TV premiere later this year on HBO and HBO Max. –
Marion: “I think Barry’s album and the docu will be coming within a couple of months now. I guess between December and February It’s up to HBO and the label to determine the release dates. The documentary will bring interesting footage I am sure….!! (maybe later, the 1979 tour on Blu Ray edition too?!….. The footage of the documentary has never been seen or made available for previous films about the band. Some of this great, new material includes a stunning 60-minute concert filmed in 1971 with a 20-piece orchestra, home movies of the Bee Gees on tour in America; and perhaps the most historically significant items are the master tapes, the only known footage of the band performing songs from the film Saturday Night Fever during the disco era. Not sure if the whole concert of 71 will be shown in the documentary probably parts”.
(thanks Juan Cristóbal Guzmán Lagos).

– Bee Gees Documentary coming to HBO from filmmaker Frank Marshall.
HBO Documentary Films Acquires Frank Marshall-Directed ‘The Bee Gees: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”.

Marion: GSI 09/24/20  

NEWS, September 19

 KTT LEGACY & GSI present
Today on GSI: More fan Requests Ansered!!! Andrew Eborn RJ Gibb launch Robin & RJ Gibb T Shirts Robin & RJ Gibb in Abstract Art Form Organic 100% Cotton T-shirt (Unisex)

Marion: GSI 09/19/20  

NEWS, September 13

KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present.
Very Special Offer…. ‘Robin Hugh Gibb’s No.1 Classic Round Blue-Tints’ aka “Bodding’s Blues”

GSI & KTT Legacy present.
Andrew Eborn with Marion Adriaensen Founder of GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info.
Talking about plans and ideas for KTT legacy website in the near future.
All fans who do have suggestions, ideas, questions be sure to get in touch!!

Marion: GSI 09/13/20  

NEWS, September 10

Good Morning…
.A quick hello from Robin John at the Isle Of Wight

Andrew Eborn RJ Gibb on the IoW
update 10 09 2020
Short reminder with info about Robin Gibb’s sun glasses.

Marion: GSI 09/10/20  

NEWS, September 7

A Gibb Family & Eborn enterprise.
offering stylish ‘Legacy by KTT’ brand name clothing, shoes & accessories. Including the first official collection commemorating Robin Hugh Gibb CBE, of the iconic pop-music sensations: the Bee Gees. Find keepsakes and merchandise manufactured using photographs & footage never before beheld by anyone outside of his immediate family, as well artwork by Robin himself. His son, the singer-songwriter, media producer and co-founder (along with his father) of Redbreast Ltd: R.J. Gibb, and the founder of OctopusTV: Mr. Andrew Eborn, launched their joint-company ‘KTT Ltd’ at the 2018 annual MIPCOM in beautiful Cannes, South of France.
Now, Highly Anticipated and in conjunction with Gibb Service International (GSI), they are both extremely proud to bring to you one of KTT’s first endeavours, their new fine-fashion eBoutique:
KTT is also very proud and excited to announce the upcoming dates for the ‘LEGACY PROJECT’ the new touring ensemble paying homage to and celebrating the music of, the Bee Gees as well as the Gibb Music catalogues in general and the release of RJ Gibb’s new material. The ensemble consists of RJ Gibb himself, The Brothers Egiziano (3 real brothers who’ve been harmonising together since they were children, just like the original Bee Gees, and akin somewhat to Michael Bublé, they are experts on the performance of songs from different eras, including the Gibb music catalogues, and last but never least Blue Weaver, the original keyboard player for the Bee Gees when they were at the height of their success. So watch this space, as Tours, Live-Stream Concerts and Virtual Concerts will be announced soon and we will continuously update you over time. . Come and check-out the new store KTT LEGACY Now as products are selling out fast (and you will want to reserve your pair of limited edition Official Robin Gibb Blue Steampunk shades).
KTT Legacy info: url:

Marion: GSI 09/07/20  

NEWS, September 4

 Congrats to uncle Barry and aunt Linda by Robin John Gibb
2 small videos with congrats and nice memories of the past, by RJ. Posted earlier on GSI facebook already.
For the special GSI updates around the September 1, 2020 Celebrations, which were posted on our group for the past week: go to GSI Facebook. There you’ll also find the section where all fans were/are able to write their wishes to the happy couple!!

Robin John Gibb and Andrew Eborn
More memories

Marion: GSI 09/04/20  

NEWS, August 31

Very Special Announcement Through GSI
Robin Gibb’s Blue Glass Mews by KTT – Muse Club Limited Edition **Classic**
Bodding’s Steam-Basket Specs (aka Steam-Baskets)

Bodding’s steam basket sunglasses are pre-order and for this incredible one off introductory price you can secure yours now by e-mailing:
And you will be sent further details as well as your Muse club membership confirmation.
You can buy them now for £ 99.99 , however all who e-mail us to reserve a pair, will receive them for only £ 88,88 !!

Marion: GSI 08/31/20  
(Robin John Gibb and Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, August 30

KTT Legacy Website
Latest from Robin John and Andrew about the just launched new KTT website.

Marion: GSI 08/30/20

NEWS, August 26

GSI is celebrating September First / A Golden Day
Barry And Linda’s 50th. Anniversary

Source: GSI:
“-The day is getting closer: birthday and anniversary celebration!
Some fans sent to GSI their fave photos which they found on the internet of this happy couple, like I asked earlier this month: thanks for that!
Around the Anniversary date GSI facebook group will allow members to post photoshopped photos of the celebrating couple for a few days.
I cannot forward letters / parcels to Barry and Linda sorry, but I will post a special GSI item on the facebook group in a few days where you can send your wishes for the happy couple there in the comments. I will tag Linda in that posting and so she and Barry and of course everyone else of the Gibb family who is member of GSI will be able to see and read your messages through that facebook item!!
Watch out for special publications and postings around the Anniversary date on the several social media including GSI……!
No official gathering or family plans is set for Sept 1st by Barry and Linda, due to the virus.
Be sure to visit GSI Facebook group for lots of more!! stay Happy and stay Healthy,
Marion / GSI”

Addiction Talks with Stephen Gibb For more episodes follow him on facebook and you tube.

Marion: GSI 08/26/20  

NEWS, August 3

 Bee Gees Documentary:
“How Can You mend A broken Heart”

( Frank Marshall, USA, 111 min)
Was planned to be shown at the Telluride Film Festival from: September 3-7, 2020 but canceled due to the corona pandemic. The Telluride Film Festival (TFF) is a film festival held annually in Telluride, Colorado, USA, during Labor Day weekend (the first Monday in September). What will happen?? Marshall has been talking to film executives so as to show the film and sell it to one distributor. The documentary is ready and in the worst case it will be shown on TV or streaming services. Marshall wants though to screen it through theaters first!!
Marion / GSI (thanks also Juan Cristóbal Guzmán Lagos).

KTT Legacy & GSI
We are going to start uploading again some videos by Andrew Eborn and friends. You have probably heard about the passing of Andrew’s mother, therefore we didn’t post any material for some time.
* Here’s some footage again taken during the 2nd. Walk Through London of early last month. Mike Read tells you more about the locations. KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present Andrew Eborn – Denmark Street Tin Pan Alley Regent Sound Studios with Mike Read.
* KTT Legacy & GSI also proudly presents Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb celebrating Bee Gees busking in Covent Garden
Soon more!

Marion: GSI 08/03/20  
(thanks Robin John Gibb, Andrew Eborn, Mike Read)

NEWS, July 26

 “I finally have time to update you again and give answers on lots of questions which arrived at GSI recently and even today.

-To begin with, many of you noticed the articles about Steve Gibb in the newspapers. I always wait with posting until I have more info, until I have checked whether it’s okay to post at all. This quite often happens with situations even a few times this weekend!! I just do not want to hurt anyone and I see GSI in the first place as a way to honour the Gibb music and the people behind that music. That being said:

I understand lots of you were quite shocked to read the news articles about Steve having had problems with drugs and alcohol. I knew about that period in his past but I understand why a number of fans suddenly mailed me asking etc. The story is a bit out of its context I heard and on top of that I understand that the last thing Steve thought was that the UK press would pick up on his podcast, but as it is out there now it’s okay. It’s been a rough time for him and now he’s even trying to help others who are in trouble. Great guy!!

If you’d like to follow his podcast talks just visit these links which I already posted before on GSI.

The recent articles:

Concerning some other subjects you often ask me about: Due to the whole corona problem world wide most activities, also those concerning The Gibbs, are ON HOLD. Though I have good hope that the Bee Gees documentary will air in December of this year!! and that Barry’s new album will be released in January 2021!! It seems the new album will come with a TV special although I am not sure yet.

The film won’t be ready before 2022/2023 and Barry has not long ago started working on a book about his life which we talked about already here on GSI quite some time ago. At that time an album did have priority for Barry. That album is finished now and waiting for a good time to get released. Barry will take his time to write down his live story and I expect the book to be ready in 3 to 4 years from now. Also due to corona like previous mentioned there is delay of starting the special Legacy Shows: the celebration of The Gibb Music, which would start this year.

Robin John Gibb, family members, business partner, friends and special guests are working on it for quite some time already and now use the corona time to do lots of on line / charity projects. The live concerts won’t be starting before somewhere next year with shows in Europe and outside Europe!! Also of that project GSI keeps you fully updated!! Also keep following us on facebook!!
When there are more updates and plans to tell I will certainly let you know again, like always!! ” Source: GSI.

Marion: GSI 07/26/20  

NEWS, July 17

Important update…..
From Robin-John Gibb: Pdf
For more info: visit GSI facebookgroup
Press release

Due to personal circumstances in Andrew Eborn’s family we are having no updates at the moment about our Bee Gees London Walks and all other activities and plans concerning and organized by KTT Legacy / GSI, including the release of the special KTT Legacy website. It will all have a delay, I hope you will understand.
Best Regards also on behalf of Andrew Eborn and Robin John Gibb

Marion: GSI 07/17/20  

NEWS, July 5

  Interview – Robin John Gibb, Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver
July 7. 2020 there will be an online interview for you to watch!!
Artists On Lockdown.
Robin John, The Egiziano Brothers and Blue Weaver will talk from Europe to Ron Onesti of Love Productions Inc. in New York, USA.
Date: July 7, 2020, at 19.00 hours (Dutch/Italian time) and 18.00 hours (British time)
(check a world clock website for your local time).
The link to follow the interview is:
Information about Ron Onesti:

Marion: GSI 07/05/20  
(Thanks: Jacek Pryt and Steve Love ( founder of Love Productions Inc.)

NEWS, July 1

The First KTT/GSI Walk of June 25, 2020.
The edited videos.
1.     2.     3.

For more additional links, information and photos visit GSI on facebook.

ATTENTION A second Walk Through London will be held: July 3. At 11.11 (London Time).

If you have suggestions of Gibb related places for Andrew to walk to in the second KTT/GSI London Walk…… then please send details including address, relevance of association etc. a.s.a.p. to the GSI email address: With subject: London Walk 2.

Vince Melouney

An in depth podcast: Bee Gees guitarist Vince Melouney recalls his time in the band from 1967 to 1969 and life in music.

Barry Gibb on Piers Morgan Life Stories 3rd February 2017
Watch this emotional video again. The show was recorded in December, the 9th – 2016 / ITV Studios in London.

Marion: GSI 07/01/20  

NEWS, September 27

 Drive-In Premiere Bee Gees Documentary in Miami, October 8th. !!

Miami Film Festival GEMS will Open with Drive-In Premiere of HBO Bee Gees Documentary !!! On October 8th, let’s come together (physically-distanced, of course) as we dedicate the night to these titans of the Miami music scene. Break out your old bell bottoms and practice the Hustle for a Thursday Night Fever you won’t soon forget. WHO WILL BE VISITING THE PREMIERE?? PLEASE LET GSI KNOW YOUR REVIEW!!

Bee Gees Documentary airing info.
Many fans contacted GSI asking if they’d be able to see the new documentary in their country. Universal Capitol are handling worldwide sales that fall outside of the international network of HBO affiliates who as I believe will automatically air and have the FIRST option to air the documentary. By way of example I believe HBO are affiliated with Sky in the UK so I assume it will either on Sky 1 or the Sky Arts channel there on a date to be announced and also posted on GSI website. When there’s more news about other countries I will let you know. Let’s hope HBO will get in touch with many other channels in different countries for this project!!! I guess finally it will be shown worldwide. Netflix and Amazon Prime are options too. The documentary hopefully will be available on DVD and Blu Ray later on. We will keep you posted of course. Fingers crossed.

Marion: GSI 09/27/20  

NEWS, September 21

  Happy 40th Anniversary: Guilty
Happy 40th Anniversary to Barbra Streisand’s twenty-second studio album Guilty, originally released September 23, 1980. When asked what it was like to experience Barbra Streisand’s otherworldly voice in the studio, Albhy Galuten readily affirms he and his Guilty co-producers Barry Gibb and Karl Richardson, notwithstanding their own prodigious talents, were awestruck.

Marion: GSI 09/21/20  

NEWS, September 18

  A thank you message from Linda and Barry Gibb

KTT Legacy & GSI proudly present
Andrew Eborn RJ Gibb…..By special request the launch of Robin Gibb Masks

Marion: GSI 09/18/20

NEWS, September 9

 KTT Legacy & GSI present
Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb The Truth about Robin Gibb & Juliet

Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb RJ’s latest productions

Andrew Eborn & RJ Gibb Boredom Busters More fantastic content for GSI. Presents to give or to receive which will entertain when maybe being bored by corona and lockdown.

Andrew Eborn RJ Gibb Secrets to Success from Robin Gibb

Reminder – Robin’s glasses
Robin Gibb’s Blue Glass Mews by KTT

Marion: GSI 09/09/20  

NEWS, September 5

 GSI & KTT proudly present Legacy
RJ Gibb joins Andrew Eborn to talk about KTT Legacy’s launch of The Official Robin Gibb Commemorative Collection:
The Official Robin Gibb Commemorative Collection.
Commemorating the man, the legend, the best-friend, father, brother, husband, grandfather & the incredible talent that was Robin Hugh Gibb CBE. Here you’ll see him honoured & remembered like never before through photographs & artwork never before beheld outside of the immediate family and. KTT is proud to present The Official Robin Gibb Commemorative Collection
Video 1 and 2
RJ Gibb joins Andrew Eborn to talk about KTT Legacy’s launch of The Official Robin Gibb Commemorative Collection
More about the website KTT Legacy and the KTT Collectibles
RJ Gibb joins Andrew Eborn to talk about KTT Collectibles

Marion: GSI 09/05/20  

NEWS, September First 2020.

  A Birthday and A Golden Anniversary!
Congratulations dear Barry and Linda. Bless you both and enjoy this special occasion with your family Wishing you many, many more happy and healthy years to come, surrounded by your loved ones!

Link to a special GSI anniversary in pictures

Barry’s Birthday and Wedding Anniversary.

Barry & Linda Gibb 40th Wedding Anniversary

See for many more celebration postings on our GSI facebook group!!
Including the posting where you can write down your personal messages and wishes to the Happy Couple!

Marion: GSI 09/01/20  

NEWS, August 23

TONIGHT – at 20.20 ( U.K.) the launch of …..
Stay tuned!!

The launch Of The New Website
Video 2
Video 3
Congrats To KTT Legacy !!

Marion: GSI 08/23/20  

NEWS, August 9

 Anniversary photos Barry and Linda!
I am searching for ‘Barry and Linda photos through the years of their marriage’ for an online wedding present. Fans have been sending photos already the past few weeks and I am still searching for photos of the following years only!!: 1979, 1980, 1984, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005.
You can still send in your most favourite photos of Barry and Linda. Your own photos or ones you found on the internet. Please mention the year when it was taken and if possible where and by whom….. and send before August 11th. to my GSI email address:

Auction for MusiCares
Some of the biggest names in music have donated personal items to an auction that will allow MusiCares — the charitable foundation of the Recording Academy — to help music industry professionals whose livelihoods have been devastated by COVID-19. The auction will take place September 9 at the Julien’s Auctions location in Beverly Hills, California. Advance bidding begins online on August 17. In addition, a free exhibit of items from the sale will be on display at Julien’s in Beverly Hills from September 7 to September 11. For more info, visit
Among the items…..
A dark gray leather jacket worn by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees for a photograph taken by Randee St. Nicholas as well as on the cover of a 2001 TV Guide (estimate: $4,000-$6,000) and a Samick model LW-028G/SA acoustic guitar signed by Bee Gees members Barry, Maurice, and Robin Gibb (estimate: $2,000-$3,000).

Fake Accounts Warning!
All the time people open fake accounts with names of celebrities, also of: ‘Barry Gibb’. They (saying they are Barry Gibb) start a chat with you and ask for money for charity. Be aware!!!
Barry is not on social media,. If anything in his name is ever posted it is done by family or record company people. Barry will never ask you personally for a chat or for money to give to charities. Barry’s official social media accounts with the blue check-mark are:
Here is a screenshot of a message which was posted in name of Barry on social media this week:

Marion: GSI 08/09/20  

NEWS, August 30

   KTT Legacy Project Jive Talkin for NHS

New version of Jive Talkin, the celebration of The Gibb Music. The new version was introduced July 18, 2020 in the auction program for NHS in Great Britain. Performed by Robin John Gibb, with Blue Weaver, The Egiziano Brothers and Errol Kennedy as guest drummer.

The Drumathon 2020 Charity Auction
Organized on July 18. 2020.
All lots in this auction will be donated to the NHS Charities COVID-19 Paul Martin of BBC’s television series Flog It, was hosting the program with special guests Errol Kennedy and wife. We’ve updated quite often about this good cause the past weeks specially on the facebook group. For the auction Robin’s son RJ donated to this amazing cause a pair of his fathers legendary glasses, two signed CDs of collaborative works between Robin and son Robin John and a precious family photograph that Robin kept on his bedside table alongside for many years. During the online auction Robin Gibb’s glasses were sold for 1300 Pounds!!.
More videos and info on the facebookgroup.

Piers Morgan interview with Barry.

It was re-aired again on UK television last Friday, a wonderful and emotional interview. You can watch again at:

Marion: GSI 07/19/20  
(for more updates and info: GSI Facebookgroup!!)

NEWS, July 7

  KTT Legacy   GSI
Are delighted to release the first of the videos from Andrew Eborn’s 2nd. Marathon Walk around London, dated July 3-2020.
Andrew was accompanied by a film crew for over 8 hours. The follow up of the tremendous success of the WORLD’s 1st BEE GEES LONDON WALK with ANDREW EBORN   special guests RJ GIBB   MIKE READ. Andrew has been hosting another marathon walk taking us to more of the places associated with the BEE GEES.
The first video is Trafalgar
The lead single “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” was the first Bee Gees’ number 1 in the US.
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Shop the new Bee Gees vinyls online

KTT   GSI present: Andrew Eborn live in Covent Garden
Andrew Eborn RJ Gibb celebrating Bee Gees busking in Covent Garden where the Bee Gees took part in a busking competition on the street, 1993.

Live interview : July 7, 2020.
The Egiziano Brothers, Robin John Gibb and Blue Weaver, Hosted by: Ron Onesti

For much more info, videos and updates: be sure to visit GSI on facebook!!

Marion: GSI 07/07/20  

Gibb Service International

NEWS, June 25

KTT Legacy & GSI present Andrew Eborn with RJ Gibb & Mike Read Bomber Command Special    A walk of about 6 hours along famous London spots related to The Bee Gees and Gibb Family.

The live streams through the day.:
1.  The first part of the tour, without sound. (too many were trying to log in I guess). (at the end of the day this part of the tour was walked again, with sound)
2.   June 25 – KTT & GSI Walk Through London.
3.   June 25 – KTT & GSI Walk Through London
4.   June 25 – KTT & GSI Walk Through London with the beginning of the tour as well (with sound)

Marion: GSI 06/25/20  

NEWS, June 19

ROBIN Gibb Glasses with discount code for GSI members
Now finally available exclusively from KTT LEGACY, via Robin Gibb’s immediate family, who shared one of their most guarded secrets for the very first time: Robin’s favourite Blue Sunglass designs! So they may be made available to one and all Here, we are proud to present the first of our Robin Gibb Style Blue Glass range, based on his ideal, favourite designs for blue-tint sunglasses The overall collection is entitled ‘Robin Gibb’s Blue Glass Mews’ However, it contains a sub-collection called: ‘Robin Gibb’s Classic Blue Glass MUSE’.

All of the sunglasses in the Classic Blue Glass MUSE sub-collection were inspired by his all-time favourite colours, design features, & attributes. The sub-collection also includes our company’s core, “flagship” product: ‘Robin Gibb’s No.1 Classic Blue-Tints’ It also features his Classic Violet-Tints, as well as his Classic Pink-Tints. All the Classic Collection colours & designs of which he sported, at one time or another, on-stage, on television, or when attending important events & award ceremonies. We also have an array of additional, alternative choices, which Robin also liked to rock “behind the scenes”.. Details coming soon…. Follow / Subscribe NOW for EXCLUSIVE details..

Marion: GSI 06/19/20  
(Robin John Gibb / Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, June 14

 Additional auction info with Robin Gibb items Auction with a.o. Robin Gibb items: a pair of his special glasses and a unique photo, !! Like mentioned in the recent KTT & GSI video call with Robin John Gibb, posted here too.
Auction date: July 18. 2020 : to raise funds for the UK. NHS charities.
Additional video. Andrew Eborn is joined by RJ Gibb, Errol & Bev to discuss very special items from Robin Gibb for DRUMATHON AUCTION.
From the antiquestradegazette:
The auction will follow the 21-day NHS Drum Marathon which has seen musicians drumming for daily 12-hour shifts. It has been live streamed from the ‘Drumathon 2020’s Lockdown Studio’ throughout its duration from May 29-June 18. The project has already raised more than £30,000 for the NHS. !!
Donations can be made via
Read more on GSI Facebook.

auction, unique Robin photo

KTT & GSI present Part 4 of the brilliant interview with Vince Melouney.
(conversation from video call May 18.2020.)
As always Follow Octopus TV on youtube and Dailymotion as well as on GSI facebookgroup for more exclusive content from KTT and GSI.

Marion: GSI 06/14/20

NEWS, June 7

Answers to fan questions
In answer to a number of questions asked to me the past few days concerning the Gibbs in Florida / America….. I can give you the latest from Miami Beach today

Concerning contact with kids and grandkids. The kids and grand children are able visiting now.
Concerning the riot problems. No problems in terms as the protests as they are downtown not too near us and the whole of Dade County where we live falls under our local government imposed curfew orders.
Concerning the planned events, projects Like recently mentioned on GSI ( and I keep you updated anytime things change) Everything has been put – on hold- a while ago like I told you and many people involved in working for any of the projects are either working from home or not available due to the corona rules at the moment. Possibly and hopefully things start up later this year but we guess not before the 4th quarter of 2020, like earlier mentioned on GSI. This goes for things like the bio and Barry’s album. The movie like I told you before was still in the earlier stages when corona problems started and won’t be finished before end 2022/ early 2023 as we think at the moment. I will keep you posted about these and any other projects and plans.
Source: Marion / GSI, facebookgroup.

Vince Melouney
High resolution, CD quality and MP3 downloads of Vince’s new single “Women (Make You Feel Alright)” are now available at Bandcamp. An instrumental version is also available there exclusively. Bandcamp download includes credits, cover graphic and audio in stunning quality.

Marion: GSI 06/07/20  

NEWS, May 31

 KTT & GSI today present you: Vince Melouney (3)
The 3rd part of his recent interview with Andrew Eborn May 18, 2020.
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New single Vince Melouney
Vince planned several interviews with magazines and his single can be heard on various radio stations already. Vince still has lots of plans for the future to travel and perform with his new band, to take part in the new Legacy concert shows and of course the Massachusetts tour next Spring again in Germany.
Vince: “This is a song I’ve always liked by my mates The Easybeats. I recorded it at a session recently in Los Angeles with producer Shel Talmy. We had a great time working on it, I’m very pleased with the finished track.”
One of the radio announcements of his single
Listen to single:

Bee Gee Mania
Article from

copyright Bob Sherman

  Geoff Bridgford
Video conversation of Geoff with Bee Gees Mexico, on facebook:
More info about Geoff. https://historyofaussiemusic

New show of Stephen Gibb: Addiction Walks
Addiction Walks is a show that spotlights people who have battled addiction and won. Our guests share their inspirational stories while taking a walk with one of our board certified addiction and recovery experts. We explore how the person became addicted, when they realized they had a problem and what it took for them to get better. We focus on the positive and explain what worked and what didn’t.
Follow everything on facebook:
The first broadcast from the AT podcast studio introducing our resident expert Kyle Sarrecchia. Here’s a little clip to wet your appetite, on facebook:

Stayin Alive 50 Jahre
Nice video to watch again of German Fox TV.
A German TV documentary of almost 4 hours about the careers and lives of The Brothers Gibb. Including new interview material with Barry, and interview with special guests former BG band member Blue Weaver and The three Egiziano Brothers (a.k.a. Italian Bee Gees).

Marion: GSI 05/31/20   Follow us as well on facebook with much more: info, stories, videos, updates !!

NEWS, May 21

 Exclusive and emotional interview with Robin John
Remembering his father on May 20.

On the 8th anniversary of the passing of his father Robin Gibb, RJ Gibb talks with Andrew Eborn about his father. Subscribe to Octopus TV and follow all updates on GSI facebookgroup. Once subscribed to Octopus TV you can send questions for Robin John Gibb about The Gibbs lives, music and plans to

A Barry Gibb hat in auction!!
Charity Auction & Raffle to support the Navajo Nation Los Angeles musician / hatmaker Charlie Overbey of Lone Hawk Hats announces “This Ol’ Hat” Charity Auction & Raffle with help of many celebrities ….. To raise funds and awareness for United Natives And Aid In Navajo Nation COVID-19 Crisis.
Marion / GSI: ” It in fact was Steve Gibb who organized Barry’s involvement in this charity and donated one of Barry’s hats. Charlie Overbey the organizer of the event is a good friend of Steve.” !!
AUCTION: Starting this Friday, May 22, the donated hats will be auctioned via Lone Hawk Hats on
To donate to Lone Hawk Hats’ GoFundMe campaign for United Natives and to enter the raffle:
More info on GSI facebookgroup

Marion: GSI 05/21/20  
(Robin John Gibb / Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, May 17

 KTT Legacy & GSI present:

Childhood Days, Sam, Travis, Robin John.
source Gibb Collective

May 17 2020
Andrew Eborn in conversation with RJ Gibb. RJ Gibb talks about early days in Miami, life-long family friends, and the importance of GSI, Marion & the fans. Subscribe to Octopus TV for lots of more and then you can also send your questions send to:
See for lots of more videos and photos on GSI facebookgroup

Vince Melouney release

Vince’s version of “Women (Make You Feel Alright)” originally recorded by his friends The Easybeats will be released by Burger Records on June 5, 2020. Vince on lead guitar, Jonathan Lea plays second guitar joined by Clem Burke of Blondie on drums, Alec Palao on bass and Paul Kopf on backing vocals. Alec and Paul are members of Strangers In A Strange Land. Vince is being interviewed this week for an upcoming article in the U.K. publication Eigth Day Magazine.
Vince will talk about his new single on Burger Records and his time as a member of The Aztecs and The Bee Gees. More about that later.

Marion: GSI 05/17/20  
(Robin John Gibb / Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, May 11

 KTT & GSI present In Conversation With Pasquale Egiziano – Italian Bee Gees / Legacy Subscribe to Octopus TV on youtube: RJ and Andrew Eborn will be recording videos every day to give the fans through KTT Legacy & GSI an opportunity to ask your questions including joining RJ & Andrew on the show. Once you have subscribed to Octopus TV you can send your questions to

Letter from Blue Weaver

Hi Marion
It was 21st May 2012 when I heard that Robin had died the day before. For days after that the realisation that there was now only one brother left haunted me. After Maurice died I realised that I would never be able to fulfil my dream of ever playing again with the brothers but I did hope that there was a possibility of performing with Robin and Barry but again my dream was shattered. I heard a quote not sure where it came from but instantly it made the situation clear ‘We are one’. I am not a lyricist or a singer, I have worked with so many greats I didn’t need to be and writing words never came naturally in fact picking up a pen and paper was difficult but I wrote down…

I ‘m standing on this stage alone,
Another spirit not yet flown,
But when I look around I see,
All my brothers standing next to me,
and singing harmony,
and when that final song is sung,
then We Are One…

I then sat at my piano and came up with this melody.
I tried writing other words but nothing touched me as much as that final verse that I had written and I realised there was really only one person who could finish it and sing it…
I always imagined this would be an orchestral track maybe with some piano hopefully one day it will be completed.

I am never happy with my performances as I really wish there was ‘someone’ there to sing it for you.

I believe now more than ever especially with what’s happening around the world we need to stand together as one…

PS. I performed a medley of songs on our wonderful Worpswede Musichall Bosendorfer for friends and family for my 70th birthday and I keep looking around in surprise as all my grandchildren joined me onstage and this was the final very emotional song…

Marion: GSI 05/11/20  

NEWS, May 5

Message from RJ Gibb
“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful comments. It’s all of you who are the real stars, as you make it all mean something. Without your amazing support and appreciation, all of these efforts would be meaningless and would touch nobody’s life emotionally.

In regards to the charity, each donation you give is potentially a life saving act. Please continue to support the In This Together campaign, the 50/50 joint effort to raise monies for both the British NHS and the Serbian charity Lifeline, raising monies for ventilators and other much needed medical supplies for both British and Serbian hospitals.

There is also the KTT Legacy Coronavirus Appeal, another donation page which was created by my company KTT in partnership with the Masonic Charities Foundation, which is also raising monies for precious ventilators and other crucial medical necessities not only for the incredible NHS, but for hospitals around the world.

If you would like to donate, there’s a link to the KTT Legacy Coronavirus Relief Appeal on my Facebook page timeline. Please give generously to this worthy and necessary cause. Let’s get as much aid as we can to as many people as possible.
Kind regards & stay safe everyone, Sincerely RJ”

Marion: GSI 05/05/20  

NEWS, April 27

 “LEGACY, The Bee Gees Music Celebration”
Robin John Gibb and business partner Andrew Eborn are working on a new format to celebrate the music of The Gibb Brothers with The Italian Bee Gees and many special guests!! These are not just tribute shows but special celebration shows in honour of the Gibb Music. Due to the corona crisis a new show is planned instead of the one of April 28, 2020 and more shows will follow in different countries. However it still depends on the corona situation at that time….:
“LEGACY, The Bee Gees Music Celebration”
January 14. 2021 / 20.00 / Antwerp / Stadsschouwburg
Robin John Gibb, Italian Bee Gees and other special guests!!! will celebrate the music of The Gibb Brothers. TICKETS: You will also get access to the event with your original ticket of April 28, 2020.
More info on GSI about this and the other planned shows, when available.

Some nice articles by Tim Roxborogh again
“Cucumber Castle” by the Bee Gees turns 50 this month, so here’s why this 2-man Gibb project is so brilliant but so overlooked. 50-years on, it’s time people discovered (or rediscovered) it. The article is also about how it still manages to slip through the cracks in the huge back catalogue of the Bee Gees. Thanks for reading and do share far and wide!

50 years since Maurice Gibb released “Railroad”, his daughter Samantha has done a cover. heck out both the original and cover, as well as the original B-side. The article analyses the song, as well as reminiscing about something Maurice said to me in 1999 that I’ve never forgotten.

Marion: GSI 04/27/20  

NEWS, March 31

 Message from Robin John Gibb
My hopes, prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to everyone who has already lost a loved one and I wish a speedy recovery to all who have tested positive for COVID-19, or are unable to receive a test at present and believe they might be infected. I (as well as the entire Gibb family I’m sure) are keeping all of you, every loyal fan, without whom the music ceases to have meaning and appreciation, firmly in our minds, our hearts and in our prayers.

I am doing what I can through my company KTT and fellow Joint-CEO Andrew Eborn, to raise money in order to source sorely needed respirators and medical equipment in general for hospitals the world over. As with many pathogens that rob our senior citizens of their lives much too soon, many of us under the age of 65 are lucky enough not to be forced to face the high risk of mortality facing our older nearest and dearest should we contract it. They are of course feeling most, the sting of this horrific, ambitious and persistent virus and in cities such as New York City, Madrid and London, as well as many other places the world over (places where only last year you would never have dreamt of contemplating such a scenario) COVID-19 patients in critical condition are being “made comfortable” with Morphine or Fentanyl, then held by the hand and comforted not by their loved ones (as they are of course unable to attend their bedside) until they draw their final breath. All because precious life saving ventilators are in such short supply. So much so as to only be afforded to those deemed more likely to pull through. So we owe it to our forebears to care for them and take action where action is required.

So watch this space for further updates and information on how you might help in this endeavour as we have begun the process of sourcing ventilators and the preliminary planning required, with the charities that myself and KTT work closely with.

Also watch this space for updates on new music releases and performances, some potentially live-streamed, so all at home in lockdown or self-isolation can enjoy.

Wishing all of you and yours lots of love, luck, health and safety. For you and the sake of your nearest and dearest, please stay away from crowds, stay home unless absolutely necessary, and invest in a good hand sanitiser with 65% alcohol content or above.
Warmest regards & Godspeed R.J.

Invitatation to: Bee Gees Listening Party – April 3, 2020
While we stay safe and healthy inside, why not get together online to celebrate the Bee Gees? This Friday, join us for a Saturday Night Fever listening party! Details: You should be dancing (at home) to one of the greatest albums of all time on Friday night Starting at 8pm (GMT, 4pm EDT)

The Bee Gees: Odessa, article

Marion: GSI 03/31/20  

NEWS, March 20

Marion: “Dear GSI members, The past weeks and especially the past days, GSI is overloaded with questions as to how The Gibb Family is doing now in these awfull corona days and what about all the Gibb plans, releases, events, performances etc. for this year …. I have contacted the family so I can give you all an update!!
They are all okay in Florida although pretty much everything is shutting down and they are staying inside most of the time too.
The Gibb family in Britain: Also there, the plans have been postponed as well for the moment but everyone is fine.
They are just trying to keep the kids entertained which is kind of hard when you can’t go to public places. The schools are still open but the Gibb kids are not going there at the moment. I need to let everyone of you know that all is well in Thame!!”

Message from Andy’s daughter in Australia (Small part of Peta’s latest message to me):
Peta: “Hi Marion, for now we are just fine here. Obviously the virus has arrived in Australia but it is fairly slow to spread so we are a little behind other countries. Most people are going on as normal and we are by no means as badly off as Europe at this stage. Lots of measures have been put into place to slow the spread of the virus Matt and I are still working and the boys are going to school as normal at this time. Please continue taking care of yourself and stay safe.”

Another message from Australia. One of the kids of Lesley Gibb: Tiffany, sent me a message Below is part of it:
Tiffany: “Hello Marion, The virus hasn’t really flourished here yet.Everything is still open however there are restrictions with public meetings So no gatherings more than 100 people All functions cancelled and people are cautious The health system overwhelmed with testing We are just concerned about mum. Keeping her home and encourage her to wear a mask when out. She is in good health so that’s a positive. Hope you and your family stay safe Marion All my love to you xx”

From USA: Ohio, Sam Gibb emailed me telling Maurice’s family is okay too Sam: “So glad you and your family are doing well. We are all good and heathy. It’s so crazy what’s going on. I appreciate you reaching out and letting the fans know we are okay. Sending love and good health to you and everyone”

Marion: “and furthermore: All record company personnel are working from home now so: No official word yet about any Gibb plan for this year but I assume that mostly everything from now on will be delayed until the 4th quarter of 2020!! For everyone of the family it are as they say ‘Strange Days Indeed’, but: Do Stay Safe & Well.”

Source Marion / GSI:

Marion: GSI 03/20/20  

NEWS, March 10

Barry signs new deal!!
Sir Barry Gibb has signed a worldwide deal with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He will be represented in all areas by the agency.
Congrats Barry!!

Photo Credit: Desiree Prieto

Robin John Gibb; next performance
The son of a member of the band The Bee Gees is set to gig at a pub in Middleton-on-Sea. Singer/songwriter RJ Gibb, son of the Robin Gibb, will celebrate the music of The Bee Gees at The Beresford Pub on Friday, March 27, Middleton-on-Sea.
RJ said: “Our goal is to truly offer people a night to remember.” Together with Robin John also upcoming star Jesse Ray will be there again.

Interview video: Blue Weaver
Many years one of The Bee Gees Band members and co-writer of some great Gibb hits.

  New interview video: Beth Cohen
The Sessions Panel
BETH COHEN – Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Educator (Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Jon Secada)

New interview video: Lee Levin
The Sessions Panel
LEE LEVIN – Grammy winning Drummer, Engineer, Producer Member of Barry Gibb Band

Update about Stayin’ Alive Campaign
To save the Gaumont Theater in Chorlton, Manchester. The place where the Gibb brothers first took the stage in the late 50ties.

Video: Going back in time with Lulu and The Bee Gees …
LULU “This is your Life” (1973)

New Bee Gees Vinyl Releases
Release May 8. 2020 Preorder the Bee Gees vinyl releases: Best Of Bee Gees, Main Course, Children Of The World, Here At Last…Bee Gees…Live, and Spirits Having Flown – here:

Marion: GSI 03/10/20  

NEWS, February 22

Charity gala in London
Performance by Robin-John Gibb

In aid of Children’s hospitals in Serbia, Crown Princess Katherine’s charity organisation “Lifeline” will next week host a gala dinner at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

This year’s dinner, like the years before, will be a memorable evening for a good cause. Andrew Eborn, a renowned inspirational speaker, will guide the guests through the evening. There will also be a live performance by RJ Gibb, son of the late Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees. A charity auction will be held by Sotheby’s and all the money raised goes directly to the Crown Princess Foundation to help Serbian children, to buy vital medical equipment for children’s hospitals in Serbia.

This event will take place Thursday 27th February 2020 at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London. UK.
It promises to be another wonderful evening for a very worthy cause!
Register your interest by completing the form on the Lifeline website:

(Thanks also Andrew Eborn).

The Sessions Series:
RICHARD BRAVO – Percussionist/Drummer and Arranger (Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Juanes)

Marion: GSI 02/22/20  

NEWS, February 14

 Some latest news
In answer to lots of questions from you we have checked about Barry’s album and The Bee Gees Documentary.
We earlier reported already that Barry’s new album won’t be released before the second quarter of this year. This hasn’t changed so far so we wait for latest details.
The new Bee Gees documentary has taken a bit longer than expected, but is now in the final editing stages!! Once complete Universal will be reaching out to potential broadcast partners worldwide. We will let you know.

Alan Kendall (Bee Gees guitarist for many years)
As you know he is recovering from heart problems and many fans keep asking me about him. Alan wrote me again just before the Holidays.
‘Hi Marion,
I am doing well thank you. Still not 100% yet but definitely getting there. Anyway it’s lovely to hear from you and it’s comforting to know that so many people care about me. I wish you and all your family a very Merry Christmas, and who knows maybe we’ll get together yet.
Lots of love, Alan.’

Saturday Night Fever, Documentary The Ultimate Disco Movie On Dutch TV: RTL Z de documentaire “Saturday Night Fever” the ultimate disco movie.
February 18: RTL Z – 01:20 – 02:45
February 21: RTL Z – 23:30 – 01:00

Bradley Cooper is asked to play Barry Gibb in Bee Gees movie
From the media recently:
Bradley Cooper has been asked by the producers of a film about the Bee Gees to portray Barry Gibb, the eldest of the three brothers who enjoyed global chart- topping success – and flops too. The movie would follow the group, Barry and twins Maurice and Robin, from the time they arrived in Swinging London from Australia (where they had emigrated from the Isle of Man) and had their first No 1 hit with the song Massachusetts in 1967.
Additional info by GSI:
Paramount has purchased the life rights to the Gibb family estate on Graham King’s behalf, which also includes the rights to use the group’s hits in the film. The Bee Gees movie plans however still are in an early stage!! There only have been some informal discussions about portraying Barry by Bradley!! Whether Cooper will be involved, however, is still a question mark; a spokesperson for Cooper told the Mail that the actor is “not in negotiations at the moment.”
more info on GSI facebook.

Podcast about collecting Andy Gibb, Bee Gees things etc.
Thanks to Peta for sharing with me this podcast to post on GSI for all fans to enjoy.
Hey Marion,
Thought I would share this podcast that came out today. It’s a podcast about people who collect things, and in this episode the host interviews Kristin Nilsen, a huge Andy Gibb (and Bee Gees) fan with an amazing record collection. She also runs a social media project called ‘My Celebrity Crush’ where she collects people’s stories of their first celebrity crush. I am sure lots of fans will be able to relate to Kristin’s story and enjoy it. Also, there are a couple of surprises at the end (that might just involve Shaun Cassidy and ME!). I think it would be great for you to share this. Hope you enjoy it.

Some interview parts, interesting to watch
Bee Gees Interviews

Marion: GSI 02/14/20  

NEWS, January 21

 Aussies Raise Much Needed Funds through Bushfire Relief Auction In an online auction event last night, Australians from all over the country bid online to raise much needed funds for those fire affected communities. The third Lloyds Bushfire Relief Auction was held last night with 100% of proceeds going directly to fire affected communities, fire-fighters and volunteers, proving a fantastic result. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees signed electric guitar fetched over $4,000.

Gaumont Theatre
GSI gets lots of questions about it. There is no definite decision made yet. The Gibb Family has been informed. Chorlton community keeps ‘appetite to fight’ despite Co-op rejection

“There has not reached a final decision in relation to the site and we are continuing to look at options which ensuring the heritage of the site and its ultimate end use, benefit the local community. We have not entered into any contract with a preferred bidder and discussions around the future of the site are ongoing.”

Marion / GSI:
   ‘We hope that in the end all parties will be satisfied. Maybe Gaumont after all can be safed somehow, maybe demolision of the old building and for instance a rememberance plaque for Bee Gees first performance at the original place or …. ?! We will keep you posted.’

The Bee Gees at the old Keppel Road house, In November 1981, they returned to their family home in Chorlton, Image Mirrorpix

Bee Gees Offspring Spencer Gibb On Why Whitney Houston’s Detractors Are Sad, Cynical & Plain Wrong
Tim Roxborogh:
‘The following entry I just found on Facebook and is written by Spencer Gibb*, son of Bee Gee Robin Gibb. He provides an insight and perspective into the life of Whitney Houston, her statistical links to the Bee Gees and why heartless comments regarding drug addiction are based on ignorance. I do not personally know Spencer, but I offer him my sincerest thanks for allowing me to re-post this. It has been slightly edited from its original form, removing the names of some of the people mentioned. It was written in response to a Facebook conversation he read’.

Marion: GSI 01/21/20  

NEWS, January 2

From GSI to all of you we wish you a very good 2020 and we’ll continue to bring you everything about The Gibbs on this website and more frequently on our GSI facebookgroup.

We are looking forward in 2020 to a new Barry Gibb album, a wonderful new biography of The Brothers Gibb, a statue for The Bee Gees in Douglas, Isle Of Man, new material by Sam and Spencer as The Ghost Twins and also new shows by Robin John Gibb with family and friends to keep our beloved Gibb music alive and…… hopefully lots of more interesting Gibb things…..

The Gibb Legacy is Stayin’ Alive
Robin John Gibb organized a first show on August 8th. 2019 in London. The beginning of his plans to keep the Gibb music alive together with friends and family. Another show was on October 20th. when he performed again with (Bee Gees Band member) Blue Weaver and also with the 3 brothers from Italy: The Egiziano Brothers who are performing their most favourite music: The Gibb Music, already for many years all over the world and now are standing together on stage with Robin John too.

There are plans for more and larger shows in near future to keep our favourite music alive!! The New Year will bring new shows by Robin John and his family and friends and his business partner Andrew Eborn.
Shows with a 2020 vision so … keep an eye on GSI for more!!

Interview with Barry Gibb from 2016

Marion: GSI 01/02/20

Recent News

NEWS, June 24

 Exclusive online KTT / GSI walk to many Bee Gees related spots in London!!
Andrew Eborn and Robin John Gibb will show you lots of BG related places in London and give additional information.
This walk will take place June 25, 2020. starting live: 11.11 (U.K. time).
Radio DJ and friend of Robin Gibb in conversation with Andrew Eborn tells already a bit about the tour in the announcement at: There’s a great demand of fans who’d like to follow this walk online on their computers and mobiles. so if you haven’t subscribed yet…. be sure to do this at once!!
Subscribe and Follow Octopus TV and

Marion: GSI 06/24/20  
(Robin John Gibb, Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, June 21

 Special online GSI walk along many Bee Gees related spots in London.
Many of you have maybe already noticed the videos posted by Andrew Eborn of his daily walks through London etc. How nice would it be if he would take a walk through London once and then specially visit all these Gibb related spots we know in and around London !!! What are the spots in and around London you would like to see in the video ???
If you have suggestions: send them asap in an email to me: I have on the facebookgroup already received countless enthusiastic comments and suggestions and one of these days we are going to decide which date and which time the online video will be shown and can be watched by subscribing to Octopus TV. Andrew Eborn loves to take you on a special GSI walk along many Bee Gees related spots in London. Don’t miss.
Follow Octopus TV and Subscribe:
More soon!

Marion: GSI 06/21/20  

NEWS, June 17

 Update about Barry’s plans
“As you all know plans had to change due to the corona virus outbreak early this year. I have mentioned this before on GSI and told you that all Gibb plans are – on hold- ( March).”
At this point, the present hope is for the Bee Gees New Documentary to air in the USA in either December or January and that Barry’s duets album be released 4-6 weeks after that. GSI doesn’t have any info yet concerning the documentary presentation in the rest of the world as Universal are still in discussion with potential broadcast partners, but I think they will try to air everywhere at the same time or as soon as possible after the USA airdate.
Concerning the plans of the Bee Gees statue on The Isle Of Man, I earlier told you about. Today I heard The Isle of Man government cancelled the unveiling due to the virus and said they would be in touch with The Gibb Family after the Island opens up, to see if one can arrange for Barry to unveil the statue, as far as I know the actual statue was completed by the sculptor at his studio premises prior to the virus.
The movie is delayed too of course and is hopefully ready end 2022/early 2023. Depends on the corona problems the coming time. Of course like always GSI will keep you updated and I will post the minute I receive more confirmed news again. Also keep following GSI on facebook for day to day updates and more.

Barry and Linda’s wedding anniversary
In about two months Barry and Linda will be married for 50 years. September 1st. this year next to Barry’s birthday is also his 50th. wedding anniversary with Linda. Hopefully corona allows them to celebrate the way they prefer. GSI likes to do something online with all the members for the celebrating couple on September 1 and I discussed and asked people close to the couple what they both would like and appreciate from the fans and what would be a nice idea for GSI and members to do. We decided to post their married years in pictures and therefore I ask all members who like to participate to send me photos of the couple taken between 1970 and 2020.

Clear photos, with copyright info and if possible additional information and in any case the year and if possible complete date of when the photo was taken. Send your photos to the GSI email address (with subject: wedding anniversary) : Around August 1 I will check which photos are still missing (as we need at least 1 one of each of their married years) and then try to complete the photo series before September 1st.

How the Bee Gees Changed the Title of “Saturday Night Fever”
And got involved in the movie etc.
And after the fever…… By Richard Harrington, August 3, 1989 MAURICE GIBB is remembering the Bee Gees’ first major concert at the Gaumont Theatre in Manchester, England……

Marion: GSI 06/17/20  
(more on GSI facebookgroup)

NEWS, June 10

 KTT & GSI present today….. auction news
Andrew speaks with RJ…. about some special items of his father Robin Gibb!!! About: the Drumathon 2020 relay by Errol Kennedy and donations for the NHS, UK. (One of my facebook friends, whom I met in London last year and friend of The Italian Bee Gees too: Vincenzo Infusino, took part in the drumathon as well)……. About: Robin’s blue sunglasses and a special photo he kept in his bedroom…..etc.
For more background info/ videos etc. visit GSI on facebook!!
Keep following, KnotTheTruth, Andrew Eborn and OctopusTV and subscribe to Octopus TV for further exclusive interviews:

Marion: GSI 06/10/20  
(Robin JohnGibb, Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, June 2

 Help For Italy with “How Deep Is Your Love”
Yesterday evening many, many GSI members have watched together with me the Help For Italy live broadcast. So nice to see all of you online enjoying together. The very best part of course at the end, the new version of “How Deep is Your Love”. Performed from Thame, Paola, Berlin and Worpswede by Robin John Gibb, The Egiziano Brothers and Blue Weaver with special assistence from Greece by wonderful sound engineer of The Gibbs: Savvas. click for the video (Vimeo)
More on our GSI Facebookgroup!

Click here (Pdf) to read the message Robin John Gibb posted on his facebook account today, June 2. 2020 to thank everyone who participated and performed with him in the special show: Help For Italy. Next to that he tells a bit more about his future plans of keeping the Legacy of The Gibb Music alive.

RJ, Blue, The Egiziano Brothers and sound engineer Savvas around Robin Gibb piano at the prebendal in Thame, October 2019. For the first time rehearsing together

Singing together during the Help For Italy broadcast June 1. 2020.

Marion: GSI 06/02/20  
(thanks as always: Robin John Gibb and Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, May 28

Robin John Gibb, Italian Bee Gees and many more artists
Performance of Robin John Gibb with the Italian Bee Gees and lots of other artists.
Live – June 1, 2020
Robin John Gibb: “I’ll be appearing & performing on this as part of a recovery effort to help the people of Italy to find renewed strength with our messages and indeed your messages of support. Xx”


Press News click to enlarge

Please find below the promotional pack. Please share and promote it, as much as you can, it will make a huge difference.
* 30 sec videos
* Gen. Ad teaser
* Press release
* + your personal ‘Thank You’

HELP FOR ITALY will be available live to watch on Monday 1st June at 7pm UK time on the following channels
More on our facebook group!

Marion: GSI 05/28/20

NEWS, May 25

 Bee Gees tribute by Billboard

Amazing 170 page tribute by Billboard magazine from September 2, 1978.

Interview Andrew Eborn / KTT -GSI
With good friend of Robin Gibb: Mike Read
On the 8th anniversary of the passing of Robin Gibb, Mike Read talks with Andrew Eborn about his “great mate”.


Subscribe to Octopus TV for regular videos including EXCLUSIVE announcements and interviews with RJ Gibb all through GSI and KTT. Once you have subscribed to Octopus TV you can send your questions for Robin John Gibb to
More photos and info on the facebookgroup

Marion: GSI 05/25/20  
(RJ Gibb, Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, May 19

 KTT Legacy & GSI present:

Part 1
Part 2
Subscribe to Octopus TV on youtube. This is FOR FREE Once you have subscribed to Octopus TV you can send your questions for KTT / Robin John Gibb and The Bee Gees to

Marion: GSI 05/19/20  
(Robin John Gibb / Andrew Eborn)

NEWS, May 14

 KTT Legacy & GSI exclusively present Andrew Eborn in conversation with RJ Gibb    Subscribe to Octopus TV on youtube: Octopus TV This is FOR FREE Once you have subscribed to Octopus TV you can send your questions to

Marion: GSI 05/14/20  

NEWS, May 12

In conversation with BLUE WEAVER.

EXCLUSIVE Andrew Eborn in association with KTT & GSI – in conversation with BLUE WEAVER.

Subscribe on youtube to Octopus TV THIS IS FREE!! You will then get first access to regular videos including EXCLUSIVE announcements and interviews with RJ Gibb all through GSI and KTT. RJ and Andrew Eborn will be recording videos every day to give the fans through KTT Legacy & GSI an opportunity to ask questions including joining RJ & Andrew on the show. Once you have subscribed to Octopus TV you can send your questions to

Andrew Eborn thought for the day with Blue Weaver WE ARE ONE

Marion: GSI 05/12/20  

NEWS, May 9

KTT & GSI presents “ASK RJ Gibb”
May 9 – 2020.
Lifelong fan John Simcox joins Andrew in the studio – part 1
Lifelong fan John Simcox joins Andrew in the studio – part 2
Life-long fan John Simcox joins RJ ” Andrew Eborn in the studio
Robin John Gibb answers questions

Marion: GSI 05/09/20  

NEWS, May 8

 R.J. Gibb / KTT Legacy Up Close and very personal
May 8- 2020.
Andrew Eborn: Hi Marion,
It was wonderful to talk with you today. This is the link to the video:
Andrew Eborn in conversation with Marion Adriaensen – Bee Gees, GSI, RJ Gibb / KTT Legacy.
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Stay safe and well. Kind regards, Andrew.

Andy Gibb: an appreciation
Peta Gibb Weber (daughter of Andy) : “My cousin Stephen shared this recent article with me last night and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s from the blog of an Australian writer, Jesse Fink.

You might be surprised when you read it to hear that I really enjoyed it. It summed up my father’s story with zero bullshit and an Australian’s honesty. I’m so over people romanticizing and mythologizing and sanctifying a man and his really dark story. It still causes heartbreak for a whole family, real people. This summary tells the tale as the tragedy it is.”

Marion: GSI 05/08/20  

NEWS, May 7

 R.J. Gibb / KTT Legacy Up
Close and very personal

GSI in cooperation with Robin John Gibb and Andrew Eborn, will give all fans an opportunity to ask RJ Gibb questions!
This is the idea
Exclusive RJ and Andrew will be recording videos every day to give the fans through GSI an opportunity to ask their questions, including joining them on the show!!
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Marion: GSI 05/07/20  
Thanks Robin John Gibb and Andrew Eborn.

NEWS, May 4

Robin John Gibb – We are in this together concert
Robin John performed during a special live stream on youtube and facebook, last night. The charity fundraiser concert was called:

“We are in this together concert”

The Serbian Council of Great Britain were holding the online fundraising concert The charity performance was for raising funds for the healthcare systems in the UK and Serbia with donations being split 50/50. 50 % of proceeds will go to the NHS and 50% will go to Lifeline in Serbia. Amongst some others, RJ and the Serbian pop star Boban Rajovic performed live from their houses. Of course Andrew Eborn was there with some magic trics and to host the programm together with the Serbian council.
To donate, please visit our JustGiving page
Of course more about this event on our GSI facebook page.

Video: Robin John starts at around 40 minutes and returns again at 1:27:18.

Marion: GSI – RJ Gibb / Andrew Eborn. 05/04/20  

NEWS, April 6

 Re-issue vinyl collection
Like earlier mentioned all plans, tours, concerts etc. are postponed to sometime later this year / next year due to the corona problems worldwide. Also the release of the re-issue of the vinyl collection. It first was planned for May and now the NEW DATE is June 26, 2020. Get ready to add these classic reissues to your Bee Gees vinyl collection!.

Marion: GSI 04/06/20  

NEWS, March 29


Live streaming of March 28. See the official stream on: GSI facebook. All proceeds and donations made during the Twitch Stream Aid will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for World Health Organization, and viewers were able to donate throughout the show. This event kicked off more fundraising opportunities on Twitch, where Amazon Music has been working closely with artists of varying levels of their careers, to help them set up to stream shows for their fans.

Also watch:
scroll for all videos.
Thank you so much Barry and Steve!!

Barry Gibb official
Get part of this and enjoy Barry’s channel.

There’s lots of more on our GSI facebook group, keep following!!

Marion: GSI 03/29/20  

NEWS, March 27

Barry is scheduled to perform on-line: Saturday, March 28th

Barry’s live performance time is now set for 7.05pm est from Miami on Saturday not between 5-6 pm as previously thought.
He will perform 2 or 3 songs.

BARRY GIBB: “I want to personally thank everybody who is doing the right thing and isolating themselves at this time. My family and I will be with you on Twitch for Stream Aid Saturday evening at 7:00pm EST. We will join the world in applauding the people that are helping. Our love to you all. Barry”

Marion: GSI 03/27/20  

NEWS, March 26

 Barry Gibb@GibbBarry on twitter
March 24. 2020 Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing as well as you can in these most troubling times. Let’s try to stay hopeful and be helpful in any way we can right now. If you can give anything at all there are so many people that need it. Music is just one way to help heal us all.
Nordoff Robbins UK
Here’s Tommy, who has complex learning difficulties, in music therapy last year. Through music he can express himself, finding joy & connection! Over the weeks ahead the shared experience of music can help connect us all even in the face of uncertainty #MakingMusicMatters.

Update March 25. 2020
Dear members
I understand your worries in these difficult times, about the health of your loved ones and of course about the well being of our dear Gibb families. I have been updating you about them for a while already and I am in touch all the time and will keep you informed. Today a new update about Barry and his situation and plans for the moment!! I just heard from Miami Beach today: These are ‘Strange days indeed’. Everyone is well over there and staying in place at their homes. One is looking into Barry Gibb doing something on line soon!!
Love to all of you on behalf of the Gibb Families, Marion / GSI xxx. Stay Tuned!!

Robin Gibb’s secret song for actor is unearthed
A previously unknown Robin Gibb song has emerged among the belongings of the late Peter Wyngarde, the actor who starred in the 1970s ITV detective series Jason King etc…: I Will Surrender.. What’s true about this: It was written for a Peter Wyngarde album but not included! Thanks Robin John Gibb for your message and also for sending me this British newspaper clipping.
Below short part of the whattsapp message of RJ to me :
Robin John: Hello Marion, “I Will Surrender” is a piece my father penned for Peter Wyngarde’s 1970 novelty album entitled “When Sex Leers It’s Inquisitive Head”. The album was described as “revolting” and was subsequently pulled from the shelves only 4 days after release because of allusions by Peter to rape. “I Will Surrender” wasn’t crude enough to be included I suppose….”

News update from Robin John
Like GSI earlier mentioned, all Gibb related plans and events might be delayed due to the corona virus problems all over the world. GSI will keep you updated of course about everything. In the same message I received from RJ today (see topic above) he also mentioned about his plans concerning special shows for celebrating the Legacy Of The Gibb Music which also are delayed, but RJ told me: — We are still in talks with more promoters as well as the Egiziano Brothers and the other artists etc. and I will keep you updated on progress and rescheduled shows etc.
Stay safe Marion. Lots of love & warm regards, Sincerely RJ —

The Sessions Panel interview with…..
STEPHEN GIBB – Heavy Metal Songwriter, Singer & Guitarist

High Civilization’: How Bee Gees Advanced Into The 90s

Barry is scheduled to perform 2 or 3 songs between 5-6pm est (USA Eastcoast) on Saturday March 28th. 2020.

Marion: GSI 03/26/20  

NEWS, March 1

 Robin John, performance for charity / announcement upcoming shows
February 27, London – Robin John Gibb:
– “It was an honour and indeed an absolute privilege to support Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katarina, their inspirational charity Lifeline, and to have performed at Thursday evening’s Gala for so many incredible people. Lifeline is an extremely worthy cause, raising funds for medical care and provisions across Serbia, a beautiful country which has never fully recovered from the devastation wrought by the civil wars of the 1990s. I encourage all who read this to click on the link below to learn more about Lifeline and all that they have accomplished and have set out to do, as well as how anyone who wishes to can help to make a difference and donate to the charity. There are also some wonderful photographs of Their Royal Highnesses, the many dignitaries, celebrities, ambassadors, and other valued supporters. God bless all who attended and contributed to last Thursday’s Gala, indeed, what you have given makes such a huge difference”.
Love & Best wishes to you all, Sincerely RJ

– PS: “Over the next few months, KTT (the company Andrew and I forged together) will be producing more live shows here in the UK as well as Europe. Keep an eye on this space as well as Gibb Service International (GSI) facebookgroup, for updates and details on how to attend.
Hope to see you there !! “.

Message by Robin John to GSI
About the setlist of the performance of last Thursday etc. when Robin John Gibb did a live performance at the charity gala in the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, London.

Robin John Gibb to GSI:
“first song: I Started A Joke [Bee Gees], 2. Let it Be You [ R.J. Gibb] – to be released this year!, 3 So Clear And So True ( I Need You) [ R.J. Gibb] to be released this year!, 4. How Deep Is Your Love [Bee Gees], 5. On and On [ R.J. Gibb] – to be released this year!, 6. To Love Somebody [Bee Gees], 7. Juliet [Robin Gibb] We’ve recorded a new studio version. It’s been completed and is ready to be released, ideally to coincide with the performances of The upcoming Legacy Shows where it will be performed by myself along with The Egiziano Brothers!”

Barry Gibb interview in T.G. Sheppard Show
Last year while Barry was staying in Nashville he was interviewed by his good friend T.G.

Wedding Anniversary
I have received quite some questions lately as to what can be done to celebrate the special September 1 date this year. As in 2020 on that date it will be Barry and Linda’s 50th. wedding anniversary!! Most likely they would be very pleased to get donations for the Diabetic Research Institute !! GSI will get back to this item later in the year.

Vince Melouney
We have given you several updates already about Vince last year telling he’d rehearse again for new shows and tour and would record again. Vince recently rehearsed in LA amongst others for his new tour inwhich he also will perform old Bee Gees hits with new arrangements. He also recorded a single produced by Shel Talmy and backed by me and drummer Clem Burke of Blondie. He’s planning on returning to Los Angeles in May for more rehearsals with shows tentatively planned for late this year. This month he first will join The Egiziano Brothers again and Dennis Bryon who will do another tour through Germany celebrating The Bee Gees music in the Massachusetts shows of The Italian Bee Gees. GSI has already mentioned earlier that during one of my meetings with Vince the passed years he mentioned some songs he’d written with Barry in 1976!! During the summer of 1976 Barry met up with Vince Melouney again and wrote two songs that were never recorded. The numbers I believe are: Let it Ride and Morning Rain Vince would like to finish and release these songs in near future and he would love to perform them during his tour. We will see and I will keep you updated, Marion / GSI

A new interview in The Sessions Series:
RICHARD BRAVO – Percussionist/Drummer and Arranger (Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand, Juanes)

Bee Gees Movie, update !!
In answer to again a lot of questions to GSI about the upcoming Bee Gees movie.
I can tell you that I assume after what I hear and read lately and based on the rumours telling Bradley Cooper might be playing Barry Gibb as well as the fact that it is the same producers as the ‘Queen’ Biopic are involved …. that the actors will be lip synch to the original Bee Gees recordings!! and I guess that Barry, Yvonne and Dwina will likely be given the courtesy / approval of each of their respective individual brother. Not sure how many sets of brothers / time zones the producers will decide upon. I think they are planning to complete the filming by the end of next year and try to release it then in 2022. I will keep you updated!

Marion: GSI 03/01/20  

NEWS, January 24

Gaumont Cinema could be saved from demolition!
We are pleased to announce that The Co-operative Group has offered Cholrton CLT, working with a development partner, more time to deliver the proposed community-based redevelopment of the Funeralcare building in Chorlton!!

The Co-op have accepted the CLT’s published offer of £2.2m on the basis that the final proposal delivers the key community elements that the CLT have stated. The Co-op will work with the CLT during this period as they develop their proposal which involves retaining the former Gaumont Cinema building where the Bee Gees first performed in public. If a sale to the CLT does not proceed, The Co-op will go ahead with alternative development plans for the property.

Lesley Gibb Evans meets with Colin Petersen again
Bee Gees fans will know the significance of this. Colin Peterson meeting up with Lesley (Gibb) 50 years after their time together with the band. They were both shaking with excitement. Wests, New Lambton Newcastle, Friday the 24th. of January, 2020
Thanks Russell Davey.

At Wests New Lambton Newcastle on Friday the 24th of Jan. The performers of The Best of The Bee Gees, singer Roslyn Loxton and Lesley Gibb + Colin Petersen in the middle. Copyright Russell Davey.

The ‘Best Of The Bee Gees’performers, with guest singer Roslyn Loxton and special guest Colin Petersen (former original Bee Gees drummer). Copyright Russell Davey

Lesley Gibb and Colin Petersen. Copyright Russell Davey.

Marion: GSI 01/24/20 

NEWS, January 12

Gaumont Theatre
Sad News!…. for the Stayin’ Alive campaign!!!
Our community-led bid has been rejected to save the old Gaumont Theatre in Chorlton.

Signed Barry Gibb guitar, donated to Lloyds Bushfire Appeal Auction Dr David English, First President of British Empire BeeGees Record Label, RSO Records, has kindly donated an Electric Guitar signed by music icon Barry Gibb, to the Lloyds Auctions Bushfire Relief Auction. “Along with my signed guitar, both Barry and I want to send our heartfelt best wishes to all the survivors both humans and animals of this tragedy engulfing Australia, which will always remain very close to our hearts. All our special love,” Dr English commented.

Marion: GSI 01/12/20  

NEWS, January 8

BUSHFIRE APPEAL Here are all the Bushfire Appeal concerts happening in Australia While Australia continues to deal with the alarming bushfire crisis across the country, and the world begins to take notice (and, for some, action), the local music industry is coming together to raise necessary funds to help. We’ve rounded up all the bushfire appeal concerts we could so you can try attend as much as possible.
UPDATE source GSI:
‘In answer to many questions: I have been in touch with the Gibb family recently especially because I had the feeling they must be very worried about what is going on in Australia right now as also part of their family lives there. GSI also received many questions from fans. I heard that the family are looking into various ways to raise money and contribute already in some way presently.
More info when available’

Keeping The Gibb Music Alive
Soon more info on GSI about The Gibb Family shows to celebrate The Gibb Music and to keep their Gibb legacy alive: The music of The Brothers Gibb, by Robin John Gibb and his family and friends. The only Gibb tribute show authorised and in cooperation with The Gibbs themselves!!
Stay tuned for info and dates, here on GSI !!

Maurice Gibb unreleased material
Many fans regularly ask GSI what I know about possibilities to release any unreleased material of Maurice. Therefore I asked his family again how the situation is at the moment concerning this idea.

Adam Gibb, part of email to Marion / GSI, January 8, 2020: ‘As it stands right now there are no plans to release any of my Dad’s unreleased songs. We have discussed the possibility of doing it but nothing is imminent. Hope this helps! Best, Adam. ‘

Barry’s New Album
Barry’s new album like GSI already mentioned is planned for this year. GSI received the news that there is no release date known at this time. For sure it won’t be in the first quarter of 2020. I will keep you posted.

Marion: GSI 01/08/20