Report by Kathy Rockwell

Robin Gibb in Sydney

The lights may have dimmed for the Bee Gees after the passing of Maurice, but Robin’s voice lit up the Entertainment Centre for his first solo concert in Sydney (02/11/10). He performed many of the group’s biggest hits and reminisced about his time in Sydney as a young lad noting that it marked the beginning of the Bee Gees recording career. It’s been over 20 years since the Bee Gees performed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, so it certainly brought back memories of a younger Barry graciously signing autographs before the concert. Afterwards, the trio left the stadium amid a huge cheering mob and flurry of limousines. The open sunroofs allowed each brother to wave to the crowd as they departed. The tour itself had been a brave decision, coming only a year after the passing of their brother, Andy. Fast-forward to 2010, and a full house (of slightly older fans) greeted Robin as he launched into his revamped version of You Win Again amid a burst of bright red lights. Although signature songs for Barry, Robin held us close with soaring versions of Words and To Love Somebody. His distinctive warm voice drew the audience in until they were on their feet to the many dance numbers, such as Stayin’ Alive and You Should be Dancing. That he was able to fill almost 2 hours with solid platinum hits is of course a testament to the group’s songwriting prowess. But the Bee Gees were three and the absence of Maurice and Barry was felt. During the show, Robin promised to bring Barry next time. Note to Robin: Great show. No need to be nervous, you are among friends.

Robin’s performance included songs such as:

You Win Again
To Love Somebody
Saved by the Bell
New York Mining Disaster 1941
Islands in the Stream
Woman in Love
How Deep is your Love
Stayin Alive
Night Fever
More than a Woman
If I can’t have you
You Should be Dancing
Jive Talkin
‘ Massachusetts

( love, Kathy Rockwell).