A Candle for robin 

(By Marion Adriaensen)

June 8th.
The Italian Bee Gees pay a special tribute to Robin Gibb in their home town in Italy, together with their family and some close friends.

The Italian Bee Gees with their partners, family and some friends (Piet and Rosalien Beks, Blue and Siggi Weaver and Gerard and Marion Adriaensen). A few minutes of silence for Robin. (© P. Beks)

It have been weeks with lots of emotions and mixed feelings for me. My Italian friends had invited my husband and myself to their wedding in the South of Italy while one day later Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees, someone we all admired so much, would be buried in Britain. Many of the guests on the wonderful wedding were true Bee Gees fans and in fact knew each other because of the mutual love for the Gibb Brothers’ music. The groom is one of the singers of the Italian Bee Gees tribute band: Pasquale Egiziano. He and his two brothers Walter and Davide are devoted Bee Gees fans and therefore formed this tribute band quite some years ago.

The Italian Bee Gees: “The three of us love the Bee Gees music so much and that’s the reason we sing their music in our tribute shows and we love to go on doing this with lots of passion and emotion but always with the consciousness that we can never perform like them, of course.”

Pasquale married his lovely bride Alessandra one day before The Gibb Family had to bring their beloved Robin to his last resting place. These few days in Italy were a mix of emotions for all of us and Pasquale and myself had the same idea to go and light a candle for Robin on June 8th. around the time of Robin’s funeral in Thame. Together with friends and family, all true Bee Gees fans, we drove to the church on June 8th. again. The day before we’d all been there to celebrate the wedding of Pasquale and his Alessandra and now we were back to go to the little old chapel to join together and remember Robin in a few minutes of silence and to light a candle for him. It was very emotional but it felt so good to do this and our thoughts were with The Gibb Family.
We will always remember Robin and he will live on in the beautiful Bee Gees music.

Goodbye Songbird

Marion / GSI
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left: . Blue Weaver ( keyboard player of The Bee Gees) and his wife Siggi light a candle for Robin. (© G. Adriaensen).
right: Yesterday they got married, today they light a candle for Robin: Pasquale and Alessandra Egiziano. (© G. Adriaensen)