Barry invited our group to visit him at his house. We were all very excited when we heard this news.
It was a dream coming true for: Michele, Cheryl, Shannon, Bonnie, Mimi, Madlyn, Jane, Shelly, Gail and I (Heidi).

Dick Ashby let us in the gate and we waited for Barry in front of the fountain in his front yard. Barry and Ashley came out of the house and joined us. We quickly started with taking pictures with Barry, Ashley, and Dick. We also gave Barry the many gifts that were so lovingly transported from all over the country. Barry and Ashley were presented with Fan Gathering Tee Shirts that Bonnie had made for us. They are blue with Barry’s web site logo on the front with a space for our names. On the back is the Miami Fan Gathering 2006. We spent a great 15/20 minutes talking and joking with Barry, Ashley, and Dick. At this time, most of us thought that it was time to go when out of the blue, Barry invited us into the house. He showed us the room where he and Ashley do the chat when Barry joins us. So yes fans, there really is a Barry chat room. The walls of the study are covered with well deserved awards and magazine covers. While in the house, we were also lucky enough to meet with Linda, Steven, and yes we also got to meet handsome little Angus. The whole time we were there we were made to feel very welcome and not as if we were impossing. Barry also showed us his studio and a stool that belonged to Andy. After about an hour total of Barry’s time it was time for us to leave as Barry was already late for some work he had to do. On the way out, we were again joined by Linda and Steven and stopped just out side of the front door for our group Picture.

I am still in shock over the visit. There was just so much happening that it is hard to remember what all went on.


On line auction  

Dear Marion, GSI and all BG fans…

I have been working on an online auction to benefit the Gibb Family Foundation and The Diabetes Research Institute. This started out as a fund raiser in conjunction with our fan gathering in Miami. But because there was only four of us, we decided to hold the auction online. The items being auctioned can be viewed and bids can be made on my blog; The auction will last until the 1st of January 2007. If anyone would like to make donations for the auction, I will continue to accept donations until the 1st of December, 2006. The way it will work is this, at the bottom of each section is a place to leave comments. In each comment area the person will list what they are bidding on, how much their bid is for and their email address. If they are uncomfortable with leaving their email address, I am asking that they leave some type of name or nickname and then email me with their email address. I am sorry to say that I can not accept any bids without a way to contact them.

Heidi B.

A picture of Jimmy's Diner,which was closed due
to the fact that they were filming a commercial
Robin's house
The group photo: all of us fans together with
Barry, Ashley, Steve and his little boy Angus
Barry and Ashley
Barry showing him flicking his hair as he was
talking of an upcoming hair cut