Speaking with Barry was definitely a career highlight for Tim Roxborogh who spoke with Barry for 35 minutes. Once edited and produced it and added the music it became a wonderful show of about 1 hour, recently aired on New Zealand radio twice in a week. As a result of this interview with Barry on radio, the Guilty Pleasures album shot from 24 to 12 on the N.Z. charts.

Tim mailed to GSI:
“Barry was very open and revealed that he is planning a trip to both Australia and New Zealand next year, that he is open to the idea of working with Robin again but that there are a number of personal issues between the two of them that need resolving first. Barry also spoke briefly about his relief that Michael Jackson had been found not guilty. He mentioned a possible album just of Maurice Gibb songs for release next year which is very exciting. We also spoke at great length about the new album. I appreciate you getting me in touch with Dick Ashby in the first place as me getting to know him via email enabled the interview to take place.

Tim Roxborogh