Barry’s solo concert

February 21

Yesterday evening Barry took the stage again for his special solo concert at Seminole Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale ,Florida, USA.
Fans were very enthusiastic to see him live on stage again

some comments:
– I’m very critical. But I have to say…… The concert tonight was simply outstanding!!!
– Succeeded on all levels. There were numerous standing ovations throughout the night.
– Had a fantastic time at Barry’s concert! The show looked sold and everybody was giving him lots of love and standing ovations! He seemed very touched, and he did an excellent show and sounded fantastic! It was wonderful to see him do a duet with Sam (she has such a beautiful voice) and to do some songs I’ve never heard live (Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Tell You, With the Sun in my Face) and things like “In The Morning,” and “First of May” as well as the hits! It was a wonderful evening for everyone!
– Steve looked great too and I loved his Mo song: On Time.

Barry, during Hard Rock concert, © Robyn Ciaburri
left: Steve Gibb    right: Barry   © Robyn Ciaburri

Set list
was pretty much the same as during Love And Hope with again some special surprises like full length versions of Sun In My Eyes and Every Christian Lion Hearted Man!!
(The 3 titles in CAPS were NOT in the Love and Hope concert.)

1. Jive Talkin’
2. Lonely Days
3. You Should Be Dancing
4. First of May
5. To Love Somebody
6. The End of the World – Samantha Gibb, solo
7. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart – Barry/Sam duet
8. You Give Me Fever/Stayin’ Alive (in the style of Fever)
9. How Deep Is Your Love
10. On Time – Stephen Gibb, solo (When introducing Stephen, he said “The talent runs through the family!”, and the crowd agreed with applause!)
13. In the Morning
14. Spicks And Specks
15. EVERY CHRISTIAN LION HEARTED MAN (Stephen did the “chanting” part on this, which sounded wonderful with his deep baritone voice!)
16. Islands in the Stream – duet with Beth Cohen (backup singer)
17. Guilty – duet with Beth Cohen
18. Words – dedicated to Linda, his children, and his grandchildren
19. Immortality – preceded by a tribute to Barry’s three brothers, saying he loves them all dearly, and asking for prayer from those inclined to pray, and for “serious thoughts” for Rob, who is very ill
20. Night Fever/More Than a Woman (Barry left the stage to a standing ovation, and then he returned to introduce the band and sing the encore.)
21. Encore: Stayin’ Alive

  © Robyn Ciaburri


 Jive Talkin’   youtube
 You Should Be Dancing   youtube
 First Of May   youtube
 Lonely Days   youtube
 To Love Somebody   youtube
 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (sound check Barry and Sam)   youtube
 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart / Fever! youtube
 How Deep Is Your Love   youtube
 On Time, Steve Gibb   youtube
 Spicks And Specks:   youtube
 Barry Gibb Feat. Stephen Gibb: Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You:   youtube
 Islands In The Stream   youtube
 Guilty / Words youtube
 Night Fever / More Than A Woman   youtube

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© Robyn Ciaburri

My husband and I drove 5 hrs for the concert and in our opinion, it was well worth it. We thoroughly enjoyed it and only wish it had been longer. Barry sounded better than we expected, actually, for a man his age; his voice sounded fine except for some minor problems with high notes and sustaining others and the falsetto isn’t always as it was, but for 65, we were thrilled and delighted to hear him. He is still a joy to watch/hear and I thought the audience let him know it. It was wonderful to see him perform again and he made some vague reference to there being more in the future. I hope that’s true.

I got a 90 minute show. I got a lot of energy. I got a couple of songs I never dreamed of ever hearing in concert. This Tuesday night was a mix of many emotions. Strolled into the concert hall and immediately noticed the disco ball hanging high above from the ceiling. Barry strolled out at about 8:20pm. Watching Barry walk out on stage alone, a sight I’ve never witnessed in person before, was a bit disheartening. Hard to truly describe the actual feeling of seeing him and not the other brothers following him. Barry looked a little uneasy and sort of prodded the crowd to get into it. The crowd, of few empty seats, seemed a bit hesitant but eventually all stood and the energy level began to increase little by little. By the end of Lonely Days the energy was in full bloom. Barry seemed to realize we were all there for better or worse and I got the sense he finally started to relax and just let the music and energy flow.

Pulled out a quick story of their dog (I forgot its name already) and meeting Linda and First Of May being dedicated to the dog. I guess one has to be a dog person to work with that. Samantha did a splendid job on End Of The World (albeit was very brief) and Broken Heart. Left me wanting to hear more of her voice and see what she’s really made of. Stephen ripped through On Time with a pair of solid guitar solos. I’ve never heard his voice before. Barry’s interaction with the crowd throughout the evening was good and warming. Made him seem like he really cared to be on stage and appreciated us being there with him. I like that from a performer. If you’re just going to say Hi once or twice and treat us like a meal ticket, you’ve lost my respect, I will never see you in concert again and I will never buy any of your stuff. Treat us like we’re special … because without us you are and have nothing! Maybe I’m delusional but I feel Barry accomplished this and the mutual love for each other was there Tuesday evening.

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Barry's band © Cynthia Soohoo

Barry’s Band members for the 2012 Love and Hope Ball and the Hard Rock Live concert: The guitarist on the left in front of the keyboards is Stephen, Barry’s eldest son. The far left keyboardist is Ben Stivers. The other keyboardist, referred to as “Maestro” by Barry at Love and Hope, is Doug Emery. Behind the keyboards is percussionist Richard Bravo, while drummer Lee Levin sits center stage. To Barry’s immediate left in the dark shirt is Julio Hernandez, who played bass. Dan Warner and Tim Cansfield played guitar, and vocalists Beth Cohan, Charlotte McKinnon and Leesa Richards completed the band. Beth also sang two duets with Barry.

(Cynthia Soohoo)

crew with Barry and Steve