Celebrating The Music Of The Bee Gees

Another amazing event, hosted by RJ Gibb and Andrew Eborn

October 20. 2019, at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London:
Robin John’s second show.

Marion: “For me the whole weekend was amazing and emotional. I was invited by The Gibbs to come to Thame and the same weekend my Italian friends performed on stage for the first time with RJ Gibb. The Saturday I enjoyed “The Prebendal”, the amazing house of Robin and Dwina where you find and feel history and emotion in every room and every corner of the house as well as in the beautiful gardens outside. Being there for some days is feeling so much loved and at home. I enjoyed together with the Egiziano’s and we felt being in a dream. We had long talks with Dwina, her friends and of course with RJ. Blue Weaver was staying there too and in the afteroon the Brothers, Blue, RJ and technician Savvas gathered around Robin’s beautiful white piano in the Refactory of “The Prebendal” for a first rehearsal together, ever. They worked for many hours to get prepaired for the Sunday show and in the evening we all sat down around the kitchen table for a lovely dinner and much more talking”.

The Sunday I went with a friend of Dwina’s for a short visit to Thame and of course visited Robin’s resting place as well as the memorial plaque of Andy Gibb at the cemetery close to “The Prebendal”. Nancy Natoli had arrived from America the day before I came, also to watch the show and stay again for some time with the family and it was great getting to know eachother a bit better. Early in the afternoon the boys, RJ and Blue went to London to get ready for the show and we were brought to the venue some hours later.

That night we celebrated with RJ and all his guests The Music Of The Bee Gees. The shows at the moment are some kind of starting point in a journey to combine different elements and ideas and to come to a right format which will give RJ and his guests and artists the opportunity to celebrate the music his father and uncles made, to sing his own music and to give others an opportunity to perform Bee Gees or Bee Gees related music as well and more….

Robin John will be accompanied during the shows by original keyboard player of The Bee Gees: Blue Weaver and there’s a band, great vocals and the wonderful London Cabaret girls and boys to perform with him. This October 20th. for the first time also The Egiziano brothers / The Italian Bee Gees on stage with RJ !!. Other guests were: Joel Rothwell: A talented 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Manchester… Jesse Ray, A rising talent performing songs in the 1940s – ’50s rockabilly style….Modern Romance’s Andy Kyriacou, founding member of ’80s -’90s pop sensations Modern Romance…. Dean Aslett UK based singer and songwriter, fashion guru and pop stylist…. These shows are al organized by RJ Gibb and partner Andrew Eborn of Knot The Truth – Octopus TV. The Italian Bee Gees did some songs together with Blue and RJ amongst others the emotional ‘Songbird’, dedicated specially to Dwina Gibb and of course the boys from Italy did some more Saturday Night Fever and other famous Bee Gees songs which made the audience dance and clap and it was quite a party thanks to all this Bee Gees music!!

Afterwards audience and artists had some time to talk with eachother, and lots of photos were taken of course. There were many fans and friends who met eachother again this evening. And new friends were made too. So good to see that music unites and makes friends.

We all hope these shows will grow in something big to keep The Bee Gees music alive.

Afterwards around midnight we were lucky to find a restaurant where we all sat down to have something to eat and talk about the show and more important about all that will be coming and will be planned for the future. It was almost morning when we arrived back at “The Prebendal” after an amazing night out in London.

The next day we all came together again at the house and had to say goodbye, untill hopefully soon.

GSI will keep you informed about all the upcoming activities concerning this new project of RJ and Andrew and be sure to come and visit next time if you can. We hope in future RJ will go and visit other places and countries as well. Stay tuned here for all details. Marion x”

(more photos and videos like always on our GSI Facebookgroup!!).

Marion / GSI