about his book and plans

June 8th. 2015

Interview by Marion Adriaensen for GSI website with Dennis Bryon
about the upcoming release of his book:
You Should Be Dancing – My Life With The Bee Gees.
and his plans to go on tour next year again with Blue Weaver and The Italian Bee Gees.

With worldwide sales of over 220 million records, the Bee Gees are the sixth-best-selling music artists in history. Dennis Bryon’s story of how he became the Bee Gees’ drummer during their peak period offers many never-before-told tales about such infectious hits as “Stayin’ Alive,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” and “Night Fever.” From Dennis’s beginnings in a Welsh band to his crucial role in the superstar group, You Should Be Dancing reveals unforgettable stories of his encounters with many famous musicians, including the Bee Gees themselves, Andy Gibb, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Olivia Newton-John. Illustrated with Bee Gees photographs and ephemera, Bryon’s memoir takes Bee Gees fans and music enthusiasts alike on one of the wildest rides in pop history.

Dennis, why did you write the book?

The reason for writing the book is that if I don’t tell my story nobody else will. I want to share the details of how the Bee Gees amazing success of the seventies came about. I want their fans to know the truth.

Are there also interviews in the book with any of the Gibbs or other musicians you worked with at the time?

There are no interviews with the Gibbs or other musicians. I wrote the book completely from memory, using the actual tour itineraries and other memorabilia I have in my collection.

What have you been doing after your work with the Bee Gees ended until now?

I went on the road with Andy Gibb for two years. In the mid eighties I recorded the “Juliet” album with Robin and Maurice in Miami before moving to Nashville in 1988. In Nashville I ran four recording studios before teaming up with Kayte Strong who is now my wife.

How and where did you meet Kayte? I understand she’s a musician too.

I met Kayte in one of the studios I owned in Nashville. A very successful record producer brought her in to sing on a song he’d written. Kayte and I hit it off right away and formed a bond that will last forever.

What are you working on at the moment, anything in music?

I have a studio at home and spend most of my time writing songs and coming up with dance rhythms for licensing to film and other media. Kayte and I are also planning a follow up album to our 2002 New Age CD “Heart of the Ocean”.

Have you stayed in touch with Alan Kendall and Blue Weaver after the Bee Gees Band period?

The three of us stay in touch by email, Skype and other social media. I see Alan a couple of times a year, as he lives not too far away. When I saw Blue in Germany last March, that was the first time in three decades we had seen each other in person. We had a lot to talk about!

What are your ideas of the tribute show of Walter, Davide and Pasquale Egiziano (Italian Bee Gees) how did you experience your recent visit to my Italian friends in Berlin?

I love the Egiziano brothers; they make me feel like part of their family. I can’t wait to go out on tour with them next year.

Do we see you next year during the whole tour with the IBG’s and Blue on stage? Any more musical plans for the future?

I don’t know what they have in mind for me next year. All I know is that we start rehearsals in January. Who knows what the future holds? I just know that once I start playing drums again, as usual, I’ll just go wherever the wind takes me.

Does the book also have photos of the Bee Gees Band years?

Yes, the book has photos from my childhood, Amen Corner, the Bee Gee years and beyond.

Would you like to write down anything to the fans to say hello?

I’m looking forward to playing those wonderful songs again and I’m hoping to meet as many of the fans in person that I can. The IBG’s have given me permission to sell my book at the shows and I’m hoping to sign many autographs. I can’t wait to meet everyone!   The Italian Bee Gees