Robin Gibb Tribute Exhibition in the Thame Museum

Quite some fans have been lucky enough to visit this small but special exhibition already, many more will be able to visit until at least late October 2022. (a smaller display even will be there to the end of the year with also plans maybe for 2023). At the same time while visiting the museum, you can look around in Robin’s beloved hometown Thame. A lovely English town and of course pay a visit to Robin’s last resting place at the church yard of the beautiful St Mary’s Church in Thame, Oxfordshire, England.

The tribute exhibition opened on Saturday 21st May. Prior to this on Friday 20th. there was a very special visit from Dwina Gibb, her family and close friends to remember Robin on the 10th Anniversary of his passing. The opening was also covered widely by the BBC and ITV, including lovely interviews with Dwina about her memories of Robin. Dwina’s support has been tremendous, working together with the people of the museum to put this special exhibition together.

The museum has been overwhelmed by the 100s of visitors from around the world who managed to visit already in the opening weekend. The comments on social media and global fan sites have been amazing, it means so much to all the volunteer people who are busy at the Museum. The Thame Museum now is definitely on the map! The exhibition runs all through the summer on Weds, Fri & Sat 10am to 4pm, plus Sundays 1pm to 4pm. Entrance is free.

Watch the photo report and be sure to also click the links for lots of more information and lots of more photos on GSI Facebook!!.

Foreword by Dwina in the exhibition brochure