A group of fans visited Miami Beach early September and had a chance to meet Barry at his house to congratulate him. There were presents to give and lots of photos to take. We’ve collected a number of their photos to share with all of you on GSI. Enjoy this photo report and we say’ thanks’ to Heidi, Laura, Mary, Melva, Shelly and Gloria.

Miami Beach, September 2007.

This year, again some groups of fans gathered in Miami for Barry’s birthday. They stopped by Barry’s to deliver his birthday presents. He was returning from picking Ali up from school: ‘He saw us and stopped at the gate of his house, smiling that everlasting smile of his. We gave him his presents and he invited us back the next day as he said he did not have a shower yet. (lol) Laura gave him a booklet she made with some of her creations and he looked it through. Ali was with him and looked great too’. A number of fans did the Captain Joe’s boat tour that went by the boy’s houses on the morning of the 5th of September and were invited to Barry’s house on the afternoon of the 5th. Here are some of the photos taken by the fans during this years stay in Miami Beach for Barry’s birthday. (September 4 and 5). Next year they will surely be going again!
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