LEGACY, celebrating the music of The Bee Gees

Denmark, March 16-17-18, 2023.

As part of the new Legacy Project, the first live concerts have now been given in Denmark. It’s high time we all try to do our best to keep The Bee Gees Legacy alive for future generations now Barry is the only surviving Bee Gee and probably won’t do large tours anymore in future. In the coming time more and more attention will be paid to the Legacy of The Bee Gees, their great music catalog. Robin John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, has been making plans for some time already to keep the music of his father and uncles alive and to celebrate it in many ways!!!,.

The time has come for the Gibb Family and all the fans to specially focus on keeping the Bee Gees Music Legacy alive!!

We will all cherish forever the wonderful albums of the original Bee Gees music!!! but in future also need to tell younger generations about their music and keep celebrating their music in many ways also live on stages everywhere in the world.

RJ, together with the 3 Egiziano Brothers and other musical friends, will give the Gibb catalog more attention (also through the new social media platforms!) in order to keep our beloved music alive and also to bring it under the attention of a new and younger audience!

March 16-17 and 18 Robin John was on stage with The 3 Egiziano Brothers and their live band as well as with Vince Melouney and Blue Weaver.

Three concerts with an enthusiastic audience singing and dancing along with the artists celebrating those famous Bee Gees songs. For quite some people it gave emotional feelings, like with me!

Here are some pix, a set list, some postings with updates by RJ. and some links
Soon more announcements about the future plans, ideas, shows, releases and other specials etc.

www.youtube.com/1   www.youtube.com/2

Some postings by RJ Gibb:
Facebook posting by Robin John Gibb, April 2-2023.
Great to be back after a a fantastic Danish tour!

Back to work on finishing the tracks my father and I started yet never had the chance to complete, those, finished yet cut from albums by us, in order to shorten the time (too much material) and my own solo material.

Denmark is always a pleasure to visit and the crowds were just amazing. Loved seeing so many familiar faces too, as well as some new, younger fans as well. The social media campaigns we are revamping are working it would appear.

Which reminds me. There are some incredible social media surprises ahead, as well as some announcements which I do believe will make many a delicious grin spread across the faces of those with a fantastic taste in music (i.e. you dedicated fans without whom this is but noise. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is all of you who make BEE GEE & Gibb music so special. The very backbone, so to speak. No one could ask for more loyal souks so truly good at heart, in my experience at least) surprises which have something to do with what I said at the beginning of this post, but…ahem…say no more.

There were also some further instructions from my father, as well, which WILL BE honoured and released, so as to be heard for the very first time, sung by those whom he wished should sing them.

After 10 years, it’s time to pay our respects, dedications, and finalise some unfinished business, sounds cryptic but all will be clear soon enough.

I am very happy to call Marion Adriaensen my very good friend, she is like family, very dear to me. She also happens to be, as most of you know very well indeed, the President of GSI – the Official BEE GEES Fan Club (time to call it for what it is) which of course it has been for some time now.
If you ask me, it’s about “bleeding” time somebody said it, too.

Both Marion & I cannot wait to reveal to you all these wonderful surprises which I’m certain will come as a pleasant uplifting experience after such a long period of anticipation. The unheard material will most certainly “blow the minds” so to speak, of many, once revealed. It’s all very secretive for now, & believe me, it’s hard enough for us not to say a word yet to anyone.

Exciting times with equally exciting changes are afoot.
(Speaking if a foot, I’ll add some footage and images from Denmark to this profile soon as well)
Warmest regards to you all & lots of love!

Sincerely Robin J Gibb, (“RJ”) xxxxx,

Facebook posting by Robin John Gibb, April 4-2023.
Here are some of the pics as promised, I’ll also send you the footage of me singing part of my new rendition of Juliet as well, which had its live premiere on the night of the first concert during the recent Danish tour of “LEGACY”.

More exciting things cooking up so 2023 is going to be a very special year for the Gibb legacy, it’s posterity and, ultimately for you, the incredible fans, whom we must treat this year with long anticipated unheard and unseen spoils.

As aforementioned, Marion, the fan club President and I have some exciting news to reveal to you all as well important instructions regarding the websites. I cannot reveal more now, but soon you will know everything in full.

Much love to all the precious fans, and integral supporters, without which the music is worthless. It’s you who finds beauty in it and for that, myself, as well as the entire Gibb family, and I’m sure I am right in saying so, are grateful for your appreciation and support. One thing’s for certain, you all have a VERY good ear for what is beautifully melodic as well as harmonic, you have an extremely good taste in music. I always find, when speaking with many of you about music in general, that we both love the same singer-songwriters and bands, acts whom my father loved as well.

We used to play Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys (my father absolutely adored Brian Wilson, as do I, an eccentric genius is just the ticket for incredible music) The Beatles, Elvis, James Brown, Al Greene, Adam Faith, Buddy Holly, The Beach Boys, Motown greats, Marvin Gaye, The Chords “life could be a dream”. the Stones, blue-grass music, you name it. In our house, music was always either played from a stereo or instrumentally played and sung to. A very musical family indeed, not to mention our studio sessions.

Magical to me now…thinking back on it.

Anyway, I digress, as usual, lol…Keep safe everyone.

Warmest regards to you and yours, Sincerely Robin J. Gibb xxxxx

More photos, videos and links on our GSI Facebook group!

Marion / GSI.