A number of fans visited the Ball and sent in material for GSI. They’d like to share some photo and other material with you on the website. Enjoy the photo report of Louisa and Jutta who were present and send over some photos for GSI. Also their surprise of course was the performance of Barry together with Robin for an hour.

Both their voices sounded great and what a great surprise to see Robin next to Barry walking on stage!! Wonderful to hear all the old favourites again. It sounded just as good as ever, falsetto and all. Fans who were there reported that there in fact are no words to describe what it was like to see and hear the brothers together again singing on the same stage. And unforgettable was the sweet impressive and touching tribute to Mo when Barry and Robin sang ‘Don’t Forget To Remember’ while there were photos to be seen of brother Mo on the big screens!! The very best ending of a performance ever and of which fans have dreamed since Maurice died so suddenly: the embrace of Barry and Robin. This was so emotional and this certainly must have been a wonderful moment not only for all the fans but especially for Mum Barbara who was present as well.

Please also visit: www.barrygibb.com Many newspapers brought the news of Barry and Robin reunited again on stage. Below 2 of the many articles: www.mercurynews.com and www.thekansascitychannel.com

Intro / Jive talkin’
Stayin’ alive
Lonely days
How can you mend a Broken heart
Night fever / More than a woman
To love somebody
How deep is your love
I started a joke
I’ve gotta get a message to you
Don’t forget to remember (in memory to Maurice)
Tragedy / You should be dancing

The band members and technical staff: Drums: Lee Levin, Bass: Julio Hernandez, Percussion: Richard Bravo, Guitar: Dan Warner and Tim Cansfield, Keyboards: Doug Emery and Ben Stivers, Backing Vocals: Beth Cohen and Leesa Richards, Front of house sound mix: Howard Page and Band monitor mix: John Merchant.

  Entertainment everywhere  
We only saw Barry & Robin when they performed and managed to shake their hands at the very end of the show. It was about an hour performance and they sang together most of the time – just like the old days. The committee members spent at least three days to get the event together as we saw them to transfer the venue into a fairy tale scene at least during the last two days I was there, and some fans came a day before me and saw them there already. So it is a lot of effort. .It seems Theresa and Ashley are playing active committee members at the moment as they were there all the time during the preparations. Everything looked fantastic and beautifully done. Very nice and generous food and drinks too. There were a lot of auction items around the venue for bidding – expensive jewellery and luxury goods etc. People could just write down how much they want to pay for the items – to bid in that way. And people could dance before and during the show. The dance floor at one end and the stage on the other, so it did not matter where one was sitting: there was access to entertainment everywhere.
Robin and Barry performing together on stage
Enjoy and click here for a sound clip of Love And Hope 2006.
There’s more to come soon!!!

(many thanks and credits: Louisa and Jutta)