Love and Hope Ball 2012

Love And Hope Ball, February 18, 2012.

A climax of Barry’s Love and Hope performance was his little talk, just before singing ‘Immortality’. Barry took time to pay tribute to each of his three brothers starting with Andy, then Mo and Robin. He praised Robin and requested to pray for Robin’s health. Barry said about Robin:

“Rob is he’s really ill, and I want to send him my prayer, and I want to send it out on the air, and I want all of you, if – whoever has the inclination to prayer, is to say one for Rob, because he’s had such a year of pain and sickness, and I love him deeply. What a crazy person – introverted, extroverted, all of those things – wonderful songwriter.”

left: Barry Gibb right: Steve Gibb

The set list

Jive Talkin’,
Lonely Days
You Should Be Dancing
First of May,
To Love Somebody
End of the World – Samantha Gibb, solo
(one of these special moments of the concert, introduced by Barry)
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart: Barry/Sam duet
Fever/Stayin’ Alive (in the style of Fever)
How Deep Is Your Love
On Time – Stephen Gibb, solo
(another special moment)
In the Morning
Spicks and Specks
Islands in the Stream: duet with Beth Cohen (backup singer), tribute to Dolly Parton
Guilty – duet with Beth Cohen, tribute to Barbra Streisand
Words: dedicated to Linda and the whole family, which keeps growing
Night Fever / More Than a Woman
Immortality (preceded by a tribute to Barry’s three brothers, another climax of the show)
Stayin’ Alive
(Cynthia Soohoo)

left: Barry singing with Sam    right: Barry and Bev Cohen

Some video material of the sound check for the show
 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (with Sam) youtube
 Jive Talkin’ youtube
 Words: youtube

Video material of the show
 How Deep Is Your Love youtube
 Immortality. youtube

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