Love And Hope High Rollers Night 2020

February 15. 2020, Miami Beach
Words and photos: Robert Widermann
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I never gave up on issuing Odessa in its 3CD splendor, with a flocked cover and all of the goodies I had uncovered. I reasoned that if people discovered this album, it would mean as much to them as Forever Changes or Village Green Preservation Society. Maybe the Bee Gees themselves would help this ice melt?

Well, no. And it was questioned why people would want 3 CDs of this music at $30, when they could have a single CD for $12 without all of the extraneous crap I had felt necessary to include. It was my strongly held belief that the price point would not stand between people and their purchase of the CD.

Eventually, it was approved that Odessa would be issued after 2 years of waiting and liner notes were needed. Unfortunately, the band were not in favor of me writing the notes. They didn’t necessarily want someone else to do them. Why not stick it out with nothing added? I begged, I lobbied, I tried to stay professional. Robin Hurley kindly brokered a compromise.

‘It was a very special evening, as always, with magnificent athmosphere and with many members of the Gibb family present, also Dick Ashby. We met of course Sir Barry, who was very kind to us and he seemed to be in a very good mood and looked amazing and was charming. We also met Linda, Ashley and Therese, and Michael, who all recognized us and were very very kind to us. Later in the evening, Michael noticed that I had a photo with Barry that I hope he would sign, and he told me that his Dad is about to leave home, so he led me directly to him and he gladly signed my stuff and we also had the chance to make a couple of additional photos. Simply amazing and so kind! We also saw Ali, but there was no real opportunity for a photo, and later-on, I didn’t want to disturb her, while she was playing with great pleasure at the Casino tables. Michael’s wife Jenna was also present, as was Lucas, who looks incredible, so tall, taller than Ashley, I believe that he actively plays basketball, and you could really mistake him for his great-uncle Andy, unbelievable . A really nice young gentleman. Finally, in the silent auction, there was a beautiful guitar signed and donated by Sir Barry and Lady Linda, starting at 2000 USD, and two awards of Maurice Gibb, donated by Yvonne Gibb, starting at 1500 USD each, which I am sure multiplied in the price while in auction. All in all it was a great night with unforgettable moments for us, and we are looking forward to the things ahead in the coming months.
Kind regards, Robert’

Photos: Robert Widermann,
with some addition photos with thanks to Beverly Burke and Dawn Matricardi and one of the DRI (Diabetic Research Institute).
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