Story and photos credits: Gail Martin

I felt the time was right, so I went to Miami in hopes of meeting Barry. I was very lucky that he was in Miami that September, 2005. Meeting him “twice in a week” was even better. The first time I met him, was almost not real. As he walked toward me, I thought, “oh my God, it’s him”. I extended my hand and he reached out to shake it. While shaking my hand, he gave me a “peck” on the side of my head. I told him it was such a pleasure to finally meet him, and he replied, “thank you”. We chatted a few moments, and I gave him a “late” birthday gift, I had especially made for him. I ask if we could get pictures taken together, and he said everyone was very busy. I had gone to Miami alone. I told him, I just could not go back home without a picture. Barry asked if I could come back the next day, and of course I said “sure”. I went back the next day, and Mr Ashby and Barry were waiting for me. Mr Ashby took our picture and I took a last one of just Barry.

Before I left, I asked Barry if I could give him a hug. He said, “sure”. I thanked Barry for being “so humble” and making time for the pictures. He was wonderful to give me his time. Then I hugged him “bye”. Barry is so down to earth! I also had a chance to visit Middle Ear Studio. Liz was “real” nice!. Ethan gave me the tour, and he took time with me, no rushing. Mr Ashby agreed to a picture, though I had to talk him into one. Such a good feeling to see the studio and know The Bee Gees recorded there. There’s one of me at the mixer board. Liz, Mr Ashby, and Ethan were “super friendly”. I also had a chance to visit Jimmy’s Diner, the restaurant Maurice came frequently. There is a picture of me and Edna, the manager at the table Maurice “always” sat at with his friends. It felt so great, knowing Maurice had been there! I still think about “all the kindness” Barry and everyone at Middle Ear gave me. A special thanks to “Emmy”. Without her, I may never have met Barry!


Click here for the photos I took at Middle Ear studio.

Unfortunately Robin wasn't at home
Barry receives my birthday gift
And then he gave me a peck
Me with Dick Ashby
Together with Barry on a photo,
Barry has all the time for some pix and a chat
A wonderful shot of a friendly man
Jimmy's Diner, the restaurant Mo often came
Gail together with Edna, manager of Jimmy's Diner, sitting at "Maurice's table"