In TV-Show Thomas Gottschalk in Germany, June 28th. 2005

My sister and I are Robin Gibb fans for more than 30 years. I live in the Netherlands and my sister in Germany. Our birthday is on the 23rd of June. When I read in a magazine that Robin would be in the show of Thomas Gottschalk on the 28th of June I got the idea to give her as a birthday present a ticket to that show. We had never met Robin before after a show or concert. I hoped that we would succeed this time. I was lucky. I got a ticket for her (and also one for me). So, both very excited, we travelled to the show. We got a lovely place, near to the stage. And then there he was. We couldn’t believe that he was so near to us. He sung the wonderful “How Deep Is Your Love”. It was magic. Then Thomas Gottschalk did an interview with Robin. Also so near to us. I hoped time would never pass by. The show ended. Unexpectedly Robin stayed in the studio. All his fans got quickly to Robin. Everyone got a signature. Robin was very friendly and patient to everybody. Some fans made photographs with their mobile phones. I had brought my photo camera with me, but they had told us to give our bags en cameras at the wardrobe.

When we met Robin I would have liked to take photos. The moment Robin planned to leave the studio, I ran to the wardrobe to take my camera. When I got back, I met Robin on his way out. I said to him: “Robin, please one photo”. He stopped and smiled friendly to me. You can see the photo is fantastic. My sister and I were very happy when we left the studio. Outside, while we were standing there for a view minutes, there came a car with dark windows. My sister looked into the car en yelled: ‘Yes, it’s Robin’.

When the car was driving by slowly, Robin opened the window en waved goodbye to us. Then my sister took a second photo. It was for my sister and me an unforgettable evening. Now we know that Robin Gibb is as wonderful as his music.

Robin, thank you very much.
Ria Levels-Meessen and Elly Meessen
The sisters Ria and Elly watching the Thomas Gottschalk show on TV