Mythology Tour , Australia – New Zealand, part 1

Barry’s world tour to pay tribute to the music of The Bee Gees starts with a number of shows in Australia and New Zealand. In a few reports we’ll tell you more about the Mythology tour. Barry will have his son Steve and niece Sam on stage with him.

February 8th. 2013 – Sydney
Sydney Entertainment Centre

Some first thoughts of the Sydney concert.

Mark Byfield shortly after the first concert was finished:

Outstanding !

Barry’s voice was strong and fantastic. It cracked several times on low notes, but I like that. I know it’s not being mimed !

His falsetto was as good as I’ve ever heard it. It was the best live performance of Stayin’ Alive I’ve seen.

His vocals were faultless. He usually struggles on the verses, but this was perfect. Maybe he sang it in a slightly higher key ? But it was the inclusion of several songs that made this really special.

Stage just before the show © Henk Goosens

some songs:
On Time was played by Steve, solo.
Kilburn Towers
With The Sun In My Eyes (weeping at the end)
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man….
The Long And Winding Road (he acknowledged Mc.Cartney as his fave writer)
Ordinary Lives (about their times in Brisbane, no shoes etc. living ordinary
lives) Spicks and Specks
In The Morning

He did the first verse of “I Started A Joke” and then Robin came on the big screen. a standing applause by 25.000 people at the end he did a soulful “To Love Somebody” Sam did “If I Can’t Have You” He did all the fever songs He said “Immortality” was the last great song the brothers wrote together. He sang for 2.25 hours.

When Sam sung: Broken Heart with Barry, she led into the song by singing the first verse and chorus of ‘End of the World’. I thought that was interesting. I really liked her voice.
And Beth Cohen (Who was one of the backing singers) sang Guilty and Islands in the Stream with him. I was really surprised by his voice.
Some of the recent you tube clips sounded like his voice had become very thin. But it was fabulous and the falsetto outstanding. He got a standing ovation from the audience. I was really surprised when he sang Playdown after he talked about there time at Ozzie Byrnes Studio at Hurstville. He said this is one of the songs we wrote there.

Barry during concert, February 8th.

Another review:

Wow what a concert, it was fantastic. Barry was genuinely amazed at the reception he got, and he seemed quite emotional the whole night. We were only five metres from him and he was looking us all right in the eyes as he was singing. He’s still got it, he didn’t shy away from any of the high notes and gave it all he had without appearing nervous in any way. He talked a lot about the early days in Sydney, and although there was a touch of sadness he was laughing and smiling the whole way through. Huge selection of songs, all the usual hits but with a few rare gems thrown in like Every Christian Lion… and Kilburn Towers and a great cover of The Long and Winding Road. Really emotional when Barry started singing I Started a Joke, then Robin appeared on the screen and took over and the crowd …

Some first words of Henk Goosens about the show:

Just before the concert I enjoyed a small get together of some fans in Sydney and then we went to the concert: very emotional, great shows, sold out. Nice to see Tim Cansfield on guitar and John Merchant taking care of sound. A real party. Barry was really looking and sounding good and had everything under controle. There were people in the audience of all ages.

The Barry Gibb set list for Sydney, February 8, 2013
Jive Talking
Lonely Days
You Should Be Dancing
First Of May
To Love Somebody
How Can You Mend A broken Heart
Fever (Little Willie John cover)
How Deep Is Your Love
On Time (from Maurice Gibb, A Breed Apart, 1984)
The Long And Winding Road (Beatles Cover)
I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
Kilburn Towers
Spicks And Spicks
With The Sun In My Eyes
In The Morning
Every Christian Lion hearted Man Will Show You
I Started A Joke
Islands In The Stream
If I Can’t Have You/Night Fever/ More Than A Woman
Ordinary Lives
Stayin’ Alive

Photos of Barry during February 8th concert, Sydney

Some videos of the first show in Sydney, February 8th. 2013

First Of May
How Deep Is Your Love
The Long And Winding Road
I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, (Stephen Gibb Feat. Barry Gibb)
Kilburn Towers
Spicks And Specks
In The Morning, Sydney
I Started A Joke
Islands In The Stream (with Beth Cohen)
Guilty (with Beth cohen)
If I Can’t Have You (Sam Gibb)
Ordinary Lives
Immortality (with a little word to honour Andy, Maurice and Robin).
Stayin’ Alive

left: Barry, backstage with part of his team right: Backstage after the Sydney Mythology show. c. Karen McCart