Mythology Tour , Australia – New Zealand, part 3

Bodding, Basser and Woggie

Swimming with tigers and breaking the rules
Living in friendship and acting like fools
But the dream was always there
Within us, around us, whispering in our ears

Pushing us forward to places unknown
Always together and always alone
The dream was relentless and the fame was the spur
Asleep here in Redcliffe and waiting to stir

Unforgettable Redcliffe
You stand where we were


(The inscription underneath the statue)

Barry and the Young Brothers' statue, just unveiled

left: Barry with sister Lesley before the unveiling    right: Barry whispers something in Barry’s ear!

Redcliffe, February 14th. 2013

Fans pay tribute to The Bee Gees in Redcliffe
Today it was Bee Gees Day in Redcliffe, Australia. Thousands of fans lined Redcliffe Parade trying to catch a glimpse of home grown legend Barry Gibb, who was present for the unveiling of a statue of the young Gibb brothers and the opening of a themed walkway stretching 70 metres dedicated to the band.


Brisbane News “How deep is Redcliffe’s love for the Bee Gees?”
Heraldsun “Fans line streets as Redcliffe pays tribute to the Bee Gees as Barry Gibb unveils a statue and Bee Gees Way”
Couriermail “Memories stay alive for adored Bee Gee Barry Gibb as he returns to where it all began”

Barry and wife Linda at the unveiling ceremony in Redcliffe


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Barry and family at the unveiling ceremony

Review of visit to Bee Gees Walk
Apart from the sunburn, it was a unique event. They set up screens on either side of the marquee, so that the punters could see what was going on during the ceremony. Barry is a very popular guy! Everyone seems to love him. If he wanted to relive memories, I think he came to the right place. Although it was my first time there, Redcliffe doesn’t look like its changed much in 50 years… Lesley, Barry’s sister, was very emotional when she helped unveil the statue. She came back the following day, while I was there, to have a better look at the tribute, not expecting others to be there. She was bombarded by people wanting pictures etc. So she never did get a better look and retreated to her hotel after about 15 minutes. It would be interesting to know whether Barry also snuck a better look… Design wise it’s a lovely tribute. Although I think a brown statue with a brown background is not optimal… maybe they can adjust it!, regards KR.

Brisbane, February 16th.

Tonight the first of 2 Brisbane concerts were given. Another success, another family affair with moving tributes to Andy, Maurice and Robin. Barry – back home and amongst family and lots of friends and fans!!

Brisbane concert 16-2,   copyright: Marianne De La Motte.


Enjoy the opening of the show
Barry goes down memory lane
Barry about his brothers: in Brisbane
Sammy Gibb End Of The World
How Deep Is Your Love
The Long And Winding Road
I’ve gotta get a message to you, with Steve Gibb
I Started A Joke (Robin Gibb), Islands In The Stream, Guilty
If I Can’t Have You, Sammy Gibb


Karen Lea
Barry’s concert here in Brisbane Australia Just Finished! And What a concert it was!! glad I brought my hanky too crowds still here at the concert parking grounds.. waiting waiting waiting then I’ll drive on home! oh what a night!! bloody ripper mate!! Have to say Mr Barry Gibb did an outstanding job onstage last night at Brisbane Entertainment Centre… Loved every minute of the show, his son is amazing considering their different styles…His niece has a fabulous voice too… If I could afford to pay for Tuesday nights show I would go again, providing I got the same seats again…or even closer.. 🙂 Please come back to us again and again Barry Gibb….WE LOVE YOU

Brisbane, 18/02/2013


Karen Heathwood
Hi All, I went to see Barry on Tuesday night. What a concert unbelievable I was on cloud nine and felt I was 12 years old again. The start of the show began with a slide show from past to present. I spent a lot of time at Redcliffe as a teenager and I could relate to Barry’s memories. All the favourite songs were there and some that were not as familiar as their hits. I Started a Joke had me scrambling for the tissues when Robin was on the screen everyone went so silent then the audience rose to their feet applaudingl loudly. All these years of waiting to see Barry was rewarded in split second. His voice never faltered and so humbling Ordinary People really does portray all the Gibbs. Sami is spectacular Mo lives on in Sami and she loves her audience. Steve gave his rendition of Gotta get a Message To you along with Barry. Ali is on the production side. Leslie and Barbara were in the audience as well. Words had me looking for the tissues again as I love this song. The Long and Winding Road with visuals on the big screen telling us he was home had me feeling sad and happy such an emotional concert. I could have sat there listening forever if I would be allowed. Tributes to Andy Maurice and Robin and Hugh appear on the big screen (more tears)I have never been to such a concert where so many memories were felt by a lot of people. Barry and his brothers will always in our hearts because the are Legends I promised to share my thoughts of the concert so I hope you enjoy. Bee Gees will always be with us how lucky are we. So keep dreaming as I have done for many years and I hope you all get to go to a concert one day.

left: visit to the old Gibb school in Brisbane, photo by Sam Gibb: unforgetable day
right: Support act Audio Vixen with Ali and Sam

New Zealand, 21/02/2013

Barry arrived in New Zealand
Barry and his team and some of his family have arrived in New Zealand for another Mythology concert at the Mission Estate Winery, Napier. Barry and his family were invited to be at a Maori welcome ceremony after they’d arrived in New Zealand. Barry was delighted and at the end of the ceremony three members of a powhiri group which put on a welcome and a cultural greeting for the Bee Gee in Hawke’s Bay yesterday stepped forward and sang to him, delivering a beautiful rendition of How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?, one of the many songs he and his brothers Robin and Maurice gave to the world. Barry said that he would remember and cherish the memories of the occasion forever.

Tomorrow Barry, performs a solo show at Mission Estate in Hawke’s Bay, sharing a bill with another of music’s song writing greats, American Carole King.

Barry Gibb and Carole King, before show New Zealand
New Zealand open air concert

Mission Estate Winery, Napier, 23/02/2013

Barry’s Mission Concert rocks Hawke’s Bay

Tim Roxboroth reports about Barry’s Mission Estate Concert

To Love Somebody
How Deep Is Your Love

Napier Mission Concert photos

Sydney, 27/02/2013

Barry Gibb in Sydney, February 27th 2013, last show of his Mythology Tour in Australia at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, . Encore with introduction to his band and Stayin Alive finale.


With the Barry Gibb tour of Kiwi land and Oz now over I have reflected what a successful tour it was on so many levels. Firstly the concerts were great. For the first time Barry had full say in what was played. And he was in fine voice. He played some songs that none of us can recall hearing live ever before. Others hadn’t been heard live for years. The band was excellent and when you read the (over priced)program and see the credentials of the band you can see why. Stephen Gibb was great. He, like his dad, has excellent stage presence and his voice is really different. I loved his and Barry’s duet on Message in particular. Sammy can really sing and is as sexy as hell to boot. The concerts had a great relaxed vibe too. Well the one in Melbourne did at least. Much to Barry’s amused frustration and the band’s joy four times he tried the finish up Words without the audience taking over eventually just giving up. The band members were laughing at this point. The reviews were positive and during the tour media treated him with respect at all times. His extensive history and catalogue was mentioned many times. I also loved the way when ever there was an event like the opening of the walkway and the Maori ceremony all the band were there also. It was like a holiday. It was a great tour and a great way for Aussies and Kiwi’s to say thanks and farewell.
Mark Crohan

The end of the first part of Barry’s Mythology World Tour which brought him to Australia and New Zealand. 2013.

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