Photos of the meeting of Beryl Longuet with Barbara and Barry Gibb after many years.
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Mythology Tour 

Great Britain / Ireland(1) 

Ali Gibb, on tour with her father.
Barry and Richie preparing for part 2 of the Mythology Tour.
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Before the second part of Mythology started in Birmingham, Barry told the press that when he performs, he is always thinking of his brothers. He said: “I know what their expression would be when something doesn’t work, or when something works really well. I can feel them on stage with me.” He added:” I also dream about them a great deal.” The star who has been in the public eye since he was a teenager says he still loves performing because of the music. He said: “We do it because we love it, we love the music. I also do it for my brothers.” The singer who has already toured the show in Australia and New Zealand said: “The show is different to what I did in over there. “There are a few surprises in there, and bits people won’t expect.” Despite laughing and joking during rehearsals, he says he still gets nervous when he steps out on stage. “If you don’t get nervous it won’t go right.”

Stephen Gibb says he is immensely proud to be performing with his father. The guitarist who usually performs with heavy metal bands said: “It’s like a dream come true.”


Birmingham, September 21.

Some clips
Beth Cohen, Woman In Love
Barry Gibb – Ordinary Lives
Steve Gibb – On Time
Barry Gibb: family memories intro to Immortality
Barry Gibb – Morning Of My Life

Barry Gibb at the LG Arena, Birmingham Ian St Peters



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Dublin, September 25.

Fan review
The concert was brilliant and you’re in for a treat if you’re going to one of them. Audience reaction was fantastic and the place was buzzing from the first to last minute. Some might find the extent of audience participation a bit too much, but that’s fairly normal for Dublin. I thought the concert was very well paced and well planned. The mix of songs from different eras, the hits mixed with lesser known songs, the mix of voices, stopping to talk about Stigwood, the brothers, Linda etc., there wasn’t a weak moment.

Barry: at the O2 in Dublin
Barry Gibb: Night Fever/More Than a Woman
Barry Gibb: Words
Barry Gibb: Islands In The Stream
Barry Gibb: Staying Alive
Barry and Sam: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Barry Gibb: First Of May


Sam and Barry arriving in Manchester

Robin Gibb & Barry Gibb – I Started A Joke
I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
Barry and Beth Cohen, Guilty
Barry Gibb – Jive Talkin

left: Keppel Road   right: Gaumont Theatre

Oswald Road school

Barry Gibb, has made an emotional return to the childhood haunts where he first learned to sing with his late brothers. Barry sat on the steps of the semi-detached house in Keppel Road, again where he spent hours perfecting harmonies with Maurice and Robin in the 1950s. He also visited Oswald Road Primary School, where all three brothers were pupils.

Video: BBC News Bee Gee Barry Gibb revisits Manchester childhood haunts.

Click for  Photo report of a family visit to the Gibb home on Keppel Road and the opening of a new building of the Oswald Road School

Barry and his grand children: Lucas and Nina, together with children of the Oswald Road school.
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Soon part 2 of the Mythology Tour: Ireland / UK