Mythology Tour USA


May 15, TD Garden

For the third time Barry Gibb and his Mythology Band went on the road again. This time the Mythology Tour traveled through the USA, giving 6 concerts on both sides of the country. This tour has been followed for GSI by two die hard fans: Anne Jakowenko and Debbi Allison who reported about each of Barry’s concerts, and organized special GSI fan gatherings too. Many new friendships were made, and GSI also could welcome thousands and thousands of new fans to both the GSI website as well as GSI Facebook. Bee Gees Music knows no borders but brings people together! In the weeks before the tour start in Boston I received a request to discuss with Barry and management a possibility to pay attention somehow to the Boston bomb explosion during the marathon of last year. Of course I forwarded this request. In honour of the victims Barry indeed paid attention to it during his Boston concert by wearing a Boston Strong cap during a part of his show!.



Fan Gathering
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Pookie Glass at soundcheck: ‘I was slow to get to Barry at the sound check, behind the others with my walker. I left the walker to walk the last few feet to Barry and it was so worth it. What a kind man and how funny when he was signing my beautiful sketch by Patrice Torrillo! It was hard to spell my name and we laughed at trying to get to it. He said he was blind and I said, but you’re wearing your glasses 🙂 I was lucky to get a hug and a kiss on the cheek! And then there is Steve, so sweet and making funny faces. I didn’t have anything to sign, so I said, look, you can sign this one (that Barry signed) and he said, oh, that’s yours, you don’t want me to sign my dad’s. So I said I have one of Robin and he said, no, I don’t think I should sign Robin’s, lol.’


Set list:
Technicolor Dreams

1. Jive Talkin’ – youtube
2. You Should Be Dancing – youtube
3. Lonely Days – youtube
4. Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away) – youtube
5. To Love Somebody – youtube
6. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? – youtube
7. Stayin’ Alive – youtube
8. How Deep Is Your Love? – youtube
9. On Time
10. I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You – youtube
11. Morning of My Life
12. New York Mining Disaster 1941 – youtube
13. Run to Me – youtube
14. I’m on Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover) youtube
15. Spirits (Having Flown) – youtube
16. You Win Again
17. With the Sun in My Eyes
18. I Started a Joke – youtube
19. Spicks and Specks
20. Chain Reaction
21. One –
22. Islands in the Stream – youtube
23. Guilty – youtube
24. Woman in Love
25. Too Much Heaven – youtube
26. Nights on Broadway – youtube
27. Night Fever / More Than a Woman – youtube
28. Grease
29. Immortality – youtube
30. Massachusetts
31. Ordinary Lives
32. Words – youtube
33. Tragedy – youtube

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 A fan comment to GSI:
‘The Boston concert was a reawakening for me. It really took my love and respect for Barry Gibb to a whole new level. I have felt such flatness since the concert – as when I try to express the depth of emotion and the impact of Barry’s performance to others – they just don’t get it. They say, oh, so it was a good concert? And I want to scream – yes, but it was so much more!! If they weren’t there and didn’t experience what we did as Barry laid bare his soul for us, how could they possibly understand? Thank you also for embracing us into the club and making us feel so welcome’.

 Fan comment on Internet
‘I just returned from my trip to Boston last night. All I can say is wow!!! The concert certainly exceeded my expectations. I have been a Bee Gees fan for 17 years, and this was my first official Gibb concert. I went into the concert not really expecting much more than a 1.5 hour concert with the typical Bee Gees hits. But we were treated to 2.5 hours of not only Bee Gees hits, but some other gems as well. But more importantly, just never seen Barry exuding so much positive energy. He seemed genuinely happy to be performing and deeply touched by the response from the audience. Several times during the concert, the audience wouldn’t stop clapping and began chanting. And at least once he had tears in his eyes. Those were moments I’ll never forge’t.




May 19, Wells Fargo Center


Fan Gathering
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 Charlotte Chiaccio:
7 year old Charlotte Chiaccio and mom Bonnie Chiaccio met Barry Gibb at meet and greet. The photo shows Charlotte, Bonnie (Chartlotte’s mom) and Barry before the show. Barry dedicated ‘Spicks And Specks’ Charlotte’s favorite Bee Gees song because it is her favourite song. Bonnie said: “My husband is dying of brain cancer and Barry was generous enough to talk to us before the show. We didn’t know he was going to dedicate a song to her. Such a sweetheart. She is 7 and now calls Barry her best friend. My daughter is THE Charlotte he dedicated this song to. A truly magical and loving man!!”
You can see it on this link

 Donna Chiodo: Barry was so kind to everyone at the soundcheck and really took the time to talk to everyone and have pictures taken or give autographs. I got him to autograph my program and had my picture taken with him. I must say I was impressed that a star of his magnitude could be so down to earth and so nice to everyone. I also got to attend the Bee Gees get together Ann Jakowenko organized at McFaddens: It was really nice to get to meet her and get to talk Barry and the Bee Gees with a lot of other fans-I really enjoyed that as well. The icing on the cake: The concert itself: Barry was fantastic, so relaxed and happy on stage and generally just enjoying himself, He seemed really moved and looked emotional when us fans gave him a resounding standing ovation after his opening number of Jive Talkin’.

Set list:
Too Much Heaven and Ordinary Lives missing from this set list.

Technicolor Dreams – youtube
Jive Talkin’ You Should Be Dancing
Lonely Days
Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away) – youtube
To Love Somebody
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
Stayin’ Alive – youtube
How Deep Is Your Love
On Time
I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You
In The Morning
New York Mining Disaster 1941 – youtube
Run to Me – youtube
I’m on Fire – youtube
Spirits Having Flown
You Win Again – youtube
With the Sun in My Eyes
I Started a Joke – youtube
Spicks and Specks – youtube
Chain Reaction – youtube
Islands in the Stream
Woman in Love
Nights on Broadway
Night Fever/More Than a Woman /Grease

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Fan reviews
 My husband and I drove from South Carolina to Philadelphia, 670 miles from our home (each way), to attend the Barry Gibb 2014 Mythology Tour concert. It was a remarkable experience to be able to see Barry, Stephen, Samantha, and all of the members of the band. The Philadelphia concert was terrific. I hope he plans more concerts soon. I will be there!: Jerri G.
 I found it heartwarming that before he sang The Morining of my Life he made a statement that he couldn’t believe that people would travel so far to see him sing: Dianna J.
 I did miss the brothers in the performance but it did not in any way take away from the experience. They are woven throughout in a way that is a respectable and lovely tribute without being sad. You could see the emotion on Barry’s face throughout, during some of the spots where the three part harmonies were so strong particularly, for me.. “Run to Me” and “Nights on Broadway”. This was an outstanding show, so very happy I went.: Bethann M.
 I did. It was a very good concert. I enjoyed it. Barry was in fine form. Yes, he’s older and seemed to tire a little at the end of the night, but it was a good show.=20 The melancholy, the angst of not having R&M there is inescapable. It really is all bittersweet now, but to hear Barry live again- perhaps for the last time?- was a precious opportunity. I would agree with many of the prior reviews by members who have seen Barry at other recent shows; relaxed, happy to be doing it and at times emotional. His voice was better than I expected these days. The falsetto in particular. The overall sound of the concert was excellent I thought.: Deborah C.