Story and photos by Anja and Detlef Wange.
Copyright photos: A and D. Wange..

The wedding announcement

The Bee Gees mean a lot to us and they play an important part in our lives. Each day we listen to their music and you can find their photos and posters throughout our house. We gather everything which has to do with The Bee Gees. We love them and they are everywhere around us.

Even on our wedding day we thought of them. We married December 29th. at the Maurice Gibb Memorial Park in Miami Beach. In fact that was the only place we wanted to get married. It was a day with mixed emotions and this feeling we showed through our wedding outfits. We wore a black and white wedding outfit. The fact that we finally got married made us very haopy, but that this happened while Maurice wasn’t anymore amongst us made us said. That’s why we choose the black and white outfit and that’s why we decided to get married in Maurice’s Park.

The wedding photo of Anja and Detlef, December 29th. 2007, Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

The nicest wedding gift we received the evening before our marriage! We then met Barry and his family in front of his house and invited them all to our wedding the next day. Unfortunately they couldn’t make it as their daughter Alexandra celebrated her 16th. birthday then. For us the most important thing was that we’d actually met Barry. He and Linda were very kind. We were speechless first and later on full with emotions. Tears of happiness for us far away in Miami.

Meeting Barry at his home december 28th. 2007

The day after our wedding we went to Barry’s house again to give a small birthday present to Alexandra: my wedding flowers. Dick would give the flowers to her but the family didn’t come out then. However Barry personally signed our wedding photo which was very nice and the photo of course has a very special place at our home in our own private Bee Gees archive.

We didn’t meet Robin in Miami Beach this time but we were lucky enough to be able to visit a private concert of Robin in Berlin one month afterwards. I gave him a rose after his performance of my favourite song Juliet and he then laughed when he saw my T-shirt. The same shirt he had autographed when we earlier met him in front of the studio in Miami Beach in 1991. I’m of course awfully proud to have that shirt being a huge Robin fan. I was sooo…young then, just 19, and it was shortly after the opening of the border between Eastern and Western Germany when this huge teenage dream of mine came true!! Meeting Robin in Miami Beach!!!

And now the biggest and kindest Bee Gees fan has become my husband!!

left: Anja and Robin 1991 in Miami Beach
right: Anja and Barry 1991 in Miami Beach
Anja and Maurice 1991 in Miami Beach